The Waterboys – A Rock In The Weary Land (Expanded Edition)(Limited Blue Vinyl 2LP)

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The Waterboys – A Rock In The Weary Land (Expanded Edition)(2LP) – Blue Vinyl

Release Date: Friday, May 26, 2023                        Record Label: Cooking Vinyl Limited

‘A Rock In The Weary Land’ was The Waterboys’ seventh studio album, originally released
on 25 September 2000. The recording saw the return of the band name after Mike Scott’s
two solo albums and featured contributions from two original Waterboys, Kevin Wilkinson
and Anthony Thistlethwaite, and some brilliant new ones including keyboard players
Thighpaulsandra and Sir Richard Naiff. NME described the album as “a masterpiece” and
Mojo called it “brazen, unapologetic, vital”.
This Cooking Vinyl release marks the first time the album has been reissued, and its first ever
release on vinyl. Mike Scott has curated this definitive version, with the sequence on the LPs
and CD Disc 1 based on the 14-song 2001 US edition, which added ‘Lucky Day / Bad Advice’
and ‘My Lord, What A Morning’ to the original UK version. The 2CD version features twelve
previously unreleased tracks, chosen by Scott, and the 4th side of the 2LP vinyl version is
taken up with a spectacular 16-minute live version of Waterboys’ classic Savage Earth Heart.
Scott has also overseen a re-working of the artwork, using a different Steve Gullick photo
from the original album cover sessions on the front, while both vinyl and CD formats include
many previously unseen shots. The CD package includes a 28-page booklet, and the vinyl
album comes in a gatefold sleeve. The vinyl format is 2 x 180g LTD Edition Sky Blue
coloured vinyl.


1. Let It Happen
2. The Charlatan’s Lament
3. Is She Conscious?
4. We Are Jonah
5. It’s All Gone
6. My Love Is My Rock In The Weary Land
7. Lucky Day / Bad Advice
8. His Word Is Not His Bond
9. Malediction
10. Dumbing Down The World
11. The Wind In The Wires
12. Night Falls On London
13. Crown
14. My Lord, What A Morning
1. Fanfare by ThighPaulSandra
2. Sad Procession
3. Is She Conscious? (Acoustic Demo)
4. Dumbing Down The World (Live At Glastonbury)
5. Trouble Down Yonder

6. In The Long Low Weary Land
7. Wintermind
8. Never Been Out Of Love
9. Somewhere In The Bleak Mid-Distance Something Beautiful Is Born
10. Anatomy Of A Love Affair
11. Is She Conscious (Funky Thumbs)
12. Martin Decent
13. Time, Space And The Bride’s Bed
14. Oh Yeah / I’ll Be Satisfied
15. Carolan’s Weird Welcome
16. Since The Fire Started Burning In My Soul
17. The Height Of His Head
18. My Love Is My Rock (Instrumental With Choir)
19. It Bends Towards Justice
20. The Last Rock Freak Out