SRD Record Store Day 2024 List with Prices

Artist Title Cat numbers euro retail price
Devin The Dude Acoustic Levitation ERE916 LP 35 EURO
Emika Transcended Before Me Feat Horace Andy EMK1205 12″ 18 EURO
The Black Watch The Morning Papers Have Given Us The Vapours EDDA75LP LP 30 EURO
Mal-One Listen Up Punk !’ Punk Art Poetry, Spoken Word Album MALONELP004 LP 22 EURO
Fields Of The Nephilim Burning The Fields LP FREUDLP142R LP 42 EURO
UK Subs UK Subversives (The Fall Out Singles Collection) FALLLP063 LP 40 EURO
The Slits In The Beginning FREUDLP057 LP 40 EURO
Ashby Power Ballads MA96 LP 30 EURO
Various Artists The Power Of The Heart: A Tribute To Lou Reed LITA217 LP 48 EURO
Nancy Sinatra How Does That Grab You? LITA218 LP 48 EURO
Various Artists Hillbillies In Hell: Whiskey Is The Devil IMAR137LP LP 50 EURO
Various Artists Nashville Goes Fuzz IMAR138LP LP 50 EURO