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Hi Everyone,

This week’s newsletter focuses mainly on releases for Friday the 14th of November, and there are quite a few interesting bits and pieces coming out.

Warner have the DAVID BOWIE compilation “ nothing has changed” covering 50 years of the musical icon’s recorded work as well as new Bowie 10” single “ sue ( or in a season of crime)”.

50 years, 140 million albums sold, name changes, image changes, movies, refusal of the Queens honors’ (twice), (so the thin white duke didn’t want to be Sir Davy Jones), eating pork in front of a horrified Morrissey (not many have), founded the society for the prevention of cruelty to long-haired men. (A lot of his older fans are not to concerned about that one anymore….oouucch, sorry lads)

Bowie fans of a certain vintage have told me how they first saw Bowie on TOP OF THE POPS in the early 70’s and sat bolt upright in the chair, completely intrigued by the music, clothes, persona…..totally hooked.

Bowie bowie

I remember my confirmation (1985) and those few lads that got away with not having to wear the school uniform….they wore Bowie suits (they didn’t know who (David) Bowie was, probably thought it was the crowd who made the suits)

So, an icon is a fair description, but above all else, the music will be his greatest legacy.

New Bowie compilation is available on double CD, triple CD and double LP.

Warner also have another ROLLING STONES reissue, this time the “LA FORUM, 1975” on 2CD/DVD or 2LP/DVD.

They also have a new BETTE MIDLER record which is a tribute to girl groups down through the years.

There is a CAPTAIN BEEFHEART CD and Vinyl box set, a new DANIEL LANOIS and NOEL GALLAGHER’S new single on 7” all out through Warner on the 14th of November.

UNIVERSAL have some interesting releases also for the 14th including “the new basement tapes” which is recordings of BOB DYLAN’S thrown away (yet found) lyrics from 1967 when he was recovering from heroine addiction, I mean sorry, when he fell off his bike. Dylan’s throwaways are probably still better than most.


The THOMPSON’S, RICHARD and LINDA with kids TEDDY, JACK and KAMI have a record coming out aptly named “family”.

UNIVERSAL have a new NICKELBACK album, some LP reissues by THE JAYHAWKS, some NICK DRAKE compilation LPs, as well as seasonal releases by ALFIE BOE and KATERINE JENKINS.


I mentioned last week about the lack of stadium filling new bands and low and behold this week THE SCRIPT are announced to play Croke Park….were they the obvious one I had not thought of???

Absolutely nothing against THE SCRIPT, they are an Irish band and I genuinely would wish them all the success in the world, but is Croke Park a bit of a stretch….or am I dreaming and did they fill Lansdowne Road a few years back?….time will tell I suppose…..

Sony has the BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN CD and LP box set out next Friday, quick side note here, many years ago in Carrigaline this guy came in to the shop and we started chatting, and he told me that he was pals with Bruce and he knew him well and he would get me a signed photo for the shop and blah de blah….and I was thinking yeah, does yer man think I came down in the last shower…..but alas down through the years I have seen the proof, chilling on sun loungers on a private beach, out riding horses on Bruce’s ranch…surreal to even see the pictures don’t mind being there….still no picture for the shop though Tom!


Anyway, Sony also has a new DEPECHE MODE live CD and CD/DVD, KINKS anthology box set, the first four KASABIAN LP reissues plus ONE DIRECTIONS new CD is out on Monday the 17TH.

Pias has BJORK “ BIOPHILLIA” live on 2CD/DVD and 3LP/DVD, NICK CAVE’S “ kicking against the pricks” LP reissue and THE POSTAL SERVICE “ give up” LP reissue amongst their releases for the 21st of November.

Proper has two interesting releases for the 14th including Tipp las GEMMA HAYES new CD and a Paul MCCARTNEY tribute album to his songwriting talents “and in my hour of darkness, she is standing there in front of me, speaking words of wisdom” a lyric from let it be about a dream he had about his mother whom he lost to cancer when he was 14…..enough said.

The album is called “the art of McCartney” and contributors include Dylan, Brian Wilson and the Cure….its on 2CD 2 CD/DVD AND 3 LP.


On the local scene this week, we got our hands on the new FISH GO DEEP 12” record, reliably informed there first record to go on sale in Douglas in over 25 years…..the two lads still as always producing top quality tunes.


And we should have some copies of the new JOHN BLEK solo album in the next couple of days, so looking forward to hearing that.

Christmas (yep I said it, and anyway most of you have not worked 27 days in December for 14 years in a row, so I have a right to say it) starts hopefully for the shop on Monday….new FOO FIGHTERS, new GARTH and last LOVE/HATE season.

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Sin e for this week,

Thanks to those who listen,



p.s nick cave 10” inch delayed a few days….should be with me Tuesday.