Goat – Medicine (Limited Indies Purple/Frosted Splatter Vinyl)

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Product Description

Title: Goat – Medicine Format: coloured vinyl Label: Rocket Barcode: 5056321672605

Release date: October 13th 2023

The ‘Medicine’ of the title may refer to a number of salves, or the value of relationships and love: “For our families, friends, society, this could be done through the use of psychedelics, through meditation, through learning from other people, staying curious and never settling for a ‘solid’ identity”.

Flute is foregrounded throughout, threading across several tracks from the opener ‘Impermanence And Death’. It duets elegantly with keening synth lines through the beautiful ‘You’ll Be Alright’, and leads the melody of the closing track ‘Tripping In The Graveyard’. ‘TSOD’, with its backdrop of sitar and acoustic guitar, has an indelible vocal melody that could be a lost George Harrison recording.


01. Impermanence & Death

02. Raised By Hills

03. I Became The Unemployment Office

04. Tsod

05. Vakna

06. You’ll Be Alright

07. Join The Resistance

08. Tripping In The Graveyard