Little Amber Fish RSD 2022 List with Pricing

Artist / TitleFMTpriceDropUKGlobalNotes
Dread, Mikey with Edi Fitzroy / Gun/Jah Jah Style (10″ Coloured Vinyl) RSD2210″35 euro4/23/20227001500RSD limited edition of 1500. red, green and gold vinyl. 500 of each, distributed randomly.
Engineers / Folly (10″ Coloured Vinyl) RSD2210″35 euro6/18/20226001000British shoegaze, 2004 the mini-album, available as a 10” for the first time, 1000 whitevinyl.
Howard Mcghee Quintet, The / Music From The Connection (1LP Coloured Vinyl) RSD221LP35 euro4/23/2022500500Rare Bebop album from 1960, 500 only on Red Vinyl.
Les Baxter / Que Mango (1LP Coloured Vinyl) RSD221LP35 euro4/23/20225007501970 album by famed by Exotica composer Les Baxter, 1st ever re-issue. Bonus Tracks. Green Vinyl
OST (John Barry) / The Tamarind Seed (2LP Coloured Vinyl) RSD222LP40 euro4/23/2022150020001st re-issue ever of 1974 score.
OST (John Carpenter) / Escape From New York (main Theme) (7″ Coloured Vinyl) RSD227″24 euro4/23/202217502200The main theme from the Original Soundtrack of one of the most iconic film theres ever!
OST (Mark Isham) / The Hitcher (1LP Coloured Vinyl) RSD221LP35 euro4/23/20221500200080s cutting edge electronics and spaced Jazzy motifs, the score has since achieved cult status.
OST (Ronald Binge) / Sailing By (Theme BBC R4 Shipping forecast) (7″ Coloured Vinyl) RSD227″20 euro4/23/202210001200theme to BBC R4 late-night Shipping Forecast. Jarvis Cocker’s chosen Desert Island Disc!
Shocking Blue / At Home-The Singles Remastered (10″ Coloured Vinyl) RSD2210″35 euro4/23/202210003000“Venus”, “Mighty Joe” and “Send Me A Postcard”. plus 4 bonus B-sides from long out-of-print 45s.
Wild Willy Barrett / Alien Talk (that’s what it’s all about) (1LP Coloured Vinyl) RSD221LP35 euro4/23/2022500500Coloured Vinyl, one off pressing on LP.From avant garde Folk legend that is Wild Willy Barrett.
Kensington / Unplugged (2LP Coloured Vinyl) RSD222LP45 euro4/23/2022180Gr./Printed Inners/3000 Cps Translucent Red/Rsd 22
Thielemans, Toots / European Quartet Live (1LP Coloured Vinyl) RSD221LP39 euro4/23/2022180Gr./Insert/1000 Cps On Purple Vinyl/Rsd 22
Watson, Steve / Born To Boogie/My Little One (12″ On Coloured Vinyl) RSD2212″30 euro4/23/202212″/180Gr./750 Cps On Clear Vinyl/Rsd 22
Blue Feather / Feather Funk (1lp Coloured Vinyl) RSD221LP37 euro6/18/2022180Gr/40Th Ann./750 Cps Translucent Yellow Vinyl/Rsd 22
Brood, Herman & His Wild Romance / Bühnensucht -Live- (Coloured Vinyl) RSD221LP37 euro6/18/2022180Gr./Live Rotterdam 1985/1000 Cps White Vinyl/Rsd 22
K’S Choice / Live In Europe (1LP Coloured Vinyl) RSD221LP38 euro6/18/2022180Gr./1000 Cps On Purple & Pink Marbled Vinyl/Rsd 22
Norum, John / Live In Stockholm EP (12″ On Coloured Vinyl) RSD2212″35 euro6/18/202212″/Live Ep/1000 Cps On Flaming Coloured Vinyl/Rsd 22
Poll, Jack Van Tree-Oh / Hi Jackin’ (1LP Coloured Vinyl) RSD221LP37 euro6/18/2022180Gr./Gatefold/50Th Ann./750 Cps On Gold Vinyl/Rsd 22
De Dijk / De Blauwe Schuit (Coloured Vinyl) RSD221LP37 euro4/23/2022180Gr./Insert/1000 Cps On Transparent Blue Vinyl/Rsd 22
Fleddy Melculy / De Kerk Van Melculy (Coloured Vinyl) RSD222LP4/23/2022180Gr./Insert/668 Numbered Cps On Coloured Vinyl/Rsd 22