Niamh Regan – Come As You Are (Signed Vinyl)

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Title: Niamh Regan – Come As You Are Format: Vinyl Label: Faction Barcode: 0796548510070

Release date:  May 31st 2024

Niamh Regan will release her second album, ‘Come As You Are’ May 31 st via Faction

In between her live performances, Niamh began to write her second record in Attica Studios
with producer Tommy McLaughlin. She says, “I arrived in Donegal to meet Tommy for the
first time with a bunch of demos, half-baked ideas and feeling not ready, it was scary. But I’m
so glad that I did it that way. I trusted the process and came into the studio with the intention
of capturing exactly where I was with it all and Tommy helped me build from there.”

It’s an album full of acutely observed vulnerabilities and introspection. Its themes are the
issues that many of us find loom large in the small hours: questions of self-doubt, uncertainty
about your life’s direction, whether relationships are flourishing in the way you’d hoped and
determining priorities.