Alfie Templeman – Radiosoul (Eco-Mix Vinyl)

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“Radiosoul” is Alfie Templeman’s second studio album, an ambitious suite of tracks that showcase a bold new acid-pop direction for the Bedfordshire-born polymath. The record features production from Templeman as well as Nile Rodgers, Dan Carey, Karma Kid, Oscar Scheller, Will Bloomfield, Justin Young, Josh Scarbrow and Charlie J Perry. It is an album of self-discovery, one that zips between genres at whim and showcases a newfound incisiveness and acerbic humour to Templeman’s lyricism, whilst retaining the sense of joy that defined his previous releases. It is the work of a prodigiously talented songwriter truly coming into his own.
1. Radiosoul 2. Eyes Wide Shut 3. This Is Just The Beginning 4. Vultures 5. Drag 6. Hello Lonely 7. Just a Dance (feat. Nile Rodgers) 8. Submarine 9. Beckham 10. Switch 11. Run To Tomorrow