Villagers ‘Fever Dreams’ Is Nearly Here, Our Niamh Regan In-Store On Friday 2

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well folks.. This is my last newsletter for a few weeks.. I have a little bit of time off.. So my last day in the shop is this Saturday the 31st of July.. We are open Sunday the 1st of August 11-4 as usual, but closed on the Bank Holiday Monday.. I’m working from home doing the orders that day but i’m off then from Tuesday the 2nd of August until Friday the 13th of August… So really looking forward to the time off… It’s been 12 months since I took some time and although I love what I do, I really feel I need a break from it… Bobby and Shane will take the reigns.. Thanks lads!!! Get them on email at or on the phone at 021-4967119.. They will cover all comms when i’m gone including the newsletter.. Communication is a busy part of our world and something we have to stay on top of every few hours.. A lot of it can be fruitless but we have to stay with it.. Cause it’s important to hopefully bring someone back a second time which may bare fruit… There are circa 200 communications on email a day… Glorified secretaries we are!! But crucial.. No emails no business.. So Bob will do newsletters for the next 2 weeks and may even turn into a ‘Grumpy Ray’ for that 10 days or so!! 

Just about our email… is a good one to use, or but not the old… That one is a gone.. Won’t get to us with…

Right so few other bits of house keeping stuff.. We still have a handful of spots left for NIAMH REGAN‘s in-store with us this Friday the 30th at 4PM… We are so looking forward to this here in the shop.. Honoured to welcome Niamh to our humble abode.. ‘Hemet‘ is a super record and Niamh will be singing songs from it here on Friday at 4 and hopefully signing a few copies also.. If you can’t get in and want a signed copy please email and we will sort it.. 5 Spots / Households left for this socially distanced in-store… We would love to see ye.. Here is ‘Save the Day’ from the album

Another fierce interesting release (which I forgot about until now) is a debut release on Skinty Records.. It’s a Trad compilation called ‘Goitse A Thaisce : A Compilation Of Irish Music Volume 1’. The label was founded by Tom Coll (drummer with Fontaines D.C.).. These are a collection of Traditional Irish Songs that mean a lot to Tom.. Tom and his bandmates have always been friendly and kind to the siopa here.. There record is limited to 1000 copies and pressed on 180gm Vinyl.. Here is a few words from Tom on the record. It is out on the 6th of August.. Give us a nod please if you would like a copy..

The idea for this record came from an extended period of time living back in my family home in
the west of Ireland. Here, I found myself in the midst of a vast, mountainous landscape, a place
that vividly recalled my childhood memories of old Irish traditional music. This experience
sparked a need to immerse myself in the tradition once again. Trad was my first musical love
over any other, so it feels very gratifying to put together this compilation.
Every tune on this record holds a special place in my heart. Whether it’s by lifelong heroes such
as The Bothy Band or Planxty, family friends like Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh or Emer Mayock, or by
contemporary artists pushing the boundaries of the tradition like Lisa O’Neill or Ye Vagabonds,
these songs have soundtracked my life thus far.
If this record can introduce just one person to the world of Irish music, then it has served its
purpose. The tradition has so much depth and richness to it, and I urge you to please delve into
it with an open heart. The title of the record roughly translates to “come here my darling,” which
is the sentiment I feel when I hear these tunes. Hopefully they can bring about that same feeling
for you.
Tom Coll – Skinty Records / Fontaines DC


Following on are the releases for the 6th of August. There is the release of the GEORGE HARRISON ‘All Things Must Pass’ 50th Anniversary Boxsets on a few formats. We will have new releases by JACKSON BROWNEMR JUKES & BARNEY ARTIST, STAINDBARBRA STREISANDWILLY MASON, WILL YOUNGDAVELIARS, TROPICAL FUCK STORM, and the DEMON’S SOULS OST on vinyl.. There are reissues due from LCD SOUNDSYSTEMBRIAN MAYO.M.D, SONNY CLARK, MCCOY TYRNERMAX RICHTER, THE ART OF NOISE, and NIGHTWISH..

Right so onto releases for the 13th of August.. EMI via Universal have the seventh studio album by THE KILLERS ‘Pressure Machine’.. Another record born out of the silence of the pandemic.. A record that may not have happened if COVID didn’t curse us.. The album is available as CDStandard LPCassette and as a limited Grey Slipcased Version of the black vinyl available only to selected accounts (we’d be one of them selected accounts!)..

Big Machine via Uni have a SHERYL CROW live album ‘Live From The Ryman’ as a 2CD or a 4LP which is out on Sept 3rd.. UMC have a reissue of TRAVIS ’12 Memories’ as an indie only shop and Direct 2 Consumer (D2C) limited release.. UMC also have a reissue (we it says a reissue, I would have thought it wasn’t pressed on vinyl before) of CORINNE BAILEY RAE’s self titled debut album..

Integral for the 13th of August have the record by DEVENDRA BANHART & NOAH GEORGESON ‘Refuge’ as well as the new JOSIENNE CLARK CD…

One that landed yesterday and is on the site now is the new POWER OF DREAMS CD ‘Ausländer’.. Looking forward to getting stuck into this one.. I believe the LP release isn’t until early 2022.. CD here now folks.. 

Sony for the 13th of August have the single standard black reissue of PEARL JAM’s ‘No Code‘…

Sony for the 20th of August have the new album by JAKE BUGG ‘Saturday Night, Sunday Morning’ on CD, Vinyl or Indies Only Clear vinyl… I have always liked this dude.. A bit underrated I feel commercially underrated anyway.. Here is ‘Lost’ from the new record..

OUTKAST have a anniversary reissue of second record ‘Atliens’ out through Sony on the 20th of August also…

Another one I meant to mention to ye loads of times is a local release by Cork band THE LOVE BUZZ.. 10 Track EP called ‘Here Comes The Scum’ and it’s bloody cracking in my opinion.. The lads are half mad if not 3/4 i’d say but a have a real rock n’ roll swagger to them, not put on.. A real dirty swagger.. It’s a fine E.P.. Here is ‘Harp’ from the EP.. Great stuff altogether..

Warner for the 13th of August have a reissue of NINA SIMONE’s ‘Little Girl Blue’ via BMG.. CD, Standard LP and Indies Blue LP available.. Nuclear Blast on the 13th of August release ‘Sepulquatra’ by Sepultura which is a project borne out of a podcast during lockdown where the band some hits with musical friends across the globe.. Just available on CD for now, vinyl down the road..

The Orchard for the 13th of August have a reissue of THE WEATHER STATION’s second album ‘All Of It Was Mine’ on Fat Possum.. Indies Bone Colour vinyl available.. BBE Music via The Orchard are releasing ‘Modern Love’ a diverse compendium of specially commissioned cover versions of rarities and classics in tribute to David Bowie (the forgotten man of RSD)… The likes of Khruangbin, Kit Sebastian, and Helado Negro are doing covers.. They tell (The Orchard) that stock is limited so I won’t promise here but let me know if interested.. 2CD or 2LP are the formats..

Cargo for the 13th of August have a couple of JOAN SHELLY Reissues on Coloured Vinyl ‘Electric Ursa’ and ‘Ginko’ via No Quarter… Cargo also have a repress of HOWLIN’ WOLF ‘The Howlin’ Wolf Album’ on the Get on Down Label…

Proper for the 13th of August have the brand new JUNGLE album ‘Loving In Stereo’ on CD, Cassette or Indies Only Transparent Blue LP via Caiola Records.. 

I am going to hand over to Bobby now to run through announcements etc..

Hey folks,
Hope everyone is keeping safe and well.
Not a huge pile from myself this week so will try keep it short and sweet!
Kicking us off this week is a biggy. 50 years since one of our own legends released his first solo record following the break up of Taste. That is of course the excellent self titled album by Cork’s own RORY GALLAGHER. One of my own favourite records, and what I think is one of the best album covers ever. Just pure simple, but effective. There is a few formats for this 50th Anniversary Edition, including a 2CD3LP or Deluxe Limited 4CD/DVD set. Lots of unreleased takes, live material etc with the extras. 

We have a game of Fastest Fingers First unfortunately again this week. This time it’s a 5LP Coloured Vinyl Boxset release from the excellent SUFJAN STEVENS. ‘Convocations‘ is the title of the release, which was put out first in May 2021 (first time release on vinyl here). It’s an instrumental album made up of 5 different volumes, recorded during lockdown and it explores the the grief Stevens’ felt following his father’s death. Unfortunately folks we are only allocated one copy of this. So best way if interested is to buy over the website, as once it’s gone it’s gone for good i’m afraid.

Finally from me, two last nice ones for this week. The Orchard are doing a 10th Anniversary (first time on vinyl) pressing of RYAN SHERIDAN’s debut LP ‘The Day You Live Forever’ on gold vinyl. And finally there is a new SAINT ETIENNE record announced for September entitled ‘I’ve Been Trying To Tell You’. This is coming on CDVinyl or Indies Only Clear Vinyl (only 4 copies of the indies allocated to us).

That’s it from mise for this week folks, back to the boss-man!

Thanks Bob!

Right so PIAS / Integral have a biggie / biggie on the 20th of August with the release of VILLAGERS fifth studio album ‘Fever Dreams’ on Domino… Ah great, really looking forward to it.. It’s available on CDStandard Vinyl, and a really limited Irish Only Indie Shop Press on Oxblood Coloured Vinyl into black poly lined inners into a die-cut sleeve with four interchangeable covers, with digital download cards.. Great to see downloads included.. If anyone up the food chain is listening.. Download codes should be a given,, We hear it daily on the shop floor.. Consumers want the codes folks.. Less and less download codes it seems to me.. Charging enough.. Stick the code in the record.. Consumers want the codes.. Is there anybody out there??? Just nod if you can hear me..
Right back to Mr. O’Brien.. 5th Villagers record out on the 20th of August with a really nice Irish Shops Only Vinyl.. Tickets for the Opera House still about maybe.. From what I have heard so far of ‘Fever Dreams’ it’s beautiful.. Here is ‘So Simpatico’ from the album.. Let this wash over you.. Beautiful song..

Integral also for the 20th of August have a new JAMES MCMURTRY album on New West ‘The Horses and the Hounds’. There are some really limited reissues by THE KNIFE ‘Deep Cuts’ and ‘Silent Shout’ as well as ROYKSOPP’s class ‘Meoldy A.M’ and lastly via Mute is MARTIN GORE’s ‘The Third Chimpanzee Remixed’ on CD and coloured vinyl..

Sin more or less é for this week folks,
If I don’t see ye later in the week, see ye soon
Thanks for listening,
Ray, Bobby & Shane,

New Bob Dylan, Pixies And War On Drugs Releases, Niamh Regan Live Performance Announcement 1

Hi folks,
Hope all is well enough with ye… Going to start this week with last week’s dinner.. Apologies once again to those of ye we let down.. Sorry I am talking about the Whipping Boy reissue on vinyl for 3rd of Sept.. To cut a long story short the late land distribution company got caught out by demand (the retailers knew).. I believe less than 80 copies are going to be in the country on vinyl for the 3rd of September now.. One shop could have sold them!! Anyway, we always want a firm number of records we can sell and in this case also we kept asking.. 100 Copies.. That was the hope.. Went on the site and on sale at 11AM.. 6 hours later, bad news a far far cry from 100… Pules apart.. Anyway let’s park Sept 3, vinyl 2nd press now for late November.. Guaranteed the 100 copies for then so the list is full open.. Email us if you want to get a copy from us.. Crucial going forward that shops are allocated quantities so they do not oversell and look like Trotter’s independent trading company New York – Paris – Caro – Cork… Anyway the winter will be here soon enough..

Right moving onto releases for this Friday 23rd of July.. We will have new releases by KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD (vinyl not till August), ANNE-MARIELEON BRIDGERSDREAM THEATER, DAVID CROSBY (CD only for now), HEAVY WATER, DARKSIDEPIROSHKACHRISTONE KINGFISH INGRAM (CD only for now)a 4AD Compilation  and the PAUL MCCARTNEY ‘III Imagined’ release.. There are reissues by THE UNDERTONESSTONE TEMPLE PILOTSPJ HARVEY / JOHN PARISHTHE SHINSR.E.M. ‘Radio Free Europe’ 7” (a few copies still remaining)EVA CASSIDY, MUDHONEYTHE LLOYD MCNEIL QUARTETTHE WEDDING PRESENT CD/DVDENIGMA2PACDEXTER GORDON, and GLEN CAMPBELL.

Video for last week’s releases now up on Youtube at the following link :


Right so moving onto releases for the 6th of August (Raymond is on hols that day / week or so).. UMC / Virgin have a deluxe reissue of BRIAN MAY’s debut album ‘Back To The Light’ remastered by bob Ludwig.. There is a limited edition Collectors Box which has a heavyweight coloured vinyl, the remastered CD plus a bonus disc of alternate versions and B-Sides, plus an exclusive pin badge.. Also available as a 1CD, 2CD or 1LP… Virgin have the rescheduled MR. JUKES & BARNEY ARTIST album also.. The biggie from Universal for the 6th of August is without a doubt the deluxe remix of GEORGE HARRISON’s ‘All Things Must Pass’.. The best ex-beatles record of the lot?? Dhani Harrison says the remix transforms the album by socially upgrading it.. Making it sound brighter and fuller.. The super deluxe 8LP collects 70 tracks, a 60 page scrapbook handwritten lyrics, diary entries, studio notes and a poster.. 5CD boxset contains more or less the same.. There is a 5LP3LPLimited 3CD, and 2CD version also…

UMC have 2 O.M.D reissues on vinyl of Liberator and Universal.. These LPs haven’t been available on vinyl since their original release in the 90s.. A couple of Bluenote Ton Poet Audiophile vinyl reissues through uni also for August 6th… SONNY CLARK ‘My Conception’ and MCCOY TYNRER ‘Expansions’... Those are all analogue releases from original master tapes.. Uni also have a MAX RICHTER ‘Exiles’ 2LP release

Warner for the 6th of August have LCD SOUNDSYSTEM ‘The Long Good Bye : Live At Madison Square Garden’ 10th Anniversary repress on 5LP Box Set or on 3CD Set for the first time.. The full four hour show from that staggering night in NYC…

Inside Recordings have the vinyl release of the new JACKSON BROWNE album ‘Downhill From Everywhere’… Nuclear Blast have a reissue of ‘Once’ by NIGHTWISH as a 2CD, 2LP or 4CD remastered reissue.. BMG have a new STAIND live album on CD or Double LP.. There is a CD version of THE FLAMING LIPS ‘The Soft Bulletin’ also through WEA for August 6th

Sony for the 6th of August have a new BARBRA STREISAND album ‘Release Me 2’ on CD and vinyl... Sony have the vinyl release of the MODEST MOUSE album ‘The Golden Casket’ on DLP black vinyl and lastly SHUNSUKE KIDE releases Demon’s Souls Soundtrack on vinyl..

Live music people yes live music in the siopa (most likely) or maybe outside the siopa (depends)… We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we will have NIAMH REGAN in with us for a performance on Friday the 30th of July at 4PM… Take Note Friday The 30th of July at 4PM… Because of everything going on in the world an expression of interest in this would be huge help (to book your spot type of thing.. free performance).. So it would be great if you want to come in, email us to book a spot.. A little about Niamh.. A Galway native, her debut album ‘Hemet‘ was released just before Covid I think, early 2020 sometime, the record was nominated for the Choice Irish Music Album Of The Year 2020.. The album is in one word, super… Was one of the shop’s favourite albums from last year, we are all big fans.. Here is ‘Freeze Frame’ from the album performed on the Late Late Show a few months back..

Let us know if you want to pop into the performance.. Niamh will sign copies of ‘Hemet’ on LP and CD on the day and if you can’t make it in and want a copy signed, we can sort that also.. Sin sin.. Hope to see you on Friday the 30th at 4!

The Orchard for the 6th of August have new albums from WILLY MASONWILL YOUNG and HIPPO CAMPUS

Integral for the 6th of August have a reissue of DRIVE-BY-TRUCKERS ‘Plan 9 Records July 13’ on New West… The band played an in-store for the 25th Anniversary of their local shop… Available to Indies Shops like us on Spring Green coloured 3LP.. Originally was available as a very limited and long sold out vinyl only pressing (a few hardcore shop heads bought these vinyl off me back in the day but for more than 40 quid i’d say!!) now available on CD and coloured for first time on New West…

It has been tame enough for releases for last few weeks, and the next few weeks.. But boy oh boy does Bobby have some announcements for ye this week… Throw your wallet in the sea.. You could be better off.. There is a rake of biggies announced!! One release I have to pass comment on is the new WAR ON DRUGS album.. It concerns me to be honest. The pricing concerns me, it is bad for business. With a capital full stop. It is an awful lot of money for an album.. Indies Only at 48 or 50 euro… Single album.. 10 tracks… Sure folks are going to walk away for that.. It is simply too expensive.. We are very competitive here in Ireland as VAT and Import fees from UK make it way worse… Rough Trade are 40 and 45 sterling for standard and indies.. Would cost you 60-70 euro with VAT and fee plus postage to get it over here.. So €50 looks okay in that regard… I’m okay with brand new albums for the €30-40 bracket now in today’s world… If you use the inflation calculator from 40 years ago the price of a nice release vinyl record would correlate to between 35-40 euros in today’s money… It’s the extra 25% on top is the problem.. Billie Eilish new album is out on the 30th July.. If ye could retail at €35 we would sell 25 copies i’d say.. Revenue of €900 lets say… We have 9 names for it at €45.. €400 revenue… War on Drugs would be a 50 copies at €35 but how many copies at €50.. 10ish i’m going to say.. €500 revenue versus €1500 revenue.. For all parties involved, less ales.. The industry as a whole better watch itself as it’s taking it’s gun from it’s holster and taking aim at it’s own foot… It is what it is and I can’t control it… We need to be getting these albums back in price by 25% and stop trying to turn them into gourmet products which you can listen to for free… COLDPLAY have a new album in Bobs announcements and the RRP on the single LP is €28.. Nearly half… Surely royalties are the only cost difference here?? Or maybe I am naive to other stuff.. Anyway Im letting it go folks.. There it’s gone.. Over to Bob.

Hi folks, 
Hope all is safe and well.
As Ray said a few nice ones today to say the least.
Already mentioned we have the brand new WAR ON DRUGS album ‘I Don’t Live Here Anymore’, due late October on CDLP or Indies Exclusive Blue LP. And also mentioned there is the announcement of the new COLDPLAY record ‘Music Of The Spheres’ on CD or Limited Splatter vinyl, this one landing with us October 15th.

So other nice bits. Where do I start? We’ll go with Mode. The next of the DEPECHE MODE 12” Singles Box Sets has been announced and is now up on the website. This time up is the 8 x 12” set for ‘Ultra’ which is due out late September.

Next the next of the BOB DYLAN ‘Bootleg’ Series of Box Sets is up. This time we have Bob Dylan – Springtime In New York: The Bootleg Series, Vol.16 : 1980-1985 which documents the Shot Of Love, Infidels, and Empire Burlesque era of Mr Dylan. It is coming as a 5CD Set, or as a highlights 2CD or 2LP Vinyl. Due out September 17th.

For all the metal heads out there, a seriously anticipated record has just been announced. Fresh from the press is the announcement of the brand new IRON MAIDEN studio record, ‘Senjutsu’. It’s coming on 2CDDeluxe 2CD Book, 3LP, Indies Coloured 3LP or as a deluxe set. Again a word on the price of the vinyl worth say. Indies LP is €66, just too expensive. Even as a 3LP. Too expensive.

There is another savage TROJAN Box Set released announced for September 3rd, this time up is ‘Reggae Business’, which is out as a 2LP / 2CD / 7” / Book / Memorabilia box.

We have 2 games of fastest fingers first for this week. Two allocated releases. First up, there is a limited green LP reissue of PIXIES ‘Trompe Le Monde’ released for the 30th Anniversary.. Only allocated 10 copies, and 2 people have asked already so only 8 copies for the site. Finally from myself and for the second game of F.F.F, there is a IDLES 7” limited single release for ‘Model Village’ (great track!). Only a few of these on the site as well folks.

That’s it from me for this week folks, back to the boss-man!

Thanks Bob!

Integral for the 13th of August have DEVENDRA BANHART and NOAH GEORGESON ‘Refuge’ on Dead Oceans, new JOSIENNE CLARKE ‘A Small Unknowable Thing’ on Corduroy Punk Records.. Vinyl in December folks..

Look sin é got this week folks.. Sorry for giving out!!
Thanks for listening,
Ray, Bobby & Shane

John Blek Returns With ‘On Ether And Air’, RSD Drop 2 This Saturday, and Unheard Prince Material

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well! This Saturday the 17th of July is RSD Drop 2… The shop will open at 8AM and website for RSD Drop 2 Stuff opens at 6PM… We will again have to watch numbers in the shop but numbers should be well down on Drop 1… But will still be busy from 8-10 i’d say.. Should be handy enough after that.. I listed a few tight stock lines last week (Fun Lovin Criminals, Matt Bellamy, Charlie Park, St Vincent, Bjork and Richmond Fontaine).. I could have missed a few also but I think the only other ones that wishlist exceed supply is the Pearl Jam ‘Alive’ 12” is if that one is on your wishlist you will need to set the alarm.. Email and i’ll try give you a quick update (will be quick though as it’s a busy week!).. I think the majority of releases should be ok but a few will have slipped through the cracks..




Video for last week’s releases now up on Youtube at the following link :

It nearly went home folks but as Mr. Bonucci said it went to Rome… T’was like a night at the opera wasn’t it.. Not the greatest match ever but captivating wasn’t it… England got as good a goal as you would see but got afraid of it.. A night at the open… Exhilerating.. Events around the ground before, during and after the game disgusting though.. Physical and mental.. Disgusting, makes me feel the cup found it’s rightful home… Italy deserved it over the 120 mins anyway…

Anyway, moving on to releases for the 30th of July.. Warner via Rhino Atlantic have a career spanning ARETHA FRANKLIN boxset ‘Aretha’.. 4CD, or as a 2LP or single CD.. BMG have a GEEZER BUTLER ‘Manipulations Of The Mind : The Complete Collection’ 4CD of Sabbath founding member solo work as well as a separate ‘Very Best Of’ CD also.. PLG UK have a reissue and remixed version of MARILLION’s debut ‘Script For A Jester’s Tear’ on CD or LP... Fueled By Ramen have a silver vinyl reissue of PANIC! AT THE DISCO’s ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’ and lastly Warner for the 30th of July have a reissue of VADER’s ‘De Profundis’ on CD and LP via Nuclear Blast…

The Orchard for the 30th of july have the brand new SON VOLT album ‘Electro Melodier’ on Transmit Sound Label.. First press to indie shops is Tan coloured vinyl… Jay Farrar 10th record now.. Since he left Uncle Tupelo… Here is ‘Reverie’ from the new record..
There is a limited 7” single by PEACHES also out through the Orchard on the 30th.. She’s back!! Napalm via Orchard have a brand new DEE SNIDER album ‘Leave A Scar’ album on CD or LP..

Integarl for the 30th of July have new records by DURAND JONES & THE INDICATIONS ‘Private Space’LUMP ‘Animal’ as well as reissues by THE CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA, ERASURE, FELA KUTI, and SCRITTI POLITTI 

Sony for the 30th of July have the first fully unreleased studio album of PRINCE ‘Welcome 2 America‘.. 55 minutes of new Prince music.. The album was recorded in 2010 and early 2011 but was abandoned at the time for unknown reasons… Deluxe edition includes a bluray of an April 2011 show in California… So it’s available on a good few formats.. CD2LP Black Vinyl, 2LP Clear Vinyl and 2LP/CD/BluRay Deluxe Set.. There is a recent price drop on the deluxe boxset.. Now best price of €130…

I am going to steal a small bit of Bobby’s thunder here if you don’t mind Bob as there are two down the road releases that have me personally really excited.. Both Irish Releases, one a reissue and one a brand new album..

So first the album that is 26 years old and is truly in my opinion one of the greatest Irish albums of all time.. WHIPPING BOY’s ‘Heartworm’ gets a deluxe reissue on the Needle Mythology label via The Orchard.. It is coming as a 2LP pressed on 180gram vinyl gatefold with printed inner sleeves featuring lyrics and new liner notes.. Bonus LP with additional 10 tracks, collection of b-sides and previously unreleased demos… The 2CD comes with the bonus disc also.. Really can’t wait for this, an album that had a huge impact on me as a 21 year old.. played and played it to death and still do.. A truly suburb album in my opinion.. ‘Babies, sex and flagons, shifting women, getting stoned’ ahhh When We Were Young!!! The 16 year olds of today need to be listening to this album.. Anyway enough on it for now.. UPDATE FROM WEDNESDAY 14TH JULY AT 4:53PM.. Disaster here, our order on the vinyl of Whipping Boy has been cut massively. Massively. Ray has just rang me (Bob here) to pop this message in. We are already sold out of the vinyl. We’ll work hard to try to get more over the next weeks and Ray will add a proper update in next week’s newsletter. Sorry all.

Second Irish album due, this one on 10th September is our very own JOHN BLEK’s new record ‘On Ether And Air’ and it’s available on LP or CD and where do I start… It’s stunning.. I’ve had the pleasure of it for a while now and it’s just stunning.. In my opinion the best work John  has done.. The sound is fuller with beautiful strings and piano.. A top notch release.. The tempo, the space the music has, it’s a stunning, beautiful listen… A real step forward in my opinion.. I hope and do believe this record will get the recognition it deserves.. Here is ‘Long Strand’ from the record.. We hope to have John for an in-store on Sat 11th Sept (mark it in the diaries folks!!)..

On Ether & Air is the final part of Blek’s Catharsis Project, a four album exploration into themes 

of the sea, the earth, the embers and the air. This new record is an examination of the simultaneous lightness and weight of the atmospheres surrounding us and the innate human longing for unbridled freedom.

This time around Blek enlisted the help of Kris Drever (Lau), Cheyenne Mize (Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Maiden Radio) and pianist Kit Downes as well as regular collaborators Davie Ryan (Atlantic Arc, Notify) and Brian Casey to weave the ethereal scenes and soundscapes in which these songs now live.

Written over a period of 6 weeks and recorded throughout the second half of 2019. Collaboration was key to the creation of this record.

“Chance encounters and some fortunate timing lead to me being able to work with some of my favourite musicians. Getting people with such unique playing styles involved went a long way in defining the sound of On Ether & Air and creating an album of which I am immensely proud.”

The book is most definitely open here also folks.. Website or email..

Universal for the 30th of July have maybe the most anticipated album release of the year by arguably the biggest star in the world.. Interscope have the new BILLIE EILISH record ‘Happier Than Ever’ on CD Digipack, Black 2LP Vinyl, a grey indies only cassette… The album will not be in-stores until 30th of July for security reasons.. Here is ‘Your Power’ from the new record.. The last album was great..

Uni also have a new CD album from DAVE.. Concord have a brand new album from YOLA ‘Stand For Myself’ on CD and first time purple vinyl press… This one is on Dan Auerbach’s Easy Eye Records and is produced by Auerbach also.. UMC for 30th of July have the THIN LIZZY ‘Greatest Hits’ on 2LP.. The opening line of the sales notes reads as this.. This opening line is questionable at best… If easily offended please look away now… ‘THIN LIZZY is unquestionably one of the true icons of British Rock’… Okay i’m ducking for cover.. That’s what it said.. 

UMC also have six BRYAN FERRY vinyl reissues of his first 6 solo albums from 1973-1985.. These are remastered from the original tapes… Ferry is unquestionably one of the true icons of Irish music… Huh.. Huh… A song from Frozen springs to mind Raymond.. Loma Vista for the 30th have a NATHANIEL RATELIFF ‘Live At Redrocks’ 2LP Version..

Right so over to Bobby and apologies for stealing some thunder earlier!! I didn’t forget anything did I?..

Hey folks,
Hope everyone is keeping well!
Few nice bits for today again,
Warner are releasing LCD SOUNDSYSTEM’s ‘The Long Goodbye : Live at Madison Square Garden’ as a 5LP or 3CD set of the legendary 2011 near 4 hour concert. This 10th Anniversary repress is due in on August 6th.

Warner also have a nice reissue of SUPERGRASS’ classic second LP ‘In It For The Money’. A few formats again on this one, with a 3CDStandard Vinyl, or a limited Turquoise Vinyl with Bonus 12”..

A few other nice bits announced this week include a 20th Anniversary reissue of SUPER FURRY ANIMALS ‘Rings Around The World’ as a VinylCD or Deluxe 3CD. There is new JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN album featuring DAVE OKUMU (The Invisible) and TONY ALLEN (Fela Kuti), this one is due into the siopa in November and will be available on CD or LP.

Finally from myself we have a couple of allocations this week of limited bits, so unfortunately here when stock is gone it’s gone. Kicking us off with these is a new ANGEL OLSEN 80’s covers EP called ‘Aisles’ coming on in to us vinyl. There is a reissue of THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS’ debut album ‘Mass Romantic’ reissued on red vinyl with a bonus 7”. And finally with the allocations is a reissue (first timer on vinyl) THE KNIFE / PLANNINGTOROCK / MOUNT SIMS 2009 LP ‘Tomorrow, In A Year’. Best chance if interested in any of these titles is fastest fingers first i’m afraid folks, emails may not be seen in time.

Our weekly playlist for new releases for July 30th now up at the following link if you’d like a listen!

That’s it from me folks, back to the boss-man!

Thanks Bob,
Right lastly we have Integral for the 6th of August, which really only have LIARS’ new album of note on Mute.. It’s called ‘Apple Drop’.. CD or first press coloured vinyl..

Sin é for this week folks,
Thanks for listening as always
Ray, Bobby & Shane

Signed Inhaler Vinyl And James Vincent McMorrow Prints, 2

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well enough…

Last day of June, half the year done already!! Firstly I would like to really thank those of ye who came out for the SAINT SISTER out-store last Saturday… I thought there was a lovely vibe around the place.. The band were sound as a bell and enjoyed it.. So thanks again to those of ye came out and kept egg off our faces.. No-one shows then they cease to exist and we don’t want that..

So moving on from one class original Irish act to another… INHALER.. I’m getting slightly obsessed with quite a few of their tunes.. Constant repeats the last week.. 7 and a half days ago I didn’t know what they sounded like.. Constant now… I can’t wait for the record.. We have a nice one as regards it folks.. There is an indies only green vinyl for the Irish Market only (sure to be sought after down the road), and we will have quite a few of these signed by the band (say no more!!).. Pre-order the green vinyl version with us and be in with a chance of a signed copy.. My guess 2 in ever 3 people will get a signed copy.. The INHALER album also available on Standard Black Vinyl and the CD now is going for €10… I can’t wait to hear it in full.. 9 Days count down on..

Here are the new releases for this Friday July 2nd including releases from THE GO! TEAMBOBBY GILLESPIE & JEHNNY BETHLAURA MVULAMR JUKES & BARNEY ARTIST, EMERSON, LAKE & PALMERAT THE GATESEMMA-JEAN THACKRAY and the soundtrack to ‘Annette’ by SPARKS.. There are reissues from BIG COUNTRY, and CHRISTINE PERFECT.. On the CD front there are releases from TOM PETTY, and a reissue of QUEEN’s ‘Greatest Hits’ on CD or Cassette

And moving onto releases for the 9th of July.. As mentioned INHALER’s debut album is out, and there are other new releases from TOM ODELLTHE WALLFLOWERSLUCINDA WILLIAMS and a ALDOUS HARDING new 7′‘.. There are reissues from MUSENEWDADTHE MONKEES, THE ALMOST FAMOUST OSTALAN PARSONSJETHRO TULL, YELLOMILEY CYRUSDEATHGROUPLOVEMILES DAVISTURIN BRAKES, and the few different formats of THE ROLLING STONES’ ‘A Bigger Bang : Live On Copacabana Beach’... There is a TEN YEARS AFTER 10CD Boxset, and new BTS release on CD also..

Video for this week also up now on Youtube :

Right so moving onto releases for the 16th of July.. Universal have quite a few.. CLAIRO new album is out (CD only for now) via Republic / Polydor.. ‘Sling’ it is called.. Fantasy via Uni are putting out TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND & TREY ANASTASIO ‘Layla Revisited Live’, a complete live performance of the seminal masterwork.. Impulse are reissuing ALICE COLTRANE’s ‘Kirtan : Turiya Sings’ as a 2LP.. Mercury have a DEEP PURPLE ‘Live At Montreux 2011’ limited DVD/2CD.. UMC have a essential SMALL FACES 3CD collection as well as having some CLANNAD reissues on limited coloured vinyl.. 4th Album ‘Can Úll’ and 5th album ‘Fuaim’.. Loma Vista have the soundtrack to ‘DARK NIGHTS : Death Metal’.. Decca are putting out a nice Jazz compilation, ‘Journeys In Modern Jazz‘… EMI have the bonus album by VOLBEAT ‘Hokus Bonus’ and UMC have the vinyl release of 2PAC compilations ‘Best Of 2PAC – Part 1 : Thug’ and ‘Best of 2PAC – Part 2 : Life’.RONNIE LANE has a reissue of album ‘Anymore for Anymore’.. There is a BEASTIE BOYS reissue of ‘Some Old Bullshit’ encapsulating early EPs.. Lastly on Decca is a LEE MORGAN boxset, ‘Complete Live At The Lighthouse’ as a limited 8CD Set or as a limited 12LP set..

Warner for the 18th of July have quite a few releases also.. BMG have BLONDIE ‘Vivir En La Habana’ live 6 track mini album from Cuba on indies only blue vinyl… Rhino have a CHARLES MINGUS ‘At Carnegie Hall’ 3LP set, a standard reissue on vinyl of FLEETWOOD MAC’s ‘Tusk’.. Bad price in my opinion.. Hard to sell a standard DLP reissue at that money to be honest unless someone proves me wrong!! GRATEFUL DEAD have a reissue of live album known as (Skull and Roses) also out on the 16th.. Rhino also have a deluxe 3LP reissue of Alt / Country OLD 97’s ‘Fight Songs’ and Nuclear Blast have a live audio and visual recorded in a disused mill near PARADISE LOST’s home in Yorkshire UK.. CD/BluRay or Vinyl formats available… THE TIME self titled album reissued performed by Morris Day but album written by Prince.. PLG UK have a deluxe reissue of TINA TURNER’s ‘Foreign Affair’ as a 4CD/DVD or 2LP and lastly Rhino Atlantic have a remaster reissue of TORI AMOS’ second album ‘Under The Pink out on guess what, blue vinyl!! Nah only kidding.. Pink vinyl of course.. Forgive me… Humour me.. Put up with me..

MY BLOOD VALENTINE.. Yes, my bloody valentine.. We have secured 12 more copies across the 6 vinyl variants reissued about 2 months ago.. Sorry it’s only 12 (fought hard for them).. They are on the site now so it’s first to buy them off the site will get them (only 1 of each allowed).. The email won’t be manned again after 6PM until after the kids are in bed so best / safest way to secure these is via the website.. Fairest way also I feel..

Sony for the 16th of July have quite a few also including another really nice Irish release with the JAMES VINCENT MCMORROW album ‘Grapefruit Season’ on CD, LP and Indies only LP.. We have signed prints to go with these.. Here is ‘Gone’ from the new record…

Sony also have the new JOHN MAYER album ‘Sob Rock’ again on CD, Standard Vinyl or Indies Only vinyl… They also have a 20th Anniversary Edition of OPETH’s ‘Blackwater Park’ on CD or Limited White Vinyl.GARY KEMP has a new album and lastly Sony has a nice range of soul vinyl ‘Best Of’ reissues by LOU RAWLSO’JAYSTEDDY PENDERGRASS and HAROLD MELVIN AND THE BLUENOTES

The Orchard for the 16th of July have a repress of the excellent new album by THE WEATHER STATION ‘Ignorance’ on baby blue vinyl.. Here is ‘Robber’ from the record.. Give it a listen, it’s class..

Cargo for the 16th of July have THE BEATLES ‘Houston 66’ Live album on Rhythm and Blues Records, and they also via Fire Records have a repress of the TELEVISION PERSONALITIES debut album ‘And Don’t The Kids Not Love It’, includes a download code..

Going to hand ye over now to the Bob-man there and he will run through announcements and further down the road releases..

Hey folks,
Hope you are all keeping safe and well, and enjoying the sunshine.
Not a huge amount today but a few very nice ones nonetheless.
We’ll kick off with a few more games of fastest fingers first, with a few bits we have been given allocations on.
Starting off, we now have up the brand new album from Dessner / Vernon (National / Bon Iver) supergroup BIG RED MACHINE, the band’s second outing, due out August 27th. ‘How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last?’ it’s called, and it’s coming on CDCassette, Standard Black Vinyl and Indies Only Vinyl. BOTH the vinyl pressings are allocated numbers, not just the indies on this one, but we have a few now up for pre-order. Safest is to buy from the site, as Ray mentioned earlier there will be no one on emails for a few hours after this is sent out, and an email could be missed.

The second and last of this week of the fastest fingers first is the brand new studio album by the excellent LOW… ‘HEY WHAT’ is the title of the new album due out September 10th, and it is just the indies vinyl of this which we were allocated a number on.. Also available on CDCassette, and Standard Vinyl..

Other nice bits announced in the last week or so include the next in the JONI MITCHELL Archives Series via Warner. Due in October, we will have the new 5CD ‘Archives Vol 2 : The Reprise Years 1968-1971’, which spans the era around the release of ‘Blue’ and just before, to mark the album’s  50th Anniversary this year.. There will also be a ‘Live From Carnegie Hall 1969’ 3LP vinyl release to coincide with the release of the CD Set. Lovely stuff! 

There is a remix album coming of ‘Mordechai’ by KHRUANGBIN on vinyl due in October which is now up on the site. This was my album of the year last year so looking forward to hearing the remixes. If you haven’t heard these guys well worth checking out, class stuff altogether. We will also have a limited run of the excellent 4th, self titled album from THE CHARLATANS, which is repressed on vinyl now for the first time in 20 years. It’ll be out in October and is pressed on Marbled Yellow Vinyl. (Again allocated on this so when it’s gone it’s gone i’m afraid). The ‘ARETHA’ compilation from ARETHA FRANKLIN which was due in to us originally last year has also now been confirmed for release on CDVinyl or Limited 4CD Set for July 30th..

Lastly from mise for this week, and one we can’t wait for in the siopa. MICK FLANNERY & SUSAN O’NEILL are set to release their debut collaboration album ‘In The Game’ in September of this year.  ‘Baby Talk’ the single from last year has been a firm favourite of the shop, a great tune, so looking forward to hearing the 13-track full album a lot! It’ll be with us on Vinyl or CD. Check out the latest single ‘Chain Reaction’ here :

Our new release Playlist for July 16th is also now up below! :

That’s it from me for this week folks,
Back to the boss-man!

Thanks Bob!
Right so onto Integral for the 23rd of July.. Second album by DARKSIDE (Nicholas Jaar and Dave Harrington) is released via Matador Records.. Integral also have MUDHONEY’s ‘Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge’ deluxe reissue on Sub Pop.. 2CD or Deluxe 2LP.. The supergroup PIROSHKA return with their second album ‘Love Drips and Gathers’ on Bella Union on CD or First Press Indies Clear LP.. THE LLOYD MCNEILL QUARTET’s ‘Washington Suite’ gets a reissue on red vinyl and lastly from Integral for the 23rd of July is a compilation ‘Bills & Aches & Blues : 40 Years of 4AD, which has 18 artists from their current roster covering a song of their choosing from 4AD’s extensive 40 Year History.. Profits to the Harmony Project that helps under privileged communities and children access the arts and music..
Sin sin for this week folks,
Thanks for listening as always,
Ray, Bobby & Shane

A Big Week Of Releases, The Next Metallica Anniversary Release, And Saint Sister Live This Saturday

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well with everyone.
As mentioned last week we have live music and a record signing coming up this Saturday the 26th of June at 4PM.. Yep 4PM Saturday we have SAINT SISTER performing tracks from their beautiful new album ‘Where I Should End’.. We are really looking forward to it… There will be a little PA set up outside the shop and the band will perform some songs for us.. I hope some of ye can join us.. It should be class and hopefully some of the community will support it.. We will provide a refreshment or bring your own if you’d rather.. If you can’t make it in to us and would like a CD or LP signed bt the band just email us and we will sort that also.. Here is ‘The Place That I Work’ from the record.. Really hope yo see ye Saturday.. It will be class.. It’s outside but masks please folks..


Video for last week is up here to view now :

Quite a few isn’t there… It is tamer the 2nd of July.. Here is what’s out.. There are new releases from THE GO! TEAMBOBBY GILLESPIE & JEHNNY BETHLAURA MVULAMR JUKES & BARNEY ARTIST, EMERSON, LAKE & PALMERAT THE GATESEMMA-JEAN THACKRAY and the soundtrack to ‘Annette’ by SPARKS.. There are reissues from BIG COUNTRY, and CHRISTINE PERFECT.. On the CD front there are releases from TOM PETTY, and a reissue of QUEEN’s ‘Greatest Hits’ on CD or Cassette

Right so moving onto the releases for the 9th of July and we have a big Irish debut record release by INHALER on Polydor, ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’.. It’s available to us on CDStandard Black Vinyl or an Exclusive Pressing for the Irish Market only on Green Vinyl.. It’s lovely when Irish acts / bands do an Irish only press I think.. Villagers have one for the release in August… Shame on me but I didn’t give Inhaler a chance / listen until an hour ago.. But I have them on since and I am really liking the songs and sound to be honest.. Very impressive.. Fine young Irish band to be fair.. Looking forward to the album and ticket also purchased for Cypress Avenue on the 16th of December now.. And the Franks the night after.. Happy days indeed…

Universal also for the 9th of July have the soundtrack to the Cameron Crowe movie ALMOST FAMOUS as a limited 5CD Super Deluxe Box with 47 Songs (some unreleased), or as a limited 2LP vinyl press and a 2CD release also.. UMC have some YELLO vinyl reissues of ‘Pocket Universe’ ‘Zebra’ and ‘Baby’ and they have first timer vinyl pressings of ‘Motion Picture’ and ‘The Eye’… Mercury present THE ROLLING STONES ‘A Bigger Bang’ Live On Copacabana Beach’ live show, biggest in history in front of 1.5 Million people (Free show).. It’s now available on DVD, BluRay, 2CD/DVD2CD/BluRay2CD/2DVD2CD/2BluRay or as a limited 3LP coloured vinyl edition..

Sony for the 9th of July have the new TOM ODELL record on CD, Standard LP or Indies Only Clear vinyl.. Here is ‘Numb’ from the new album entitled ‘Monsters’.. It is definitely edgier, darker stuff from Mr. Odell..

Sony also have the vinyl release of the latest MILEY CYRUS album ‘Plastic Hearts’.. Now there is someone who knows a thing or two about getting edgier and darker… Supported to be a fine album you know.. Here is the title track from the album.. It’s been delayed again and again on vinyl, but due now on the 9th of July..

Integral for the 9th of July have early KING GIZZARD as well as a brand new album by THE WALLFLOWERS, and a new JON HOPKINS’ EP ‘Piano Versions’…

The Orchard for the 9th of July has LUCINDA WILLIAMS ‘Lu’s Jukebox Vol. 2 : Southern Soul – From Memphis to Muscle Shoals’.. Some great tracks on this.. Proceeds (some) going to music venues to support them during a tough time for them.. Lucinda is recovering from a stroke (a fairly serious one) late last year and is now starting to play the guitar again.. 2nd in her series here of live full band covers albums… 
Orchard also have some DEATH vinyl reissues and lastly BTS have a new release also..

ROM for the 9th of July have the excellent NEWDAD EP ‘Waves’ on Fair Youth Records.. This Galway 4 Piece are definitely worth keeping an eye on.. Excellent opening offering from them.. Here is ‘I Don’t Recognise You’ from the EP… Cracking tune..

Republic of Music also have a SHARON VAN ETTEN 7” single ‘Let’s Go / Somethings Lost’ on green vinyl, and there is a 20th Anniversary version of TURIN BRAKES ‘The Optimist LP’ on indies only vinyl.. Republic of Music also have a MILES DAVIS ‘Jazz Monuments’ 4LP remastered boxset..

Warner for the 9th of July have the 20th Anniversary Remix Vinyl reissue of MUSE’s ‘Origin Of Symmetry’.. Great Album.. Fine band, as talented a front man as you will find (thought the bass player how to play bass as wanted him in the band).. The shop was only born when this album was released so one of the first albums I spent money on (shop money!).. Sounded good then and sounds good now…

Warner also have a JETHRO TULL reissue of ‘A’, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS ”Tiny Music.. Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop” also on Rhino / Atlantic 3CD/LP, 2CD and CD versions available…The TEN YEARS AFTER 10CD Boxset and reissue of THE MONKEES debut LP also pushed back to July 9th now..

I’m going to hand ye over to Bobby now and I do believe he has a host of stuff to entice with so i’ll let him at it..

Hey folks,
Hope you are all keeping well
A fair few nice bits out alright this week! We’ll start off with the next in the series of the METALLICA Anniversary reissues and sets. This time up is 1991’s classic ‘The Black Album’, with a fair few formats for the 30th Anniversary of the LP. There will be a CD Remaster, Vinyl 2LP RemasterDeluxe 3CD with bonus content, and the Super Deluxe Set featuring 5LPs, a 10”, 14 CDs, 6 DVDs, a 120-Page Hardcover book and a host of bits of memorabilia. Serious amount of unreleased demo, session and live bits throughout.

As well as this box set to celebrate the anniversary, there is also a new covers album being released entitled ‘Metallica : The Blacklist’. It is being released as a 7LP Vinyl Set or as a 4CD set, and will feature covers of tracks from the classic album by artists such as Phoebe Bridgers, Idles, St. Vincent, Biffy Clyro, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Jason Isbell and many more.

Moving on from Metallica! We also now have up on the site for pre-order the upcoming album from Blur / Gorrilaz front man DAMON ALBARN, ‘The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure the Stream Flows’. There are a few formats again here, including CDCassetteVinylIndies White Vinyl, and a limited Deluxe Box Set (box set features the White Vinyl and a bonus 7” with extra tracks from the recording session). This is due out November 12th.

Also announced in the last week or so is the brand new album from LORDE. ‘Solar Power’ is the third album output from the New Zealand singer, and it is released as a Music Box Edition (a new format as far as I can see, and an interesting one. 100% biodegradable casing, which contains the Hi-Res Album Download with Bonus Tracks + Access to Exclusive Content, a Fold-Out Poster, and a 32 Page Booklet with a Limited 4 Card Set. No CD, no physical format really, but the download card with extra bits). There is also a standard Vinyl pressing and a limited Indies Vinyl. We were given allocations on the Indies Vinyl, so once they’re gone they’re gone. Fastest Fingers first on this one i’m afraid.

On the CD front, there a 2 upcoming releases from Sabbath bassist GEEZER BUTLER, one being a 1CD ‘Very Best Of’, and also a 4CD set ‘Manipulations of the Mind : The Complete Collection’. This features all 3 of Geezer’s solo albums, with a bonus CD of rare and unreleased material.

Last but no least, we have two savage Irish releases up on the site for this week. First up is the excellent debut EP release from Cork’s own THE LOVE BUZZ, ‘Here Comes The Scum’. We’ve been spinning this a lot in the shop since RSD when the lads dropped it in to us. Really catchy tunes, punky / 90s feel throughout but full of songs with great hooks. Really well record and produced, huge sounding. Well worth keeping an eye on these lads. It’s with us on CD or Limited Coloured Vinyl. Check out single ‘Harp’ here :

And finally from mise, another lovely Irish release which is due out July 2nd is ‘Love in These Times’, the debut solo record from Revelino frontman and writer BRENDAN TALLON. I’m really enjoying the lead single ‘American Strings’, so i’m really looking forward to hearing the rest of this release once it lands in with us. Really sounding great!

That’s it from me for this week folks, plenty more again already for next week. Releases starting to ramp up.
Back to the boss-man!

Thanks Bobby!
Right so Integral for the 16th of July have the legendary partnership of BONNIE ‘PRINCE’ BILLY & MATT SWEENEY for the follow up to their 2005 classic ‘Superwolf’, with 2021’s ‘Supewolves’.. Here is ‘Make Worry For Me’ from the album out Via Domino.. CD, Vinyl and an Indies Only Ocean Blue Vinyl with download codes also… A newsletter on the codes… Another day though…

Integral also have a new ALDOUS HARDING 7” ‘Old Peel’ out via 4AD..

Sin é this week really folks,
Hope to see a few of ye on Saturday..
Thanks for listening,
Ray, Bobby & Shane
P.S a young customer of ours AJ sent us a email to tell us that on the 26th June 2020 he picked up a guitar for the very first time.. This Saturday he releases his debut album (only on the streaming services) to mark the anniversary of picking up a guitar.. 14 songs written and recorded by himself.. Jaysus fair play AJ.. Here is ‘Hope Thats Never Lost’ from the album by AJ Whelan.

RSD Week Is Upon Us! New Saint Sister and Orla Gartland, and a Buena Vista Social Club 25th Anniversary

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well.. Big newsletter this evening.. RSD Newsletter… Where do I start?? Well it’s on this Saturday the 12th of June is as good a place as any to start.. Where Raymond?? Out in the good shuttle in Deanrock in To(u)her and importantly from 6PM on the aul’ website.. Cén t-am Raymond?? The siopa will open at 8AM Saturday morning but we can only leave 4 or 5 in at a time (as we obviously can’t flood the shop).. (No pun intended there).. We would ask folk to try get in and out in 10/15 minutes as others are waiting outside… Myself, Bob & Shane are on site to help ye get sorted… We will try make it as smooth as possible… So Saturday at 8AM in the shop, and then online from 6PM..

What about the stock Raymond?? Here is the fun part.. Loads landed safe and good I reckon 80%… But delays a plenty.. I’ll try my best here to update but with 500 seasons in one day, Brexit, it is a bit all over the shop.. Here are some titles that are tight on stock to start with.. Amy Winehouse Remixes,, Haim 7”, Arianna Live, Def Leppard Live, Elton John, Lady Gaga, Robert Plant, Status Quo, Tears for Fears, War Child Help EP, Belle & Sebastian, Shame, Mogwai, Freddie Gibbs, Stooges, Toots, Echo and the Bunnymen, Ocean Colour Scene, Prince… (Ash is moved to Drop 2, as is Stones ‘Hot Rocks’ and numerous other small releases..

There are quite a few titles that have not shipped yet (Wednesday!!) that are still supposed to be here for Drop 1 like Amy Winehouse, Mark Lanegan, Rage Against The Machine, Prince, Belly, Elastica, Tune-Yards, Add N To X.. The Reps think / hope they will be here by Saturday..

The Orchard let us down for titles again this year and they don’t know how it happened.. They uploaded our order on the day I sent it to them (30th April) confirmed to me that they received the order but then it disappeared.. The Russians??.. MI5, CIA could all be involved.. Anyway was on it early enough to save some but we will be getting no stock of Tom Tom Club, Richard Hell or The Sword and a few small bits.. Motley Crue gone to July Drop 2…

Plastichead (a big problem pre-Brexit.. worse since) have let us down and every shop in the UK as well from what I can gather, so sorry to say but there will not be RSD releases with us for Elvis – Cafe, Elvis – Mad Prof, Howard Jones 12”, Iggy Pop – Channel Boston… Four nice titles but sorry not going to happen for us and believe me did we try… Painful stuff.. Sorry.. Forewarned is forearmed.. Great craic this isn’t it… That’s a lot of the bad / iffy news.. Plenty of good news… Sorry just got the news that these are now Drop 2 : Beastie Boys, Yusuf, Don Davis & John Martin..

On to the better news!! Done well on the Fontaines release and I think the Wolf Alice new album and RSD are landing sometime later this week..

So I suppose if an album isn’t mentioned in the iffy pages then it should be good… I suppose most folks support the shop for what it is on the day.. A celebration of local record shops (We are one of them)… Rest assured we have done what we can do to try and secure every record wish listed and succeeded in 80 to 90% of cases.. Hope to see Saturday either in person or online… If emailing me over the coming days I will try get you an answer and I apologise if my reply is brief!!


Video from last week’s releases is up here now :


Right so moving onto the 25th of June… Via Proper we have the new SAINT SISTER album ‘Where I Should End’, which is the follow up to the excellent debut album ‘Shape Of Silence’.. Here is ‘Oh My God Oh Canada’ from the new record… Beautiful stuff again.. Really looking forward to this release..

Universal for the 25th of June have the new CD (only for now) by PICTURE THIS ‘Life in Colour’ album number three out on Island.. They also have the brand new JACK SAVORETTI album ‘Europiana’ on CD or LP through E.M.I.. Uni via UMC have the next in the PJ HARVEY reissue series, this time with the 7th studio album ‘White Chalk’.. So there is the album reissue and as a separate LP or CD a collection of unreleased demos.. ‘The Demos’ and the LP reissue of the album both include a download..

UMC also have some QUEENSRYCHE reissues.. ‘Operation : Mindcrime’ and ‘Empire’.. These are reissued as limited CD/DVD Boxsets, Double LPs or as Double CDs… Debut album by DRUG STORE ROMEOS also out which could be an interesting also on Fiction… Polydor have the Original Cast Recording of ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER’s ‘Cinderella’ and Concord have a BILL EVANS 5CD box set as well as an uncovered album ‘On A Friday Evening’ on CD Or Vinyl... Spinefarm have a 3LP Green vinyl reissue of Killing Joke’s ‘Pylon’ and UMC have a deluxe reissue of the second album by THE ROOTS ‘Do You Want More?!!!’.. Lastly form Uni there are some Bluenote LP reissues by SONNY CLARK with ‘Cool Struttin’, and JIMMY SMITH’s ‘Back In The Chicken Shack’.. All under the Uni umbrella for the June 25th releases..

Republic of Music for the 25th have the new JOHN MURRY album ‘The Stars Are God’s Bullet Holes’ on CD and Indies Only Vinyl.. There is a repress of KELLY LEE OWEN’s self titled LP on coloured vinyl also... Lastly from ROM for the 25th of June is the 10th Anniversary Expanded Vinyl of MOUNT KIMBIE’s ‘Crooks & Lovers’ as a 3LP Edition..

Sony for the 25th of June have the MODEST MOUSE album on CD only for now ‘The Golden Casket’ it is called.. Here is ‘We Are Between’ from the new record.. Vinyl due out late August..

The Orchard for the 25th of June have a live DREAM THEATER ‘Lost, Not Forgotten : Live in Japan’ on CD or Indies Only 2LP/CD.. They also have a DEVIN TOWNSEND ‘Devolution Series #2 – Galatic Quarantine’ on CD/BluRay or Gatefold 2LP/CD..

Cargo for the 25th of June have the new HISS GOLDEN MESSENGER record ‘Quietly Blowing It’ on Merge and it’s out on CD, LP or Indies Only LP.. There is a new CEDRIC BURNSIDE also and a  BEATLES Live 7′‘ and a STONES Live 7” also...

PIAS for the 25th of June have the new JOHN GRANTFAYE WEBSTERHIATUS KAIYOTELUCY DACUSROSE CITY BAND as well as reissues by MY MORNING JACKET, PETER MURPHY, and the debut release by KOJAQUE also..

Warner for the 25th have a new album by HAMMERFALL as well as a host of reissues by BRIAN SETZER (Stray Cats), FLEETWOOD MAC ‘Live’, GYM CLASS HEROES ‘As Cruel As School Children’MADNESS ‘The Rise and Fall’ 4th Studio album (some say their best) on BMG, MILES DAVIS’ ‘Merci Miles : Live at Vienne’ on Rhino as a 2CD or 2LP.. Last live show 2 months before his death in September 1991.. MOTORHEAD’s ‘No Sleep Till Hammersmith’ is being reissued on the 25th of june also as a 2CD, 4CD Boxset or 3LP through BMG, there is a DRIFTER’s reissue ‘Golden Hits’ and TOTO’s ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ as a transparent vinyl or CD/BluRay..

Going to hand you over to Bobby now to see if he has much this week for ye..

Hey folks,
Hope you are all keeping safe and well!
Looking forward to this Saturday! 
A few nice bits again up this week now for pre-order. As Ray mentioned earlier, the new SAINT SISTER record is due in for release on the 25th, and we’re delighted that there is also a vinyl pressing of the excellent debut record ‘Shape of Silence’ also due into us in the coming weeks. A really nice listen and one we haven’t had on vinyl before so delighted to get a few copies!

Another cracking release from the Irish front is the debut album announced today by ORLA GARTLAND, titled ‘Woman On The Internet’. The album is due in in August in the good siopa and is released on CD or LP. Check out the single ‘Zombie!’ below, fierce catchy track! Really looking forward to hearing the rest of the album! :

There is a cracking reissue of BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB’s self titled release due to us in September for the 25th Anniversary of the brilliant album. It is coming as an expanded 2CD, 2LP or a lovely 2CD/2LP/Book Box Set.

And finally from myself for this week, now up for pre-order on the site and due in to us in July is the brand new album ‘Sob Rock’ from JOHN MAYER. This one is being released on CDLP or Indies Only Clear LP. Serious 80s vibes from the lead single ‘Last Train Home’

Our weekly Spotify Playlist is now up for releases for June 25th, a long one this week with 35 tracks! Be sure to give us a follow to keep up with all our playlists! :

That’s it from myself for this week, back to the boss-man!

Thanks Bob!
Lastly so, PIAS for the 2nd of July has EMMA-JEAN THACKRAY’s debut album ‘Yellow’ on Matador and the brand new album from THE GO! TEAM ‘Get Up Sequences : Part 1‘ via Memphis Industries.. Indies Only Coloured Vinyl available.. Lastly Soul Jazz Records have some TREES SPEAK coloured Vinyl reissues..

Sin é for this week folks,
Hope to see ye over the next week and bare with us as we have tried our best
Thanks for listening,
Ray, Bobby & Shane

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Return, Kojaque’s New LP, And RSD Drop 1 Opening Hours 2

Hi everyone,

Hope all is well enough.. Jays the 3rd of June… Record Store Day is just 9 days away… It kind of creeps up on you doesn’t it… The shop will be open at 8AM on Saturday the 12th of June.. So we will probably only leave 4/5 customers/households in at a go and unfortunately ask ye to be prompt enough as others are waiting… Not ideal I know but the 3 of us will be on site and there to help… The records had better start arriving as so far NADA has arrived… I’ll update properly on it all again next week,

Here’s the releases in the good siopa for this Friday the 4th of June. They include new releases by MIKE COOLEY / PATTERSON HOOD / JASON ISBELLCROWDED HOUSEJAMESRISE AGAINSTDANIEL AVERYEINAUDITHE ALARMNEW MOON JELLY ROLL FREEDOM ROCKERS, and a ROD STEWART Vinyl Box Set.. There are Reissues by THE AVALANCHESART BLAKEYSARAH JAROSZDECAPITATED, MESHUGGAHANTHRAXMICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, and the 12” and 7” reissue of THE SPECIALS ‘Ghost Town’… On the CD front there is three HANK WILLIAMS collections out

Video for the new releases last Friday is up here now :

Followed swiftly along by releases for the 11th of June… The day be for the ‘day’.. I really hope next year we can have a celebration like other years.. That makes the day extra special… The music, the couple of beers or not… Hopefully next year again.. Anyway the releases for the 11th of June include new releases by NOEL GALLAGHER’S HIGH FLYING BIRDSRHIANNON GIDDENSSLEATER-KINNEYJOE BONAMASSALUKAS NELSON & PROMISE OF THE REALGARBAGEALESSANDRO CORTINIJESSIE WARE, JOANA SERRATMAROON 5, THE OAK RIDGE BOYS, BRAD MEHLDAU & THE ORPHEUS CHAMBER ORCHESTRA, JULIAN LAGEDUSTIN O’HALLORANMARINA, and the CRUELLA OST on CD.. There are Reissues by SIGUR ROS, DR. FEELGOOD, THE MINUTESTHE SHINS, SPIRITUALIZEDDEF LEPPARDKISSMARK MORRISONLANTERNS ON THE LAKE, GHOSTBUSTERS 2 OST, and the Super Deluxe BLACK SABBATH ‘Sabotage’ sets.. There is also a 5CD set release from ASIA..

Right so releases for the 18th of June include via Universal the new KINGS OF CONVENIENCE album ‘Peace or Love’ on EMI Records.. Excellent songsmiths, unreal harmonies (as good as anyone).. I do have a soft spot for them.. This is their first record in ages.. Here is ‘Rocky Trail’ from the album

Uni also have a new KID CUDI CD on Island Records.. ‘The Man On The Moon III : The Chosen’.. Could be a Star Trek film.. STYX also have a  new album on UMC ‘Cash Of The Crown’ on CD or Limited LP.. There is a FRANK ZAPPA live release ‘Zappa ’88 : The Last US Show’ on 2CD Jewel Case or Limited 4LP Set

PIAS/Integral for the 18th have the CLINT MANSELL / CLINT WALSH collaborated covers album of Lou Reed’s ‘Berlin’ as well as a E.S.T reissue on vinyl via ACT records..

Warner for the 18th of June have a nice few releases… There is a deluxe CD version of CHARLES MINGUS’ ‘Live at Carnegie Hall’ his 1974 live album for Atlantic, with over an hour of unheard music.. BMG/ADA have an absolutely gorgeous looking EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER ‘Fanfare 1970-1997’ box set which has 16 CDs, 3LPs, Audio BluRay , 2 x 7” Singles, Book, Poster, Tour Stadium Programmes and pin base… The 11 albums remastered on CD plus 5 unreleased CD albums (live stuff etc), triple LP ‘Live in Rome & Milan 1973’.. Warner also have a new album (CD Only for now) from FEAR FACTORY ‘Aggression Continuum’, their 10th studio album, this one on Nuclear Blast.. GRATEFUL DEAD’s ‘Grateful Dead (Skull & Roses) live album gets remastered on 2LP or 2CD.. This is the band’s 2nd best selling album..

HELLOWEEN release their new 15th album on Nuclear Blast on the 18th on a host of formats… The album is self titled and features 3 lead singers for the first time.. There are a host of physical formats available!! BMG also have a new one from JOAN ARMATRADING on CD and LP ‘Consequences’.. There is a 10 CD Box Set of TEN YEARS AFTER ‘1967-1974’ on Chrysalis.. MONKEES have a reissue of their debut album (huge album back in ’66).. This is a deluxe 2LP Set with bonus tracks and the lacquers were cut from the analogue tape for the fist time since 1966..

Last but not least from Warner for the 18th of June is the TROJAN STORY Box Set on 3CD or 3LP.. This is a reissue of the 1971 same named album compilation which put Ska, Rock Steady and Reggae on an international stage… Class compilation it is..

Without a doubt the biggest release for the 18th of June comes via Proper Music with the release of the new NICK CAVE & WARREN ELLIS record (i don’t envy the poster maker) ‘Carnage’.. This is the first time the duo have recorded an album of songs together.. I have not heard any of it yet, I sometimes chose to wait.. So looking forward to hearing it… I wasn’t as gone on ‘Ghosteen’ as I was with the two previous ones ‘Skeleton Tree’ and ‘Push The Sky’ but the quality and out put is savage…

Proper have four solo CD reissues from Black Crowes’ RICH ROBINSON new deluxe editions of ‘Flux’, ‘Paper’, ‘Through A Crooked Sun’ and ‘Woodstock Sessions Vol. 3’.. There are a few nice live CD/DVD releases on Ear Music coming out from THE MOODY BLUES ‘Live at Montreux 1991‘, guitar masters PACO DE LUCIA / JOHN MCLAUGHLIN ‘Lie at Montreux 1987’, and BODY COUNT / ICE-T ‘From The Smoke Out Festival 2003’..

Sony Music for the 18th of June have a new solo record from GARY KEMP.. They have a fine vinyl best of from ARETHA FRANKLIN, and a 30th Anniversary LP reissue of DEACON BLUE’s ‘Fellow Hoodlums’..

Cargo for the 18th of June have the CZARFACE & MF DOOM ‘Super What?’ CD format release which includes a comic book, out on Silver Age… Cargo also have PINK FLOYD ‘Live at Montreux 1970’ double LP containing nine tracks originally broadcast by Swiss Radio on November 1970 in excellent quality…

Going to hand you over to Bobby now who will run through interesting bits and pieces down the road or announced lately..

Hey folks,
Hope everyone is keeping safe and well.
Starting us off this week, and only announced today, Integral have a brand new album coming from PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING, entitled ‘Bright Magic’. It’s due to us in September, and will come on CDVinyl or limited Indies Orange / Black Marbled Vinyl.

Another nice one announced in the last week or so is the brand new MODEST MOUSE album ‘The Golden Casket’, due from Sony. The CD for this one is due shortly by the end of June, but the vinyl won’t be with us until August 29th.

Demon / Edsel via Proper have a new ‘Best Of’ by PSYCHEDELIC FURS. It is being released as a Deluxe 2CD, or as a standard 1LP Black Vinyl, or a limited Indies 1LP pressed on Clear Vinyl.

A few other nice bits for down the line include a vinyl reissue of FLEETWOOD MAC’s 1979 LP ‘Tusk’, and MOV have a nice limited, coloured vinyl reissue of ALAN PARSONS’ ‘Time Machine’. On the CD front, there is a new album due from blues guitarist CHRISTONE KINGFISH INGRAM, and also from PICTURE THIS. No vinyl announced for either of these yet.

Spotify Playlist for releases for the 18th of June is also now live here :

That’s it from me this week folks, back to the boss-man!

Thanks Bob!
Ok so, last up for today is PIAS / Integral stuff for the 25th of June.. Before I go on about that… I have a growing concern some titles are not going to make RSD Drop 1… There have been quite a few moved to Drop 2 in the last week (nothing too major, bits and pieces here and there) but i’m becoming aware of titles since not in our suppliers warehouses from the pressing plant for Drop 1 releases.. That’s tight with really only 7 working days until the Drop.. I’m sure it will be fine but ROM have not shipped 4 titles as they haven’t arrived to them yet, and Plastichead said yesterday ‘Our RSD Stuff has not arrived to us yet!! quote, unquote… Fill you with confidence?? Yep me too!!

Anyway, Integral for the 25th of June have new albums by DANIEL AVERYFAYE WEBSTERHIATUS KAIYOTE, LUCY DACUS’s third album ‘Home Video’ via Matador on CD, LP or Indies LP... There are reissues by THE MELVINS, and 2 nice MY MORNING JACKET reissues on ATO ‘Evil Urges’ and ‘It Still Moves’.. There is the last of the PETER MURPHY reissues and an underground electronic compilation ‘Cold Wave #2’ by the masters themselves SOUL JAZZ Records.. Quite a few above but also three very interesting releases from PIAS / Integral for the 25th of June are by JOHN GRANT, his new album entitled ‘Boy From Michigan’ on CD, DLP and Deluxe 2LP version also.. The record is produced by Cate Le Bon.. Here is the title track.. Visually cracking video..

Another fine release is the new ROSE CITY BAND album on Thrill Jockey ‘Earth Trip’, available on CD, LP and Indies Only LP.. Here is ‘Lonely Places’ from the record.. Rose City Band is the solo project of Ripley Johnson from Wooden Ships and Moon Duo..

Last but not least for sure on this newsletter is the release from Dublin’s own KOJAQUE on Different Recordings.. The debut album form the hip hop artist entitled ‘Town’s Dead’ and here is the title track from the record.. Social commentary is at the heart of all good hip-hop and it’s here in spades.. Available on CD or LP.. Kojaque is set to play Cypress Avenue down here at the end of November.. Could be a nice one to catch..

Jusr got word Uni, WEA and Proper RSD releases are on the way.. I’ll study them for any problems but looks good enough fills on first look…

Sin é for this week folks,
Thanks for listening,
Ray, Bobby & Shane,

New Manics, Prince Reissue, A Few RSD Updates And It’s Lovely To Be Back

Hi Everyone
Hope everyone is doing ok.. It’s lovely to have the doors back open in the shop, more lovely than I would have thought.. It is a lot more relaxed this way.. Just more natural folks seem more relaxed… It’s great, trade has been good but not hectic, the weekend is coming though.. So the opening hours are 10-6 inclusive Monday to Saturday and I think it’s 11-4 on a Sunday Bob is it?? It is 11-4 indeed boss-man!
Phone is 021-4967119 and email is

Bits of info on RSD is starting to filter back to me so I will give it to ye folks as I get it.. Small Faces release is a UK only release so zero coming across the water.. I am in communication with a few companies that we have had Brexit issues with trying to iron out our RSD orders.. I will communicate with you if a wish listed record is caught up or in trouble.. I have attempted to get evert single wish listed record, so I will communicate ones that fail (it will only be a small percentage).. Pity there are no bands or party atmosphere this year.. Hopefully next year.. We are open which is the main thing.. I’ll update more as the weeks slip by.. It is 3 weeks on Saturday now..

Universal were in touch about allocations at the titles that are (slightly) problematic (whereas wish lists exceed or are more or less the same as what will be supplied) includes Amy Winehouse – Remixes, Arianna Live, Def Leppard Live, Elton John, Haim 7”, Lady Gaga, Robert Plant, Status Quo, Tears For Fears, War Child Help EP.. So if these are NB for you, set the alarm folks and make your way as early as possible to the good yacht… I’m just giving the info!! Universal have 2 new additions to the RSD June 12th Drop.. I’m not taking wish lists.. There is a Rolling Stones ‘A Bigger Bang – Live’ 10” Picture Disc, 2 track live unreleased single.. We will only have 5 copies.. There is also a Arianna Grande Live Album on CD format.. We are just getting 2 copies!! Still no show for RSD from the forgotten man of music.. How quick people move on.. I really thought Ricky martin might have a release this year.. Livin’ La Vida Loca folks 12” remix or something..

Anyways, here are the releases for the good yacht for this Friday the 21st of May. There are new releases by GRUFF RHYSJOHN HIATT & THE JERRY DOUGLAS BANDMDOU MOCTARGARY NUMAN, COUNTING CROWS EP, TWENTY ONE PILOTS, LAMBCHOPLORD HURON as well as reissues by my bloody valentine, DESMOND DEKKER AND THE SPECIALS and a limited 7” remix of ‘Seven Nation Army’ by THE WHITE STRIPES

And here are the releases for the 28th of May.. I may have missed Proper last week so they have a GRAHAM NASH reissue of 2016’s ‘This Path Tonight’ on CD and LP, as well as another WORLD PARTY vinyl reissue of ‘Dumbing Up’ on Seaview Records.. The rest of the releases for the 28th include new releases by BLACK MIDI, MOBYBLACKBERRY SMOKEMUSTAFAKING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARDTEXASDEL AMITRININA SIMONEETTA JAMESEASY LIFECLINT MANSELLNILS LANDGREN FUNK UNIT,  BURNING WITCHESRELOADED and THE 60S ALBUM compilation records. There are reissues by PJ HARVEYDAVID BOWIETHE WEDDING PRESENTEVA CASSIDYCANGRATEFUL DEADGREEN DAY, K.D. LANGPARAMORE, KANSAS, and there is the TINA TURNER MUSICAL vinyl release

Right so moving onto releases for the 4th of June… Talking about June already… There are a few nice bits.. Southeastern Records present via The Orchard MIKE COOLEY, PATTERSON HOOD & JASON ISBELL ‘Live at the Shoals Theatre’ as a 2CD or 4LP set.. In June 2014 Isbell reunited with his form bandmates for an acoustic performance which includes Isbell-era Truckers gems, post Isbell Truckers tracks and Isbell solo stuff… Looking forward to it!! FRANK TURNER’s ‘England Keep My Bones’ 10th Anniversary Edition due out via Orchard also on the 4th..

Warner for the 4th of June have THE SPECIALS ‘Ghost Town’ 40th Anniversary Half Speed Masters on 12” and 7”.. They (WEA) also have a ROD STEWART ‘1975-1978’ 5LP boxset including a bonus LP or rare and unreleased tracks.. Warner also have DECAPITATED ‘The First Damned’ CD and LP reissue of the bands early demo work.. There are some HANK WILLIAMS remastered CD CompilationsMESHUGGAH reissue, and lastly MSG (Michael Shenker Group) ‘Immortal’ on indies only vinyl reissue of the new album..

Universal for the 4th of June have the new CROWDED HOUSE album on EMI ‘Dreamers Are Waiting’ it’s called and it’s on CD, standard blue vinyl and limited indies clear vinyl.. First album in over a decade and only their 7th long player (for a band who seem around forever).. Constant members Neil Finn and Nick Seymour make up the current line up with Neil’s two sons Liam and Elroy.. 

Universal also has the new album from English rock band JAMES ‘All The Colours Of You’ on the Virgin Music Label. It is on CD, Deluxe 2CD, LP and indies only deluxe 2 coloured vinyl.. Here is the title track from the album.. Fine tune again fro a fine fine band..

RISE AGAINST have a new album on Loma Visa ‘Nowhere Generation’ on CD, LP or Indies LP.. There is a new BILLY GIBBONS album ‘Hardware’ on the 4th of June via Concord Records on CD, LP and Indies Only LP.. Third solo album from the ZZ Man. Some nice vinyl reissues also out on the 4th of June by SARAH JAROSZ ‘Build Me Up From My Bones’ and ART BLAKEY & THE JAZZ MESSENGERS ‘The Witch Doctor’, and THE MARCUS KING BAND ‘Soul Inside’ on vinyl and CD via Concord also.. Lastly Uni have a EINAUDI ‘Cinema’ 2CD Release…

PIAS for the 4th of June have 2 nice releases with the 20th Anniversary release of THE AVALANCHES ‘Since I Left You’ on XL as a 2CD or 4LP job. ATO Records are putting out BLACK PUMAS ‘Capitol Cuts’ live album on Red Vinyl..

Here’s a test link.. A test how far has this country come in the last 100 years? Here’s a test.. Sony UK & Ireland are putting out a 7” single on June 4th of BADDIEL, SKINNER AND LIGHTNING SEEDS ‘Three Lions 96/98’.. Long pause.. Are we good with it.. Long pause… Right.. Altogether now.. It’s coming… I can see the headline on the Daily Digest, ‘man chokes on his Irish stew last Wednesday night whilst reading a music newsletter’…

Right Bob you better take over before I get meself in trouble with someone… Announcements etc… I know and am really excited to hear of a new FISH GO DEEP release due out around the middle of June.. Legendary down these parts are the two lads.. Many the Saturday night I spent in Sir Henrys in the early 90s with the two men (only boys then) wielding their magic (I wasn’t allowed on Thursdays by the mother.. school etc).. The lads are class.. Here is the title track from the new record ‘This Bit Of Earth’.. Class

Bob will put the link for the album here and has info on a few more releases also.. And also here is the link to this week’s playlist of new releases :
Music Zone – Spotify New Release Playlist June 4th 2021

Hey folks,
Hope you are all keeping safe and well!
Not too many to update on you this week, chasing our tails a bit from being off last week but we’ll get back on track by next week all going well. Nonetheless, a few nice bits announced for today!

We’ll start of this week with the announcement of PRINCE’s ‘Welcome 2 America’ reissue from 2010, coming on CDVinyl, and Indies Exclusive Clear Vinyl. There is also a Vinyl/CD/BluRay limited, deluxe box set which also features a live show on BluRay from The Forum in 2011, along with plenty of memorabilia and a 32-page 12”x12” book! This is due out late July through Sony

Also announced through Sony is the upcoming, brand new album release from the brilliant MANIC STREET PREACHERS, ‘The Ultra Vivid Lament’, due for release in early September. This release marks the Welsh groups 14th studio LP, and is being released on CDDeluxe 2CD BookVinyl or Exclusive Indies Vinyl with a bonus 7” single.

Lastly from mise for this week is the release of BOBBY GILLESPIE & JEHNNY BETH’s first album together, ‘Utopian Ashes’ due for release in July. The Primal Scream and Savage vocalists join together to explore country soul classics, one i’m looking forward to giving a few spins to on release! 

That’s it from myself folks, back to the boss-man!

Right, thanks a million Bob, and welcome back!
Lastly so PIAS / Integral for the 11th of June have a 10th Anniversary Edition of LANTERNS ON THE LAKE ‘Gracious Tide, Take Me Home’ as a 2LP Reissue on Bella Union.. ALESSANDRO CORTINI (Nine Inch Nails) has a brand new album on Mute and THE OAK RIDGE BOYS have a new album also, as well as THE SHINS reissue of ‘Oh Inverted World’ on Sub Pop..

Sin é I think from us for this week,
Thanks for listening as always,
Hope to see some of ye on the siopa floor over the next few weeks,
Ray, Bobby & Shane,

Wellers Out Friday, Back Open On The 17th And Thoughts On The Vinyl Pricing

Hi Everyone

Hope all is well with ye.  

Jays its nice to see things opening again!!

We took the decision not to do appointments this week for a number of reasons mainly it would be messy for us to organise it,  Bobs on a week’s holidays  ( happy birthday Bobby!) so we are a bit stretched also and we are trying to get organised to get open properly on the 17th as well.

So call and click there this week 021 4967119 and back open properly on the 17th of May.
im under pressure a bit saturday the 15th may…best case is 10 to 4 im on site , it maybe only 10 to 2.30…nightwalkers …ring me in the morning and ill know 021 4967119.

One week of call and collect was a bit mad anyway ( i felt it could have been done safely for the last month or so ) and i see on the news tonight that some of the biggest retailers in the country were doing appointments and they may as well have been open…queues at their doors etc but i won’t start grumbling again, we are nearly there now and it’s great to be getting back open on the 17th of May. It has been a really long 18 or 19 weeks so it will be great to get open properly again. It’s actually quite exciting to be opening, I feel like it’s a new shop opening excitement…I didn’t have that feeling after the last 2 lockdowns…i hope and feel that this will be the last time covid will close our doors. It will honestly be lovely to see yer warm friendly faces again….granted not the best looking bunch in general, but warm and friendly none the less.

The same rules will apply as before…5 or 6 folks in the shop at any one time ( or 5 or 6 from the same household)…20 mins inside kind of job, hand san at door and counter,  facemasks, be nice, be kind…yada yada yada… i’m sure ye know the deal with it at this stage.

Opening hours Monday the 17th through to saturday  the 22nd of May 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday 23rd  I think is 11am to 4 pm but I can confirm that next week.

I’m in the good siopa  monday  and tuesday, sharing the day with Shane on weds, Bobby is on thursday, Bobby and myself are on Friday and myself and one of the lads are on Saturday…one of the lads will be on sunday….really looking forward to it to be honest. Sin sin on that.

Releases out this friday the 14th of May include the modfathers new album ( PAUL WELLER) , isn’t he some man for high quality prolific releases, as well as new albums by ST VINCENTSONS OF KEMET, DAVID GRAYTHE BLACK KEYS, MYLES KENNEDY,MORCHEEBA,  PHOEBE BRIDGERS EP, as well as reissues by ANNA CALVIKENNY ROGERS and last but certainly not least the CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG masterpiece “ deja vu”….some nice releases out this friday in fairness….i think i caught them all, my watchdog is sunning himself on a beach in Kerry.

Releases for the 21st of May include new albums by GRUFF RHYSJOHN HIATT & THE JERRY DOUGLAS BAND ( i have been banging on about these both lovely listens) MDOU MOCTOR, GARY NUMAN, COUNTING CROWS EP, TWENTY ONE PILOTS, LAMBCHOPKING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD ( now the 28th i think) LORD HURON as well as reissues by my bloody valentine, DESMOND DEKKER AND THE SPECIALS and a limited 7” remix of seven nation army by THE WHITE STRIPES….not to bad a week either.

Ok so and the ones i am trying to sell to ye now…sher ye all know tis only an ad like…are the releases for the 28th of May so we have from Warner new albums by TEXAS and KD LANG well KDs album is a revamp job aptly named “ makeover” …KD gave us a retweet on the twitter machine a good few years now when we were only babies on the machine so aside from my fondness of her music there’s an added fondness due to the retweet of the siopa…this album is a collection of dance remixes of some of her best loved songs…Warner has a rake of reissues for the 28th of May also, starting with  the one the only Mr DAVID “ no show at rsd this year” BOWIETHE GRATEFUL DEAD , PARAMORE, GREEN DAY as well as an acoustic album by EVA CASSIDY, live albums by ETTA JAMES and NINA SIMONE and an original cast recording of TINA TURNER.

PIAS/INTEGRAL for the 28th of May have new albums by BLACK MIDIMUSTAFA and NILS LANDGREN FUNK UNIT as well as reissues by ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, live album by CAN in Stuttgart on one run coloured vinyl as well as CLINT MANSELLs score to “ Rebecca”.oh to break things up…heres the video from last friday!
subscribe isnt that what im to say!! ( we have a tab on who isnt …yep the naughty list)

Universal for the 28th of May , they have a debut record by EASY LIFE on Island, cd, std lp and indies only lp…here is “ nightmares” from Leicester’s finest up and coming band…nice laid back vibe.

Uni also has the release of the new MOBY record on Deutsche Grammophon, “ Reprise”  sees Moby revisiting and reimagining musical highlights from his 30-year career. Together with the Budapest Art Orchestra, he has re-envisioned some of his most recognizable rave classics and anthems with new arrangements for orchestra and acoustic instruments. Loads of class guests with him on the record including KRIS KRISTOFFERSON, JIM JAMES, GREGORY PORTER, MARK LANEGAN amongst them.

Cd, std vinyl and indies grey 2 lp set.

TRAVIS reissue 5th album “ the boy with no name” on the 28th also, as well as a reissue by PJ HARVEY of “ the peel sessions” .

UMC have 2 nice double vinyl compilations for the 28th of may also…RELOADED…a 90s indie comp with all the big names and also THE 60S album …what it says on the tin with that.

We are missing some links as my linkman is sunning himself on a beach in Barbados or was it Barna he said…apologies for that, normal service will resume next week.

Sony for the 28th of May have THE WEDDING PRESENT reissue of SEAMONSTERS, the bands third studio album , produced by STEVE ALBINI  its now in its 30th year.

This 30th anniversary 2LP package includes the studio album alongside the Dalliance, 3 Songs and Lovenest EPs. Rounding out the music on the release are a set of live BBC Peel Sessions recordings.

This 30th anniversary bundle also includes a CD comprising the studio album and EPs.

Nice product in fairness.

The Orchard for the 28th of May have a new album from BLACKBERRY SMOKE called “ you hear me georgia” on cd, lp or indies only coloured vinyl…here is the title track for the new album.

Orchard also have a brand new DEL AMITRI album via Cooking vinyl called “ fatal mistakes” cd and lp…here is “ its feelings” from the record.

Orchard also have KANSAS “ point of no return live and beyond” as 2 CD or 3lp/2cd boxset, new live album, there are some SATYRICON reissues and NITIN SAWHNEY live at ronnie scotts.

I don’t think i mentioned Proper for the 21st of May before now so they have 2 nice releases that day…VIOLENT FEMMES “ ADD IT UP” compilation album 1981 to 1993 on std or aqua blue indies only LP….also there is a new ROBERT FINLEY album “ Sharecropper’s Son” on CD or Vinyl on easy eye sound label.

Re the vinyl increases we have seen and will see with Universal, for a retailer it’s far from good news, i could be wrong but id say about 25 or 30% of their live catalogue has increased in price  in the last month and i believe about another 20 to 25% of the catalogue could increase soon.

Substantial increases also…not 10 or 15% …on average  somewhere about 35% id say.

Now that’s a savage increase in any industry.

If the other record companies follow suit , then we are in right trouble with it.

Put simply, because of it we are going to sell less, and in turn the record company will sell less.

Why do it then?

This is only my opinion,

There are off course increases in raw materials and increases in costs at the plants and maybe different royalty deals at play as well as stuff i aint privy to ( to the tune of 35% cost increase though, id say tune that guitar again)

We have seen the cost of cardboard increase ourselves, in fact  nearly double in the last few months…it used cost us 45 cent to send a mailer ( with a record in it) with the courir ( the courier costs 6 euro) to one of ye…now the same mailer is 73 cent .

The cost of the compound used in making records has increased also, and this time and truly this time with covid restrictions in the plants, these plants are at capacity, in fact cant cope id suggest.

We have heard plant capacity talk in the past…trust me, its real this time.

My opinion is that there are definitely cost increases at play here but a more telling reason could be that the record companies just can’t get stuff pressed and because of it are losing more money…case study……the debut Hozier record is a fine selling record…1 a week id say for me so how many for shops bigger than us….it will not be back on the shop floor until sept or oct…in fact 5 to 7 months it will be out of stock for, the retail price will be going from 25 euro to 37/38 euro when it does arrive back in.

The record company would have sold a lot of Hozier records in that 5/7 months if they had would we, cause we are a partnership really….well i feel we are, but  that’s another debate, there is a train of thought out there that our suppliers are our competitors now with all the direct to consumer stuff ( D2C) going on, i’m not really sure what other industries operate like that to be honest …but who i work with on the ground are always trying to help us to be fair and i would say i have a very good relationship with the Irish based offices …UNI, WEA and SONY ( the price hikes and D2C are decisions made at a level i have zero say in or am interested either…truth be told, a simple life i like but you still have to do your job to your best)

Increase the cost of the record ( partially due to cost increase) but more importantly i feel is to help quench demand and allow the record company get its stock back on its shelf…i think they have been firefighting with inventory the last year, struggling to get stuff pressed  that they wanted to get pressed…one sure way of keeping stock on your shelves is increase the price….dampen demand, it eases the pressure and in this case when supply is not available as they want, is very profitable.

250 hozier records a week for the record company at a higher margin is way better than zero Hozier sold in 6/7 months…they will last longer on the shelf also easing the pressure to get them repressed.

Where will it go?

Not really sure, but I know what I hope for.

I hope the others ( record companies)  don’t follow suit for a start as then we are looking at a gourmet new release product only and it will alienate a lot of our good customers.

40 to 45 euro new release records is just a step too large and too far, when the same product ( loosely used term) is free to a lot of ears .

I think it will reset itself a bit in 2022…there are pressing plants been built in every continent on the globe as i write this ( now, that is a positive sign for the industry in general) so the supply issue needs to be and is the slow process of been addressed…once that occurs i  think things will revert back a little but not a lot…that’s my hope for now….33 to 40 euro new release records could well be the future one way or another….but its imperative the record companies revert/keep quality back catalogue at reasonable money and nb also that there is value in the marketplace…17.18 euro offers….they are the extra sale a lot of the time…spot the cranberries debut album at 17 quid, throw that in as well Ray ( followed by a expletive usually)

I suppose it will all play out the way it plays out and i cant influence it, just hurl from the ditch is all…good at that down here in Rebel land…although are our young fellas rising…time will tell.

20 years ago cds were 21.57 euro for a new release…30 euro for a new release lp would be a good price i feel and it is still there with a lot of companies ….hopefully it can stay like that.
Weller is 30 quid with Uni Friday for the indies only yellow one.

Anyway thats my opinion on that…lifes like a box of chocolates…Bueller…BUELLER …ye still awake!!?

PIAS/INTEGRAL for the 4th of June have the BLACK PUMAS live album on ATO record and on XL is the 20th anniversary deluxe edition of THE AVALANCHES class debut album “ since i left you”.

A lot of links and pics probably missing today…apologies…email if interested in anything!

Can’t wait to get open…let the coppers ring in the greasy till, the coppers in the greasy till!

Sin e for this week folks

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Bobby and

Next PJ Harvey Reissues, Inner City Folk, The Corporation Was Born

Hi Everyone
Hope ye’r all well enough.. Well it looks like we are nearly back.. It’s been a long road.. Call & Collect 021-4967119 next week and back open on the 17th of May!! Whoaaaa that’s our third, fourth or fifth coming now at this stage.. It will be great though.. Will send an update next week on opening hours.. Back to 7 days a week opening hours I think and we will see where we go from there.. We will update the opening hours here and on the website and social medias next week.. Hopefully this is the end of it re closing for one reason or another… Peace and quiet is required fora while now though.. Peace and quiet (bar the ringing of the greasy till!!)

The good siopa is actually 20 years old on Saturday the 8th of May… 20 years.. Crikey.. The 8th of May 2001.. Tuesday morning after the bank holiday weekend, 27 year old boy / man stands behind a counter at 10AM nervous as a kitten.. 30/40 minutes passed and not a soul, then a builder came in, big breakfast roll under arm, big dirty mucky boots (ahh me f**king clean new carpet.. that cost me 500 punts.. I hadn’t a bob going into the thing.. I borrowed 10,000 punts from the creddie and a brother of mine gave me 25k loan as he remortgaged his house!! He is paid back!! Courtesy of the boom in 04/05).. ‘Any AC/DC?’ breakfast roll man / carpet destroyer asks… Some Sony stock was late.. No AC/DC.. Sorry.. ‘Can order it and keep it if you like??’.. ‘Nah you’re grand’.. I’ll never sell a thing again!! 2 minutes later Bridget Jones’ Diary CD soundtrack sold + bagged 16 punts 99 pence, or €21.57.. Yep it was deal pricing in 2001… The corporation was born.. End of day sales 606 Punts.. We were off.. I must say here in 2010/2011 and even 2012, there was weeks when we wouldn’t do 600 pounds in the whole week, or 800 euro.. Days we had zero sales.. Clinging on with fingertips.. So we have seen sunshine and have seen rain.. The first 10 years were generally uneventful bar business going down the tubes if that’s uneventful (2010 + 2011), and the second 10 years had the Flood June 27th 2012, The Fire August 31st 2019 and Covid March 14th 2020.. Enough drama for 50 years… Peace & quiet please and a slightly ringing till..

Bob is with me 10 years this Christmas (the day will probably arrive where he will move in a different direction and that’s important too.. Some man, great calibre).. Shane is 7 years now I think it was 2014 and a more genuine caring man you will struggle to find.. Like Frank Gallagher I like a parteeeee but alas none this time.. Maybe for the 25th!!

Anyway, the tunes!!.. Here are the releases for this Friday the 7th of May… There are new releases by NEW ORDERSQUIDAMY WINEHOUSEWEEZERRAG N’ BONE MANVAN MORRISONGO-GO PENGUINFEARSDODIELISA GERRARD & JULES MAXWELL, and the vinyl pressings of ZAPPA’s OST... There are reissues from PETER MURPHYSILVERCHAIRFEAR FACTORY, and THE BEATLES..

Video for last week is up on our YouTube channel now, here is the link :


Proper for the 14th of May have the new DAVID GRAY album ‘Skellig’ on CD and 2LP.. The history, mythology of the islands of the Kerry Coast have long held Gray’s imagination, hence the title.. This record is more stripped back i’m told.. The synths are gone, guitar, strings, cello and harmonies to the fore front.. Looking forward to it.. He done the cover himself.. Talented boy.. I saw him in Nancy Spains down the street from my homeplace maybe 30 years ago or there or thereabouts and a good few years after that in the Opera House.. His first couple of records on HUT went unnoticed in the UK but were fine albums.. All his stuff is of high quality.. 

Proper for the 14th also have the new album by MORCHEEBA ‘Blackest Blue’ on CD, Indies Only Blue Vinyl and Indies Only White Vinyl with bonus 7′‘.. Will be giving this a turn also.. I love their chilled electronic sound.. New DAMIEN JURADO album out on the 14th also..

On to the 21st of May.. Warner for the 21st of May have a brand new EP from COUNTING CROWS ‘Butter Miracle Sweet One’, which contains 4 brand new tracks and also ‘August and Everything After’ with the London Studio Orchestra… Here is ‘Elevator Boots’ from the EP released via BMG.. It seems vinyl only on this one
AMORPHIS have a live album out on Nuclear Blast on CD for the 21st of May and TWENTY ONE PILOTS have a new album also on the 21st ‘Scaled and Icy’ out on Fuelled By Rome / Atlantic, CD only release for now.. Warner also for the 21st have the new GARY NUMAN record ‘Intruder’ on BMG/ADA, brand new album, his 21st solo album now.. Reunited with product Ade Fenton on this on.. Available on 3 physical formats, CDDeluxe CD, and Vinyl… Make that 4.. Literally just now got word that there is a limited exclusive red vinyl format also..

The Orchard for the 21st of May have the new album by MONSTER MAGNET..

Sony for the 21st of May have a WHITE STRIPES ‘Seven Nation Army (Glitch Mob Remix) on Indies only 7” Red Vinyl, or standard 7” black vinyl..

PIAS for the 21st of May have the MY BLOODY VALENTINE reissues, new albums by GRUFF RHYS, JOHN HIATT & JERRY DOUGLAS BAND (both excellent) and a new one by MDOU MOCTAR

Republic of Music for the 21st of May have a new LAMBCHOP studio album on City Slang called ‘Showtunes’.. It’s on CD Digi Sleve with spot gloss, standard black vinyl with gatefold sleeve with spot gloss and lyrics… Download code included and at 45RPM.. There is an indies only LPX version also on white vinyl with everything else the same as the standard black vinyl…

Uni for the 21st of May have the new album by KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD ‘L.W’ on KGLW Records.. Here’s a tune from the new album ‘If Not Now, Then When’.. Sorry this release is now pushed back until May 28th..

Polydor via Universal have the release of the 4th full length album by LORD HURON on CD only for now entitled ‘Long Lost’.. Here is ‘Mine Forever’ from the new album

Spinefarm have LINDEMANN ‘Live in Moscow’ on a host of variants including DVD, BluRay, CD & BluRay Media Book, 2LP Gatefold and a limited edition super deluxe box set..

Music on Vinyl (due for May 21st but all MOV’s ship out when I have 20 records to ship, so maybe later than date) have DESMOND DEKKER & THE SPECIALS ‘King of Kings’ reissue of 1993 Trojan released album on coloured vinyl.. We hope to have 9 of 1000 numbered copies on coloured vinyl..

I’ll have you over to the Bob Man now to run through his bits and pieces as usual..

Hey folks,
Hope you are all keeping safe and well.
Few nice bits announced over the last week, and back to a few games of fastest fingers first!
We’ll start off this week with the announcement of the upcoming compilation from Mr RSD Ambassador 2021, NOEL GALLAGHER. ‘Back The Way We Came Vol. 1 (2011-2021) documents the first decade of NOEL GALLAGHER’S HIGH FLYING BIRDS, with material coming from the first three studio albums and the later EPs released. It’s coming on 2CD, Deluxe 3CD, Vinyl or Super Deluxe Box Set.

The next reissue in the PJ HARVEY series has been announced via Universal, this time for 2007’s ‘White Chalk’. As with the others, there is also a Demos Vinyl and CD of unreleased material released on the same day from the sessions of the album.

Few other nice bits announced include a NEW ORDER ‘Be A Rebel : Remixed’ Clear Vinyl 12” & CD release, a new album by KINGS OF CONVENIENCE, and last but definitely not least, a 25th Anniversary reissue of SUEDE’s ‘Coming Up’ on Deluxe 2CD or Clear Vinyl.

Right, for fastest fingers first. LUMP (Laura Marling / Mike Lindsay) have announced their second studio album, ‘Animal’ is due to be released in July. There is CDCassette, and 2 different vinyl formats, both which we’ve been allocated numbers and are very very limited. There is a lovely Indies Coloured Swirl Vinyl, and also a Deluxe Vinyl with a die-cut slipcase, lyric poster and stickers. Here is the lead single ‘Animal’

Finally from mise for this week on the release front, the second in the series of SPIRITUALIZED reissues has been announced, with the second album ‘Pure Phase’ coming in June. CD and again very very limited Glow In The Dark initial vinyl pressing available on this one. 

We have put up two more Spotify Playlists this week, one for releases on both May 21st and May 28th. I will put a link to both below here. Give us a follow, and each we week we will throw up a Playlist of the stuff we are trying to hawk. Or sorry sell! I want my own yacht! 

That’s it from me this week, back to the boss-man!

Thanks Bob.. Champion’s League Final for ye’r lot.. Frank and yourself happy men i’d say..

Right moving onto PIAS / Integral for the 28th of May.. There are two ANIMAL COLLECTIVE reissues on Domino ‘Feels’ and ‘Sung Tongs’.. Rough Trade for the 28th of May have the new BLACK MIDI album ‘Cavalcade’.. It’s a wild listen.. There is a limited picture disc vinyl, standard vinyl, CD and cassette available.. CAN ‘Live Stuttgart 1975’ gets a rejob on 2CD or 3 Coloured LPs.. CLINT MANSELL returns with the score to ‘Rebecca’ movie, the vinyl is translucent marble double vinyl on Invada Records..

An album that has caught my own ear over the last few months is a debut record by MUSTAFA on his own label.. ‘When Smoke Rises’ its called and he describes his music as ‘inner city folk’.. He hails from the tough side of town in Toronto, Canada, and has lost some dear friends to gun violence.. Such integrity in his vocal.. It’s available to indies shops on green coloured vinyl or CD.. Here is ‘Air Forces’ and ‘Stay Alive’ from the record.

ACT have a new NILS LANDGREN FUNK UNIT CD, ‘Funk is My Religion, and SOUL JAZZ RECORDS have a new studio on collection ‘Fire Over Babylon’..

Warner for the 28th of May have a rack of releases.. I’ll list mainly.. BOWIE ‘Man Who Sold The World’ 50th Anniversary Picture DiscBOWIE ‘Width of A Circle’ 2CDETTA JAMES ‘The Montreux Years’NINA SIMONE ‘The Montreux Years’, EVA CASSIDY ‘Acoustic’ 2LPGRATEFUL DEAD ‘Anthem Of The Sun’ 50th Anniversary reissueBURNING WITCH ‘The Witch Of The North’, GREEN DAY ‘Nimrod’ reissuePARAMORE ‘Riot’ Silver Indies Only reissueTINA TURNER ‘TINA’ ORIGINAL CAST RECORDING VinylTEXAS ‘Hi’ brand new album on BMG on CD, Deluxe CD and LP, and lastly a K.D. LANG ‘Makeover’ on Nonesuch which is a collection of dance remixes from some of her best loved songs on CD or first press only coloured vinyl..

Sin é for this week,
Thanks for listening,
Ray, Bobby & Shane
P.S. thoughts on the price hikes next week… 
**Oh and Uni & Sony RSD Lists.. Last few days for these 2..

Joni Mitchell ‘Reprise Albums (1968-1971)’ Box Sets, A Much Anticipated Debut Record 1

Hi everyone,
Hope ye’r all well and the form is good.. Another day in the warehouse… Could be worse.. I’m always grumbling lately (cabin fever i’d say) but really hoping we can call & collect in a few weeks time.. Anyways, could be worse says the cranky man..

RSD.. Record Store Day Drop 1 is happening on the 12th of June and Drop 2 is on the 17th of July.. I will run through some guidelines / rules in case ye’r new to it all.. Some of ye have read this about 10 times before… It is our 10th year involved in RSD now.. It was conceived in 2007 I think, 2012 was our first venture and we have had some mighty days in-between filled with wine, song, wine and even more songs, not too mention a few few records moving out the dóras.. It has a few flaws (RSD) but for the good siopa it is a special and important day… Don’t know what the situation will be by the 12th of June but I do know I need to place my orders by noon on April 30th, so I need wishlists in by 6PM on Wednesday the 28th of April please..

Right so, I can’t keep anything for anyone.. I can’t hold anything for anyone.. You can’t pre-order it.. Basically I can’t guarantee anything (tis against the rules).. I can’t sell 2 of the same record to the one human being or the one human being and his feline either for that matter…

But if you are interest in something(s) then it would be great if you emailed in a wishlist of what you hope for and by doing that it allows me to fight for more of a certain record than maybe another.. By sending the wishlist you have a much greater chance of securing the record… I will also communicate problems / allocations / etc to the folks that wish list.. So if for example I have 6 folks wish lists for a record and i’m only getting 3 copies, then I will email ye and tell ye that at least 6 are looking and we only got 3, so set the alarm i’d say.. Wishlist is good and NB from our end… So don’t be afraid of it folks!! You’ll be dead long enough and sher what else do ye have to spend yer dollars on!! We still only have pricing on about half the releases but Bobby will send what we have under here and send the rest next week.. 28th April deadline so 2 weeks.. We have all the pricing by next week I hope.. Here are the lists we have so far..

Right so sin sin for RSD for this week.. Although no Bowie, no Bowie the forgotten man of music, the people just don’t get him??? Or will there be a grand late entrance I wonder??


Video from last week is now up here..

A special mention must be given to EMPEROR OF ICECREAM EP Collection 93-94 CD release this Friday.. Limited release edition of only 200 copies of this and it is a compilation of the first 3 EPs from the 93/94 period.. Lockdown has thrown a few nice surprises our ways also and Emperors music is one of those surprises.. The rumour mill has it that the lads have a lot of good new material written also so exciting times ahead and maybe even a brand new album at some point later this year!!!

So onto releases for the 23rd of April we have the deluxe reissues of JOHN LENNON’s ‘Plastic Ono Band’ and THE WHO’s ‘The Who Sells Out’, as well as new releases by DINOSAUR JRIMELDA MAYFIELD MUSICTOM JONES, MOTORHEAD, FLOWERED UPTOUMANI DIABATE & THE LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRAPETER FRAMPTON and ZARA LARSSON… We will have reissues by THE SELECTERSPIRITUALIZED, SOUL JAZZ RECORDS PRESENTS STUDIO ONE ROOTS, SKINDREDMORSE / PORTNOY / GEORGE, and a MARS VOLTA 18LP box.. On the CD front there is a 2CD version of EMMYLOU’s ‘Wrecking Ball’.

Right so onto releases for 30th of April… There are a few.. Apologies if we are missing some links from today’s newsletter, a lot of our focus is on RSD but if we mention something and it’s not link and you are interested, drop us a mail and we will send a link…

Uni for the 30th of April have the new album from MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA on Loma Vista, coming on CD, LP or Deluxe Limited Pink Vinyl.. This crowd are a fine band.. 6th album from them… Here is ‘Bed Head’ from the new album..

Bluenote are release the posthumous TONY ALLEN album ‘There Is No End’ CD or ‘Collectors Sleeve Edition’ 2LP vinyl.. UMC have the next in the PJ HARVEY reissue series.. Next up is ‘Uh Huh Her’ as well as a separate demos LP or CD… UMC also have a comprehensive retrospective of YELLO’s ‘YELL40 YEARS’ as a limited 4CD, 2LP vinyl or 2CD... Other reissues from Uni for the 30th on vinyl by BOBBY WOMACK ‘Poet 1’ and ‘Poet 2’… METRONOMY have a 10th Anniversary reissued of ‘The English Riviera’ on Because Music, and lastly there is an ABBA ‘Gold’ vinyl reissue on gold vinyl.. 40EUR for this one..

You will notice price increases on some Universal vinyl over the next few weeks and months.. Horrible price increases in the region of 30, 40 and 50% increases.. I will have more on this in the coming weeks but it ain’t pretty.. (I have a lot to say on it but for another time.. I’m not sure how many industries would drop those kind of increases on their customer and think it’s cool).. Records in March that cost me 12 Euro plus VAT… Some of them are now costing me 18 Euro plus VAT.. As I said I have a lot to say on it but for another day..

Warner for the 30th of April have the GARY MOORE unnreleased songs album ‘How Blue Can You Get’ on Provogue.. There is a new GOJIRA album on Roadrunner, brand new BIRDY album ‘Young Heart’ also.. Here is ‘Surrender’ from it, it is out on East/West Records..

There is a new album out by MARIANNE FAITHFULL with bad seed WARREN ELLIS… ‘She Walks In Beauty’ is an album of famous poems sung by Faithfull with music by Ellis.. There is also a new JULIA STONE album on gold indies vinyl.. Warner also have a tribute album to PETER GREEN by MICK FLEETWOOD & FRIENDSPINK FLOYD’s ‘Live at Knebworth’ CD or LP via PLG and also the new ROYAL BLOOD album ‘Typhoon’ out on CD, LP and Indies only blue LP.. Here is the title track from the record :

Warner also have a PET SHOP BOYS ‘Discovery’ 2CD/DVD and lastly are reissues by FALL OUT BOY of ‘Take This To Your Grave‘ and SERJ TANKIAN’s ‘Elasticity’.. I never knew MARIANNE FAITHFULL contracted Covid during the making of her record and she came close to death with it… She recovered and finished making the record…

Sony for the 30th have nothing major to repot..

Republic of Music (ROM) for the 30th have the new TEENAGE FANCLUB album ‘Endless Arcade’ on PEMA Records… 10th Studio Album and available on CD, Casette, LP and Indies Only LP (one run only).. Here is ‘The Sun Won’t Shine On Me’ from the new record :

ROM also have a coloured vinyl reissue of A. SMYTH ‘Last Animals’ record.. Indies only yellow vinyl.. Here’s a tune from it ‘Hero’ from Other Voices Christmas 2019.. This record was released earlier this year but I missed it.. Delighted with the indies only repress on it now

Lastly from ROM for the 30th Of April is the new album by THE CORAL on 2CD and Indies Only LP… ‘Coral Island’ it is called...

PIAS for the 30th of April have releases by DROPKICK MURPHYS, ADRIAN CROWLEY, WOLLNY / PARISIEN / LEFEDURF / LILLINGER and also a few coloured CAN reissues..

Right will hand you over to Bobby now for a few bits down the road..

Hey folks,
Few nice bits on the site for this week.
Starting off there is a lovely JONI MITCHELL box set coming in June, called ‘The Reprise Albums (1968-1971). It is released as a 4CD or 4LP Box Set, and is released to mark the 50th Anniversary of the classic album ‘Blue’, which has been out of print for the last 6-12 months on vinyl. It features remaster versions of ‘Blue’, and the three excellent previous albums ‘Song To A Seagull’, ‘Clouds’, and ‘Ladies of the Canyon’.

Also announced on the box set front is the next in the BLACK SABBATH ‘Super Deluxe’ Series, this time with 1975’s ‘Sabotage’. It is coming as a 4CD set, or a 4LP & 7” set. It has the original album remaster, a full live show from 1975, and a Japanese Radio Show single.

There is a new 12” Picture Disc Vinyl reissue of BOWIE’s ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ just announced for release on May 28th, looks class! 

A few other nice bits announced over the last week include a 20th Anniversary Edition remaster of THE SHINS ‘Oh Inverted World’ through Subpop. The CD and Cassette are due in June, both standard vinyl and indie vinyl formats to follow in July. Again, we apologise but only allocated 2 copies of the Indies Only LP, so again fastest fingers first on this release. There is also a new album announced by THE WALLFLOWERS. Again allocated only 5 of the Indies Purple LP, so also a game of fastest fingers first. Lastly from mise, there is a new VIOLENT FEMMES compilation record announced ‘Add It Up (1981-1993), which is released on standard vinyl or indies only purple vinyl, and a new album announced by RAG N’ BONE MAN due in May.

Thanks everyone, back to the boss-man!

PIAS for the 7th of May have the much anticipated debut album by SQUID (big things afoot here i’d say).. It’s on Warp and it is called ‘Bright Green Field’, released on CD, 2LP, Indies Only Green 2LP and red cassette in a clear box… Here is ‘Narrator’ from the album..

These lads have had plenty of songs on EPs etc before now but not one of these songs on the debut album.. All new… They keep it interesting.. Check out ‘Paddling’ the second single

PIAS also have IRON & WINE’s lost debut album ‘Archive Series Vol. 5 : Tallahassee Recordings’.. CD or Indies Only Yellow Splatter Vinyl on this one.. The next in the PETER MURPHY reissue coloured vinyl series are out the 7th of May also..

Sin é for this week really folks.. Send in your RSD Wishlist if interested.. It helps me to attain what folks want. But alas no promises…

Thanks for listening
Ray, Bobby & Shane

RSD 2021 List Is Here! Inhaler’s Debut And Allocation, Allocation, Allocation.

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well enough folks and ye are keeping safe and well… I believe the RSD 2021 Lists are being announced / let loose tonight so we hope to send you a list this evening also and next week we will send ye a more detailed lists with record companies and prices etc, and will ask ye for your wish lists.. I’ll explain in more detail next week..

Anyway, Releases for this Friday April 9th include the fabulous new record by DECLAN O’ROURKE.. Great songs through out and we have a lovely competition around the release of the album.. Bobby has the details here : 

We are delighted to team up with the excellent Declan O’Rourke for the launch of his brand new album ‘Arrivals’, released on April 9th through Warner and East West Records.
We have three great prizes up for grabs to anyone who pre-orders the new album with us at!
Prize #3 – A Signed CD copy of the album
Prize #2 – A Signed Vinyl copy of the album
Prize #1 – A Private Virtual Meet & Greet with Declan, for a quick chat and a performance of a new track from the album for one lucky winner / winners household.



I suppose we are all hoping to be coming to an end of the really restrictive Covid guidelines soon… This has been the hardest lockdown (most severe) of the lot for the good siopa.. We are in week 15 of website / post only, during the very first lockdown we were back to call & collect after 6 or 7 weeks and back open to the public on June 11th after closing on 14th March.. So this one is going on.. But hopefully nearly there and the carpark in the sunshine looks glorious!! Ye’r faces will even look glorious and that is saying something!!

Anyway onto releases for the 23rd of April and Uni have the 50th Anniversary of LENNON’s ‘Plastic Ono Band : The Ultimate Mixes on 4 physical formats.. There is 6CD / 2 BluRay audio discs in the super deluxe boxset.. Everything in the box is newly mixed from brand new 192KHz / 24 Bit Hi-Res transfers.. The set is made up of 159 tracks, of which 87 have not  been heard before.. There is a 132 page hard back book plus more like poster, photos etc… There is also an expanded 2CD or 2LP version that adds a bonus disc of outtakes of each song.. Standard 1CD also…

THE WHO also release a boxset of ‘The Who Sell Out’... Some would argue The Who’s greatest achievement.. There is a super deluxe box with 116 tracks, 46 unreleased.. 80 page hard back full colour book and also contains 9 posters, an 8 page programme amongst other stuff.. There is a 2LP deluxe vinyl with album and extra highlights from the boxset and a 2CD edition also..

Uni also have new albums by TOM JONES and PETER FRAMPTON, and there is a reissue of MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA’s ‘A Black Mile To The Surface’ on Loma Vista, pressed on limited transparent red 2LP vinyl.. Here’s ‘Gold’ from the album’. Good band these are.. New album coming later this year.. Good album this reissue..

Warner for the 23rd of April have the deluxe reissues of THE SELECTER’s ‘Too Much Pressure’ as 2LP, 3CD or limited 2LP / 7” on clear vinyl though ADA.. Warner also have a new collaboration between TOUMANI DIABATE & THE LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA called ‘Korolen’. Here is ‘Hainamady Town’ from the album released through World Circuit Records

There is a savage MARS VOLTA 18LP Boxset released on the 23rd of April on Cloud Hill Records.. A vinyl only format.. No other way to hear it (no better way a lot would argue).. It’s on no other formats or platform.. 5000 in the world.. We will have a couple.. Warner are also releasing MOTORHEAD’s ‘Louder Than Noise : Live In Berlin’ from 2012 on 2LP or CD/DVD... Warner also have SIA’s ‘Music’ OST on vinyl releaseJOSH GROBAN’s ‘Harmony’ vinyl release and last but certainly not least a 2CD reissue on Nonesuch of EMMYLOU HARRIS’ ‘Wrecking Ball’.

PIAS for the 23rd of April have the new DINOSAUR JR. album on Jagjaguwar, new FIELD MUSIC albumSOUL JAZZ PRESENTS : STUDIO ONE ROOTS coloured vinyl reissue as well as FLOWERED UP ‘Weekender’ 12” releases..

Sony for the 23rd of April have the vinyl release of the ZARA LARSSON album ‘Poster Girl’.

The Orchard for the 23rd of April ave the first of the SPIRITUALIZED reissue series with the debut ‘Laser Guided Missiles’ on Fat Possum.. These are 180gm doubles mastered from a half speed lacquer cuts from original sources.. There is a limited white vinyl version we were told 4/5 weeks ago that we were being allocated 15 copies of this one.. Only yesterday we were told that quantity could be in doubt.. it is a bit wishy washy.. I am trying to find out the definite number.. Definite number is crucial for me so we don’t oversell and look like plonkers.. Allocations are a part of the game with limited stuff, it’s  important it is then fulfilled or we look like amateur hour.. They are frustrating for everyone involved also.. We were allocated 44 copies of the My Bloody Valentine vinyl last Tuesday across the 6 vinyl variants.. We would have sold 244 i’d say which is frustrating for us as a siopa and obviously very frustrating for loyal, good customers to not get copies either… Part of the game i’m afraid.. Bobby has a allocated one for later for PHOEBE BRIDGERS again so we will pop them up on the site and if you want it, buy it there i’d suggest… (Pick Up In-Store option if you like for us to hold one).. It’s the easiest and fairest way for the uber limited where the is demand… Sorry!!

The Orchard for the 23rd of April have a  reissue of SKINDRED’s ‘Roots, Rock, Riot’ coloured LP / 7” as well as prog rockers NEAL MORSE / MIKE PORTNOY / RANDY GEORGE’s 2 different cover albums...

I think I captured most of the releases for the 23rd Bob, if I missed any you might add them in please sir.. I’ll hand it over to you now to help these good people release some dollars if you can run through any announcements over the last 7 days..

Hey folks,
Hope all is well with you all.
Some really nice bits up on the site since last week. We’ll start off this week with the announcement of the debut record from INHALER, some Dublin band, singer may have a famous parent, not too sure. ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’ is the title, and it is released on CDVinyl or a nice Irish Exclusive Green vinyl with an alternative cover. Got to see the lads in Cypress Avenue a few years ago, cracking gig to be fair. Some very catchy tracks. I see that they are back in December 2021 again, so fingers crossed that will get to go ahead!

As mentioned earlier there is a new PHOEBE BRIDGERS release coming in May in which we have been only allocated a small amount. ‘Copycat Killer’ is the title and it’s a new 12” EP on standard black vinyl or Indies Only coloured vinyl. It contains 4 new versions of tracks from the excellent ‘Punisher’ record. Unfortunately it’s fastest fingers first again, up on the site now.

Another we have been given an allocation for is the reimagined version of PAUL MCCARTNEY’s ‘McCartney III : Imagined’, some serious guests on this release. Beck, St Vincent, Khruangbin, Damon Albarn, Josh Homme, Phoebe Bridgers and more. There is a CD, standard vinyl, and the limited gold indies only vinyl, which has been allocated. Unfortunately also a pricey release.

A few other nice bits now up on the site for pre-order include a 3LP or 3CD release of AMY WINEHOUSE’s ‘Live At The BBC’, and new MOBY record (including a indies only vinyl), an Abbey Road Half Speed reissue on 12” and 7” of THE SPECIAL’s ‘Ghost Town’ released for the 40th Anniversary of the track, and finally MICK FLEETWOOD & FRIEND’s concert of ‘Celebrate The Music Of Peter Green & Early Fleetwood Mac‘ on a host of formats including a deluxe box set.

That’s it from myself for this week,
Back to the boss-man!

Thanks a mil Bob. Right PIAS for the 30th of April have the new ADRIAN CROWLEY album on Chemical Underground on CD or LP.. It is called ‘The Watchful Eye of the Stars’.. I think it is the Galway native’s 9th album now.. A fine catalogue of work he has built up.. John Parish produces this latest offering.. Here is ‘Northbound Stowaway’ from the record.. Fine song isn’t it..

PIAS alos have some CAN vinyl reissues on coloured vinyl via Mute Records.. ‘Delay 1968’ and ‘Future Days’ get the vinyl reissue treatment here… PIAS also have the new DROPKICK MURPHY’s album ‘Turn Up That Dial’ on CD, Deluxe Pink / Green Swirl Vinyl with 7” and Flexi and also a more standard vinyl.. 10th Studio album by the Boston rockers and the theme of the record is the importance of music in all our lives.. Here here… Here is ‘Middle Finger’ from the album..
Cracking isn’t it.. Heavy Pogues vibes going on there.. PIAS also have new ones from LEON VYNEHALL on Ninja Tune and new Wollny & Parisien & Lefebvre & Lillinger release on Act Records..

If we get the RSD UK List.. Critical that part.. 2 Different Lists.. The USA list has stuff on it that won’t be available to us so NB it’s the UK list.. I think Brexit could / will cause me problems with RSD this year but that’s a battle for another day!! I’ll definitely keep ye updated..

Sin é for this week folks,
Sorry add on!!
Just got the RSD Lists so Bobby will share at 6PM below (it’s 13:57 now) and I was just going to send him the newsletter to make it pretty and the list came in… Feel free to email us a wishlist if you want but no immediate rush if you want to wait for the prices which we will be sending out in the next week or two.. NB NB WISH LIST.. It is not a guarantee.. NB not a guarantee by any means but it does allow us to do our best and fight for enough of the titles you have wish listed.. NB NB though it is not a guarantee and NB we can’t put anything away..
Rather than coming back to us now with the wish lists, if you want to wait until we send out the lists with prices over the next week or two, it would suit us a bit better as ye will know the prices.. there’ll be no disadvantage in waiting for the prices, we will let you know when we have to have them in.. More on it next week…


Also just got an email that I should be getting some / all I think of the SAULT records and cds soon enough so will get links up on site for next week.. They are a tad expensive…

Anyways, look sin é for sure this time
Ray, Bobby & Shane,

My Bloody Valentine Reissues, An Angel Olsen Box Set, And John Spillane Release Week

Hi everyone,

Hope all is well enough and that the form is good.. 31st March, 3 months to the day since we had a customer in the shop.. I’d say since the fire in Douglas in Aug / Sep 2019 we are closed to the public as much as open!! Non-Essential retail wasn’t fully clear last night and I heard and saw mixed message about call & collect, but on it looks like call & collect / click & collect is 4th of May.. So for now it is what it is.. Another month so no choice but to drive on… Thanks for ye’r patience and understanding over the last 3 to 19 months!!

Anyways here are the releases for this Friday releases for this Friday, the 2nd of April.. These include new releases by GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR, JOHN SPILLANEHELLOWEENTHE FRATELLISSTURGILL SIMPSONJAZZ IS DEAD 006DRY CLEANING, FLOCK OF DIMES, reissues by EAGLESTHE VACCINES (limited coloured)FATHER JOHN MISTY, TRAVISNADA SURFWARREN ZEVON, and MF DOOM.

Had a few listens to the JOHN SPILLANE record the past few days and I am really enjoying it… Reviews across the board are really 9 out of 10’s, four starts around the place.. I hope it goes really well for John, not alone is the album quality, the man himself is sound as a bell also and we all in the shop hope this album does really well for him… We are still running our competition until Thursday April 8th for the bundle in the photo below.. If interested in winning this prize pre-order the new album with the good siopa and we will enter you into the draw!!..

Just a quick one re hours over the weekend… I’m taking a few days off after today but Bobby & Shane will be on site from 10-5 on Thursday and Friday and N.B. there will be no-one on site Saturday or Sunday if you are trying to get us on the phone 021-4967119.. Back to it Easter Monday then, just so ye know..

Here is the new release video from last Friday folks.. Be sure to subscribe!!


A reminder also now for our DECLAN O’ROURKE ‘Arrivals’ competition. 3 prizes up for grabs folks for 3 separate customers who pre-order the album with us.. 
Prize #3 – A Signed CD Copy of Declan’s new album ‘Arrivals’
Prize #2 – A Signed Vinyl Copy of Declan’s new album ‘Arrivals’
Prize #1 – A Private Virtual Meet & Greet with Declan for a few questions a performance of a new track for one lucky winner / winner’s household!

I have to say the new album from Declan is only gorgeous… Beautiful songs throughout, a fine fine record…

I had an awful week with Brexit, yep it’s still going on.. 3 months in… Still problems.. 3 import boxes held up in customs last Wednesday the 24th.. A week later they are still not here.. Due tomorrow now i’m told.. This is how it played out.. DHL came to the door with some boxes last Wednesday but said there was 3 boxes that did not clear customs and that there is money / taxes / duties owed on them.. I said sher we are now set up for PVA (after months of trying to get set up) Postponed Vat Accounting, the goods should be free to move.. ‘I only bring them from A To B Boy..’ Fair enough I say.. I tried ringing them, 37 minutes on hold and finally spoke to someone, they said on the phone it was their error and they would send an amendment email to a team to look after it.. I asked ‘how long?’ and he said there was ‘queues at amendments’.. It is in process now.. Sher what can I do!! Still no boxes.. I gave up twice on hold, and on hold they offer a callback option if you just leave them a voicemail.. FULL Voicemail Inbox.. Ah man it has my heart broken the last week through no fault of our own.. They got ‘released’ today so should be here tomorrow.. We will get the stock out ASAP.. In the 3 boxes are CATHAL COUGHLAN, FOR THOSE I LOVE and FIRST AID KIT among others…Look sorry for those waiting.. It is a mare this Brexit thing.. Still a complete pain in the arse.. Daily different boxes.. Look sorry if your record is delayed..

Right so moving on to releases for the 16th of April… Warner have the TOM PETTY ‘Finding Wildflowers’ alternative takes release on limited gold vinyl or CD… Black vinyl to follow in a few months.. This release will have 16 alternative versions from the sessions of the excellent Wildflowers album.. It was a part of the 7LP boxset released last year, now getting it’s own standalone release.. 

Warner also have the DEFTONES ‘White Pony’ 20th Anniversary 4LP set. JETHRO TULL’s ‘A : A La Mod’ 3CD/3DVD set is also out, as is a new MARTY FRIEDMAN new CD and vinyl.. Finally from Warner is a reissue of ALEX SOMER of Sigur Ros’ two albums ‘Siblings’ and ‘Siblings 2’.. Both coming on vinyl via Krunk.. As always very interesting stuff… Check out ‘Between us’ below

Universal for the 16th of April have the brand new second GRETA VAN FLEET album ‘The Battles At Garden’s Gate’ coming through EMI.. It’s released on CD, Gatefold 2LP or Exclusive Green Gatefold 2LP.. Less than 200 of the exclusive copies for Eire..

Universal also have the new album from THE OFFSPRING, their 9th album ‘Let The Bad Times Roll’ on Concord Records… CD, Standard LP or Limited Indies Orange Crush Coloured Vinyl for band’s website and indie stores only.. NORAH JONES has a new live album out on the 16th, ‘Til We Meet Again’ on 2LP or CD.. ERIC CHURCH has a new album ‘Heart’ on CD or LP through EMI Nashville, and there is a deluxe CD of MELODY GARDOT’s ‘Sunset In The Blue’

There is a ‘One Night In Miami’ OST coloured vinyl release by Uni for the 16th of April, a limited SPORTS TEAM ‘Plant Test’ B-Sides vinyl release exclusive to indie stores (black vinyl just exclusive), a reissue by EVE, and the DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 vinyl release has also been pushed back to the 16th for release..

Finally from Uni for the 16th of April is the brand new IMELDA MAY album ’11 Past The Hour’ on Decca, released on CD or LP.. New single here with Ronnie Wood on guitar and Noel Gallagher on vocals..

Sony for the 16th of April now have the new LONDON GRAMMAR album ‘California Soil’ which was pushed back a week… It will land now for the 16th on CD, Vinyl, Indies Coloured Vinyl or the limited Box Set.. New single ‘How Does It Feel’ was released last night..

PIAS for the 16th have new releases from hip-hop’s AJ TRACEY sophomore album on Revenge Records on CD, LP or Indies LP.. Single ‘Anxious’ here if you like your hip-hop :

AVISHAI COHEN also out through PIAS for the 16th on CD or LP, and a reissue of GOLDIE’s ‘Timeless : 25th Anniversary’ on gold vinyl or 3CD..

Cargo for the 16th have releases by BERT JANSCH, ANNE BRIGGS, and THE NIGHTINGALES..

Music on Vinyl for the 16th of April have a reissue of THERAPY?’s ‘Infernal Love’..

The Orchard for the 16th have a few nice bits.. LUCINDA WILLIAMS releases ‘Runnin’ Down A Dream : A Tribute To Tom Petty’ on CD or LP through Highway 20 Records… There is a CAROLINE POLACHEK ‘Standing At The Gate : Remix Collection’ indies grey vinyl.SAINT RAYMOND has a new album out through the Orchard on the 16th called ‘We Forgot We Were Dreaming’ on Cooking Vinyl out on CD or LP.. Finally from The Orchard is the new CANNIBAL CORPSE album ‘Violence Unimagined‘… Well if it was called ‘Pretty Green Flowers On A Bed Of Marshmallow Candyfloss’ it probably would turn an eye.. Out via Metal Blade on CD, standard LP or Indies LP…

Republic of Music for April 16th have a new double A-Side 7” single from TEENAGE FANCLUB for ‘Home / Everything Is Fallen Apart’ through PEMA.. Both taken from the upcoming album ‘Endless Arcade’.. ‘Home’ is sounding great..

ROM also have a DREAM WIFE Live in London 2020 Orange coloured vinyl..

Right i’ll hand you over to Bob now for a few nice releases announced in the last week or so.. And a few nice ones there are..

Hey folks,
Kicking us off this week we have a biggy. A biggy indeed. There are very limited reissues coming of the cracking MY BLOODY VALENTINE records ‘Isn’t Anything’, ‘loveless‘ and ‘m b v’, all coming on CD, Standard Vinyl or Deluxe Vinyl.. There is also a CD reissue of ‘ep’s 1988-1991 and rare tracks’ .. The band’s catalogue has now moved over to Domino, and this is a series of reissues very eagerly awaited for a long time, it’s great to see them getting re-released! Here’s a few notes on the reissues : 

Isn’t Anything and loveless have been mastered fully from analog for deluxe LPs and also mastered from new hi-res uncompressed digital sources for standard LPs, with each being made available widely for the first time ever. Fully analog cuts of m b v will also be available on deluxe and standard LPs globally for the first time. 

These are very limited folks, both the standard vinyl and the deluxe vinyl, so when they’re gone on the site they are gone for now. We have tried to find out if a repress will happen or if there is a date for more stock to appear, but PIAS are currently unsure as to when it will be, but not on the horizon at the moment.
A quick note from Ray on the MBV’s : Email if you like prefer on the MBV’s but it might not be seen in time.. Website is safer but email if you like.. Stock is fierce limited, sorry..

There is also a lovely ANGEL OLSEN 4LP Box Set ‘Songs From The Lark and Other Far Memories’ release coming from PIAS, again it’s very limited.. Like with the John Grant set last week, this is going to be a case of fastest fingers first, all the stock we are getting (2 copies) are up on the site for purchase now for anyone who may be interested in buying it. An email could easily be missed / not seen for some time, so we think the fairest way for releases like this is to just put them up on the site for a game of fastest fingers first. The set is a collection featuring the last two albums, with a host of unreleased rarities. The set also has a 40 Page book.

A few other nice ones to blast through for this week include a 10th Anniversary Coloured Vinyl pressing of Irish rock band THE MINUTES’ debut album ‘Marcata’, a reissue of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS’ ‘Tiny Music.. From The Vatican Gift Shop’. This on is on CD, Deluxe 2CD or Super Deluxe 3CD / Vinyl. There is a new LAURA MVULA record coming on CD, Pink Vinyl or Indies Exclusive Orange Vinyl, and finally there is a BAND OF BROTHERS ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK reissue on coloured vinyl through Music On Vinyl.

Two bits worth noting, due as a bit of a rush release (was meant to land for 26th March but still not here yet) there is a limited clear vinyl repress of BOB DYLAN’s ‘Highway 61 Revisited’ now up on the site. Not in the shop just yet but up for order now. We also have just gotten stock of the brand new REGA PLANAR 1 PLUS for 2021, redesigned with a lovely new matt finish. Lovely turntable with a built-in pre amp, allowing it to connect directly to active speakers. We have a couple of the new matt black players in stock now, and also have the new matt white player up on the site.

That’s it from me for this week folks,
Back to the boss-man

Thanks Bob!!
A few so for April 23rd… PIAS for April 23rd have the new DINOSAUR JR album ‘Sweep It Into Space’ on Jagjaguwar.. CD, Indies Only LP (maybe 2 Indies only LPs) and standard vinyl on this one… New single ‘I Ran Away’ solid and good as ever… Co-produced by Mascis and Kurt Vile.. Vile has been a 4 musician on the album as weak as J Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph..

PIAS for the 23rd also have the new FIELD MUSIC album ‘Flat White Moon’ on Memphis Industries.. It’s on CD, Vinyl or Indies Clear Vinyl.. Here’s ‘Orion From The Street’ from the album..

PIAS for the 23rd also have a reissue on blue vinyl of SOUL JAZZ RECORDS PRESENTS – STUDIO ONE ROOTS 20th Anniversary Edition… A special one off blue coloured vinyl press, fully remastered analogue cut.. Finally from PIAS for the 23rd there are two 12” vinyl release of FLOWERED UP’s ‘Weekender’, including a separate Andy ‘Weatherall’s Weekender’ Remix 12”, both out on Heavenly..

Cargo for the 23rd have a ARLO PARKS ‘Super Sad Generation CD only release, a collection on CD released for the first time featuring tracks from Arlo’s first two EPs… There is also a JOHN FOXX ‘The Virgin Years’ 80-85 5CD Box Set..

Just as regards to the My Bloody Valentine vinyl, it’s an awful pity for us as a shop that the stock was so limited.. Sure it is what it is, we would have sold a whole load more.. ‘No sign of a repress on the horizon’ the rep says.. Fastest fingers here… Only got allocated small numbers and folks were on early today after today’s announcements.. So only 2 of ‘loveless’ Deluxe vinyl left… Again, sorry..

Look sin é for this week folks,
Thanks for listening 
Ray, Bobby & Shane,

New John Grant & Black Midi, CSNY ‘Deja Vu’ Box, and A Special Declan O’Rourke Competition

Hi everyone,
Hope ye are all safe and well and in good enough form… Keep at it.. Not so hopeful of call/click and collect now for April 5th to be honest, but let’s see where the ball breaks i suppose first… I sense fatigue with out customers and it is damaging for a small business when folks asks for call and collect and we say we can’t… Sorry… And we lose the sale.. But we have always followed guidelines / laws / instructions on it and will continue to do so.. Let’s see where the ball bounces sher, 24 deaths I think yesterday, horrible curse of a thing.. Website open and we are on the phone everyday 021-4967119.. Sin sin with that for now…


I must give special mention to the new CATHAL COUGHLAN record… It’s really good.. Here’s the latest single ‘The Knockout Artist’.. I love the track after it on the album also.. Packed with fine songs to be honest..
FOR THOSE I LOVE also is another fine record.. Here is Birthday / The Pain.. another class tune.. Also out on the 26th

Maybe it’s my green, white and gold tinted glasses but I think there is some savage talent on the Irish Music Scene.. If you have a spare 50 minutes some night Coughlan’s Live Music Venue recorded some of their intimate shows from last Nov / early Dec and the quality on it is unreal.. The likes of Mary Coughlan, Paul Noonan (Bell X1), Lisa Hannigan, Mick Flannery, and may more.. It’s excellent.. Here it is if you would like to watch it.. ‘Behind Closed Doors’ :


A reminder also for our John Spillane competition running for anyone who pre-orders the album with us… Here is the info again 

JOHN SPILLANE is set to release his first independent album in 20 years.100 Snow White Horses comes out on April 2nd. In celebration of that, we are running a competition to win: a signed Vinyl copy and signed CD of 100 Snow White Horses, a signed copy of John’s album Acoustic Series Vol.1 All The Ways you Wander, and a signed copy of his book, ‘Are We Brilliant or What’. To enter, pre-order the brand new album with us on Vinyl or CD and you will be entered into the draw! Recorded in London with Pauline Scanlon and produced by John Reynolds the album is inspired by John’s travels around Ireland. The decision to release the album independently allowed for a greater sense of creative freedom and these new songs are full of poetry, Irish mythology and wonder

Also here is the video from last week folks.. Congrats to the winner of the signed WYVERN LINGO competition!

Right so moving onto releases for Friday the 9th of April… East / West, an arm of Warner Music in the UK releases the new DECLAN O’ROURKE record ‘Arrivals’ on CD and Long Player.. I have had the great pleasure of listening to the album over the last few days and it’s a beautiful listen.. Vocally tops, great acoustic guitar work all through with the intermittent splashes of piano and strings.. Beautiful all through.. But the strongest thing about the record is the songs.. They really stand up and engage you from start to finish.. I think this album could catapult Declan to his rightful place, oh and btw it was produced (the record) by some fella called Paul Weller.. Saw a little interview of the two meant together and there seems a genuine fondness between them.. Show’s the esteem Weller holds Declan in to produce or co-produce as Weller says.. Fine listen folks, honestly.. Here is the title track ‘Arrivals’, great tune

We have a lovely competition around pre-orders of the album with Declan and Warner.. Declan played in the good siopa a few years ago, here’s a look at it if interested.. It was 10th of December 2016, over four years ago now!!

Anyways, back to the competition.. Pre-order the new album on CD or Vinyl with us and enter a draw to win one of 3 separate prizes..
3rd Prize : A Signed CD copy of the new album ‘Arrivals’ by Declan
2nd Prize : A Signed Vinyl copy of the new album ‘Arrivals’ by Declan
1st Prize : A great prize for Dec fans.. A Virtual Meet & Greet with the man himself where the winner / winners household can have a chat with Declan.. I suppose ye can ask him how is Andy doing?? What kind of tiles he has in his kitchenettes or what ye’r man who produced the album is like?? Declan will also perform a song from the album for the winner on the virtual meet and greet.. A lovely prize.. Thanks a million to Declan for the prizes..

Photo Credit : Lawrence Watson.

To enter, simply pre-order the new record ‘Arrivals’ from us.. Sin sin.. It’s an excellent album folks by a great songwriter / storyteller.

Right so, Warner also for the 9th of April have a reissue of the brilliant self titled IBRAHIM FERRER album on BMG with the Buena Vista Social Club for music company on the album.. If you don’t know it i’s class.. Here is Silenco from the album..

Another sweet release from Warner for the 9th of April is the RHIANNON GIDDENS album with Italian multi-instrumentalist FRANCESCO TURRISI.. The album is called ‘Their Calling Me Home’, and is made up over covers mainly.. It’s released on Nonesuch, both these musicians are Irish based now so if someone can tell us the beach in the video for ‘Water Bound’ is shot on we’d be happy out… It’s somewhere on our shores!!

Lastly, one of note from Warner for the 9th of April is the reissue on limited red vinyl on Nonesuch also of musical pioneer LAURIE ANDERSON’s ‘Big Science’ album... First reissue in over 30 years..

Universal for the 9th of April have the TAYLOR SWIFT ‘Fearless : Taylor’s Version.. 2CD version of 26 songs including 6 completely unreleased tracks.. Taylor said she had loads of some she adored at the time and didn’t make the album so here they are on Taylor’s version.. FLYTE’s second album is released on Island also on April 9th on CD or indies only blue vinyl, called ‘This Is Really Going To Hurt’.. MAX RICHTER has ‘Voices 2’ on Decca on CD and LP.ARIANA GRANDE has the vinyl release of her latest album ‘Positions’ also on Island.. This is a limited coke bottle green vinyl..

Uni also have a SARAH JAROSZ reissue ‘Build Me Up From Bones’ on Concord.. I must admit this musician passed me by a little bit until i heard with John Smith on a song from his new album ‘The Fray’.. She is class.. I suppose 3 Grammys in the bag Raymond, what did you expect.. Anyway’s here is the title track from the forthcoming reissue

Bluenote through Uni have a reissue on the 9th of April of ART BLAKEY & THE JAZZ MESSENGER’s ‘Moanin’ on LP.. It’s an All Analogue reissue.. Lastly from Uni for the 9th of April on Mercury is LYNYRD SKYNYRD ‘Live at Knebworth 1976’ on CD/DVD combo, BluRay/CD combo (both these in a CD sized box) and also a DVD/2LP Combo pack..


Sony for the 9th of April have the new LONDON GRAMMAR album ‘California Soil’ on CD, Indies Only Vinyl, Standard Vinyl and  fairly limited box set.. We have 3 left of that.. Great voice, great sound.. Here’s ‘Lose Your Head’ from the album :

I’ll hand ye folks over to Bobby now who will run through some interesting further down the road releases.. A few beauts announced recently if memory serves me right.. Just on the JOHN GRANT one… The boxset we have been allocated one copy of it.. It’s super limited, really is.. Fairest way (ohh it’s expensive also!!) is a game of fastest fingers so will pop it on the site and who (if anyone) wants it they can buy it from there… An email could easily be missed so site is the fairest way.. Right here is the Bob-Man.. 

Hey folks,
Few nice bits today! As ray mentioned there is a new JOHN GRANT album ‘Boy From Michigan’ after being announced (only this morning I believe), on a few formats. There is CDVinylLimited Edition Deluxe ‘O-Card’ Vinyl, and as Ray mentioned the very very limited Box Set. This one is set for release on June 15th, looking forward to it!

Also announced this week is the new BLACK MIDI album ‘Cavalcade’. A few formats again on this one, with CDCassetteVinyl and Limited Picture Disc Vinyl. For the vinyl pre-orders of the new album, there will be a free flexi disc given out with the first pre-orders while stock lasts (still not sure how many we will be getting!). There flexi will be a cover song by the band, which fans will vote for through the band’s website, a nice one! This is due out May 28th. There is also a new BLACK MIDI 12” now up for pre-order on the website

The cracking ‘Déjà Vu’ by CSNY is due to be reissued as a 4CD / Vinyl boxset in May. It will feature the original album on CD and Vinyl, and a host of unreleased and rare recordings spread across 3 bonus CDs. An album that seems to have been out of print for quite some time, a true classic. 

Finally from me for this week is a new MARS VOLTA 18LP boxset coming through Warner in late April, called ‘La Realidad De Los Sueños’.

That’s all from myself for this week!
Back to the bossman!

Thanks a million Bob,
The Orchard for the 9th of April have a remix album of the new ORB album and also NICO’s ‘BBC Sessions 1971’.. It’s really saucy for a 4 track but Tearbox the label say it’s a really quality pressing..

PIAS for the 16th of April have the reissue on Gold Vinyl 3LP of GOLDIE’s ‘Timeless : 25th Anniversary’ Edition, also on 3CD.. They also have AVISHAI COHEN’s ‘Two Roses’ on Believe Records…
Sin é for this week folks,
Keep at it,
Thanks for listening
Ray, Bobby & Shane

New GODSPEED YOU! , New John Smith ( including an unusual journey) and a class John Spillane competition

Hi everyone,

Hope ye are all keeping safe and well folks…12 months now.
As we said last week …hopefully only a little over 2 weeks now before the call and collect is back with us…hopefully….thanks for yer patience and understanding over this time, as i have said before, working solely as a website is challenging when folks are used to a warm siopa floor.
The ” product” ( newsletter, advert, ramble, whatever you wish to call it) today may not be up to its usual self …as tis a bank holiday after all! 

Right so anyway,  here are the releases for this Friday, 19th of March.. It includes the brand new LANA DEL REY album ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’, (including an indies only yellow vinyl), a new RINGO STARR EP recorded over lockdown, the new CHRIS CORNELL covers album, and more new releases by  STEVE EARLE & THE DUKESNITIN SAWHENEY, LORETTA LYNNSTINGANDREW FARRISSSAXONENFORCERMEG MYERSWILLIAM DOYLEHEDVIG MOLLESTAD TRIOBLACK HONEYWEYES BLOODDEVIN TOWNSEND, SAM SMITH, and a 70’s GLAM POP compilation album .. There are reissues by NEIL YOUNGGREEN DAY, ARCADE FIREAMERICAIGGY & THE STOOGESCHROMATICSJUNIPDISCLOSUREDIRE STRAITSMARK KNOPFLERTREESWYE OAKJUNGLENIGHTMARES ON WAX, and MARK EITZEL… On the CD front there is the BOB DYLAN with GEORGE HARRISON ‘1970’ 3CD set, a 2CD format of PETER GABRIEL’s ‘Plays Live’,  as well as a new album by HARRY CONNICK JR, and a new one by JUSTIN BIEBER.. Some biggies here folks for the 19th of March.
as regards the Lana album it wont ship to us till tomorrow or friday due to security/embargo reasons…from what i heard of it its excellent….heres the title track from the album. 

i think it was ELTON JOHN who i read during the week saying  that women are making the best music at the moment …hard to argue against that…certainly as solo artists anyway…Billie, Taylor, Fiona Ulla, Phoebe…Lana top of the tree there?. Very close if not…class act.

We have a lovely video this week ….a nice guest appears in it to give us a few bars out by the barrs…it could have been a scene from a  Dick Lester movie! The time we spent scripting it is appreciated i hope ( come around from behind the boxes there i suppose and twil be grand…and like a lark ascending from the Lough he was with us)
i hope its worth a watch


so the lark from the the lough above was the one and only JOHN SPILLANE…good friend of the siopa now for many years….played a few times for us…i remember one RSD maybe 2013 or 2014 he played in the good siopa musiczone and had the folks in the shop eating out of his hand and singing ” oro se do bheatha baile” along with him…twas magic…he makes an absolutely beautiful sound from that guitar of his…i dont know did you hear it on the video earlier but up close ( 2 metres) the guitar sound is beautiful …and Johns a cracking fella also….heres a tune from the new record with the help of Pauline Scanlon.

we have a sweet competition around the release of the new album….Bobby prepped below for me thank you kind sir…
JOHN SPILLANE is set to release his first independent album in 20 years.100 Snow White Horses comes out on April 2nd. In celebration of that, we are running a competition to win: a signed Vinyl copy and signed CD of 100 Snow White Horses, a signed copy of John’s album Acoustic Series Vol.1 All The Ways you Wander, and a signed copy of his book, ‘Are We Brilliant or What’. To enter, pre-order the brand new album with us on Vinyl or CD and you will be entered into the draw! Recorded in London with Pauline Scanlon and produced by John Reynolds the album is inspired by John’s travels around Ireland. The decision to release the album independently allowed for a greater sense of creative freedom and these new songs are full of poetry, Irish mythology and wonder

Onto more releases for April 2nd…   

Warner have the live Eagles albums reissued on vinyl via Rhino Elecktra…so they have EAGLES LIVE, LONG ROAD TO EDEN  and THE MILLENNIUM.
There is a brand new HELLOWEEN single ” skyfall” on loads of physical formats ( like the auld days) it is on CD single plus 4 different 12″ vinyl single variants ( happy days…CD Singles!!! Shaggy it wasnt me summer of 01, the langer song etc etc) 
Warner also has the STEVE HARLEY AND COCKNEY REBEL 45th ANNIVERSARY album….moved from jan/feb time.
Warner also for the 2nd of April has the debut album on Parlophone/PLG by THE SNUTS, on CD, Deluxe CD, STD LP and INDIES Vinyl and lastly from Warner for the 2nd of April is a reissue on vinyl for the first time since the 80s is WARREN ZEVONs ” stand in the fire” , it includes 10 bonus tracks and remastererd for maximun fidelity , has a deluxe tip on style gatefold jacket.

Universal for the 2nd of April have a reissue on vinyl of the debut album by TRAVIS “good feeling” as well as a debut EP on Polydor from ELI SMART.

Proper for the 2nd of April have the debut CD by Hey, King! on Anti….quite good i think….here is a cracking  tune from it.

Proper also for the 2nd April have a vinyl reissue of MF DOOM and BISHOP NEHRU ” nehruviandoon” as an indies only picture disc.
Links for some of these will go up next week…apologies if any inconvience is caused….( yer spoilt most weeks!!) email in if interested in anythink linkless.
Bobby had a great idea i thought during the week there,  where we are ( hopefully) going to put up a playlist everyweek with the newsleetter of stuff we like from the releases we hawk to ye. Hopefully a few of ye may embrace it.

PIAS for the 2nd of April have new albums by DRY CLEANING and FLOCK OF DIMES as well as a reissue by TOKYO POLICE CLUB.

REPUBLIC OF MUSIC have another interesting one for the 2nd of April with the release of JAZZ IS DEAD 006 on the Jazz is Dead label….this time with sax jazz legend GARY BARTZ,  composer ADRIAN YOUNGE and ALI SHAHEED MUHAMMAD from TRIBE CALLED QUEST all teaming up…heres a tune from the record ” day by day”..class, and class video also…
cd and lp available on this one.

CARGO arguably could have the most interesting release of the 2nd of April though with the new GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR album on Constellation records …its called if i can get it right ” G d’s Pee at States end!” . First press only , initial orders only job includes a 10″ with and LP and it is also available on CD. I dont have a track to share at the moment folks!

Lots of semi interesting stuff out for the 2nd of April but not with the majors …the ORCHARD have three nice new releases out…all new studio albums.
Firstly we have the new JOHN SMITH record on Commoner records….speaking of Commoners, we had JOHN SMITH perform in the shop a number of years ago when we were in Douglas, he was doing a couple of nights in Coughlans and agreed to do a performance for us the afternoon between both…it was agreed that id collect John at the metropole in Cork on the afternoon in question…John is a tall man and i was driving me auld black ford fiestiee at the time  ( normally it is impeccably clean as my friends would vouch for, but this day it  was a tad untidy) Johns guitar barely fit in the car dont mind him ( translation from Cork for ” dont mind him” is..  John was very fortunate ( haunted )  to be able to fit in the car also!) . He could have been thinking where in jaysuses name am i going, but in great fairness to him , he didnt bat an eyelid …not a bother ! i quite enjoyed the car journey , im sure John did also when he could see over his kness, the smell from Patricks bridge that day wasnt to bad, easterly wind. 
He gave a tremendous performance in the shop after, seriously talented vocally and  with the guitar…really enjoyed it.
JOHN BLEK brought him home that day if memory serves, i think i offered the fiestie but the 2 small fellas declined or did someone spot JS thumbing on Maryborough hill.
anyway, sorry…JOHN SMITHS new record is out on the 2nd of April , its called ” the fray” and is on CD and long player….heres a beautiful tune from the album with guest SARAH JAROSZ,,,,

the ORCHARD also have the new studio album by THE FRATELLIS ” half drunk under a full moon” on CD and LP as well as STURGILL SIMPSON ” cutting grass vol 2 – cowboy arms sessions” on CD, LP OR INDIES ONLY BLUE LP.

PIAS for the 9th of April have the BILL MACKAY/NATHAN BOWLES debut album on Drag City ” keys” its called…sounds nice, heres a tune

GUIDED BY VOICES have an LP reissue of ” under the bushes, under the stars” on indies only coloured vinyl.
there is a reissue on SOUL JAZZ of jazz drummers STEVE REIDs ” nova” album.
lastly from Pias for the 9th of April is the first 2 in the PETER MURPHY ( BAUHAUS) reissue series  on Beggars Banquet on coloured vinyl with the reissue of first 2 solo albums…” should the world fail to fall apart” and follow up ” love hysteria” …heres title track from debut
ok so folks sin e for this week really…i dont think i forgot anything, Bobs not here to oversee my mistakes!!
Hopefully not to many, 
enjoy the rest of your St Patricks Day ,
hopfully we will see some of yer purdy faces from a distance in a few weeks time.
thanks for listening as always,
Ray, Bobby and Shane