#3 of ’24: MZ Top 20 Albums List and Prize Announcement, new BRITANNY HOWARD, DEAD SOUTH, LYRA, PILLOW QUEENS, ARAB STRAP, Live PIXIES and bodies down

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Hope all is well out there.

Releases in the siopa for this Friday the 26th include….


Then releases for the 2nd of Feb include..

Album of the year polls are done and are in….big big thanks to Rick who took all this work off my hands….sound out Rick.

So the results from our poll for best albums of the year voted for by the patrons, shareholders of Musiczone.ie is as follows. ( the winner of the 50 quid voucher is Colm O Bradaigh…we shall be in touch )


  1. Lankum – False Lankum
  1. Blur – The Ballad of Darren
3  Sufjan Stevens – Javelin
4.  boygenius – The Record
5. Mick Flannery – good time charlie
6. Wilco – Cousin
7  The National – First Two Pages of Frankenstein
8.  The National – Laugh Track
9  .Lana Del Rey – DYKTATUOB
10.  The Murder Capital- Gigis Recovery
11.  Grian Chatten – Chaos For The Fly
12,  Young Fathers – Heavy Heavy
13.  PJ Harvey I Inside the Old Year Dying
14.  Rolling Stones – Hackney Diamonds
15.  Metallica – 72 Seasons
16.  Foo Fighters – But Here We Are
17.  Slowdive – Everything is Alive
18. Olivia Rodrygo – Guts
19. Lisa O’Neill. All of This is Chance
  1. CMAT – crazy mad


Then the best Irish albums chart


  1. Lankum- False Lankum
2  Mick Flannery – Goodtime Charlie
3   The Murder Capital- Gigis Recovery
4   Grian Chatten – Chaos For the Fly
5  CMAT – Crazymad, for me
6  Lisa O’Neill. All of This is Chance
7  Hozier Unreal Unearth
8  John Blek – Until the Rivers Run Dry
9   John Francis Flynn – Look Over the Wall, See the Sky
10   Muireann Bradley I kept these old blues
11  Bell X1 – Merciful Hour
12  The scratch – mind yourself
13  OXN – CYRM
14  Soda Blonde: Dream Big
15  Ash – Race the Night
16  Ailbhe Reddy -Endless Affair
17  Arborist an endless sequence of dead zeros
18   David Holmes – Blind on a galloping horse
  19  Mary Wallopers ‘Irish Rock n Roll’
20 Therapy – hard cold fire


Gigs of year


  1. WILCO – Opera house…..what you think of that Mick!!!  Bold of me, i know…bold!
  2. Bruce – RDS
  3. Mick Flannery in an Siopa
  4. Blur – Malahide Castle
  5. Depeche Mode – Malahide Castle


So that’s it for another year folks …thanks to those of ye for entering…Lankum doing a clean sweep of it…lovely Irish top 20 i think.

So main week for this week are releases for the 9th of Feb…here they are folks

A tune: https://youtu.be/iV7yWoYlDvg?si=KtrBgU_qu0YWk9ej


So above folks are the releases for the 9th feb….we are 2 bodies down today, normally 4 of us work on a weds…newsletter day! ( its the day we get most of the  new links up on the website)  circa 28/30 hours worked most Weds by us….but 2 bodies down today so a good few links missing, if interested in anything we mentioned but didn’t get a link done, old school…just ask us!!

I see Cork artist Lyra announced her debut album in the last few days…nice gold vinyl available and a nice price on the CD also.

Heres a tune from it

LYRA ~ Lose My Mind ~ Official Video

And my song of the week is definitely the new GRUFF song…i suppose we all think we are “ bad friends” at times…great song

Gruff Rhys – Bad Friend (Official Video)

I was accused of been ageist over the christmas, and have suffered quite a lot of abuse,   due to  the whole “ young Adam” debacle…the complaint has been taken seriously and it is going before the board this friday evening in an undisclosed location ( which sells alcohol ) to see whether Young Adam gets a reprieve , an upgrade some might say, well men of a certain age would consider it a downgrade….everyone in attendance has a vote… and i have three votes  ( its in the small print in  the company’s memorandum of association about voting rights, we are not north korea like, you have a say)

So you can await the boards decision in next week’s episode…..and thats a genuine dot dot dot folks


Going to hand ye over to Shane now and there are 10 or so decent announcements in the last week i think … .we may not get them all linked, but will get to them in time.

Sound, Ray! A serious boardroom vote so on Friday!

Hiya everyone. Hope all’s well out there.
Yeah, a good few down the lines or DTLs as I call them came at us today.

First up, a new release live album from PIXIES at the BBC. Great band of course!
Here’s ‘Caribou’ from it: https://youtu.be/FQMH6DDM1jQ?si=I5gMY4QwRegKA6IS
2 CD or 3 LP, decent value. Out 0n the 8th of March.

Next is a nice Irish release. A band quite popular in an siopa, PILLOW QUEENS release their 3rd (I think?) album ‘Name Your Sorrow’ on the 19th of April. (Day before RSD maybe?) CD or Vinyl available.
Here’s an amhrán:

Nice grungey guitars!

And a new album from ARAB STRAP – I’m totally fine with it… will be out in May. We’ll be getting limited numbers of the ’emoji’ yellow vinyl of that!

Oh and a brand new one from guitar legend MARK KNOPFLER called One Deep River is out on April 12th. We’ll be getting an indies coloured vinyl of that.

Also DTL:

We’ll try to get a few of the links we missed this week done next week.

A random one before I go, a friend recommended season 1 of True Detective to me, I hadn’t seen it. Finished it last week.
Amazing. We were hooked. Class TV.

Anyway back to you Ray so dude.

Right last one for this week is Integral for the 16th Feb…

Im reading a book Shane gifted by Jeff Tweedy at the moment, very enjoyable…more on it next week but..

Sin e for this week folks

Thanks for listening as always 

Ray, Shane and young Adam