Delorentos In-Store, Old-School Indies Only Arctic Monkeys ‘Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino’ Vinyl!!

Hi everyone,
Hope ye’r all well.. Settling back down after our day in the sun.. Great day all round.. Thanks so so so much to all of ye who came in and supported us…
Also a huge thanks to all the musicians who came in and performed for us.. Each and every one of them are quality to deal with.. They help to create the atmosphere as much as anyone else..
Thanks also to Bobby and Shane as always, to the shopping centre for being so accommodating, and also to Red FM who pushed us all week on the radio..
We all had a lovely day even though my head swam for most of the day.. All good though.. Thanks again everyone!..

Right so moving on to releases in the shop for the 27th.. We have the new DELORENTOS record ‘True Surrender’ on CD and LP.. We had the lads instore  last Saturday. Brilliant performance, and thanks a million to them!

Also out we have new albums by VAN MORISSON, OKKERVIL RIVER, BLOSSOMS, FOREIGNER, ANNE MARIE, JANELLE MONAE, as well as reissues or LP releases by NOEL GALLAGHER (new 12’’ Remix Single), ENNIO MORRICONE (500 world wide of ‘My Dear Killer’ OST on Red Vinyl) and POST MALONE..

Right so moving on to releases for the 4th of May.. We have from WARNER brand new albums from DIMMU BORGIR, and PLAN B, as well as the vinyl release of the excellent album by REJJIE SNOW..

Sony for the 4th have the reissue of SIMON + GARFUNKEL’s ‘GREATEST HITS’ which is a MOV transition product, and the reissue of MICHAEL JACKSON’S ‘Dangerous’ on LP.

Universal for the 4th of May have the new album by GAZ COOMBES on CD and Indies only Pink Vinyl, as well as the new FRANK TURNER album on Polydor on CD and on vinyl, called ‘Be More Kind’.
Universal also has a BRIAN ENO ‘Music For Installations’ on Limited 9LP boxset, as well as a new album by IHSAH called ‘Amr’, and a vinyl release of the new KACEY MUSGRAVE album ‘Golden Hour’… Really good listen to be honest..
Last but not least from Universal are the vinyl reissues of the full ENIGMA catalogue on lovely coloured vinyl.. One press only.. All their albums including ‘MCMXC’ and ‘Cross of Changes’.. Both of those on red vinyl..

PIAS for the 4th have the new album by DAMIEN JURADO and KING GIZZARDS ‘Gumboat Soup’.. The 5th album of 7 they released last year..

PIAS for the 11th Of May have arguably the most important album of the year for the industry.. The new ARCTIC MONKEYS album ‘Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino’ is the album in question.. Can the band ‘crossover’ to people who don’t really consume music.. Probably the biggest band born this century.. Ok, Adele and Ed are bigger and have crossed over more, but the Monkeys are possibly the biggest band born this century… Old school way of releasing the album also… Zero going to be heard before it hits the shops, and I persume the streaming platforms.. I like that.. Good old fashioned anticipation..

Anyway, the assassin is back from yacht shopping and wants to tell ye about the one press only clear vinyl indies only version of the album.. Limited, and one press only.. May not even get what I ordered of it so let me or the lads know if you want a copy.. The price on this is 33EUR for the indies only one.. Standard vinyl available also.. Bit cheaper, available as CD also.. Vinyl includes downloads..

I was at Music Cork this past few days rubbing heads with the industry figures, shooting the breeze, discussing yacht prices and that.. More on that next week.. I’ll fill ye in then.. Been a messy week at the HQ, throw music Cork into the equation also…

So sin é for this week folks..
Thanks for listening,

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