Danny Elfman – Spiderman OST (Silver Coloured Vinyl)

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Product Description

Title: Danny Elfman – Spiderman OST Format: coloured vinyl Label: Cat Num: Barcode: 196587289416

Release date: December 16th 2022

Danny Elfman’s 2002 ‘Spider-Man’ score features music composed for the first installment of Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy, starring Tobey Maguire alongside Willem Dafoe, Kirsten Dunst, and James Franco. Conducted by Pete Anthony and opening with Elfman’s iconic ‘Main Title’ theme, the high-flying, orchestral score soars alongside Peter Parker’s heroic origin story, including fan favourite tracks such as the menacing ‘Parade Attack’ and ‘Specter of the Goblin’, as well as the triumphant ‘Farewell’, ‘End Credits’ theme and more.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

1 Main Title
2 Transformations
3 Costume Montage
4 Revenge
5 First Web
6 Something’s Different
7 City Montage
8 Alone

Disc: 2

1 Parade Attack
2 Specter of the Goblin
3 Revelation
4 Getting Through
5 Final Confrontation
6 Farewell
7 End Credits