Everything But The Girl – Fuse (Limited Forest Green Vinyl)

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Product Description

Title: Everything But The Girl – Fuse Format: Coloured Vinyl Label: Buzzin’ Fly Cat Num: Barcode: 0602448946560

Release date: April 21st 2023

Everything But The Girl was formed in 1982 by singer-songwriter-musicians Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt. Acclaimed for their tender-tough lyrics, Thorn’s unique voice and Watt’s arrangements, they released a string of UK gold albums throughout the 1980s experimenting with jazz, guitar pop, orchestral wall-of-sound and drum-machine soul, through to the 90’s, ending on ‘Temperamental’, where the duo chose to quit on a high. Tracey focused on family life away from the spotlight before returning with a run of solo albums and best-selling autobiographical books. Ben moved into DJing and remixing, and launched the respected electronic label, Buzzin’ Fly. He returned to his singer-songwriter roots with a trilogy of solo albums from 2014-2020. In November 2022 Everything But The Girl announced they had recorded a new studio album – the first for over two decades, released in 2023.

Track Listings

1 Nothing Left to Lose
2 Run a Red Light
3 Caution to the Wind
4 When You Mess Up
5 Time and Time Again
6 No One Know We’re Dancing
7 Lost
8 Forever
9 Interior Space
10 Karaoke