March 13th: DEEP PURPLE 50th Anniversary set, new NIAMH BURY, last SUM 41 album, METALLICA coloured vinyl, new KHRUANGBIN, T Bone Burnett and ‘Dowtcha Boy!’

Hi folks

Hope all is well!

Didn’t the proud Irishman make us all proud on Sunday night/Monday morning….dowtcha boy!

A right music head to boot, music was the first love i think…still is me thinks…all good all very good.

Right the Record Store Day lists are nearly all sent back to the record companies…a few more companies to get finished by tomorrow and then they are in the lap of the record gods.

Thanks to those of ye who sent in wishlists….its funny every year, the amount of records wishlisted is very similar….like every year….i shall update here over the weeks with any issues etc…..normally 10 or 20 records from the list falls through the cracks for one reason or another…and there will be cuts by the record companies also…anyways i will keep ye in the loop.

The music for the day is taking shape….3 confirmed, very excited for them….i’m waiting on 2 more, hopefully ….if they break for us it will be the best lineup ever i think….again ill update here as soon as i have a clearer picture….again RSD is Saturday the 20th of April.

Righty o….releases for this Friday the 15th of March include…( on nb btw its a long weekend folks so the siopa closes at 6pm on Saturday the 16th and not back till 10AM on Tuesday the 19th of March…so closed Paddys and also Monday the 18th…go raibh maith agaibh.


So the 15th releases are by


And the 22nd releases include …


So tonight is mainly about the 29th of March…and we will have..


Here is a lovely tune from the record

Niamh Bury – Budapest




Going to hand ye over to Shane folks now as he takes ye down the road with announcements etc.

Cheers, Ray. Conas atá sibh gach duine?
I had to think for a second who you meant at the start Ray. Cillian of course!
Great stuff alright! A great talent. We have a few Irish Oscar winners now.
Some country for our size.

Before I get to the pre-order stuff. Here’s Adam’s latest Instagram video doing the roundup of what’s new in the siopa:

Sorry I didn’t it include in the last couple of weeks, was up the walls a bit and didn’t get the chance.

Not a huge amount to mention this week but I suppose the biggest metal band around are worth a mention.
METALLICA are back with another run of their albums reissued on coloured vinyl.
An album I listened to alot as a teenager, ‘Garage, Inc.’ is first on the list. It’s getting a 3 LP ‘fade to blue’ coloured pressing. Could be a first timer on vinyl that actually, I’m not sure.
They cover loads of rock bands who influenced them including songs from Black Sabbath, The Misfits and Budgie.
That’s out on April 5th.
If you like your snare drums to sound like a saucepan being hit by a metal pipe, ‘St. Anger’ is coming out on orange coloured vinyl at the end of April.
And those will be followed by ‘Death Magnetic’ in June and ‘Hardwired to Self Destruct’ in July.
No sign of ‘Load’/’Reload’ yet.

T BONE BURNETT has a brand new album coming on April 19th called ‘The Other Side’.
Here’s a bit about it and a track:

‘Grammy and Oscar award winning producer, musician and songwriter T Bone Burnett is back to form with a folk album of 12 tracks featuring artists Lucius, Roseanne Cash and Weyes Blood.

“With this record, I tried to treat myself as kindly as I would try to treat other people,” says Burnett, who likens his producing approach to that of a photographer. “I try to find the person’s best angle and light them so they look the most like themselves or the best version of themselves. And this time, rather than staying in the romantic notion I previously had of myself—of a rebellious artist, a firebrand or whatever I thought I was trying to be—I just tried to be kind to myself.” Ultimately, in looking for “you,” T Bone Burnett found himself on The Other Side.’

And back to metal, ROB ZOMBIE‘s most recent album ‘Lunar Injection Kool Aid Conspiracy‘ is getting a splatter coloured reissue through Nuclear Blast on May 10th.

Here’s a list of a few other ones that are coming down the line:

That’s my lot, as far as I can see.
Bain taitneamh as an deireadh seachtaine! Slán.

Thanks Shane!


Last one really for today is Integral for the 5th of April…who have releases by

I was sent a link to listen to this album from the record company and i enjoyed it…heres a tune from it for ye:

Fabiana Palladino – Stay With Me Through The Night

Heres a tune from it! Its class!!

Khruangbin – A Love International (Official Video)

Sin e really for this week folks

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane and young Adam

March 6th: New NICK CAVE album, bad industry news and rant, new KAMASI WASHINGTON, ST. VINCENT, SIERRA FERRELL, Final call for RSD Wishlists and very Limited SWELL SEASON

Hi Everyone

Hope all is well out there.

Some really bad news for the industry broke on Monday evening with the news that Dublin vinyl ( Ireland’s only pressing plant) is going into liquidation…i didn’t see it coming at all to be honest. Ah bad bad  news…i know one person well who works there and the same lad can’t buy a break…keep going kid… and i have had some dealings with a few more folks down through the years…always good to deal with from my point of view…22 full time jobs gone, a lot of wages to pay every week. Tough industry ours is…from most sides anyway…really tough for the  owners and employees of Dublin vinyl…stressful as it gets.. They are 1.9 million euro in debt and their energy supplier was at the stage of turning off the power over monies owed. I hope things come to an OK conclusion for everyone…I know there are local artists who have paid sizable deposits to have their records cut there in the last few months…I really hope these local artists can get sorted. Ah man, it’s tough from all angles. We only recently got involved with DublinVinyl as a cooperative between artist, pressing plant and record shop….there were releases planned by Hedge schools, THE LOVE BUZZ and HAM SANDWICH to name a few….these releases are shelved for now…hopefully the artists can get the records out themselves at some point…we will issue refunds where applicable.

Business is tricky folks for most small and medium businesses….cost of everything keeps going north…we had 9k less in our bank at the end of jan 24 versus end of jan 23…we wouldn’t have too many 9ks to be losing like folks ( we don’t owe anyone a dime though folks….nb dont owe a dime, the maths still has to work out though)……not been dramatic, just telling ye the truth….things are fine  though( i think , though it needs to be constantly watched)

 We made changes in the final third of last year and that looks like it should settle things…because at end of Aug 2023 , we were looking at losing 13k in 2023…shit it can happen so fast…the cost of running the shop goes up by 10k  or 15k in a year and bang your back minding the baby. I’m lucky in lots of ways, it’s a small business … .a good business i feel, great customers in the main, the odd langer of course, mainly online the langers lurk. But because its small when it goes a little tricky, we can generally fix it… as we have …but in Dublin vinyls case it spiraled and was just uncontrollable then I presume, that amount of  wages to pay must have been so stressful,…i feel for everyone involved.  Dublin vinyl cited Brexit as one the factors in their troubles and i have a major grumble since Brexit …costs everywhere folks…ill list them someday if i’m bored…its endless, domain name for website, 200 bucks a year. Website upkeep 4 k a year, shop insurance 3 k a year…accountant 3 k a year, bank charges 2 k a year, card payment acceptance 2 k a year … .i won’t bore ye the list goes on and on … .ye get my drift. Major gripe since brexit is the courir companies….Brexit has been a windfall for them….its manky what they are doing but they have you by the liathroidi….so we still have suppliers with Brexit issues….Proper. Orchard, shellshock, SRD, Plastichead, Little amber fish, republic of music…so these suppliers have to be checked at customs….because of this the Couriers charge us VAT for the revenue at point of entry in the country ….we can claim back the VAT in vat return then….PAY IT AND THEN CLAIM IT BACK…ridiculous if you ask me but i presume there’s not a better way?? But the stickler is the courir company charges you a fee for charging you the customs fee….for delivering the box basically….the same service they provided before brexit but now they fee you …DHL range anywhere between 5 euro and 30 euro per box…depending on the number of lines on the invoice…they call it a multi line clearance fee…what a load of bollocks….UPS charge 20 euro a business box full stop…dirty dirty….DPD the best at 5 euro plus vat fee…probably what it should be….Brexit has been a windfall for the couriers and youre caught cos you need the stock for customers….its manky and should be addressed, they are robbing people in my opinion. You probably notice it in your personal life … .customs charge at front door with courier but also their fee for doing the same thing they did before brexit … .anyway rant over. 


Right releases in the shop for this Friday the 8th of March include


And then releases for the 15th of March

Plastichead and Integral RSD 24 price lists are in now also….so Shane will pop them up  now with all the others….NB NB folks i need wishlists by close of business this Friday the 8th of March….a few of the companies don’t need figures till 15th March but safer to get Wishlists  in before this Friday please!!!

PLASTICHEAD – RSD 24 List with Prices

INTEGRAL – RSD 24 List with Prices

And here’s the full lot on the one page (just keep scrolling down):

Right for the 22nd March we will have

Heres a tune in case you missed this dude…it could easily happen , only one studio album i think…magic

Jackson C. Frank – Mystery

There is a bit of a interest in this record from a few patrons on the siopa floor….so heres a tune from the album:

Sierra Ferrell – Dollar Bill Bar (Official Video)


The Waxahatchee vinyl is a bit troublesome but we are getting 3 copies of the indies version ( all spoken for) and 5 copies of non indies one that doesnt have the poster….2 left to sell still.


Jumping onto your territory here Shane but there is a SWELL SEASON ( Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova)  reissue of the 2009 album “ strictly joy” and this is what it says about the reissue

“ This release is limited to 150 copies. For 24 hours only, orders are open to Irish stores only “

So if interested please shout , we are good for 15 copies of the release…so first 15 for it.


Another interesting release is Don’t Look Down by White Llama ,it’s  a mixture of blues based music sometimes folky, sometimes rocky, pensive and soulful and a bit different.

White Llama are a bit of a Cork supergroup with Christy O Hanlon ( Crow Black Chicken)

Jake O Driscoll ( God Alone) and Jack O Hanlon ( God Alone… Christy’s youngfeller as well) 

Heres a tune from the album…cracking tune in fact


Christy ( Chicken) is going to be one of our musicians for Record Store Day this year … .more on that closer to the time!

Going to hand ye over to Shane now as he takes ye down the road…

Hi all!
Thanks, Ray, good rant earlier. It’s dirty alright. Pity we’re so reliant on the UK companies.
Tough about Dublin Vinyl, hope the staff find something new asap.

Reminded me a little of an article I read a few days ago about the indiustry and the use of Tik Tok, streaming and now AI. The artist James Blake was highlighting all that.
Here’s the article:

That Swell Season one would be a nice one for the collection. I remember the film Once, which would have involved the same duo, was good.

Anyway, another biggish one to mention is the new album from KAMASI WASHINGTON, called ‘Fearless Movement’. One of the biggest current Jazz artists. Here’s a track from it:
Lots of guest appearances on it, including Andre 3000 among others.

An even bigger one, that was only just announced. The new album from NICK CAVE – ‘Wild God’.
It’ll be out in August. Nick is class.
There’ll be a clear vinyl, black vinyl and CD version.

Two Irish coloured vinyl reissues are coming in April. A red vinyl reissue of OXN – CYRM and a clear and green Vinyl 2 LP of Hozier – Wasteland Baby!
We didn’t get the OXN one up but shout if you’d like a copy.

There’s also a brand new album from ST. VINCENT – All Born Screaming coming out at the end of April.
Here’s a new track from it:

And the list of what else is on the way down the road:

Back to you Ray so bud.

Thanks Shane


Last one for this evening folks ( and sorry about my rant earlier….i am feeling better now though!) is Integral for the 29th March…

Right so folks

Sin e for this week

Last 48 hours for RSD wishlists

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane and Young Adam

Feb’ 28th, 2024: RSD Wishlist Deadlines, More Pricing, a word from KATE BUSH (Exclusive Vinyl), new C.A.S., WELLER and RICHARD HAWLEY

Hi folks

It’s all RSD for the next few weeks….a couple of nb notes to start with this week.

Some orders need to to be back to the record companies by this Friday the 1ST OF MARCH so if you are wishlisting either of these two titles from SRD then i need them by Friday am latest please…here’s the note from label about it

“  The deadline for ordering RSD LIGHT IN THE ATTIC & IRON MOUNTAIN ANALOGUE titles is THIS FRIDAY 1st March.

Latecomers will not be accommodated, I’m afraid.”

Also ROM RSD wishlists need to be back by Friday am also….

Heres the stuff from Republic Of Music ( ROM)  so again wishlist asap if you are hoping for something from this list….

Republic of Music List with Prices

Nb if you don’t send us  a wishlist there is a very good chance you will not  get the record you are hoping for…

Also re RSD as regards the Warner price list, the pricing is not confirmed to us yet, so there is a chance there could be a 10% swing either way ( up or down ) so please bear that in mind folks with Warner!…sorry same applies for Cherry Red  ( Warner do the sales on Cherry red and Proper do distro…crystal clear right)

Also, Integral and Plastichead haven’t sent us pricing yet so they will hopefully be up next week!

I think most if not all of the others are up here now … .Shane will do his thing with them now.

Here’s the full lot on the one page:

And here they are individually:

Universal – RSD 24 List with Prices

Warner and Cherry Red – RSD 24 List with Prices

Sony – RSD 24 List with Prices

Republic of Music – RSD 24 List with Prices

Little Amber Fish – RSD 24 List with Prices

SHELLSHOCK – RSD 24 List with Prices

SRD Record Store Day 2024 List with Prices

The Orchard – Record Store Day 2024 List with Prices

Cargo – Record Store Day 2024 List with Prices

Proper – RSD 2024 List with Prices

Proper (USA Imports) – RSD 2024 List with Prices

Till next week on RSD folks…

Right here’s what’s in the siopa for this Friday the 1st March…


And then for the 8th of March we have


And for the 15th of March there are releases by

More on RSD folks….Kate Bush will take on the role of 2024 Record Store Day UK Ambassador.

Kate said today:

“What a huge honour to have been asked to be Ambassador for this year’s Record Store Day. It really is a great privilege.

Isn’t it great to see how the resurgence in vinyl has taken the music industry by complete surprise? It had decided to leave vinyl far behind, but it would seem that not everyone agrees! I love that!

I know there are many, many artists who are just as excited to see the audience turning the tide.

In the same way that some people like to read a book on Kindle but also want to have a book as a physical object, a lot of people like vinyl and streaming. Both have different appeals.

The added bonus of vinyl is that it encourages people to listen to albums. An art form that I’ve always thought can be treasured in a unique way. An album on vinyl is a beautiful thing, given a strong identity by its large-scale artwork. There’s a much more personal connection with the artist and their work.

It’s been fun putting designs together for some of the previous RSDs. This year’s design echoes the cancelled release of Eat the Music as the first single from the album, The Red Shoes. The image was intended to be on the cover of the single bag and is now on the disc as a UV print.

The title, Eat the Music, is meant to be a playful nod to ‘If music be the food of love, play on,’ from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

Each year Record Store Day gathers more attention, more momentum, and attracts more people who cram into indie record stores all over the world to see what’s up. What’s new?

This year, I hope you have a fantastic time at this very important event, and that you get to celebrate music that’s been specially released for you.

Very best wishes,


As we would say in Cork…dowtcha Kate girl .

To coincide with the role there is an RSD exclusive version of Kate’s vision for “Eat The Music” that was originally intended to be the lead single from her album “The Red Shoes”

10” white 100g vinyl, with three tracks on side A and a full colour UV printed image on side B. Housed in a top-opening PVC sleeve secured with a transparent sticker and finished with a Fish People / Record Store Day sticker and barcode in the top left corner

Price looks to be about 30 euro … .hopefully i can get some…out via Kate’s own fish people label….i need my order back to them by the 12th of March … .shout if interested folks!

So nearly all pricing will be complete then ( Pias and Plastichead 2 exceptions for now)….Uni need their numbers for orders back to them by noon on the 11th March….so i suppose i better call it….NB NB NB dear patrons, customers, friends and foes of MZ towers…please please have any/all wishlists back to us by close of play Friday the 8th of March (  i thought we might have another week but no as companies looking for them back to them on 11th 12th march type of thing) so NB wishlists by 8th March please….its actually only 9 days away to wishlist deadline.

One piece of bad news for Pearl Jam fans … .from the rep…Regarding ‘Pearl Jam’ 6502613, due to limited stock, each account can only order 1 unit. This refers to the Pearl Jam RSD release….i’m sorry we can’t get more i know there are 6 or 7 of ye out there hoping for this one…as always the earliest bird shall get the worm …sorry.

A couple of thoughts about this year RSD….good list, better pricing i feel ( the cure picture disc is half the price of last years PD) but i sense/know less quantities of stuff….so that’s a good thing and a bad thing….good thing is it keeps the day and the records really fresh and sought after….bad thing is some people will be disappointed….sorry in advance, we do our best and communicate from this tool via this tool to keep ye up to speed with what we know…it is what it is im afraid. I’m sure the customers, patrons and friends of the shop get it …you don’t want to be gnomed now do you?

Wishlists by close of play friday the 8th of March.

Going to hand ye over to Shane now as he takes ye down the road as usual….lots going on kid!

Yeah, Ray. Good busy though isn’t it. Lovely piece by Kate Bush above.
Hi everyone! Hope yere flying it.

I’m going to list everything this week as playing catch up a bit.
I think the highlights this week are the new albums from CIGARETTES AFTER SEX, PAUL WELLER, RICHARD HAWLEY and the NEIL YOUNG/CRAZY HORSE – F##kin’ Up release.
Oh and the PORTISHEAD one. Have a look below.

Also, I went to the new Bob Marley movie. Very good I thought. Authentic feel to it.

Anyway, here’s the list of what’s coming along soon:

That’s all from me. Getting exciting now for RSD.

Back to you Ray so.

Thanks Shane

Right last one for this week is Integral for the 22nd March

Sin e for this week folks

Thanks for listening as always…wish lists by the 8th of March if you are listening!

Ray, Shane and young Adam

PlasticHead – Record Store Day 2024 List with Prices

Artist Title Format euro retail

Integral – RSD 2024 List with Prices

Artist Title Version Format retail euro price
Art Tatum
Jewels In The Treasure Box: The 1953 Chicago Blue Note Jazz Club Recordings
LP 90.00
The Charlatans Indian Rope Picture Disc 12″ 29.00
Chet Baker & Jack Sheldon In Perfect Harmony: The Lost Album LP 45.00
David Byrne / Paramore Hard Times / Burning Down the House Natural Colour Vinyl *NB: Embargo’d until 5th March* 12″ 18.00
The Durutti Column Vini Reilly RSD Exclusive Black Vinyl LP 40.00
Field Music and the NASUWT Riverside Band Binding Time LP 38.00
Gene Clark No Other Sessions 50th Anniversary LP 49.00
Harmonia Musik von Harmonia (anniversary edition) LP 43.00
Jeff Buckley & Gary Lucas Songs To No One RSD Release LP 43.00
Katy J Pearson Katy J Pearson & Friends Presents Songs From The Wicker Man Record Store Day 2024 12″ 34.00
Kenny Dorham This Is The Moment: Sings And Plays LP 50.00
Kristin Hersh Hips and Makers 30th Anniversary Edition LP 49.00
Nightmares on Wax Carboot Soul 25th Anniversary Edition 2LP+7 55.00
Northside Chicken Rhythms RSD Exclusive Yellow Vinyl LP 40.00
Orbital Orbital RSD Exclusive Red and Green Splatter Vinyl LP 55.00
Prince Far I Cry Tuff Chants On U LP 46.00
Sister Rosetta Tharpe Live in France: The 1966 Concert In Limoges Deluxe Limited Edition LP 77.00
Sonny Rollins Freedom Weaver: The 1959 European Tour Recording LP 120.00
Spoonfed Hybrid Spoonfed Hybrid 30th Anniversary Expanded Edition LP 50.00
Sun Ra At The Showcase – Live In Chicago 1977 LP 75.00
Temples Sun Structures Record Store Day 2024 LP 50.00
This Is the Kit Live at Minack Theatre LP 36.00
Various Artists A Tribute To NEU! LP 40.00
Various Artists Murder Was The Case (The Soundtrack) 30th Anniversary LP 55.00
Various Artists & Nick Drake The Endless Coloured Ways: The Songs Of Nick Drake – The Singles Collection RSD Exclusive 7″ 75.00
VA / Soul Jazz Records Presents 300% DYNAMITE! Ska, Soul, Rocksteady, Funk and Dub in Jamaica RSD 2024 yellow coloured vinyl edition LP 46.00
VA / Soul Jazz Records Presents PUNK 45: Kill The Hippies! Kill Yourself! – The American Nation Destroys Its Young: Underground Punk in The United States of America, 1973-1980 RSD 2024 orange coloured vinyl edition LP 46.00
VA / Soul Jazz Records Presents STUDIO ONE RUDE BOY RSD 2024 red & cyan coloured vinyl edition LP 46.00
X-Press 2 Muzik X-Press / London X-Press Original 12″ Mixes 12″ 22.00
Young Fathers DEAD Deluxe LP LP 40.00

Feb’ 21st: RSD Lists and Lots of Irish Releases

Howdy folks,

So the RSD list dropped last Thursday evening, a day later than our weekly newsletter.

So heres the story for now….

  1. We cant hold back, keep records away, put records away for people.
  2. We hope if your interested in a record or records to “ wishlist” that record from us…email us artist, title…. record label if you know it!…or ring us or call into us with wishlist.
  3.  We hope then ( thanks to wishlists) to secure enough stock to cover demand of our bould patrons.
  4.  Best bet is always to get in on the day…as early as possible !!


So shortterm we need the wishlists….we have received pricing for about half the list so far so Shane will get these out to ye tonight as well as the whole list here again:


Mainly don’t have the pricing from the majors…Uni, Wea, Sony and Integral…have the pricing from most of the others … .will put up what we have and update it every week … .around middle of march we will need wishlists by…i will confirm that date also.


On the list ( trust me I know the day has some criticisms but it’s an important day for the shop) I think it is quite good. I thought there might be a Taylor release with the album the day before,,,,but so far doesn’t look likely ( but you never know)

On the list…some lovely stuff i thought …Blur parklife zoetrope vinyl should be beautiful ( if the price is right, it should sell really well on the day) , Bowie “ waiting in the sky” could be an interesting one, David Sylvian & Nine Horses is a first timer on vinyl, Dolores O’Riordan debut solo album was a good album i thought and a nice release, the recording of THE DOORS release is top quality im told, and that gets a cd release as well ( missing tricks galore with the lack of CDS ,,,is there anybody out there…just nod if you can hear me) Electrafixion is an interesting one, they  were an alternative rock band, formed by former Echo & the Bunnymen members Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant in 1994, joined by bass guitarist Leon de Sylva and drummer Tony McGuigan. Burned was their debut and only album, long deleted it will be reissued on black and white vinyl for RSD 2024.

Fleet foxes live 3lp should be lovely, hopefully the price is ok.

Jeff Buckley & Gary Lucas could be interesting.

Other Two, The – side project of Gillian and Stephen from New order.

Prefab Sprout 12”

Queens “ cool cat” super single

Sineads beautiful “ You Made Me The Thief Of Your Heart – 30th anniversary” , the Stones, Roger waters, Wilco  and many many more….its a very strong list i think…Hopefully pricing will be ok

Anyways there’s the ones I like the look of! Each to their own !!

Shane will have the price lists we have so far, further down.

Right releases for this Friday the 23rd of Feb…

And then releases for the 1st March…


Main week for the corporations ad is for March 8th and we have



Shane gifted me a JEFF TWEEDY ( Wilco)  book at Christmas….i really enjoyed it….simple idea really…if you are a muso, you will enjoy this book…simple enough idea…” world within a song” it is called….Jeff choses 100 songs that have had an impact on his life….from smoke in the water to dancing queen…yeah yeah ….he ties the songs to emotions at that time ….the simple part of the idea is everyone of us could do this and it would help or make people engage with the songs ( sorry Jeff, i aint belittling it, it was great)….so as you read the book , you off course listen to the song after reading Jeffs take on it….i probably knew well half the songs, another 25% knew a little and probably 25% i didnt know at all….but you definitely have fresh ears after reading what the man said about the song….sometimes it had little effect on me, other times it fully turned me on to something…undertones “ positive touch” album after hearing “ forever paradise” is one example…and i really listened to Randy newmans “ in germany, before the war” properly for the first time after reading the page or two on it….the music does most of the talking in this song.…so so eerie and sad.

Randy Newman – In Germany Before the War – Album Version [HD]


One  chapter I am going to paraphrase for ye and quote at the end is about a LEO SAYER song called “ long tall glasses”…..Jeff does congratulate the reader if they haven’t heard it!!  Thank you Jeff I said. Anyway, Mr. Tweedy senior had a very strange connection to this song ….so Jeff as a child  reckons this song was “ played roughly 45 times between 6 and 9pm on weekday evenings and upwards of 70 times a day at weekends “ and the ritual continued for several months….there is a part towards the end of the song where the line “ I CAN DANCE” booms out of the speakers…and his dad ( beer in hand) gets out of the chair, and dances and bellows along to it…I CAN DANCE….” EVERY SINGLE TIME”. Mr Tweedy senior wasn’t a bad man i don’t think, had a few things going on alright by the sounds of it but not a bad man. At the time, Jeff felt “ I was learning about things I would never do and ways that I would never be. As a musician, as a songwriter, as a father , and as a human, i guess”

But here’s the kicker folks…when he plays the song now as an older man who has seen a thing or two..

“ the memories of my father become so vivid, I swear I can smell him. I am with him again. But this time without judgment. Only joy for his joy. Name something else in the world that can do that.”

Thanks for the book Shane, you can tell i got a bit out of it.

Over to you for down the road ones please sir….

Ah, really glad you enjoyed it, Ray. Amazing what music can do for us alright. We’d be lost without it. Randy Newman is class!
Hope all is well with everyone.

I’ll start with the RSD lists with pricing, the ones we have so far anyway.
The prices don’t seem too bad on a lot of stuff, which is nice. Although, I hope I don’t jinx it for the Major label ones. We’ll hopefull have those next week.

Here’s everything we have so far on the one page. Worth a click and a scroll:

And here are the individual lists, specific to each label:

SRD Record Store Day 2024 List with Prices

The Orchard – Record Store Day 2024 List with Prices

Cargo – Record Store Day 2024 List with Prices

Proper – RSD 2024 List with Prices

Proper (USA Imports) – RSD 2024 List with Prices

Some nice Irish ones that are coming down the road (in a few weeks/months) this week.
First is a repress of MUIREANN BRADLEY – I Kept These Old Blues on green coloured vinyl.
Talented girl. Voice and guitar playing are top notch. And the early blues stuff is class.
We sold out quickly of the first pressing a couple months back. This will be released on March 15th.

Another musician with Donegal roots, OISÍN LEECH of the Lost Brothers is releasing his debut solo album ‘Cold Sea’ on March 8th. It’ll be on CD and ‘Sea Glass’ Green coloured vinyl.
Here’s the single ‘October Sun’ from it, nice video:

And also from up north, KNEECAP are releasing their debut album ‘Fine Art’ in June.
Warning: Stock is very limited of the tri-colour vinyl so be quick.
Here’s an interesting bit about the album. They’ve a movie coming out too soon with Michael Fassbender in it:

When Mo Chara, Moglaí Bap and DJ Provaí – aka Belfast’s finest Kneecap – entered the studio with producer Toddla T in the summer of 2023, they quickly decided to scrap everything they had already prepared for the album they were about to record. Instead, they decided to build a pub together.

Built on a West Belfast side street, The Rutz is a community boozer, in that the entire community uses it. All human life is inside, either thriving, striving or skiving. There’s people just trying to get served at the bar or up on the stage performing; others are slumped in darkened corners or emerging bleary eyed and coke smeared from the toilets. Religious affiliations are irrelevant and the chatter is a intoxicating blur of English and Irish.

Although the pub is currently just a figment of the band’s imagination, all of the action on Kneecap’s exhilarating first album – Fine Art – takes place in The Rutz. Like the band themselves, Fine Art is fiercely intelligent, consistently hilarious and genuinely thought provoking. It’s genius is to immerse you in a world thus far unrepresented in modern music.

Across the record’s twelve tracks and the interconnecting moments between them (recorded by the band and friends including DJ Annie Mac), the pub comes to life vividly, providing the perfect backdrop for the cast of characters that join the dots throughout the album. From the moment the idea was born back in Toddla T’s studio, it was the obvious location to base the world of Kneecap in.”
Sounds class.
Here’s a track from it –

Also ag teacht soon:


Late addition: Bruce Springsteen – The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle – Mobile Fidelity Ultra Disc Vinyl Pressing or SACD – 28/4/24

Here’s Adam and Ray’s latest video from the shop. ‘Gnomed’ is a new verb!

Ar ais duit, Ray! Slán!

Thanks Shane


Last one for this week so is Integral for the 15th March

Sin e for this week so
Thanks for listening
Ray, Shane and Young Adam

Universal – Record Store Day 2024 List with Prices

Artist Title Label Format euro retail price
Amancio D’Silva Reflections UMR Clear LP € 34.00
America Live From The Hollywood Bowl – 1975 Primary Wave Coloured 2LP+ Signed Insert € 35.00
At The Drive-In In/Casino/Out Craft Recordings Coloured LP € 39.00
Bill Evans Trio Everybody Digs Bill Evans Craft Recordings 180g LP € 45.00
Brian Poole & The Tremeloes Twist & Shout Decca 7″ Yellow Vinyl € 20.00
Catfish & The Bottlemen The Balcony UMR White LP € 34.00
Celeste Everyday/ Love Will Tears Us Apart Polydor 7″ Single € 14.00
Chris Isaak Beyond The Sun (The Complete Collection) Sun Records (Primary Wave) 2-LP colored vinyl in gatefold sleeve with printed sleeves and insert with Chris’ drawings € 46.00
David Sylvian & Nine Horses Snow Borne Sorrow UMR Gatefold LP € 45.00
Def Leppard Live At Leadmill Mercury Studios 2 LP Silver Vinyl € 45.00
Divorce Heady Metal EMI 12′ Vinyl Pink € 29.00
Ellie Dixon In Case Of Emergency Decca 7″ colour vinyl € 23.00
Elton John Caribou UMR Coloured 2LP 180g € 40.00
Emma Bunton A Girl Like Me UMR Baby Pink LP € 34.00
English Teacher Live At The Brudenell Social Club Island Vinyl – € 27.00
Ennio Morricone Storie di vita e malavita Decca Coloured LP € 39.00
Everything But The Girl At Maida Vale Buzzin’ Fly Records/Virgin Music Group 12″ € 20.00
FIZZ Live At Middle Farm Decca 1LP Red Colour € 27.00
Frank Zappa Zappa For President UMR 2 LP Gatefold red & blue splatter on white vinyl € 39.00
Future Sound of London ISDN UMR Coloured 2LP € 45.00
Future Sound of London ISDN UMR 2 x CD € 17.00
Holly Humberstone Into Your Room (with MUNA) Polydor Purple 7″ Single € 14.00
Ian Hunter Ian Hunter Defiance Part 2: Fiction Sun Records (Primary Wave) 2LP € 45.00
Jessie Ware Tough Love 10th anniversary UMR White 2LP € 45.00
John Lennon Mind Games UME/ Apple 12″ 4 Track 12” EP Luminous vinyl € 33.00
John Lennon Mind Games UME/ Apple 12″ 4 Track 12” EP Black “audiophile” vinyl € 33.00
Keane Live at Paradiso, Amsterdam (29/11/2004) UMR 2LP Coloured € 45.00
Kirsty MacColl Titanic Days UMR Green LP € 34.00
La Roux Trouble In Paradise UMR coloured LP € 39.00
Leaf Hound Grower Of Mushrooms Decca 1LP Splatter cloudy Yellow vinyl € 39.00
Ludovico Einaudi Live At The Royal Albert Hall Decca 3LP Red Vinyl € 75.00
Marianne Faithfull Faithful Forever UMR LP € 34.00
Mark Knopfler The Boy EMI 12′ Vinyl € 24.00
Mike Oldfield Hergest Ridge 50th Anniversary UMR LP € 34.00
Miles Kane Miles Kane & The Evils Modern Sky 10″ Coloured € 25.00
Militarie Gun Life Under The Sun Loma Vista Recordings 10″ € 30.00
Monty Python Live At Drury Lane 50th Anniversary UMR Pic disc LP € 39.00
Noah Kahan I Was/I Am UMG/Republic Coloured LP € 34.00
Oh Wonder Oh Wonder Virgin Music 2LP 12″ € 40.00
Olivia Dean Live At The Jazz Café EMI 12″ Black € 29.00
Olivia Rodrigo & Noah Kahan Olivia Rodrigo “Stick Season”/Noah Kahan “Lacy” – FROM THE BBC RADIO 1 LIVE LOUNGE Polydor 7″ Coloured € 15.00
OMD Junk Culture Companion UMR 2LP € 45.00
Paul Weller TBC Polydor 7″ Single € 14.00
Pearl Jam Dark Matter EMI Coloured LP € 45.00
Propaganda Die 1000 Augen des Dr. Mabuse (Volume 1) / The 1000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse (Volume 1. UMR Coloured LP € 34.00
Pulp Intro The Gift Recordings UMR LP Blue Vinyl € 34.00
Queen Cool Cat EMI 7″ Colour Vinyl – Pink € 18.00
Ringo Starr Crooked Boy EP UME 4 track Exclusive Coloured EP € 30.00
Scott Walker Tilt (half speed master) UMR 2LP coloured € 45.00
Sex Pistols The Filth & the Fury OST UMR LP € 55.00
Sia Colour The Small One UMR LP € 55.00
Sinead O’Connor You Made Me The Thief Of Your Heart – 30th anniversary UMR 12″ Single € 33.00
Siouxsie & the Banshees Nocturne UMR 2LP Coloured € 45.00
Sleater-Kinney This Time / Here Today 7″ Single Loma Vista Recordings Coloured 7″ € 18.00
Soft Cell Non Stop Extended Cabaret UMR 2LP € 45.00
Sonic Youth Hits Are For Squares UME 1 LP Gold Nugget Jacket with gold foil sticker € 55.00
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Remixes UMR 1LP Coloured € 33.00
South Park South Park The 25th Anniversary Concert Mercury Studios 3 LP Blue vinyl € 60.00
Steel Pulse Handsworth Revolution UMR 2LP € 50.00
Steven Wilson Harmonic Divergence SW Records 1LP € 33.00
The 1975 The 1975 Live At Gorilla UMR 2LP € 45.00
The Cranberries Bury The Hatchet (The Complete Sessions) Island/UMe 2LP € 45.00
The Cure The Top – 40th Anniversary Picture Disc UMR/Polydor pic disc € 33.00
The Hives Black and White Album UMR coloured LP € 33.00
The Liminanas & David Menke Heureux Gagnants (OST) Because Music 1LP € 33.00
The Offspring Splinter UMG/UMe 1 LP die cut picture disc € 39.00
The Rolling Stones Live At Racket, NYC Polydor 1LP € 34.00
The Rolling Stones Rolling Stones UMR 1LP Blue/Black Swirl € 34.00
The Verve No Come Down UMR/EMI LP € 34.00
The Weeknd Live at SoFi Stadium UMG/Republic 3LP, triple gatefold with semigloss finish, labels with semi gloss finish, generic black sleeves. Black Vinyl € 35
The Who Story Of The Who UMR Polydor 2LP Coloured € 55.00
Thin Lizzy Live at Hammersmith 16/11/1976 UMR/Mercury 2LP € 45.00
Tom Jones It’s Not Unusual Decca 7″ Amber Vinyl € 20.00
Tricky Angels With Dirty Faces UMR/Island 2LP Coloured € 45.00
U2 Atomic City – Live from Sphere Island 10″ Transparent Red with unique large poster € 18.00
UB40 UB45 SoNo Recording Group LLC 1LP € 34.00
Various Blue Note Re:Imagined Decca 2LP Smokey Clear & Blue € 45.00
Wicked – OCR Defying Gravity Decca Shaped Pic Disc 12″ € 30.00

Warner and Cherry Red – Record Store Day 2024 List with Prices *



Artist Title Label Format retail euro price
100 Gecs Snake Eyes Dog Show Records 10″ Picture Disc €50.00
10000 Maniacs Playing Favorites Omnivore 2XLP Opaque Red Vinyl €42.00
86TVs You Don’t Have To Be Yourself Parlophone 10″ Black Vinyl EP €32.00
Air Kelly Watch The Stars WM France 12″ Picture Disc €37.00
Alison Goldfrapp The Love Reinvention BMG 2LP Black €45.00
Ashnikko Demidevil Parlophone 1LP €40.00
Beat, The Wha’ppen? (Expanded Edition) Rhino 2LP, color vinyl €55.00
Bebe Rexha All Your Fault: Parts 1 & 2 Warner Records 1LP (3 Different Color Variants) €40.00
Big Country Why The Long Face BMG 1LP Tourquoise €37.00
Birdmask Tristan MVKA 12″ EP €28.00
Black Sabbath Paranoid Sanctuary 1LP splatter €40.00
Blessed Madonna, The Have Mercy EP FFRR / Parlophone 1LP €28.00
Bloc Party The High Life EP Infectious 12″ EP – Splatter €37.00
Blues Pills Birthday / Don’t You Love It Throwdown 1LP Red &
White Marble
Blur Parlklife (Zoetrope LP) Parlophone Zoetrope LP €38.00
Bryan Ferry The Right Stuff BMG 12″ EP – Blue €37.00
Buena Vista Social Club Buena Vista Social Club World Circuit 1LP Gold €48.00
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band The Spotlight Kid (Deluxe Edition) Rhino 2LP, milky clear vinyl €50.00
Charlie Watts Live At Fulham Town Hall BMG 1LP Black €40.00
Cheech & Chong Up In Smoke Rhino/Warner Records 1LP, Green/smoke black vinyl €37.00
Christophe Les Mots Bleus BMG 12″ Blue €25.00
Daft Punk Something About Us (Love Theme From Interstella 555 Daft Life 12″ Single Black Vinyl €22.00
David Bowie Waiting in the Sky (Before the Starman Came to Earth) Parlophone 1LP, 180g Black Vinyl €32.00
Dead By Sunrise Out Of Ashes Warner Records 2LP Colour Vinyl €60.00
Dolores O’Riordan Are You Listening BMG 2LP White €37.00
Doors, The Live at Konserthuset, Stockholm, September 20, 1968 Rhino 3LP – 140g Blue Vinyl (TBD)
Trifold Jacket – prints 4/1 with Matte Finish and Foil Numbering (combined jacket run with ROW)
White Paper Sleeves
Marketing/RSD combo sticker
Doors, The Live at Konserthuset, Stockholm, September 20, 1968 Rhino 2 CD €25.00
Dr John The Atco/Atlantic Singles 1968–1974 Omnivore 2XLP Opaque Purple Vinyl €40.00
Dr. Alban It’s My Life BMG 10″ Translucent €20.00
Dwight Yoakam The Beginning And Then Some: The Albums Of The ’80s (4LP) Rhino/Warner Records 4LP Black Vinyl Box €150.00
Dwight Yoakam The Beginning And Then Some: The Albums Of The ’80s (4CD) Rhino/Warner Records 4CD €50.00
Electrafixion Burned Warner Records 1LP Black & White Swirl €40.00
Faces The Complete BBC Sessions Rhino 2LP, 140g clear vinyl €55.00
Farm Dogs, The Last Stand In Open Country Rhino / Discovery 2LP Black Vinyl €49.00
Fatboy Slim Everybody Loves A Remix Skint 12″ Zoetrope €33.00
Fetty Wap Fetty Wap Atlantic Records 2LP Color Vinyl (OPAQUE VIOLET)
Gatefold Jacket
2-Sided 11×11 Insert
Inner Sleeves
RSD Marketing Sticker
FFRR FFRR Sampler Vol. 1 (ORIGINALS) Parlophone 1LP €28.00
Fleetwood Mac Rumours Rhino/Warner Records 1LP, picture disc €40.00
Foghat Live In New Orleans 1973 Rhino 2LP Black Vinyl €60.00
Fools Garden Lemon Tree BMG 12″ shaped picture disc €39.00
Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons The Genuine Imitation Life Gazette Rhino 1LP, black vinyl €50.00
Gabriels EP Live From London 2023 Parlophone 12″ Black Vinyl €30.00
Garbage Lie To Me BMG/STUNVOLUME 1LP Lime Green €37.00
George Harrison Electronic Sound Dark Horse Records 1LP Zoetrope €37.00
George Harrison Wonderwall Music Dark Horse Records 1LP Zoetrope €37.00
Gorillaz Cracker Island (Deluxe) Parlophone 2LP Pink Vinyl €60.00
Grateful Dead Nightfall Of Diamonds Grateful Dead/Rhino 4LP, 180g black vinyl €135.00
Groove Armada White Light BMG 2LP Splatter €46.00
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros Rock Art and the X-Ray Style Dark Horse Records 2LP Pink €40.00
Josh Wink Higher State Of Conciousness
Erol Alkan remix
Strictly Rhythm 12″ EP – splatter €37.00
Lee “Scratch” Perry Skanking With The Upsetter Trojan 1LP Yellow €37.00
Lil Uzi Vert Luv Is Rage Atlantic Records 1 x 140g 12″ White & Pink Splatter vinyl album €40.00
Lily Allen It’s Not Me, It’s You Parlophone 1LP Zoetrope €39.00
Linda Ronstadt The Asylum Albums (1973-1978) Rhino 4LP Box Set €150.00
Little Richard Right Now! Omnivore Sunflare coloured LP €30.00
Lowell George Thanks, I’ll Eat It Here (Deluxe Edition) Rhino/Warner Records 2LP, 140g black vinyl, Gatefold jacket, white paper sleeves, marketing sticker, shrinkwrap. €80.00
Madness Embarrassment USM/BMG 12″ EP – black €33.00
Maisie Peters The Good Witch (Deluxe) Atlantic 1 x 140g Clear Vinyl €37.00
Morcheeba B-Sides & Beats East West Records 1LP Green Vinyl €39.00
Morrissey & Siouxsie Interlude Parlophone 1LP, 180g Gold Vinyl €33.00
Motley Crue Supersonic and Demonic Relics BMG 1LP Splatter Vinyl €40.00
Motorhead Remorse? No! Sanctuary 2LP Silver €47.00
Mudhoney Suck You Dry: The Reprise Years Rhino/Warner Records 5LP, black vinyl €180.00
Neil Young & Crazy Horse F*#!IN UP Reprise LP Clear Vinyl €49.00
Paramore RE: This is Why (Remix Album) Atlantic Limited 1 x 140g 12″ Red vinyl album. €39.00
Paramore RE: This Is Why (Remix Album) Atlantic Limited 2 x 140g 12″ Red (disc1) & White (disc2) vinyl album. RSD 2024. €55.00
Ramones The 1975 Sire Demos (Demos) Rhino/Warner Records 1LP, 140g color vinyl, Single pocket jacket, Black poly-lined sleeves, marketing sticker, shrinkwrap €39.00
Suede Autofiction: Live BMG 1LP Grey €40.00
Super Furry Animals Fuzzy Logic (B-Sides & Besides) BMG 1LP Green Vinyl €37.00
Supergrass Kiss Of Life Is 20 BMG 10″ Clear €30.00
Talking Heads Live On Tour Rhino/Warner Records 2LP – 180g black vinyl
LP labels, CMYK
Black poly sleeve
Single pocket jacket, prints 4/1 + matte UV on heavyweight board
Shrink wrap
Marketing sticker
Talking Heads sticker
Team Sleep Team Sleep Maverick 2LP Colour vinyl €60.00
The Notorious B.I.G. Ready To Die: The Instrumentals Atlantic Records 1LP, black vinyl. Single pocket jacket(prints 5/1), white paper sleeves, marketing sticker, shrinkwrap €33.00
The Other Two Tasty Fish Remix EP Rhino 12” Single – Transparent Blue €35.00
The Replacements Not Ready for Prime Time: Live at the Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, January 11, 1986 Rhino/Warner Records 2LP, 140g black vinyl
4/4 Printed LP Insert
RSD/Mktg combo sticker
The Sisters of Mercy Body and Soul / Walk Away East West Records 140g Clear & Black Vinyl EP €42.00
Todd Rundgren Todd Rhino 2LP, 2 color vinyl (1 orange, 1 green) €50.00
Various Artists Even More Dazed and Confused: Music from the
Motion Picture
Rhino/Warner Records 1LP, smoky purple vinyl. Single pocket jacket, white paper sleeves, marketing sticker, shrinkwrap €37.00
Various Artists Lost In Translation (Music From The Motion Picture
Ryko/Rhino 2LP black vinyl €47.00
Various Artists Psyche France Vol 9 WM France 1 LP 140g Black Vinyl €28.00
Various Artists Ripples Presents…
Psychedelic Sunshine Pop from the 1960s
BMG 2LP Black €40.00
Willie Nelson Phases and Stages Rhino/Atlantic 2LP – 140g black vinyl
LP labels, CMYK
Black poly sleeves
Double pocket gatefold jacket, prints 4/0 with Matte UV on heavyweight board
Shrink wrap
Marketing sticker
Yes Yale Bowl ’71 Rhino 1LP – 140g black vinyl
LP labels, CMYK
White poly sleeve
Single pocket jacket, prints 4/0 + matte AQ on standard board
Shrink wrap
Marketing sticker
Young Thug Jeffrey Atlantic Records 1LP, Blue Vinyl €40.00
Yusuf/Cat Stevens Numbers Dark Horse Records 1LP Lenticular Cover €40.00
Yusuf/Cat Stevens Izitso Dark Horse Records 1LP Lenticular Cover €40.00



Artist Title Label Format euro retail price
Fall, The A Country On The Click (Alternative Version) Cherry Red Records LP €42.00
Hawkwind Live Seventy-Nine Esoteric LP €42.00
Residents, The LEFTOVERS AGAIN!? AGAIN!?!?! New Ralph Too LP €42.00
Ufo Lights Out In Tokyo – Live HNE 2LP €50.00

Sony – Record Store Day 2024 List with Prices

Artist Title Format Description
euro retail price
Jamiroquai Live At BBC Maida Vale Neon Green x6 trk LP Vinyl. Recorded @ Maida Vale in 2006. € 26.00
Galen & Paul Uno Mas Black, x4 trk 12″ EP. Includes signed artcard. € 24.00
Tom Grennan What Ifs & Maybes Gatefold, Tri-Coloured & Marbled LP Vinyl. Signed insert. € 40.00
Lightning Seeds All I Want / Pure 35th anniversary x4 trk EP on Yellow Vinyl. € 26.00
Prefab Sprout Lions In My Garden Debut release, x4 trk EP on Black Vinyl. 40th anniversary. € 26.00
London Grammar The Remixes Double Green LP Vinyl, x16 trk remix album. € 47.00
Wilco The Whole Love Expanded Beautiful x3 LP Vinyl boxset of original album + rare bonus material. Very limited! € 80.00

Republic of Music (ROM) – Record Store Day 2024 List with Prices

Artist Title Format euro retail price Ref Label

Little Amber Fish (LAF) – Record Store Day List with Prices

Artist / Title UK Qty euro retail price
101 Strings / Astro-Sounds From Beyond The Year 2000 (1LP Blue Vinyl) RSD24 500 35 eurp
Ahmad Jamal / Live at Bubba’s (1LP opaque amber vinyl) RSD24 500 38 euro
Alberto Baldan Bembo / The Soul of“Ali” Ben Djamballa (1LP blue vinyl) RSD24 500 40 euro
Billie Marten / As Long As (EP) (10″ black vinyl) RSD24 500 35 euro
Carol Douglas / The Disco Sound of Carol Douglas (1LP flourescent pink vinyl) RSD24 500 38 euro
Delia Derbyshire / Inventions for Radio (6CD Box set) RSD24 500 48 euro
Earl Hooker / There’s a Fungus Amung Us (1LP smoke effect vinyl) RSD24 750 40 euro
Ennio Morricone (feat Joan Baez) / Sacco e Vanzetti OST (1LP Clear Vinyl + insert) RSD24 500 40 euro
Ennio Morricone / Allonsanfan OST (1LP Red Vinyl + insert) RSD24 500 40 euro
Ennio Morricone / Come imparai ad amare le donne OST (1LP Green Vinyl + insert) RSD24 500 40 euro
Fox The Fox / Precious Little Diamond (40th Ann.) (12″ translucent red coloured viny ) RSD24 500 40 euro
Global Comm. / Maiden Voyage (30th Ann.) (12″ black vinyl) RSD24 500 40 euro
Goblin / Gianni Dell’Orso / Virus OST (1LP Coloured Vinyl) RSD24 500 40 euro
Golden Earring / The Cut Sessions (2LP silver & blue marbled vinyl) RSD24 500 48 euro
Herman’s Hermits / Only Last Night [Single] (10″ Picture Disc) RSD24 1000 28 euro
Howlin’ Wolf / Live in Europe (Bremen, 1964) (1LP smoke effect vinyl) RSD24 1000 38 euro
Lordi / Bend Over and Pray the Lord (2LP silver & black marbled vinyl) RSD24 500 55 euro
OST / Barry Gray / Stingray (7″ EP coloured vinyl) RSD24 500 28 euro
OST / Barry Gray / UFO (7″ EP coloured vinyl) RSD24 500 28 euro
OST / The Rocky Horror Show ( original Richard O’Brien demos) (1LP opaque blue vinyl) RSD24 1000 40 euro
Piero Umiliani / L’Arcangelo OST (1LP Yellow Vinyl + insert) RSD24 500 40 euro
The Cramps / Ultra Twist (30th Ann.) (12″ pink & purple marbled vinyl) RSD24 500 40 euro
Ultramagnetic Mc’s / The Ultra’s Live At the Brixton Acadamy (1LP Black ) RSD24 500 45 euro
VA / Timeless Jazz Classics (Compiled by Gilles Peterson) (2LP silver coloured vinyl) RSD24 500 48 euro
Various / Andy Smith’s Northern Soul Essentials (1LP Green Vinyl) RSD24 750 38 euro
Below are EU OFFICIAL RSD releases! Not on the UK ‘official’ list but available from LAF!!
Matching Mole / Matching Mole [Expanded Edition] (2LP yellow & orange marbled vinyl) RSD24 250 48 euro
Herman Kelly & Life / Dance To The Drummer’s Beat (12″ translucent blue coloured vinyl) RSD24 125 35 euro
Bebel Gilberto / Tudo (1LP white marbled vinyl) RSD24 250 43 euro
Watty Burnett / Dancing Shoes / Don’t Hide (10″ coloured vinyl) RSD24 250 35 euro
Jay-Jay Johanson / Antenna (2LP orange vinyl) RSD24 125 48 euro
Various / The Reissued 1963 Blues Festival (1LP Blue Vinyl) RSD24 1000 38 euro
Various Artists / Rockabilly Heroes (1LP blue & solid white & black vinyl) RSD24 500 25 euro
Dalton (prog supergroup, Opeth, Moongarden etc) / Una Riflessione 12″ Coloured Viny RSD24 500 40 euro

Shellshock – Record Store Day 2024 List with Prices

Artist Title Format Genre retail euro price
Cotton, Joseph New Fashion Way LP Reggae 30 euro
Cullingford, Gemma Komiza Project, The 12″ Independent 25 euro
Dead Horse The Dead Horse Tapes – Blown Away LP Independent 30 euro
Dub Syndicate Mellow & Colly LP+CD Dub 45 euro
Goldie Lookin Chain Manifesto, The LP Hip Hop 27 euro
Goldie Lookin Chain Mike Balls Boutique LP Hip Hop 27 euro
Melys Bbc Sessions Vol 1 (John Peel Sessions & Other Sel LP Independent 29 euro
Pat Thomas Featuring Lalo Schifrin Desafinado LP Jazz 29 euro
Reedy, Winston Red Rose LP Reggae 30 euro
Richmond Fontaine Post To Wire (20th Anniversary Edition) LPX2 Americana 39 euro
Richmond Fontaine Winnemucca LP Americana 32 euro
Television Live At The Academy Nyc 12.4.92 LPX2 Independent 40 euro
Telles, Sylvia Princess Of Bossa Nova! Amor De Gente Moça (Musica LPX2 Jazz 39 euro
Various Bristol Roots Explosion, The LP Reggae 30 euro
Various Artists In A Lovers Rock Style LP Reggae 30 euro

Proper (USA Imports) – Record Store Day 2024 List with Prices

Artist Title Format Euro Retail Price
John Hartford Morning Bugle (Remixed, Remastered & Expanded Forest Green Vinyl) 2LP 80 euro
Dean & Britta L’Avventura (DELUXE EDITION) 2LP 58 euro
Acetone I’ve Enjoyed As Much Of This As I Can Stand – Live at the Knitting Factory, NYC: May 31, 1998 2LP 55 euro
Tommy McLain Moving to Heaven LP 35 euro
Art Pepper Art of Art LP 55 euro
Kenny Garrett & SVOY Who Killed AI? LP 37 euro
Christian McBride & Edgar Meyer But Who’s Gonna Play the Melody 2LP 55 euro
Omar Sosa Omar Sosa’s 88 Well-Tuned Drums LP 37 euro
Sun Ra Pink Elephants On Parade (PINK VINYL) LP 39 euro
Charles Mingus Reincarnations LP 37 euro
The Bottle Rockets The Brooklyn Side (2-LP All-Analog Expanded 30th Anniversary Flame Orange Vinyl) LP 67 euro
The Groovie Ghoulies 40 Years of Kepi & The Groovie Ghoulies 2LP 59 euro
Noctorum Honey Mink Forever LP 47 euro
Various Artists Heated Garage: Toasty Treasures From Minnesota’s Kay Bank Studio LP 38 euro
The Verlaines Way Out Where LP 46 euro
The Amboy Dukes Journey To The Center Of The Mind LP 38 euro
The Octopus Project Butterfly in the Sky 2LP 50 euro

Proper – Record Store Day 2024 List with Prices

Artist Title Format Euro  Retail Price
The Flying Burrito Brothers Bluegrass Special: Live in Amsterdam 1972 2 LP RSD 2024 2LP 75.00
Karen Harding Take Me Somewhere LP RSD 2024 35.00
Dead Or Alive The Pete Hammond Hi-Nrg Remixes (140G Transparent Blue & Yellow vinyl) LP2 RSD 2024 Transparent Blue & Yellow 2LP 45.00
The Roches The Roches (45th Anniversary Ruby Red Vinyl) LP RSD 2024 45th Anniversary Ruby Red Vinyl Edition 55.00
Anne Briggs Anne Briggs LP RSD 2024 LP + 4 track 7″ Single 35.00
Bob Frank Broke Again The Unreleased Recordings (Marijuana Vinyl Edition) LP RSD 2024 Marijuana Vinyl Edition 55.00
At The Gates Slaughter Of The Soul LP RSD 2024 Orange Splatter 37.00
Fleet Foxes Live On Boston Harbour LP RSD 2024 Exclusive 3LP 49.00
DITZ X Heavy Lungs DITZ X Heavy Lungs Live at The BBC 12″ EP RSD 2024 Exclusive Green and Pink splatter LP 28.00
Ghost-Note Mustard n’Onions LP RSD 2024 50.00
Brother Jack McDuff Ain’t No Sunshine LP RSD 2024 2LP 70.00
Shelly Manne Jazz From The Pacific Northwest LP RSD 2024 2LP 70.00
Cannonball Adderley Poppin in Paris: Live at the Olympia 1972 LP RSD 2024 2LP 70.00
Mal Waldron & Steve Lacy The Mighty Warriors – Live in Antwerp LP RSD 2024 2LP 67.00
Cannonball Adderley Burnin in Bordeaux – Live in France 1969 LP RSD 2024 2LP 67.00
Yusef Lateef Atlantis Lullaby – The Concert from Avignon LP RSD 2024 2LP 67.00
Joe Pesci Little Joe Sure Can Sing! (Hand-Numbered, Remastered Clear with Orange Swirl Vinyl Edition) LP RSD 2024 Clear with Orange Swirl Vinyl Edition 67.00
Kate Nash Back At School b/w Space Odyssey 2001 (Demo) 7″ RSD 2024 18.00
Ladytron Light & Magic LP RSD 2024 – Blood Red 2LP 45.00
Nerina Pallot Love Will Tear Us Apart LP RSD 2024 10″ Numbered Black Vinyl 20.00
Lulu James Bond – The Man With The Golden Gun Picture Disc LP RSD 2024 Picture Disc 38.00
Fun Boy Three Extended LP RSD 2024 2LP Recycled Vinyl 42.00
Ateez World Ep.Fin : Will LP RSD 2024 Exclusive Cloloured LP+7″ 75.00
Steps Deeper Shade Of Blue The Remixes (Zoetrope Picture Disc) LP RSD 2024 Zoetrope Picture Disc 39.00
Madchild Lawn Mower Man (10 Year Anniversary) LP RSD 2024 45.00
Queen Latifah Nature of a Sista’ LP RSD 2024, 140 gram 35.00
De La Soul Live at Tramps, NYC, 1996 CD RSD2024, 4 panel CD slipcase with 8 panel poster 25.00
De La Soul Live at Tramps, NYC, 1996 LP RSD2024, Tan LP 39.00
Don Carlos Pass Me The Lazer Beam LP RSD 2024 29.00
Aggrovators Dubbing At King Tubby’s Vol. 1 – Red 2LP (RSD) LP RSD 2024 2 LP RED VINYL 49.00
Aggrovators Dubbing at King Tubbys Vol 2 – Blue 2LP (RSD) LP RSD 2024 BLUE VINYL 49.00
Alborosie Dub Pirate (180g White & Orange Splatter Vinyl) LP RSD 2024 Exclusive White & Orange Splatter 180g LP 49.00
Yellowman Zunggugungzuguzungguzeng – Yellow Vinyl (RSD) LP RSD 2024 YELLOW VINYL 32.00
Unwritten Law Blue Room (30 Year Anniversary) LP RSD 2024 46.00
Ultravox Steven Wilson 12 Remixes LP RSD 2024 20.00
Pete Wylie & The Mighty WAH! Heart As Big As Liverpool (Heart-Shaped 7) 7″ RSD 2024 20.00
G.B.I. (Grohl, Benante, Ian) The Regulator 7″ RSD 2024 13.00
Apocalyptica Worlds Collide (Deluxe Edition) LP RSD 2024 – Purple 2LP, numbered 48.00
As December Falls As December Falls LP RSD 2024 – Tri-colour 29.00
As December Falls Happier LP RSD 2024 – Tri-colour 29.00
Gene Clark The Lost Studio Sessions 1964-1982 LP RSD 2024 2LP 75.00
The Blue Aeroplanes Beatsongs (Deluxe) LP RSD 2024 2LP 45.00
The Michael Schenker Group MSG (2024 Remaster) LP RSD 2024 2LP 44.00
Mansun Little Kix LP RSD 2024 CLEAR VINYL 33.00
MIDGE URE The Gift [Early Versions] LP RSD 2024 35.00
Mr. Big The Big Finish – Lean Into It Live (RSD Black Red Splatter LP) LP RSD 2024 Exclusive Black & Red Splatter 180g LP 49.00
The Hives Lex Hives and A Midsummer Hives Dream – Live In New York 2012 LP RSD 2024 LP & BONUS PINK VINYL 12″ 44.00
Various Los Nuggetz: Garage & Psych from Latin America LP RSD 2024 44.00
Oceansize Home & Minor LP RSD 2024 ORANGE VINYL 33.00
Pixies Live From Red Rocks 2005 (140G Orange marble vinyl) LP2 RSD 2024 Orange Marble 2LP 48.00
The Yardbirds Psycho Daisies – The Complete B-Sides (140G Purple vinyl with orange splatters) LP RSD 2024 Purple vinyl with orange splatters 36.00
Marc Bolan & T. Rex Zinc Alloy (50th Anniversary Zoetrope Picture Disc) LP RSD 2024 Zoetrope Picture Disc 38.00
Kaiser Chiefs Kaiser Chiefs’ Easy Eighth Album LP RSD 2024, Picture Disc 34.00
Kula Shaker Natural Magick LP RSD 2024, Picture Disc 34.00
X-Ray Spex Germ Free Adolescents LP RSD 2024, Picture disc 43.00
Mavis Staples Have A Little Faith (DELUXE EDITION) 2 LP RSD 2024 2LP Silver Vinyl, 45rpm, Gatefold Jacket 50.00
Lamont Dozier The New Lamont Dozier Album – Love and Beauty 50th Anniversary (140g Blue marble vinyl) LP2 RSD 2024 Blue Marble 2LP 48.00
Parliament Osmium Deluxe Edition (140G Green vinyl) LP2 RSD 2024 Green 2LP 44.00
Travis Biggs Solar Funk (140G ‘Solar Speckle’ marbled translucent vinyl) LP RSD 2024 Solar Speckle marbled translucent vinyl 37.00
Donna Summer Many States Of Independence (140G Transparent Blue vinyl) LP RSD 2024 Transparent Blue vinyl 37.00
Average White Band Live At The Rainbow Theatre: 1974 (140G White vinyl) LP RSD 2024 White vinyl 37.00
Vince Guaraldi It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown OSR LP RSD 2024 46.00
Elmer Bernstein Airplane! The Soundtrack (Random Opaque Red or Opaque White Vinyl) LP RSD Random Opaque Red or Opaque White Vinyl 50.00
Doctor Who Doctor Who: The Edge of Destruction (Zoetrope Picture Disc) LP RSD 2024 Zoetrope Picture Disc 38.00
The Ipanemas Samba Is Our Gift LP RSD 2024 Green Vinyl 40.00
Various (DJ Koco) Brazil 45 Boxset Vol. 5 BXS RSD 2024 exclusive 5×7″ box set 50.00

Cargo – Record Store Day 2024 List with Prices

The Bevis Frond Live at the Great American Music Hall 40 euro
The Chills The Lost EP 35 euro
Come Eleven:Eleven (Deluxe Edition plus 7″) 40 euro
The Dream Syndicate Sketches for the Days of Wine and Roses 33 euro
The Flirtations Still Sounds Like The Flirtations 33 euro
Josephine Foster and the Victor Herrero Band Perlas 33 euro
Josephine Foster and the Victor Herrero Band Anda Jaleo 33 euro
Jeremy Gluck with Nikki Sudden & Rowland S Howard I Knew Buffalo Bill 30 euro
Goat The Gallows Pole: Original Score (plus 7″) 40 euro
The Groundhogs Black Diamond 35 euro
Half Japanese Our Solar System 32 euro
Hayseed Dixie Let There Be Rockgrass 40 euro
Jowe Head The Other Side Of The Forest (Original Movie Sountrack) 32 euro
Kristin Hersh The Clear Pond Road Sessions 34 euro
The Lemonheads The Hotel Sessions 34 euro
Lora Logic Pedigree Charm [Deluxe] 40 euro
Near Jazz Experience feat. Mike Garson Character Actor EP 23 euro
Public Image Limited This Is Pil 23 euro
Public Image Limited What The World Needs Now 23 euro
Public Image Limited End Of World 23 euro
Public Service Broadcasting Gagarin 18 euro
Royal Trux Royal Trux 35 euro
Soundtracks & Head Daga Daga Daga 30 euro
The Telescopes Editions 30 euro
Jane Weaver Quantify / Deep Perelle 20 euro
X-Ray Spex Conscious Consumer (Picture Disc) 42 euro
Blues Incorporated BBC Sessions 1962 – 1965 30 euro
Boogie Down Productions Edutainment 50 euro
Casual Fear Itself 50 euro
Gandalf Gandalf 50 euro
Mic Geronimo The Natural 45 euro
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Pinata – 10 Year Anniversary Edition 43 euro
Dave Pike The Doors Of Perception 40 euro
Royal Flush Ghetto Millionaire 47 euro
Schoolly D Saturday Night! The Album 42 euro
Slum Village Detroit Deli (A Taste Of Detroit) 42 euro
SRC SRC 50 euro
Various Artists
Pale Shades Of Grey: Heavy Psychedelic Ballads & Dirges 1969-1976
40 euro
Wall of Voodoo Wall of Voodoo 50 euro
Wall of Voodoo Live 50 euro
Various Artists Soho Scene 57: Jazz Goes Mod 30 euro
Various Artists Where Southern Soul Began 30 euro