Albert King – Travelin’ To California (Vinyl)

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Product Description

Title: Albert King – Travelin’ To California Format: Vinyl Label: Blues Joint Barcode: 8436563184710

Release date: November 24th 2023

180g virgin vinyl, limited edition – complete album + 4 bonus tracks. Albert King was one of the founding fathers of electric blues (as well as of Memphis soul), and a primary inspiration for many rock guitar players. The blues legend possessed an instantly recognizable sound (standard, tuned two full steps down), which has influenced countless artists, including such blues giants as Otis Rush, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Mike Bloomfield, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, to name a few.

This was his debut LP and consists of sides taped in 1959-1962, when King had long perfected his sound after years of touring.

Track Listings

1 Travelin’ To California
2 What Can I Do To Change Your Mind?
3 I Get Evil
4 Had You Told It Like It Was (It Wouldn’t Be Like It Is)
5 This Morning
6 I Walked All Night Long
7 I’ll Do Anything You Say
8 Get To Be Some Changes Made

1 Don’t Throw Your Love On Me So Strong
2 Let’s Have A Natural Ball
3 I’ve Made Nights By Myself
4 This Funny Feeling
5 Ooh-Ee Baby
6 Dyna Flow
7 The Time Has Come
8 Blues At Sunrise