A Harrowing, Evil Valentine’s Day, The Bowie Break-Outs, and Details on the Wyvern Lingo Debut and In-Store

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Releases in the siopa for today include the debut album by Dublin hip-hop dont stop act REJJIE SNOW, the absolutely gorgeous sounding album by THE LOST BROTHERS on CD and LP, a WILD BEASTS Live ‘Best Of’ on DLP indies only job (on their farewell tour as we speak I think), the CD and LP Boxset release of the newest BELLE & SEBASTIAN EP Trilogy,  as well as the third EP release from the set, and a new album by THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT.

Video for last two weeks of releases is now up and can be viewed here

Moving on to releases for Feb 23rd Warner have the break outs from the latest BOWIE box set… So these breakouts include “Heroes” “Lodger” “Low” “Scary Monsters” “Stage 2017”… : “Low” would probably have been my own personal favourite Bowie album up until “Blackstar” which I love… Have been listening to “The Next Day” a bit recently also… “Valentine’s Day” is a great song… Bowie is excellent in the video… I really hope this shooting in Florida on Valentines Day had no sad or sick connection.

What do be going on like…19 year old kid murders 17 teenagers with their whole lives to live… Life is so precious and so fragile… How can this occur? Is there “evil” in people… Are they born “evil”… Mental health issues?… Or is there something or things in his 19 year story that will point us to the answer… Ah man it just makes no sense.
Some of you have probably seen the video to the SUFJAN STEVENS track “John Wayne Gacy” (incredible but harrowing song) where there is real footage of Gacy as a child and you wonder how that, granted somewhat needy, little boy turned into a serial killer….??
This would have happened some day with this “evil” kid… Could it have been stopped? Who knows..
Man, Bowie would be crying if he thought his song had any impact on this person’s actions… At most I think it was just a deluded soundtrack to that troubled “evil” persons disgusting carnage…

Valentine told me who’s to go
Feelings he’s treasured most of all
The teachers and the football star
It’s in his tiny face
It’s in his scrawny hand
Valentine told me so
He’s got something to say
It’s Valentine’s Day

Warner also on the 23rd have a new album by VANCE JOY “Nation of Two”  and some reissues by KREATOR and DIMMU BORGIR as well as a B-Sides CD by AIRBOURNE.

Sony for the 23rd have a JIMI HENDRIX 7” and not a whole lot more to the best of my knowledge.

PIAS for the 23rd have the second album by one half of THE KNIFE, yes the highly anticipated FEVER RAY album “Plunge” will be with us next Friday…. Eight years since debut… Available via Karins own label Rapid (I think its her label anyway) and available on CD, standard LP and DELUXE DOUBLE GATEFOLD LP with a red blood gel outer sleeve… Only problem is that version aint out till MARCH 30TH… Bit of a mebs I know… Sorry.

PIAS also have a new album by BON IVER band mate S.CAREY on CD and indies only coloured LP as well as a reissue of the debut record by FUTURE ISLANDS on copper coloured vinyl.

Lastly from PIAS is a Live LP by British beat poet MICHAEL HOROVITZ called “Bank Busted Nuclear Detergent Blues”…. The wha….. He is joined on this recording by Damon Albarn on keys, Graham Coxon on sax and guitar and Paul Weller on organ and guitar… Not a bad backing band…. I personally believe (far from a very positive starting point for me) that history will be very kind to Damon Albarn… Maybe, I said maybe, suspect musical beginnings but always pushing forward, innovative, inventive, interesting…. The three eyes… Write it down folks… Future of music marketing.. I do believe he will leave a fine musical legacy.

Universal have the excellent “CONCERT FOR GEORGE”  on LTD 4LP set, 2 CD/2 BLURAY , 2 CD/DVD or 2CD out on the 23rd of Feb…

On November 29, 2002, one year after the passing of George Harrison, Olivia Harrison and longtime friend Eric Clapton organized a performance tribute in his honour. Held at London’s Royal Albert Hall, the momentous evening featured George’s songs, and music he loved, performed by a lineup that included Clapton, Jools Holland, Jeff Lynne, Paul McCartney, Tom Petty, Billy Preston, Ravi and Anoushka Shankar, Ringo Starr, Dhani Harrison and many more. Available in a 2CD, 2CD/2DVD, 2CD/2Blu-Ray and 4LP format.
The 2-CD set offers a collection of stunning renditions of some of the most significant music of the 20th century, including “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” (performed by Clapton, McCartney and Starr), “Taxman” (performed by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) and “The Inner Light” (covered by Jeff Lynne and Anoushka Shankar).
The new combo package comprises 2-CDs and 2-DVDs (Blu-Ray format also available). The DVDs contain the full concert, plus a theatrical cut which includes interviews, rehearsals and behind the scenes footage. Directed by David Leland (credits including the feature Wish You Were Here, and the Traveling Wilburys video “Handle With Care”), CONCERT FOR GEORGE has earned a Grammy® Award for Best Long Form Music Video. The Blu-Ray also includes the feature “Drummers.” (Not on DVD format). Also available for the first time on vinyl, this 180 gram 4-LP Box Set includes the complete sound recordings from CONCERT FOR GEORGE, featuring a special, etched mandala-design on side-8

UNIVERSAL also for the 23rd have via EAGLE ROCK, THE DOORS “Live at the Isle of Wight 1970” on DVD, BLURAY or CD/DVD…. This film/footage has historical importance I suppose as it was the very last filmed performance by the fantastic THE DOORS…. Is everybody in, is everybody in…

Universal also has new albums by MILESTONES and DAN GILLESPIE-SELLS (The Feeling), a new EP by ALICE COOPER and the vinyl releases of the POST MALONE “Stoney” on double orange coloured LP.

Not to bore ye with the details (not that boring really) but we have run into a short-term childcare problem so Raymond is going to be missing on thursdays for a month or two i’m afraid… Not ideal to be honest but sure ‘tis grand too in a very important way… Apologies in advance… Bob is moving hours around to do Thursday for me… I was talking to two wise men during the week in the shop and they passed on a worldly message or two… 1. Family and friends  should be numero uno (all the rest is fluff was one man’s message) and 2. One thing you wont regret when your 65 is that you didn’t work hard enough… So true… No basis on what’s going on with me, that’s just circumstance but it made me feel ok about the decision… Any of ye need ye’r kids minded on a thursday as well fire em over to me sure….

Proper for 23rd of Feb have new albums by GRANT LEE PHILLIPS and JOHN MAYALL as well as a live HAPPY MONDAYS LP from Barcelona.

THE ORCHARD have the debut record by Bray natives WYVERN LINGO on the 23rd on CD and LP via Rubyworks.
Nice price on the CD of 10 euro and 20 quid for the lovely LP…. Really excited and looking forward to this record as well as the In-Store on Monday the 26th of Feb at 5PM…
Want a signed copy and few good tunes….. You have been warned.

THE ORCHARD also have the first five FELT records reissued on VINYL.

REPUBLIC OF MUSIC have a 3LP set on mono of the Original Motion Picture  Soundtrack to MAGNOLIA… score by Jon Brion and songs by AIMEE MANN…. Pricey pricey though as a lot of the Mondo stuff is.

Sin e for this week i suppose folks,
Thanks for listening

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