Biffy Clyro Exclusive Virtual Zoom In-Store, More Exciting Fontaines News, And A Brand New Angel Olsen Album

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well… Exciting couple of weeks in the shop to be honest and with plenty of obair but that’s all good… We had MICK FLANNERY for a social distanced gig last Thursday night and it was smashing… My first taste of live music since the start of March.. One of the things missing in folk’s lives that read this newsletter (music)… Some of Mick’s crew were in and around the shop one the last week and it’s only when you hear their stories first hand and how their working lives have been completely turned upside down, you truly grasp the gravity of their situation… I know I am preaching to the converted here a bit as I know most of ye support record shops, labels, bands, artists, venues, gigs etc, but I for one have been making a conscious effort to try and support our sector… Songs From An Empty Room was another great event to help shine a light on the unsung heroes of the industry… Let’s do our best folks.. Mick’s ‘Alive‘ album will help support his own band and crew.. If you want a copy give us a nod… Even if you want a copy for someone for Christmas, give us a nod… Lecture over… Apologies!!!

We got some savage news yesterday with the announcement that the mighty BIFFY CLYRO are doing a virtual in-store with us on Tuesday August 18th 2020 at 6:30PM.. Pre-Order the new Biffy album ‘A Celebration Of Endings’ from us for access to a once off, private virtual Zoom in-store with them.. Numbers are limited on this, it’s a lovely thing for us as a shop to be involved with.. So thanks to Biffy, their management and Warner for putting the pieces together.. Bobby here is a huge fan of the band as I know a few of ye out there are also… This is remote intimacy at it’s most intimate… The lads will play a few songs and there will be a live chat with fans.. Ah sure if you are a fan of the band, it’s as sweet as a nut… If a music fan in general, it’s a lovely, bespoke thing to do… For the price of an album.. Sure where would you be going like.. Bob has the links to buy the album and to get your unique code for the in-store…

A little Bob note added in… I have gone to see Biffy over 10 times live,  one of the only bands I would travel abroad to see.. Hands down one of the best live bands around today, and this should be a treat. My first ever gig was seeing them in the Olympia in 2009, and the most recent was headlining Indiependence last year (great to have the boys back on our doorstep!). 10 years and i’ve never seen the lads put on anything less than an amazing show.. Truly an honour to be involved with this, hosting virtually my own favourite band! So again a massive thanks to the band, management and Warner for making this happen!

Back to the bossman!

Ah Ray boy… I’m reading for the last 3 minutes and wondering if there’s any releases for this Friday July 31st??… Is there what kid?!!!

It’s here… Really excited to hear this in it’s entirety… Can’t wait… Yes, FONTAINES D.C. ‘A Hero’s Death’ is finally here… It seems like July 31st was ages away… 3 Vinyl formats and one CD format... Last 24 hours to enter competition for the signed test pressing.. Draw is going to be Thursday Evening at 5:00PM, Bobby and Shane will do it live in the shop… Nine sweet runners up prizes also… Prizes of beautiful signed prints… So pre-order on site or drop us an aul’ email before 5:00PM Thursday… Best of luck… I’d be afraid to put a value on the signed test pressing to be honest, the band are on fire… Best of luck and I hope you are one of 10 winners!!! I do have a good few bespoke F.D.C. postcards to be given out on a first come purchase, first served basis also… No breaking my balls on this lads, first come first served… 10AM Friday morning, 31st July, TOUGHER TOWERS…. Sorry TOGHER TOWERS…. Don’t email and ask me to keep postcards… I have quite a few… Please don’t break my heart over them though.. Please… FONTAINES is here Friday!!! Thanks again to the band and the label for the fab prizes!!

And one more special bit of news on the Fontaines D.C. release. Anyone who has pre-ordered the album with us already will be sent a link to a very special album release show ‘A Night At Montrose’ on Monday 3rd of August at 8PM. We’ll get you out a link to the show if you have pre-ordered already, and anyone who pre-orders in the meantime will be sent a link also. All details on this has been added to the four formats of the album :

Or finally if you go to the Fontaines D.C. website and sign up for their mailing list, you’ll be sent a link. Deadline to sign up to the band’s mailing list to receive an invite is 12pm BST on the 3rd August.  

Right, also this Friday is the PAUL MCCARTNEY reissues, deluxe of ‘Flaming Pie’ on various formats… This Friday we also have BOBBIE GENTRY’s magical ‘Delta Sweete‘ with a bonus 10 tracks on both formats, and we have MAX RICHTER ‘Voices’, new ones from CREEPERTHE PSYCHEDELIC FURS, and ALANIS MORRISETTE.. Reissues this week also from BELLE AND SEBASTIANTHE BELOVED, and we should also have that great LLOYD COLE AND THE COMMOTIONS vinyl boxset.. Sorry, THE CORONAS new album is due out also on Friday…

Right so moving on to the 7th of August so and on the new album front we we will have the brand new album by DEEP PURPLE ‘Whoosh!’PIXIES ‘Bossanova’ 30th Anniversary Red Vinyl Edition, JASON MOLINA’s ‘Eight Gates’, CEELO GREEN has a new album, there is a 4LP Ultimate Collection boxset by BLACK SABBATH, and a reissue of JOE BONAMASSA’s ‘A New Day Now’, with vocals redone.. Sony for next friday week the 7th of August have FLEETWOOD MAC’s ‘Before The Beginning Vol. 2 : Live and Demo Versions’ vinyl.. This is Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac really.. Peter Green rest in peace sir.. You had an incredibly creative yet somewhat tragic life in some ways… Immensely talented musician, some great Fleetwood Mac albums.. ‘Then Play On’ my own favourite.. I think he admitted himself that he just took too much drugs and it seriously affected his mental health, some might say that the young bands today aren’t taking enough drugs… Sorry did I say that out loud… Anyway, R.I.P Mr. Peter Green..

I missed a plug.. I know ye find that hard to believe… I nearly can’t believe it myself.. But a couple of nice ones, really nice ones, out on the 7th of August I may have failed to mention up to now… Planxty’s ‘After The Break’ and ‘The Woman I Loved So Well’, as well as BELL X1’s ‘Neither Am I’ are all getting reissued on vinyl.. There are some NEIL DIAMOND reissues on vinyl out for the 7th of August also..

The Orchard for the 7th have THE STOOGES ‘Live at Goose Lake’ Vinyl..

Proper have some reissues on vinyl by THE TURTLES and CARCASS..

Right some nice releases announced in the past week include a new ANGEL OLSEN albumdebut solo album from COREY TAYLOR of Slipknot / Stone Sour, a new FLEETWOOD MAC Boxset on 8CD or 4LP + 7”, a SLADE ‘Cum On Feel The Hitz’ 2LP or 2CD Best Ofa ROBERT PLANT 2CD Solo Career Collection, a new KYLIE album. ENO/CALE ‘Wrong Way Up’ LP or Deluxe CD, ENO/WOBBLE ‘Spinner‘ LP or Deluxe CD, and ERASURE’s ‘The Neon’.

Releases for August 14th include new albums by BIFFY CLYROJAMES DEAN BRADFIELD, ROBBY KRIEGER (which I for one will have to give it one listen at least.. Man is a Door for god sake..) RUMERFANTASTIC NEGROBRUCE HORNSBY, KATE RUSBY (CD only for now) and LEVELLERS... Which has four or five physical formats… PIAS have a release for the 14th of August by BILLY NOMATS.. She is only one the scene in the last 6 or 9 months i’d say… Could be like the LATE LATE SHOW.. Love or hate… She definitely has a few things to say and they may not all be exactly politically correct… I’ll let you make up your own minds on Billy Nomates.. Sleaford Mods are in her corner..

Also out on the 14th of August are some CHRISTY MOORE Vinyl reissues ‘Live in Dublin’ and ‘Iron Behind The Velvet’ and there are a couple of CLANNAD albums being repressed on vinyl ‘Crain Ull’ and ‘Fuaim‘, the only two Clannad albums that featured Enya… There is also a BILL FRISELL reissue on CD and LP of ‘Valentine’, JOHN WILLIAMS ‘Live in Vienna 2LP’, MAX RICHTER reissue of ‘Waltz With Bashir’a CREEDENCE Half Speed Master of ‘Cosmo’s Factory’ and the ENO BROTHER’s ‘Luminous’ on indies only vinyl... 14th of August also sees a print of BRITNEY SPEARS ‘Oops I Did It Again’..

It’s four weeks this Saturday too R.S.D (Record Store Day).. It has come around… 3rd time lucky this year I suppose… Well August 27th is 1 of 3 drop dates.. It obviously won’t be the same as other years… 2 Meters etc, so i’ll chew on it and give some better information over the next few weeks

And finally, with the Bank Holiday this weekend, we will be closed on bank holiday Monday.. So the hours for next week are 

Sunday Aug 2nd – Closed
Monday Aug 3rd – Closed
Tuesday Aug 4th – 10:30-6
Wednesday Aug 5th – 10-5:30
Thursday Aug 6th – 10-5:30
Friday Aug 7th – 10-6
Saturday Aug 8th – 10-5

Sin é for this week folks,
Thanks for listening
Ray, Bobby + Shane
Tougher Towers . Ie

The Gloaming 3 LP Has Finally Landed, An Uprising “Irish” Star?, and Reminiscing on an Old Cork Institution 

How d folks,

Welcome to the weekly “Ad” from your local adore, corporate free, independent record shop!

Releases in the good siopa today include THE GLOAMING 3 LP release, as well as brand new LPs and CDs by LAMBCHOP, PATTY GRIFFIN, LUTHER DICKINSON, JENNY LEWIS, SLEEPER, LIL YACHTY, STRAND OF OAKS, GOORGIO MORODER “Queen of the South” O.S.T, KAREN O + DANGERMOUSE.. Also there is a 3CD or 4LP set by MEGADETH, the next in the batch of NEW ORDER 12” singles with “Temptation”, a live LP set by TOTO, and reissues by JACO PATORIOUS (One of 2k on silver vinyl), and the O.S.T to TAXI DRIVER (two of 2.5k on yellow vinyl), DESMOND DEKKER’s “007 Shanty Town”, and last but not least is JOHN + YOKO’s “Wedding Album” as a nice white vinyl box-set release…

Video for last two weeks up here now!

Always a hint of squeaky bum time for me this time of year… Not much I can do about it folks except to be as transparent as possible.. What are you on about now boy???
RSD allocations starting to come in and there has been cuts so problems are so far (so in the cases the earlier the better if you can get in to us… with a chill pill in your packet mas é do thoill é.. Here so far is a list of titles that my wishlist exceeded what I am actually getting, in most cases only by one copy to be honest…. May the cards fall and all that… Here’s the problems so far..
Specials single, Queen stuff, Motorhead single, Elvis Costello, John Lennon, Broken Social Scene,  and Weezer (the B-Sides one)… Early bird blah blah blah… Sorry.. I suppose if everyone in every record shop in the UK and Ireland got everything they wanted every year.. The exclusivity would be washed off the event.. It could die off faster that the pricing might kill it… That’s it for RSD for this week.. Next week the music should be announced.. (Bit of a pain in the ring also if i’m to be honest!!)

Anyway, look on to the releases for the 29th of March and there is a few really interesting ones (to me anyway!) so i’m going to start wit PIAS (happy birthday Bonnie O’ Brien!!).. Domino present HENRYK GORECKI Symphony No. 3 (Symphony of Sorrowful Songs), performed by BETH GIBBON‘s and the POLISH NATIONAL RADIO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, conducted by PENDERECKI. Available as a CD or LP, or an indies only CD/DVD or indies only coloured LP with DVD… Beth is supposed to have completely immersed herself in the project.. Obviously the language and the content also.. Could be a spine tingler me thinks.. Hardly nothing online yet with it…

STEVE EARLE and THE DUKES have tribute album called “Guy”, to Earle’s dear friend Guy Clarke. A covers album of Guy’s songs.. Indies only blue vinyl available on this one.. PIAS lastly have a live album by TY SEGALL..

Ok so, Universal for the 29th of March have the debut album by BILLIE EILISH.. Excuse my ignorance here but I thought she was a teeny bopper artist.. (And nothing wrong with that in my opinion, I like pop).. But sh*t was I wrong about her.. The couple of tunes I have heard are different, dark and interesting.. The debut album is called “When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”.. Check out a tune here from the new album

This cailín only turned 17 in December gone, writes or co-writes these songs with her brother Finneas O’ Connell, who also produces her.. Billie Eilish O’ Connell.. Dad is one of our clan by the way.. Could be a huge huge star.. She definitely caught my attention.. Album is available as CD, Clasmshell CD with 3 lithos, posters, tattoos and sticker sheet.. Also available as an indies only pale yellow vinyl on initials… Maith an cailín I say anyway.. Interesting brood i’d say.. Home schooled the kids were.. Anyway, enough for me now.. One to watch…

Good bit more out from Universal on Bonnie’s birthday or Brexit Day.. Crikey this Brexit thing is a soap opera.. May’s a goner i’d say… It’s a joke if it wasn’t so serious.. Anyway, tunes tunes tunes.. Universal are reissuing the last two COCTEAU TWINS albums on LP “Four Calendar Cafe” and “Milk + Kisses”… There’s a FRANK ZAPPA release of “Zappa In New York” limited 5CD tin or 3LP set taken from the analogue tapes…

In 1976, Frank Zappa played four historic sold-out concerts at The Palladium in New York City the week between Christmas and New Year’s. These thrilling shows – described by band member Ruth Underwood as “theatrical, outrageous and raucously funny, but also filled with startling and gorgeous music, dating from Frank’s 1960s output to literally the moment the curtain went up”— served as the source material for the live double album Zappa In New York which was constructed from the best-played performances with overdubs later recorded in the studio.
In celebration of its eventual release in 1978, Zappa In New York will be released on March 29 via Zappa Records/UMC as a suite of expanded anniversary editions to commemorate the album’s recent 40th anniversary. Overseen by the Zappa Family Trust and produced by Ahmet Zappa and Vaultmeister Joe Travers, the expanded versions will be available as a 5CD box set and 3LP 180-gram audiophile grade vinyl. The 5-disc collection, which will be housed in a limited-edition metal tin shaped like a NYC street manhole cover and includes a replica ticket from one of the shows, consists of the main album in its original mix, newly remastered by Bob Ludwig in 2018 and available for the first time since its debut. The four additional discs are loaded with relevant Vault nuggets and more than three hours of unreleased live performances from the NYC Palladium concerts, representing every composition played during the concerts and the best alternate performances of every tune Zappa picked for the original album, all newly mixed in 2018. To achieve the highest-level sound quality, the audio team went back to the original two-inch 24-track multi-track master tapes and transferred every reel at 96kHz 24-bit wavs.  The 3LP set, pressed at Pallas in Germany, features all-analog mastering of the original album mix, unavailable since first issued. Plus, an additional LP of select bonus content from The Vault. 

Uni also have, and i’m just gonna rattle them off now as it’s getting late.. LANG LANG new CD..  RAIN TREE CROW LP Release.. BARRY WHITE’s “Love Unlimited” LP reissues or 7CD box.. COLTRANE “58 – The Prestige Recordings” out as an 8LP Set (250 quid) or a 5CD set (80 quid).. KISS “Kissworld” 2LP Best Of..  JOURNEY “Live in Japan” as a DVD/2CD or Blu Ray / 2CD.. STEVEN WILSON 5LP Live Album from The Royal Albert Hall and lastly from Universal is MARVIN GAYE‘s lost album “You’re the Man”, never on LP before…

Sony for the 29th of March have the HANS ZIMMER “World of Hans” vinyl box-set..

Republic of Music for the 29th of March have the new album by EDWYN COLLINS… As ye probably know Edwyn had a couple of serious strokes some time back so now his spirit, recovery, creativity, attitude and resilience are nothing short of remarkable.. ROM also have the new WHITE DENIM out on the 29th of March…

Warner for the 29th have the reissue of KEITH RICHARD‘s 1988 debut solo album “Talk Is Cheap”.. Chalk it down Keith boy… I was talking to my kids the older two… Well the middle two really about the Lee Baths earlier tonight when they were going to bed.. They thought I was talking through my hat… The Lee Fields were mad really when you think back on them for those that remember.. It seemed like thousands of kids in freezing cold waters and a few toilets about.. Health and safety out the window back then.. It’s where the Kingsley is now, on the Straight Road. Do you remember the big diving boards.. Just stone slabs if memory serves right.. Wonder when did they close?? I was born in ’74 and remember being out there a few times… Not a parent in sight!!! Anyway, Keith Richards reissue is on CD, 2CD, Black LP or indies only and very very limited red vinyl.. Box available as well which was mentioned last week..

Warner also have MOTORHEAD live and reissued LPs… 7 titles in total.. Also a new STEVIE NICKS compilation on CD and a new album by YNGWIE MALMSTEEN “Blue Lightening”…

Just hearing now the the JEFF TWEEDY and GRATEFUL DEAD LPs are a problem for RSD… Brón orm…

The Orchard for the 29th of March have new albums from UNKLE called “The Road Part II” on 2CD or Deluxe 4CD or indies only 3LP set.. New ones also from C. DUNCAN AND SON VOLT both of these with indies only LPs. DEVIN TOWNSEND new album also on CD..

Proper for the 29th of March have MEKON’s new album “Desert”

Sin é for this week folks
Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt
Music Zone

Ray’s Ads, RSD Orders In and a nice new Lambchop.


Hi Everyone,


How’s the form this evening? Crikey I’m like a bad penny every week really I suppose…one lad said to me a few months back now (and I never really saw it as this, but of course that’s what this is…who am I codding like, not ye I’d say) ‘I read it in your ad’…so I may try and cloak it (I don’t do that really either…caps, yachts etc) but fundamentally as we all know this is a bloody ad…thanks for pointing it out though Terry as I may have been deluding myself it was someit different.

So this week’s Ad from Music Zone towers will commence with new releases in the shop today from DAVID BYRNE, STEPHEN MALKMUS, JACK SAVORETTI, DROPKICK MURPHYS, CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA and FAT WHITE FAMILY.

As well as reissues from THE FALL, ALPHAVILLE.


Right so, moving on to releases for the 22nd of March…just to note, THE GLOAMING 3 LP release date is now the 22nd, moved back from the 8th March.


WARNER for the 22nd of March have the next batch of IRON MAIDEN CD remasters which are Powerslave, 7th Son, No Prayer for the Dying, Somewhere in Time and also a deluxe ‘Somewhere in Time’ with a special ltd figurine.

WARNER also have a new JENNY LEWIS album, ‘On the Line’ on CD, LP or Indies Only blue LP.

WEA have the next in the series of NEW ORDER 12”s with ‘Temptation’ as well as brand new albums by ROBIN TROWER and THESE NEW PURITANS.

RECORD STORE DAY orders are all now placed as ye read this, and as with other years, they are in the hands of the record gods…take a bow folks…hopefully we will get a good fill as we have other years but there will be disappointments, as is par for the course with the thing.

If you are early, it is seldom you will be very disappointed…and I will try and flag problems with stock if and when they arise…try be cool if things go wrong…a couple of people last year had pops at us…Crikey we are doing our best and some things are out of our control…there are bigger disappointments in life.

Anyway, anyway it’s done now and thanks so much to all of ye who fired in a wish list to us…greatly appreciated here…Sound!


Wish lists were back about 10% on last year but there probably are a lot less “Big” titles this year…it definitely is more niche…that’s good says us. U2 was the most wished for release with THIN LIZZY, PREFAB SPROUT, WEEZER, MOZ all showing well and a late runner who came into the fray was THE CROW OST… Sin é for RSD for another week…hope to have news of the entertainment next week!


I think I may have forgot PIAS last week…if so, for today they have a new STEPHEN MALKMUS album, a new CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA album, a Best Of  HOTHOUSE FLOWERS CD and an LP reissue by THE FALL of ‘Bend Sinister/The Domesday Pay Off”


So PIAS for the 22nd of March have a reissue of ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION’s ‘Rafis Revenge’ 20th Anniversary job, a new album by AVEY TARE of ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, a new album by BILL MCKAY, an outtake and rarities album by CORDUROY and a new album by GIORGIO MORODER + RANEY SHOCKNE called ‘Queen of the South’, 2LP indies only silver vinyl available.

PIAS for the 22nd also have a reissue of IRON AND WINE’s ‘Our Endless Numbered Days’…a deluxe reissue with the original album plus 8 previously unreleased demos…indies only dark green vinyl available.

PIAS have for the 22nd of March, JOHN LENNON + YOKO ONO ‘The Wedding Album’…CD and Indies Only Coloured LP as well as a new album by LUTHER DICKINSON and The Sisters of the Strawberry Moon called ‘Solstice’.

Lastly PIAS have a new STRANDS OF OAKS album ‘Eraserland’ on CD, 2LP or 2LP Indies Only jobs.

UNIVERSAL for the 22nd of March have a new MEGADETH box set, the 35 tracks are hand-picked by Dave Mustaine…it is available as a 3CD or 4LP set.


UNI also have a new album by ANDREW BIRD ‘My Finest Work Yet’…his words, not mine and a new one from JOHN ILLSEY (DIRE STRAITS).

LIL STEVEN ‘Soul Fire Live’ gets a 2 Blu Ray release as well as a TOTO release on Eagle Rock, ‘40 Years Around the Sun’ available on 6 formats including Blu Ray + 2 CD, DVD/2CD, 3 Orange Indies Only LPs.


Lastly, UNI have a couple of LP reissues…N.E.R.D. ‘Seeing Sounds’ and LIL YACHTY ‘Nuthin’ 2 Prove’ 2LP release.


SONY for the 22nd of March have the deluxe 20th Anniversary edition of VAN MORRISON’S ‘Healing Game’  album…there is a 3 CD box with album as well as plenty rarities and live stuff from the sessions…as well as a vinyl repress of the long out of print.


THE ORCHARD for the 22nd sees the release of new albums by MAVERICK SABRE and AMERICAN FOOTBALL.

REPUBLIC OF MUSIC for the 22nd of March have the new LAMBCHOP record via City Slang ‘This is what I wanted to tell you’…looking forward to this one…it’s on CD, LP or Indies Only White Vinyl. ROM also have the new album by SLEEPER, 21 years in and not a day older, ‘the modern age’ on CD, LP or Indies Only LP.


PROPER for the 22nd of March have the second album by YE VAGABONDS, a reissue of ‘Six’ on CD, LP or indies only LP.

There is a NEDS ATOMIC DUSTBIN Live album on LP and GERRY CINNAMON gets an LP release. It’s been a long week…normal work…RSD orders also to sort and get up but sure all good…deliveries all delayed over the wind on the oceans but…


Sin é for this week

Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt



Music Zone.

Return of the Boy From Bray, Caps Back In Hand, And Some Analysis of How The Cookie May Crumble

Hi Everyone,
How’s it going out there??
Some nice new releases in the shop this week by SLEAFORD MODS, JULIA JACKLIN, BETTER OBLIVION COMMUNITY CENTRE, OVER KILL,YOLA, GARY CLARK JR, and reissues by DAVID SYLVIAN, a CURTIS MAYFIELD 4LP Boxset, and some lovely Verve reissues by artists such as BILLIE HOLIDAY, STAN GETZ, BILL EVANS, and WES MONTGOMORY.

Also out is the new GLOAMING 3 album, but only on CD for now folks.. LP pushed back until March 8th i’m afraid..

Bobby back up for the video this week, check it out here.. Some nice bits out..
My new years resolution after week one 2019 of the newsletter was to go back to one finger typing the newsletter but alas that has gone by the wayside… Every week so far this year the lads have to try and decipher my scrawl.. I’m not messing.. I can hand write 5 pages of foolscap in less than an hour… T’was touching 2.5 hours the other way.. Sorry lads… Scrawl is here to stay for now.. Breaking it yo ye gently!!

Anyways, on of the most eagerly awaited albums of 2019 will hit the shelves next Friday the 1st of Mark… The boy from Bray, Andrew HOZIER Byrne returns with his second long player, “Wasteland, Baby” on CD or 2LP.. It has been 4 and a half years since the release of his first record.. Sept 19th 2014 to be exact. Lily O’ Brien joined us at 00:40 on the 20th of September 2014, hence my recollection.. Big album from the boy so I hope it does really well… We are doing a pre-order best price job of €13 for the CD and €25 for the DLP.. Best price job just on pre-orders… Form an orderly queue please.. The industry has changed so much even in the four years.. Not many in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s world would get away with a four and a half year gap.. I hope it does really well.. He has some ridiculous amount of streams anyway I think… So all is okay

Universal also have a TOM PETTY “Best Of Everything : The Definitive Career Spanning Hits Collection 1976-2016”. It’s available as 2CD or 4LP sets spanning 38 tracks in total.. All newly mastered and features 2 brand new tracks.. We are doing a €75 best price pre-order job on the 4LP set which also contains a book.. Man we have our cap out a few times already tonight… As ye know these yachts don’t by themselves… Universal also have new albums by BRYAN ADAMS on Polydor, CD + LP with this, and Mr Sheeran helps out on a track I believe… MARK MORTON debut solo album (guitarist with Lamb Of God) which also features Chester Bennington out as well. His last recording before his terribly untimely death…

MARILLION have a few live CD jobs.. “Brave Live” and “Live In Glasgow”, and lastly a couple of vinyl reissues out through Universal.. They include the original Mary Poppins Soundtrack, and the debut album by KT TUNSTALL “Eye To The Telescope”…

Warner for the 1st of March have a new album by IN FLAMES called “1, The Mask” on Nuclear Blast, which is the bands 13th studio album.. It’s available as a standard CD, digi CD, or a gatefold DLP with a pop-up sleeve…

Warner also have a brand new album by WEEZER… Self titled.. Ah sure if it ain’t broke don’t fix it type of thing.. Thank god most bands do title their records or the record shops would be demented… Bob can you grab U2 “11” and Queen “13” and Zeppelin “Lilac” please… That’ll test us lads if that was the case!!.. So the new Weezer has now been nicknamed “The Black Album” with I presume a red cover just like Welsh Dave is actually Scottish… Raymond, cop on.. The Weezer album is on CD, LP or indies only LP… Opeth also have a live album out through Warner…

This Brexit thing is looming fairly close whichever way the cards may fall… If things don’t fall into a deal.. The shit could hit the fan a little bit with increased cost everywhere.. Not getting a whole lot of info from the record companies about it to be honest… No deal would mean (in my little world… Cos that’s all it is.. Every man and every door in the country has their own tales).. it would mean that records pressed on the continent or in Easter Europe would be charged excise and customs duty and VAT at point of entry to a Sony warhorse in London (as a hypothetical example)… Increases cost… Raymond then buys said records and “imports” them into Ireland he is eligible for these extra costs… Again increases costs… Loads or permutations around it but a no deal is a disaster.. Mostly for the UK but for us here also…
Look lets see where and when the cookie crumbles… Warner are now distributing 13 territories out of France (including Eire) so free movement from Czech Republic to France for records, but can they ferry stuff here then by passing over British seas or airspace?? A lot of is above my pay grade… Watching this space for the 11th hour deal by the British Parliament.. My guess anyway… They deserve no more… And if they crash, they crash… Granted we will suffer but…
Ok.. My in-depth political analysis is over for a few years… (I haven’t a clue how it will pan out).. So back to the tunes…

Proper for the 22nd have the POND record called “Tasmania” on CD or 2LP.. POND are made up of members of TAME IMPALA‘s live band.. Mixed and produced by Kevin Parker, Mr Impala himself, so should be a good listen… Proper have the LUCINDA WILLIAMS reissue of “Happy Woman Blues” on 2LP also..

Republic of Music have some nice LEVELLERS reissues on 2LP… These are the following.. Levellers “Headlights, White Lines, Black Tar Rivers (Midnight Blue Vinyl)”… Levellers “Hello Pig (Cerise Vinyl)…Levellers “Mouth To Mouth (Lime Green Vinyl).
They also have a new album by THE CONGOs as well as a nice reissue of SNOW PATROL’s second album “When It’s All Over, We Still Have To Clean Up”..

Sony for the 1st of March have the new album by TOM WALKER “What A Time To Be Alive” on CD, LP or Indies only LP…

The Orchard for the 1st of March have the new Queensryche album “The Verdict” on CD, Deluxe Box 2CD with bonus disc of live, rarities and acoustic tracks, a bottle opener, patch and fridge magnet.. Rock n’ roll.. As well as the LP version with the CD and a poster…

I’m away galavanting with 6 lifelong friends for the weekend.. I know it’s probably safe to say that I will have the F.E.A.R next week, so be gentle with me..
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Sin é for this week folks
Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt
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U2’s ‘No Line On The Horizon’ Clear Vinyl, Return of The Gloaming, and The Mods Eaten Alive?

Hey Everyone,
Hope all is well.. Releases on the good yacht this week for the 15th of February are from PICTURE THIS, TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND, CHAKA KHAN, the O.S.T to THE HURRICANE, as well as reissues by DAVID BOWIE, and 3 new BBC RADIO 2 : SOUNDS OF THE 80s Vinyl Compilations..

Bob-man back on video duties today, up to view here!

Ok so, moving on to releases for the 22nd of Feb and we have a nice little collection of records released.. We will start with PIAS who have the GLOAMING 3, the collaboration of Irish folk / trad with composter Thomas Bartlett.. Their third studio album is on Real World Records.. The first two were excellent… Same formula again I suppose or will they shake it up a little bit??..

PIAS have a few more interesting ones for the 22nd of Feb with the releases of BETTER OBLIVION COMMUNITY CENTRE, where Conor Oberst has teamed up with Phoebe Bridges to bring us this new record on Dead Oceans.. Have a quick listen below.. It’s available on CD, LP or indies only orange LP..

PIAS also have the new JULIA JACKLIN record on Transgressive called ‘Crushing’.. Indies only green vinyl on this one, and lastly from PIAS is the new JAMES YORKSTON record on Domino.. Available as CD, LP or Indies Only green LP also… 4 star in Mojo for this one..

Cargo for the 22nd of Feb have the new SLEAFORD MODS album, their 5th studio album now, called ‘Eton Alive’, on their now one label Extreme Eating records… They didn’t last too long with Rough Trade Records which is a major label now let’s be honest about it.. I am only stirring and speculating here now a bit but the has the title of the record have anything to do with how they were treated??? Speculation is all folks.. If you have the inside track post it on the forum for us please.. My nose is at me… I’m sure Mr. Williamson would have no bother telling you how it was if you met him… I remember a few lads from the shop were going into the Crane one Sunday afternoon, could have been 4 or 5 years ago now to see the 2 boys..It was cracking by all accounts… They might float back our way again soon.. Anyway, the new album “Eton Alive” is on CD, black standard LP, or indies only blue LP, or cassette tape..

A Fella who should have copied himself on a while back is RYAN ADAM’s, who allegedly (legal dept advice) has been acting a langer for a while and he, I suppose, is a fairly unhinged character from his actions in the past.. Does not mean he can act the langer… No no no… I know I told ye the Ambassador Chinese Story in the past, but for newbies here tis again… A pal of mine and a big fan of Ryan from way back, was going to see him in the City Hall around 15 years ago or more now, and the night before he was in the Chinese with a pal and Ryan came in, sat down and ordered… My guy a big fan didn’t want to overly bother him so he asked the waiter (who didn’t know who he was) could he ask him for an autograph on a napkin on his behalf… Waiter was like “yeah grand”.. He asked.. And Ryan left… Cheerio.. Stick ye’r fried rice in the smelly river ye have.. Slightly unhinged i’d say.. Good musician but… Now a major but… Genuinely sorry his tweet sounded.. But not good enough man if true.. Just saying is all.. Easy to be sorry when it comes out and the evidence from the messages, especially those with the underage teenager don’t look at all good.. Flaunting and dangling success in front of peoples faces.. If Ryan Adams showed me a load of attention, i.e, “i’m going to do four insures a year and retweet everything ye post”.. I would be infatuated also.. Hard for an up and coming musician not to be infatuated by him is what i’m trying to say.. So it’s abuse of power really if it’s true… And simply said, real slime bag stuff..

So back to the tunes…

Universal for the 22nd of February have the next batch of DAVID SYLVIAN L.P. reissues.. Deluxe reissues they are and being sold to me as lads, so these four are “Brilliant Trees”, “Alchemy”, “Gone To Earth” and “Secrets of the Beehive”..
Universal have a SCOTT WALKER + THE WALKER BROTHERS reissue of “No Regrets” on L.P. and a new live album by REEF… CD only on that one.. Lastly Universal have nine classic Verve albums on vinyl featuring the likes of BILLIE HOLIDAY, BILL EVANS, STAN GETZ, WES MONTGOMERY and JIMMY SMITH… These classic albums are 180gm pressings with lacquering, mastered by the label from the original tapes…

Finally from Universal is the vinyl reissue on l*****d clear vinyl of U2‘s ‘No Line On The Horizon’… €38 best price on the clear vinyl for pre-orders.. Don’t shoot the messenger… Here’s the info..

10th anniversary reissue – Limited edition, ultra-clear vinyl format.
Recorded between Fez in Morocco, Dublin (HQ), New York (Platinum Sound Recording Studios) and London (Olympic Studios) and produced by Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois and Steve Lillywhite, No Line On The Horizon debuted at number 1 in 30 countries across the globe in 2009.  Lead single ‘Get On Your Boots’ was followed by ‘Magnificent’ and ‘I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight’.
The album has been fully remastered with two additional remixes added to celebrate its 10th Anniversary – ‘Magnificent (Wonderland Remix)’ by Pete Tong and Paul Rogers and ‘I’ll Go Crazy if I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight’ (Redanka’s ‘Kick the Darkness’ Vocal Version).
2LP Info
• Album remastered and pressed on 180gsm black vinyl across 3 sides
• Side 4 includes two additional mixes
• Artwork faithfully reproduced from the original, including a gatefold sleeve, 16 page booklet, printed inner sleeves and heavyweight outer plastic sleeve
• Download card with access to all tracks digitally

The Orchard for the 22nd of Feb have new albums by DREAM THEATRE (across 6 different physical formats this one), CANDLEMASS, a live album by MAXIMO PARK on CD, LP or indies only LP, and a 4CD STIFF LITTLE FINGERS BOXSET…

Warner for the 22nd have a CURTIS MAYFIELD 4CD or 4LP boxset of his first four studio albums, as well as a new album by OVERKILL called “Wings of War” on Nuclear Blast.. CD or 2LP for this one… Last of major note from Warner for the 22nd is a debut album from Bristol based singer/songwriter YOLA… I Like the sounds on this one… This record is produced by DAN AUERBACH (one half of the Black Keys as ye know)… Have a little listen to see what ye thing.. Playing in Whelans in May..

Sony have nada of note really for the 22nd…

Proper for the 22nd of Feb have the new JOHN MAYALL “Nobody Told Me” on Forty Below Records… Savage list of musicians on it… Voice may rattle a little bit now from years of rattling I suppose.. Sounds good, authentic blues… SKIP JAMES “Best Of” LP out also…

Music On Vinyl have for the 22nd GERRY RAFFERTY and STEALER’S WHEEL + POLO also on the excellent “Collected” vinyl series.. Both of these are limited to 1.5k.. Yellow vinyl for Rafferty, and gold for Polo…

Well folks I suppose that’s about sin é for another week.
Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt.

John Blek “Thistle & Thorn” Album Launch In-Store, HMV Rumours + Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” Vinyl Hits The Shelf

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well with ye. Releases in the shop this week include brand new albums by JOHN BLEK, ANDERSON. PAAKRUSTIN MAN, WHITE LIES, VANGELIS and reissues by PREFAB SPROUT, BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD, RAMONES, PHIL COLLINS, snd LINDA RONSTADT

Video up again here for you all!

Right so, moving onto releases for the 8th of February … Sorry, before I do… I’m going to sidetrack… Rough spot at times… I’m hearing Amazon are in the market for the HMV shops in the UK along with a few other parties… Seems to be interest in the chain anyway which is a really good thing for the physical industry as a whole really.

Amazon taking them over would be a strange move wouldn’t it?? Most retailers are I’d imagine trying to move away from bricks and mortar to try and curtail costs… So a move towards bricks and mortar from the biggest onliner on the planet seems a little strange to me.
Amazon have some superstores in the states alright but are they for visibility or profit making… I know Amazon could probably throw dosh into the beautiful Lee for days on end and it wouldn’t dent their business… But they ain’t in that business of throwing money away so, an interesting one… One to watch… Is it 100 shops?

We use Amazon as a bit of a pricing barometer to be honest… I fight where I can to at least match them or try better them by a few quid because we are acutely aware that ye guys make a conscious effort to support us and have to make an effort to come in to us (to sometimes be told… Tomorrow, sorry) so you have to make that effort again!!!
So we are acutely of the effort made by ye as we are aware of the lack of effort the other way…
Interesting one, will try find out more.
Mike Ashley in the running also…

Anyways on to the 8th of Feb…. The second album by local lad TALOS will be with us via BMG rights… ’Far Out Dust’ is the name of the new record on CD and
LP. Playing some really good support slots recently..
WARNER also has new albums by BEAST IN BLACK, IMMORTAL, CASS MCCOMBS, ERIC GALES (with help from Provogue labelmaster, BETH HART + DOYLE BRAMHALL)
WARNER also have a live MAVIS STAPLES CD in London Town, the vinyl release of the new RITA ORA album, ROBIN TROWER “Live at the BBC 1973-75” as a 2CD release as well as a 10CD ROBIN TROWER studio albums box, and lastly some SOUL ASYLUM LP reissues on OMNIVORE.

PIAS for the 15th have new albums by METHYL ETHEL and YANN TIERSEN and a debut album by PIROSHKA… Who Raymond?…PIROSHKA,
PIROSHKA I said… Supergroup made up of members of LUSH, ELASTICA, MOOSE and MODERN ENGLISH.

I suppose the biggest release for us the weekend starting the 8th of Feb is the vinyl release of the soundtrack to BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY… 22 track, 2LP gatefold… Pricey is the only thing… €35… Market price as far as I can see but a bit dear I feel.
20 x €25’s is better than 10 x €35’s to everyone involved… That’s my thoughts on it but I don’t control it.

UNIVERSAL also have new albums by YAK, SAID THE WHALE, KARL JENKINS and ODETTE as well as LP reissues by RAZORLIGHT, MEAT LOAF, THE RUTS and METRONOMY (10th Anniversary).. Lastly, UNI have some Bluenote LP reissues by WAYNE SHORTER and CHICK COREA… But again pricey at €40 best price jobs..

I’m some plonker.. The PIAS releases aforementioned were actually for the 15th of February.. 8th of Feb from PIAS have the MERCURY REV’s revisit of the Bobbie Gentry album “The Delta Sweete” on Bella Union.. They have some cracking female artists helping them out on this.. Like LUCINDIA WILLIAMS, PHOEBE BRIDGES, HOPE SANDOVAL, MARGO PRICE, NORAH JONES, + SUSANNE SANDFORD to name a few.. I’d say this could be a lovely listen.. Speaking of lovely listens… I was a bit blown away by the PREFAB SPROUT “I Trawl The Megahertz”.. If it’s new to you like it was to me, then do yourself a twist here..

We have CD and LP copies to sell here… Isn’t it beautiful.. I felt like I was in MICKEY SPILLANE’S MIKE HAMMER if that makes sense to anyone??
PIAS als have PANDA BEAR’s 6th solo album “Buoys” on indies only red vinyl..

CARGO for the 8th of Feb have a few nice new releases (nice releases all round really for the 8th now that i’m going through them…) They have the new MICHAEL CHAPMAN album called “True North” on Paradise of Bachelors label.. On CD or LP or indies only red LP.. Record is produced by Steve Gunn who plays guitar on it also..
CARGO also have the new BOB MOULD (Husker Du.. As ye know) record on Merge.. It’s called “Sunshine Rock” on CD, LP or indies only yellow + red swirl.. LEMONHEADS cover album also out though Cargo next Friday..

R.O.M have the JOHN WILLIAMS Score to “Home Alone” on Mundo..

Sony for the 8th of have reissues on CD + LP of PRINCE’s “Musicology” and “Planet Earth”, as well as WARD THOMAS’ new album..

The Music Zone Corporation is going on it’s Christmas Party Friday night (tonight now) to see Mr. JOHN BLEK in Coughlan’s.. We have had it in April one year!! Reason for mention is the establishment is closing tonight, Friday 1st of Feb at 8PM..

Our Forum is nearly up and running.. We will be posting on it from next week on, so we are just sending out the link for you to register to our site, which will allow you to interact on the Forum.. So here is the link to register for the website!

I have to point out one soldier who has gone on a lone, dangerous, solo journey to get our bags mentions in unusual places… So go raibh maith agat Proinséas.. Our MZ bag has been found on a seat outside the Etihad in Manchester, as well as in McHale Park in Mayo (don’t ask)… If other soldiers want to join the crusade we’d be delighted.. Ask in-store under the counter for mála speisialta

Our good friends in Haywards Suit Shop shut their doors for the final time today.. Retail is tough… Sad day for them.. 20 months ago dreaming, planning, exciting.. Now.. Nothing but financial pain i’d say… Sad day..

Finally for tonight.. Delighted to have JOHN BLEK in with us tomorrow at 1PM for our first Saturday In-Store Session of 2019.. We’d love if ye could make it in.. John will be launching his fantastic new album “Thistle & Thorn”, singing, signing and smiling. We’re really looking forward to this again.. Always great having John in.. If you’re around.. Pop away in! Here’s a link again to two new songs from “Thistle & Thorn”, and two off his last album “Catharsis Vol. 1”..

Sin é for this week anyway..

Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt
Music Zone

The Summer That Keeps Giving, Now Now Now, and 2 Great Gigs For Cork!

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well out there..

The summer keeps giving and giving doesnt it in fairness.. The poor record shop owners and the poor farmers though… Spare a thought lads as ye justify and ye dignify yer spotify, over yer barbequed “horse meat”  burgers… Spare a thought for the farmers and the record shop owners.
Moz… You can use a bit of that kid if you want.. (Sing it in yer heads Moz style)

All tongues removed from cheeks at the end of the day… June was the second best month of the year so far after the headiness of April… So look rock on Rocco.

Was at RUFUS WAINWRIGHT there on Monday night gone in da’operaa house… Jays he was impressive, savage pianist and a hell of a singer, a hell of a live singer… Wow like…and I liked him, he was engaging and the 95 or so minutes slipped by nicely… Very enjoyable I must say… Songs I knew by him, songs I didn’t know, new songs and a couple of Cohen covers… Slipping from piano to guitar seamlessly all evening… For a solo gig it was up there  I thought… Very good.

Right so, time to start selling stuff to ye… The fleet isn’t solar powered you know like… In the shop today are new albums by THE JAYHAWKS, DRAKE, DEAFHEAVEN, RICK ASTLEY, ALFRED HITCHCOCK as well as reissues by JASON ISBELL, THE LIBERTINES, THE NATIONAL, THE ROLLING STONES, ERIC B & RAKIM, CSN, TOM WAITS, GORILLAZ.

The Gorillaz “Demon Days”, STONES Newest one from the “From the Vault” series, WAITS “Foreign Affair”, and the JASON ISBELL should go well… I have a feeling the Isbell LP is pushed back or delayed though.

Video up here for those who like to see the stuff we flog!

Right so releases for the 20th… I suppose I have to start with NOW 100… I suppose we all probably bought a Now in our lifetime, so it is a bit of a symbolic one… NOW started in late 1983 and was pressed on vinyl until Now 35 IN 1996… Our humble corporation sold it’s first Now in 2001, and that was NOW 48… So we have seen 51 or so Now’s come and go… Easter, Summer, Christmas each year for 17 years… It was a total no brainer until quite recently… Buy 100, sell 100 and probably easily 30 or 40 more… No brainer, no bother… NOW 99 was the weakest performing Now of the 51 previous… I think some fella at some point said the times they are a changin…. I do feel a strange affinity with it though….. It’s a chart compilation Raymond, get a grip boy… I did use the word strange to be fair at the end of the day.

DRAKE’s new album is moved forward to the 13th so I never mentioned last week… Fifth studio album called “Scorpion”.

NOW 1, speaking of Nows, gets a CD and LP reprint… Uni also have the new KANYE WEST album on CD and LP… Nice to see this released as I don’t think the last album ever had a physical birth… Not exactly good for my business when something doesn’t get a physical birth.

Theres is a limited edition P.I.L. Boxset coming out… 6LP or 5CD/DVD.

To coincide with the release of a career-spanning documentary film about Public Image Ltd titled The Public Image Is Rotten, we’re pleased to announce a career boxset coming in the form of 5CD/2DVD and 6LP. This box set ‘The Public Image Is Rotten (Songs From The Heart)’ will feature the PiL Singles Collection, B-sides, Rarities and Radio Sessions, 12” Mixes, Unreleased Mixes and Tracks + a Live concert from New York Ritz in July 1989. The DVD will include PiL promo videos + some live footage from the BBC’s Top Of The Pops and Old Grey Whistle Test. Just in case that wasn’t enough, we’ve also included two live concerts, the first Tallinn Rock Summer Festival in Estonia 1988 and the 2013’s Enmore Theatre in Australia.

LASTLY UNI have some nice reissues on vinyl including TONE LOC, FRANK ZAPPA and SAM COOKE.

One more week to pre-order the new TROJAN “50th Anniversary” box set out on the 27th folks.. Lovely set.. 4LP, 6CD, 2 x 7”, albums, covers book, patch and slip mat.. Best price of 100EUR on this one.. Will have a bag of goodies to go with any pre-order

Warner for the 20th have some LP reissues by ALICE COOPER, AMORPHIS, DEATH, JOHN FOGERTY and EPICA… They also have the vinyl version of the new debut by ANNE MARIE, who supported ED SHEERAN down Da Pairc and who bucked the trend a good bit this year by selling quite a lot of CD copies.

Pias for the 20th of July have the reissue of SWANS “Soundtracks for the Blind” the last album before the Sabbatical… Mid 90s i’d say it was out… available as a 3CD or 4LP job.. First timer on vinyl for this… TY SEGALL and WHITE FENCE have a new album called “Joy” as well as a new album by PRAM and some really nice JOANNA NEWSOM cassette reissues..

I was down at KRAFTWERK last night… Well two nights ago as ye read this.. I tiredly one finger tap this every thursday night… It started slowly I thought, but was excellent from about the half an hour mark on… 2 hours i’d say… Great show, the 3-D thing worked really well…n Now weather they were watching the match or peppa pig up on stage, I can’t say… But I really enjoyed it… No sound issue for me… Half full maybe a bit more… In comparison to Alanis…which was jammed….

As regards the match… Ta siad ag dul abhaile… I be honest, I thought they would get over the Croatians but not to be after a dream start… By all accounts the better team won. I have mentioned Croatia once or twice on these pages but I think France have probably grown to be the best team in the tournament…  But you never know… It’s a cup final.

Sony for the 20th have THE INTERNET album.

Proper for the 20th have a nice indie vinyl compilation called Anthems…

The Orchard for the 20th of July have the new POWERWOLF album.

ROM for the 20th have a 3LP GOLDIE compilation.

Sin é for this week folks from a tired Mz HQ..

Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt


Metallic Magnetic Bluetooth® Earphones

Metallic Magnetic Bluetooth® Earphones Price: €25 Barcode: 5015972187258

– Bluetooth v4.1 Airhoa chipset
– Fully compatible with iOS and Android devices
– Supplied with hard-shell carry case, USB charging lead and 3 sizes of earbud
– Up to 3 hours usage from a single charge
– Magnetic earbuds and flat ribbon-style cable for tangle free storage

Product Description
Get both great sound performance and practicality with these Bluetooth magnetic earphones. Connect to any smart device via Bluetooth and enjoy up to 3 hours of listening from a single charge. An inline hands-free microphone and track control gives you the ability to listen to and take control of your favourite tunes or even make and receive calls on the move. Also provided is a hard-shell carry case to keep your headphones in great condition. There are 4 modern colour schemes to choose from, which match the latest smartphone designs.

– Fully compatible with iOS and Android devices
– In-line hands-free microphone and volume/track controls


• Speaker : driver 10mmØ
• Sensitivity 98db±3db
• Impedance 32 Ohms±15%
• Frequency response 20hz-20khz
• Bluetooth version 4.1
• Bluetooth range up to 10m (clear line of sight)
• Power supply Internal rechargeable 60mAh Lithium Ion battery
• Charge time 2 Hours
• Battery life : Bluetooth playback up to 3 hours
• Weight 11.5g

Box Contains
• Bluetooth magnetic earphones
• Hard shell storage case
• USB charging cable
• Spare earbuds

Wireless Bluetooth® Headphones-Hands free calls, FM radio and SD card slot, Noise cancelling-White

Wireless Bluetooth® Headphones-Hands free calls, FM radio and SD card slot, Noise cancelling-White. Price: €30

– Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
– Built-in microphone for hands free calls
– Up to 8 hours playback from the integral rechargeable battery
– In-built is an FM radio & mini SD card reader
– Noise cancelling & Dynamic bass technology
– Folds away for the compact storage
– Dynamic bass technology

In the Box:
– 1 Set of Headphones in white
– 1.2m 3.5 stereo jack lead
– 0.5m USB charging lead
– Carry pocuh
– User guide

A Harrowing, Evil Valentine’s Day, The Bowie Break-Outs, and Details on the Wyvern Lingo Debut and In-Store

Hi Everyone,

Hope ye’r all doing alright..
Releases in the siopa for today include the debut album by Dublin hip-hop dont stop act REJJIE SNOW, the absolutely gorgeous sounding album by THE LOST BROTHERS on CD and LP, a WILD BEASTS Live ‘Best Of’ on DLP indies only job (on their farewell tour as we speak I think), the CD and LP Boxset release of the newest BELLE & SEBASTIAN EP Trilogy,  as well as the third EP release from the set, and a new album by THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT.

Video for last two weeks of releases is now up and can be viewed here

Moving on to releases for Feb 23rd Warner have the break outs from the latest BOWIE box set… So these breakouts include “Heroes” “Lodger” “Low” “Scary Monsters” “Stage 2017”… : “Low” would probably have been my own personal favourite Bowie album up until “Blackstar” which I love… Have been listening to “The Next Day” a bit recently also… “Valentine’s Day” is a great song… Bowie is excellent in the video… I really hope this shooting in Florida on Valentines Day had no sad or sick connection.

What do be going on like…19 year old kid murders 17 teenagers with their whole lives to live… Life is so precious and so fragile… How can this occur? Is there “evil” in people… Are they born “evil”… Mental health issues?… Or is there something or things in his 19 year story that will point us to the answer… Ah man it just makes no sense.
Some of you have probably seen the video to the SUFJAN STEVENS track “John Wayne Gacy” (incredible but harrowing song) where there is real footage of Gacy as a child and you wonder how that, granted somewhat needy, little boy turned into a serial killer….??
This would have happened some day with this “evil” kid… Could it have been stopped? Who knows..
Man, Bowie would be crying if he thought his song had any impact on this person’s actions… At most I think it was just a deluded soundtrack to that troubled “evil” persons disgusting carnage…

Valentine told me who’s to go
Feelings he’s treasured most of all
The teachers and the football star
It’s in his tiny face
It’s in his scrawny hand
Valentine told me so
He’s got something to say
It’s Valentine’s Day

Warner also on the 23rd have a new album by VANCE JOY “Nation of Two”  and some reissues by KREATOR and DIMMU BORGIR as well as a B-Sides CD by AIRBOURNE.

Sony for the 23rd have a JIMI HENDRIX 7” and not a whole lot more to the best of my knowledge.

PIAS for the 23rd have the second album by one half of THE KNIFE, yes the highly anticipated FEVER RAY album “Plunge” will be with us next Friday…. Eight years since debut… Available via Karins own label Rapid (I think its her label anyway) and available on CD, standard LP and DELUXE DOUBLE GATEFOLD LP with a red blood gel outer sleeve… Only problem is that version aint out till MARCH 30TH… Bit of a mebs I know… Sorry.

PIAS also have a new album by BON IVER band mate S.CAREY on CD and indies only coloured LP as well as a reissue of the debut record by FUTURE ISLANDS on copper coloured vinyl.

Lastly from PIAS is a Live LP by British beat poet MICHAEL HOROVITZ called “Bank Busted Nuclear Detergent Blues”…. The wha….. He is joined on this recording by Damon Albarn on keys, Graham Coxon on sax and guitar and Paul Weller on organ and guitar… Not a bad backing band…. I personally believe (far from a very positive starting point for me) that history will be very kind to Damon Albarn… Maybe, I said maybe, suspect musical beginnings but always pushing forward, innovative, inventive, interesting…. The three eyes… Write it down folks… Future of music marketing.. I do believe he will leave a fine musical legacy.

Universal have the excellent “CONCERT FOR GEORGE”  on LTD 4LP set, 2 CD/2 BLURAY , 2 CD/DVD or 2CD out on the 23rd of Feb…

On November 29, 2002, one year after the passing of George Harrison, Olivia Harrison and longtime friend Eric Clapton organized a performance tribute in his honour. Held at London’s Royal Albert Hall, the momentous evening featured George’s songs, and music he loved, performed by a lineup that included Clapton, Jools Holland, Jeff Lynne, Paul McCartney, Tom Petty, Billy Preston, Ravi and Anoushka Shankar, Ringo Starr, Dhani Harrison and many more. Available in a 2CD, 2CD/2DVD, 2CD/2Blu-Ray and 4LP format.
The 2-CD set offers a collection of stunning renditions of some of the most significant music of the 20th century, including “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” (performed by Clapton, McCartney and Starr), “Taxman” (performed by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) and “The Inner Light” (covered by Jeff Lynne and Anoushka Shankar).
The new combo package comprises 2-CDs and 2-DVDs (Blu-Ray format also available). The DVDs contain the full concert, plus a theatrical cut which includes interviews, rehearsals and behind the scenes footage. Directed by David Leland (credits including the feature Wish You Were Here, and the Traveling Wilburys video “Handle With Care”), CONCERT FOR GEORGE has earned a Grammy® Award for Best Long Form Music Video. The Blu-Ray also includes the feature “Drummers.” (Not on DVD format). Also available for the first time on vinyl, this 180 gram 4-LP Box Set includes the complete sound recordings from CONCERT FOR GEORGE, featuring a special, etched mandala-design on side-8

UNIVERSAL also for the 23rd have via EAGLE ROCK, THE DOORS “Live at the Isle of Wight 1970” on DVD, BLURAY or CD/DVD…. This film/footage has historical importance I suppose as it was the very last filmed performance by the fantastic THE DOORS…. Is everybody in, is everybody in…

Universal also has new albums by MILESTONES and DAN GILLESPIE-SELLS (The Feeling), a new EP by ALICE COOPER and the vinyl releases of the POST MALONE “Stoney” on double orange coloured LP.

Not to bore ye with the details (not that boring really) but we have run into a short-term childcare problem so Raymond is going to be missing on thursdays for a month or two i’m afraid… Not ideal to be honest but sure ‘tis grand too in a very important way… Apologies in advance… Bob is moving hours around to do Thursday for me… I was talking to two wise men during the week in the shop and they passed on a worldly message or two… 1. Family and friends  should be numero uno (all the rest is fluff was one man’s message) and 2. One thing you wont regret when your 65 is that you didn’t work hard enough… So true… No basis on what’s going on with me, that’s just circumstance but it made me feel ok about the decision… Any of ye need ye’r kids minded on a thursday as well fire em over to me sure….

Proper for 23rd of Feb have new albums by GRANT LEE PHILLIPS and JOHN MAYALL as well as a live HAPPY MONDAYS LP from Barcelona.

THE ORCHARD have the debut record by Bray natives WYVERN LINGO on the 23rd on CD and LP via Rubyworks.
Nice price on the CD of 10 euro and 20 quid for the lovely LP…. Really excited and looking forward to this record as well as the In-Store on Monday the 26th of Feb at 5PM…
Want a signed copy and few good tunes….. You have been warned.

THE ORCHARD also have the first five FELT records reissued on VINYL.

REPUBLIC OF MUSIC have a 3LP set on mono of the Original Motion Picture  Soundtrack to MAGNOLIA… score by Jon Brion and songs by AIMEE MANN…. Pricey pricey though as a lot of the Mondo stuff is.

Sin e for this week i suppose folks,
Thanks for listening

Bleeding Heart Pigeons…the most interesting band to come out of Ireland for many a day….?

Hey Everyone,
Hope all is well…
Some of the releases in the shop for tomorrow include FIELD MUSIC, THE WEEKEND, JUNIOR BOYS, ELTON JOHN, TELEGRAM and BLOC PARTY.
Now going to mention what’s coming out Friday the 12th of February.
The most interesting record coming out Friday, in my opinion ( the opinion bit is to protect me from abuse) is from a three piece from up the road, down the road in Limerick.

Image result for bleeding heart pigeons

BLEEDING HEART PIGEONS release their debut long player next Friday via massive UK label, VIRGIN/EMI….I have a bit of faith in these boys that they will be around for the long haul….i would have mentioned their EP releases in the last year or two….and the big label seem to be showing a lot of fate in them also….LP only release…no CD….now thats not a call the label would have made….no way jose….so for a teenage Irish band to call that shot ( at least i imagine it was the band who called it) and be granted their wish, shows the esteem the record company holds the lads in… or the record company see’s dollar signs, that maybe fairly or unfairly more accurate.
I am sure there are guys and gals who work in record companies who want to find a band who will blow the worlds socks off, others just in for the dollars.
Here’s a tune


 BLEEDING HEART PIGEONS are somewhat traditional angst rock outfit i suppose with elements of prog and electronic throw in the pot, with a strong lyrical content also…something tells me there is a lot of creativity to follow….everything they have done so far smacks of forward thinking, boundary pushing music….here are a few words about the album from lyricist and singer Michael Keating ( pronounced as gaelige, i cant find da fada!!)….

Interesting lad, fair to say…
We are hoping to get the lads in for  an in-store….so will keep ye posted on that one….
I ain’t going to blow more smoke up their…….here’s another tune…


Universal also has a live DVD of ELVIS COSTELLO, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH LP reissues of “the way of the fist”, ” war is the answer” and ” american capitolist” , each reissue on a different colour…RIDE ” nowhere” gets a standard reissue release, Australian goth/synthpopers THE JEZABELS have a new record, RONAN KEATING has a new CD and there is a reissue of SUN RAs “space is the place”.


Lastly from Universal is a deluxe triple LP of JOHN COLTRANES “love supreme”….as usual we beat up the big forest in the sky with our prices….

Essential for next Friday have a new album by LISSIE and a reissue of THE BLUETONES ” excepting to fly” album…i remember really liking that album…wonder did it stand the tesat of time…20 years ago id say.


REPUBLIC OF MUSIC has new albums by BASIA BULAT on the secret city label with a lot of input by JIM JAMES of MY MORNING JACKET and a YOU SAY PARTY new album also.
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Warner have the soundtrack to the new HBO TV series by Martin Scorsese called VINYL….Jagger was a consultant on it, well for the bits he remembers anyway….its a TV SERIES about the record industry in the late 60s and 70s….it shows how hot a buzzword VINYL is at the moment….not that record shop owners are cribbing about that…we crib enough.
There is a  trendiness attached to the aul record buying at the moment….so look ye are all cool….HBO done the market research and its findings were that ye are all cool…seriously, to some this is just a passing fad, some were always lifers and some who may have being the passing fad, will fall in love and become lifers….thats my tuppence worth anyway….will Vinyl be here in 25 years…yes i would guess, to what degree, i haven’t got a clue…anyone got a good crystal ball

Warner also have new albums by Mali singer/songwriter ROKIA TRAORE, KULA SHAKER, WHITE BUFFALO ( the dude who done the sons of anarchy soundtracks) and the BRITS awards compilation.




SONY for next Friday have Vinyl records reissues by THEM…” the angry young them” and ” them again” as well as reissues by ICED EARTH.
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Oh, RIHANNA released an album today…no promo, jack shit, just landed….copycat…now who was the first to do that again… could argue Zeppelin but everyone knew there was an album coming, just no single…there was a flood of surprise albums since 2013…one fella started that flood around his birthday.

PROPER via EDSEL have a 20th anniversary edition of the FUN LOVING CRIMINALS debut “come find yourself” on 3 cd or a fancy box-set thingy.

One last tune from my new favourite band before i go and write dear landlord

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Sin e for this week and as ever