#3 of ’24: MZ Top 20 Albums List and Prize Announcement, new BRITANNY HOWARD, DEAD SOUTH, LYRA, PILLOW QUEENS, ARAB STRAP, Live PIXIES and bodies down

Hi Everyone

Hope all is well out there.

Releases in the siopa for this Friday the 26th include….


Then releases for the 2nd of Feb include..

Album of the year polls are done and are in….big big thanks to Rick who took all this work off my hands….sound out Rick.

So the results from our poll for best albums of the year voted for by the patrons, shareholders of Musiczone.ie is as follows. ( the winner of the 50 quid voucher is Colm O Bradaigh…we shall be in touch )


  1. Lankum – False Lankum
  1. Blur – The Ballad of Darren
3  Sufjan Stevens – Javelin
4.  boygenius – The Record
5. Mick Flannery – good time charlie
6. Wilco – Cousin
7  The National – First Two Pages of Frankenstein
8.  The National – Laugh Track
9  .Lana Del Rey – DYKTATUOB
10.  The Murder Capital- Gigis Recovery
11.  Grian Chatten – Chaos For The Fly
12,  Young Fathers – Heavy Heavy
13.  PJ Harvey I Inside the Old Year Dying
14.  Rolling Stones – Hackney Diamonds
15.  Metallica – 72 Seasons
16.  Foo Fighters – But Here We Are
17.  Slowdive – Everything is Alive
18. Olivia Rodrygo – Guts
19. Lisa O’Neill. All of This is Chance
  1. CMAT – crazy mad


Then the best Irish albums chart


  1. Lankum- False Lankum
2  Mick Flannery – Goodtime Charlie
3   The Murder Capital- Gigis Recovery
4   Grian Chatten – Chaos For the Fly
5  CMAT – Crazymad, for me
6  Lisa O’Neill. All of This is Chance
7  Hozier Unreal Unearth
8  John Blek – Until the Rivers Run Dry
9   John Francis Flynn – Look Over the Wall, See the Sky
10   Muireann Bradley I kept these old blues
11  Bell X1 – Merciful Hour
12  The scratch – mind yourself
13  OXN – CYRM
14  Soda Blonde: Dream Big
15  Ash – Race the Night
16  Ailbhe Reddy -Endless Affair
17  Arborist an endless sequence of dead zeros
18   David Holmes – Blind on a galloping horse
  19  Mary Wallopers ‘Irish Rock n Roll’
20 Therapy – hard cold fire


Gigs of year


  1. WILCO – Opera house…..what you think of that Mick!!!  Bold of me, i know…bold!
  2. Bruce – RDS
  3. Mick Flannery in an Siopa
  4. Blur – Malahide Castle
  5. Depeche Mode – Malahide Castle


So that’s it for another year folks …thanks to those of ye for entering…Lankum doing a clean sweep of it…lovely Irish top 20 i think.

So main week for this week are releases for the 9th of Feb…here they are folks

A tune: https://youtu.be/iV7yWoYlDvg?si=KtrBgU_qu0YWk9ej


So above folks are the releases for the 9th feb….we are 2 bodies down today, normally 4 of us work on a weds…newsletter day! ( its the day we get most of the  new links up on the website)  circa 28/30 hours worked most Weds by us….but 2 bodies down today so a good few links missing, if interested in anything we mentioned but didn’t get a link done, old school…just ask us!!

I see Cork artist Lyra announced her debut album in the last few days…nice gold vinyl available and a nice price on the CD also.

Heres a tune from it

LYRA ~ Lose My Mind ~ Official Video

And my song of the week is definitely the new GRUFF song…i suppose we all think we are “ bad friends” at times…great song

Gruff Rhys – Bad Friend (Official Video)

I was accused of been ageist over the christmas, and have suffered quite a lot of abuse,   due to  the whole “ young Adam” debacle…the complaint has been taken seriously and it is going before the board this friday evening in an undisclosed location ( which sells alcohol ) to see whether Young Adam gets a reprieve , an upgrade some might say, well men of a certain age would consider it a downgrade….everyone in attendance has a vote… and i have three votes  ( its in the small print in  the company’s memorandum of association about voting rights, we are not north korea like, you have a say)

So you can await the boards decision in next week’s episode…..and thats a genuine dot dot dot folks


Going to hand ye over to Shane now and there are 10 or so decent announcements in the last week i think … .we may not get them all linked, but will get to them in time.

Sound, Ray! A serious boardroom vote so on Friday!

Hiya everyone. Hope all’s well out there.
Yeah, a good few down the lines or DTLs as I call them came at us today.

First up, a new release live album from PIXIES at the BBC. Great band of course!
Here’s ‘Caribou’ from it: https://youtu.be/FQMH6DDM1jQ?si=I5gMY4QwRegKA6IS
2 CD or 3 LP, decent value. Out 0n the 8th of March.

Next is a nice Irish release. A band quite popular in an siopa, PILLOW QUEENS release their 3rd (I think?) album ‘Name Your Sorrow’ on the 19th of April. (Day before RSD maybe?) CD or Vinyl available.
Here’s an amhrán:

Nice grungey guitars!

And a new album from ARAB STRAP – I’m totally fine with it… will be out in May. We’ll be getting limited numbers of the ’emoji’ yellow vinyl of that!

Oh and a brand new one from guitar legend MARK KNOPFLER called One Deep River is out on April 12th. We’ll be getting an indies coloured vinyl of that.

Also DTL:

We’ll try to get a few of the links we missed this week done next week.

A random one before I go, a friend recommended season 1 of True Detective to me, I hadn’t seen it. Finished it last week.
Amazing. We were hooked. Class TV.

Anyway back to you Ray so dude.

Right last one for this week is Integral for the 16th Feb…

Im reading a book Shane gifted by Jeff Tweedy at the moment, very enjoyable…more on it next week but..

Sin e for this week folks

Thanks for listening as always 

Ray, Shane and young Adam

Newsletter 1 of 2024: Back on the treadmill, new NEWDAD, Big VINYL SALE, New JOHN BLEK EP, STROKES red REISSUE, WATERBOYS, Opening Hours and Lots More

Hi Everyone

Happy new year and all that jazzmatazz,  hope ye all had a nice Christmas.

We are all well back on the treadmill now,  I find there is a strange comfort to the routine though.

So we are back at ye for another year of hawking folks…lucky ye!

Trade over the last few months of the year was good, oct and nov the same as the year before and December was up 10% on the previous Christmas so that was great.

We had had a ropey 5 months in the middle of the year so twas really nice to end well…not the be all and end all in life but the yacht needs to stay on course and away from choppy waters and.like every year, we go again …like all of us in our lives, we go again and hope life will go well enough in the year ahead.


So there’s a bit to hawk today

So releases for this friday the 12th of Jan include


Then for the 19th of Jan we have


Our main week for this week is friday Jan 26th but before that a couple of bits of housekeeping stuff.

Opening hours are these going forward unless we flag differently


MONDAY 10 TO 5….NB note till 5 please!

Tuesday to Saturday inclusive 10 AM TO 6PM

Closed on bank holiday mondays


We hope to get our albums of the year charts out in the next 2 weeks….so please fill in the form….it gives us a much more diverse and interesting chart the more folk that do the form! And a 50 quid voucher up for grabs also!

Heres the form…takes about 90 seconds!! Precious i know…the 90 seconds, not the form.



Anyways, here are the releases for the 26th of Jan folks…

( these folks from Galway are on our radar a good few years….nice to see the debut album come out

Here is a new tune

NewDad – Nightmares (Official Video)


We like Sarah here in th shop…well i do anyway…so heres a tune from the new album

Sarah Jarosz – Days Can Turn Around (Official Video)

The Smile – Friend of a Friend



Im going to jump in here folks…one of our nations folk heroes has a new EP out this Friday ….savage body of work building the man has….JOHN BLEK AND STRINGS is a 6 track ep…plenty CDs in the shop for Friday as John dropped them in yesterday.

Heres a bit more about the release

“In July 2022 Blek was commissioned to write a suite of songs about the city of Dresden by the Saxony Cultural Department. The resulting compositions were then recorded at the beautiful Castle Studios in the countryside just outside Dresden with local musicians Filip Sommer and Moritz Brümmer (The Broken Strings). These recordings form John’s 6 track EP, “Digressions #3 – In Dresden”.


These songs document John’s own experiences of the city from its everyday vibrancy to the ghosts of its violent past. Dresden’s beauty sits comfortably beside its history on this record.


Digressions #3 – In Dresden will be released on CD & Digital on Friday 12th of January via John’s own label Bigger River Recording Co.”

And here is a beautiful tune from the EP also



Going to hand ye over to Shane now as he will take ye down the road as usual….how ya Shane

How ya, Ray! How ya everyone. Happy new year.
The flying V of Hawks are back on the attack.
Lots to get through today so I won’t ramble on.

Just two points of hawking to note first, THE POGUES – Rum, Sodomy and the LashIf I Should Fall From Grace… and the Best Of are back in stock now with us.

And also, we have a nice vinyl SALE on for January. You can check through everything that’s reduced here: https://musiczone.ie/product-category/big-vinyl-sale/
Some nice stuff there I think at good prices!

So, here’s the list of what’s coming down the road in the next few months with a big few first:

Oh, one that Warner are reissuing for the end of this month, THE SUBWAYS – Young For Eternity


That’s all from me folks!

Thanks a mil Shane.


I had a bit to say on a subject but i’m going to park it till next week as time kind of against me…the first newsletter of the year is tricky as bits coming at us from all angles since 2nd Jan….our bosses/colleagues/competitors/friends are back…( record companies)

Things will settle next week.

Few nice releases there for the26th isn’t there with THE SMILE ONE, the RICHARD HAWLEY live one, the NEW DAD debut, new FUTURE ISLANDS, the JACK WHITE reissues and a new SARAH JAROSZ….i probably told ye folks this before and ye might notice how the tail end of the month is top heavy with releases…the indie shops get less credit the later in the month something comes in….if we buy something on jan 2 we pay end of feb or if we buy 26th jan, still end of feb…so hence top heavy at the end of every month….better than no credit though! That was the way 23 years ago and i was way less cranky then as well, so ill stop grumbling.

Happy new year folks

Sin e for this week

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane , Young Adam and Mia


December 1st: In-store this Saturday at 4, ANTHRAX Splatter vinyl, ART PEPPER box set, EELS Essential, HARVEST MOON finally, new MARY CHAIN and a Christmas plug

Hi Everyone

Hope all is well.

Straight into this week so with releases for this friday the 1st Dec….the 1st of Dec i say…holy moly. So we have…


Little gentle reminder kind folks , we have POLLY BARRETT and her guitarist launching Polly’s new LP and CD “ sapling be…” with us this Saturday the 2nd of Dec at 4pm. If you cant make the instore and would like a signed copy of either the vinyl or the cd , please email us and we will sort…really hope to see a few of ye on Saturday…remember 4 bells!!

Here is another tune from the record


Next up we have releases for the 8th dec…


And the main ramble ( well its a list now ) is for the 15th Dec…( there are only a few newsletters left in the year really at this stage)

Just one thing i keep forgetting to mention is when we put the newsletter out over the past 5 or 6 weeks the site tends to crash from anywhere between 20 to 60 minutes…its a good thing and a bad thing, traffic is making it crash they tell me…thats a good thing i suppose…we do all this work and then when folks click on a link the site gives an error message…a lot will say furck that and not come back..thats a bad thing….we are trying to find a solution , i suppose go back to the newsletter an hour or two after would help us…i know folks cant wait to get at Adams video!

Speaking of videos, we will have the MICK FLANNERY instore one up soon…ah tis very good.

Right anyways here’s the list of justice for Friday the 15th Dec




The list is a bit shorter this week and even less next week … .and then on the 13th Dec we will plug early Jan stuff and then we have  2 or 3 weeks away from the newsletter.

The clear vinyl version of “ harvest moon” is coming before Christmas …it was delayed a number of times. There are hardly any new albums out on the 15th Dec…will be quite a lot in Jan. I felt it was a good year for music, some good albums came out , a very strong year for Irish releases I felt , which is great. We will organize our polls for albums of the year in early Jan….its hard for me to find the time for it until then.

Adam’s latest creation is here ( just want to clarify, Adam is staying , a few of ye picked me up wrong a few weeks ago) on the aul instagram:


You can just click on the link from here and it should bring you straight there…magic.
Just wait for an hour after the newsletter to do it….not magic.

Unabashed plug time …records , cds, laughs, hifi , vouchers ( in store or digital online ones), pisstakes,  record cleaning service and abuse all available from us …so dont miss out this Christmas!! 


Going to hand ye over to Shane as he has a couple of announcements for ye

Sound, Ray, thanks!
How’s it going everyone? Hope yere good!

As Ray said, tis calming down a bit now and not just wishful thinking from me!
But there’s still a few worth a mention for early next year.

The Jesus and Mary Chain have a brand new album coming out called ‘Glasgow Eyes’. There’ll be CD, clear red vinyl and deluxe clear 2 LP of it. Out in March.
Here’s a bit about it and a tune:

“Marking 40 years of The Jesus And Mary Chain, ‘Glasgow Eyes’ was recorded at Mogwai’s
Castle of Doom studio in Glasgow, where Jim and William continued the creative process
that resulted in their previous album, 2017’s ‘Damage and Joy’, becoming their highest
charting album in over twenty years. What emerged is a record that finds one of the UK’s
most influential groups embracing a productive second chapter, their maelstrom of melody,
feedback and controlled chaos now informed more audibly by their love for Suicide and
Kraftwerk and a fresh appreciation of the less disciplined attitudes found in jazz…”


British Sea Power are releasing a 15th Anniversary deluxe version of ‘Do You Like Rock Music?’ via Rough Trade. It’ll be on 2 CD or Orange vinyl+Picture Disc. That’s out February 9th.

And here’s a few others for next year:

Ray mentioned the album of the year list. I always like doing it. Haven’t decided on a top 5 but my top 3 are Susanne Sundfor – blómi, KNOWER – Knower Forever and King Gizzard – Petro Dragonic Apocalypse.
Others I have in mind are Grian Chatten’s album, Mick Flannery and Sufjan Stevens.
There are always ones you forget then as well and remember are brilliant half-way through next year.

Anyway, that’s all from me folks. Ar ais duitse, Ray.

Thanks Shane!


Last few bits for tonight so are Integral for the 22nd Dec:


Sin e really for this week folks

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane and young Adam.

October 27th: RSD Black Friday requests deadline and pricing, Scéal about the SULTANS agus leanbh Ray, CRAFT JAZZ reissues, new JOHN FRANCIS FLYNN, LOUIS STEWART LP and PEARL JAM Anniversary

(Hey all, Shane here, sorry about the delay in getting this out to ye this week, technical issues with Mailchimp.
Oh and Happy Halloween!)

Hi folks

Hope all is well. Bit of housekeeping to start with, because it’s a bank holiday we are closed both Sunday and Monday coming…so open  10 till 6 thursday , friday and Saturday,  then closed Sunday and Monday and back Tuesday 10 till 6 . I’m working from home over the weekend doing orders including the Black Friday orders…so if you want anything for BLACK FRIDAY,  email us or the likelihood is it won’t be here. Shane has a lot of the pricing done here now so you can have a look…and let us know if there is  anything for you…i need requests in by Sunday please…thanks!

SONY RSD BLack Friday:

NAS –   I AM… THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY    Vinyl     €  40.00
SOULS OF MISCHIEF  –  93 ‘TIL INFINITY (THE REMIXES)    Vinyl     €  40.00
JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS  –  MINDSETS    Vinyl     €  35.00 


The Black Angels    Levitation Sessions    2LP/DVD    €50.00
Blxt    Just For Clarity 2 EP    LP    €24.00
Death    Individual Thought Patterns (2023 Remaster)    LP    €33.00
The Knack    Countdown Live 1980    LP    €38.00
The Mamas & The Papas     Live At The Monterey International Pop Festival    LP    €34.00
Missing Persons     Live in New York 81′    LP    €38.00
Sparks    Live at Record Plant 74′    LP    €38.00
Steeler    Steeler    LP    €38.00
The Sweet    Level Headed (Alt. Mixes & Demos)    LP    €48.00


Ultravox    Quartet [Steven Wilson Stereo Mix]    CD    18.00
Ultravox    Quartet [Steven Wilson Stereo Mix]    LP    38.00
Bob James    Two    LP    49.00
Justin Townes Earle    YUMA    LP    40.00
Charles Mingus    Incarnations    LP    37.00
JD McPherson    The Warm Covers LP    LP    37.00
Chet Baker    Chet’s Choice    LP    50.00
Digital Underground    The Body-Hat Syndrome (30th Anniversary)    LP    37.00
Terry Callier    Speak Your Peace    LP    37.00
Oscar Peterson    Con Alma: The Oscar Peterson Trio – Live in Lugano, 1964    LP    37.00
The Waterboys    This Is The Sea [Fast Version]    10    20.00
De La Soul    3 Feet High and Rising (7 Boxset)    BXSET    145.00
Bill Evans    Tales – Live In Copenhagen (1964)    LP    45.00
Jesus Lizard    Blue    LP    50.00
Meat Puppets    Forbidden Place    LP    49.00
Buckcherry    Time Bomb    LP    49.00
Tantric    Tantric    LP    49.00
Taproot    Blue-Sky Research    LP    49.00
Andrew Scott Bell    Winnie The Pooh: Blood & Honey (Blood & Honey Split Color Vinyl)    LP    58.00
Dungen    4    LP    50.00
Gram Parsons & the Fallen Angels    The Last Roundup: Live From the Bijou Cafe in Philadelphia, March 1973    LP    66 but 60 best
The Colourfield    The Very Best of    LP    33.00
Various Artists    Punk Goes Christmas    LP    48.00
Napalm Death    From Enslavement To Obliteration    LP    37.00


Alan Silvestri – Death Becomes Her (OST) – 1LP – Grape – 39 euro

Carter Burwell – Blood Simple (OST) – 1LP – Transparent Red Smoke Marble 38 euro

Chico Hamilton – The Master – 1LP – Purple Marble – 38 euro

John Murphy – The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special (Original Soundtrack)
Splatter – LP – 34 euro

Lil Wayne – I Am Music – Translucent Ruby – 2LP – 48 euro

Olivia Rodrigo – GUTS: the secret tracks -12” single, purple vinyl with 4 tracks on Side A and a butterfly etching on Side B – 29 euro

Post Malone – The Diamond Collection – Clear – 2LP – 45 euro

U2 – Under A Blood Red Sky – 1 LP  – Red Vinyl – 45 euro

Various Artists – The Royal Tenenbaums (OST) – 2LP – Olive Green – 45 euro

Various Artists – Asteroid City – Orange – 2LP – 45 euro

Various Artists – Jazz Dispensary: At The Movies – 1LP -Marble – 39 euro

Various Artists – Written In Their Soul – The Hits: The Stax Songwriter Demos –
1LP – Orange – 40 euro


Artist Title Format price
All Time Low Live At Wembley LP €39.00
Faces Had Me A Real Good Time…With Faces Live In Session At The BBC 1971 – 1973 LP €37.00
Grateful Dead Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA 3/2/1969 5-LP with 10th side etching, 180-gram vinyl, two-piece telescope box €180.00
Jeff Beck Tribute LP €30.00
John Williams World on a String LP €33.00
Joni Mitchell Court and Spark Demos 1LP – 180gram black  €37.00
Lee Scratch Perry & Keith Richards Scratch’d 1LP Red Vinyl €24.00
Leon Russell Hank Wilson Vol. II LP €33.00
Linkin Park Lost Demos 1 LP Sea Blue Vinyl €40.00
Little Feat Live at Manchester Free Trade Hall 1977 3LP 180-gram black €58.00
Los Lobos Kiko (30th Anniversary Edition) LP €58.00
Motley Crue Too Young To Fall In Love – Shout At The Devil 40th EP 12″ Orange & Black Marble Vinyl €22.00
Prince Gett Off  12″ Black Vinyl €23.00
Ravi Shankar & Ali Akbar Kahn In Concert 1972 2xLP €40.00
Rilo Kiley  Under The Blacklight 1LP Purple Vinyl Album   €39.00
Rob Zombie The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy 1 LP Picture Disc €45.00
Sia Everyday Is Christmas (Snowman EP) 1-LP €43.00
Skid Row B-Side Ourselves EP LP €37.00
Splinter The Place I Love LP €37.00
The Beat  I Just Can’t Stop It [Expanded}  2-LP Crystal Clear Vinyl €55.00
The Doors Live from Bakersfield 2-LP / 140g €47.00
The Doors Live from Bakersfield (2CD) 2CD €23.00
The Flaming Lips  Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots – Live at the Paradise Lounge, Boston Oct. 27, 2002 1LP – Pink Vinyl €37.00
Turnstile & BADBADNOTGOOD New Heart Designs Remix EP 12″ Black Vinyl €39.00
War World Is A Ghetto (50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition) 5-LP / 140g €170.00
Willie Nelson Shotgun Willie (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) 140g 2LP €47.00


Releases in the siopa for this friday the 27th October include…



And then releases in the siopa for 3rd Nov include…


So main one for this week is for Friday 10th of November and there will be 

THE SULTANS OF PING – CASUAL SEX COLOURED AND NUMBERED VINYL…i have to say a few words…age does this to you….i went to Sullivans Quay primary school ( it’s a bit of a soulless super pub now)…walked there from what i can remember…although vague memories of Mam taking me to the “ dangerous road” ( the one by Mellas shop for those from the area) when i was small enough but from 7 or 8 walked there myself ( barefooted in the lashing rain and freezing cold…that bits for the young gang …as that’s what our oldies told us)…Bro Cusack was the gaffer there the whole time i was in school there and “ the bro”  set up an “ Irish club” for the kids in the area where at night we would all go down to the school to play soccer, basketball, snooker….it was a hive of activity for a 10 year old….I went to the Irish club from the age of 7 or 8 till i was 13 or 14 and used drop in with my friends as a young adult and the Bro would leave us the keys to the school and we would play snooker and have a few cans…”drop the keys into the taxi rank when yer done lads”

One rule in the irish club…try speak Irish…if you acted the maggot in any way, there was one word for you from the Bro…. ABHAILE….everyone heard Abhaile at some point and you would trunch up the road totally pissed off with missing the fun. I have a point here folks somewhere…as i said a bastion of activity and culture when i look back on it now…load of kids running around playing trying to talk a bit of Irish…English spoken  could well mean ABHAILE…the Cork Male Voice Choir used rehearse above the hall and up in the classrooms on the top floor  2 young Cork bands used according to the Bro be “ up there making a racket” they were off course now some of Corks favourite sons THE FRANKS and of course THE SULTANS….Morty ( drummer) is from the parish as well, (his brother was in my class growing up, a sound sound lad and the smartest guy in the room by a long shot) Not sure how they ending up jamming in the school but i say asked the bro and he said fire away lads and drop the keys into the Taxi rank when yer done….little things that grow into really important things or is it just impending old age!! The Sultans reissue is out on the 10th of November.

Other releases for the 10th include

Heres a tune from the new album

John Francis Flynn – Mole In The Ground

Its only when you look at them do you realize the volume of releases….above is only maybe 20% or 25% of what is sold into us every week….circa 200 records sold a week to us….we might get 40 to 50 uploaded onto the site…a ball of work folks, all for the mighty dollar …sher it is what it is…ill hand ye to the man who does the lions share of the work with those links…Shane youre up kid.

Sorry sidetracked…

This is aimed at no one know lads so dont be getting thick,  sulky or stroppy with us….but a theme on the shop floor is we should be doing this and we should be doing that all the while as we talk to lads…we are proud of the shop, as a business we could probably do more but as a shop we are proud of it…there’s a difference in the two…we are a shop, warts and all…in fairness to young Adam, some head on his young shoulders at times, he made me aware of the difference.

Anyways, away with ya Shane kid…

Sound, Ray. Wise words from young Adam there indeed. We’re not robots like…yet!

Hi all, hope all is good out there with ye, or as good as can be.
I won’t dawdle tonight, playing catch up.

First one to mention is a classic Seattle album, PEARL JAM – Vs. is getting the 30th Anniversary edition. It’ll be reissued on November 17th on clear vinyl and 45rpm 2 LP.
I got this on vinyl off Bobby years ago. Great album.
Here’s number 4 off that: https://youtu.be/CyPMgPa6RbE?si=lvmIROQAAqCimG7w

Santa’s buddy, Neil Young is releasing a career spanning compilation called ‘Before and After’ in December that goes right back to Buffalo Springfield. On CD and vinyl.

And Irish jazz guitar legend LOUIS STEWART is reissuing his ‘masterpiece’ album ‘Out on His Own’ at the end of November on vinyl. And it’s remastered. Enjoy the Jazz Weekend folks! But try and get to some actual jazz!

Some other biggish ones coming too, here’s the list:


Back to you Ray so, sound!
Thanks Shane!

Right last one for this week is Integral for the 17th of November

Just on the National , i thought the last album was a right return to form…v good i thought heres a tune from the upcoming record

The National – Dreaming (Official Video)

Sin e for this week folks

Thanks for listening as always and i wasnt giving out earlier…tis all good xx

Ray, Shane and young Adam


Hi folks

Hope yer all doing ok…

Firstly on the Dylan – Budokan vinyl …our box is missing…replacement stock is due by thursday/friday…sorry for the delay folks , out of our mitts.

From Sony – “ this appears to have been lost between here and the Primeline depot. I have re-keyed an urgent replacement order and will investigate the missing order further.”

The replacement will ship on tomorrow’s Primeline collection for delivery Thursday.

Releases in the siopa for this friday the 24th of Nov include ( its also Black Friday releases which cant go on the site till over the weekend…get in touch if interested in anything…Black Friday releases by U2, Prince, the Waterboys, Olivia Rodrigo and THE DOORS to name just a few!

So releases for this friday 24th …

And then releases for the 1ST Dec …




Right so the main point of attack for this week is Dec 8th but before the list of justice…we have a nice instore announcement with Ms POLLY BARRETT ( plus one band member) launching her new album with us “ sapling be…” on Saturday the 2nd of Dec at 4 pm…PLEASE NOTE THE TIME…4PM…Polly will sing songs from the new record which is available on LP and CD , sign some copies and have the chats…the usual ( cash preferred for the instores) .
Polly really has a lovely sound and a great voice, we are very impressed here in the shop with the album, and she seems sound as a bell also….so all in all a nice one to get to folks if possible!

Heres a tune from the album 


Right so, the list of justice for the 8th of Dec includes



A few nice releases for the 8th of  Dec…the Neil Young sounds great ( have heard most of it) , loads of Jazz reissues and I want to mention Muireann Bradley from Donegal, worth a listen if you like your blues….here is a tune from it, what playing!

Great story behind her …Dad was a fanatic old blues fan, and  covid 2020 gave her the time to play a few tunes…man she is gifted



Quite a bit on the list of Justice again today…the 15th of Dec is the last day for any meaningful releases usually, so things will thin out for a few weeks until the middle of Jan again then really.

Also, the newsletter may seem to abruptly stop, then click  view the entire message to read on.


Just a note here, the students from UCC will be back in from the end of Nov for 3 weeks up till Christmas nearly doing their exams…so parking can be a little tricky at times….we have 5 spaces allocated to us so use them and if they are gone ( probably by students) …then…PARK ANYWHERE….i repeat PARK ANYWHERE…most cars belong to those in doing exams, the security lads are on our side…just say you are going to shop and there will be no drama….or ring us and we will sort it 021 4967119…it is what it is.


Here is the youngfellas latest creation on Instaspam


Was at the Murder Capital last Friday night in Cypress, they were fierce impressive, so tight, so full blooded , so intense…it was wonderful. Got the bus home after ( not as wonderful)…did i tell ye my dad was a bus driver..?

Well took the second seat from the front , never sit that close to the front but the bus was full( ish) so sat there anyway. 

I noticed an Asian man, suited up,  a bit younger than me, asleep in the first seat across from the driver.

The bus wasn’t gone a minute id say,  and the man in the  seat ahead of me was agitated and had his head in his coat …I soon realized that what had been in his stomach was no longer there ( a certain odor was a bit of a giveaway)  … the contents were now mainly in his coat and a bit on the window and  on the ground in front of him. 

Some strange solidarity kept me in my seat as i did think about standing further down the bus…it was fairly overpowering to be fair…the driver soon got a whiff of it ( no pun intended) and stopped the bus and wasn’t a happy camper…he told our friend   that he had to clean the bus before he got off it and gave him a big blue roll ( you know the ones)…this is the bit folks, this is the bit…our friend in the seat ahead  is trying to clean , there is some bit of an effort going on, he is just very fatigued….his minimal attention turns to cleaning the window next to us…and then somehow and completely accidentally he manages to confuse the big blue roll with his coat!! NO NO NO my head is screaming but i know any words are futile ….he precedes to do a banksy like creation on the window, oblivious to making the situation worse…i do toy in my head with trying to help him, but i’m not sure my stomach could have taking it….it was his stop soon enough and he was off home…erra the driver was fuming but let me go of course  ( good chance he doesn’t remember his creation) …id thought id share that with ye , wonderful gig, not so wonderful journey home…did i tell ye at all my Dad was a busdriver.


Shane over to you kid for your tea time treats….

Hey Ray, jesus, that’s a nasty one haha!
Glad ye enjoyed the Murder Capital.

How’s it going everyone? Hope yere good!
Getting Christmassy now!

I forgot to mention a big one last week. The Smile are back with album number 2.
‘Wall of Eyes’ it’s called. Their album from last year was probably my favourite of the year. We’ll have the indies blue vinyl of this!
And here’s a new tune from them/it: https://youtu.be/IsqqjOxEuAg?si=p3IMdGsp46WKvmnT

McKowski (Mark from the Lost Brothers) has a new solo album out called ‘Notes from the Boneyard, Vol. 1. Dave Murphy, pedal steel, from John Blek and the Rats among others is on the album.
Here’s a tune:

SLEAFORD MODS have a limited 12 inch single of ‘West End Girls’ out on December 15th. For homeless charity SHELTER.

Here’s what else is coming soon:

Oh and here’s the link to the new FISH GO DEEP album on our wesbite, think I might have missed it last week.

Back to you Ray so, cheers!

Thanks Shane!


Right last couple for today are Integral for the 15th of Dec


Right so sin e for this week!

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane and young Adam.


Lots of JAZZ reissues, Limited STEELY DAN, new NADINE SHAH, PETER GABRIEL, FISH GO DEEP and J MASCIS, and here’s to a good Christmas

Hi folks

Hope all is well … .for the first time in a long time no little dog at my feet while i write my spiel.  sher that’s the way. First time ever really, does anyone know when I started this newsletter craic? Around 10 years ago id say….10 years of spiel…….funny 15th November was the day we opened in Togher…4 years ago…it seems to have flown…yesterday 2 customers in a row who used visit us in Douglas now and again were in the siopa in Togher for the first time. 

Anyways here are the releases for this Friday the 17th of November


An important BTW the SULTANS should be with us tomorrow or Friday latest!!
(we sent an email that it’s here now actually – in case ye missed that – Shane)

releases for the 24th of Nov aside from Black Friday include

Right main point of attack for tonight is the releases for the 1st Dec…so there is…






There are a few interesting ones above for the start of December … .I suppose I am personally really looking forward to the new PETER GABRIEL record, his first in over 20 years and the songs sound great….the songs being released with two completely different mixes is novel enough but it does make the vinyl very expensive…i think a lot of fans may go for one mix and down the road get the other mix.

The Nick Cave & Warren Ellis release of Carnage live from the Sydney Opera House should be interesting, nice Lucinda reissue on coloured vinyl of maybe her most popular record, big Sabbath boxset numbered, and the next one of the STEELY DAN and METALLICA vinyl reissues.

The industry we work in here keeps changing …folks ask me “ what’s the biggest one for Christmas?”….Those days are kind of gone…record companies were banging out best of this and best of that on CD for years and years….well changed now…its more tailored ( overpriced) reissues , good catalog and a good few descent releases ( the Stones, the National etc)….our biggest release for Christmas is probably THE SULTANS reissue and we will be completely sold out of that a month before Santa comes down the chimney. Sher tis limited to 1500 copies across the globe, a nice yellow vinyl and its numbered…it wont see December the copies i have….i think back to 30 years ago with “ carry on up the charts” by the Beautiful South…different world…i like this new world except for the cursed two lettered one number word! 

Anyway begs the question, where do the sales come from?…THE BEATLES was a bit of a mess….as regards the 6 lp set ( there are a few names in the book for this and most if not all of ye should get the box) is anyone else interested in it….i might be able to get some more….let me know if you are….

Nice bit of second hand due to land next week in the shop so that’s one place we should do a bit.

Its across the range of releases you hope to do the sales, ye see by the volume of them every week…but much more obair in that!

We do hope to do a bit of hardware ( turntables etc) so if you know anyone in the market, give us a shot ( did i mention, this is the blatant sales pitch part of the spiel) we only sell dissent stuff though, so the cheapest you get out of jail with us is 300 quid ( Audio technica turntable and good powered speakers)  and we have different little systems ( bluetooth as well) from that basic entry level up to maybe 2 and a half K in stock….a lot of systems from 500 euro to 1200 euro type thing…we do REGA, Audio technica, KEF, Acoustic Energy, Tangent,  EDIFIER amongst a few others…so if you know someone chasing a turntable etc, we be here folks. Any queries, advice, pricing etc give us a shout!

Some sad news, 

Adam is leaving us…. to start his own TIK toking channel … .oh no he’s not….but welcome to the panto that is his latest creation on Instaspam….oh and we have a fine record cleaning machine also ( before it rusts) to clean your records!


Going to hand ye to Shane now whose wonderful EP is down to the last few copies so lets get em out the door by Christmas…how ya Shane…

Hey Ray/everyone!
Four years since we moved to Togher, feck! The years fly.
It’s a pity the way it scattered some of the regulars, some don’t drive etc. so a bit awkward to get out to us. We can do online/delivery though!

Thanks for mentioning my EP again Ray, you’re very good. I’m a bit allergic to the promotion thing sometimes.

I think I hit myself with the wishful thinking jinx again this year! Said last week that things were calming down a bit, haha, I think I did that to myself last year too.
Anyway, there’s a rake of em today so here’s a list.
Some exciting new albums in here for early next year though, so pay attention! and a good few Jazz reissues.

And for any Sub Pop fans, J. MASCIS has a new album out on Feb 2nd called ‘What Do We Do Now’ on CD, black vinyl and red vinyl.

Been really getting into the latest SUFJAN STEVENS album ‘Javelin’. It’s brilliant. Took me a few goes to really get into it but well worth it. And even more powerful considering what he has gone through in the last while in his life.
We have some copies of the yellow vinyl left in the shop, it has a really cool art booklet in it too.
Here’s the title track from it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsPhQXrRUu8&list=OLAK5uy_nZqaHLv-UgYV9xwUNiNNBv8r0XSB4AA6g

I’m sure Ray likes it too.

Anyway, sin é from us this week.

Thanks for listening.

Ray, Shane and young Adam.

Small delay with the SULTANS, ADAM has gone viral, BOWIE 7inch box set, new BUSTA RHYMES, TRAVIS SCOTT Red vinyl and the grumpy years.

Hi Everyone

Hope all is well with ye.

I hope ye think the new format of the newsletter is ok…less spiel from me, more links.

Anyways releases in the shop for this friday include…


Just on the Sultans release…its been done by Music On Vinyl , who are a Dutch company, it is to ship tomorrow from Holland but normally takes 3 to 5 working days so the likelihood is it won’t be with us till mid to late next week…15th or 16th Nov id say…we will email when they are in!!

Sorry!….another few days 


So releases for the 17th of November include…

Right re all the Beatles releases …the singles and box sets particularly …they are a bit of a mess….stuff is coming in dribs and drabs to us…we are still awaiting 12” ( sold out anyway) and i was told i was getting more 7”s last thursday but that looks up in the air for now…i told a good few of over last weekend that i would get a single for ye…im not so sure of that now, they were confirmed at the time but now up in the air….the rep is trying to sort it or some of it at least…ill update as soon as i know more….sorry now, its been messy as…

The Beatles – Red Album: 1962-66

The Beatles – Blue Album: 1967-70 (including ‘Now and Then’)

Main week for this week is Friday the 24th of Nov which is Black Friday as well as normal releases on the day…

Shane might pop up a link for the Black Friday releases….thanks!

https://www.recordstoreday.co.uk/black-friday (scroll down a bit to see the list)

Also before we run through the alphabet , Adams masterpieces are taking off on Instagram…here is the latest


…i said to him last week that he is going to be famous and his quick reply was… as famous as Conor Mcgregor and ill have to start going into bars and kicking the shite out of old fellas…you have been warned. Giving up the demon drink is the safest option for a lot of ye I’d say.


Right releases for the 24th of Nov aside from Black Friday include


It’s been a sad week in our house, ah very sad week really. Our dog of 16 and a half years is in her last day or 2…probably going to the great gig in the sky tomorrow really, she’s home from the vets since last evening to say her goodbyes really for a day or two….kidney failure in the end…some dog though, some innings, will be a terrible loss to the house…a house dog , a little yorkie Trixie was,  she has always been in the house…came on nearly all our holidays down through the years ( i did moan at times as it made things very limiting) and was my late night companion every night when the house was quiet…we got her when she was just 6 weeks old in May 2007 and she is part of the fabric of the house, sher she had a great life,  Gina adored her and was always so kind to her…she is at my feet this morning in front of the heater like every other weds morning as i write this newsletter…she will be sorely missed. Sher loads of ye have been here, I’d say. As Sufjan says every road has to come to an end. Top dog who had a great life, it’s time.


Going to hand ye over to Shane now and he has the job of lightening the mood, no bother to him!!

Ah, really sorry to hear that Ray. You said she was poorly to me earlier in the week.
Keep the heads up as best ye can.

Hi everyone, hope all is ok out there with ye.
Things seem to be calming a bit at we get closer to Christmas. As Ray says, now it’s sell, sell, sell (what we have) time!
Looking forward to the Beatles best of sets. Wasn’t a fan though of how the record company was portioning everything out to suit their needs and claiming things were ‘extremely limited’.
Look, the music is the most important.
Turned 34 last month, the grumpy years must be starting!

Anyway! One of this year’s best rap albums is getting it’s vinyl release on December 1st.
Travis Scott – Utopia will be out on black and red vinyl. Some huge guests on it.
Here’s ‘Modern Jam’, class track: https://youtu.be/g8IvO7OwdaM?si=e4BXLAcKjqws15v6

MOTHER MOTHER have a new album coming in February next year called ‘Grief Chapter’ on CD, black vinyl and coke bottle clear vinyl.
Here’s a single from it: https://musiczone.ie/?s=MOTHER+MOTHER

And 10CC, a band my Dad got me into, are releasing a massive box set at the end of January. Spans their albums from 1972 to 1992 across 14 CDs. Looks sweet!

Also coming out soonish and worth a mention:

That’s my lot of hawking so done for the team!

Slán go fóill!

Thanks a mil Shane.


Right so last one for this week then is Integral for the 1st Dec 


Sin e for this week folks

Thanks for listening as always

Stay in by the wall.

Ray, Shane and young Adam.


July 13th, ’23: OH BOY, a brand new MICK album, WATERBOYS and RIDE reissues, class recent JONI gig, THE DARKNESS 20 years on, LIVE DOORS and Holiday Season

Hi folks

Hope all is well out there.

*I am writing this bit after I wrote everything else on these pages because news broke to us today ( yesterday  to ye but today as ye read it) ….we are delaying sending the weekly newsletter until now( did ye notice!!)  … 10AM Thursday morning … it’s very very  seldom we change the time the newsletter goes out but this week we felt we had to make an exception….cos folks there is a brand new MICK FLANNERY album just announced in the last few minutes…hot off the presses is the news….yep brand new studio album, Micks 8th studio album now….i remember saying to Mick at the launch of album 4 “ by the rule” in the siopa  in  Douglas Court in April 2014 ( if memory serves me right on the date) that he had a nice body of work ( if memory serves me again Ian Richards dropped Mick into town after the instore as he had no car with him, where does the time go) …4 fine albums to that point…agreed folks that he has 7 fine albums to this point…so that exemplary  body of work is growing all the time…class act.  So new album coming “ Goodtime Charlie” on the 15th Sept and it will be on vinyl and CD. Here’s the title track with one of Micks biggest hooks…

(26) Mick Flannery – Goodtime Charlie (Official Music Video) – YouTube

.here is more info on the album …i have had the pleasure of hearing this album in full…one and a half full listens and i think this could be in the masterpiece class…i really mean that, it sounds brilliant to me…anyway heres more about it…the news of signing to John Prines label in the states is magic…two of my own favourite songwriters. Anyways…


“Mick Flannery is one of Ireland’s most acclaimed songwriters and singers. The award-winning, double-platinum selling artist has released seven studio albums, three of which have reached No. 1 status.  

On September 15th he will release his eighth studio album ‘Goodtime Charlie’.  Featuring collaborations with Valerie June, Anaïs Mitchell and Tianna Esperanza.  Mick has partnered with John Prine’s Oh Boy Records, which for them will be their first International signing.

Speaking of the signing, Fiona Prine President of Oh Boy said:

“Oh Boy Records continues to be the home label for singer songwriters who are dedicated to their craft. The body of work created by my husband, John Prine, remains our North Star when making decisions about the artists we bring onto our label. Mick Flannery is arguably one of the best songwriters to emerge from Ireland’s long and storied history of writers, poets and musicians.  I couldn’t  be more delighted to welcome Mick, as the first international signing, to our Oh Boy Records family. John was proud to be part of the music community on Ireland’s western coast and I know he would be proud of this new partnership with Mick and his team.”

“Mick Flannery has a voice for the ages, a complete Master of his craft” cited by Clash Magazine, whilst The Sunday Times said he “conjures up exquisite story-telling.”  His last album in 2021 consisted of a collection of duets with up and coming Irish artist Susan O’Neill.  American Songwriter called ‘In The Game’ a “Sorrowful Masterpiece.” The record was nominated for the Choice Music Prize, and won the RTE Radio 1 song of the year two years in a row for tracks ‘Baby Talk’ and ‘Chain Reaction.’ The album was the biggest selling independent record in Ireland in 2021.

Mick Flannery’s songs are fluent in expressing layered aspects of the human condition, its flaws, triumphs, and general uncertainty.   His live shows are renowned for his self-deprecating humor, audience engagement and the ability to bring people on a journey of both heartbreak and joy, often in the same instance. “

Sin e for now on Mick folks…ta an leabhar ar oscailt!

We are coming into holiday season here at Music Zone tape, cd and vinyl emporium and i’m the first to go missing …so i’m finished up this friday lunchtime the 14th July and not back to the coal face until Monday 24th july …a week away from ye really…Adams missing then for a bit and Shane is a bit later on. Shane and Adam will have the reigns next week so catch them on the shop floor,  email shop@musiczone.ie or raymusiczone@gmail.com or give them a bell on 021 4967119 .Open as usual 10 to 6 mon to sat and 11 to 4 on Sunday. The lads will hobble out a newsletter next week as usual ( bit tricker when only 2 folks at it ) …thats it really folks….BYE …no not just yet.


So releases for this friday the 14th of July include…

And then for the 21st of July we have…


Main week for this week is Friday the 28th of July and we are going to start with THE ORCHARD.

Cooking vinyl has The Waterboys: reissues of their 2003 album ‘Universal Hall‘ including Orange Vinyl and 2007 album ‘Book Of Lightning‘ on Sunrise Yellow Vinyl, both of the releases the first time these albums have been available on LP format.

“the Waterboys’ eighth studio album is made available on vinyl for the first time, in ‘Seville’ orange. Originally released in 2003, ‘Universal Hall’ was recorded in the basement studio of the titular hall, a theatre and concert venue in Findhorn, Scotland. It is the most nakedly spiritual of the band’s records, all the more so for having been mostly written and entirely made in the spiritual community at Findhorn. At the time of release, band leader Mike Scott described ‘Universal Hall’ as “a record containing eleven spiritual songs that articulate – to the best of my ability – the vision that drives, challenges, sustains and transforms me.” This vision is explored in now-classic Waterboys numbers such as Peace Of Iona, The Christ In You and Universal Hall itself, One track, the celtic-flavoured I’ve Lived Here Before, was written with Liam O’Maonlai of Hothouse Flowers. The album also saw the return of the band’s fiddler Steve Wickham, his first appearance on a Waterboys’ record since ‘Room To Roam’ in 1990. The vinyl format is 180g Orange vinyl. The CD format is packaged in a jewelcase with 16 page booklet.”

  • Lauv: 5th Anniversary Double Vinyl of his 2018 compilation album ‘I Met You When I Was 18’ including the worldwide hit “I Like Me Better”.
  • Darlingside: fourth album ‘Everything Is Alive’ departs somewhat from the Boston-based quartet’s “exquisite literary minded, baroque folk- pop.”

Lastly Orchard has a reissue of Art Pepper “ ARTWORKS” ON Vinyl.

Sony for the 28th of July has a good hip hop compilation Raised By Rap: 50 Years of Hip-Hop on double LP with 25 tracks.

Warner for the 28th have some big name releases with for starters NEIL YOUNG “ Official Release Series Discs Disc 22, 23+, 24, 25” (Volume 5) via REPRISE as a 6CD set or a 9LP SET. Neil Young’s Official Release Series Volume 5 is a stunning collection of four albums that begins with the exciting renaissance that came with the release of Freedom in 1989, and continues on the unequalled exploration of collections Ragged Glory (1990), Weld (1991) and Arc (1991). In many ways, it is a musical travelogue of how Young saw the future and opened up creative worlds for the use of sound and originality which had not been used before. The Official Release Series Volume 5 is available as a vinyl box set of the original four albums on 9 vinyl LPs and the CD version is now issued on 6 CDs. Like all the reissues in this series, the albums are remastered from the best source available – original analog tape in most cases. For the four albums in the series, this is the first time they have been remastered. In addition on Ragged Glory, the 10-song original album is expanded for this re-issue with 4 rare tracks. “Interstate” and “Don’t Spook The Horse” were both B-sides to singles. “Box Car” and the 12 minute “Born To Run” are both previously unreleased versions.

Look the price thing rears its head a bit again…i suspect cd will out sell lp sets here…

Out via Rhino (Pure) also on the 28th is the brilliant Joni Mitchell At Newport on 2LP or cd.

Astonishing lady, astonishing artist…this is such an emotional , amazing musical document when Joni returned to Newport just last year….hard to not feel emotional watching this…beautiful 

(25) Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now (Live at the Newport Folk Festival 2022) [Official Video] – YouTube

Warner Black Music has three PRINCE VINYL reissues with “ come” “ for you” and “ love sexy”.


PLG UK Catalog has the reissue of RICHARD WRIGHTs “ wet dream” on CD….Bluray and LP formats to follow in August.


Rhino Atlantic has STEVIE NICKS “ Complete Studio Albums & Rarities” 10 CD boxset.


RBDO 2171 label  has Grateful Dead “ RFK Stadium, Washington, DC 6/” on 8 LPs.


East West Records UK Ltd has a new album by ANNE – MARIE “ unhealthy”.


Cargo has a few for the 28th July with the new The Budos Band – Frontier’s Edge   on Opaque Lime  vinyl via Diamond West Records.

Cargo also has two JOHN FOXX reissues “ the golden section” on GateFold clear vinyl and “ annexe” on GF red vinyl via Metamatic Records.


CHRYSALIS RECORDS has PAUL HARDCASTLE “ Nineteen And Beyond: Paul Hardcastle 1984-1988” as a 4CD Clamshell box collating both studio albums, B sides and various international mixes and a 24-page book.

RUF RECORDS has the new Eric Johanson album “ The Deep And The Dirty” vinyl.

Propers own label has John & Beverley Martyn vinyl reissues of “ Stormbringer!” with Levon Helm playing a bit of drums and also “ road to ruin”.

(26) Sweet Honesty – YouTube


YEP ROC has NICK LOWE “ Dig My Mood (25th Anniversary)” on Limited blue vinyl

TOMMY BOY RECORDS has Naughty By Nature “ 19 Naughty III (30th Anniversary)” on 2LP or CD.

WIENERWORLD has a brand new Nils Lofgren album “ Mountains” on CD or LP. It’s been a busy couple of years for rocker Nils Lofgren: between recording albums for Neil Young alongside Rick Rubin, and finishing his own new effort ‘Mountains’ Nils recently joined Bruce Springsteen and the E Street on an extensive world tour. While his own tour to promote Mountains has been put on hold, fans won’t have to wait long to hear the new album. On Mountains, Nils moves seamlessly between bluesy and straight-ahead rockers and tender ballads as only he can, all treated with his trademark attention to sonic detail, and unmistakable vocals and guitar. Mountains contains Nils’ adept story telling at its fnest, with 9 brand new originals and a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Back In Your Arms. The star- studded line- up of guests on the new album include Ringo Starr, Neil Young, David Crosby, Cindy Mizelle, the Howard Gospel Choir, and Ron Carter. 

Heres a tune

(26) Ain’t The Truth Enough – YouTube


EPITAPH has BAD RELIGION “ Recipe For Hate” LP 30th Anniversary – Red w/ Black Smoke coloured LP.


MIG MUSIC has Gil Scott-Heron & His Amnesia Express “Legend In His Own Mind”.

“Live album of the unforgettable American soul/jazz singer, poet and civil rights activist Gil Scott-Heron (* April 1, 1949 in Chicago, + May 27, 2011 in New York), celebrated by the New York Times as “Godfather Of Rap”. 112 minutes of exciting live atmosphere, captured by Radio Bremen in 1983, sonically refined by the mastering of Johannes Scheibenreif also available on 2LP and ltd. 2LP (trans. green) “

MR BONGO has Mr Bongo Record Club Volume Six Red Vinyl,

Last but not least then on Propers own label is the fab soundtrack to Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels – OST on 2LP Red Vinyl…great soundtrack…heres a  seriously class tune from it

(26) Zorba The Greek – John Murphy & David Hughes – YouTube


Universal for the 28th of July has the new Post Malone 17 track album on Island called “ Austin” on CD , 2LP Green or Indies Exc Light Blue 2LP Set.

CLaddagh records has the second album by Ronan O Snodaigh + Myles O Reilly “ The Beautiful Road” on cd or LP. 

Having written and developed new songs while touring, the duo decamped to a log cabin in Roscommon and a farmhouse in remote West Cork. Recording one song every day, surrounded by countryside and inspired by nature the pair set out to create a soothing listening experience by focusing on higher frequencies, inspired by the calming effects of bird song, wind, rain, and sea. They also sought to counter the increased levels of intrusive ambient “white noise” caused by traffic, machinery, and other unpredictable sounds arising from the worlds post pandemic return to frenzied norms. Noises that so often overwhelm our ears and inner filters. The result is a collection of songs that experiment with a variety of comforting sonic elements, including bells, breaths, brush-stroked rhythms, halftime beats, and ambient melodies, to create a sonic massage that relaxes the ears and settles the soul.


 Heres a tune from it

(26) Rónán Ó Snodaigh & Myles O’Reilly :: Níl Aon Easpa Orm – YouTube



UMR/Polydor has the next in the STEELY DAN LP reissues with “ Pretzel Logic”.


UMR/ABKO has The Rolling Stones “ Forty Licks” as a limited 4lp set.

“Originally released in 2002 to commemorate their 40th anniversary as a band, Forty Licks was a huge commercial success selling over 7 million copies round the world. Widely regarded as their definitive career spanning best of compilation Forty Licks is released on limited 4 x 180g black vinyl housed in a wide spined gatefold sleeve.”

Verve for the 28th July has CANNONBALL ADDERLEY “ CANNONBALL ADDERLEY QUINTET IN CHICAGO” as 1LP Verve Acoustic Sounds release.


Craft Recordings Mal Waldron Sextet “ mal 2” as 1LP, 180g black vinyl in tip-on jacket.

Integral for the 28th of July


Going to hand you to Shane now amd ill be dropping in with special news in a while….in my real time a while but in your real time you have read it already…could be a harry potter book.

Anyway Shane off you go kid…

Sound, Ray, sweet news that! Adam played me the single/track off it the other week. High quality as usual.
Hows it going all? Hope yere good.

Some nice ones to mention this week.
Before I do, just want to link a song from a band that I discovered yesterday. One of the lads (Peter L) pre-ordered it so I checked it out. Feckin class! Going to be in my top 10 for the year I’d say. Or maybe I was just in a good mood.
The band are Water From Your Eyes and this is the fitting last track from their new album:

If ye want to buy their product we can order in!

First one of the down the lines to mention today is coming at the start of October. A band I love. The Darkness are doing a special 20th Anniversary edition of their debut album ‘Permission to Land…Again’.

One of the best rock albums of this century in my opinion. Every track is a banger. Brilliant Gibson/Marshall sound too. There is a load of rare b-sides and outtakes, plus live stuff included on either a 5 LP set or 4 CD/DVD set. And there’s a limited indies marble blue version of just the album.
I saw them with my family in the Point in around 04, and then myself, Noelle and Bobby saw them in Cyprus avenue about 5 or 6 years ago. Some turnaround.
Bobby and his friend got Justin a birthday cake and it also happened to be Paddy’s Day. But Justin is vegan so he couldn’t eat it! But twas the thought that counted! Oh and Noelle and I had our wedding dance thingy to ‘Love is Only a Feeling’ !
Anyway, I’ll keep going or I’ll run out of time.

Theres a nice looking DOORS release coming in September. ‘Live at the Matrix 1967’ on 3 CD or 5 LP+7 inch set.

UK Rap/Grime legend Dizze Rascal will be reissuing his debut album ‘Boy in da Corner’ as a special 20th anniversary edition through XL Recordings on yellow, black and white 3 LP at the start of November. He was only 19 when it came out and it won a Mercury Prize. Here’s ‘Fix Up Look Sharp’

Also coming soon:

Shoegaze band LUSH have reissues coming soon too. If interested let us know.
Before I go, just want to let ye know that the upcoming BOWIE release of Ziggy Stardust the Motion Picture Soundtrack on gold vinyl is only 38 euro with us. Amazon and a few other places have it for over 50 so a good saving if interested.

Back to you Ray so bud. Cheers.

Right thanks Shane….lots going on today!


Right last one for today is Integral for the 4th August…

All Saints Records has a reissue of JOHN CALE “ Words For The Dying” ON CLEAR VINYL.

Wichita Recordings has the RIDE reissues on cd and coloured vinyl of “ Carnival of Light” and “ Tarantula” …we are allocated 10 copies of each coloured vinyl and as i write this we have 7 copies of each left to sell….just giving ye the info folks…

Last one from Domino Records is the reissue of PANDA BEAR 2011 album “ tomboy” .

Right thats it back to front news, great news on the new Mick album.

Ill talk to ye on the flipside off the hols all going well folks!

Sin e for this week really folks

Thanks for listening as usual!

Ray, Shane and young Adam 


July 5th, ’23: Good PRICE on BLUR, new BLUEGRASS, exciting young rock band, Blues REISSUES, new Irish Supergroup, Limerick lad and full cabin crew on the MZ Yacht

Hi everyone

Hope all is well!

Releases in the siopa for this Friday the 7th of July include…

One for the Rory fans here….the artist who did the cover of “ all around man” is a Cork artist, Vincent Zara,  and he is going to be in the shop from 10 am saturday morning until 1pm Saturday afternoon the 8th of July…ill let him tell ye himself about it!!

Hi all, Vincent here…Ray and the lads have kindly invited me to the shop on Saturday from 10am-1pm. I’ll have a limited amount of signed, mounted prints with me. It was an unbelievable honour to be asked to do the cover art again. Colm Henry’s Self Aid photo was a gift to be given as a jumping off point. The album itself is incredible and Rory still had a full tank in 1990 so have no doubts on the quality. Plenty of ‘old’ blues along with Rory classics and the acoustic side, as always, is magic. Heavens Gate and Tattoo’d Lady were amazing highlights for me. Mark Feltham and Geraint Watkins bring harmonica and organ/accordion sounds so some familiar songs have a new feel to them. Looking forward to seeing you all, we give thanks and praise to the Independents! Thanks Ray and Co, VZ 


So a really nice bespoke opportunity with this to meet the artist, get a signed print, get your album signed, photo with artist …really lovely way to document the release of this album…i know from the last time ( check shirt wizard) that folks from all over the globe were in contact with us ( after the fact) to try and get the companion signed art print with the album…blessed we are really to have the artist on our doorstep…and sher all this is about the great man anyway from our humble part of the world ….humble…hmmm…tangent time…someone told me during the week, ( not a true blood i must add!) that the census proved Cork was the most inbred county in the country…that 72% of people born in Cork , stayed in Cork like ( say it with a Cork accent) …anyway back to Rory, the rest of the globe is green with rebel envy!!…cash ideal for the prints on Saturday…grma.

Right so, releases for the 14th July include…


Main part of the hawk for tonight is for releases on the 21st of July so will start with Warner…and what i think is the biggest release of the week, maybe even the month to be fair, with the release of the new BLUR album “ THE BALLAD OF DARREN” via PLG UK Frontline or Parlophone …available on a host of formats including CD, DELUXE CD, Bluray audio version, std lp and indies coloured LP…bualadh bos on the price it has to be said…bualadh bos…i wont start again on the pricing thing, but proper pricing must be applauded …really looking forward to this, has been a while since the magic whip…heres a tune from the new record

(23) Blur – The Narcissist (Official Visualiser) – YouTube

Big release the BLUR album for the middle of the summer.

Atlantic Records has a big soundtrack release also on the 21st of July with BARBIE THE MOVIE and it will be on cd , std pink and indies only neon pink.

BMG has a reissue by Ian Dury & The Blockheads “ Laughter (Transparent Sunny Yellow Vinyl LP)” and they also reissue Jim Croce “ Life & Times ((50th Anniversary) [180g Blue Vinyl])” .

BMG also reissue John Lee Hooker “ …And Seven Nights” on vinyl as well as Can’t Touch Us Now by MADNESS.

Fueled By Ramen/Atlantic has a first timer on vinyl with Travie McCoy debut from 2010 “ Lazarus (RSD Indie Exclusive Orange Vinyl LP)” .

Lastly from Warner via Nonesuch , a nice one to finish with if you like a bit of bluegrass, the new album by Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway “ city of gold” on cd , std lp and indies LP. HERES a tune from it

(23) Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway – San Joaquin (Studio Video) – YouTube

If you dont open these newsletters over the next few weeks or didnt the last few weeks then there is a good chance you will stop receiving them…thats cool isnt it, if not interested and dont open we wont send to you…cool i hope? Your newsletter future lies in your hands!


As far as i can see Sony dont have anything really for the 21st July.


Right so Proper for the 21st of July has a couple of nice vinyl reissues via ALLIGATOR RECORDS, so there is Johnny Winter “ guitar slinger” and Roy Buchanan “ When A Guitar Plays The Blues”.

HIGHWATER RECORDING CO. has R.L. Burnside “ Sound Machine Groove” on  Memphis Blue Vinyl.

FM RECORDS has a couple of nice broadcast CD releases with THE BEACH BOYS “ American Broadcasts” and ROBERT PLANT “ The 1983 UK Broadcast” both on CD only.

We see a bump in CD sales over the last few months…a fall off on LPs a little bit…a lot of new releases now are selling a bit more on CD and a bit less on LP…wonder why that is folks…it begins with P …i said i wasn’t going to be John Wayne this week so ill leave it in the stable.


Cargo for the 21st has Joy Division –  Leigh Rock Festival 1979 on Red vinyl via Ozit Records, this pressing is limited to just 500 copies…nice tracklisting 1 Disorder/ Stage Announcements 2 Leaders Of Men 3 Colony 4 Insight 5 Digital. Side Two : 6 Dead Souls 7 Shadow Play 8 She’s Lost Control 9 Transmission 10 Interzone 11 Sound Of Music- Intro.    


Integral for the 21st of July has

Goldie ‘Timeless (The Remixes)’ and

Working Men’s Club ‘Minsky Rock Megamix II’ (Release Date 14th July 2023) *

Universal for the 21st of July has via EMI the third studio album by a rock band we really like in the shop here ( well, it was definitely the Bob mans cup of tea, not sure about the young fella though… i think Shane rates them  and i rate them…it is old school rock n roll and not many new bands do it better imo…Christ Ray get on with it will ya…the new GRETA VAN FLEET “ Starcatcher” ON CD, std lp AND INDIES Clear LP.  The album is written and recorded by the band—lead singer Josh Kizska, guitarist Jake Kizska, bassist/keyboardist Sam Kizska and drummer Danny Wagner—alongside Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton, Brandi Carlile). Recorded at the legendary RCA Studios in Nashville, the band utilized the large recording room to capture the pure energy of their world-renowned live performances. Heres a tune…a rockier one

(23) Greta Van Fleet – The Falling Sky (Official Audio) – YouTube

And a more mystical one…

(23) Greta Van Fleet – Meeting The Master (Official Music Video) – YouTube

i do think they are a super young rock band …maybe mid 20s is all they are and on their third record…super stuff imo. And the thing about the last song i played there , is the live version of it is even better!

VERVE has NINA SIMONE “ YOU’VE GOT TO LEARN” from the newport Jazz festival on CD, LP or indies cream LP. 

Theres a new Gorgon City album via EMI “ Salvation” on CD or LP.

There are a few AEROSMITH vinyl reissues from Universal , but we arent going to link them, they are very dear @ circa 50 euro…if anyone is interested drop us a mail…” Rock in a Hard Place” @ 35 euro and “Nine Lives” @ 48 euro and “ Live! Bootleg” @ 53 euro.


Spectrum has a nice compilation album on double LP “ The 80s Pure Pop Album”.


Going to hand ye over to Shane now as he takes ye down the road with releases/announcements etc as usual…

Cheers, Ray! How’s it going everyone?
Delighted to see Vincent Zara on board the newsletter today. I used to know him a bit through a friend who I was in a band with. He was always sound and talented.
I have the print from the Check Shirt Wizard cover up in the sitting room. His stuff is great.

I better get mentioning.
NEIL YOUNG has yet another release. Called ‘Chrome Dreams’, it features unreleased tracks from his 70s period. The vinyl features an etching on Side D.
Here’s a fairly raw sounding one from it, sounds good: https://youtu.be/a41503VlZC0

Young Adam called over to my place in Ringaskiddy last weekend. We had a great night. We watched Bo Selecta and had a sing-along to John Lennon!

There’s a very cool Irish supergroup release coming this month. It’s a 12 inch by OXN called ‘Love Henry’.
OXN are comprised of Radie Peat from Lankum, John ‘Spud’ Murphy, Eleanor Myler (Percolator) and Katie Kim. Top talent there all round. Their Claddagh records first signing in 18 years I believe.
Here’s the title track from that: https://youtu.be/ZJYJSFy9B4A

A group I like, BUDOS BAND have a new EP coming out at the end of the month called ‘Frontier’s Edge’. There will be a fairly limited green vinyl version of that available.
Here’s a track from that too: https://youtu.be/w8jpoBs95us
If you like Quinten Tarantino soundtracks you’ll like them!

Also coming around the corner are:

That’s all folks I think from me.
Adam is going to mention a surprise U2 one that just got announced in the last few hours.
Everyone’s on board tonight!

Hi all! Adam here, Ray asked me to write a bit about Zooropa as the transparent reissue is coming out. Had a hard act to follow but it held its own I reckon. An album that puts ya in a place. Stay (Faraway, so close) is one of my favourite U2 songs. The album is coming out on a Translucent Yellow pressing and It looks nice and all but the price is a bit iffy me thinks. We have it for 58 best and when me and Ray saw the buy-in price we both kinda gasped, is what is it I guess… Anyhoo! Its on a really tight allocation so get em while ye can folks! Classic album!!!:) Alright see ye!

Sound Adam! Back to Ray so.

Thanks Shane!


Right last one for this week is Integral for the 28th of July has

Aphex Twin ‘Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / in a room7 F760’ out via Warp on CD OR 12” EP…first new music in a while from the Limerick native. Heres a tune

(23) Aphex Twin – Blackbox Life Recorder 21f (Official Audio) – YouTube

Brian Wilson ‘Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road’ vinyl on Lakeshore Records. This is the soundtrack to the 2021 film about places in Brians life etc , the  album consisting of previously unreleased recordings by Wilson, several of which dated from his unfinished 1990s collaborations with producer Andy Paley, and one new song, ‘Right Where I Belong’, that Wilson co-wrote with My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James for the film.

Black vinyl with printed inner sleeve.


There is a Daniel Rossen ‘Live in Pioneertown & Santa Fe’ vinyl release on Warp….not sure how many of these there are but they are hand numbered.

William The Conqueror ‘Excuse Me While I Vanish’ on cd or indies red vinyl or std vinyl via Chrysalis Records / SD.


Sin e for this week really folks…

Thanks for listening as always 

Ray, Shane and young Adam.


June 28th, ’23: Secret ELTON Glasto vinyl, Nice new Irish releases in the mix, a rake of Jazz reissues and a blackout in August

Hi Everyone

Hope yer all doing ok.

First up is releases in the shop for this friday the 30th of June:

.. .half the year in the bag already…flying.

Then on the 7th of July we have releases by …

Meant to flag it earlier and its no biggie really ,  but  sher ill tell ye anyway….a lot of our suppliers Universal, Sony. Integral and Cargo use the same distribution  company and warehouse in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire  but Utopia distribution services are  closing the current Aylesbury warehouse and moving their entire physical distribution to a brand new purpose built warehouse in Bicester. 

Boo hoo says you…main point is here…from Thursday the 10th of August through to Monday the 28th of August, there is a blackout while they get the new gaff up and running ( i presume with plenty teething problems after the 28th also!!) so we cant get Uni, Sony, Integral and Cargo stock during those 2 and a half weeks …new releases will be top heavy on either side of those dates as well as nothing will move between the 10th and 28th of August…not life changing for anyone but just letting ye know…our impeccable ( hah) service will be more interrupted than usual!! Ill remind ye closer to the time!

Right main week for this week is Friday the 14th of July and we will start with Warner…BMG has a 5 Seconds of Summer live album “ The Feeling of Falling Upwards” on 2LP, CD or Deluxe CD from the Royal albert hall in London..#
East West Records UK Ltd has Charli XCX “ Pop 2 5 Year Anniversary (Violet Coloured Vinyl LP), Warner themselves has a deluxe version of CHERs “ It’s a Man’s World” which is being reimagined as a special deluxe limited-edition vinyl box set ( first time ever on vinyl) that features a remastered version of the original 14-track UK album on 2 LPs, as well as a newly compiled double LP containing eleven rare remixes including “Walking In Memphis (Shut Up and Dance Vocal mix”…so its available as the aforementioned 4LP set or as a 2CD SET.

Maverick has DEFTONES “ Deftones (Limited Red Vinyl LP)” 20TH anniversary edition, BMG has the reissue of 1974 album by RAVI SHANKAR “ Shankar Family & Friends (Purple Orchid Vinyl LP) or CD.

BMG has the brand new RITA ORA album “ you and i” on cd or indies orange vinyl, lastly from warner , BMG has four more THE KINKS vinyl reissues with “ Preservation Act 1”, “ Preservation Act 2” , “ Schoolboys in Disgrace” and “ Soap Opera”.

Sony for the 14th of July has the game soundtrack Horizon Forbidden West OST as a 6 CD set or double LP…Sony also has the new COLTER WALL album “ little songs” on cd or blue vinyl.


There was a secret release ( out this week) of ELTON JOHNs “ diamonds” greatest hits album on coloured vinyl with exclusive print to celebrate his glasto performance…in stock in a day or two.

Sexy records via Cargo have a red vinyl version of RIGHT SAID FRED smash album “ up” on the 14th of July.


Strange Brew records ( fine irish label) has Limerick native ( i think)  Anna’s Anchor “The Merries” – LP release for towards the end of July i think…as far as we know for now, its LP only…ill check though….will def have LP copies anyway!

Here is a fine tune from the new record

(12) Anna’s Anchor – Hotel Dom Pancho (Music Video) – YouTube


Republic of Music has a big one and ideally we need orders asap if interested …not out till july 28th but need numbers in! Dexys are back! 11 years since the release of their last album of original music, the acclaimed One Day I’m Going to Soar, the band return with a stunning new record, The Feminine Divine, out July 28th on 100% records.

Heres a tune from it… 6 year old Bonnie here at home likes it very much…having a little boogie in the kitchen to it

(12) Dexys – Coming Home Official Music Video – YouTube

It should be available to us on these formats…CDj, STD LP, INDIES PURPLE LP and Cassette…email back if interested…ROM can sometimes be flaky to deal with so im trying to get numbers in early to avoid trouble ( it dont always work!)


Universal for the 14th of July has via EMI Brian May + Friends: Star Fleet Project is the third release in the ‘Brian May Gold Series’, originally released in 1983. Accompanied by top rock luminaries Edward Van Halen (guitar), Alan Gratzer (drums), Phil Chen (bass) and Fred Mandel (keyboards), the output of their legendary recording sessions was captured on a 3-track mini album.

Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Star Fleet Project has been given the full reissue treatment. Brian and his studio team (Queen sound engineers Justin Shirley-Smith and Kris Fredriksson) have created a completely new 2023 mix of the sessions from the original multitrack master tapes, and the artwork has been completely digitally recreated from the original 1983 source material, to give fans the very best experience at the highest possible quality. Available on CD, blk vinyl or Boxset 2CD + LP + 7” LIMITED EDITION.


UMR has BASTILLE “ Bad Blood X” on Gatefold 1LP + 7″.

Craft Recordings has a couple of later  REM reissues on vinyl with “ Around The Sun” and “ Collapse Into Now” as LP, 180g, black vinyl….we were allocated 10 of each on these….only a couple of each gone so a good few left but just giving you the heads up , these should be around forever.

Verve has a couple…PSYCHICEMOTUS (VERVE BY REQUEST) by YUSEF LATEEF on vinyl and PHAROAH SANDERS “ unity” reissue.

UMR has a couple of ROLLING STONES represses with “ flowers” and “ Metamorphasis (Repress)”.

Craft Recordings has four other Jazz reissues for the 14th July with Idris Muhammad “ Black Rhythm Revolution!” , Jack DeJohnette “ sorcery” , Leon Spencer “ Where I’m Coming From” and Ornette Coleman “ Something Else!!!!: The Music Of Ornette Coleman” …all of these on Black LP, 180g, tip-on jacket.

UMG has acquired AEROSMITHs physical catologue and all their studio albums are been reissued on cd mainly with some on LP…more lps to follow….holler if your interested….cds are 14 quid a pop.

EMI thankfully have a reissue of Jessie Ware “ That! Feels Good!” on vinyl…out of stock since about a week after release a few months back.

Mercury Studios has GEORGE BENSON “ Live At Montreux 1986” ON DVD/2CD also on 14th july.

The Orchard has a few for the 14th of July with 

Proper records for the 14th of July have a few vinyl reissues on their own label which they have licensed from island/universal…so there is Fairport Convention “ Liege & Lief” and “ Unhalfbricking” as well as John Martyn “ London Conversation” and class “ The Tumbler” .

CHRYSALIS RECORDS has a couple of world music vinyl remaster and reissues with Taj Mahal & Toumani Diabate “ Kulanjan (2023 Remaster)” and Toumani Diabate with Ballake Sissoko “ New Ancient Strings (2023 Remaster)”.

LINUS ENTERTAINMENT has the late great GORDON LIGHTFOOT “ At Royal Albert Hall” on CD OR 2LP and lastly there is a brand new MICHAEL BOLTON album “ spark of light” on ANDROVER MUSIC.

This blackout in August is a first for me so will be a bit strange …programmed to work a certain way…that will slightly change for a bit…i see the new Hozier album is due on the 18th august , in the midst of the blackout…i presume it will get delivered before the 10th of august …time shall tell i suppose.

Integral for the 14th july has Various Artists / Soul Jazz Records Presents ‘Studio One 007…’ Expanded Edition 

And the James Yorkston Vinyl Reissues also.

Going to hand ye over to Shane now as he takes ye down the road with announcements etc…

How’s it going everyone? Cheers Ray! Adam, thanks as well for covering me last week, much appreciated, and good stuff!
I liked your random music link at the start so I’m going to rob that idea.
Here’s a class cover of ‘Paranoid Android’ by one of my favourites Brad Mehldau:


The album it’s from ‘Largo’ was released on vinyl recently. A brilliant album but the price of it is mental, nearly 50.

There’s quite a bit of down the line releases today to mention so I’m going to do a list for ye if ye don’t mind:

Phew!…oh we got another few last minute sell-ins as well…deep breath again…these will be coming soonish too:

Tis like the Irish weather!
Hopefully we get a few more weeks of sun in July, we’ll take that.

Anyway, back to you Ray so bud!

Thanks Shane!

Right last one for this week is INTEGRAL for the 21st July and LONDON records has GOLDIE Timeless (The Remixes) as a 3LP set or 2 cd set as well as Working Men’s Club *Rel date 14th July* “ Minsky Rock Megamix II” as a 12” via Heavenly Recordings.

Sin e really for this week folks

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane and Young Adam.