Gruff Rhys – Sadness Sets Me Free (Blackberry coloured vinyl)

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Title: Gruff Rhys – Sadness Sets Me Free Format: Coloured Vinyl Label: Rough Trade Barcode: 0191402042009

Release date: January 26th 2024

Gruff Rhys is pleased to announce his new album “Sadness Sets Me Free” which will be released by Rough Trade Records on 26.01.2024. This incredibly will be the 25th album he has released in his 35 year career individually, collaboratively and as a member of various bands. “Sadness Sets Me Free” is also the follow up to 2021’s “Seeking new Gods”, his first solo top ten record.



  1. Sadness Sets Me Free
  2. Bad Friend
  3. Celestial Candyfloss
  4. Silver Lining (Lead Balloons)
  5. On The Far Side of the Dollar
  6. They Sold My Home To Build A Skyscraper
  7. Peace Signs
  8. Cover Up The Cover Up
  9. I Tendered My Resignation
  10. I’ll Keep Singing