Lo Moon – I Wish You Way More Than Luck (Onyx Vinyl)

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Product Description

Title: Lo Moon – I Wish You Way More Than Luck Format: coloured vinyl Label: Orchard Barcode: 691835884431

Release date: April 5th 2024

Although its nine songs revolve entirely around a single unifying idea, of life and personality forged from the revelatory moments of lived experience, to describe Los Angeles band Lo Moon‘s third outing, I Wish You Way More Than Luck, as a concept album wouldn’t be entirely correct. Sonically bold and ambitious, fiercely literate and imagistic, the songs dance around their theme, not so much playing from track to track, as flowing through peaks and troughs of fervent emotion. It’s the singular work of a group of musicians whose confidence and abilities have not only scaled the heights of their ambitions but outstripped them. Luck has little to do with it.