Fantastic Negrito – Grandfather Courage (Vinyl)

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Product Description

Title: Fantastic Negrito – Grandfather Courage Format: Vinyl Label: Storefront Cat Num: Barcode: 020286242321

Release date: March 31st 2023

On the forthcoming album ‘Grandfather Courage’, Fantastic Negrito has reimagined the songs on his Grammy Nominated ‘White Jesus Black Problems’ album in an acoustic style.

Track Listings

1 Drifting Away (Acoustic)
2 Locked Down (Acoustic)
3 Highest Bidder (Acoustic)
4 They Go Low (Acoustic)
5 Nibbadip (Acoustic)
6 Oh Betty (Acoustic)
7 Man with No Name (Acoustic)
8 You Better Have a Gun (Acoustic)
9 Trudoo (Acoustic)
10 In My Head (Acoustic)
11 Virginia Soil (Acoustic)