A Truly Huge ‘Lost Treasure’ Release, Big Releases From Joy Division and Bowie, and Rolling Blackouts C.F. Return

Hi Everyone,
Hope you and yours are doing alright…. Keep at it… We all have to truck on with our new reality don’t we… A pain in the liathroidí I know but it is what it is.. Nearly 1600 lives lost.. It probably could have been way worse at this point… Still sobering figure isn’t it, 1574 I think… Christy Dignam’s dad one of them.. I don’t know if ye saw the RTÉ documentary on Christy a few years back (well worth a watch, may even still be on the RTÉ player) but his dad had a part in the doc.. Salt from the very earth.. A lovely man… Horrible disease…

Right onto the tunes.. Due into the emptyvessel.ie this week are new albums by STEVE EARLETHE 1975 (CD only for now)BADLY DRAWN BOY and TIM BURGESS.. The shop had a little bit of interaction with Tim on Twitter lately and he gave us a lovely shout out yesterday… He has been a legend with his Twitter Listening Parties in the last few months, and people have revolved their days around these listening events, very inclusive and helping give people a tangibly purposeful participation every day, crucially without any motive.. The passion for music, records and helping people are all clearly visible to see… Top quality everywhere.. Tim’s new record is out Friday and you can buy it here if you like..

Next week the 29th we have new release by CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENSIGGY POP ‘The Bowie Years’ CD setPRINCE latest batch of reissues including ‘Up All Nite With Prince : The One Nite Alone Collection’ 4CD/DVD‘One Nite Alone… Live!’ 4LP, ‘One Nite Alone… The Aftershow : It Ain’t Over’ 2LP,  ‘Rainbow Children’ vinyl, and ‘One Night Alone’ vinyl, and the new TEDDY THOMPSON album..

I think there are a few things there and in fairness I do think the releases are improving a bit for June and July.. So that’s a positive.. We all need a way to find to do our business safely if we can… I think I may have got my phases mixed up.. I thought it was 20KM from the 18th of May but I think it was only 5KM so if in the radius with work or home… Remote collection firmly available.. 021-4967119, stock it in yer phone… One of us here more or less Monday to Friday 10-6, more less except until 4:30 on Monday… The Shane boy is starting back today also which is great… We are back to a three piece.. A remote three piece… But pieced back together again… Order book always open folks… Email or phone… Website always open also..

Right so before I drive on with releases for the 5th of June and maybe the 12th of June (Pssttt psssttt… Pre-Orders for these a great help as they make my crystal ball less foggy), there was a couple of beauts announced again in the last few days.. I suppose the biggest announcement in the last week is the release of the unreleased NEIL YOUNG album ‘Homegrown’. The album recorded after ‘Harvest’ and before ‘Comes A Time’… Eeh not bad those two albums you could say… Reviews are very strong on it.. It was to be a Record Store Day release but it’s broken ranks (I for one not complaining about that.. Record Shops need things to sell if we are going to hang around), and it’s now out on the 19th of June.. CDstandard LP and RSD Stores Exclusive LP with a lithograph of the album artwork.. This really is a ‘lost’ treasure I feel.. ‘Lost’ albums are branded about all the time but this one seriously has my juices flowing.. 7 completely unreleased Young tracks from the 70s… 7th Heaven!! Email back if interested or buy it from the website..

Neil Young puts it best: “This album is the unheard bridge between Harvest and Comes a Time”. Recorded between June 1974 and January 1975, Homegrown was intended to come out in 1975 before Neil cancelled the release. The album has remained unreleased until now, achieving a legendary status among Neil Young fans in the process. The album is made up of twelve Neil Young songs, of which seven are previously unreleased – “Separate Ways,” “Try,” “Mexico,” “Kansas,” We Don’t Smoke It No More,” “Vacancy” and “Florida” (a spoken word narration). Also included are the first recordings of “Love Is A Rose,” “Homegrown,” “White Line, “Little Wing,” and “Star Of Bethlehem” – different versions of which would all later appear on other Neil Young albums. Neil plays solo on some tracks (guitar, piano and harmonica), and is joined by a band of friends on other tracks, including Levon Helm, Ben Keith, Karl T Himmel, Tim Drummond, Emmylou Harris and Robbie Robertson. Recorded in analog, and mastered from the original master tapes, this long-lost album is a wonderful addition to Neil’s incomparable catalogue.

Best prices are €14 on CD, €24 on standard LP and €26 on indies LP… Not sure how many of the RSD one I’ll get but will do my very best to get as many as I can…

Confetti records for the 5th of June have the reissue and remastered version of ‘High’ by THE BLUE NILE… A first timer on vinyl so a nice one for all the Blue Nile fans especially…

I see a nice version of ‘Closer’ by JOY DIVISION is coming out on the 17th of July as well as 3 classic singles… First the album gets a reissue on vinyl and is released as a crystal clear 40th Anniversary version, as well as the release of 3 non album singles on 12” with remastered audio.. ‘Transmission’, ‘Atmosphere’, and ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’.. These 12”s have not been around for a while, lovely pressings they are.. Also 40 years since the passing of Ian.. I was only six so no I don’t remember it but by 1990 I loved the two records (like so many others)… Again email us if interested or buy from the site if interested… €15 for each of the singles and €28 for the album reissue..

Also a nice one for 19th of June is BOWIE’s ‘Space Oddity’ Limited Edition 1972 Picture Disc.. €36 best price job on that..

Finally on the pre-orders on site for now, THE ACADEMIC are back with a brand new 6-Track EP due to be released on 26th of June, called ‘Acting My Age’. It will be out on orange vinylcd or cassette.. And lastly the 4th RUN THE JEWELS album ‘RTJ4’, due out September 18th is also now up on the site, which will be released on CDStandard 2LP, or deluxe 4LP…

Released on the 5th of June is the ROLLING BLACKOUTS COSTAL FEVER (R.B.C.F) album on Sub Pop on CD, Standard LP, Indies Only LP, and Audio Cassette… Australian band’s second album, really liked the first album from a few years ago… Jingly jangly pop-rock, quality though… Looking forward to this one…

Now BIBIO’s record out on 12/6 also on Warp label, as well as a little one Raymond likes the sound of (big time) which is the debut album by DRAB CITY.. Out via Bella Union… I know jack sh*t about them to be honest.. Google I suppose Raymond… But instantly I liked the sound of them… Love their sound to be honest… Here’s a few tunes
Also nice for the 12/6 is the SAMMY BRUE debut alum on New West Records…

LIAM GALLAGHER’s ‘MTV Unplugged’ is also out on the 12th on CD and LP but more on that next week…

Sony for the 5th of June have a coloured vinyl reissue of JIMI HENDRIX’s ‘Band Of Gypsies’, and Sony for the 12th of June have the reissue and remaster of MANIC STREET PREACHERs ‘Gold Against The Soul’ as a CD/Book or a Vinyl remaster.. €60 best price on the CD/Book and €27 best price on the vinyl..

New album out by HAKEN via The Orchard on the 5th of June…

Republic of Music for the 5th of June has the new album by HINDS ‘The Prettiest Curse’ on CD, LP and LPX Indies Only Version… ROM also has a 25th Anniversary Edition of SLEEPER’s ‘Smart’ on Gorsky Records… The vinyl is pressed on clear vinyl and there are only ever going to be 1500 copies in the world…

Universal for the 5th of June have the new Jessie Ware album on CD or LP from Virgin / EMI, ‘What’s Your Pressure’.. Eagle Rock via Uni also have some lovely coloured versions / reissues out by HANS ZIMMER “Live in Prague” 4LP set, and THE WHO “Live in Hyde Park” 3LP set also all on coloured vinyl.. June 12th from Universal has the new PAUL WELLER album via Polydor.. “On Sunset” is the title of the record and there is a CDDeluxe CD or LP Set.. More on it next week but we is taking the aul ainms as always!!! NORAH JONES has a new album out for the 12th June but sure that’s enough hawking for one night I think!!!

Keep at it folks
Sin é for this week,
Thanks as always
The Emptyvessell . ie

Birthdays, Breakfast Rolls and Bowie’s Glittering Stars

Hey everyone,


Hope all is well..


Music Zone will be 15 years old on Sunday (no need for champagne, or cakes, or chocolates, or anything for that matter..just glad to be alive!) It feels like only yesterday in some ways.. Bridget Jones was the big seller when the shop opened on Tuesday after the May bank holiday weekend… Nervous as a kitten I was… Standing like a rabbit caught in headlights when the first potential customer approached. Builder guy, breakfast roll wrapped up good and tight as they say.. ‘Any AC/DC CD’s?’.. Ah christ… Some of the Sony stock never landed in, including the AC/DC titles… ‘No sorry… Should be in during the week, I can hold one for you?’… ‘Nah, you’re grand, i’ll call another day…’ Note to self and others… Always have some AC/DC titles… Anyway, excuse my meanderings into past lives…

One other quick note to self and others, no really big beasts in the sky back then, or files to download to your PC either… So more important note to self and others… These days (2016), have AC/DC titles in stock!


Releases for the shop for today, May 6th, include RYAN ADAMS, GREGORY PORTER, MICHAEL JACKSON, THE RIDES, 10’000 MANIACS, MOTLEY CRUE, JEAN MICHEL JARRE, and the new BEYONCE CD.

For all who prefer the visual, check out the new release video here :

Releases for May 13th include CORINNE BAILEY RAE’s new album on Universal, the METALLICAvinyl boxsets (first two records), and the new DRAKE album also.


Warner for the 13th of May have a MORBID ANGEL LP reissue of ‘Altars of Madness’, THE BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA Deluxe CD remaster of ‘Spirit of the Century’ on Omnivore and lastly, the big one from Warner next week is the new FOY VANCE album ‘The Wild Swan’, on CD and LP… Signed to Ed Sheeran’s label where in fairness artists and bands are allowed to do as they please creatively (allegedly anyway).


PIAS for the 13th of May have new albums by EAGULLS ‘Ullages’ on CD, LP and also on initial order only coloured LP for Indies like me… EAGULLS have been mentioned by some sectors in the same sentences as THE CURE and THE COCTEAU TWINS… No pressure there lads… Just two of the greatest bands ever is all…

New metal albums on Nuclear Blast for next week by GRAND MAGUS and also by HATEBREED.


PIAS also have NEW ORDERS ‘Music Complete’ on deluxe CD, which (and please ignore me with my affection for cheap silly gags), doesn’t seem that complete at all, there having been so many versions of it already.. (Sorry, can’t help myself)…


PIAS have a debut, a hotly anticipated debut record by OSCAR, also WOLF PARADE, ‘Apologies to the Queen Mary’ on triple LP (coloured only for the indies..), or cassette tape… Appearing more and more on sell in sheets from the record companies to me… Never… Surely… Never.. I for one like the format… 18 year old Fiestie that passed the NCT last week only allows cassettes to be played in it… It only allows certain other things also, like who it lets into it and who can start her… You and I both know that next week the Fiestie could be in the bin, but like Danny Healy Rae sure we’ll keep going for as long as we can get away with it.. There’s nothing in that whole climate change crap i’d say… Or drink driving either for that matter…


Was tempted in starting a tiny cassette corner in the shop just for Sean O’ Rourke and the likes who like rewinding the tape with their biro… Therapeutic I think he said… Cassettes anyone?.. Cassettes… Bueller…. Bueller…


Sorry, lastly this time from PIAS are some Domino LP releases from the likes of THE FALL,PAVEMENT, CASS MCCOMBS and FOUR TET.


The latest catch phrase in the shop, for a while now really, which has toppled the ‘do you sell iTunes cards here?’ chart topper, is definitely, ‘jays, the records are back hah!’… ‘They are…’ ‘Crikey, i’ve loads of them up the attic, the must be worth a fortune’. Well, the follow up line can vary to a number of different roads or tangents (I do know a bit about tangents, note to self, ease off the tangents…), but the opening line is heard 40 times a week in the shop over the last few months, easily hitting Itunes off it’s perch… ‘Jays the records are back huh?’… The records are back.


Sony for the 13th of May have a new album by KYGO and a few gems of reissues on vinyl bySANTANA including ‘Abraxas’ and the self titled record.


Essential for next week have the Armin Van Buuren, ‘State of Trance 2016’ on 2CD.


Music on Vinyl upcoming releases include MILES DAVIS Double Live LP ‘Dark Magus’ and IGGY POP’s fourth solo album ‘Soldier’, IAN BROWN ‘Golden Greats’, BOB DYLAN’s ‘World Gone Wrong’, and the brilliant DANCES WITH WOLVES soundtrack by JOHN BARRY and some SOFT MACHINE reissues.


Republic of Music have the 20th anniversary of the MOBB DEEP classic ‘The Infamous’ on double coloured vinyl (one blue and one orange) for next week.


New CHILI PEPPERS album announced for June as I am sure you are aware.

I noticed a load of people holding the new BOWIE record sleeve up to the sun or the heavens today.. Is there some sort of mass cult effort like a Ouija Board type of thing to contact the great man? Or is that the star transforms into a galaxy of shining stars when sunlight hits it (no wonder it took nearly 4 months to be discovered).. Note to self….. Stop trying to tell the Bowie heads stuff they obviously already know… I am right in thinking the notes to self do come from the Bridget Jones film? Soundtrack came out in May 2001?… Note to self…. Check your research….

I’m sure you won’t be sorry to read that’s that…


Sin é for tonight..


Check out the website for all the comings and goings,


Thanks for listening,




Joys and Tears of RSD, Acts for the day and more from Mr. Bonnamassa


Hey everyone,

How’s the form?

Kind of normal service resumed this week.

First up is the new vinyl record release video, which has the big releases from the last couple of weeks, including local lads JOHN BLEK AND THE RATS and some big names such as JEFF BUCKLEY, JAMES, POLICIA and many more, check the video out below, if you want to see them all, a good bit in! :



Big response to last weeks note on the Record Shop Day, very varied selection this year…. Nothing huge but nice and varied… Maybe not as strong as last year, personally as a shop keeper I prefer album releases, always less of a graveyard after RSD with albums.. RSD can get a bad wrap at times and certainly there are some negative aspects to it… Pricing being one I suppose.. To be fair the 7” and 12” can be excessive.. I don’t know why, it’s unfair… Record companies could feel there is major re-sell value on a lot of the stuff but that’s not a fair reason for inflated prices. Infact, that only fuels another negative for RSD and that is people who get involved for the wrong reasons, purely and simply to buy a record and flip it for twice it’s value 3 hours later on Ebay… Parasites is the industry term for them.. But there are parasites in all games where product is limited and only increases in value… It’s the way of the world as unfortunate as it is… Most who visit us are cool, no issues there, thank God.. I’d hate if the wrong hands got an only limited release to flip it on Ebay taking it away from a genuine fan.

Another problem faced by us on RSD is the availablitiy of the produce… It’s rare and limited by nature but one company this year decided not to support the Irish industry, that company being Music On Vinyl.. Here’s the reason that I can’t buy stock from them this year, in a’roundabout fashion from rep

‘Hi Ray,

I’m afraid that a RSD order is not such a good idea after all because of the way it is organized:

We have to create a special sub account for each participating store; a special RSD account.

Then all RSD orders are collected and automatically entered in the system at once.

Until this is done it is still uncertain who will get what or how many.

When the stock has arrived and is divided between all the participating stores in chronological order,  then all the RSD shipments will be shipped out on the same day via priority mail.This is quite expensive but priority is the only option.

And on top of that our accounts department does not make an invoice for an amount below € 300,-

No matter how much I wanted to ship you these titles, all in all its probably not worth the hassle and it would be better to wait until after RSD to see what’s still available then.

I did not know it would be such a tour du force to organize this otherwise I would have told you this much earlier.’

So, I apologise in advance to anyone hoping to get MOV RSD releases here, or in fact anywhere in the country for that matter.. I suppose my returning cribbing emails have yielded promises for next year…

All that said, RSD, is for us what it says on the tin.. It supports us as independent record shops.. And it does.

Last year it was as as good as any day Christmas week.. There was a lovely vibe in the shop all day long… People supported us even without buying any of the RSD stuff… It was humbling, the support, to be honest, from ye the customers and the musicians who played for us… Truly humbling. Musicians signed up to play already for this year include CRY MONSTER CRY, CROJAN and ANDERSON who plays a gig in Cyprus Avenue on Friday April 22 (tickets available now!), and is going to drive down from Dublin to us on the day to play a few tunes in the shop.. Top man… Fair play.. We don’t mind if he turns into… Bleeding Bono (said in my Dublin accent). Anyway bottom line… It’s a hugely important and special day for us here..


Right. On to releases for next week the 25th of March.. Merge via Cargo have a new BOB MOULDrecord out, limited coloured LP here!


Universal have the MOTORTOWN REVUE record Live In Paris, which includes all the Motown stars, the Supremes, Martha and the Vandellas, Stevie Wonder etc, all on a 3LP set.. Universal also some STATUS QUO CD expanded reissued versions of ‘If You Can’t Stand The Heat’, ‘On The Level’, and ‘What Ever You Want’. They also have an ERIC CLAPTON 4LP Live Album Collection, which includes Derek and the Dominos, Rainbow Concert, E.C. Was Here and Just One Night.. Also some nice new Bluenote Jazz vinyl reissues with classics from Count Bassie, Ella / Louis, Billie Holiday and Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker…


Warner probably have the biggest releases for the next Friday the 25th with the new JOE BONAMASSA album on CD / Deluxe CD and 2LP… The album is called ‘Blues if Desperation’, out via Provogue..ALL NEW TRACKS

Warner also has the BIRDY record on the same 3 formats, EVA CASSIDY ‘Simply Eva’ LP reissue, and a lost JEFF HEALEY album gets a release.


Sony have a bit out next Friday also, including a new WHITE DENIM record (Major Label Release), new AMON AMARTH album on CD and LP as well as a load of good vinyl record reissues, such as PEARL JAM’s Vs and Vitalogy, as well as all of THE SCRIPTS albums.

Sin é for this week folks,

Check out VINYL RECORDS CORK for all comings and goings..

Thanks for listening,



How’s it going?

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Hey everyone,
How’s it going?
Apologies for missing last week…..but was offered a freebie for the Aviva last Thursday night so I went there instead…..prawn sandwiches in me pocket….borne out of luck more than connections….well done aul chap versus DOWCTHA LONGIE BOY….maybe with an expletive….he was out the cross for a while…one of ours.

It will live long in the memory as well to be honest, pity they couldn’t get the job done in Warsaw, but heh that’s sport….did they really deserve 2nd place in the group?…fingers crossed for the qualifiers I suppose.


Some weekend for sport (not the one just gone obviously), those rugby boys were awesome; such a pity there was so many injuries because if everyone was fit till the end of the tournament they could have had a right rattle off it…

I am still having t’internet problems so I am behind schedule a bit but will try and get back on track for next week….
Anyway to the tunes, for tomorrow, no messing here…

Universal for last Friday the 16th have the LOVELY looking PETER GABRIEL LP reissues, the first four solo albums, 1,2,3,4 or CAR, SCRATCH, MELT, SECURITY, whatever tickles your fancy, reissued on Vinyl for the first time since 2002, cut at half speed for greater quality, numbered and limited to 10, 000 worldwide….we got a few of each, our Cork ones numbered in 9,900s….just about got em id say.

Got a couple of 3 and 4 or melt and security in the rare German language versions also….3,000 only of these globally…MR. Gabriel is in studio recording a new album by all accounts and from what I heard from a few of ye who saw him in Dublin recently he sounds as good as ever.
FRANK ZAPPA the mothers of invention “one size fits all” LP reissue in the shop also for tomorrow….a colourful and interesting artist is probably a good way to describe Zappa….or a bit mad another way….interesting dude to have a pint with id say.
Universal also have for tomorrow the GREGG ALLMAN – back to Macon vinyl release.
Universal also for tomorrow have brand new albums by JOHN NEWMAN, DEMI LOVATO, LUDOVICO EINAUDI and TOM ROBINSON ( first studio work in 20 years) and a couple of 5 CD sets by UB40 and QUO.
Check out LUDOVICO here for just how beautiful music can sound…..

Warner for tomorrow have new albums by SATAN and SAXON (no, not the same band to non metal fans).

Warner also have the RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE live at FINSBURY PARK DVD and BLURAY , which is a free gig they held in honor of the defeating of the X Factor single for the number one spot Christmas 2009…..we at Music Zone towers are giving away an everlasting gobstopper, a bloody red splattered vinyl one, for whoever can tell me which X Factor winner they stopped back then….i normally would not knock anything musically be it Celine Dion or the teletubbies but I have a beef with the industry over X Factor…..it is money pumped in for a quick fix….this programme was in its pomp when record shops were being culled, when an industry showed little or no support for the bricks and mortar stores….i could go on in more detail, some other time maybe.
Anyway, back to the releases,

miles davis

Sony have some nice MILES DAVIS reissues on Vinyl including the classics, KIND OF BLUE, BITCHES BREW and SKETCHES OF SPAIN.
Again, these are no strangers to the shop having being in stock via MUSIC ON VINYL until very recently, now Sony are reissuing them on their COLUMBIA/LEGACY label at about 15 to 20 % cheaper….kind of blue is 20 euro….the right price point for a single LP in my opinion.
Sony has the debut solo album by MARKUS FEEHILY from Westlife and a new studio album from JEAN MICHAEL JARRE.

Pias have the new DEERHUNTER ALBUM …it is their 7th album and a bit more accessible than some of their other records from what I heard.

EP also from AIDAN MOFFAT/BILL WELLS , deluxe version of the EAVES album, 14 CD boxset by OVERKILL and ENTER SHIKARI orange 10” .

We had ANDERSON in the shop last Friday for a few tunes, he gave a top acoustic set of five or 6 tunes and he really had a lovely easygoing way about him….listened to the album quite a bit since and it really is quite good….he promises to be back for RSD 2016, once he doesn’t turn in to bleeeedddiinnn Bono in the meantime….

Short and maybe not to sweet this week but will find my feet and a computer that works hopefully by next week….
Check out the website here


sin e for this week,

Short and sweet this week……

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Hey Folks,

Short and sweet this week……

Video from last week here….no one murdered yet…



I’m a bit cranky to be honest….i send this newsletter from home and the PC I use is about 10 years old and it requires a dongle to operate…( think of me as your grandfather when it comes to techie stuff and that may paint a clearer picture for you)

Before I go on, all these service providers selling us air, as the cute ad doing the rounds at the moment depicts, piss me off anyway.

You are paying for a signal…paying for air is right…and they rob us….phones, telly, internet providers….try cancel your sky or whatever rubbish you have….their policy….keep those CUSTOMERS on the phone forever, they may get frustrated and hang up…charge them CUSTOMERS well for the call also, don’t miss a trick there lads, few pound in that also….then since the product does not cost anything really, offer it to them CUSTOMERS for free for 6 months….but tie them in for 12 months after that….do you know what you can do Sky, go stick it up…..

I don’t know about ye, but all of these crowds looking for contracts for this and contracts for that,  that you then have to jump through hoops to escape from, seriously get on my goat…

So back to same dongle….which I have being using for 5 or 6 years id say….( different dongles, same dingo dongle provider)

Said dongle has not being  working,  as happened to 4 or 5 others in the past, after a period of time it seems to happen to them all….like all the phones… in the phone company engineers handbook, build them not to last is the core value…all for those CUSTOMERS again…

Anyway, went to my local dingo dongle shop where I was told my one was out of warranty?? ( did he think I was buying a state of the art feestiieee from him) and no problem I can buy another one for 30 euro and can then sign up for 20 quid a month for a 12 month contract……gee thanks……i said they had being replaced before in this very shop when they stopped working as had happened 4 or 5 times in the past….he said again its out of warranty….i said laughing I didn’t know it was in warranty…I asked to get internet on a stick, you said yes…20 quid a month…internet on a stick which I asked for no longer works….well hey that’s just tough shit….so I left with my broken dongle and my cranky head in my one man protest ( where they will still take the 20 quid a month from me unless I can score a try in the corner in the rugby world final for Canada)….do your head in…240 euro a year for internet on a stick and they try up sell to you and piss you off when you go in to get a two pence worth replacement….it’s not the dongo I dealt with, it’s the training and culture in all these companies….get get get….Gordon Greco  would love today’s world.

Anyway, after all this….no one will see this because it won’t send probably (although has flitting glimpses of life…bit like ET…ALIVE, DEAD, ALIVE) but cant attach images or tunes….


The music for next week the 9th October is led by the agonizingly sad yet painfully funny JOHN GRANT….one of the most anticipated releases of the year….i for one am really looking forward to hearing it…” grey tickles, black pressure” is out on Bella Union next week via PIAS on CD and double LP.

Pias also have the new record from JESSE MALIN, he was in CYPRESS AVENUE recently and by accounts was really good.

PIAS also have EP’s on Vinyl from MARTIN GORE and THE DECEMBERISTS and the first NEW ORDER single on a green vinyl 12”.


Universal have the vinyl record release of KENDRICK LAMAR’s “to pimp a butterfly” on 2LP….MR. LAMAR seen as the best rapper of his generation  by some….

Universal also have new ones by TOM JONES and SELENA GOMEZ.


Warner has a MASTODON reissue on green vinyl and a re issue / new issue of a JAMIE LAWSON album “wasn’t expecting that”.

I always thought this dude was Irish, we stocked and sold an album of his 3 or 4 or 5 years ago…..i just thought he was from up the country somewhere…..but no, he is English, who had zero success over there but now Jamie is the first signing to ED SHEERAN’s label….gingerbread man records….so relatively unknown Jamie may not be so in the future…other bits like WELLER single, MCR reissue, JOE LOUIS WALKER on the attachment ( that you will not see most likely)

Sony has the new FAITHLESS and the HENDRIX LP reissues for the 9th ….

If you see me with 30 euros in my hand and my dongle between my legs heading into my local dingo dongle shop please do not heckle….i may forward this next week anyway…


Without and,



Vinyl record releases for the 2nd of October

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Hey Everyone,

How’s it going?

Firstly here’s the link for last weeks video diary….Bobby is back at the helm for this one.


The production team are discussing plot lines for next week….maybe a murder, an illicit affair with a bit of plastic…something juicy anyway….

This week we tell ye good folks about vinyl record releases for the 2nd of October mainly.


PIAS up first with the new Editors album on the Play it again Sam record label…” in dream” is the bands fifth album and the vinyl record should be gold coloured on the initial run….only 200 of them hitting these shores but will be ok for a few….

Heard a random story from a lad who comes into the Corporation about  bumping into TOM SMITH on the dock road in Limerick and getting him to sign his latest album just released that day….” Tom” “Tom” had he heard his name being called? Who is this fella running towards me…..?

“hey Tom, will you sign this please”…..” ah yeah sure….this isn’t out till Monday, how have you got it?” “….tis out on Friday in Ireland boy was the truthful answer he got…..do I bore with these random stories…do I bore I say.

Editors new track…


PIAS also have the new MERCURY REV record and the new CHILDREN OF BODOM album through Nuclear Blast available on four formats, CD, CD/DVD, PICTURE DISC LP, BLACK LP.

PIAS have a 20th anniversary edition of the debut vinyl record and CD from GARBAGE.

Lastly to note from Pias is the vinyl record release from KAMASI WASHINGTON “the epic” .


This record by the jazz saxophonist who is being name checked as a modern day COLTRANE or BIRD PARKER, is being touted as an album of the year, let alone jazz album of the year……tie in’s with the hipness of  KENDRICK LAMAR and FLYING LOTUS would help the aul image id say.

Listen for yourself….


Warner has the newest release from the ever growing JOE BONNAMASSA catalogue…..lot of interest in this one….” Live at radio city music hall” is available via Mascot/Provugue on CD, CD/DVD, CD/ BLURAY and LP.

Warner also has the new TRIVIUM album “silence in the snow” which is there 7th album available via Roadrunner on CD, deluxe CD and LP.


WARNER also has the second album from RUDIMENTAL “ we are the generations”  on the same formats as above.

The next in the BOWIE series of 40th anniversary 7” vinyl picture discs out on the 2nd also….” Space oddity”… this time around.

MORBID ANGEL “entangled in chaos” an old live album see’s its debut on the old vinyl record.

Lastly from Warner is the new record from DEAFHEAVEN “new Bermuda” ….indie exclusive here on solid black and solid white vinyl….

I am a sucker for the aul indie exclusive ones….wee Daniel could have a vocal and panpipe only version of GOD SAVE THE QUEEN and I would be in the queue of record shops to get my hands on it.

Reason being you may ask?

Well, if bands, artists go out of their way to try and support us by saying look we want these 2000 gold records to go to indie shops, not online, not to supermarkets, not to chain stores….well I feel as one of those shops that we should support back where we can….(its obviously a ploy for lesser known bands to get into stores, naught wrong with that)

A lot of bigger names than THE EDITORS use there own personal websites to sell the exclusive stuff….not for you Mr. Record shop man or woman…..no way, not for you.

I for one, adverse to my business as it is, would have zero qualms with the Editors if those 2000 gold records available were only available through their website….they must and need to be paid first, or the truth of it, their record label must get paid….but that’s a tale I told already or will tell again….not for now.

But when the likes of ELTON JOHN reissue “goodbye yellow brick road” on vinyl and have yellow copies available only via his personal website….that slightly irks me…Elton was around at a time when there was truckloads of money made when you were selling records, not to mind royalties…..so I find this a bit rich….but he is more than entitled to do it….i hope my point is seen here.

Universal for the 2nd have the 14th album by pop geniuses that are SQUEEZE, “CRADLE TO THE GRAVE”.

Have a little listen here…



They also have an EAGLES OF DEATH METAL release featuring as ye know JOSH HOMME of QOSA.

Some PAUL MCCARTNEY solo reissues on 2CD, 2 LP and deluxe thingys…” pipes of peace” and “ tug of war”….two different fancy boxsets on the latter.

Lastly from UNIVERSAL is a live LYNYRD SKYNYRD from Jacksonville Florida.

SONY don’t have much for the 2nd….they have taken over the rights for predominately metal label CENTURY MEDIA from UNIVERSAL and so there first release is a new MALEVOLENT CREATION album, also new ones QUEENSRYCHE, NEW YEARS DAY and that PHIL SPECTOR Christmas album reissue on vinyl that is supposed to be coming out since the summer….

A complete aside here…. i traded in the broken red feestttiiii for a dark green feestttiii ( ye remember the crying at the side of the road story. Broken car, broken phone story) well the new Raymobile is a year older than the old raymobile….but what a difference a year makes….98 to 99 what went on in the ford feesstttiii engineering department….last one 99…electric windows, central locking, CD player….bare with me here, this is going somewhere….a rather meaningless somewhere, but somewhere all the same…now David Byrne….anyway the deluxe 98 version, roll up and down windows, individually lock each door, and a cassette player, yep a cassette player…heres the punchline….thanks to a few lying around at home and the generosity of a few of ye guys…mad mix tapes and all….i am starting to have feelings for these tapes, powerful feelings, hard to put into words feelings…I thinks its love…..anyway all good with the car aside from it deciding how long before it will leave you in to it and then how long before it will allow you to start the engine….other than that drives like a dream….from the early 80s….until the next sad tearful episode at the side of the road….maybe I can do the video from there.

Cargo have Belfast band GIRLS NAMES “ARMS AROUND A VISION” third full album release and I must be honest I really really like this….


Republic of Music have the new CLUTCH album “psychic warfare”  also for the 2nd

MOV has JOHNNY CASH “ bitter tears” concept album about the plight of the native American Indians, they have an acoustic ALLMAN BROTHERS “ an evening with” and the MILES DAVIS bootleg series volume 4 at Newport on 8 LPs….

WARNER are using me as a medium to liberate more cash from ye…..see the cunning way I turn it on to the big bad man and away from me…mourhino would be proud….anyway, this is the story….

Attached is a Warner vinyl promotion ….

The first seven titles are a once of run of 2500 per title across Europe on bloody red Vinyl ( red is in vogue lately) …each retailing at 25 euro….

The rest of the titles on the list are reductions…best prices marked im afraid…but at least 6 or 7 cracking titles retailing at 15 euro by bands like, RADIOHEAD “ BENDS”, ZEPP 2, JOY DIVISION ‘CLOSER’ , COLDPLAY, ROYAL BLOOD, FLEETWOOD MAC, THE POGUES and THE EAGLES.

Also then a select few at 10 euro including THE SPECIALS ‘ LIVE AT THE MOONLIGHT CLUB”……anyway that’s the sceal….if anyone wants something ….pop me a mail….

Went to see JOHN BLEK AND THE RATS last Friday night …great show and the new record is a sublime listen….single here…



Check out the website and we can post out to  you if it suits better….


Anyways, sin e for this week, slan and

Thanks for listening,


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Hi Everyone,
Hope all is well.

Last Friday was culture night; evening or day, whatever took your fancy, and as mentioned last week we had EAMON DWYER in at 4pm promoting his debut album, “that wrinkled shirt”, RAISING JUPITER at 5 pm,JOHBLEK AND THE RATS in at 5.30/5.45 launching their brilliant second album “borders”….which was released on the day…..so big scoop for the shop that one, so thanks to the acts and everyone who called in to say hello and listen to a few tunes from some of our local songsmiths.

This week we shall quickly run through releases for Friday 25th September.


Warner for the 25th has the BOWIE 5 years box set on Vinyl record and CD….we spoke about it a week or so back…

The new (third) DEAD WEATHER vinyl record and CD is out on the 25th also…a fair bit of interest in this one….ALISON MOSSHART (THE KILLS), DEAN FERTITA (QOSA), JACK LAWERENCE (RACONTEURS) and lastly the bold JACK WHITE….jumping around on all instruments…jumpin jack…..recorded at third man on analog tape…nice….looking forward to giving it a listen.


The newest NOEL GALLAGHER album has gotten the remix treatment on LP….its a fine album in my opinion as is the new RICHARD HAWLEY in my opinion.

Universal for the 25th have quite a few releases.

New and second albums from both CHVRCHES and DISCLOSURE….who would you think is the bigger band…in record company terms…not my terms…?

Well you may not believe this but CHVRCHES sold half a million copies of their debut album….half a million!!

I do like their new single…..did not really like the first album all that much…..only about 500,000 people thought different!

DISCLOSURE second album is on a standard 11 track CD, 14 track deluxe CD and 14 track double LP….read the last few sentences again…..first time with one of the major record companies I have noticed that the physical vinyl buyer has not being penalized for being solely a physical vinyl record buyer….delighted to see that.

Every time before that there is a deluxe CD format, the VINYL RECORD buyer gets shafted on the bonus tracks…..only getting the standard tracks on the LP…so great to see the DELUXE vinyl…..only right to….what other business would penalize their customers who support their most expensive products….but hey this is the record industry!!

QOSA wrote a song about it….

Uni have a new album from DON HENLEY “ CASS COUNTY” …his 5th solo offering, first in 15 years…

There is a limited to 30 copies in Ireland CAFÉ MAMBO LP….

A RAMMSTEIN DVD or BLURAY entitled “in Amerika” …ramm      bobmarley

The BOB MARLEY Island catalogue is getting the vinyl reissue treatment.

So the nine studio albums and 2 live albums will be available in a box set…11 LPs…. or individually ( including classic albums like, EXODUS, NATTY DREAD, KAYA, UPRISING, BABYLON BY BUS) …..or in a super douper fancy boxy thingy which includes a special Ouija board which allegedly lets you communicate with Robert for up to 30 seconds…. only 450 yoyos….see our TV channel….if you want to give a few of these for Christmas presents, just let me know!…..( the Ouija board bit I made up…just in case)

Lastly from Universal is the QUEEN box set….18 LP set….all different colours ….my beefy friends in the sky were about 500 euro for the set, now 420 ish….we your local independent corporation are 370 euro…no ouija board….but truly different colours….great band by the way….great band…..the best front man ever???


The 15 albums are being released individually also…..all the vinyl reissues were cut at half speed…..hah ray?…..basically the master tape is played back at half speed which then gives the cutting head twice the time to cut the complex analog groove…..this gives more accuracy with frequency extremes or eh just makes it sound better….as ye all know anyway…!!!

I watched the best 8 minutes of telly on Tuesday morning in work….one word for it….Brilliant….but I will use more….it was thoroughly enjoyable, refreshing, honest and brave??!!

Please please watch this….it will improve your day…great characters, great and some great tunes

Fair fucks to you Daniel ANDERSON….that’s all I can say….his record “patterns” ( seen once or twice in this video) is released tomorrow also and is in stock with us……lovely listen too, hints of DIVINE COMEDY ….better news or equally good news….he is playing Coughlans on Friday the 9th OCTOBER and ANDERSON is going to visit Music Zone on that same day to play a few tunes also…..all good…get in on the tickets lively I would think….latest tune here

Right, next up is the PIAS releases for the 25th…..

Where do I start here…..

We will give preference to age….all interesting by the way….but gotta respect the elders…


NEW ORDER have a new record “music complete” out next week on clear vinyl , cd and deluxe CD …..Minus Mr. Hook….but sounding good to be fair…getting great reviews everywhere…..

Next up is the new KURT VILE record….looking forward to hearing this one….his 6th album…” believe im going down” …have a quick listen here

Now next up is a real interesting one in my opinion….

GIRL BAND are a four piece from Dublin….with a blend of experimental noise rock, with a hint of shoegazing thrown in for a bit of measure….the lead singer looks like he should be advising wealthy old geezers on what to do with their wealth….but man both he and the music can keep your attention. big time….when I prep for this newsletter I normally listen to everything for 30 seconds at least…( there’s a lot on it every week and you do it every week at 1 am!!) but I have watched this below twice in full…there’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear….these 4 guys are playing THE PAV on SATURDAY THE 3RD OCTOBER….i would reckon get in there early for tickets again….could be a cracker….will be id say….i really like….debut album with us next Friday….


Sony has a re issue of the RUN THE JEWELS second record out on the 25th….

Proper for next week have a new COURTNEY BARNETT 7” single, MY DYING BRIDE new on o Vinyl record and the new ALVIN brothers record …not the chipmunks.

Check out the movers and shakers on the website


Woo- hoo the new JOHN BLEK AND THE RATS ALBUM tomorrow…..drop in if you are around for any or all the live stuff…

Sin e for this week…

Thanks for listening,


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Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well.

Hope none of ye got murdered by a psycho killer when ye stopped to help a broken down motorist on a main road in broad daylight.

Christ, give it a rest Ray…

I got quite a reaction from that one….from an unknown unsubscriber who kindly from behind the comfort of his Smartphone said “I can’t believe I signed up for this shit…..yada yada yada….blah blah blah”

Stuff like that makes you feel real good about trying to do something positive for your business which is time consuming and mainly done late at night when the body and mind are not at their mae west.

That’s the great power of the aul social media crack, say what you want, when you want….you are only tapping a few keys on a phone.

Aside from that reaction, most people told me that “to be honest Ray, I don’t think I would have stopped for someone either”….so my 0.5 % stat looks fairly solid…

Anyway enough of that before I get more abusive emails….


Loads of interesting stuff for the 18th of September …..Where do I start……

We are going to kick off with the record I am looking forward to the most that week and it is the second offering from local unsigned band JOHN BLEK AND THE RATS.

The first album is great as those of you who know it I’m sure would agree….and I think this one is in a slightly different direction…..which I for one like….you cant do the same album again….change is good in my opinion….i know that the lads are really happy and proud of it.

I have only heard one track from the record ( hint hint ) but I love that track, so we really cant wait to get listening, playing and selling it.

May have John and a few of the lads in soon to do a bit of an in store, will keep ye posted on that.

Here’s the lead single….enjoy….

I suppose next up has to be the new DAVID GILMOUR record “RATTLE THAT LOCK”.

GILMOUR is nearly 70…..the rock gods are pushing on….i really liked his last album “on an island” which was about 10 years ago…so I am looking forward to hearing this new record….GILMOUR has a style of guitar playing which few can match…. really layered and rich texture and sound to it.

The album is available on four formats, CD, CD/DVD, CD/BLURAY and gatefold VINYL.


Our vinyl price beats the vast forest in the sky by about 6 or 7 Euros also….just to let ye know…

Here’s the single from the album…

Sony also has a few nice CD BOXSETS out on the 18th also from JEFF BECK, SIMON & GARFUNKEL and JOHNNY CASH.

UNIVERSAL have another classic reissue from TASTE “LIVE AT THE ISLE OF WIGHT” which was recorded soon before they split.


This beauty is reissued on four formats, CD, DVD (never before) BLURAY (never before) and double LP (not being around for a good while)….similar price difference as above…just saying is all!!

Universal have the new LANA DEL REY album out on the 18th also…..her third full release….i think??

She writes her own tunes and plays the guitar so that’s all right mama, that’s all right for you….and for me too.


The VINYL LP is a double on bloody red vinyl for the first run only….just saying again is all.

“HONEYMOON “is the album title…..here is the single…

New record out from KEITH RICHARDS on Universal called “cross eyed heart” …his third solo album…last two excellent….being a while though since the last solo record…over 20 years….quality over quantity….a band mate of his could take a leaf out of his book…..oh catty Raymond…..look back to the top of the page…oh he who hath not sinned and all that…….lots to play on the 18th.

Univ also have a new record from CHRIS CORNELL (SOUNDGARDEN, AUDIOSLAVE) as well as a reissue of his “euphoric morning” record.

RITCHIE BLACKMORE has a new release under the BLACKMORE’S KNIGHT logo called “all our yesterdays”….on CD, DELUXE CD and GATEFOLD VINYL.

Reissues also from B.B KING – LIVE IN COOK COUNTY JAIL LP and some NIGHTWISH reissues including CENTURYS CHILD.

I have mentioned price above a few times for more than just one reason…I spoke about some other great friends of independent retailers, TESCO , last week and it has being a topic with many on the shop floor in recent days.


Here is a somewhat contradictory piece about it….to kill us…to kill us not…to kill us….to kill us not

Here are a few thoughts/questions of mine

1. 1.5% of all music sales in the UK….are they clutching at straws after a failed download service attempt….( Christ, the fuckers try and get into everything don’t they)

2. Surely it’s a uniqueness thing…independent record shops? FLAWED AS WE ARE!!!!

3. is price king??? I quoted that we are cheaper than those friends in the sky tonight a few times….to what extent does it matter??

We are not as surgical as giant online retailers….i see daily examples of human error from warehouses, suppliers, reps, myself, the lads….we are all human….but when you are up against super efficiency, human error don’t cut the mustard with some people….” Its out of stock with the supplier” “ it was left short from the order” …etc etc etc. not perceived as good enough these days and probably correctly so….but that is the nature of my beast.

I ordered 7 king crimson records last week for a customer….i queried the stock availability before I ordered and was told “the stock should be alright”….it wasn’t… five came in….now the customer was cool beans but it would not happen with the surgeons in the sky….but at ground level here we are all under pressure trying to make a living, staffing in the record companies to the bone ( as is what happened in this case…they did not check) ….but forensically to Joe consumer….that isn’t good enough.

They have a different model, those beasts, have truckloads of cash and governments giving them free land to create low paying jobs….so powerful its scary…..but I am going down the lane towards sidetracks and I really don’t want to go there so let’s move back to the other boot boys TESCO.

I suppose they can fill their selves with records….only pay for what they sell….and they have no risk but also no uniqueness…..i personally don’t think it will work for them in the short term anyway….market just isn’t there at the moment I feel and the folks into the records generally know their shit and I just don’t see them in Tesco’s buying records….perhaps I am deluded…time will tell I suppose…but I only see them taking on major releases in the short term but watch this space im sure it will reappear again…my love for them has not just sprung up overnight by the way, it’s deep and goes back quite a while….they have consistently done their best to put fellas in my line of work and my others out of business….Joe consumer may not always realize that they have used music/film consistently as loss leaders to get you through the doors….we can make loads of money elsewhere on toiletries, chocolate, deli, rashers, beans etc etc ….anyway I’m moving on up now ….I wasted enough breath on them.

Warner has the second album by Frames front man GLEN HANSARD….always brings quality to the table in my opinion.


Here is the new single…

New album also out from the gorgeous vocalist GABRIELLE APLIN, her second album…..loads of band’s second albums happening in the coming weeks

WARNER has a double JAMES TAYLOR greatest hit on CD, a new album from CROSSFAITH from Japan and a new CD from ANNIHILATOR.

Also new ones from ROB THOMAS (MATCHBOX TWENTY), KWABS (who has a great voice…link below) speaking of great voices the new RICHARD HAWLEY is great in my opinion…really really like it, playing it all week, and last new one from Warner is from NICOLAS GODIN who is 50 % of French band AIR, has recorded a JOHAN SEBASTIAN BACH based record…check attachment.

Some good reissues from Warner also for next Friday including the HAPPY MONDAY’S “pills thrills and bellyaches”, SUPERGRASS “ I SHOULD COCO” and KING CRIMSON “USA”

PIAS have a few BERT JANSCH reissues out for the 18th September.

Proper for the 11th September has a new Seamus Begley entitled “ the bold Kerryman” just in time for the football final…

If any of ye have copies of BEGLEY & COONEY “ MEITHEAL” , well its going for about 50 euro 2nd hand on CD and more off course on LP….great album.

SUEDE live at the albert hall CD version is out also.


On the local scene quite a bit going on in the shop next Friday the 18th of September.

We at the Music Zone Corporation are involved in Culture night or in our case Culture evening.

We are a cultural venue in the city on the day in question so we have some live music in store on the day so if you are around pop in and say hello, stay for a few tunes and chillax…….it’s going to be easy going as can be….sing a song if you fancy that, tell a joke….. as I know loads of ye fancy yerselfs as comedians

At 4 PM we have local singer songwriter EAMON DWYER who released a fine album a few months back “that wrinkled shirt”.

Eamon will be doing a few tunes from that album on the day.

At 5 P.M we have good friends of the shop and really fine rock band, RAISING JUPITER, belting out a few tunes for us all.

Raising Jupiter

RJ are doing a bit of promotional work for their latest release “ THE CHROME EP” …so we look forward to hearing the lads play again.

And lastly at 5.45 PM we have JOHN BLEK stopping in to play a few tunes from the really excellent new album “BORDERS” by JOHN BLEK AND THE RATS.

Have been listening to the record over the last few days and it is a fine listen…….not a weak track….really well produced I thought also giving a great sound in general.

Really strong unique vocals from John backed up extremely well by his craftsmen and woman, great relationship at times between the drums and the bass, brilliant chaos on guitar on occasion, beautiful bit of steel and keys throw in for good measure, all the time with great harmonies and melodies.

Really fine record and the folks are right to be proud of it….very proud of it they should be….i hope as many people as possible get to hear it.

As mentioned at the top of the page, the album is only released on Friday so an opportunity to kill two birds, get to see John live and be among the first to buy the album also….three birds as I am sure John will sign the album for you also….so all good as Damo would say….

If you can’t get into us, remember to check the site and we can post the records out to you,


Sin e for this week anyway,

See ye all next Friday so……!



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Hey everyone,

How’s it going?

This week we cover mainly releases for the 11th September.

Warner probably has the best of them so let’s start there.


RICARD HAWLEYs new record is out Friday week, his sixth solo work, “hollow meadows”.

As usual from what I have heard of it, some fine guitar playing, good lyrics sung out in his lovely baritone type vocal as heard here…

Irish connections for the Sheffield man, well JACK CHARLTON style connections….after LONGPIGS split…he was signed to the fine Irish owned and ran SETANTA label….home for a while to our own FRANKS as well Derry’s own DIVINE COMEDY.

Fine recording artist is Mr. Hawley.

New album also from 80’s icons and megastars (it has to be said, mega mega stars they were) DURAN DURAN.

I must admit and shame me or stone me, I watched a recent recording on Sky arts from Manchester and I thought they were in a word, excellent.

When is the mullet going to be back in fashion…


STEREOPHONICS have a new record out on the 11th also…


It is called “keep the village alive” …I know that feeling….some of you probably heard that another one of my favourites, TESCO, who have done huge amounts “to keep the village alive” down through the years…they have in their…. Are going dabbling with Vinyl….i must say it surprised me, Vinyl makes up 1.5 % of music sold in the U.K….I know one title is hardly even dabbling, it got them some press…. with latest financial reports saying profits were down 6.4 billon pounds for the last year, there is a bit of straw clutching going on….some of their shops now are the sizes of those villages they shut down and id say they don’t know what to put on to their shelves…bit of horsemeat over there, couple of dodgy accountants on that aisle….they won’t notice.

My industry has always had an issue with them….well that’s not fully true….the major record companies don’t give a f**k, they will sell to anyone…anyone…its all about the money its all about the dum dum dum du du du dum……but the rest of us, guys like me, small labels, small distributors’, local artists….bad news all round for us.

Not really concerned about this…..constant things like this occur….they would have little or no product knowledge or interest either for that matter.

But I know the supermarkets are on consignment with CDs….they only pay for what they sell, and that’s 3 months after they sell it.

I pay for my stuff 30 days later, whether I sell it or not…

But that’s just small boy syndrome.

They have the potential to sell much more ED SHEERAN than me and people don’t have the time or don’t think about it, they will buy wherever…who can blame anyone, everyone’s busy and selling units is the name of the game with the majors.

Speaking of everyone being busy, my phone went dead leaving Fermoy around 7 last friday…..then about 15 kms later my car decided it would play dead also….still dead….dead forever id say….soon to be with O Leary in the grave dead…..no phone, no car 10 kms from the tunnel…..i will flag a car down and ask someone can I use their phone….20 minutes later I decided I might have to walk home….after about 5 minutes of walking I changed my mind on that one….i am not sure how many cars passed as I waved my hand up and down in the air….basically saying I could do with a bit of help here….nearly all just ignored….he must be a psycho killer…two did tap their watches and make sympathetic “ im late” faces….I’m still not sure which was worse…one good soul finally did stop….0.5 % of the population thought I may just need help and maybe was not a psycho killer……does not speak highly of us does it?

What if the kids were with me and it was later at night….if you see someone in a similar situation, they might benefit from your lack of doubt….give them a chance??

Hopefully you won’t end up with O LEARY!!

Anyway, where was i…oh the STEREOPHONICS….THEIR 8TH album,,,all of them good albums too.

Funny the way a band can go from being commercial successful to unsuccessful even though their output is as good …press? Consumer boredom? Not new so not hip?

I still think they sound good…

The new GARY CLARK JR is also out, now he is hot and hip and cool and all that at the moment….BARACK OBAMA is a big fan….here’s a listen


Some nice reissues on Rhino through Warner again this week including SINEAD O CONNOR – I do not want what I have not got…..young and idealistic id say Sinead….i did not have a car or a phone yesterday and look where that got me….also PRIMAL SCREAM – sonic flower groove, their BYRDS like debut release reissued on Vinyl record.

Lastly through Warner for next week is JEFF LYNNE ( ELO…EVEN THOUGH I KNOW YE KNOW…ELO) live in hyde park on DVD and BLURAY.

Now folks, I wrote that bit 24 hours ago and was to finish tonight, which I will do, but like IRON MAIDENs drummer I am going to gallop to the finish line, as I had a rough and long day and fancy a beer and feet up….

So all the other releases are here in short hand in my opinion in order of importance are SLAYER, LOW, BEIRUT, VAN GOFFY on PIAS.





No bells and whistles there wah….

Wanted to talk about THE STRYPES again this week and our own JOHN BLEK AND RATS….but they are tales for another day now.

Heres the site for your perusal ….fancy word Raymond…


So sin e for this week.

Thanks for listening,


P.S No video this week for any enthusiasts…one of my lads is at a picnic, another one spent day a day in the cuh, another one had phone trouble…..back next week!

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Hi Everyone,

Hope ye are all well.

This week’s ramblings cover releases for the 4th of September, the mood is fairly good so some of ye are probably hoping that will change ala bill bixby in THE INCREDILE HULK….i used watch it from behind the couch as a child…great view from there.



EDDIE is back….the cover art is just so good once again….proud to be selling it.

What are you on about Ray????????

The new and sixteenth studio album from the huge IRON MAIDEN hits our shelves on Friday the 4th….are taking names folks…

The MAIDEN are back with “book of souls” available via WARNER/PARLOPHONE on three formats, double CD, deluxe case bound double CD and triple Vinyl record LP, double gatefold 180gram

Such kind souls as we are, at Music Zone towers, we are running a Maiden competition on the 4th sept.

Two copies of the deluxe CD up for grabs…..come in on Friday and buy a copy of the new maiden album and you will be in the draw….i can sign them if you like….why would I want to win something that i have bought already you may ask….well cos we will leave you swap it for something else….if you are nice…

Bruce had a cancer scare a while back…throat I think….all clear now I think.

WARNER are also reissuing THE DOORS two albums after the passing of Jim….reissued as a double CD and as separate LPs…” other voices” and “full circle” …musically in my opinion they are strong enough but hey no Jim…no Jim…say no more….THE DOORS do it for me personally….you stand their 6 studio albums up and you say to all the other bands ever in the world, show me what you got


Very very few bands (as in a handful, in my opinion) would say we’d have you DOORS boys….six quality records…my mind can change like the days of the week as to which is my favourite DOORS record……that’s a great sign!

Begs the quick question….does one man make a band?

My opinion…no…Jim probably would have wrote some out there poetry and songs but if he hadn’t met MANZAREK, KREIGER and DENSMORE I don’t think he would have reached the heights of fame….sometimes there is just a chemistry, it cant be manufactured or bottled….i think THE STRYPES have that chemistry…you probably guessed that!! I hope they can stick together for four or five albums more at least.

I saw THE DOORS, Jim less ( Ian Astbury from the CULT had the honour) in Dublin maybe 10 or 12 years ago now and boy it was still great to see them but obviously it wasn’t the same as in the Hollywood bowl in 1968….

Warner also has the three BETA BAND EPs reissued on vinyl, a JEFF BECK double live LP, THE ARCS ( partly DAN AUERBACH from THE BLACK KEYS) LP and CD….link below….. NEUROSIS LP reissues including “ through silver in blood” , AEROSMITH rocks Donington 2014 on DVD/2CD or DVD/3LP and lastly from Warner, Dublin band PUGWASH have a new album.

SONY for the 4th sept has a few new JIMI HENDRIX vinyl reissues. His first two albums “Are you experienced” and “Axis – Bold as Love”.


Music on vinyl must be feeling the heat with Sony taking back all their licensing for the vinyl; I have noticed that the MOV releases have been a bit weak lately. You would have thought that the boom in vinyl would have been a great thing for MOV, who up till now, I would imagine would have had a very good niche business, but now it looks likely that the major record companies want their product back. One would have to wonder what direction MOV can go.

Also from SONY for the 4th September is a really nice PAUL SIMON 5CD boxset….. Seeing as summer is almost gone, as JIM MORRISON would say “What will we do when summer’s gone”, well Jim I’d say it’s time to sell the Christmas albums!!

So SONY have for the 4th the PHIL SPECTOR Christmas album, great album, but crikey lads tis only the end of August!

There are two more RIOT reissues from the late 80’s originally “Thunderseed” and “Privilege of Power”.

Lastly from SONY on Metal Blade is the 2012 reissue on vinyl of BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME ‘The parallax2”.

UNIVERSAL for the 4th of September have a new LIBERTINES record called “Anthems for doomed Youth”. I like the first single…..LP is put back to the 11th September.

There is a new album from Norwegian pop maestros A-HA. This is available on a couple of formats including a fan box.


PUBLIC ENEMY have a new live album…at metropolis studios.

TROYE SIVAN EP “Wild” is also out on the 4th.

There is a new SLAVES single also. Lastly a BOB MARLEY 5CD set including some of his best albums.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the sad demise of INDI entertainment and I said I would come back to it again. I’m not sure if many of you heard the piece on Joe Duffy about it but there was a big flip side to my argument.

Joe Duffy had MUNDY and GAVIN GLASS on his programme, they would have lost up to 10K worth of their stock, which is either out in the market place I.E shops or in INDI’S warehouse, where the liquidators won’t let them touch it,

I would have bought MUNDYS album from INDI in the middle of May and I would have paid INDI for it at the end of June, so it looks like the mechanics of this liquidation is going to shaft the likes of MUNDY and Gavin, but from my end as an independent retailer I’ve paid for the stock but unfortunately MUNDY hasn’t and won’t be paid by INDI.

There’s worse than that…..

A friend of mine who is involved in a very small label in Dublin was at the creditors meeting and I think there was nearly 900K owed to creditors.

RTE were out of pocket for up to 300K for the Love/Hate series…..So expect to pay a couple of euro more for your TV license next year!!!

TOMMY TIERNAN was also out of pocket I believe for his DVD from last Christmas to the tune of 73K…..now that’s some kick in the balls……for a fella who as MUNDY said only really has a cottage industry….

I know the last time I spoke about INDI, I spoke very highly of them, as did MUNDY and GAVIN GLASS on Joe Duffy, however this is a real sad and horrible ending on loads of fronts…Do people hang in there far too long when their businesses are dead in the hope that it might turn around……but causing a lot of destruction in their wake with that hope.

Anyway enough said about that, it’s a mess.

CARGO for the 4th September has the new PIL album and a reissue of the BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE “Thank God for Mental Illness” on yellow vinyl.

ESSENTIAL for the 4th September have the new VIEW album.


PIAS for the 4th , have a few nice ones including FIDLARs second record on Wichita adaptly called “too” and DAVE MCCABE & THE RAMIFICCATIONS.

On Nuclear blast is the new AMORPHIS RECORD on gatefold double LP, nice GIL SCOTT HERON and ALL TIME LOW LP reissues also….

Lastly is the new JOAN SHELLEY record “ over and even”…lovely delivery and vocals….you might recognize some heads in the background playing guitars….god they’d leave anybody into the embassy’s these days!!

Check the site for movers and shakers and if you can’t get in….we can post it out.


Sin e for this week,

Thanks as always for listening…

Oh sorry….nearly forgot….here’s the video link for new Vinyl releases in the shop today….



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Hey everyone,

Hope all is well.

There is quite a lot to mention and talk about tonight so I will rock on.

Universal have quite a few new releases worth a mention for the 28th of August.

Uni are hoping for a big chart topping release from THE WEEKEND, who is a Canadian alternative R & B artist with a couple of huge international hits already from this new record.

They also have a debut album from ELLA EYRE, she is a talented 21 year old Londoner, signed to the same label as THE STRYPES, Virgin/EMI.

Uni also have a debut record from American indie pop singer HALSEY, who had a massive hit in the states with “Americana”…..


Universal have some class reissues also for the 28th August and first mention here goes to TASTE (was a close call).

The two TASTE studio albums (self titled and on the boards) are being reissued as a 4 CD set called “I’ll remember” which includes remastered versions of the aforementioned classics plus two extra discs of previously unreleased live recordings……looking forward to that release in the Music Zone Corporation…..Dowtcha Rory boy….

There is a companion to the TASTE box set out the same day if the set a bit rich for your blood….a 16 track collection for 6 euro….for young readers a nice introduction to our own genius….MR. RORY GALLAGHER….

NIRVANA, the posthumous collection gets a Vinyl release as a deluxe 45 rpm double LP and a standard 33rpm on 180 gram with codes. Kurt’s solo album from ‘montage of heck’ is in November.

The brilliant 1997 BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB record gets the Vinyl reissue treatment also….great listen as ye probably know already.

Lastly from Universal are more DEEP PURPLE reissues “ from the setting son – in wacken “ on 3 LP, 2CD/DVD, DVD and BLURAY “ to the rising son – in Tokyo) on the same formats.

Quick word on our boys from Cavan with an average age of 18 and a half….second long player record out tomorrow….and its really strong in my opinion also…really strong…..musically and vocally strong…great guitar, bass, drums, harmonica…

.all the ingredients for a great rock n roll strypes

record which is exactly what it is…few standout tracks in there but overall very strong in my opinion, such a huge step forward from the debut…. good few songs about getting laid and girls but hey there 18 year old boys I suppose after all….they wont always be writing about that….reviews a small bit mixed…mostly 4 out of 5s, read a couple of 3 out of 5s also and one dick from the Guardian who gave it 2 out of 5….no problem with the 2 out of 5 and that’s not why he is a dick, welcome to his opinion….he is a dick because he bases his two out of five seemingly on the songwriting as he mocks some lyrics…..they are 18 you knobhead….macca wrote she loves you yeah yeah yeah when he was 20 and he wrote “blackbird” when he was 26….” Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly, all your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise”

Which is about the civil rights movement in the states in the late 60’s and the black mans struggles over there at the time…Macca’s use of the lyric blackbird was symbolic of that struggle….what a difference six years made in songwriting, that’s why Mr Guardian man is a dick.


Sony for the 28th have a JIMI HENDRIX reissue –live at the Atlanta pop festival on double CD and double LP recorded just 10 ten weeks before his passing and has all the big tunes.


Sony also has a 35 track VAN MORRISON collection spanning his whole career.

And some beauties get the VINYL reissue treatment….JOHNNY CASH “ at folsom” and “ at san Quentin” and ELVIS PRESLEY “ self titled” and “ 30 number 1s”.

Warner mainly have reissues for the 28th …some strong ones there though.


LP reissues on rhino of “the real thing” and “angel dust” from FAITH NO MORE.

WARNER also have a LINDA RONSTADT double CD best of thingy…NOEL GALLAGHER’S new 7 inch single “ lock all the doors the strypes are in town” ( the last 5 words I made up) with a non album track as a b side…..ROBERT CRAY has an interesting live release entitled “ 4 nights of 40 years live” on 2 CD/DVD, BLURAY/2 CD and 2 LPs….THE FACES have a 5 CD AND 5 LP box set out….LP set limited to 7500 worldwide.

Two new albums also from Warner….the fourth album from FOALS “what went down” ….lots expected… and the 22nd album from MOTORHEAD “ bad magic”.

Pias have the new record from BEACH HOUSE “depression cherry” on Bella union, which sounds like it could be a really good listen, there is also a new YO LA TENGO album , DESTROYER who is the NEW PORNOGRAPHERS Dan Bejar with a new record….and a couple on nuclear blast from SOILWORK and NILE.

There is an LP release of THE NATIONAL’S six hour song/jam on 9 LPs….it’s entitled “ a lot of sorrow” ….no wonder there was after six hours, surprised there wasn’t some death also….sometimes THE NATIONAL/ the dessner’s get a bit to arty farty up their own arsies for my own liking….made a few great records and seem to really love Cork but what’s this about like….now I haven’t listened and it may be mind blowing but its six hours…has anyone listened to it all???… as we’d say in Cork….come off the stage lads….literally.

I wanted to talk some more about the demise of INDI entertainment….the main CD wholesaler for Irish artists/products….there was a bit on Joe Duffy during the week so I will attach the link there now but talk about it next week as its pushing after 1 now….


You may need to type in INDI ENTERTAINMENT to hear this link….i didn’t have the skills….sorry…gave up!!

CARGO have a real early days NIRVANA CD release when they were called SKID ROW pre dave grohl on drums….two different radio broadcasts’ from the states.

There is a WARNER VINYL promotion, between 10% and 40% discounts on certain titles ….some great albums there folks…..if anyone is interested just holler.

On the local scene, the new tune and video from JOHN BLEK AND THE RATS was released this week gone….man it’s a cracker….this gang are really excellent musicians…it really has wet my appetite for the new album out on the 18th of September….i know they are really happy with the record and if this track is anything to go by, then a real treat is in store….i love it love it love it….even though John is very scary in the video…….we hope to have John and a few of the lads in around the release day….will keep you posted….there are a few tickets still left I think for the launch gigs in COUGHLANS on the 24 and 25th of September….gig not to be missed I would think….let your ears be the judge and not my words…


Remember if you cant get into us….its free shipping on three records or more….did I say free…


Sin e for this week,

Thanks for listening,


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Hey everyone,

Hope all is good.

There is only so much giving out one man can do, but seeing as the summer has arrived, today is sweetness and light, more love street than unlovable, more little deuce coupe than trapped under ice.

Right lets go…it’s finally nearly here….the second album from the four young fellas from County Cavan THE STRYPES.

Yes “little victories” is with us on Friday the 21st of August through Virgin/Emi who is owned by Universal these days for those of you who care about that stuff.

Available on three formats….CD at 12 euro, deluxe CD with four bonus tracks for 15 euro and VINYL RECORD for 20 euro.

Us here at the Music Zone Corporation have been banging on about these boys for a few years….i think I wrote a bit about them in this newsletter about two years back when the debut album came out….if anyone still has that…send it on to me please…i cant find it.


Basically I think I said that these boys could be the biggest band the music industry will see this decade or indeed for many a year. (Christ sake Ray….you say that ever week or two about some band!………..i don’t really)

I still stand by that, I have great belief in them….

They have taken a big step forward sonically and lyrically with this only their second long player….and a combined age of just 73….yeah, the singer Ross will not be 18 till September.

They are young, Irish, really tight musicians and a real rock and roll band….what is there not to like or try and support….

If they can stay together I really do think they can blow up…really blow up….as they mature they all will start contributing more, lyrically and musically….i think so anyway…..it is really exciting time for the band…I really hope they can keep those size 8’s on the ground….i think they will, good sound heads on young shoulders.

These guys have it in my opinion.

We have a competition or two running on twitter etc….

We are getting a few signed copies….i hope an LP or two….definitely will have three signed copies of the album on some formats and another four unsigned deluxe CDs to give away also…..best chance to win one is come in on Friday and buy one…if you win it…you can swap for anything else.

The first 25 people to buy the album next Friday will be entered into a draw for a copy of the signed LP or at least signed CD…..open at 9.30…..and the rest will be entered into another draw for unsigned copies…..entrants to these secondary draws is for anyone who buys any format of the record on the day.

Does that make any sense!!!?? .

Another big release (rush release) is the soundtrack by DR DRE to the film COMPTON… I heard this is a really strong album….only on CD format for now.


The JOHN LENNON catalogue is reissued on Vinyl record for next Friday also including albums “ imagine” , “ the plastic ono band” and “ double fantasy” .

The first two records by D’ANGELO get the vinyl reissue treatment also…1995’s debut “brown sugar” and 2000’s follow up “voodoo”.

Right so, lastly from universal is another Irish band starting their journey with a major label….in fact their second single….Limerick 3 piece BLEEDING HEART PIGEONS who have been compared to early Radiohead ….no pressure their so lads…..have a listen here

WARNER for the 21st August have a few decent releases also which include JESS GLYNNE’s new album….quite a bit of interest in this one in store in recent weeks.

WARNER also have the 6th record from American metal band DISTURBED ….huge stateside…the last four records debuting at numero uno in the billboard album charts.


Quite a bit of interest here in it also.

The first two ORBITAL RECORDS GET THE VINYL RECORD REISSUE TREATMENT….the green album and the brown album with codes included.

Last to mention from Warner this week is the new CD from WILCO “star wars” which I am hearing from very good sources is one of the best albums of the year so far….LP later in the year….have a listen to it all here.

Sony only really have a reissue of BUSH’s sixteen stone on Vinyl and a NOW that’s what I call house compilation on CD.

PIAS have a few to note for the 21st of August starting with DRINKS – this is a collaboration project with CATE LE BON and TIM PRESLEY from WHITE FENCES…debut from them on Heavenly entitled “ hermits on holiday”….sounds a ok to me…

The first two FALL records get the reissue treatment also via Pias.

New release also from KADAVAR….more psycheldic rock for me than metal and I have an older, sensitive ear.

Available on CD, DELUXE CD and DOUBLE LP

Another couple of interesting ones out from AFX ( APHEX TWIN) BRIANA MARELA ( INTERESTING)

aphex               markylan

GARDENS AND VILLA and lastly a MARK LANEGAN RECORD CALLED “HOUSTON” which is collection of 12 unreleased songs from 2002 that were selved for some reason…god knows why when you hear this….Mark has some voice…..

ESSENTIAL have the new FRATELLI’S record for next week.

REPUBLIC OF MUSIC has a live release by the great WALLIS BIRD covering 4 albums over 7 years on double CD and double LP….16 TRACKS.

I have attached CARGO’s most interesting releases for August.

MUSIC ON VINYL has a few nice ones coming up also…I have attached their newest releases also.

Check out the website for all movers and shakers and if you can’t get in to us, remember it is free shipping for 3 records or more if you want us to post….a fiver for one record to be posted, a fiver for two records to be posted and tis free shipping in Ireland for as many records as you like after that and we use wider and longer cardboard mailers where the LP sits protected in the middle and nowhere near the sides where it can get damaged.


Sin e for this week…

Thanks for listening!!


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Hi everyone,

Hope all is good.

This week’s releases are mainly if not fully for the 14th August even though I ordered these records two weeks ago or maybe more.

This new release day change to Friday’s has changed everything for us (even though we were always the Friday!!) we now have to have pre orders in nearly two weeks earlier than before.

That’s all good for making sure we get the product on time and for having information on the new releases that bit earlier…

This is not me being a grouchy bastard or being slow to change (well there is a bit of that in it!!) but my real concern is not having time enough to get a vibe from the shop/customers about a release….before when I sent out the newsletter on a Thursday or Friday, I had only ordered the records a day or two before….8 days lead time now 22 days in most cases….

What’s the problem Ray?? I hear you say

I am having a grumble is all…because everything we put on the shelves more or less we have to pay for 30 days later ….sell it or not, that bit doesn’t matter!!

So having a tighter deadline to release date would suit indie guys like me (would not suit bigger players in the game of love) because it gives me more of a feel for what will move off the shelves….less risk involved, the closer to release day the more idea I have what will sell through because sometimes it’s a crystal ball, and the ball game can be rigged….an example please…

A couple of years ago, Christmas 2013, when 1D were in their prime, I know, I know, their movie was being released on DVD on the 19th of December, one order before Christmas (god, isn’t it getting close now) we were told….biggest DVD that Christmas…..two minutes there now and I will just get my crystal ball and tell ye how many we will sell….still have 25 of them and some….the winner takes it all…

I may have got off to a bad start this week…


Will I start again, less cranky maybe?

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying the summer…

This week mainly covers releases for the 14th August.

We will start with PIAS for this week that has a few nice releases.


First up from them is a definitive compilation album of GARY NUMAN/TUBEWAY ARMY best known hits on LP for the first time.

Pias have the first in a series of PAVEMENT rarities records being released, this 30 track DLP has b-sides, rarities, john peel sessions and a live concert from 1992.

Pias also have MARK KOZELEK and THE RED HOUSE PAINTERS four records on 4AD reissued for the first time in donkeys…..this came as a much sought after box set for RSD , but now coming individually…” down colourful hill” “rollercoaster” “ bridge” and “ocean beach”.

The new SOULFLY album is out next week via NUCLEAR BLAST on CD, CD/DVD and LP and lastly from PIAS is a reissue of THE SUGARCUBES debut “ lifes too good” on neon green VINYL for good measure.

sugarcubes                                    replace

WARNER for next Friday the 14th have influential alternative rock band from state side THE REPLACEMENT’s, with a limited numbered vinyl box set of there first four albums “ sorry ma” “ hootenanny” let it be “ and “tim”…..( those of you who watched the video earlier will notice I plugged it on that also but its not out till next week…arrived a week before it is out, I ordered it a few weeks back…so you can see how I don’t know what day of the week it is….and why I was grumbling at the top of the page)

Warner also has a TOM PAXTON double CD reissue out next week.

I received some sad news today for me on a personal level and the Irish music retail industry.

A rep from the main supplier of Irish music in this country ( INDI ENTERTAINMENT) whom I have know for over 20 years rang to say that the company was being liquidated and was closed with immediate affect.

It should not have overly surprised me but I got a bit of a jolt….good, friendly, honorable people worked for INDI down through the years….they will be a loss to me.

Tough time for the 11 employees and owner, I wish them all well.

INDI moved into the old Sony music warehouse on the Naas road when Sony moved all distribution to the UK nearly 20 years ago (times were good…Sony music had a warehouse in Ireland….Christ lads they were selling units then!!)

INDI’s customer base has whittled away over the last 5 or 6 years, having now about 12 independents doing biz with them on a regular basis, Golden Discs, Eason’s and HMV.

INDI never got into the vinyl market over the last 3 years and more significant in their demise is Irish artists ( not signed to a major) are tending to do distribution themselves and you can’t blame them….HAM SANDWICH got a number one album in Ireland through a self funded, self promoted and self distributed album ….fair play like



I have noticed myself how we as a shop are going more and more direct with musicians in Ireland now, up and coming artists as well as better known names like MARY COUGHLAN and KIERAN GOSS who had albums out recently and who would traditionally be with INDI.

There is little enough money in the game than having to give it to a distribution company as well as a retailer…..i suppose a retailer gives a presence in store and more if something is liked….have I mentioned how good the SHAKER HYMN album is??

So artists ultimately would like people to buy direct from their websites but I think most artists see the benefit of it being in a retail shop, but a handler in between…?

Still a great shame…they were a sound bunch to deal with and if they could only have hung on you never know what’s around the corner.

Poses a biggish problem for me with certain products going forward in the short term but that is of little importance.

I am going to call a spade a spade here, and these views are my own, in case the big dog comes looking for me.

HMV when they kind of went bust in Feb 2013, they caught INDI for 220k in unpaid invoices for their Christmas stock and more….”i’ll take the money and run to you baby, I’ll take the money and run”…..and I was told today that INDI never really recovered from that hit they had to take from HMV.

HMV basically put them out of business (albeit slowly and maybe it would have happened in 12 months or so anyway, but who knows??)

The HMV brand is still doing the rounds, and it is the legalities of it that are the problem and not ultimately HMV, but I just think it is morally wrong what occurred.

The company is gone but the brand can live…run by the same people?? Who knows…

Ok let the brand live….but have some pay back clause from that brand to the small indigenous business who gets fucked over…HMV reported 17 million profit…..


PAY BACK THE F***ING MONEY YE OWE SO…..simplistic I know but I am just annoyed by it….bit

rich people

like the AIB announcing 1.2 billon profit for first six months of the year….lets double small business charges….were backing brave….brave my bollocks…



Anyway, anyway…

BILL WYMAN’s new album is getting its VINYL release through Music on VINYL at the start of Sept.

UNIVERSAL has the next in the series of 7 “ vinyl box sets from THE WHO…

They also have a STATUS QUO 11 LP vinyl record box set and a CD release of the music from TRUE DETECTIVE TV series.

SONY for the 14th has a new BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE release “ venom” on CD, DELUXE CD and LP.

I read a real interesting article on the infancy of piracy in the mp3 form….well worth a read…guy in question a real pillar of society I’d say with the morals of the HMV board who rears pitbulls and likes boy toys…….my kinda guy…i.am cranky this week.

Lastly on the local scene, the STRYPES second album is out on the 21st August.

We at MUSIC ZONE TOWERS will have about 6 or 7 freebies to give away….3 or 4 of which will be signed by the lads themselves…..running various competitions on the aul social media lark so follow us or like us to see details….will have more next week anyway.

Lastly, hot off the press ( ing plant) NEIL YOUNG latest is out on LP next Friday the 14th


also…..33% cheaper than his last record…..still 40 euro.


Anyway, sin e for this week…

Sunshine and light next week..

Thanks for listening!



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Hey Everyone,

Hope all is good.

This week’s newsletter focuses on new releases for Friday the 31st of July.

First up so is the  last installment in the LED ZEPPELIN studio albums reissues through swansong/ Atlanta/ Warner.

Will Page and Co drive on now with some similar live releases….they/ he must have loads of said material….time will tell….what’s your guess???

They / he needs the Johnny Cash??

So the ZEPP reissues of “presence” “in through the out door” and “coda” are out on the 31st …..again for regular readers on the five formats…CD, DELUXE CD, LP, DELUXE LP and SUPER DOUPER FANCY BOXY DELUXEY THINGY.

zepcod                   zepbox

Coda is a triple LP and a triple CD.

Don’t want to break a habit of a lifetime so anybody want to throw a nod my way re there favourite format…..it will be gladly and kindly received.

Warner also has the LP release of the latest ERIC CLAPTON “forever man” compilation on two records.

Warner lastly has the new album from folk, soul singer from London town LIANNE LA HAVAS.



Staying in London town, UNIVERSAL for the 31st of July has the return of the MACCABEE’s with their fourth record “marks to prove it” first since 2012.



There is also the reissue of the debut album by PLACEBO.

Fine album it was as well in my opinion….Nancy boy and teenage angst a couple of big hits but over all a fine record.



Universal have the release of the capitol recordings from THE BAND.

There is a nine LP box set retailing at 150 euro with us or the 8 capitol albums individually.theband


Universal also have STYX vinyl reissues including “paradise theatre”.

I was reading something last week about the new apple streaming service, to compete with Spotify and the article was about sound quality.

The bit rate that Apple is using for their streaming service is 256 kbps, same as that used with iTunes downloads.

Spotify stream at 360 odd kbps…..a CD is transferred at 1400 kbps….when TOM PETTY said that when you buy an iTunes download you are only getting 20% of the quality…..the bit rate in music terms is kilobit per second and this refers to the number of bits processed per unit of time ( without getting to techie about it!!) so maybe hard to argue with Mr. Petty……not fully the case though, there is more to it than just bit rates but over all the CD is much better quality….end of story.

The day will come when the download will be the same quality and maybe better…..who knows in ten years…..slow down, you move to fast, you gotta make the moment last……

Why bore ye with this lecture?????

Because some people seem to think the CD is shite….everyday “the CDs are gone are they” “everyone must be downloading now” “does anyone buy CDs anymore” .

It is simply people’s perception of the product, and not the truth.

In brass tax, it is still one of the best quality formats to listen to music….second arguably and only to Vinyl.

Off course I am going to say these things….

Example Raymond….

Listen to Queens “another one bits the dust” on YouTube, 360 kbps I think or less, and you will hear Mr Deacon’s exceptional groovy bass line no problem. ( quiet enough song)

Listen to Zepp’s “dazed and confused” which has a brilliant bass line also and its fine in parts but when it gets loud….its gone….gone….meshed in with the rest of the melody…..i cant hear it anyway….then listen to it on CD…..you can hear it all the way through without needing a magnifying glass for your ears or the equivalent, you know what I mean!!!

Basically CD gets an unfair wrap in opinion….some people feel borderline embarrassed for buying a CD……


Because it is so much worse than a download….!!!

10 Euros for a new album on ITunes….no cover, no nothing….good melodies.

“Do ye sell iTunes vouchers”….. says I, I do in my roll.


Whatever people choose whatever format they like, across the board, should be cool and certainly not something to be embarrassed about, once you’re looking for fun and feeling groovy.

Now, I’m feeling a bit better….who’s next.


Sony has a new BUDDY GUY CD “BORN TO PLAY GUITAR” fair enough title I think you would agree!


Pias for the 31st of July have the third solo album from ALBERT HAMMOND JUNIOR from

THE STROKES as ye know and son of senior as ye know.alham

Little topic for the forum, maybe I am missing the obvious here but not a whole pile of successful musical offspring to famous parents that I can think of anyway.

Julian Lennon, Adam Cohen, the Marley boys, Ziggy and Damian, Kim Wilde….maybe I am having a mind freeze….are there more? And more obvious ones?


The young Mr. Hammond’s record is on white vinyl. Here it is :


Pias also have a record from ASTRID WILLIAMSON who is and was and can be a bit part member of DEAD CAN DANCE.


Bit of a change to our opening hours as there is a bit of a siege/squabble between Dunnes and the landlord at the moment.

The centre is now only open mon to weds 9 to 6, thurs 8 to 9, Friday 8 to 9 , sat 9 to 6 and sun 12 to 6…..you cant enter the centre unless within those times…..even though Dunnes are open 8am to 9 pm on a Monday….you can only get into Dunnes between 9 and 6….confused….Dunnes are meant to pay for the centre security when they are the only shop trading…..Monday night at 8.30…..but they aint paying….why….because we are Dunnes….

We used stay till 6.30 every evening early in the week and Saturdays but for now you can’t get in after 6 ….just telling ye….Dunnes will have to crack….losing about 20 odd hours a week trading times…..2 k an hour??? More??


Check out the website for new bits



by the way, got the north sea record during the week and its really good and enjoyed the new MUSE album and the new STEVEN WILSON album this week a lot also.


Sin e for this week,

Thanks for listening,


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Hey everyone,

Hope all is good…

This week we cover releases/reissues for Friday the 7th of August mainly.

Starting with Universal they have the new FRANK TURNER record, his 6th, out through Polydor on CD, CD/DVD and LP.

I like the title “positive songs for negative people” ….or do I, I think I may prefer negative songs for positive people…..i quite like dreariness and melancholy in music….i know I’m unlovable, you don’t have to tell me……that kind of thing.

Anyway, anyway…Turner gets a bit of stick cos he is a bit of a posh boy…studied at Eton alongside the future King of England and loads of readies in the clan by all accounts…..but I think that is unfair sticks and stones….there is definite talent there also…..have a listen here to a track from the new album….must have cost a few bob to get that wrestler dude in the vid I’d say…..the readies can come in handy I suppose…..bonus disc is a 10 track acoustic set….

greg all

The legendary GREGG ALLMAN has a new release out on 7th also which is a live recording from last year “ BACK TO MACON” which is packed with a load of favourites, available on 3 formats, CD, CD/DVD and LP.

Also a new album out from HEALTH which kind of caught my ear….just my ear maybe…

Sony has a new PAUL KALKBRENNER album out on the 7th also.

It is the seventh album from the German techno guru.

paul kalk

Sony has some nice reissues on vinyl record including PATTI SMITH, RATM and KOL.

These titles are in the shop already as Sony had licensed/ rented them out to Music on Vinyl to reissue them, but now Sony are releasing them, so to tell you the truth I am not sure if both reissues will be in the marketplace going forward or is it tough shite for MOV on some strong titles for them…..i will find out.

Pricing the same on the RAGE album but SONY 3 to 4 euro cheaper on the rest, so that won’t help MOV cause….could be a concern for them I would say.

Man, the hurling last Sunday was a tough watch, well if you are a native rebel anyway…like a stake through the heart….the last time I witnessed it as bad was 1996 down the Pairc against Limerick…JBM was in charge that day also, won an All Ireland then in 99!!!

Just can’t see that type of transformation…not a hope I would think….although 23 months ago Cork were 10 seconds from all Ireland, now it looks like it could be 23 years.

Brolly made a point talking about the other game…..you have got to win or break even in the battle first…then skill will win the day, without that battling spirit, you’re goosed, KK very seldom lose the fight.

The tone was set very early on, when Mr. Glynn was allowed waltz through untouched,( I like nice hurlers, but you got to have fellas who will give a belt also) and then hits it in from 5 yards ( also you need fella’s to take a belt) …..but I am sure none of us are feeling as dejected, disappointed, low as that whole crew after Sunday…..structures have to change….tough tough task facing everyone involved.

So many issues…


60 million on a BOWL sitting on a river……answer please

Schools hurling gone to the dogs, lay teachers don’t have the time or maybe the interest….back in the day the unchristian brothers would scare the bejesus out of you if you didn’t train…….answer please

Why aren’t the younger fresher minds in charge of any Cork teams at any level…..or club
teams for that matter?