MEXRISSEY, Metallica as Ambassadors and Radio 1 Editting

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Sorry with the day late newsletter again… High powered interviews all week delayed me a tab.. More on that in a while.

Firstly, records in the shop for release today.. BOWIE BOY, SANTIGOLD, MORRISSEYANTHRAX.. all the other stuff from the video today which you can find here :

Right so, on to releases for next Friday the 4th of March.


Firstly from Sony is the major label release (debut release really, only a live album before now) from HERMITAGE GREEN, entitled ‘Save Your Soul’… Fine up and coming Irish band from Limerick who really are supposed to be sensational live. I hope this record (only CD for now) does really well for them.. A vibrant Irish music scene is important for all of us. I personally think it’s good at the moment, without any major superstars (Hozier maybe an exception on second thought).. Anyone else??.. Bueller… Bueller..

Sony also have a new Ray Lamontagne album, his 6th entitled ‘Ouroboros’.

I see, in our first mention of the year, (more unashamedly on the way over the next few weeks, we promise), METALLICA were announced as Record Shop Day ambassadors, with a couple of RSD releases by the band themselves coming up for RSD.. Changed my mind.. Was going to have a pop of Lars, but no… Not going to.

Next up, Universal have a new band on the scene, THE STRUTS.. I like this crowd… Queen rip off one might say (the main singer is the bulb of Freddie, may have even gone to his dentist to do the job for him) but they have something I feel.. Catchy tune


Next up from Universal is the brilliant MASSIVE ATTACK, with their ‘Ritual’ EP, which also sees the return of The Tricky Kid, as well as collaborations with Young Fathers, Roots Manuva, and newcomer Azekel…  The EP comes as a 12″ Heavyweight (180 gm) Mid Grey coloured vinyl with 4 colour centre labels housed in a black polylined inner hand placed into 3 mm spine sleeve printed 4 colour process + special screen printed 5th colour orange designed by Hingston Studios and the man himself, Rob Del Naja.

Universal also have the BEACH BOYS ‘Party’ LP.. An album of covers all unplugged. Also from Universal is the new MAX RICHTER album ‘Songs From Before’, and lastly some jazz reissues on the Verve label including ELLA FITZGERALD / LOUIS ARMSTRONG, CHARLIE ‘BIRD’ PARKER and OSCAR PETERSON.

Essential for the 4th of March have MEXRRISSEY… What’s that Ray, I hear you ask.. Well, it’s a Mexican tribute to the MOZ man.. A covers album by Mexico’s greatest musicians of some of Moz’s greatest tunes… Why are you telling us about that Ray?.. Well, simply and maybe surprisingly, I think it sounds really good.. But hey, one man’s meat is another man’s poison… (That right Moz?!!!)

Essential also have the new album by THE FEELING.

Some of you may have heard me on the Sean O Rourke radio programme earlier in the week. Firstly, t’was a great plug and was delighted to be asked.. Great opportunity to get shop mentioned to (I’d imagine) a couple of hundred thousand listeners.. But, (there’s always a but with you Ray)… I was naive thinking it was all hunky dory, wine and roses with the interview.. Not fully the case, but felt in hindsight that it was taken (the vinyl resurgence) a small bit negatively.. Price v. quality… I would have bigged up the quality in the 7 or 8 minute interview, but the 60 or so seconds kind of painted a different picture I thought.. Maybe me just being super sensitive.. Cassettes, for f*cks sake!! No wonder Sean O Rourke thought I was a nut job… Not too far wrong, the profession I have! All and all look, a great mention, just slightly caught out by those editors.


PIAS for the 4th of March have the new M. WARD record (sounds lovely).. Must have wrote it in Ireland.. ‘More Rain’ is the title..

PIAS also have the new POLICA record, their third offering, on coloured vinyl for Indies only.
Debut from LAPSLEY also out through PIAS next week, only 19 years of age.. Take a listen below

New SABATON ‘Heroes on Tour’ 2DVD/CD or 2LP, and THE VIOLENT FEMMES have a new offering, their 9th, all through PIAS.


Warner for the 4th of March have a FLEETWOOD MAC 3LP in concert set, and new albums by MIKE SNOW, INVERLOCK and THE CORAL, their 8th album.. First in five years..

Warner for today, a bit under the radar, have an expanded version of MORRISSEY’S brilliant ‘Bona Drag’ ALBUM, 2LP with a bonus poster.

Check what’s coming in on

Free shipping on 3+ records if you can’t call in to say hello, or just don’t want to say hello.. (Couldn’t blame ya, ala Sean O’ Rourke)

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