Peter Gabriel – I/O (2LP Bright Side Mix)

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Peter Gabriel – I/O (2LP Bright Side Mix)

RELEASE DATE: December 1st 2023

More than 20 years in the making, this December finally sees the release of i/o, Peter Gabriel’s first album of new material since 2002’s Up. During 2023, Peter has been releasing a new song from the album on the occasion of every full moon. Being revealed roughly every four weeks, each track has been allowed to find its own time and space, to enjoy its own orbit. “It’s a little like getting a Lego piece each month,” Peter explains. Now it’s time to stand back and admire the final, completed creation.

1. Panopticom

2. Playing For Time

3. The Court

4. Four Kinds of Horses

5. i/o

6. Love Can Heal

7. Road to Joy

8. So Much

9. Olive Tree

10. This Is Home

11. And Still

12. Live and Let Live