Pond – Stung! (Splatter ‘Bee’ Vinyl) (Pre-Order)

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Product Description

Title: Pond – Stung! Format: splatter coloured vinyl Label: Spinning Top Barcode: 0612789326303

Release date: June 21st 2024

Pond are one of the most versatile, inquisitive, and accomplished bands of the psychedelic rock vanguard.

Stung! delivers some of Pond’s most glorious rock songs ever and also some of their least rock moments, all psychedelic drapery or funk vim. In that epic, as in Stung! at large, Allbrook speaks to our collective modern paradox of being disappointed in or even disconsolate over a world that we know more about than any prior generation but also being in awe of it and (sometimes) each other, too.

There are so many reasons to cry and so many reasons to marvel. Can’t they all, Pond suggests with Stung!, be reasons to sing?



  1. Constant Picnic
  2. (I’m) Stung
  3. Neon River


  1. So Lo
  2. Black Lung
  3. Sunrise For The Lonely
  4. Elf Bar Blues


  1. Edge of the World Pt. 3
  2. Stars In Silken Sheets
  3. Boys Don’t Crash


  1. O, UV Ray
  2. Last Elvis
  3. Elephant Gun
  4. Fell From Grace With The Sea