Once Upon a Human Sky (Book)


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Product Description

Young adult/teen sci fi novel by Shane K. Healy. (2023)

Release date: February 1st 2023

Something hidden deep inside…once upon a human sky

A post-climate change dystopian adventure, told from the perspective of Bill, a 17 year old orphan who has spent most of his life in Pleasant Pines Wellness Institution for the mentally challenged.

He has anxiety and delusions that he can speak to animals. Medication helps – even if he doesn’t always like taking it. What doesn’t help is how he and his friends are always told they ‘can’t’.

The daily news is scary and can get a bit much so he tries to tune out.

He knows that the world outside is dangerous now – and they are well looked after- but sometimes he wonders if he could manage on his own out there some day.

Then, after surprise revelations from unlikely friends, reality as he knows it begins to unravel and shift.

What if his and his friends’ delusions and disabilities are really just one side of something…else?

Awakening is just the beginning.

Can they look past fear?

An escape leads them to a hidden desert sanctuary called The Haven.

For Bill and his friends – Simon, Lorraine and Ed – adventure and self-discovery awaits.

What else will they unearth about themselves and the world of Aunn Teer outside the yew tree-walls of Pleasant Pines?

Something strange. Something bigger. Something powerful.

A story of friendship, empowerment, hidden talents, music, identity and young rebellion.

For fans of George Orwell, Stephen King and YA sci fi; there’s even an inspirational self-help book in here somewhere…