Deep Purple – Burn Vinyl Record

Burn is the eighth studio album by Deep Purple, released in February 1974. This was the first Deep Purple album to feature then-unknown David Coverdaleon vocals and Glenn Hughes from Trapeze on bass and vocals. 180 gram, includes download voucher.


Side one
No. Title Length
1. Burn 6:00
2. “Might Just Take Your Life” 4:36
3. “Lay Down, Stay Down” 4:15
4. “Sail Away” (Blackmore, Coverdale) 5:48
Side two
No. Title Length
5. “You Fool No One” 4:47
6. “What’s Goin’ On Here” 4:55
7. Mistreated” (Blackmore, Coverdale) 7:25
8. “‘A’ 200” (Blackmore, Lord, Paice) 3:51


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