The Frames – Another Love Song (2023 Vinyl Reissue)

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The Frames, an Irish indie rock band formed in Dublin in 1990, are known for their
passionate and emotive sound, which blends elements of rock, folk, and traditional Irish
music. Over the years, they have released several critically acclaimed albums, including their debut album ‘Another Love Song’.

Originally released in 1991, this record marked the band's first studio album and gained
them recognition among music critics and fans alike. The album announced their arrival
onto the Dublin music scene and features the title track ‘Another Love Song’, ‘Before You
Go’, ‘Masquerade’ and the lead single ‘The Dancer’. The re-release of ‘Another Love Song’
serves as a reminder of their early success and sets the stage for a new era of music from
one of Ireland's most beloved bands. The Frames has been instrumental in shaping the modern rock scene, influencing a whole generation of Irish musicians, and their re-release
of ‘Another Love Song’ on vinyl will undoubtedly be well received by both long-time fans and new listeners alike.