Limited + Coloured Bowie Vinyl Out Next Week, The Music Zone HQ Now On Instagram, and Our Full RSD Live Music Line Up and Stage Times!

Hi Everyone,
Hope ye are all doing well..
Bit of a long one this week with RSD Bits, so if the email cuts out before the end there’ll be a ‘View Full Email’ option to click below, hopefully it won’t come to that!

It has been a bit of a messy week with regards the new releases (sometimes after bank holidays it happens… Other times its down to someone dropping the ball in the supply chain)… Both occured this week…
The EELS album is delayed but I am told I should have it Monday (That’s today.. Friday, remember I one finger tap this on a Thursday night… Rainy night in Music Zone Corporation Home HQ… Quiet house other than that though… For now.. The rain could set off the nightwalkers at any moment though methinks so I will give a real update tomorrow (friday) on it because it was a drop the ball somewhere along the chain and we only twigged it Weds evening, thinking up to then  it was delayed ‘cos of the long weekend… So PIAS/CINRAM told us we would have it Friday for sure, but I don’t think they ever got a box out to us in 24 hours so I aint holding my breath really to be honest… Monday or tuesday at worst… I ordered them on the 15th of March like!!).. So once again sorry for the mishap.. More concrete info tomorrow as in Friday… Confused??… Sorry about that also…

Uni new releases delayed but will be tomorrow… But wait, what we have got is KYLIE’S new album and new albums by BLACKBERRY SMOKE, LE GALAXIE, DAVID KITT, ELVIS, JOHNNY CASH and LORDE’s newest album gets its LP release, as well as reissues by LOVE and BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN.

Video up for last two weeks of releases here, be sure to subscribe!

We’ve also decided to jump over to Instagram for our newest social media outing! So please give us a follow if you are on it, we’ll be putting up pictures of new releases each week, clips of upcoming videos, and general vinyl and music goodness!

Releases for next week the 13th of April are decent enough (as is May… New ARCTIC MONKEYS on the 11th of May, PINK FLOYD’s ‘Pulse’ on vinyl on the 18th of May… Nice and nice again)

Universal have a couple of U2 LP reissues and remastered versions of “Pop” and “All That You Can’t Leave Behind”… “Pop” may have been a disappointment to some at the time but I think it stood the test of time well and like it a lot … Personally I wouldn’t love “All That You Can’t Leave Behind”… It’s grand but that’s my opinion… One man’s meat another man’s poison and all that..
Here’s more info… Forgot to mention “Wide Awake In America” also reissued..

UMC/Island/Interscope are proud to announce the release of 3 new vinyl reissues from Irish rock giants, U2. All remastered and pressed on 180gsm vinyl, includes download cards.
Wide Awake In America is a four-track half live/half studio EP from 1985. Originally released only in North America and Japan, it was subsequently re-released internationally in the late 1980s. SThe artwork is a faithful reproduction of the original release. Download card with access to all tracks on the EP digitally, for the first time with this title on vinyl. All That You Can’t Leave Behind, the tenth studio album from U2, garnered multiple Grammy awards following its release in October 2000 and shot to #1 in 32 countries. The artwork comprises a 16-page booklet featuring lyrics and photography by Anton Corbijn. 3rd March 2018 marks the 21st anniversary of Pop, U2’s ninth studio album, which reached #1 in the UK, US, Ireland and 26 other countries around the world following its release in 1997. The artwork has been faithfully reproduced from the original release, including a gatefold sleeve, printed inner sleeves and a lyrics insert.• Download card with access to all 12 tracks on the album digitally, for the first time with this album on vinyl.

Uni also have the METALLICA’s  “5.98 Dollar EP : Garage Days Revisited” and remastered… Covers album they done in ‘87… There is a retail bricks and mortar only orange vinyl… Also on cassette and CD.. Debut album by ISAAC GRACIE out on UNI  and new album from THE DAMNED called “Evil Spirits” , BARRY WHITE 2LP “Greatest Hits” and singles boxset, and second album from BREAKING BENJAMIN on Spinefarm.Lastly from Uni for next week the 13th are four JULIAN COPE LP reissues : Jevovahkill, My Nation Underground, Saint Julian and Peggy Suicide.

New MANIC’s album from Sony for next week “Resistance is Futile” on CD, DELUXE CD, LP and retail shops only white LP… Two words… Great Band…. Indies only 7” single out on the same day.
Reissues on LP by JEAN MICHEL JARRE of “Revolutions” and “Chronology”, as well as HENDRIX “Band of Gypsys” LP reissue.

New JOSH ROUSE album on Yep Roc via Proper out on the 13th also.

The Orchard have the new JOHN PRINE album on CD and LP “The Tree of Forgiveness” it is called..


ROM have some nice reissues, reasonable priced reissues of FATS DOMINO, NAT KING COLE, NINA SIMONE, HARRY BELAFONTE, BLUES LEGENDS and DYLAN IN JAZZ.

Warner have the DAVID BOWIE “Changestwobowie” on CD and very limited black and blue vinyl… The new NEIL YOUNG AND THE PROMISE OF THE REAL album on LP this week the 13th… CD next week the 20th… It’s a soundtrack to the film “Paradox” directed by his new muse Darryl and starring himself… Not sure of the plot, not sure does Croz play the villain or the prodigal son or if its a rockumentary … Not so sure about it full stop but I need to hear or see it first really…. Productive is our Neil in fairness to him.

Lastly from Warner is BEHEMOTH “Messe Noir” on 2LP OR CD/DVD or CD/BluRay.. The Satanist album live is what it is.

MOV have a reissue of MACHINE HEAD’s “ The Burning Red” on LP.

Right so, our Lineup of Music is sorted for RSD18… Fair bit of organising, and toing and froing involved believe me but we are set now I think… Try catch an act/band if you can, its part and parcel of the day for us.. We are trying to show off some of the talent our city has to offer so get in if you can or get back in if your an early bird… Lots of negatives can be said about RSD but it was our busiest day last year by over 100%…  About 2 excellent weeks business in a day and the live music is part and parcel of it for us… The rugby gods shone on Munster last week some would say, and they seemed to have shone on the shop since by having the Munster fixture on the Sunday this year.. Hurrah!
Anyway the music of the rebel county (Mostly!!)

Done an excellent 6 piece instore last year.. It was quality… Loads of talent here… Doing a full band set again.. 30 mins.

Seriously talented rising Cork star… Delighted to have her involved…. 3 piece band… 30 mins

Seriously good new album out, Catharsis Vol. 1, lovely lovely guitar work… Excellent solo performance in the shop last year for the launch of his new album… Worth a listen folks… Solo 30 mins

Ok look shop favourites maybe… Really really rate these boys… New tune again top notch… Full band performance… Never had them in for a full band performance before so buzzing for this one… Note the time folks! 30 mins

Delighted to welcome the lads back, seriously great instore the last time round from Kenneth and John… They ooze class… In everything they do… Responded within a few minutes. “Yeah we will do it lads no problem” after I requested an RSD in store.. Not everyone says yes to us, au contraire dear rodders, au contraire… 2 pièce, 30 mins

2.45PM  LEFTBANK (Side Project of Ruby Horses Deckie Lucey)
Seriously respected musician and producer, spent a long time in the states… New album out this year… Couple of tracks from it… “When I’m Gone” featured in the Farrelly brothers show “loudermilk”  and “ I just want to know for sure” was nominated for song of the year at Independent music awards in NYC….delighted to welcome him.

Again delighted to have the lads in…up and coming Cork band… Only an EP out for now… Cracking cracking lead tune from it though…. Looking forward to seeing them… Full band set again. 30 mins

Big friends of the shop… Third time in in 8 months… Must give them a rest for a while.. Really like their sound we do… 3 piece performance this time. 30 mins

We’ve ye spoilt like!!
So feel free to spoil us back… Loads of live music on but feel free to ring our till, thats what it’s about also… We will take ye’r money in a friendly, polite, considerate and kind way to the backdrop of live music… Sure couldn’t be better.

While i’m on the RSD thing… SONY and Warner fills are good enough but must hear back from a lot of others still… More info next week on all that and centre access times, where to enter and from what time.. Milk tray men coming through the roof at 3AM aside.
An Update added here.. Got an email on Friday from Warner about ADA stock who they distribute for.. Not the best news.

“Hi Ray
Hope all is good with you sir. Just wanted to send you on a list of your allocation for this year’s RSD title. The only major issue we had was we over indulged on the Led Zeppelin and had to half most of the orders. On the ADA side of things there were a few lines that we got cut on completely. They were :”

Jackie Mittoo


Jesus Jones Vs Aphex Twin & The Prodigy

Zeros and Ones


I Do Like To Be B-side The A-Side




I’m Not Sayin’ / The Last Mile

Small Faces

Lazy Sunday Afternoon (Early Mix) / Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake

The Vapors

Turning Japanese


So those couple we will not have on the day… Sorry..  None in the country, all for our friends overseas.. Warner Ireland are not happy either as you can imagine.. Apologies.. Still hopeful we might get a couple, but looking very unlikely unfortunately… Out of our hands, we’re sorry..

Oh sorry lastly on it,
Have been hounding MERCURY REV also and they said they might call in the morning to say hello but probably won’t play… If any of ye get chatting to them at their gigs in St Lukes… Ye might tell them we’re alright! And as well as Mercury Rev we could / will have another appearance added to our list by this time next week for RSD! But more on that next week!

Right so,
00:21 : Body and mind tired… Only one night walker so far, for only a minute earlier..
Sin é for this week
Thanks for listening

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