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Hi Everyone,

Short and maybe not so sweet this week….baby watch is over, kick off was 9 pm last Thursday night, bit of extra time but baby Lily arrived at 00.38 Saturday morning, alls well thank god……but enough about moi…lets rock on

Missed ye last week but I think the main releases for tomorrow are PRINCE’S two new albums and MCR front man GERALD Way’s solo album.

Tempted to go on about Prince interfering with his guitar on a giant bed down da Pairc whilst the crowd sang ole ole but short and sweet Raymond…short and…


Warner has a nice few for the 3rd October including Mr. Johnny Marr’s second offering (no blue Vinyl for us over here, the Scots will get some alright though for being good boys and girls)


“PLAYLAND” is the album name and Music Zone is looking forward to hearing it…..13 EURO CD, 20 LP v 18 pounds

Marr’s 7” out that day as well.

Warner also has new albums by FLYING COLORS, STEVIE NICKS and JACKSON BROWNE’S 14TH album as well as BODYCOUNT debut LP reissue and two ICE T LP REISSUES.

Sony has the new LEONARD COHEN LP out on the 3rd OCTOBER….MUSIC ZONE is 22 euro v 20 pounds.


Universal have some nice BELLE & SEBASTIAN ( ahhh Belle & Sebastian) LP reissues, some SINATRA LP reissues, UNDERWORLD “dubnobasswithmyheadman” reissue, new ones from WEEZER, SANCTUARY and BRYAN ADAMS.

PIAS for the 10th October have a new one from EXODUS, debut from OSCAR AND THE WOLF (talked about) , MUSEUM OF LOVE which is 50% made up of LCD’s PAT MAHONEY and a deluxe version of the WILD BEAST’S excellent recent album” present tense”.

MUSIC ON VINYL releases for the 13th October attached also, including BOWIE narrating PROKOFIEV’S PETER AND THE WOLF and THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS “flood”.

MOV have THE FRAMES belter “ FITZCARRALDO” for the 20th…will send some info next week.


Last few copies of EXCELLENT Cork bands SHAKER HYMN and ELASTIC SLEEP in store…well worth checking out.

I’m back to the fold properly next Monday but check out any new Vinyl stock on https://musiczone.ie

Last word tonight is for baby Lily, and its more of a sweet plea than a sweet poem….no x factor baby, no problem losing sleep over everything else but the music’s shite and that will keep me up all night…..even though already I think I know I would succumb….anyway.

Sin e,


Ray and special guest on my lap for the last 10 mins or so Lily.