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Hi Everyone,

Universal for the 12th September have the new COUNTING CROWS record, first in a while.

I listened to a few tracks online and was fairly impressed….went to see them down da marquee a fair few years back now, good gig, no more than that.

ADAM DURITZ did wear a CORK CITY jersey ( a size or two to small I must add) given to him by player or maybe ex-player at the time Pat Morley…nothing beats a bit of sucking up hah.

The Crows album available on CD and LP  (14 AND 27 EURO with Music Zone., Amazon 12 and 26 sterling.)

Deep Purples “ Graz” LP also out on the 12th September…Music Zone are 24 euro….Amazon 22 sterling.

Uni also have a new Christopher Cross.


PIAS have a massive release through the infectious label on the 19th September, which being the mysterious warm atmosphere of ALT J.

Yep, after mercury winning debut, the difficult second coming is close at hand.

I really like the track “hunger of the pine”, not so sure yet about the other track I heard.

The bassist left early in 2014, a bit of animosity has not hurt many bands, pushing each other to try making the best record they can. …rock n roll.

Pity U2 don’t have a bust up ( oops, sacrilege Raymond) …. I would be a big big fan of a lot of U2 stuff but over the last decade (IN MY OPINION) it’s a bit like music by numbers….in fairness I don’t think a bust up is required,  is it just that creativity in popular music is for the young??

Are ALT J going to live up to the hype as “this generations Pink Floyd”…..no pressure lads….

 alt j

Sorry bit carried away….ALT J is coming on CD and double gatefold LP in 6 different random colours on initial shipment…no cribbing if you get a dark brown colour, it’s a lucky dip….you could always keep buying it until you have all six colours! Please tell me no one would do that…..but my guess someone, somewhere….

26 euro with Music Zone!!!

Pias also have the return of Richard D.Adams aka APHEX TWIN, and new ones by ERASURE and SBTRKT as well.


Warner have the new Slash record, plus the much awaited VANCE JOY and King Crimson’s “island” LP reissue on 200 gram Vinyl with a download code giving access to Fripp’s personal file copy of the original pressing.  22 yoyos with us…18 sterling with…


SONY have the new CD by the SCRIPT, TRAIN on CD and LP, and a new BARBRA STREISAND duets album.

SONY also have a couple of HENDRIX reissues “ cry of love” and “ rainbow bridge” .

LPs are 22 yoyos each with Music Zone and 21 sterling with those friendly faces in the sky.


Apologies for the recurring theme running through the newsletter this week, but some people (not ye folks I know) have the perception that massive organizations are better on all fronts….so im just trying to prove a little point for all small business out there.

They say there are four stages to making a purchase, Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action.

Now our friendly faceless foxes in the sky are shit hot at stage four mainly because they are perceived to be cheaper, but what about the rest……hah ( those three letters denote general disapproval)….…..Tesco’s are for it next week.


Music on Vinyl have reissues by MILES DAVIS, HERBIE HANCOCK and DREAM THEATER “metropolis part 2”.

miles davisherbdreamth

Now there’s a Nick Cave 10” coming in November (attached) 1500 only….i have thrown my name in the hat for some….so if anyone wants to throw there name in our hat…I will keep a list, but as usual no promises…..first of black Friday releases also attached.


New baby due into the house here next weds or so, all going well, so newsletter could be a bit haphazard for a while (much shorter and quieter rants for a small while to yer great joy and relief im sure, ye might even get a week off!)


Anyway, thanks as always

Sin e