Anna’s Anchor – The Merries (Vinyl)

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Product Description

Title: Anna’s Anchor – The Merries Format: Vinyl LP Label: Strange Brew Barcode: 0796548455920

Release date: July 28th 2023

This offering from Anna’s Anchor shows a definite sonic and thematic shift. Often siding with melancholy, ‘The Merries’ takes a 180 degree turn towards a hyper nostalgic feel both lyrically and musically. Born out of a fever dream of pain and uncertainty, Ryan suffered a scary head injury in 2022. Luckily he was fine and healthy but at the time, memory loss and long term issues were an initial concern. Marty wrote a list of important memories after the accident happened as a way to try and ensure he was alright and as a means to have an account of experiences that were precious to him.

Track Listings

1 Opening Credits
2 Nothing Happened Today
3 Listowel
4 Function Room
5 I Never Felt That Way
6 Hotel Dom Pancho
7 Badges for Burglars
8 Knock
9 Closing Credits
10 Listowel (Clean Version)

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