Beth Hart – My California (Coloured Vinyl)

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Title: Beth Hart – My California Format: Vinyl LP Label: Masc Cat Num: Barcode: 810020505269

Release date: March 17th 2023

Beth Hart has been through almost everything. She’s tasted the sweetness of success, topping the Billboard charts, and she has clung on to a bottle laying in the gutter. She has been betrayed by her own mind and she has felt the bliss of mental balance. For periods of time, that is.

My California are stories from life. Beth’s life. “Sister Heroine” is about the loss of her sister, Sharon. About being gathered as a family and feeling guilty over talking about the good old days, when someone is missing, even having guilt over feeling joy or laughing. ‘Like You and Everyone Else’ is about the struggle in dealing with life when the brain’s chemical balances keep sending you from one extreme to the next. It’s about wishing to be like everyone else, about belonging and in the end coming to terms with the fact that everyone is different somewhere in their lives.

There is no doubt that Beth Hart and Rune Westberg have found something really special on My California.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

1 My California
2 Life Is Calling
3 Happiness…Any Day Now
4 Love Is The Hardest
5 Bad Love Is Good Enough
6 Drive

Disc: 2

1 Sister Heroine
2 Take It Easy On Me
3 Like You (And Everyone Else)
4 Everybody Is Sober
5 Weight Of The World