Metallica – Kill ‘Em All (Coloured Vinyl)

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Metallica – Kill ‘Em All (Coloured Vinyl)

RELEASE DATE: 3rd November 2023

Just announced. New Colour variants of 5 Metallica classic albums. The albums in question are kicking off with “Kill ‘Em All” on Jump In The Fire Engine Red Coloured Vinyl (Nov 3rd), followed by “Ride The Lightning” on Electric Blue Coloured Vinyl (Dec 1st) and then we rock into a brand new year with “Master of Puppets” on Battery Brick Coloured Vinyl (Jan 5th), “And Justice For All” on Dyers Green Coloured Vinyl and rounding off with their most successful album “Metallica” (AKA “The Black Album”) on Some Blacker Marbled Coloured Vinyl on Mar 1st. Put them in your diaries.


A1. Hit The Lights [4:17]
A2. The Four Horsemen [7:08]
A3. Motorbreath [3:03]
A4. Jump In The Fire [4:50]
A5. (Anesthesia) – Pulling Teeth [3:27]
A6. Whiplash [4:06]

B1. Phantom Lord [4:52]
B2. No Remorse [6:24]
B3. Seek & Destroy [6:50]
B4. Metal Militia [6:06]