March 13th: DEEP PURPLE 50th Anniversary set, new NIAMH BURY, last SUM 41 album, METALLICA coloured vinyl, new KHRUANGBIN, T Bone Burnett and ‘Dowtcha Boy!’

Hi folks

Hope all is well!

Didn’t the proud Irishman make us all proud on Sunday night/Monday morning….dowtcha boy!

A right music head to boot, music was the first love i think…still is me thinks…all good all very good.

Right the Record Store Day lists are nearly all sent back to the record companies…a few more companies to get finished by tomorrow and then they are in the lap of the record gods.

Thanks to those of ye who sent in wishlists….its funny every year, the amount of records wishlisted is very similar….like every year….i shall update here over the weeks with any issues etc…..normally 10 or 20 records from the list falls through the cracks for one reason or another…and there will be cuts by the record companies also…anyways i will keep ye in the loop.

The music for the day is taking shape….3 confirmed, very excited for them….i’m waiting on 2 more, hopefully ….if they break for us it will be the best lineup ever i think….again ill update here as soon as i have a clearer picture….again RSD is Saturday the 20th of April.

Righty o….releases for this Friday the 15th of March include…( on nb btw its a long weekend folks so the siopa closes at 6pm on Saturday the 16th and not back till 10AM on Tuesday the 19th of March…so closed Paddys and also Monday the 18th…go raibh maith agaibh.


So the 15th releases are by


And the 22nd releases include …


So tonight is mainly about the 29th of March…and we will have..


Here is a lovely tune from the record

Niamh Bury – Budapest




Going to hand ye over to Shane folks now as he takes ye down the road with announcements etc.

Cheers, Ray. Conas atá sibh gach duine?
I had to think for a second who you meant at the start Ray. Cillian of course!
Great stuff alright! A great talent. We have a few Irish Oscar winners now.
Some country for our size.

Before I get to the pre-order stuff. Here’s Adam’s latest Instagram video doing the roundup of what’s new in the siopa:

Sorry I didn’t it include in the last couple of weeks, was up the walls a bit and didn’t get the chance.

Not a huge amount to mention this week but I suppose the biggest metal band around are worth a mention.
METALLICA are back with another run of their albums reissued on coloured vinyl.
An album I listened to alot as a teenager, ‘Garage, Inc.’ is first on the list. It’s getting a 3 LP ‘fade to blue’ coloured pressing. Could be a first timer on vinyl that actually, I’m not sure.
They cover loads of rock bands who influenced them including songs from Black Sabbath, The Misfits and Budgie.
That’s out on April 5th.
If you like your snare drums to sound like a saucepan being hit by a metal pipe, ‘St. Anger’ is coming out on orange coloured vinyl at the end of April.
And those will be followed by ‘Death Magnetic’ in June and ‘Hardwired to Self Destruct’ in July.
No sign of ‘Load’/’Reload’ yet.

T BONE BURNETT has a brand new album coming on April 19th called ‘The Other Side’.
Here’s a bit about it and a track:

‘Grammy and Oscar award winning producer, musician and songwriter T Bone Burnett is back to form with a folk album of 12 tracks featuring artists Lucius, Roseanne Cash and Weyes Blood.

“With this record, I tried to treat myself as kindly as I would try to treat other people,” says Burnett, who likens his producing approach to that of a photographer. “I try to find the person’s best angle and light them so they look the most like themselves or the best version of themselves. And this time, rather than staying in the romantic notion I previously had of myself—of a rebellious artist, a firebrand or whatever I thought I was trying to be—I just tried to be kind to myself.” Ultimately, in looking for “you,” T Bone Burnett found himself on The Other Side.’

And back to metal, ROB ZOMBIE‘s most recent album ‘Lunar Injection Kool Aid Conspiracy‘ is getting a splatter coloured reissue through Nuclear Blast on May 10th.

Here’s a list of a few other ones that are coming down the line:

That’s my lot, as far as I can see.
Bain taitneamh as an deireadh seachtaine! Slán.

Thanks Shane!


Last one really for today is Integral for the 5th of April…who have releases by

I was sent a link to listen to this album from the record company and i enjoyed it…heres a tune from it for ye:

Fabiana Palladino – Stay With Me Through The Night

Heres a tune from it! Its class!!

Khruangbin – A Love International (Official Video)

Sin e really for this week folks

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane and young Adam