June 19th: BRAND NEW Lazarus Soul, Coldplay and Van Morrison! Big thanks, and a day out at the Marquee!

Hi folks

Hope all is well with ye all.

Thanks to those of you who came out in support of us and the Hedge Schools album launch in the siopa last Saturday…another special day….we are only about 13 LPs short of our target , twould be nice to hit it and we will im sure over the next few weeks….there are 10 or so signed copies in the shop, if anyone is still interested…Go raibh mile maith agaibh aris.

Shane has a couple of days off so myself and the boy Adam on newsletter duty this week, so maybe a little different.

We have got news of a very exciting release for the shop in the last few days…yes one of our favorites has a new album coming out on July 5th…A LAZARUS SOUL is back with a new long player and CD “ no flowers grow in cement gardens” . i think a lot of ye know im an absolutely huge fan of this band so im so excited for this release. They are in Coughlans for a show on Friday the 23rd of August, and we will be there in force …there are only a few tickets left for this so get on it and we will see you there,  for a beverage and what will be a cracking gig.

Here’s more on the new record

After a long gestation period, the band (Brian Brannigan, Anton Hegarty, Julie Bienvenu & Joe Chester), half of

whom live in Ireland, half in France, convened in Miracle Studios, Rennes, for four days of intensive recording, live,

together in a single room, their first opportunity to do so since global events had kept them apart for two years. The

session, a fury of largely improvised and incendiary versions of ten brand new Brannigan-penned songs, forms the

basis of this new record which also features guest contributions from legendary violinist, Steve Wickham. The album

was recorded and mixed in France by Joe Chester.

A super band with in my opinion one of the greatest songwriters to ever graces these shores…Brians songs put you in the song, an incredible talent to have…and everything Joe touches has such quality, he is a master at what he does…more than ably backed up by Anto and Julie, just a super super band….heres is “ black Maria” from the new album.

Black Maria (Single Edit)


One other one to mention is there is a really limited KNEECAP picture disc version of the new album…announced Monday the 17th and stock landed today….there are just 200 copies of this one time press for the Irish Market and only available in 10 shops across the country…we have some now.

Right releases in the siopa for this Friday the 21st of June include…





Then for the 28th of June we will have releases by




So for the 5th of July ( main week this week) we will have:

A LAZARUS SOUL – no flowers grow in cement gardens new album

Alphaville – Forever Young (Dolby Atmos Mix) 

Bloc Party ‘A Weekend In The City’ Vinyl Reissue

Bloc Party ‘Four’ Vinyl Reissue

Bloc Party ‘Intimacy’ Vinyl Reissue

Cassandra Jenkins – My Light, My Destroyer new album

Cigarettes After Sex ‘X’s’ brand new album ( 12th July release)

Heres a new tune from them, a band i really like

Baby Blue Movie – Cigarettes After Sex


Donald Byrd – Byrd Blows on Beacon Hill (Tone Poet)

Eagles – greatest hits vol 2 vinyl

George Benson – Now Playing (Limited Blue LP)

Graham Gouldman –  I Have Notes brand new solo album

Grateful Dead – Dead set vinyl reissue

Grateful Dead –  Reckoning vinyl reissue

Hozier – wasteland baby expanded version Ultra Clear+ Transparent Green Vinyl 2LP- INDIES/D2C

Joe Goddard ‘Harmonics’ new album

Kasabian – Happenings brand new album

Lil Dicky – Professional Rapper (Reissue

Metallica – Hardwired….. To Self-Destruct LTD 2LP Flame Orange Coloured Vinyl

Nils Landgren Funk Unit ‘raw’  ( 12th July release)

Noah Kahan ft Post Malone – Dial Drunk ltd coloured 7” single

Sabaton – Heroes 10th Anniversary (Transparent Violet Vinyl)

Sia – 1000 Forms Of Fear: 10th Anniversary Deluxe Version double purple vinyl

Slayer – Repentless (Orange Yellow Black Splatter Vinyl)

Slayer – The Repentless Killogy (Amber Smoke Vinyl)

The Rifles – Love Your Neighbour / White Vinyl

Van Morrison – Now Playing (Limited Blue LP) compilation album

Various Artists / Soul Jazz Records present ‘Rastafari: The Dreads Enter Babylon 1955-83’

Wayne Shorter – Odyssey of Iska (Tone Poet)

Right folks going to hand ye over to Adam this week…if there is a few down the roads or any other ramblings….you have a blank canvas ( christ what did i just do)
Righty sooo… Hope yere all well, firstly I want to say a massive thanks to everyone who came out to my little acoustic gig with the band on Saturday. The reception we got melted my heart. Its the start of our journey really so we’ll see what happens with it! Meant alot to see ye there and hope ye enjoyed! Watch this space for more news;)

Nuff of tha! We’ll move to the down the roads now I suppose! First up we have Van Morrison with a really nice release me thinks. Its called “Live at Orangefield” and its out on vinyl and cd on the 2nd of August. Heres a bit about it: 

  “Midnight Special, a skiffle group, consisted of fellow pupils, John McCullough, tea-chest bass, Cyril Downey, guitar, Billy Ruth, guitar, and Walter Blakely on washboard with Van on guitar and vocals. In August 2014, Van Morrison returned to perform three shows as a fond farewell to his alma mater as it prepared to close its doors for the final time. Live at Orangefield is a specially curated album, of recordings from these very shows.

When it first opened in 1957 Orangefield was a boys’ school, then the girls’ school was added before both schools merged and remained so until Orangefield was finally closed due to falling numbers of pupils in 2014. Three years later it was demolished. For roughly sixty years both schools had provided an educational and social focus to many thousands of young students from east Belfast and further afield.”


Thats it, hope ye all have a great week!:)
Thanks Adam!

Looking forward to Friday folks, summer solstice , kids are out of school for the summer and Mick is in the Marquee….really looking forward to it.

Big gig for the boy, biggest hometown gig i would think ( done a co headline many years ago with John Spillane in the Marquee)  , will be  a really special one i think….for those of you who have not seen Mick with the whole band, you are in for a treat ( probably 7 or 8 of them on stage) ….they are special live and they will rock the gaff in parts….super musicians one and all…Susan O Neill involved also, more quality,  i think this will be a really special show to be honest….Mick in the Marquee has a ring to it a bit like Rory in the hall …folks still talking about them shows as they will this one i think…might see some of ye there!


Oh a btw i might go to the Cork match Saturday yet so if i’m missing i apologize in advance…Adam and Mia will have the reigns if so…50/50 if i go or not!

Right sin e this week folks

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane, Young Adam and Mia 

June 12th: RORY Story, HEDGE SCHOOLS Live in-store/vinyl release, unreleased JOHNNY CASH album, cool coloured reissues and d’video

Hi folks

All is well I hope.

I meant to mention last week that the new Rory documentary on RTE was very good …a little short but good…a bit emotional …fierce loss Rory is…well worth a watch, it’s still on the player.

The bit where Brian May was talking about Rory’s sound and he said feck it i’m just going to ask him…you could tell from May he was a little taken aback by Rory’s sincere and no bullshit answer to what a lot might consider to be a loaded question…you could tell he was seriously impressed with the mans decency…i have a little story…couple in the shop in douglas court circa 2013/2014 i reckon….dont know them and don’t think they were ever in again but Rory came up in conversation…” we were out in St Olivers visiting the parents grave there a few weeks back, and herself was walking down the path out of the cemetery ahead of me a bit, when a  man stopped her and they were talking …he passed me then and we nodded at one another …i caught up with her and said to her do you know who that was…she answered no…i said Christ what did he want ,,,oh he was looking for Rory Gallaghers grave…i said to her, that was Brian May from Queen”

May was in Dublin at the time for the launch of that Ben Elton Queen stage show and got into his car or probably got on a plane …or he might have walked, i don’t know how he got there but he took the time to seek out Rory’s grave…2 decent fellas i reckon.

Speaking of decent fellas, Pat Barrett from Hedge schools is with us this Saturday @ 1pm to launch our beautiful venture “ the end of the winding day” vinyl release …first time and only time ever i’d say for this record … .but it will have some story attached to it … .Pat and Joe Chester are the maestros behind it, the creators.

Here’s the story again… the record was caught up in the Dublin vinyl mess, it wasn’t going to happen, Pat wasn’t in a place financially to get it out…i offered to help…few things went a little against us since the off… from the first time it was pre sold on Dublin Vinyl there was 50/60 preorders, those folks were to be refunded by DV….they were not unfortunately…we ( rightly and absolutely) are going to fulfill those orders but fulfilling them has a cost ….basically 7.80 euro a shipment, post and packing, that’s what it is….by 50 folks….the bones of 400 euro…so we are going ask these folks to send us the 8 quid and we will ship the record….Pat will ask on his socials also…some will some won’t, we will ship anyway

Pat will message the DV folks…i think its ok to ask for that  shipment charge.

So all in all the 300 records cost 3018 euro….that increased a bit from what we hoped it would be with unforeseen ( green to this) costs like DMM / Lacquer Cutting €374.00 , DMM / Lacquer Processing €254.00 and a  pallet delivery from Europe….so yep 3k to recoup, knew what i signed up for, was happy to sign up for it, right thing to do, but the shop contrary to the yachting world telegraph  reports does not have hugely deep pockets and 3K is a lot of money for us…but am i glad i did it…hell yeah. I emailed folks who bought it last week to thank them and Shane ( our Shane) sent a lovely response.

“ We’ll sell them alright. Great record. Thanks for doing it, something you’ll always have to your name. A piece of cultural history.” I think he summed it up for me with the last few words.

As it stands ( that’s if everyone who has committed to buying one, does buy it) we will be at 1900 quid…thanks to Luca Records in Waterford, Rollercoaster in Kilkenny, Steamboat in Limerick, OMG in Galway and Tower and Spindizzy in Dublin who are all supporting the release of the record…thanks folks.

So we are a little away from the 3k….i hit that, i’m out and Pat gets the rest of the records…that’s the deal, end of story.

We are getting lost in the accounting here folks, ( we will get there) the reason i wanted to help was the music, the music is beautiful, just beautiful , the space in the music …this record is a thing of beauty, that’s why i wanted to help, it more than deserves to be out in the world, that’s why i wanted to help, i consider it an Irish classic, that’s why i  wanted to help, it was for the music.

Pat is with us Saturday at 1 pm playing songs from the record, signing records and having the chats ,  he says he owes it to me and that he owes it to himself to come down and do the instore…support for it will be very much appreciated.

Right hope to see ye Saturday, i dont want folks to feel under pressure to  buy the hedge schools record but if you get something out of the music and want to buy it, then we are delighted folks…so its all good xx

Here’s a tune, give it a listen…the album as an album from start to finish works beautifully but here’s a tune…nice message in the visual here!!



Right onto the business of selling records, above was different.

So out this Friday the 14th of June we will have


Then Friday the 21st of June we will have




Main attack this week is for Friday the 28th May



Right so going to pass ye on to Shane now as he runs down the road a bit with ye…

Cheers, Ray. Howdy everyone.
Exciting week for the shop with the release of the Hedge Schools vinyl. As Ray said, it’s class.
I remember listening to it a lot while we worked in the siopa, could well have been back in the Douglas Court days. Sometimes albums can blow over your head when you’re working but that was one that always stood out.
Looking forward to giving it a few spins on vinyl now.

Some biggish coloured vinyl reissues coming down the line to mention. First up, Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication is getting reissued on red and blue 2 LP vinyl. Out on July 26th.
Their biggest selling album.
And LINKIN PARK – Hybrid Theory is getting a yellow vinyl reissue on the same day. Also by them, Meteora and The Hunting Party both on coloured vinyl too.

There’s a cool 14 CD box set of live recordings by Pete Townshend – Live in Concert 1985-2001 on the 26th of July also.

A very limited amount of BLUE NILE albums will be coming into us on vinyl. ‘Hats’‘A Walk Across the Road’‘Peace at Last’ and ‘High’. Fastest fingers first on those I’d say.

Here’s a list of what else is coming:

Lot of coloured reissues this week. Think dat’s all.

Here’s Adam’s video from last weekend: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C79mf92tdqL/?igsh=dnN5cm5obDVqNGVx


Thanks Shane kid.



Last thing…I had a few short letters this past week with a gentleman…


Sin e for this week folks

Hope to see ye saturday

Thanks for listening

Ray,  Shane, Young Adam and Mia

June 5th: Open letter to VILLAGERS, old SPRINTS pink vinyl, new JAMIE XX, new/live MORRISSEY and BLUR, TALKING HEADS – SMS reissue and good luck with the exams

Hi Everyone

Hope all is well!

Thanks to those of you who were in for Niamh Regan on Saturday, it was a beautiful day but we still had a lovely crowd…thank ye. Thanks to Niamh also, she was super, really good songs she has…i think it’s the first time we had an encore at a music zone instore…twas great!

And do you know what also is great …the new Villagers record is only excellent …every song…in my opinion Villagers best work so far, lyrically really top notch, melodies brilliant as usual…it’s on constant repeat for me …a super record imo.

This is a bit of an open letter to Conor…

Hi Conor

I kind of dropped the ball…we met briefly after your show in Coughlans sometime last year….i was nervous and had a couple of beers on board.

I asked you if you would consider playing in the shop sometime….you said you would !!

You offered your email which I thought I would remember…which i didn’t!! Big Ball drop uimhir a haon.

New album “ that Golden time” was announced some months back and I don’t know why I didn’t act on our conversation…ball drop uimhir a do … .oh you plonker Raymond.

Then about 4 weeks before release i said to myself, should chance Conor O’Brien re a little instore with the new record…so went on to Villagers website only to see a blast of instores planned for the new record launch….agghhh i was so annoyed with myself….i felt i couldn’t go asking then, plans were in place…oh you plonker Raymond.

Anyways, here is a polite open invitation  to visit our humble shop someday Conor, anyday.

I read there is a book coming out later in the year, september i think…if there was signings/songs going on, we are 1000% interested…in Cork early dec  also i believe, which i am looking forward to….or the next album launch, i shall definitely be asking… just to forewarn you….theres is absolutely no drama with this, …it is simply a polite request …anytime… the door is open …hope this finds you…thank you. x

No Drama


Right so releases in the shop for this Friday the 7th of June include

Then for the 14th of June we have




Main week we are chasing orders for today is for releases for 21st June ( we need to have orders to the record companies for new releases two weeks before the actual release date…if they miss the cut off, they don’t get keyed till after release date, causing delays etc….) so if you fancy anything for 21st june, email us back in the next few days…heres the 21st june



Going to hand ye folks over to Shane now as he takes ye down the road as usual…a few really nice announcements in the last few days actually…over to you Shane so

Hey Ray, thanks! A nice win last night for Ireland in the soccer, late goals are always fun!

Good luck to Mia in the Leaving Cert, it’ll fly. And to anyone else doing it. But as Ray and Connor/Villagers said, again, ‘No Drama’.

Hey all, hope yere well.
Yep, some biggies to mention this week so I’ll get stuck in:

I suppose first up we better announce MORRISSEY – Beethoven Was Deaf (Live in Paris). A bit like with Bowie, there are snipers that might take us out if we don’t mention first!
It’s going to be released on CD, ECO black vinyl or ECO Orange vinyl on July 26th.
Here’s the tracklist: 


1. You’re the One for Me, Fatty
2. Certain People I Know
3. The National Front Disco
4. November Spawned a Monster
5. Seasick, Yet Still Docked
6. The Loop
7. Sister I’m a Poet
8. Jack the Ripper
9. Such a Little Thing Makes Such a Big Difference
10. I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday
11. We’ll Let you know
12. Suedehead
13. He Knows I’d Love to See Him
14. You’re Gonna Need Someone on Your Side
15. Glamorous Glue
16. We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful

Last week I mentioned a big Irish announcement. Couldn’t say it as the newsletter was going out before the official announcement but SNOW PATROL are back with a brand new one called ‘The Forest is the Path’. And there’s a limited Irish exclusive green vinyl of it.
Their first in a good few years.
Noelle (the wife) is a fan of the Grey’s Anatomy series, and she says that if you hear Snow Patrol it’s ominous and shit’s going to get emotional!

Here’s a new trailer for it, with snippets of tracks: THE FOREST IS THE PATH ↟

Agus iad seo:

  • JAMIE XX – In Waves – brand new album, looking forward to this myself, his last one with the colouredy cover is a bit of a modern classic. CD, std LP, indies white vinyl or 3 LP deluxe version. – 20/9/24


Oh, we got stock last week of the 2nd solo album from PETE MAC of the Cork grunge band PARADOX. It’s called ‘HiberNation’ and was recorded during Covid lockdown.
Been listening to it myself, some great tracks on it and musicians. Bits of grunge, alt rock and folk in it.
Here’s a track from it, lovely video too: https://youtu.be/25G5B-syAhE?si=527O243cVQEFhsvk

We were a bit up the walls of late getting the 2 Johnnies CD and vinyl posted out to people so didn’t get a chance to do a video.

Think that’s everything from me anyway. Back to you Ray so. Cheers.

Thanks Shane!


Sin e really for this week folks

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane young, Adam and Mia


May 29th: Two middle-aged KNEECAP fans, Thanks to DK, HEDGE SCHOOLS in-store, coloured vinyl reissues, new DECEMBRERISTS, and see ye at NIAMH!

Hi folks

Hope all is well … .June is nearly here and the rebels are still hurling!!

We will take that, we will.

Right bits of news hence the newsletter.

Had David Kitt last Monday  evening and twas great…thanks again to David and to those of ye who came along … .hugely appreciated as always. David gifted us a lovely handmade CD stand with some iconic artists on it…its a beautiful little stand, nice touch from David.

Really looking forward to Niamh Regan this Saturday the 1st of June at 1pm….i have a digital copy of the album the last  few weeks and it is super, really looking forward to hearing some of these songs live, Niamh really is a talent and i feel on the cusp of bigger things…these bunch of songs should do that i feel…the last instore during Covid for the launch of “ hemet” had such a lovely warm vibe…here is the new single “ music”…super song, fine songwriter

Niamh Regan – ‘Music’ lyric video

Niamhs in our house Saturday and will be singing, signing records and cds after … .one not to be missed folks!! 

It could be one in 3 years you will be saying Crikey Ray had her in the shop.

Oh, if you can’t make it in and want a signed copy….shout folks or buy it from the site.

While i’m on the instore train…another sweet one…Mr Patrick Barrett will be down with us on Saturday the 15th of June @ 1pm for a solo Hedge Schools acoustic performance…he/we are launching “the  end of the winding day” record on vinyl for the very first and only time. Ah Pats such a gent, i kind of didn’t want him to come down…let me explain…( off course i wanted him to come down, can’t wait) see there’s no financial thing in it at all for Pat, he is coming down  to help us sell records so we can get our few pound back on the release…i was like “ Pat, there’s no hassle kid, i don’t want to be bringing you all the way down here etc etc” response ….ah jaysus Ray, i owe that to ya, i owe it to myself”….how do you argue with that…Saturday 15th June 1 pm…will be a special one..might even get Pat a Cork jersey like ( i know i’m getting carried away with the hurling…pure Cork, thinking were brilliant)

Anyways chalk that one down folks…Sat 15th june 1pm!!


Cos we are going into a bank holiday we will be closed as usual on Sunday but also the bank holiday Monday.

Also the vinyl promotion is 80% per cent up and running….the big “RSD “ wall on the way out to the bathrooms….can be found on the website also under big vinyl sale…2 for 50 euro best price ( no stamps) or 28 quid each…some nice titles in it!

Right better plug whats coming out…

This friday we will have…

Then Friday the 7th June we will have releases by…



So our main focus ( in other words, i need to place orders for the forthcoming stuff this week) is for releases on the 14th of June…im gone mad on the Kneecap stuff myself…at my age!

So releases for 14th june …

Here is a tune from the record

Hermanos Gutiérrez – “Until We Meet Again” [Official Music Video]

Heres a song from the record…really creative man

James Vincent McMorrow – Call me back (Official Audio)

Heres another tune

KNEECAP – C.E.A.R.T.A (Official Music Video) …i might turn a few of ye auld codgers yet

Heres a tune from the record

Lankum – The Rocky Road To Dublin (Official Audio)


Going to hand ye to Shane now as usual as he takes ye down the road…

Sound, Ray. How’s it going everyone?
Yeah, I like KNEECAP too! Bit of Sleaford Mods to them. Some great beats and the Irish/English mix is different.

For those not gone though we have a few Dad Rock reissues coming in July!
THE POLICE – Synchronicity is getting the deluxe reissue treatment, coming out as a 2 CD, 6 CD box set, Picture Disc LP or 4 LP vinyl box set:
Here’s what’s in the vinyl box set:
“Disc 1 – The Original Album The original 10-track LP track-listing Disc 2 – B-Sides / Bonus Tracks 12-track collection of contemporaneous B-sides and singles bonus tracks. Disc 3 – Unreleased (Part 1) 10 previously unreleased alternate takes, out-takes, and instrumentals Disc 4 – Unreleased (Part 2) A further 11 previously unreleased alternate takes, out-takes and instrumentals 140 black vinyl 64-page, lavish colour book, featuring unseen material / new liner notes & interviews / archive memorabilia & photos. Printed inner sleeves Four art print photographs Housed in a hardback slipcase”

And the Rolling Stones will reissue ‘Voodoo Lounge’ on red/yellow 2 LP vinyl, also in July.

Oh, heads up, big Irish release being announced tonight after 8. Keep eyes and ears peeled. Will mention properly next week.

Another Dad Rock reissue, OASIS – Definitley Maybe: 30th Anniversary edition! (Yes, Oasis are Dad Rock now)
There’ll be a nice pink marble coloured 2 LP available, plus an expanded 2 CD or 4 LP sets.

Adam is back from his hols this evening I think, so he’ll hopefully have a video run down done for next week.

Here are the other releases/pre-orders that are coming along in the next few months:

That’s all from me I think. Cheers!

Thanks a mil Shane


Sin e really for this week

Just the 2 of us and a busy week, David Kitt on Monday, 2 Johnnies in Cypress thursday night which we are involved in , Niamh on Saturday so a busy week here in the Corporation

Slan slan folks

Thanks for listening, see ye at Niamh

Ray, Shane, Young Adam & Mia.


May 22nd: Irish Exclusive gold vinyl of new LANKUM – Live, Immediate in-stores, new S.O.N., NIAMH REGAN, WELLER, classic Ray rant, MATHMAN solo LP and a BOWIE Blu Ray

Hi folks

Hope all is well

The rebels are still there … .they are growing … .if they survive next weekend and make it out of Munster, they will be fiercely dangerous.

Couple of sweet instores coming up….next Monday night the 27th of May we have DAVID KITT back with us performing songs from his second studio album “ not fade away” ….David will sing songs from the record, sign copies of the record ( i think he may have a few cds with him also, from the original batch…its not been remastered on CD) and have the aul chats…really hope to see a few of ye there!! Monday coming @ 6 bells…

Next up then the following Saturday the 1st of June @ 1 o clock, we are delighted to welcome NIAMH REGAN back to the siopa, Niamh performed for us in late summer 2020 as a socially distanced gig …remember those days!

Niamh is a special talent in my opinion and she launches her second album “come as you are” with us. The album is available on CD and LP and Niamh will be performing songs from the record , signing copies after and having the chats. Another one not to be missed, cream of Irish talent on show over the course of a week…in an uncanny little twist David has a bonus track on “ not fade away” that was not on the original album  and it’s a song called “ Love someone else” and its a song with Niamh Regan of course!! Below is Niamhs first single from the new record and then we have David and Niamh “ love someone else” from David’s “ not fade away” vinyl reissue.

Madonna – Niamh Regan

Love Someone Else


Speaking of Irish talent , Susan O Neill announced a studio album today…her debut solo album after the joint venture with Mick and then that super EP from a couple of years ago as well.  The new record is out in September on vinyl and CD, “ now in a minute” it’s called and there is a few cowrites with Mick again on the record…Susans a really big talent …here’s a tune from the album…

Drive – Susan O’Neill (official video)


Right so releases out for this Friday the 24th May include



Then releases for the 31st of May include…

We are 2 bodies down for a while, Mia is off preparing for her leaving cert and the young fella is gone to Berlin on his hols….so myself and Shane holding fort so a few things may pass us by over next 2 weeks…apologies if so…this week main one is Friday the 7th of June…also just got word the Richard thompson new one on CD will not be signed now it seems….the vinyl look as if they will be signed but not the CDs…sorry!

Right Friday 7th of June we will have


In case you are living under a bit of a rock, these lads are at it…big time!

Just a short note here…Craft have been running a very successful jazz “acoustic sounds series” for a couple of years now with folks raving about the sound quality ….looks like they are starting a blues “ acoustic sound series” now as well.

I have my moaning hat on here now folks … .but the amount of leakage and slippage of revenue with the website is a lot for a small business.  When we got government local authority support for upgrading the website  in 2020 …50% of the cost each…back then there was only 25% of all Irish businesses with a properly functioning website … Why is that? …cos it’s darn hard work….ferociously competitive with the record companies own websites, as well the massive giants who sell everything, its really labor intensive and there can be lots of slippage….i’m not trying to cut off my nose here….keep buying from the site please…we need more not less on it. 

So let me paint a picture…sell a record to someone up the country , make 7 quid profit on it after VAT, there is a problem with it at the far end, ranges just like people range, from the smallest hairline seam crease to records smashed in bits in transit…so we have to get the record back ….costs us 7.50….then have to send out a replacement  copy…another 7.50….yep we are minus 8 quid for the transaction…not the best business model im sure you would agree…need the next 3 online orders to get out ahead again….we probably have a return of some shape ( faulty record, creases, dents. Damaged in transit) about every week or 10 days….we dont sell a huge amount online ( would love to sell more as it would lessen the pain) but the website is like a necessary evil really,  and we are steeped in blood so far that  to return is as tedious as to go o’er. But life would be way easier without the website, but life may be easier without a business also and that’s the way it would head probably/maybe. Claiming back from DPD when they are the cause of the issue is now gone to amusing…well not really, i have given up….its a non runner, they do not pay out …indicative of the modern world this scenario, yes we want to help you, did you download the form to claim ( from a link that doesn’t work) , sorry try here ( 3 days later) …oh sorry that doesn’t work either…try here….6 days later….ok next? Did you download the other insurance forms, just need to set up an account, password requires 4 numbers,  27 different letters and 6 emojis, password needs to be refreshed everyday….erra to cut a long story short, they don’t pay out, more slippage….tis everywhere with the site…did you ever just want to get stuff off your chest…always feel a bit better.

Shane over to you kid for the down the roads…

Haha, good rant, Ray! I agree though, not much return for all the hassle. The big record companies competing with you then as well is a kick in the liathroidi. But in fairness, we have some great supporters of the online shop too who are further afield. And I suppose if not for them it could be worse. Thanks people! and for being patient with us, we’re a small crew and sometimes make mistakes.

A bumper week this week for Irish releases! The Irish scene is as strong as ever.
As Ray mentioned, the debut solo album from Susan O’ Neill. Hopefully we might have her back for an in-store.
And Niamh Regan.
But arguably the biggest one is a brand new live album from LANKUM – Live in Dublin. Young Adam went to see them for the Free Palestine Concert in the 3 Arena with a friend of ours, and even though he wasn’t too gone on the album, thought they were exceptional live.
As ye know, they swept the awards for their album last year, including the top spot in the famous Music Zone Album of the Year Poll.
What’s class as well is there’s an Irish exclusive limited edition gold vinyl release of it, and we’ll be getting that plus the black vinyl. And it’s not too far away, release date is June 21st.

Here’s an amhrán: Lankum – The Rocky Road To Dublin (Official Audio)
Love the harmonies.

Also on the Irish front,  MATHMAN – SK83: The Prequel which is the solo album of Irish DJ/producer Mathman is coming out on June 14th and we’ll have it on clear vinyl.
Here’s a bit more about it:
“Dublin City, 1998. Prepare to be transported back in time to the vivid streets of Dublin. A city in social, economic and artistic transition.Set against an evocative sonic backdrop of jungle, drum and bass and breakbeat, SK83 weaves an elaborate narrative that captures the essence of adolescent life in Dublin in the late 1990’s.
Delve into a captivating sonic journey that explores the bevy of emotions and events that colour a teenagers journey to adulthood – from love and loss, first-time experiences, the pitfalls of peer pressure and the unmistakable pull of the city’s intoxicating rave culture.
”My ambition for SK83 was to create an immersive musical and visual universe that brings the listener on a journey that captures the essence of adolescence. I wanted to reflect and re – live my own teenage experiences, and bring to life what is a shared universal experience for us all – but in this instance is told thru the lens of a young man in Dublin in the late 1990’s.” — MathMan”

Noelle and I went to see him and Mango in Cyprus Avenue a year or so ago, very good.

Here’s the track ‘Show Me’ from the album: https://youtu.be/_poufpRe_k8?si=GOxAeJqh7f2LBLfB

And THE SCRIPT have a new album, ‘Satellites’, coming out on August 16th – CD, deluxe CD or Vinyl

And here’s a list of the rest, some biggish ones here too:

And here are ones we missed last week:

No Adam vid this week (enjoy the hols bud!)
But here’s a little promo vid on our Instagram from DAVID KITT, see ye for his instore on Monday:

Back to the Bossman! (the other Bossman was great last week by all accounts)

Thanks Shane!

Sin e I suppose
Thanks for listening
Ray, Shane, young Adam and Mia


May15th: JOHN LENNON Ultimate Box Set, Vinyl summer sale, BRUCEY bonus, new BONNY LIGHT HORSEMAN, RICHARD THOMPSON, EELS, RIP Steve Albini and Rebels Abú!

Well folks

Hope yer all well!

Rebels abú!

We win one match in a couple of years and we are running away with ourselves!!

That atmosphere down the Pairc on Saturday night was as good as I have ever experienced  … .twas only electric…a night to live long in the memory.

Sport like music can be truly amazing, the boost that victory has given the city is palpable, it seems everyone has got a boost.

This team has now enraptured the Cork public, they are box office ( sher ask GaaGo )

Probably lose to the tipp lads now and that will be that … .but sher nice while it lasted!!

Anyways on to  the tunes…it aint a hurling blog like…

We are running a bit of a vinyl promotion for the next few months….stock landing this week , so should be up and running a bit by friday but definitely next week….2 for 50 euro or 28/29 quid each….no discounts, no stamps, no nathing…2 for 50 quid best best prices…lots of really good titles in it ….will have them updated on the website as well in the next week under big vinyl sale.


Right releases in the siopa for this friday 17th May include

Then for the 24th May we have…

Main week for this week is Friday may 31st…and we will have

Brand new album , here is a song from it …one of my favourite songs at the moment….shot down in Levis in Ballydehob…great video, great song, super sound…buy it!!

Released 7th June but need numbers asap

Here is a tune…thought provoking as always…typical Markie!

EELS – Time (official video) – from EELS TIME! – Out June 7, 2024

Here’s  a song from the record…classic Hawley

Richard Hawley – Heavy Rain (Official Lyric Video)

Richard Thompson – “Singapore Sadie” [Official Audio]

Going to hand ye over to Shane now as he takes ye down the road as usual…

Cheers, Ray! Glad the Rebels won and you’d a great day out! Love sport too, but can’t watch everything.

Sad about Steve Albini. Only 61.
I only saw that he had passed after we sent the newsletter out last week, Bobby actually had mentioned it on instagram.
One of the greats. Been listening to alot of Shellac since. And had picked up a recent album a couple months back by Fire! which he recorded. The space he got between all the instruments in a recording was class. In Utero is one of my all time favourites.
Will be missed.

A biggie to mention first from me is JOHN LENNON – Mind Games: Ultimate Collection which will be coming out on July 12th on 2 CD, 2 LP and super deluxe box set. Adam and I are big fans of Lennon’s solo stuff.


Also on the agenda, a 40th Anniversary of a classic, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – Born in the USA is getting a deluxe coloured vinyl reissue. 14th of June for that too. Should be another great day out at the Pairc.

Going to rattle off the rest as I’m behind. Sorry we missed a few links today, we were a woman down.

Here’s Adam’s latest vid (Ray makes a cameo appearance in his jersey) : https://www.instagram.com/reel/C61bBaGt2qe/?igsh=b21sYW8xMDAyMzM1

Will get those missing links done next week!

Ar ais leat so Ray. Sound.

Thanks Shane!
Sin e really for this week folks

Looking forward to the David Kitt instore on Monday 27th of May @ 6 pm

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane, young Adam and Mia.

May 8th: First ever Music Zone Vinyl release, VILLAGERS Postcards, new JOHNNY CASH, SEASICK STEVE, Coloured MoV vinyl reissues and Adam’s video is back!

Hi folks

Hope all is well and ye had a nice bank holiday weekend.

Things tend to quieten down in the shop business wise for the next few months.

We do have some instores coming up which will be lovely…David Kitt will be with us on Monday the 27th of May and we should have a really lovely instore to announce also for Saturday the 1st of June … .more on that one soon!

After the closure of Dublin vinyl, which was a shock and blow to everyone in our industry here in Ireland, there was a few local homegrown talents that got caught in the crossfire of the closure…some had paid money to get records made , only for said records never to be made, hopefully those folks will get some of their money back in the liquidation process…others just didn’t get their record into production it was a mess for everyone.

Hedge Schools were to have their superb “ at the end of a winding day” album released on LP format for the first time via Dublin Vinyl in May , but the record did not go into production. 

I got in touch with Pat Barrett of Hedge Schools a few weeks after the Dublin vinyl closure ( Joe Chester ( A Lazarus Soul) being the other member of Hedge Schools) …id know Pat a few years now,  probably since this very record was released on CD , about ten years ago i’d say ( I loved the album and got in touch when the CD was released to buy some direct from him)…nice bit of contact here and there down through the years…Pat played an instore for us when he got the train down and i picked him at the station and dropped him back after the instore…i think that was for Hedge Schools “ magnificent birds “ album launch…anyways Pats a really good guy. So i got in touch and we had a chat…Pat was very keen to get the record out in the world as was i ( i really connected with it) so between the jigs and reels we decided to put the record out together…i’m delighted the record is finally going to happen to be honest.

It’s the corporation’s first venture and its aim is to just recoup its costs after that it’s all Hedge Schools…if it fails to do that then it is what it is … .hopefully it will recoup.. .good people of Ireland…buy the record!!

First venture at putting out a record so excited to have our name attached to it and honored to be honest.

Here is Pat telling us about one of the tracks from the record “ the sleeping song” 


And here is the track in question



More on it over the coming weeks!


Right o , releases in the siopa for this friday the 10th of May include


With Villagers album we have some nice postcards to go with the album….we have about 10 spare ones ( rest gone to preorderers)


Then for the 17th of May, we will have…


Main one for numbers this week are releases for the 24th of May

So there is 

Heres a tune from it..real soulful vibe going on

Paul Weller – Rise Up Singing (Official Video)

Seasick Steve – Backbone Slip (Official Video)

Going to hand ye over to Shane folks as he takes ye down the road as usual!

Sound, Ray!
Hi all, hope yere good and had a nice long weekend. Myself and Noelle were put to work in a local garden centre on the weekend. We got a bbq out of it!
That’s class news about the Hedge Schools record, Ray! Tis a lovely album and well worth having on vinyl. You have me down for one!
Good music can be drowned out a bit these days with the sea of shite that’s on a lot of daytime radio etc. This one will be well worth having in the collection.

Nothing major to announce this week from me, good few reissues.
There are new albums coming from GLASS ANIMALS – I Love You So F***ing Much on CD, vinyl or splatter coloured vinyl (19/7/24), and GRACIE ABRAMS – The Secret of Us on CD or coloured vinyl (21/6/24)

Gracie Abrams – Risk (Official Music Video)

Glass Animals – Creatures in Heaven (Official Video)

And a cool unreleased album from JOHNNY CASH – Songwriter, available as a CD, 2 CD or coloured vinyl (June 28th)

And these are the reissues:

And there are Live ones from:

After all the RSD bustle of recent weeks and some technical difficulties, Adam has a new shop video now for ye, here tis:

Back to you Ray so, slán.

Thanks Shane

A working man walked into a record shop, breakfast roll in hand, dirty filthy boots, badly soiled the brand new carpet and asked the keeper of said record shop “ do you have any AC/DC” borderline panic ensued in the mind of the young keeper …no AC/DC CDs you gobshite…” no sorry, can get in if you like” …” nah your grand”….ahh ahh….5 minutes later a woman bought a “  Bridget Jones Diary “ soundtrack CD…it had started…that was 23 years and 4 hours ago…” young” Adam wasn’t even born…still tend to have dirty floors at times, there’s worse things.

Right sin e for this week

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane, young Adam and Mia.

May 1st: MAY DAY! New DAVID GILMOUR, new JVM, KERRY KING, DAVID KITT in-store, JONI MITCHELL box sets and a bit of housekeeping

Holy shite , 1st of May, where did you come from like!


Hi folks

Hope all is well.

Last week  tidy up time after RSD….everything non RSD gets put down the queue and builds up after the event so spent last week ( and this week) getting the place back together….we moved a few racks around and amazing the psychological effect it has …space like time is a funny thing…the amount of people who have said in the past week “ yer doing a clear out lads” …same number of racks on the floor as we always had.

Right releases in the siopa for this Friday the 3rd of May include…


Then for the 10th of May we have…


So new ones are for the 17th of May and these include…

I really like Billie…always have done,  so looking forward to the new one….no song released yet…old school i like it!



Little bit of housekeeping folks….

Bank holiday next Monday so the shop is closed Sunday ( as always) but also the bank holiday Monday 6th May.

The students are back next door folks from this week until early June doing their summer exams….chaos in the car park at times…chaos….advice…. if cannot get a space just abandon it and come in and tell me and ill sort it….no drama with this….the security lads are trying to help us…..they realize it’s a tricky situation for us not have spaces for our few customers and i realise its really difficult for them  to manage the car park under the circumstances….so if no space….abandon it for 1 minute and pop into me and i will sort it…


We have a really nice instore coming up folks ( few weeks away yet)  but delighted to welcome DAVID KITT back to the shop for an instore on Monday the 27th of May @ 6 pm . David is self re releasing “ not fade away”. Available on 180gm vinyl for the first time since its 2006 release on Rough Trade. The album has been lovingly remastered and resequenced and features a re-recorded version of Say No More and a brand new song Love Someone Else featuring Niamh Regan. Out May 24.

David will perform songs from the brilliant album on Monday the 27th @ 6pm and sign records and have the chats after ….here is “ say no more” from the record…great song



Last bit of housekeeping, for this month only, there will be a one-off sale of the work of Dutch photographer to the stars Govert de Roos and his iconic portrayal of Rory Gallagher. This unique photography work, which was taken in 1976, both in the studio and live, portrays Rory doing what he did best. These exclusive photos are developed on high-quality hahnemuhle photo paper and will be available for purchase  exclusive to us for May im told…150 euro best price folks

All photos are framed,  signed by Govert de Roos and embossed to ensure authenticity.

Right going to hand ye over to Shane now as he takes ye down the road…

Sound, Ray. How’s it going everyone!
Those Rory pictures are cool alright. I think there are Prince ones available too from the photographer. He left flyers in on the counter.

And from two guitar legends to another; there’s going to be a brand new album from DAVID GILMOUR called ‘Luck and Strange’ out on September 6th on a few formats:
CD, Blu Ray, standard vinyl, blue vinyl and indies silver coloured vinyl.
His first solo album in nearly ten years.
As much as I love Syd Barrett, Gilmour is the main man for the way Pink Floyd went for me.
Here’s a new track from the upcoming album: https://youtu.be/gMr5GpCpKyA?si=CLKJknRrx1QYZPZK

A big Irish release coming in the second week of June, JAMES VINCENT MCMORROW’s new album ‘Wide, Open Horses’ on CD and white vinyl.
Here’s some more info about it:
Wide Open, Horses is a candid snapshot of everything that has brought James to this point. The album signifies a retaking of his own narrative, a freeing self-acceptance, and a rebuilding of both his sense of self and his connection to music. Singles “Stay Cool“, “Never Gone” and “Give Up” offer a first taste of what fans can expect, leaning further into the introspective and sincere indie-folk sound of his earlier material, whilst incorporating elements of his more explorative later releases.

A unique and particularly special artist project, Wide Open, Horses was initially performed live having booked two nights at The National Concert Hall in Dublin, where he recorded a handful of lo-fi demos, practiced the material for a week, and then hit the stage prior to ever recording a single song. Phones weren’t allowed, but James recorded it to “see what worked and what didn’t work.”

And a track: https://youtu.be/H7gaBzdjYKI?si=UB876o5koNCiKBOh

And a nice reissue box set to mention. JONI MITCHELL’s Asylum Years 1976-80 will be coming out as a 5 CD or 5 LP box set on June 21st.

Here’s a list of other releases coming in the next few months:

Think that’s everything from me. Enjoy the long weekend!
Back to you so, Ray, bud.


Thanks Shane!

Sin e really for today folks

( not an Echo to be got in Cork today!)

Thanks for listening as usual

Ray, Shane, young Adam and Mia

April 24th: The 2 Johnnies New Album Launch Party, TAYLOR variants, Hothouse Flowers video, new THOM YORKE, and RSD Thanks

Hi folks

Well RSD is put to bed for another 12 months … .i’m not sorry!!

It was a fantastic day though…good fun, very busy and great music all day long.

I got a little grouchy with 3 or 4 people throughout the day, im sorry, it can be fairly intense and there are a few moments where you are just under pressure and don’t react great to a situation…so there was 3 occasions i think i was a grumpy bollox so i apologize to ye…nothing bad just grumpy!! 

Have to thank the musicians Polly, Caoilan, Christy , Two time polka , the Hothouse Flowers and Irish Jack…they were all brilliant and made the day so so special. Thanks also of course to Shane, Adam and Mia who helped me no end in preparing and organizing the shop and everything else that goes with the day…right i know Adam was late but sher i forgive him for that! And thanks of course to ye folks who came and  bought some records, listened and supported the bands…and were generally just good folks. Thanks Aodhdin for keeping the place tidy and looking after everyone!! And a lovely moment was when Geraldine Barron of Two Time Polka arrived at about 8.30 am with a freshly baked apple tart … .still hot!! Touch of class that was…some of ye would want to pull yer socks up a little bit ….or  grumpy Ray will rear his head. I think I might have to change my name to “ two secs”…i think my name was called 3 or 4 hundred times last Saturday and id say half the time the reply was “ two secs” …one of  my grumpy episodes was when a lad wasn’t listening to my two secs…after i repeated my “ two secs “ and still not heard…i said “ how many times do i have to say two secs?” …sorry Brian…you know i love ya!

Anyway super super day and will live long in the memory.


We hope to have a little video of the Flowers here …did we manage it Shane…says he who is absolutely useless with most things…Irish Jack summed it up…” Rays the boss here and i really want to thank him greatly for inviting me to do this, but if you want anything done youd better ask Adam!”

Hopefully we have the video…

Yeah, Ray, got there in the end, technology can be a pain in the bottom sometimes. Here’s the video anyway on our Youtube – Shane:


Right back to the day job …releases for this friday the 26th of April….wait wait wait….3 new vinyl versions of the new Taylor album just landed ….these are hopefully on the site now ( says he who hasn’t put a thing on the site in about 10 years i’d say) …right releases for the 26th are

And then releases for the 3rd May include


Main week for this week is 10th May..so we will have…



Going to hand ye over to Shane now as he takes ye down the road as usual…

Sound, Ray. Relief I suppose now RSD is done? Fair play, a lot of work involved.
Hi everyone, hope all is well with ye.

On the new Taylor variants before I start, it’s gammy on fans I think, announcing different variants after the fact with a different bonus track on each. Pushing people to buy several copies of the same album which costs nearly 50 euro each.
I better zip it though or I’ll be taken out.

First up of note, a new album of soundtrack compositions from THOM YORKE – Confidenza! His first soundtrack work since Suspiria.
Here’s a track from it:

CD, black vinyl and cream coloured vinyl. Released on July 12th.

Am really enjoying the new album from David Murphy that we mentioned before, called ‘Cuimhne Ghlinn.’ Out last Friday. Really relaxing and interesting mixes of instruments on it.

There’s a new limited WATERBOYS reissue of ‘Dream Harder’ coming out via Music on Vinyl on the 7th of June. Nice one to get.

And there’s a brand new album coming out at the end of May by Pakistani vocalist AROOJ AFTAB called ‘Night Reign’.
I like her. Class voice. And her last album ‘Vulture Prince’ was popular in the siopa.
I believe this album will be more experimental and have jazz and electronic influences. But here’s a tune so let’s find out:

And here’s a list of what else is coming down the road:

Playing catchup a bit, so I’m gone, slán! Thanks for all the RSD support! Cheers, Ray.

Thanks Shane!

Right it’s been all RSD but a nice announcement to make here …we are teaming  up with THE 2 JOHNNIES and Cyprus Avenue for the launch show of THE 2 JOHNNIES debut album “ small town heroes”  in Cypress on Thursday the 30th of May for the official launch show….how do i go you ask?….get the CD or the LP from the links below and you will be in…should be a cracking night … .here are the lads themselves  to tell you all about it…

The 2 Johnnies

And here is the link to purchase on our website: https://musiczone.ie/?s=THE+2+JOHNNIES




Right so last one for tonight is Integral for the 17th of May


Sin e really for this week folks

Thanks for a great RSD 

Ray, Shane and young Adam

April 17th: 3 Sleeps til RSD! HOTHOUSE FLOWERS Live in-store! Final lineup and stock news! Brand new FONTAINES DC, DAVID MURPHY, LANDLESS and Enjoy it!

Hi folks

Well we are nearly there…it kind of flies in the end…yes Record Store Day is this Saturday the 20th of April…we will open at 8 am and close at 5 or maybe 5.30 pm.

There are about 30/40  spot prizes donated by the record companies…so thanks to Uni, Warner, Sony and Dave and Alison from Gilded…it makes the day that bit more special. We will give out 10/15 spots to those in the queue in the morning ( hopefully the weather will be kind to us…well ye really..we will be nice and cozy…only messing …we will organise the queue somehow in the shop if it’s lashing …) and we will give out the rest of the spots throughout the day.

Speaking of making the day more special…we have big news on the live music front

Big News..

The Hothouse Flowers are going to play for us for RSD!!!

Yes Liam, Fiachna and Peter are going to play a little acoustic set for us @ 3pm on Saturday…buzzing for it we are!!

And to boot, they will have vinyl records for sale…2 records only hot of the presses will be available to buy…so the latest album “ let’s do this thing” and also “ into your heart”….these records are first timers on vinyl and only newly in the bands hands….so Music Zone heads will be some of the first people to buy these records….the lads will hang around signing records after the performance…magic it is.

Here is ‘three sisters’ from the Flowers latest album “ lets do this thing”

Three Sisters

Not sure how big a crowd we will get but advice would be to get in early…we will create as much space as possible without cutting off our faces ( we are in the business of selling records so please get to us if you want to buy a record!!!) 


Its a bloody great line up…all bands/artists will have goods to sell on the day…cash preferred as always  with the instores please Music Zoners.

Can probably leave 90 people or so in.

So there is now a change to the music line up on the day…so here tis for definite 




1PM – WHITE LLAMA ( Christy from Crow Black Chicken)

2 pm – TWO TIME POLKA …full band performance…all 6 of them!!




There will be refreshments on the aul table as with other years or feel free to bring yer own!


As regards the stock…no real changes to last week’s email….best advice is get in on the day, even better advice is get in as early as possible on the day.

Oh sorry, there is another problem…seriously cut on the Lennon one also…sorry….you will need to be up early folks.

The record companies dont inform me of cuts generally  you see…i have to check my orders against what i actually get …so its tricky…i hope ye understand.

Also just noticed Richmond Fontaine “ post to wire” was not here nor  invoiced….just chased it….it is delayed….wont be in for a week or two….ill be in touch with wishlisters when it lands….also Little Richard will now be with us and a few more Daft punk stock secured! It keeps changing!! 


Ask me on the day if you don’t see something…ask me…if i have a blank expression on my face, we could be in trouble…but some few bits are just delayed and not cut …i will know about most things but over 400 titles so you may be faced with a blank expression…what’s new says you. 

Going online on the website with RSD stock then on Monday the 22nd @ 8 pm.

I think that’s everything I need to say about it…i hope i haven’t forgotten anything…ah well if so.

Hopefully see ye on the day, i say this every year, it’s a celebration of Record Shop existence…if you don’t get a record its not the end of the world, try to think about the spirit of the day…that’s my disclaimer anyway!!
See ye Saturday ! xx


Right releases in the siopa for this Friday the 19th of April include ( and include some big ones!…record companies know its busy footfall in the record shops this Saturday….busiest day of the year by a mile so releases are very top heavy for the weekend…..busy week organizing ahead folks…anyway releases for the 19th…


 Pearl Jam – Dark Matter

Kathryn Williams & Withered Hand – Wilson Williams

And then releases for the 26th April include



And releases I need to get back to the record companies with my orders this week are for the 3rd May mainly and we will have…



This Irish duo have been making a few waves…good bit of interest on the shop floor…here is a tune




Going to hand ye over to Shane now for some down the road announcements as usual….before i do that though a really interesting one landed yesterday from David Murphy ( renowned pedal steel player) on CD and LP.  Shane will give ye a bit more info on it in a while but i played it most of yesterday afternoon and really enjoyed it….its beautiful as this tune below proves..David is playing a few tunes in Plugged for RSD Saturday @ 6 pm i think and will be in with us for an instore sometime in June.



Right sorry Shane…fire away kid…

No worries at all Ray, cheers. How’s it going everyone, nearly at RSD now!
Yeah, looking forward to Dave’s album, sounds really interesting, interpreting Irish tunes with pedal steel.
Here’s a bit more about it:
“Taking the instrument outside the confines of its traditional roots, Murphy has accumulated a growing list of recording and live credits. He can regularly be seen and heard on stage and in the studio with diverse Irish artists such as The Lost Brothers, John Blek & The Rats, Arborist, Cian Nugent, Ordnance Survey, Greenshine and The Remedy Club amongst others as well as touring or performing alongside acclaimed international artists such as Willy Vlautin, The Delines, Richmond Fontaine, M. Ward and Jolie Holland.

2024 sees Murphy take his first steps out of the shadows as a solo artist with the release of his own full-length studio album ‘Cuimhne Ghlinn: Explorations in Irish Music for Pedal Steel Guitar’ on the Rollercoaster Records label. This continues his quest to expand the vocabulary of the instrument and take it in new and exciting directions.

Murphy’s all-instrumental debut album recasts ancient Irish harp tunes and historic airs by O’Carolan, O’Riada et al into the 21st century, voiced by the mysterious, emotive and swelling sound of the pedal steel guitar. Supported by an all-star cast of musicians from across contemporary, modern-classical and folk worlds, the pedal steel ably takes its place within an ensemble featuring cello, violin, piano, harp, uilleann pipes and lush electronic textures and synths. Across 40 minutes, the album conjures a palette of sparse, dreamlike, atmospheric soundscapes and stirring, cinematic takes of these culturally significant compositions and melodies from Ireland’s great harpers, composers and song collectors.”

Like the cover and the bit of Gaeilge. It’s released this Friday on CD and vinyl:

A massive one to tell ye about that’s coming later this year is the brand new album by FONTAINES DC – Romance through XL Recordings!
These lads are going from strength to strength as we know. The frontman Grian Chatten’s solo album was one of my favourites from last year.
Here’s a teaser video for the album (love it – Stanley Kubrick fan): 

We’ll be getting a very limited amount of signed art prints too and they will go to the first 15 names who pre-order the album. So fastest fingers first on these. Probably best to order from the link above as we might not see the email for a few hours.
Here tis again: https://musiczone.ie/?s=Fontaines

Here’s what else is coming out over the next few months:

Here’s a track from them: https://youtu.be/Cu3HZEr_NAE?si=UrS6CgHG1Q6WbWu6

That’s all I think from me.
As Ray said, fantastic lineup for RSD. Will hopefully see some of ye on the day.
Up the walls at the moment with RSD stock and organising so no video but we’ll get back to them soon.

Ar ais duitse Ray!

Thanks Shane!


Right last one for this evening is Integral for the 10th of May


Excited for this one…some talent

Here is a tune from it …as good a lyric as Conor has written in my opinion… .there is an Irish record shop only exclusive vinyl available also!

Villagers – You Lucky One (Official Video)


Sin e really for this week folks

Hopefully see a good few of ye Saturday

I always tell myself enjoy it…but sher easier said than done when youre in the moment…mind do be going 100 mph…but ill try.

Thanks for listening as always and thanks to Shane and Adam as well

Slan for now

Ray, Shane and young Adam

April 10th: Bumper RSD Round Up: Live Acts on the Day and Stock Cuts. New DARKTHRONE, DEICIDE and BILLIE EILISH. and a PETER GABRIEL Box Set

Hi folks

Loads going on …and will be going on for the next few weeks so i’ll jump in…some of it not great news folks.

I had a few concerns about cuts and allocations for this year’s RSD ( Saturday 20th April) as I felt there were less numbers being pressed across the board, and I’m sorry to report that my concerns are going to be realized. So i’m going to let ye know the problems and ye have the information then…i realise there is going to be disappointments here….i’m disappointed on one myself, but its the nature of it ….the last thing we want to do as a shop is disappoint our customers but all of this out of my hands really and various reasons why we wont have stock or have less stock….get on with Ray will ya for fucks sake ye are saying….right buckle up….ill start with the worst and aim to get better…bit of copying and pasting going on here as well…

From a rep below…


“Just dropping you a quick note on a few problem titles we have been made aware of from this year’s Record Store Day slate. Please see below the titles and explanations.

  • 10000 Maniacs – Playing Favorites (0816651018352) – Pulled

The decision has been made to pull this title in the UK & Ireland. The label did not manufacture sufficient stock on this to meet the minimum requirements for Record Store Day. There would not have been enough product to supply every participating store even 1 unit.

Please note there is a limited amount of stock available on this line that can be ordered on the web portal subject to availability. But it is now officially not a part of the RSD slate.

  • Little Richard – Right Now! (0810075113754) – No Stock Allocated

Unfortunately there is no stock of this title available to us so we will be unable to supply this line. Thankfully there were very few orders for this line.    ( WE had 3 lads hoping to get it…sorry lads)

  • Morrissey & Siouxsie Interlude (5054197879234) – No Stock Allocated

I will have to take responsibility for this one, as it looks like I didn’t correctly submit a forecasted number on this line. After trying to secure stock from any surplus in the UK we’ve come up with nothing sadly. The UK number had also been adjusted down and they had to massively cut their orders. Please accept my apologies for this.”

Ray – Sorry folks on the Moz one above i know this is a kick in the liathroidi…a lot of balls along the supply chain, one gets dropped…and this is where we are at….my instinct, they will do this again down the road…sorry again.

From another rep:

“Here’s your invoice Ray

There were cuts on a few things like Daft Punk, David Bowie, Lily Allen and Talking Heads that we couldn’t avoid. But the rest were all ok.”

Ray – so to break that down for ye

DAFT PUNK….not enough to cover wishlists…one short…so someone will be unlucky…out of bed the only answer…sorry.

David Bowie – we are bang on our wishlist number after being cut by 10 copies…bang on is tricky, no wiggle room…out of bed only answer…sorry

Lily allen…bang on wishlist..same story as above

Talking heads – the worst of this lot I’m afraid … .only got 5 …and 10 had wishlisted…sorry … 5 will be disappointed….out of bed only answer here as well…sorry.

FLEET FOXES – from the rep below:

“It is my understanding that the Fleet Foxes title was one of the titles that was cut the most Ray I’m afraid. If it’s any consolation, you certainly got one of the highest numbers of FF stock from what I can see.

Got 13 and 18 had wishlisted…cut from 30 requested!…going to be a few disappointed,,,sorry…out of bed only answer again … .out of bed seems to be the answer …bit of a trend!!

David Sylvian rsd release 5849316

From rep…

“Noted Ray, will keep an eye on it but like I said, we don’t really have control over final allocations and that is one line that demand exceeded supply so they have to divvy them out as fairly as possible.

Ray – i fought and fought for more sylvain but alas not to be…i was on it from middle of feb….look got 5 of them  but 10 of ye wishlisted so again sorry…again they will probably do it later in the year as a blk lp but again its out of bed im afraid!

Jeff Buckley one … .asked for 10…got 3 … .4 of ye wishlisted but Adam and Shane are 2 of the 4…the Guv and Mr Doyle can have a shoot out at dawn…they are here every year at dawn anyway … .sorry!

Some positive news …on the PEARL JAM one…i managed to get 5 copies now instead of one copy so that might make the two aforementioned happier …if both survive dawn.

Other ones where we have little problems are

tom tom club

prince buster

Kim wilde 

OMD – instrumentals

Dexys x Dutch Uncles – Dance With Me 100% Records 12″

Kristen Hersch – hips and makers

Also a few are delayed and may not make the day…if they don’t make it, then if you wishlisted it you will get an email when its in to say its here for you.

Delayed ones im aware of are

Orbital and Sonny Rollins.

And a few im awaiting info on

The Dream Syndicate LP

Freddie Gibbs / Madlib – Piñata

OMD – instrumentals

Dexys x Dutch Uncles – Dance With Me 100% Records 12″

If your record isnt mentioned above then should be all good….ill update further next week.

Right releases in the siopa for this friday the 12th april include

And then for next friday the 19th we have…


 Pearl Jam – Dark Matter

Kathryn Williams & Withered Hand – Wilson Williams

So main week is Friday April 26th in todays newsletter.

And we will have


Here is a tune from it

Pet Shop Boys – Loneliness (Official Video)


Here is a tune from the record



Right so the entertainment for RSD…the usual easy going partyish celebration going on…refreshments and spot prizes throughout the day…i know the cuts will disappoint a few of ye, i’m like a broken record…but the day is a celebration of record shop existence….it was dodgy there 13 , 14 years ago….feck all shops around….clinging on by fingernails….so for the shops around the city , ourselves, Bunker, Plugged , 33 bpm, GD …it’s great we are all open and doing a bit.

Right the line up…drum roll please

First up is Polly Barrett @ 11am

Polly is great, really talented…..here is a song from Polly…beautiful song.


Then at 12 noon we have WHITE LLAMA ( Christy from Crow Black Chicken)
Christy is a great character, i could talk to him for hours…an interesting lad…great voice and super guitar player.

WHITE LLAMA will perform songs for “ don’t look down”

Here is a tune…


Its a super album this…have been listening to it a lot.

Then at 1pm we have the wonderful Caoilan Sherlock who will be performing songs from his debut solo album “ teenage jesus” …topman he is, fine fine record also

Here is the title track


2pm we are delighted to welcome IRISH JACK…Adam will tell ye a bit more about the performance.

Hi all! So Irish Jack is giving a talk on his experiences with the Who. A man with many stories Id imagine. Was friends with them from the very start was a close friend of the band. They dedicated their performance at the marquee to him when they were here! The talk starts with a little video hes put together and then he’ll tell a few stories. He was in the Mod movement right at the start, I saw him zooming through town on his scooter in the sun yesterday, brought a smile to my face:) Not one to miss me thinks. Dad is a drummer so I grew up with The Who, been wondering about the man for years as I’m sure some of ye have. Delighted to have him!!

3pm we are buzzing to  welcome TWO TIME POLKA … .the whole kit and kaboodle of them…a fiesta…yes all 6 members of the group will perform for us…a real treat….noone in Cork or maybe in Ireland does what they do….i guarantee if your toes don’t tap to their  fusion of Cajun, bluegrass folk trad music then you  must have lost your toes to frostbite…sorry for your loss. 

TWO TIME POLKA have a brand new CD out on Friday the 19th April so launching with us on 20th of April … .here is a tune from the CD.


All acts will have cds and/or lps, tees etc to hopefully sell….they will sign whatever and have the chats….cash preferably as always for the instores.

Going to hand you to Shane now as he will take ye down the road as usual…

Hey Ray, thanks! Hey everyone!
Sounds like a real bumper day RSD is shaping up to be. Pity about the cuts.
I was half thinking of the Daft Punk one but I didn’t wishlist it so will leave it to those that did who will probably be in early for it. Tis only a record at the end of the day.
Enjoy the day if I don’t see ye. And fair play to Ray in advance for all the organising.

A couple biggies for down the road to mention. First up is a brand new album from BILLIE EILISH – Hit Me Hard and Soft. Here’s a bit of a teaser for it: https://youtu.be/d846WI05ySU?si=z45sOu8jypDFFoQy
Talented duo her and her brother. We’ll have the CD, recycled black vinyl and limited blue coloured vinyl. That’s due on May 17th.

And in September, there’s a brand new album coming from LONDON GRAMMAR – Greatest Love
Good band! This is their fourth. Here’s a tune from it: https://youtu.be/JBVr0GgDfi4?si=xa8HG5loNDFY0wCc

And here’s what else is coming soonish:

Adam didn’t get a video done this week but here’s an older one in case ye missed it, something might catch your eye in it:

Back to the gaffer so.

Thanks Shane.


Integral and ROM for the 3rd of May has

Heres a tune from it

Kamasi Washington – Dream State (feat. André 3000) (Official Visual)

Opening at 8am on the 20th…hopefully the weather is kind…To(u)gher hasn’t let us down yet on that front….spots in the queue and also through the day

Right sin e for this week folks

Thanks for listening as usual

Ray, Shane and young Adam

April 3rd: NIAMH BURY IN-store tomorrow, new BEYONCÉ, PEARL JAM new album, limited COLOURED VINYL, new JOHN CALE, Music On Vinyl Coloured Reissues, from the Despicable Two

Hi all, so me and Shane are taking the reins today while Rays away. Yacht is getting a run, ye know the story… I wont ramble on for too long but I do want to mention a nice in-store were putting on tomorrow with the brilliant Niamh Bury. Shes just released her album “Yellow Roses” and I’ve really been liking it. FREE ENTRY as always and she’ll be hanging around for a bit to sign a few albums. The in-stores are always nice to work, especially when the music is great! If yere around we’d love to see ya there:) Info below:


Releases for this Friday 5th of April:


And here’s everything for the week after, the 12th of April:


Right so, we’ll get started on the releases for the 19th of April, as usual pop us an email or order on our website if youre looking for something 🙂






The big one from Universal really is Pearl Jam – Dark Matter. We’re getting 4 of an Indies Red, White and Blue coloured vinyl now as well as the Black Vinyl, Deluxe CD and CD. Fastest fingers first on the indies folks!


2 Bits from SONY. Luther (Vandross) has a self titiled album “Luther” and the new Best Of from BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN on cd, black and a nice “Atlantic” blue vinyl

PIAS 19th April


The Orchard 19th April


Lastly Proper 19th April


Right so Ill hand ye to Shane now for the down the roads… See ye!

Cheers, Adam, bud.
Hi everyone, hope yere well.
The Despicable Two on newsletter duties today. As Adam mentioned the yacht is getting a run but I also believe Ray is attending a conference on Spinnakers.

I’m still dying a bit, chest infection and on antibiotics, so thankfully not a huge amount of down the roads to mention today. But there is a new JOHN CALE album coming. His second in a year or so. Last one was good if a bit weird from what I remember.
This one is called POPtical Illusion and will be available on CD, black LP or Orange coloured LP. Release date is June 14th.
Here’s a bit about it, and a tune at the end:

“Despite the album’s playful title, Cale’s second album in just over a year still contains the same feelings of fierce and inquisitive rage that were present in 2023 album MERCY. He remains angry, still incensed by the willful destruction that unchecked capitalists and unrepentant conmen have hoisted upon the wonders of this world and the goodness of its people. But this is not at all MERCY II, or some collection of castoffs, as throughout his career of more than six decades, Cale has never been much for repetition. His vanguard-shaping enthusiasms have shifted among ecstatic classicism and unbound rock, classic songcraft and electronic reimagination with proud restlessness.
And so, on POPtical Illusion, he foregoes the illustrious cast to burrow mostly alone into mazes of synthesizers and samples, organs and pianos, with words that, as far as Cale goes, constitute a sort of swirling hope, a sage insistence that change is yet possible. Produced by Cale and longtime artistic partner Nita Scott, POPtical Illusion is the work of someone trying to turn toward the future – exactly as Cale always has.”

Beyoncé’s new album ‘Cowboy Carter’ is out next week! And we have the products up now on the site.
Here they are: https://musiczone.ie/?s=Beyonc%C3%A9+-+Cowboy+Carter%27

There’s a nice black and white splatter vinyl reissue of Death Cult (The Cult) – Paradise Now coming out on May 17th. It’s a 40th Anniversary of the band compilation, I believe.

And here’s what else is on the way down the line:

That’s all, really. Before I go, just a reminder that A Lazarus Soul’s new single from their upcoming album, The Flower I Flung Into Her Grave, will be out this Friday! Worth keeping an eye on their YouTube for it: https://www.youtube.com/@alazarussoul

Thanks as always for listening,
Big live music announcement next week.

Shane and young Adam.

March 27th: New LAZARUS SOUL album announced, DEATH coloured reissues, CARDINALS EP, GRATEFUL DEAD Mars 50th anniversary, and Happy Easter!

Hi Everyone

Hope all is well enough with ye folks.

No major news from your record and tape emporium I don’t think.

I have a few days off next week…Shane and young Adam are holding the fort for me…so we are closed Easter Sunday and Easter Monday,,,then i’m missing tuesday , weds and thursday so only working Friday and Saturday….a few days break with the family, looking forward to it…will be just two weeks to Record store day by the the time i get back  so will be full enough on then for the rest of April…kind of looking forward to it as well, full on but a bit of a buzz also!

Some big news actually, there is a new A LAZARUS SOUL album in July “ no flowers grow in cement gardens” ( pop quiz on the title) …will have more info im sure closer to the time but buzzing for this release to be honest! New song on Friday week “ the flower i flung into her grave”. Emotive song title.

Releases in the shop for this Friday the 29th of March include


Then releases for the 5th of April

Main week is the 12th of April


Here is a tune from it…quality as usual

Mark Knopfler – Ahead Of The Game (Official Video)

Deluxe 2CD now sold to us as well as std cd and two vinyl formats



We have a nice instore on Thursday the 4th of April @6pm when we are delighted to welcome Niamh Bury to the shop. Niamh will play songs from her debut album “ yellow roses” for us, sign copies after as well…there will be a few giveaways on the evening in question also! Heres a tune from the record

Niamh Bury – Beehive


Going to hand ye over to Shane now as he will take ye down the road with announcements etc…

Sound, Ray. Delighted to hear that about A Lazarus Soul. They’re one of, if not my favourite Irish bands.
Hope all is well with everyone.
I’m suffering a bit with a cold and back pain so I won’t ramble.

Here’s a list of the pre-orders out over the next few months:

Here’s a track from them:
Nice feedback at the start.

And here’s Adam’s latest video:

Thanks a mil Shane.


Right so last few that i need figures for the record companies this week …out on 19th April


Right so folks sin e for this week really

The lads have the newsletter for next week

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane and young Adam

March 20th: NIAMH BURY In-store gig, some RSD Live Lineup news, new JOHN GRANT, CEDRIC BURNSIDE,OASIS 7 inch, live QUEEN and SWIFTOGEDDON

Hi folks

Hope ye are doing well enough.

So releases in the siopa for this Friday the 22nd March include

And then also for the 29th of March there are releases by


The Record Store Day orders are all well sent to the record companies now….i shall keep you aware of any issues over the next few weeks…i should be aware of allocations/cuts in the next few weeks…hopefully won’t be too bad, ill keep you posted anyway.

A few records fell through the cracks already….i emailed the folks affected.

Working on the music for the day as well….saturday 20th April….musicians confirmed for definite are

White Llama ( Christy O Hanlon from Crow Black Chicken)

White Llama has a super album out in the last few months on CD…Christy will perform songs from  the release on RSD and sell and sign copies of the cd.

Here is another tune from the self titled White Llama album



We will also have Polly Barrett back with us to play some songs for Record Store Day….Polly released a new album just before Christmas on vinyl and CD and she will perform songs from the record on the day also.

Heres a tune!

We will update further next week!


Main week for this week is Friday the 5th of April





Good news re a lovely instore coming up for us ….on thursday the 4th of April  @ 6pm we are delighted to welcome Niamh Bury to the shop where she is launching her debut album “ yellow roses” 

Fabled Irish record label Cladddagh records is back up and running in the last few years and they have started signing Irish talent again….Niamh signed to Claddagh records recently….here is  a beautiful tune from the record

Niamh Bury – Beehive (Lyric Video)

Niamh will perform tracks from the album for us….sign copies and have the chats with folks.

There will also be spot prizes on the night including

X2 Tickets to see Niamh Bury play Winthrop Avenue on April 26th

X1 Vinyl of Yellow Roses

X1 Signed Art Card

X1 Tote Bag


I hope the shop community will come out in support ….mark it in the leabhar Thursday 4th April @ 6 pm.


Going to hand ye over to Shane now so as he takes ye down the road …Taylor finally gets the nod to go to retail …what was the time difference from available on D2C sites to retail …10 weeks or so i guess, sher it is what it is! A nice Oasis 7” also….allocaoted just 5!….anyway ill leave Shane fill ye in

Cheers, Ray.
How’s it going y’all?
I was well off about Metalllica – Garage Inc last week. Oops. Oh well, I’m not an AI.
A few biggies today to mention, including the two that Ray just mentioned.

There’s a brand new album from JOHN GRANT – Art of the Lie coming via Bella Union on June 14th. Mr. Grant is popular enough in the shop. His last one was a bit of a return to form.
Here’s the brand new trailer: https://youtu.be/mCXkfvsktY0?si=cZ_KiwG1K68lruUM
CD, black vinyl and Limited pink vinyl.

The Swifties will be frothing at the mouth over another new product from Taylor. We’ll be getting the CD and clear vinyl of her new one, ‘Tortured Poets Department’. There’s a nice 24 page booklet included, in fairness. That’s out around RSD, I think. Better check…yes, the day before RSD.
And we’ll also be getting the ‘Ghosted’ White vinyl of it.
My wife’s a Swiftie…it’s grand!

There’s a nice QUEEN live release ‘Rock Montreal + Live Aid’ as a 2 CD, Blu Ray, 4K UHD disc or a 3 LP. Phenomenal performances there, of course. At their peak, I suppose.

And the OASIS – Supersonic: 30th Anniversary 7 inch single, as Ray mentioned. It’s going to be on pearl coloured vinyl and will be numbered too. Very limited though, I’m afraid, so be quick with the link if interested.

And here’s what else is bubbling away in the oven:

Here’s a track from them: https://youtu.be/IRVv5l74foM?si=Q6E_gDEy3_B1ZwGA

Two late additions, firstly, young blues guitarist MARCUS KING has a new album, ‘Mood Swings’, produce by Rick Rubin. Out April 5th actually, on CD or LP.
And there’s a nice 2 LP, numbered, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab pressing of JOHNNY CASH – Live at Folsom Prison

Adam is just getting to upload the video on insta, so here’s the link to our Instagram page, and it should be the first video there soon, if not there already:

Back to you Ray, so. Sound.

Thanks Shane!


Right last one for today is Integral for the 12th of April…

  • Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties ‘In Lieu of Flowers’
  • BODEGA ‘Our Brand Could Be Yr Life’
  • Metz ‘Up On Gravity Hill new album


Sin e for this week really folks

Thanks for listening as usual

Ray, Shane and young Adam

March 13th: DEEP PURPLE 50th Anniversary set, new NIAMH BURY, last SUM 41 album, METALLICA coloured vinyl, new KHRUANGBIN, T Bone Burnett and ‘Dowtcha Boy!’

Hi folks

Hope all is well!

Didn’t the proud Irishman make us all proud on Sunday night/Monday morning….dowtcha boy!

A right music head to boot, music was the first love i think…still is me thinks…all good all very good.

Right the Record Store Day lists are nearly all sent back to the record companies…a few more companies to get finished by tomorrow and then they are in the lap of the record gods.

Thanks to those of ye who sent in wishlists….its funny every year, the amount of records wishlisted is very similar….like every year….i shall update here over the weeks with any issues etc…..normally 10 or 20 records from the list falls through the cracks for one reason or another…and there will be cuts by the record companies also…anyways i will keep ye in the loop.

The music for the day is taking shape….3 confirmed, very excited for them….i’m waiting on 2 more, hopefully ….if they break for us it will be the best lineup ever i think….again ill update here as soon as i have a clearer picture….again RSD is Saturday the 20th of April.

Righty o….releases for this Friday the 15th of March include…( on nb btw its a long weekend folks so the siopa closes at 6pm on Saturday the 16th and not back till 10AM on Tuesday the 19th of March…so closed Paddys and also Monday the 18th…go raibh maith agaibh.


So the 15th releases are by


And the 22nd releases include …


So tonight is mainly about the 29th of March…and we will have..


Here is a lovely tune from the record

Niamh Bury – Budapest




Going to hand ye over to Shane folks now as he takes ye down the road with announcements etc.

Cheers, Ray. Conas atá sibh gach duine?
I had to think for a second who you meant at the start Ray. Cillian of course!
Great stuff alright! A great talent. We have a few Irish Oscar winners now.
Some country for our size.

Before I get to the pre-order stuff. Here’s Adam’s latest Instagram video doing the roundup of what’s new in the siopa:

Sorry I didn’t it include in the last couple of weeks, was up the walls a bit and didn’t get the chance.

Not a huge amount to mention this week but I suppose the biggest metal band around are worth a mention.
METALLICA are back with another run of their albums reissued on coloured vinyl.
An album I listened to alot as a teenager, ‘Garage, Inc.’ is first on the list. It’s getting a 3 LP ‘fade to blue’ coloured pressing. Could be a first timer on vinyl that actually, I’m not sure.
They cover loads of rock bands who influenced them including songs from Black Sabbath, The Misfits and Budgie.
That’s out on April 5th.
If you like your snare drums to sound like a saucepan being hit by a metal pipe, ‘St. Anger’ is coming out on orange coloured vinyl at the end of April.
And those will be followed by ‘Death Magnetic’ in June and ‘Hardwired to Self Destruct’ in July.
No sign of ‘Load’/’Reload’ yet.

T BONE BURNETT has a brand new album coming on April 19th called ‘The Other Side’.
Here’s a bit about it and a track:

‘Grammy and Oscar award winning producer, musician and songwriter T Bone Burnett is back to form with a folk album of 12 tracks featuring artists Lucius, Roseanne Cash and Weyes Blood.

“With this record, I tried to treat myself as kindly as I would try to treat other people,” says Burnett, who likens his producing approach to that of a photographer. “I try to find the person’s best angle and light them so they look the most like themselves or the best version of themselves. And this time, rather than staying in the romantic notion I previously had of myself—of a rebellious artist, a firebrand or whatever I thought I was trying to be—I just tried to be kind to myself.” Ultimately, in looking for “you,” T Bone Burnett found himself on The Other Side.’

And back to metal, ROB ZOMBIE‘s most recent album ‘Lunar Injection Kool Aid Conspiracy‘ is getting a splatter coloured reissue through Nuclear Blast on May 10th.

Here’s a list of a few other ones that are coming down the line:

That’s my lot, as far as I can see.
Bain taitneamh as an deireadh seachtaine! Slán.

Thanks Shane!


Last one really for today is Integral for the 5th of April…who have releases by

I was sent a link to listen to this album from the record company and i enjoyed it…heres a tune from it for ye:

Fabiana Palladino – Stay With Me Through The Night

Heres a tune from it! Its class!!

Khruangbin – A Love International (Official Video)

Sin e really for this week folks

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane and young Adam