Khruangbin & Men I Trust – Live at RCB Echo Beach (Vinyl)

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Khruangbin & Men I Trust – Live at RCB Echo Beach (Vinyl)

RELEASE DATE: 11th August 2023

only fitting that Khruangbin’s first-everofficial live releases would be double albumspaired with their tourmates: artists whosemusic they love and admire, friends who’vebecome family along the way. Khruangbin’s‘Live At’ series of live LPs traces just onesmall slice of the band’s flight plan throughthe years: it’s a taste of some of their mostbeloved cities, stages and nights. Eachrelease comes with a limited-edition uniquealbum cover exclusive for the recording’shome turf, just a little something extra for thefans that bring a little something extra. Mostof all, Khruangbin’s ‘Live at’ series ignitesboth sides of the band’s magic: the warm,prismatic feeling of their albums and thebewitching energy of their performances.‘Live at RCB Echo Beach’ featuresperformances by Men I Trust andKhruangbi