John Hiatt – Crossing Muddy Waters (Transparent Orange Vinyl)

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Product Description

Title: John Hiatt – Crossing Muddy Waters Format: coloured vinyl Label: New West Barcode: 607396577910

Release date: November 17th 2023

Trans Orange Vinyl Pressing of Crossing Muddy Waters. Two and a half decades into a career that’s never delivered the stardom forecast by legions of champions, John Hiatt has settled into a niche that’s about as comfortable as a maturing singer-songwriter could ask for. No longer a major-label priority, Hiatt has hooked up with the stalwart folk label Vanguard for his 15th release. Crossing Muddy Waters adroitly captures Hiatt’s comfort and confidence. Not so much blues as blusey, Crossing Muddy Waters features 11 new Hiatt compositions, half of which feel instantly familiar. The rambunctious “Lift Up Every Stone” sounds a little like some of Tom Waits’s more accessible recent efforts, while “Take It Down” is a love-lost lament that’s as heavy as a foggy evening. Crossing Muddy Waters was cut in three days and features only two accompanists–the uncommonly sympathetic Davey Faragher and David Immergluck. Just goes to show that Hiatt moves just fine when he’s not dragging a lot of added weight and heavy expectations behind him.

Track Listings

1 Lincoln Town
2 Crossing Muddy Waters
3 What Do We Do Now?
4 Only The Song Survives
5 Lift Up Every Stone

1 Take It Down
2 Gone
3 Take It Back
4 Mr. Stanley
5 God’s Golden Eyes
6 Before I Go