Daughter – Stereo Mind Game (Eco Coloured Vinyl)

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Product Description

Title: Daughter – Stereo Mind Game Format: Eco Coloured Vinyl Label: 4 AD Cat Num: Barcode: 0191400051201

Release date: April 7th 2023

Elena Tonra isn’t a keen swimmer, but oceans pervade ‘Stereo Mind Game’. It’s a matter of distance. Daughter’s third record, the band’s first studio album for seven years, grapples with what it means to be separated, from loved ones and too from yourself. Daughter – the trio comprising Tonra, Igor Haefeli and Remi Aguilella – formed in 2010. After releasing two studio albums, ‘If You Leave’ (2013) and ‘Not to Disappear’ (2016), and the video game soundtrack ‘Music From Before the Storm’ (2017), they chose to take some time off. But not before jamming together in Los Angeles, in between a support tour with The National and their first headline shows in South America. It was here that a new album started to germinate.

Over the next couple of years – during which they worked on their own projects, including Tonra’s solo record as Ex:Re – Daughter met occasionally to write together in studios in London, Portland and in San Diego, where Haefeli lived for six months in 2019. The record’s central romantic figure is someone Tonra met out there when she visited from London. They shared a significant connection, but she knew the Atlantic lay between them.

Track Listings

1 Intro
2 Be On Your Way
3 Party
4 Dandelion
5 Neptune
6 Swim Back
7 Junkmail
8 Future Lover
9 (Missed Calls)
10 Isolation
11 To Rage
12 Wish I Could Cross the Sea