Slipknot Return With A New Album, Feile 19 Ticket Competition, and A Cooperative Bolloxology Report

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well out there..
My own last few lines for a couple of weeks.. 2 to be exact.. (One week off!).. The one way newsletter street
Releases in the siopa this week include the THOM YORKE ‘Anima’ 2LP Orange Vinyl and Book Box Set, BLUR ‘Live at the BBC’ 4 Track 10” Vinyl, SHREK O.S.T. first timer on vinyl, new albums by LLOYD COLE, TY SEGALL, CARNIFEX, a new IDLES 7′‘, the POKEMON DETECTIVE PIKACHU O.S.T on limited vinyl of 2500 worldwide, a SPOON compilation LP, and reissues by JASON ISBELL, DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE, NINA SIMONE, SERJ TANKIAN, and BIG COUNTRY.

Video up this week, Bob man on duty for it.. Will be a short one.. Definitely beginning to feel like late summer releases!

Well this newsletter is a bit of a cooperative between myself and the Bob man… So i’ll do a bit and Bobby can tidy up my mess.. Probably rings a bell Bob i’d say… Before I go on… Two quick things… We have two tickets up for grabs for Feile 19… Buy the Feile Classical CD from us for €8 and you enter the draw for the two tickets… I know I’m not a bookmaker but my guess is you would stand a 5% chance of winning tickets… Wrong job Raymond, in some ways only!!!
You can pick up the CD online here, or of course in-store as well…

Right second thing… This MURDER CAPITAL gig we are involved in is something worth considering… Cracking Irish band in my opinion.. Have been listening and reading a lot about them recently and they ain’t to keen on the whole social media bolloxology… Admirable, very very admirable in my opinion… In an age where we are poisoned by bolloxology on our social medias… I find it great that a new (Irish) band are kind of saying ‘f**k that tripe… Come see us live and see what you think’.. Old school. Brilliant, admirable and deserves to be heard.. And for the last time i’ll say it… Ye have that chance.. Here’s the first two tunes live from a radio station..

Pre-order the album below and gain entry to the Cork album launch gig in the Crane on Thursday Aug 15th at 7PM.

Speaking of bolloxology on the auld social media etc…. When the Musiczone Empire was at it’s busiest 04, 05 maybe to a lesser extent 2006.. I used to do nada… No SM, no website… Pull cup the shutter in the morning and pull it down at night and do a few hours paperwork every month and that was it… No we have to poison ye weekly with this and daily with the other social (me hole) stuff.. Can’t take a leaf from these young lads book… Be gone in a few months… It’s all about the bolloxology now… Fair play to ye lads..

Right so, moving on to music for the 9th of August… Starting off, WARNER have the new SLIPKNOT album ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ via Roadrunner… Available on 2LP, CD or CD with a t-shirt.. 30 bucks for them if anyones interested… Also €30 best price on the 2LP if anyone interested in that… Sound…

Swap over time. Bob man here taking the reins for the rest of the newsletter. None of the bolloxology craic from me this week I’m afraid folks. Only releases, releases, releases. Will keep all the other good stuff for next week.

Universal new releases for the 9th of August have the new MARIKA HACKMAN ‘Any Human Friend’ on CD or Pink Coloured Vinyl.. Really enjoyed her last album from a few years back so looking forward to giving this one a few spins in the siopa!
There is also a new P.P ARNOLD album through Uni next week, as well as JOHN SCOFIELD‘s ‘Hand Jive’ first timer on 2LP, DONALD BYRD‘s ‘Ethiopian Knights’ Blue Note LP reissue, and GODLEY + CREME (Ex 10CC) ‘Consequences’ 5CD album..

Sony for the 9th of August have ELVIS ‘Live 1969’, live at the International Hotel on 2LP or 11CD set.. Here’s some more info on it :

The new CD Set features 11 complete sets from the first of his many engagements at The
International Hotel (several of which are released in full for the first time, with one show
entirely unreleased), allowing fans a more definitive picture of The King’s glorious return to
the concert stage. A physical box set will feature a 50-page book including rare photos, memorabilia and an oral history by Ken Sharp curated from historic interviews with Elvis, Colonel Tom Park,
Tom Jones, Jerry Schilling, James Burton, Cissy Houston, Terry Blackwood, George Klein,
Fats Domino and more. 11CDs housed in 2 separate media carriers (one holding 6 discs, the other holding 5 discs) and a 52-page smythsewn book, all contained in a double-walled board slipcase.
The Vinyl is a 2LP gatefold pressing, with 2 generic white sleeves and originally released the same day as Suspicious Minds was first released.

The Orchard for the 9th of August have the new FIONN REGAN album ‘Cala’ on CD and indies only yellow vinyl… Opening track ‘Collar Of Fur’ a lovely track, will be getting a few listens here

Proper for the 9th have a new FEEDER album on CD, Deluxe CD, LP or Deluxe LP.. Tallalah it is called.. Also out is a ZERO 7 reissue on CD and LP of their second album ‘When It Falls’, and a STEVE HILLAGE ‘The Golden Vibe’ indie shop release only on CD or 2LP..

MOV for the 9th of August have ELVIS ‘A Date With Elvis’ 60th Anniversary Edition of 2000 numbered copies on blue vinyl..

Lastly, PIAS for the 9th of August have KYLE DIXON + MICHAEL STEIN’s ‘Butterfly : Original Series OST”, and a handful of ARCTIC MONKEYS 7” vinyl reissues.

Sin sin folks,
Will be back to you myself next week.. Gotta get the bolloxology hat on for the week and have some stories for ye!
Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt

White Stripes Reissue, Follow THAT Chuck, and The Riptide Movement In-Store Video

Hi Everyone,

Hope ye’r well this week…

I must apologise for a few typos last week …. The time to be outside Pro Musica should have read 5.15… Sorry about that one…
Seriously though …. Did anyone chance them I wonder at about 8 o’clock?

I have not got a telling off yet this week about it… No one probably listened anyway and ye’d probably be right!

Here’s hoping they do a second gig somewhere in the country…

Who knows, they might do a surprise instore in some record shop for record shop day or something to make up for it … Ah the boy who cries wolf…

Stuff (nice stuff) out in the house today includes the last in the series of PINK FLOYD reissues ‘Momentary Lapse Of Reason’, and ‘The Final Cut’…. Think I may have forgot to mention them last week.

Image result for final cut pink floyd


Video as usual for those who watch! 

Moving on to releases for next week the 27th of Jan… Bit of a slow news week even though the schedule is decent enough for the year…. The ED SHEERAN album should be massive for the music retail sector … Out on the 3rd of March.. We hope to run a preorder competition with a good prize of something bespoke by Mr Sheeran… He is Mr. Sheeran to me now… Out with the Mr. Bonos (might change my mind if you announce a Cork gig like) and in with the Mr Sheerans….. No sticking albums for free onto your phones  without asking(!!) from Mr Sheeran …. Will keep ye posted on the competition.


Sorry…. Small tangent over…. Friday the 27th sees the release of the new TRAINSPOTTING soundtrack.. On CD only for now…. LP is June i think…. Fine looking soundtrack again… THE RUBBERBANDITS have a track on it…… Talk about fitting the bill!

Universal also have ARCADE FIRE ‘Reflector Tapes’ on DVD or BLURAY, CREAM’s ‘Fresh Cream’ on 3CD/BLURAY,  a few more FALL OUT BOY LP reissues and some ALEX HARVEY BAND LP reissues, as well as the marvellous BLUE BREAK BEATS Compilations Volumes One to Three getting the vinyl reissue treatment.

Lastly for next week again via Universal but signed to SPINEFARM records are Killarney natives GREYWIND…. Here’s a quick bio… And a tune…

Greywind’s home of Killarney, Ireland is a beautiful town and a popular tourist destination. For young people passionate about music – like the O’Sullivan siblings Steph (vocals) and Paul (guitar) – it’s a place of limited opportunity. Inspired by the likes of Thrice and Jimmy Eat World, the O’Sullivans would dream of a bigger future: But a dearth of other local musicians meant that their dreams of forming a band never really progressed beyond that. The turning point came following the suicide of their uncle. Grasping the shortness and fragility of life, Steph and Paul decided to forge ahead despite their lack of a conventional band line-up. On an ordinary Wednesday night, the pair polished off the lyrics to their first completed song Afterthoughts and recorded a demo of it the following day. They uploaded it on the Monday and were then immediately deluged by a flood of industry interest. Radio 1 quickly took notice when Daniel P. Carter played the demo and Zane Lowe soon followed suit by picking it as his Next Hype. Within six weeks, Greywind had inked a deal with Raw Power Management and were on their way to record and album with Jason Parry (Don Broco, McFly, Kids In Glass Houses) in Texas. Featuring lyrics which address the dark heart of the human condition, the resulting album possesses the visceral crunch and the soaring hooks of the bands that have so inspired them. Dynamically, however, they move in ways more mysterious than that template would suggest…The album’s continuing rush of highlights suggests a band with years of experience behind them.


Proper Music Group have the 10th Anniversary reissue of FRANK TURNER’S debut album ‘Sleep is For The Weak’ as a 2LP or 2CD…  Contains the original album plus 6 tracks of previously unreleased demos with side 4 etched with the FTHC logo.

Image result for frank turner sleep is for the week

Proper also have a JERRY LEE LEWIS compilation album taken from the original analogue tapes pressed on 10“ with 1000 cyan coloured ones only being done…. LEWIS was probably the first wild man of rock n’ roll… Ye probably know the story of when he had to support Chuck Berry at a show one night… Lewis wasn’t happy to be number two on the billing…. So he mixed petrol in with a bottle of coke and as he played his last song he poured the concoction over his piano and set a match to it, whilst legend had it continuing to finish the song as the piano was in a great ball of fire… He left the stage and as he passed Chuck said …. ’Follow THAT Chuck’…. Well rumour has it, it was a racial slur rather than the word Chuck was used…. Lord of the smelly feet would be out of a few dollars today if Lewis was around… He would have being perfect for DJT’s bash today… Definitely american enough i’d say… Ah man… Where are we going?

Proper also have a new JOHN MAYALL album with guest Joe Walsh… LP to arrive late Feb as well as a couple of budget CD releases by STAN GETZ and ELMORE JAMES.

Essential for the 27th have some AMON AMARTH LP reissues…first two albums i think.


SONY have a reissue of the very first BOB DYLAN Bootleg Series (1 to 3) as a five LP set  on 180 gram with a book… First repress since original press in 1991… We have an original pressing in the shop for 200 yoyos but we will let you out with the new repress for 60 yoyos if you want.


Cargo for next week have the new MICHAEL CHAPMAN album ‘50’.

Republic of Music have the BRUNO NICOLAI OST to ‘The Night Evelyn Came Out Of The Grave’ on DEATH WALTZ Records….. Limited and coloured.. They also have DEAF HAVANA’s new album…

I am promised a few visits from lads high enough in their respective record companies (the major ones anyway) in the next 6 to 8 weeks…. They want to tell me how great everything is.. I plan to get a few answers if I can to pricing and to codes or lack of them… If anyone else has any serious bug bearers you would like me to try an address send me a mail….

A good regular lad bought 8 records from us last Saturday to go home and find download codes in only 3 of them… Penalised nearly for supporting physical product and the whole industry…. Download codes should be a given when you buy a record… End of story..

Let me know what to add to my one man crusade folks…

Shellshock have the new MARK EITHEL record out next Friday….I think he is in CYPRESS AVENUE on the 11th of Feb..

This new one is receiving really strong reviews … Bernard Butler’s (Suede) fingerprints are all over it having produced the record and played Guitar, bass and keys on it…. Lovely limited to 500 Vinyl with a 12 track CD of unreleased songs… If i get any that is…


Warner have a SEPULTURA 6 CD or 6 LP boxset of their Roadrunner albums on coloured vinyl, plus new ones from KEHLANI and JAPANDROIDS as well ANNIHILATOR 3 CD set and a nice CD Reggae Compilation on VP.Sorry folks I probably kept the biggest release of next week til last … From Pias via Third Man Records is the repress of THE WHITE STRIPE’s ‘Get Behind Me Satan’… As a DLP… PIAS also have a new TY SEGALL…. They also have an Indies only, coloured ‘Live In Paris’ by SLEATER KINNEY, the new KREATOR album on a load of formats as well as GUY CLARK ‘Live from Austin Texas’ on CD/DVD or DLP.

Image result for get behind me satan

Quiet enough on the local scene at the moment… But as promised, we now have the Riptide Movement in-store from late last year up on the website for your viewing pleasure! Another cracker of an in-store.. Thanks again to Tim our video guru, to the band, and to everyone who came in and made it a great day in the shop.. Relive it here!

Sin e for this week folks…

Thanks for listening



Queen are On Air, Mick and I Have a Staring Competition and Riptide Instore

Hi Everyone,

How’s it going? A bit cranky myself today…few small reasons why…they might reveal themselves over the next few pages…or may not as well.

Releases in the shop for today include Declan O’ Rourke, Weezer reissues, Travelling Wilburys and Genesis.

A scary, Halloween special video this week, should interest Metallica fans also… as well as all the new stuff that’s in….


Moving onto releases for this week the 4th of November…man Christmas is only around the corner…sneaks up…


Universal for the 4th of November have a few releases including our own JOHN SPILLANE…reworkings of Irish songs we learned in school and more Irish songs….reissued once again…which is great as people always look for it…we could not keep it on the shelves when it came out the first time…I think it sold 70,000 copies over counters…double CD this time for the price of a single, so a nice Christmas pressie for some.

We hope to get John in some day to belt out a few tunes.

Universal also have QUEEN on Air out next week…six sessions from the BBC recording from early 73 to Oct 77 as a 2CD set, a 6 CD set or a 3LP set.

An early nineties classic by BLACK GRAPE …(mid nineties maybe!!)…’It’s great when your straight’ gets a reissue on LP and 2CD/DVD.

Universal also have new albums by JIM JAMES (My Morning Jacket), KUNGS and ALFIE BOE/MICHAEL BALL as well as some nice reissues from CROWDED HOUSE including the debut, Woodface and Together Alone…these are taken from the original analogue tapes.

Lastly from Universal are 8 ROXY MUSIC LP reissues as half speed remasters on 180g with codes and very lastly MOTHER LOVE BONE gets a reissue…but the pricing is crazy wih a capital C.

This is one of the reasons I am cranky with a capital C…just one mind you…here at ground zero, front counter, I hear and see people’s concerns and frustrations over pricing every day…

As the vinyl revival increased so has the cost to Joe the consumer…do not get me wrong here, I will say again and have stated in the past …the vinyl revival is the main reason I am still open for business…but a serious word of WARNING to any big knobs (as we say in Cork) who read this blog…Bigi curamach with the vinyl pricing…Joe normal reissue €30…standard back catalogue €25…new deluxe LPs €40…the MOTHER LOVE BONE reissue is a 3LP set….I would be retailing it at €200 if I bought it (I didnt) check Amazon on it…it is £195…there are numerous other examples….that one got the treatment because when it’s current to tonight’s releases….there are plenty others…Emmylou Harris ‘Red Dirt Girl’ reissue (standard vinyl) €28…

Seriously the powers that be have to take stock and think about the consumer with a long term plan in place…short termism cash cowing (if ye know what I mean) ain’t the answer…it is only going to piss people off …I hear it every day…people pissed off over it.

I’m not advocating deflating the product to the extent the CD was deflated…nearly a race to the bottom at one point when the supermarkets were heavily involved…that’s no good either…but a fair price for a great product is my suggestion…standard reissues on the shelf €20 rrp…back catalogue €20….cream of the crop releases and doubles 22-25 euro and the deluxe with 7” or 12” or freebies or CD included 25-30…the most expensive outside the boxsets.

If one record company can have a RRP of €20 on a limited, numbered, coloured double LP…how come the next company is €30?? There’s only the few plants we are all told…It needs to be addressed I feel…Paul Pogba comes to mind as well….there is another record (sought after) coming out soon and it is a double LP…it’s a reissue and it’s costing me about €26 plus VAT…if I retail it at €40…pay the VAT  it’s down to €32…I get €6 out of the €40…the price of the record , 2 records is €26 from the record company…someone somewhere is making a tidy profit on it and get JOE the consumer pissed having to pay out €40 for a double LP when he can illegally get it or buy the CD for ⅓ of the price…I have noticed a subtle change in the shop in the last few months…a slight change to CDs from a few guys…I have vinyl is their number 1 format but they can’t justify it…bills to pay…kids to feed…if this continues in the same vein as Belle and Sebastian so aptly put it “Mr. Record Company company man, I won’t be coming for dinner”…ok ok in a different light but I hope ye get my drift….

I feel strongly about it …I have a bit to lose if the powers that be make a balls of it…I don’t fancy having to concentrate on selling kid’s DVDs to jumped up supervisors in convenience stores, half my age who finish every sentence with the word YEAH…that’s a second reason I was cranky this evening…more about that some other evening maybe…


Back to the tunes, Warner have SUPER FURRY ANIMALS ‘Fuzzy Logic’ 20th Anniversary for the 4th November, as well as a best of on CD, EVA CASSIDY 7LP boxset as well as two class reissues….PINK FLOYD, D.S.O.M. and STEVIE NICKS ‘Bella Donna’…the Floyd reissue in fairness is ok money at €24 (after all my giving out).


Sony for the 4th November have new albums from ALICIA KEYS, ROBBIE WILLIAMS and DARK TRANQUILITY.


PIAS for the 4th November have new albums from SHIRLEY COLLINS and also from VADER.

Red Essential for the 4th have the new HAMMERFALL album ‘Built to Last’.

The last crowd I had as my credit card terminal provider keep stealing €20 out of my bank account every month, even though the account is closed and clean since the 23rd of August…they keep stealing €20 from my account…does anyone regulate these w**kers…PAYZONE is their name…do not use them…this goes on wholesale contract closed…let’s tole another month or two from the sucker…nothing will happen sure…make it so diffcult for them to even try get it back that they will give up.

I just want them to stop robbing me at this stage…allservice providers are at the same craic as far as I can see…jup through hoops to cancel the bloody thing  and they still steal from you afterwards…thing about it is it is easily stopped by COMREG…fine the shower of …I have an email from them saying it has been cancelled on the 23rd of August, yet they still took payment on 22nd Sept and 22nd of October…€40 stolen…fine the fuckers €1000…that would quickly stop all that bullshit…but COMREG not worth a shite either I’d say…and that was another reason  I was cranky today when I saw them steal another €20 when I was guaranteed one month ago I was out…

Anyway, small fry in the scheme of it all…really small fry…

Music On Vinyl

Music On Vinyl for the 4th of November have reissues from NAS ‘Nostradamus’, CYPRESS HILL ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ and BLIND WILLIE MCTELL ‘Atlanta 12 String’.

Not much else happening for next week… THE RIPTIDE MOVEMENT were instore Saturday at 3pm…tunes, talk and signing…another great gig…their new album is a really good record again…they should be really proud of it….if they were born 20 years earlier when the industry was in a bit better shape I reckon they could have been huge altogether…globally…here’s hoping they still will…and also, great friends of the shop, RAISING JUPITER were instore to play some tunes on Monday, Halloween at 2pm…rocked the place as always.

Sorry if I was a tad cranky tonight but I had a stressful two weeks dealing with a couple of BOWIE zealot nuts…will leave ye with a giggle I hope…I can’t decide if myself and MICK FLANNERY are at an instore in the shop, a pre-fight weigh in for a UFC title match, a staring competition or thinking about going in for a shift in Spiders Nightclub.

Hot off the press, exclusive content for the new METALLICA album has been offered to us from the record company via a unique code on a Halloween mask for the METALLICA website, which will give exclusive content for the new album. We are told we have to follow strict rules with this and we only have 20…Here’s what you need to do:

·         There will be Metallica Halloween masks made, based on the album artwork, that we would like you to place in your independent record stores. (artwork below)

·         These can be in the Metallica section or on the counter depending on where the stores would like.

·         These can be put in the stores from Friday 28th October

·         Fans can then go into these stores and ask for their ‘trick or treat’ to get one mask each.

·         On the back of each mask will be a website and a unique code.

·         Once logged in, fans will see a countdown until roughly 20minutes before 8pm GMT (exact time tbc). At that point the official video for ‘Atlas, Rise!’ will play and give these fans the chance to be the 1st to see it.

·         This will be messaged through Metallica’s own social channels


Sin é for this week,

Thanks for listening,



The Riptide Movement Live In-Store, Beck, Declan O’ Rourke, and Someone’s Going Swimming In The Lough

Hi everyone,

How’s the form?

Another week in the new Towers and some more sinister behaviour… I shall get to that later..

Image result for lazarus original cast recording

First up are the releases in the shop from Friday the 21st, including BOWIE, COHEN, BRIGHT EYES, BELLE AND SEBASTIAN, RIPTIDE MOVEMENT, PRETENDERS and many more, check out the video for everything!


Moving on to releases for Friday the 28th of October, Universal have a new PLANXTY Retrospective CD/DVD… The DVD has two hours of unseen footage from the RTE Archives.. Universal also have a new albums by the mercurial MADNESS (ah man, gotta like Madness.. No?..). EMPIRE OF THE SUN are back with a new album, with Uni also having a new NEIL DIAMOND ‘Acoustic Christmas’ CD, a new TOVE LO album, a new JACK SAVORETTI album, and the newest in the Clubland CD compilations.. Uni also have a lovely DJ SHADOW ‘Endtroducing’ 6LP boxset.. If interested in that, give me a shout…

Universal have a bucket load of releases for next week… More include PUBLIC IMAGE LTD (PIL) Metal Box and Album 4LP Boxset Reissue, the two TRAVELLING WILBURY’SCDs are reissued again, a new IGGY POP ‘Post Pop Depression’ DVD, Live in the Royal Albert Hall.. A good listen that Iggy Pop one.. Very good infact, in my opinion.. Universal also have a ‘fang’ coloured limited 50th Anniversary from THE BEACH BOYS ‘Good Vibrations’ 12”..

Universal on the vinyl reissue front for this week have some BECK reissues including ‘Odelay’… Brilliant… ‘Guero’, and ‘Seachange’…. There is a THE JAM 3LP ‘Best Of’ out, as well as the incredible soundtrack to THE MISSION by the equally incredible ENNIO MORRICONE, and finally DRAKE has a few first timers on vinyl including the new one ‘Views’, and ‘What A Time To Be Alive’, and ‘If You’re Reading This’…

Image result for beck odelay

Essential has a new album by the very underrated (in some quarters) THE ANSWER from up the north.. Was first introduced to the singer Cormac by a friend of mine at the Neil Young gig in the Marquee a few years ago and he seemed like a really good skin… They have been grinding out a career for a long time now so it would be great for them to make a slightly bigger impact.. New single is great.. We at the corporation wish them all the best in the world..

It has been quite an edgy and nervous week for me and the rest of the lads in the corporation… Is it a bunch of records in that package?!?!… Is that your bag on the floor bud?!?… Walking to the car in the still of the night hearing ungodly noises in the depths of the carpark…

I have received more correspondence from BLACKSTARLIBERATIONFRONT this past week… The first was posted into the shop in bloody writing.. It read

‘’MUSICZONE, The BLACKSTAR LIBERATIONFRONT’s demand is a simple one. We demand that MUSICZONE apologise for the blatant untruth’s and blasphemies that were printed against BOWIE in recent newsletter. Once this apology has been made, your poster will be returned in the same condition as it was taken. No harm has come to the poster, or it’s owner.. Yet….BLACKSTARLIBERATIONFRONT’

As you can imagine, it sent a chill down my spine yet again… More very unsavoury messages have been received this past few days… In shopping with the message, ‘Do you want to turn into a horse meat burger’, or probably most threatening, attached to the picture of Bowie out at the Lough feeding the ducks : ‘Do you wanna sleep with the fishes?…’

I am, as you can imagine, very nervous and frightened by these threats…. At this moment I am awaiting instruction from the Gardaí so I will keep ye posted.. They have an unconfirmed sighting / report from the Lough of an older criminal, unkempt, unshaven, with pungent body odor and most follicly challenged with a drink and a narcotics problem… If ye know this person please let me know, or the Gardaí… They believe he could answer to the name TOTO…


Anyway, back to releases… Warner for the 28th of October have the excellent DECLAN O’ ROURKE back with ‘In Full Colour’, which is a reworks with new songs, done with a 50 piece RTE Chamber Orchestra.. Should sound sweet to say the least..

Warner also has a new BLACK SABBATH ‘Ultimate Collection’ on 2CDs..

Sorry, there were some vinyl reissues from Universal I forgot to mention!.. The WEEZER back catalogue and GHOST ‘Meliora’ 2LP Version, as well as SUM 41’S ‘All Killer No Filler’ LP..


PIAS for the 28th October have a new COURTEENERS album, a 10th Anniversary Edition of MIDLAKE’s brilliant ‘Van Occupanther’ on gold vinyl with a bonus 7’’… The brilliant SAINT ETIENNE’S debut album ‘Foxbase Alpha’ gets the vinyl reissue treatment… The first ever record released by Heavenly back in the day.. CD version also out with 14 bonus tracks next week… New album out next week also by TESTAMENT, ‘Brotherhood of the Snake’..

Image result for midlake trials

Republic Of Music have restock of the TWIN PEAKS OST by Angelo Badalamenti on coffee coloured vinyl, as well as NADA SURF’s ‘Peaceful Ghost’, live with an orchestra..

We (at the Music Zone Towers) are THRILLED to announce that THE RIPTIDE MOVEMENT will be coming into us on Saturday the 29th of October (tomorrow week), at 3PM playing tunes from their cracking new album ‘Ghosts’.. Saying hello and signing a few copies also… We are delighted to have them in, sound lads by all accounts! Really looking forward to it!!


Sony for the 28th of October have a new album by JAMES ARTHUR, the latest in the BBC Live Lounge series, as well as vinyl reissues from CRADLE OF FILTH, ELO and MAXWELL, and a ROY ORBISON ‘Ultimate Collection’ 2LP set…


Proper for the 28th have a new DAVID GRAY ‘Best Of’ on 2CD and 2LP, first time on vinyl for a lot of these tracks.. NICOLAS JAAR ‘Sirens’ is also out on LP and BLACK (Colin Vearncombe) ‘Best Of’ also gets a release.. Colin tragically lost his life earlier this year in a car crash in West Cork..


CARGO for the 28th of October have the new BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE album on coloured vinyl..

Music On Vinyl

Music on Vinyl for next week have the BAND OF BROTHERS OST by Michael Kamen… PENTANGLE’s debut is back out on vinyl next week, and there is a JIMI HENDRIX ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’ on 10’’.. Only 1500 of these worldwide…

Was in the Everyman last week for the JACK O’ ROURKE launch gig… Jack and his band were excellent and there really was a lovely atmosphere.. Top night out, and delighted for how well Jack has done in the charts this week..

And finally, a huge thank you to MICK FLANNERY who was instore with us last Friday to promote the brilliant new album ‘I Own You’. Songs were cracking as always, and thanks to Mick for sticking around to chat to everyone after. Wishing Mick all the best with this album, he’s been very good to us in the corporation over the years, and we love having him in! Thanks to everyone who came in today as well, was great to see the shop full for it!

Sin é  for this week folks,

Thanks for listening,



The Return of Bon Iver, Van Morrison Pop Quiz, and The Brilliant Jack O’ Rourke Instore

Hi Everyone,


Hows the form….


Bunch of releases in the shop this week which include the new BOWIE boxset on LP and CD…the debut album by the bould JACK O’ ROURKE….Few listens this week..It sounds really good… Really good….Jack was in the shop Saturday…was a quality performance as expected.

Image result for David Bowie - Who Can I Be Now

Also this week, the next batch of the FLOYD reissues on Vinyl, the new WARPAINT record, the new BRUCE compilation plus new ones from INSOMNIUM, SHAUN MENDES as well as reissues by RAY CHARLES, KD LANG,MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE and FLEETWOOD MAC.


And for ye video heads, here you are! Be sure to hit that subscribe button on YouTube if you haven’t already!


Right so onto releases for next Friday the 30th of September…. PIAS get the nod to lead the troops for this week….They have via Jagjaguwar the new BON IVER record ‘22, A million’  on CD, Cassette, LP and limited INDIES ONLY LP with 12”… Just 200 copies of this for our shores….So you know where i am if you want to be safe… Tis pricey though at 37 quid….Don’t shoot the messenger…. I know it’s limited and its a lovely piece of gear and musically very good I would imagine, but it is a hefty price tag…. Record companies have to be careful with the price tags… Don’t kill the golden goose , nurture it is my thinking.

Image result for Bon Iver 22 A Million

PIAS also have the record from alt/rock legends PIXIES, ‘Head Carrier’ it is called and it is out on CD , LP and limited indies only vinyl with a slipmat… Getting mixed reviews but I kind of like what i have heard….One man’s meat blah de blah.


Pias also have the new DRIVE BY TRUCKERS record on CD and LP and the new OPETH album ‘Sorcercess’ on 2CD,CD, 2LP or picture disc LP as well as some ROY HARPER reissues on vinyl and a reissue of a special anniversary edition of the soundtrack to Cliff Martinez’s DRIVE on pink vinyl.



Universal have a few strong releases as well for next friday the 30th including second album from english punk duo SLAVES entitled ‘Take Control’ on CD and limited red vinyl for indies only with codes.


Universal also have the new studio album by VAN MORRISON…. Pop quiz…. How many studio albums does Van have?…. Isn’t google a bitch… Pop quizzes are with O’ Leary in the grave….If I could only trust ye not to tap for the answer I could have ran a competition to win the Leon Jackson album (sorry Leon, I hope you never read this and if you do I hope you appreciate there was no malice intended and you take it in the spirit it was meant… P.S, I could have told you SYCO was a bit of a langer like) ….I would have got it wrong ….36 studio albums… I would have been about 10 away… Anyway his 36th is out next week ‘Keep Me Singing’ is the title…. Is that like the  opposite to a do not resuscitate order….Van was the man at a point  to be fair…. Don’t know what this one is like.

Image result for Van Morrison Keep Me Singing

ROLLING STONES first 10 years gets a 15 CD and 15 LP Mono Box Set treatment…. One for the hardcore fans.


WALLIS BIRD releases her 5th album called ‘Home’ on Carolina music….Underrated girl is Wallis especially here in her homeland…. Loads of talent so we wish her the best with the new record…. Free live CD if you buy the new album on CD or Vinyl from us week one of release….Two for the price of one… New album and live album for 14 euro…. Not bad at all… Wallis is due to do an instore in Jan with us when she is back in Cork again to play Cypress Avenue…. Sound bird as well you see….


TEMPLE OF THE DOG gets a reissue also next week on 2CD and 2LP plus a super deluxe box.

Image result for temple of the dog temple of the dog

UNIVERSAL also have a superb STING vinyl boxset ….8 studio albums across 11 records for 145 euro…They are all individually released also….


Uni have reissues by MAROON 5 ‘Songs About Jane’ and HEAVEN 17 as well as the brilliant MASSIVE ATTACK new 12” single as a limited coloured vinyl…Bot sure if it’s the Mazzy star track or not… Will inform next week.


I done a talk recently for Tedex under the guise Cork Loves Music and man it was nerve-wrecking… Standing on a stage in front of about 50 or 60 people in seats.. People just looking at you… Talk fool talk as Mr. T might say…. My input was to be from an indie store owners perception of the world I live in… Man I could talk all day as some of ye know but this was tough… I will beef it out for ye more over the next week or two as I think it might be an interesting enough read.. Three facets to it… 1) Background 2) Why buy Physical? 3) What do we as Indie shops contribute to the world?.. I’m not sure if my crowd on the night got me…I could be wrong but I felt my crowd would have more interest in more worldly matters like the huge influence of the Hebrew Monks had on Bowie’s creation of Ziggy… Man!!


Anyway, tis done!



Sony for the 30th have the HENDRIX reissue ‘Machine Gun’, a live show with the Band of Gypsies from 1969 in the infamous Fillmore East in New York.. Cut from the original 8 Track master tapes..


Sony also have a number of really good vinyl reissues for next week including the following :


Image result for bob dylan the times they are a changin


Warner for the 30th of September have the new REGINA SPEKTOR album ‘Remember Us To Life’ on CD, Deluxe CD or LP… ERIC CLAPTON ‘Live In San Francisco’ with JJ CALE is also out, as well as ‘Best Of’ CDs by ENTOMBED andMORBID ANGEL for any metal lovers out there..



Cargo have the new ULTIMATE PAINTING LP on Purple Vinyl for Indies only….


Some of the best wine till last this week…. The new JOHN BLEK solo album is on rotation in the shop the last few days and it’s out on CD, and Limited numbered vinyl next Friday the 30th… Sounds great, really really well crafted songs once again.. Check out the lead single ‘Little Sparrow’ underneath.. Lovely bluesy tone to the guitaring and great lyrics by John once again.

Image result for john blek cut the lights


Sin é for this week,


Thanks for listening,




Hi everyone,


Hope the form is good with ye all.



It wasn’t the best of weeks as far as the new shop went… Best laid plans.. And fail to prepare.. Man plans, God laughs are a few that would spring to mind.. Basically, the drawings for the shop did not actually fit the shop.. Not enough room for the shelves in the middle of the floor so, (well there was enough room but you would have to jump / climb over them to get to the next part of the shop) shite here I am 2.45, last Monday afternoon throwing the plan in the bin… Nightmare for a few days… Where is this going to go?.. What about here?.. What about that?… The fire door is there!… You need more of this now.. And less of that…


Rip it up and start again… Now drawing on the back of a fag box type of thing… But the plan is taking shape a bit now.. I was a stress head for a day or two.. Step back now and it was not worth it… But you like to try to do it well… As well as your small budget allows anyway… But look it will be done just a bit differently than it was planned..



So on to releases for August 5th and we will start with PIAS who have the newBLUES PILLS album ‘Lady in Gold’ on Gold LP, CD/DVD or CD.. This is the second album from the young and very talented quintet.. Great singer, fine guitar player.. The first album was really good if that is your buy.. Fantastic cover yet again, great to see such effort going into record sleeves.

PIAS also have some early DAMIEN JURADO reissues… First timers on vinyl for these.. ‘Rehearsals for Departure’ and ‘Ghost of David’..


DINOSAUR JR are back with ‘Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not’ and it sound as good as ever.. This new record is out via Jagjaguar and there is an indies only purple vinyl.. WILD BEASTS also return with a new album entitled ‘Boy King’.. This one comes as a standard CD, Deluxe CD, or Limited LP, with a 7’’.. The Deluxe CD has a lot of bonus material including demos, acoustic versions etc..

Republic of Music have the mono reissues of JOHN WILLIAMS original soundtrack to HOME ALONE…


Bit of a PEARL JAM day from Sony for August 5th, as they reissue the 4th and 5th albums ‘No Code’ and ‘Yield’, as well as a double sided 7’’ from ‘No Code’, for ‘Who Are You / Hail Hail’ and ‘Off He Goes’, as well as singles ‘Given to Fly’ and ‘Wishlist’ from Yield.. Sony also have a definitive collection of ELVIS’ last studio recordings on CD+LP entitled ‘Way Down In The Jungle Room’..


We are closing in Douglas Court on Sunday the 7th of August, and moving lock, stock and barrel on Monday the 8th of August… I know a good few of ye kind souls offered help on the day… So if you want to help and are at nothing for 30 minutes on Monday the 8th, we are moving between 10AM and 8PM… There are a few conditions thoguh!


Condition 1

One car trip per helper… No more please.. If you are free and can spare the 30 minutes to do one trip with a few boxes great, but no more than one trip allowed.. I don’t want any cardiac arrests or broken hips on my watch


Condition 2

Without causing offence to anyone, we would kind of have to know ya! ‘I heard you wanted some records moved boi.. I’ll give you a hand sham, I love me records..’ Ye get my drift..


No seriously, if anyone who offered or wants to help, and wants to do one car load… Show up at some point during the day.. Cool and thanks! CRITICAL POINT.. Zero, I mean zero onus on anyone to do anything.. SECOND CRITICAL POINT.. Anyone who does show up.. Please make sure you have taken your angina meds before doing so..



Right, i’ll get off the horse.. Back to the music! Universal have the debut album byBLOSSOMS.. These guys hail from Stockport in England, and there has been a buzz in the MZ corporation for their EPs over the last few months.. I had never listened to them up to about 30 minutes ago and I must say I like their brand of Indie psychedelia tinged with some good old fashioned synthesiser pop music.. I like them.. Influenced by the Arctic Monkeys, The Verve and bands like that I think…

WILCO guitarist NELS CLINE has a solo record out next Friday with Universal… His first solo record..


TARJA has a new album out via Universal called ‘Shadow Self’.. There is a CD, CD/DVD, 2LP and Boxset formats..


Universal / Polydor are also reissuing the two TASTE albums (which have been missing from the shop for a good year or so now).. So ‘Taste’ and ‘On The Boards’ will be back with us very soon.. Lastly from Universal, the first two TAME IMPALACDs are getting reissued..


Warner for the 5th of August have a reissue of the very first GOV’T MULE recording, ‘The Tel-Star Sessions’ on Provogue.. This is a previously unreleased recording for you Mule fans.. From back in 1994 and it arrives as a CD or 2LP limited splattered vinyl..


DEEP PURPLE ‘Live in Concert 1972’ gets a reissue as a limited LP and 7’’ as well.. Warner also have the soundtrack to the hotly tipped summer blockbuster ‘Suicide Squad’ on CD..


There are some nice Jazz reissues out through Warner for next week through the Stateside label, including LOUIS ARMSTRONG / DUKE ELLINGTON, as well asMILES DAVIS ‘Amandla’.. Lastly from Warner for next week is the newest edition of the LIVE AT WACKEN set on CD/DVD or CD/BLURAY..


Small change with the date in relation to our upcoming instore performance for brilliant upcoming Irish act ALL TVVINS, which will now take place on THURSDAY AUGUST 18TH. We are really looking forward to this one, some cracking tunes worth checking out.. The boys were even featured on FIFA 16, which is great to see an Irish group on a platform that big.. More news on this in coming weeks! Check out the lead single below!

Ok so, sin é for this week.. Thunderbirds are nearly ready to go… 13 days to lift off..


Thanks for listening,



Hey everyone,

How’s it going?… Hope ye’r all well.. Stop me ooh ho ooh stop me, stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before…

Summertime and the releases are iffy… Third year in a row I think i’ve churned that one out… Tis a bit true for this coming Friday (July 29th), again i’m afraid, but improving in August.. Well that’s my weather forecast anyway..

Releases in the shop for July 22nd include THE ALLMAN BROTEHRS, BEARS DEN, OPETH, PARADISE LOST, CARCASS, IGGY/BOWIE, CLIFF MARTINEZ amongst others.

For those who prefer the video, here you are! And be sure to hit that subscribe button, and give the video a like!


Moving on to the 29th of July.. Music On Vinyl have a few nice ones that day including the debut by the INDIGO GIRLS, DEREK TRUCKS BAND ‘Joyful Noise’, and STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN’S ‘In Step’ LP.. For the younger reader who may not have heard of SRV.. He was one of the best blues / electric guitarists ever.. He died in a helicopter crash in 1990, with three of Clapton’s close circle at the time… It is rumored that Clapton was due to be the 4th passenger in the helicopter that day, but boarded a different one at the last minute… And Vaughan boarded the ill-fated one… When your luck’s out, your luck’s out… Or in for that matter..


Sony for the 29th of July have the debut album by NAO… Rising English soul, funk, and R&B star…

Essential for the 29th of July have the reissue of the JOHN PRINE classic duets album ‘In Spite Of Ourselves’, with all female singers like EMMYLOU, IRIS DEMENT and LUCINDA WILLIAMS.. This one is available as a double vinyl..

Essential also have the new POWERWOLF live album on CD/DVD or DVD/LP..

I’m not so sure you guys have much interest in the mechanics of the small music retail industry in this wee island of ours.. Well i’ll keep you filled anyway, whether ye have interest or not.. (No need to thank me..). The latest news is that Golden Discs (my old employer) are taking over supplying Tesco with their home entertainment products.. CD and DVD mainly… Some games I suppose.. Tesco are in a court battle with their last supplier (a Dublin based wholesaler) for fraudulent trading.. Excuse me if I have told you this before, I can’t remember.. The old supplier claims that Tesco falsified over 16,000 invoices over 7 or 8 years.. The lawsuit is for 3.5 million…

Now Golden Discs are taking on the task of supplying them.. (As ye know, I wish only well on Golden Discs, they were always good to me, good to work for and I always hope there is room for both of us).. Golden Discs have 13 stores nationwide now… So they are jumping from that to now supplying 93 stores (80 Tescos)… That’s a big change in any company I would have thought.. I suppose for Golden Discs it’s a bit of a case of can’t beat them, join them… And if it works for them it could be very worthwhile (which I genuinely hope it does, once it doesn’t affect me!)..

But from what’s on the grapevine.. Tesco ain’t interested in any participation except at the point of sale.. Basically they give Golden Discs the space and let them do what they want with stocking, racking, merchandising, returns, faulties, theft, overstocks…. Tesco don’t want to know… We give ye the space, and we take a margin at the till… So Golden Disc by one CD from Warner.. Put an RRP on it… Put it into Tesco… Golden Disc pay Warner… Tesco sell it (whenever and after Golden Disc have employed someone to put it in to the Tesco Shop), and Golden Disc make EUR1 a unit type of thing… I dunno… I have no idea of the numbers, i’m only guessing but what I do know is that it is a big undertaking and that Golden Discs will need a good team of people to do it right for them… Time will tell how it will all play out I suppose…


Big news as Warner have a new ZEPPELIN release just announced for September… The Complete BBC Sessions.. Here’s the sales note from Warner!

Nearly 20 years ago, Led Zeppelin introduced BBC Sessions, an acclaimed two-disc set of live recordings selected from the band’s appearances on BBC radio between 1969 and 1971. Later this year, the band will unveil THE COMPLETE BBC SESSIONS, an updated version of the collection that’s been newly remastered with supervision by Jimmy Page and expanded with eight unreleased BBC recordings, including three rescued from a previously “lost” session from 1969.

BBC Sessions was originally released in 1997 and has been certified double platinum by the RIAA. THE COMPLETE BBC SESSIONS builds on that collection with a third disc that boasts eight unreleased performances, plus “White Summer,” a recording that first surfaced in 1990 on the Led Zeppelin Boxed Set. In addition, the set includes extensive session-by-session liner notes written by Dave Lewis. For the first time ever, it provides accurate details and notes about all of the band’s BBC sessions.

Musical highlights on this new collection include the debut of a long-lost radio session that has achieved near-mythic status among fans. Originally broadcast in April 1969, the session included three songs: “I Can’t Quit You Baby,” “You Shook Me,” and the only recorded performance of “Sunshine Woman.”

Also included are two unreleased versions of both “Communication Breakdown” and “What Is And What Should Never Be.” Separated by two years, the performances vividly demonstrate the young band’s rapid evolution over a short period of time.

Jimmy Page spoke about the band’s growth in an interview with Guitar World: “The BBC Sessions show in graphic detail just how organic the group was. Led Zeppelin was a band that would change things around substantially each time it played…We were becoming tighter and tighter, to the point of telepathy.”

Speaking with Wall of Sound, John Paul Jones added: “We’d been on the road a lot by the time those sessions were recorded. The albums were always the starting point of the music, and then we’d take it out and expand it on the road. Then we’d come straight off the road into those BBC studios.”

Recalling the BBC experience in an interview with Mojo, Robert Plant said: “The whole thing was very quaint: the politeness of the audience, the technicians fumbling about, proper hallowed low-key introductions. Like there was some sort of holy moment about to occur.”


  • Deluxe Edition (3CD) – Remastered original album plus a third disc of unreleased audio

  • Deluxe Edition Vinyl (5LP) – Remastered original album, plus a fifth LP of unreleased audio, on 180-gram vinyl

  • Digital Download – Remastered album and unreleased audio will both be available (MQ, MFiT & Standard)

  • Super Deluxe Boxed Set (3CD/5LP)– This collection includes:     

    • Remastered album. 2 CDs, each in a replica sleeve

    • Unreleased audio on CD in a separate card sleeve

    • Remastered album on 180-gram vinyl

    • Unreleased audio on 180-gram vinyl

    • High-def audio download card of all content at 96kHz/24 bit

    • 48-page book filled with photos of the band, the recording locations, BBC memorabilia, and session information

    • High-quality print of the original album cover, the first 30,000 of which will be individually numbered.

I shall have pricing and more info in the coming weeks..

Great news for the shop with the confirmation of an instore by the excellent Dublin based group ALL TVVINS, who have just supported Foals at Live at the Marquee.. Thursday, August 12th at 5PM… More on that also in the coming weeks!

Their debut album is due out that day, August 12th.. Some cracking tunes on it from what i’ve heard… Here’s the Warner promotion for it again! :

After a succession of huge radio singles which have inspired glowing comparisons with the likes of Bloc Party, New Order, Haim, Chvrches and The Killers, ALL TVVINS are set to release their debut album ‘IIVV’ on August 12th on Warner Bros. Records. Throughout ‘IIVV’, the Irish duo counterpoint angular post-punk riffs with insistent energy, strident hooks and swathes of synths to create an unconventional blend of the anthemic and the unconventional. All of their singles to date feature on the album: ‘Darkest Ocean’ which has accumulated 3 million plays online; the striking debut ‘Thank You’ which was nominated for Irish Song of the Year at the Choice Music Prize; the dramatic and intense ‘Too Young To Live’; and the recent track massive radio hit ‘Resurrect Me’


Back to releases for next week the 29th of July and PIAS have the latest NEW ORDER single ‘People on the High Line’ on CD, 12’’ and 7’’..


Universal for the 29th of July have a deluxe edition of the SIMPLE MINDS classic ‘New Gold Dream’, from 1982.. A load of versions of this available including a super-duper fancy version…

There is a beautiful musical document left behind by VIOLA BEACH after their terrible tragic end along with their manager.. Well they will hopefully be remembered forever with their only 9 tracks committed to record.. Only started out in life.. Terrible

Universal have a fierce limited DISCLOSURE EP… I mean it, fierce..

Universal also have some nice reissues including R.E.M. ‘Dead Letters Office’, ‘Eponymous’, and ‘Lifes Rich Payment’.. Also out is TOM PETTY‘s ‘Greatest Hits’ on DLP, and Hole’s ‘Live Through This’..

Warner for the 29th have E.L.P (Emerson, Lake and Palmer) reissues.. The Debut LP, and ‘Tarkus’.. Also out from Warner is a new GAVIN JAMES 12’’, and some SEASICK STEVE reissues, including ‘I Started Out With Nothing’…

Lastly, Warner have GODFLESH ‘Selfless’ reissue… 1st time on vinyl for this one…

On the local scene, STEVIE G and IAN RING have a new single out, well worth checking out!

Also got in copies of blues / rock gods CROW BLACK CHICKEN on CD and LP, and got copies of the excellent TWO TIME POLKA new CD.. So you know where they are folks.. Both excellent..

Sin é for this week..

Thanks for putting up with me as always.. 20 days to the new shop opening!!



Sad News as Another Company Bites the Dust, Train the Kids, and A Quiet Front

Hi Everyone,

Hope ye are all well…


July 15th and not a child in the house washed….tick tock, tick tock….so much time, so little to do….come with me and we’ll be… in a world of pure unknownness.


Sick of me talking about the move yet…? ( give it another few weeks, you’ll know what sick feels like!)


Not a whole pile happening in the releases world again so yer stuck listening to my problems …as i’m sure ye have none of yer own like..


We plan to close in the current location in Douglas Court on Sunday the 7th or Monday the 8th of August and will be open on Thursday the 11th of August in Douglas Village Shopping Centre….The next chapter to commence….I will be quite sad leaving the shop in DC to be honest ( As i was in Carrigaline….That was a baby to me back then in  2001….I was only a baby myself …Just 27)….. Mainly because that unit was always a record shop (more or less from the very start) and i did enjoy my time there….But onwards and upwards hopefully….Feedback from joe public is positive…3 out of 4 people i would say are positive ( ye folks are not considered in the joe public category in case i cause offence….its the now 93 buyer, walking past, don’t really know them too well joe public, i was on about….so hopefully that will be the case….i’m kinda banking on ye guys  finding us over there….no pressure like!)


HMV as ye probably heard are pulling out of Ireland as all remaining shops, the 4 or 5, are to be closed by the end of the year….i think all except one in Dublin will be gone well before year end….If some not gone already.


It’s kind of amazing really ….Such a powerful brand in this game of ours….No longer…It’s a pity as well…..Is there even  25 record shops in Ireland now…I’d say thats tops…One shop for every 200,000 people…. Where will it  stop?….Who knows….. In 2007 there were over 100 record shops in Ireland.. In 2007 recorded music sales in Ireland amounted to 72 million… That figure in 2012 was 33 million …..The cull was well and truly under way…. I must try and get recent figures because for us after the years of hell above, we saw a bounce and have shown increases albeit slight enough last year….That’s why the HMV thing was a bit surprising , I thought they had weathered the storm also… But who knows the inner workings and the bills etc etc…..Anyway tis a shame.


Anyway, enough of all that says ye, what’s coming out Ray for christs sake…


This week in the shop we have releases by PETER GABRIEL, JEFF BECK, BELLY, BJORK, JUDAS PRIEST, ASAP FERG and the brilliant MICHAEL KIWANUKA.


Releases for next Friday the 22nd of July are a bit sparse again i’m afraid for ye folks but the Summer NOW compilation is out for us via Universal….94 for those of ye keeping count…

BEAR’S DEN new album is out next friday also on CD and LP.

Universal do have some nice ALLMAN BROTHERS Vinyl reissues including ‘At Filmore East , ‘Eat The Peach’, and the self titled album….. 8 LPs in total getting repressed.

Lastly, Universal have a NINA SIMONE vinyl box set ….7 LPs from her Decca time.


Essential are reissuing ORBITAL’s “Wonky” next week.



Sony for next week have a live OPETH LP from Shepherds Bush, London, called “LAMENTATIONS”.

Sony also reissue “Shades of God” by PARADISE LOST and they have a Dermot O Leary ‘Saturday Sessions’ CD.

I’m going off down the lane o sidetracks (Cork haunt) now again so please excuse me…. A few of ye from up the country including Tipp Lad will get a chuckle or a tear (of joy) from this… Cork hurling…


I’m going to put my spoke in (apologies music lovers).. There are about 20 things need to be remedied in Cork GAA for the young hurlers of the county to flourish again… I am going to mention one critical one in my opinion… I went to a Christian Brothers National school in the early eighties.. 80-85.. Going to hurling training was PART of school, even though it was AFTER school… You just had to go, or you took your chances and tried to avoid a few slaps otherwise… 9/10/11 year old kids are in school 5 days a week, 40 weeks of the year?.. That’s a lot of hurling being done when it’s PART of school / after school type thing.. Lay teachers in today’s world simply cannot give that time.. Everyone is busy… Collect the kids from the childminder, call here, pay that, do this…. Busy, busy, busy and i’d say a lot of kids today don’t want to do it maybe… So it’s an uphill battle.. You start national school in Kilkenny and you are given a hurley day one… It’s a different mindset.. It’s rural… It’s parist.. It’s more important to them.. Begs the question I suppose, how important is it?… Joe Canning of Galway recently said that he is trying to concentrate more on his new business because after all hurling is only a hobby… Still nice to bring Liam home every now and then though….


I do this newsletter mainly on a Thursday night (turned into blog on Wednesday) but cut it about 12:30AM, and Bobby or myself add the links, pictures, etc on a Friday and send it out… So here I am cribbing about hurling and as I finish this I see on Twitter what has happened in Nice… Isn’t it a disgusting world that we live in at times… Utterly disgusted.. Words fail me.. Disgusting filth..



Warner finally for the 22nd of July have a few EARTH WIND AND FIRE LP reissues, as well asCARCASS ‘Choice Cuts’, which is a best of 2LP gatefold.. Also out through Warner is a SUEDE best of on CD, and lastly the NEON DEMON O.S.T by Cliff Martinez (ex Chili Pepper) on 2LP Red and Blue Swirly Vinyl with code… His soundtrack for Drive is brilliant, so this could also be a great one.

Sin é for this week,


Thanks for listening,




Hi Everyone,

How’s the form with ye all…

Hope ye enjoyed the break from me ….!

Blissful….i could say the same….no offence meant.

Back to normal this week or attempting to get back there anyway.

Loads going on with the impending move to Douglas Village happening now in early August….under the duvet never looked better Monday morning last….i did look hard there but alas up and at it…..i’m sure ye have had that feeling

The place was in safe hands with Bobby and the lads keeping the ship afloat…nice newsletters from the Bob man also.

Excited about the move….loads to be organised so it’s a bit nerve wracking and daunting and a bit scary but excited all the same….we hope to put our own stamp on the place and make it a nice shop….that’s the plan anyway…twil be great in one sense to get the move under way….it’s dragged since Jan 29th this year.


A few heavy hitters there to be fair.


So, moving on to releases for the the 15th of July, the biggest arguable is the new MICHAEL KIWANUKU album, his second, called “ Love and Hate” on CD and double gatefold LP on Polydor records.

This one could be a surprise packet of the year….maybe one of the albums of the year in my opinion by the time the year ends…….worth checking out….. again in my opinion…people have been interested in this album from months back….here’s a taster to save you a few key taps….we are a world of key tappers now really aren’t we….key tapping and red tape….automated cars that tumble into  traffic…


Steven Tyler ( Aerosmith ) has a solo offering coming out next friday the 15th also….his maiden solo journey…Universal also have have a couple of FRANK ZAPPA CDs reissued “ zappa for president” and “ the crux of the biscuit” ….both of these reissues have previously unreleased material.

UNIVERSAL also have the next batch of PETER GABRIEL vinyl reissues, these include the fairly obviously excellent “ SO”  as well as triple LPs “ UP” and “US” …. All of these are limited and numbered with codes also.

On codes… should be a given….end of story….Mr. record company man, make codes a given….i have seen cost prices of some good selling catalogue vinyl like THE STONE ROSES debut album increase 20% since the turn of the year….greedy guts creeping in….least you can do is throw in a code….sometimes code not mentioned on  the cover and the code is in there, other times it is not there…..CODES SHOULD BE A GIVEN.


Universal also some LP reissues from THE HUMAN LEAGUE and SONIC YOUTH  as well as some DVDs from MARVIN GAYE, OZZY OSBOURNE, JONI MITCHELL and a new album from supergroup DEAD DAISIES “ make some noise” on red vinyl.



Proper for the 15th of July have a new album from GOOD CHARLOTTES, a 2CD/2DVD  ofTREXs born to boogie and a new album from DAVID CORLEY….went to see David, last year now id say, in the mighty Coughlan’s and got chatting with him at the bar….asked him would he like a drink…..a whiskey please….no bother….a guinness and a whisky so please mr bartender….two minutes later David and i say good luck after a nice chat as he leaves with a Guinness and a whiskey!! Sound lad David twas  just an honest mistake…( if even five of ye even get that quip it would be a result….best ignore me i think… i got too much sun in Shanagarry)


Warner have a new JEFF BECK album out next friday called “loud hailer”.


Those reading these ramblings for a couple of years notice the lull in releases in the height of summer….july and august mainly.



Sony have  new CDs out next week from PITBULL and 9ELECTRIC as well as Vinyl releases from JUDAS PRIEST “battle cry” and ASAP FERG “ ALWAYS STRIVE AND PROSPER” gets its LP release also.

Struggling a small bit to find my mojo this week so apologies if i was brief ( ye could be delighted!)

Just one more quick note… We have now started started selling CD on the website. Same scenario as LPs, 1 or 2 copies 5EUR shipping, free on 3+ bought.. Only a small few up now, but hoping to have most of the shop up in around 6-8 weeks so keep and eye..


Sin e for this week….

David Corley has a song called just an honest mistake in case ye think i’m completely sun stroked…

Thanks for listening…



Hey Everyone,


How’s the form?


Short and sweet from me this week but Bobby will add in his own younger better looking slant on it for a bit this week, and fully next week.. (And hopefully add in his performance video from his music course final exam also)..


Firstly, thanks to everyone for the kind wishes about the move…. I will keep ye abreast of our comings and goings when I get back from the sunny south east coastline…



Or for those who perfer the video, here you are :


So on to releases for the 1st of July.. Small calm after the storm, but still a few nice bits happening this month..


Warner for the 1st of July have BLINK 182’s new record ‘California’, on CD/LP and limited indie only silver vinyl with code… The punk popes’ 7th album since 1992 I think… The band now have Matt Skiba (of Alkaline Trio) as singer after replacing Tom DeLonge from the group..Quick Bobby input : Tom came out during the week announcing his reason for leaving the group was to hunt UFO’s… Interesting to say the least.. Taking the newsletters ‘big beast in the sky’ recurrence to a whole new level! Who said rock n’ roll is dead?

Warner also have the new BAT FOR LASHES record again on a limited indie only pink vinyl for 5,000 copies worldwide (a double LP in fact) and CD and standard double LP.. ‘The Bride’ is a concept album by Bat For Lashes which follows the story of a woman whose fíancee has been killed in a crash on the way to the church for their wedding… (Must have nicked that idea from Morrissey somewhere along the way).


Warner also have a 3CD ERIC CLAPTON + GUESTS ‘Crossroads Revisited’, as well as some METRONOMY reissues on LP and a limited MUDDY WATERS Live LP, entitled ‘Hoochie Coochie Man – Live At The Rising Sun Celebrity Jazz Club’ on DLP.. This was meant to be released for RSD but it did not get out of the pressing plant in time…. But here it is now…


Now I pass the reigns to Bobby for his mini State of The Nation address this week, as well as the rest of the new releases for July 1st… Thanks all, see ye when i’m back please god..


Hey everyone! Due to the huge success of my brilliant vinyl video last week, we have decided it is time for me to take charge for a week or two, and try entertain ye with some fresh rambling! In the words of Planty, Ramble On!


We’ll crack straight into it!


First up for release for the 1st of July from Universal is the come back single ‘All For One’ by the mighty Stone Roses! Unfortunately it is a 1 track, 1 sided 7’’ with no B-Side, as is gonna cost 12EUR.. Bit sharp for a 1 track 7’’.. Who knows, maybe Mani is saving up for some UFO hunting kits..

Universal also have a new CD from sensational violinist NICOLA BENEDETTI, entitled ‘Shostakovich Violin Concerto No.1, Glazunov Violin Concerto’, as well as 6 CLASSIC albums reissued on LP, mastered at half speed for ultimate sound quality, including theROLLING STONES ‘Exile on Main Street’, CREAM’S ‘Disraeli Gears’, JOHN MARTYN’s‘Solid Air’, SIMPLE MINDS’ ‘New Gold Dream’, and finally THE POLICE ‘Ghost In The Machine’. All were cut by legendary engineer Miles Showell, of Abbey Road Studios.

Also out from Universal for July 1st is the new LP from grammy winning SNARKY PUPPY, entitled ‘Culcha Vulcha’, their first in two years..  If you haven’t heard these guys, well worth checking out! Hard to pin point a genre to them, ranging in everything from rock, R&B, funk, soul, jazz, bossa nova, and most importantly played by a band who you can tell absolutely love what they do! Had the pleasure myself of getting to see their keys and hammond organ player Cory Henry in Cyprus Avenue in May, and was completely blown away! He played alone with a drummer, on a day that happened to be Stevie Wonder’s birthday.. A special night! Have never seen a musician on that caliber before!


Sony for the 1st of July have a new album from MAXWELL, another R&B, Soulful type grammy winner. The album entitled ‘blackSUMMER’S Night’ is out on LP and CD. Prog Metal band FATES WARNING have a new album out through Sony as well for next Friday, called ‘Theories of Flight’, their twelfth record.. The video for the lead single ‘White Flag’ is an interesting one.. A close up, guitar playthrough video, with the band’s three guitarists just shot in one go playing the song.. The guitar nerd in me loves it, but can’t see MTV jumping on the bandwagon.. Surely the band saved a bit of money this way. Fair play. Maybe they’re saving for UFO hunting gear too..



Also out from Sony is another (yes, another!) couple of E.L.O reissues, of ‘Face the Music’ and ‘Time’, both on LP.. And finally from Sony is Swedish hard rock / metal group Pain Of Salvation, with ‘Remedy Lane : Revisited’, the remixed and relived take on the album will be on 2CD Digipack, and 2LP, which includes a new sonic take on the original LP, and a live album from a 2014 show.


Next up is PIAS, with not much happening for the 1st of July after their mammoth release of Radiohead last week.. Biggest release for them is the new SARA WATKINS LP, entitled ‘Young in all The Wrong Ways’. Watkins is most known for her role as fiddle player in the bluegrass group Nickel Creek, but has now ventured solo with the new LP being her third solo record.. ‘Young in all The Wrong Ways’ could be a nice title for this new, fresh newsletter?..



Proper for July 1st have a new CRADLE OF FILTH reissue, with 2011’s mini album ‘Evermore Darkly’ making its first appearance on the vinyl format.


And finally on the new release front for this week is the reissue of American alternative rock group NADA SURF’s fourth record from 2005, entitled ‘The Weight Is A Gift’.. This one is done by City Slang, through Republic of Music.

As Ray asked earlier, I better include the video from my final year performance with UCC Music.. The gig took place in the middle of May this year in Cyprus Avenue, with the theme of my performance being a dedication to Fender guitars, as the company celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. With that I attempted to showcase a chronological performance through the decades of guitarists who have used the Fender in a unique way to obtain their own unique sound, becoming icons of the Stratocaster. Starting with the ‘pure’ clean blues tone of Hank Marvin and the Shadows, moving right through to the thick, heavy distortion of Biffy Clyro’s metal influence, it is a collection of songs from the icons who have inspired me to play guitar myself! So if you have a spare half an hour some evening, here it is!



Hopefully I haven’t missed anything! (Sorry Ray if I have!)


If you have any enquiries over the next week, feel free to throw us an email even though Ray is away, and we will do our best to help! And if we can’t, all messages will be passed on to Ray once he is back!


Should I say ‘sin é for this week?’…


Stay classy, vinyl lovers.



Emerging Irish Talent, Documentaries on the Corporation, and Good News for Radiohead Fans

Hi Everyone,


Hope the form is good…


The hurling is back… Thurles Sunday what’s the chances?.. Against the oldest enemy… Slim to none? Hard to call is my opinion.. Could, should be an interesting one.


Anyway… News on the RADIOHEAD white vinyl is better.. I am receiving 24 copies of it now… Better than 10… So still 6 copies available if anyone else is interested.. No luck at all on the single.. Got zero, zip, nada, nought… Crazy Ebay pricing now your only option (my advice, forget about it and don’t support the slippery quick buck merchants)…



Anyway, June 17th for the Radiohead… I have not listened at all to it yet..

Right so, releases in the shop today for your browsing pleasure include RICHARD ASHCROFT, BOB DYLAN, MANIC STREET PREACHERS, THE ASSOCIATES, ADAM + THE ANTS, CHRISTY MOORE (CD), DAVID BOWIE, ERIC CLAPTON (CD), and MUDCRUTCH (CD) amongst others.


Or for those who prefer the visual medium of a video, we have upgraded our camera in the Music Zone Towers, but unfortunately our camera man is still a bit on the shakey side! Be sure to hit the subscribe button on our YouTube channel in order to keep up with these weekly video new release updates! One customer got a fine chuckle from me during the week when he asked for me not to send him any more Vinyl Pornography.. Sorry, here’s more porn.. Be sure to subscribe for vinyl porn!



Moving on from that so… To releases for next Friday the 27th of May.. No major releases but still quite a few interesting ones.


Universal have the new CATFISH AND THE BOTTLEMEN album on CD and Gatefold Vinyl via Island records..


Thirty four years on and the return of MARTIN FRY with the follow up to ‘The Lexicon of Love’.. Part II is out next Friday.. CD only for now.. LP will follow in coming weeks.


Universal also have a nice WILKO JOHNSON selected blues album CD… 40 tracks, 8 quid.. Entitled ‘The First Time I Met The Blues’.


There is a 9LP STEVE HACKETT vinyl boxset of his first 6LPs, plus previously unreleased ‘Live at the New Theatre, Oxford 1979’, and a double live LP ‘Live At Reading 1981’


Still more from Universal for next week, the third instalment of the MARVIN GAYE boxsets, this is an 8LP set again, covering records from 71-81, including the classics like ‘Let’s Get It On’, and ‘What’s Going On’, and the alimony acquired favourite ‘Here, My Dear’.


Universal have a reissue of TALK TALK’s ‘Laughing Stock’ and the NIRVANA live compilation ‘From The Muddy Banks of the Wishkah’ on double LP, and lastly there is a new ALAN PARSON’s triple live album.


Sony for the 27th of May have LACUNA COIL’s new album ‘Delirium’, limited edition CD and limited edition LP. Some nice Sony Legacy vinyl reissues also out, including titles from the brilliant JEFF LYNNE’S E.L.O, and the great bard himself MR. LEONARD COHEN… E.L.O titles include ‘A New World Record’, ‘El Dorado’, and ‘Out of the Blue’, and the Cohen titles are ‘Songs of Leonard Cohen’, ‘Songs From A Room’, and ‘Songs of Love and Hate’. Decent value on the Cohen’s at 18Eur each!


A good friend and customer of the shop, Tim Mc 2, put together a really fabulous video documentary of the shop on Record Shop Day… A brilliant piece in my opinion, really captured the day… Thanks Tim!


Tim and myself go back a while but inadvertently Tim is the reason MUSIC ZONE is here.. We worked together in McDonalds in 1991.. Tall ships race time.. Busy for the burgers, burnt fingers, work there, work anywhere… Tim got into GOLDEN DISCS just around the corner on Patrick Street. Tim always loved his tunes and I had him pestered if there was news on a job there, not to forget me… Low and behold, one day in trots Tim.. ‘I’m moving on Ray, will I put in a word for ya?’… True to his word.. Bod a bing, here I am… 23 years later, boring guys to death with my rambling notes.


If you can spare 40 minutes over the weekend have a watch.. We think it’s worth it.. Thanks to Ian, Frank, Stevie, Martin and Aaron for doing the auld interviews.. There are some lovely moments in the video.. I lightly chuckle when I see Arthur making his decision on his free CD from the box of freebies… The reaction is great I think (over Stevie’s shoulder during his interview!). Great document of a great day.. Thanks a million Tim.. And the rest of ye… Handsome devils for showing up… It was a Boyzone reunion audition in the man cave that day..


Proper for the 27th of May have new albums by BRONAGH GALLAGHER. The King of swamp rock, TONY JOE WHITE, has a new one via YepRoz.. MARK KOZELEK ‘Sings Favourites’, PINK FLOYD ‘London 66/67’, PET SHOP BOYS new 12 inch single on white vinyl.. Nice few bits.


Lastly from Proper is the second album by CIARAN LAVERY… I am really looking forward to hearing this one… Firstly he is Irish which is always a great starting point for me.. So much Irish music is as good, if not better, than any of the stuff we are being force fed, but it is so hard to get seen.. Radio in this country don’t help.. It’s all about the dollar.. Why can’t this song be played on 96FM?… Radio Friendly, surely?… You heard the quality of the local guys here from the video.. Top quality each and everyone of them, and deserve a shot at it..





This dude has a lot of talent, and deserves to be heard… And he starts from the right place… All for one and one for all, let’s hold hands and build a wall..



PIAS have new albums for the 27th by FLUME, on coloured vinyl for Indies only, the new I HAVE A TRIBE vinyl, as well as the new DEATH ANGEL record through Nuclear Blast… .DANIEL ROMANO’s new record on New West called ‘Mosey’ is also out… Being very well received by critics, LP is double gatefold at 45RPM in Mono, with codes.


Geoff Barrow of PORTISHEAD has the soundtrack to the ‘Couple In The Hole’ movie..


Plenty of reissues from PIAS also for next week including JOHN LEE HOOKER’S ‘Alive Volume 1’ and ‘Volume 2’, some MOBY vinyl reissues of ‘Animal Rights’, ‘Everything is Wrong’, and ‘Play’. Also reissued is MY MORNING JACKET’s ‘It Still Moves’, deluxe LP reissued with 13 track b-sides on ATO, and finally the 10th Anniversary of SPOON’s ‘Gimme Fiction’ on 2LP through Matador..


Republic of Music have the new GOLD PANDA record, their third on City Slang records.


Warner for the 27th of May have NEIL YOUNG’s ‘Rust Never Sleeps’ DVD and Blu Ray, which is a visual document of the tour of the same name… Also the Human Highway DVD for the first time ever.. It had a very limited cinema release back in the day… Neil has decided to let it out after years.. This has been described as The Wizard of Oz on acid…


Warner also have the new MONKEES album.. First in 20 years.. Also out is a BURT BACHARACH ‘Best Of’, and the new album by BAND OF SKULLS…


Sin é for this week folks,


Check out VINYL RECORDS CORK for all the comings and goings,


Thanks for listening,

Radiohead, Rants and the return of the Roses

Hey everyone,
Hows the form…
Right so, on to next Friday, the 20th of May… where do I start though, quite a few of note…


Sony gets the nod to start for the 20th of May. Dylan’s new album is out next Friday entitled “Fallen Angels”, another covers album, the first record really divided people, some saying it was as good as anything Dylan has ever done, others thinking it was pure tripe.. I’m praying to sit on the fence somewhere firmly in between both views… I thought it was a nicely produced, easy listening album, well arranged and for me, vocally quite nice… not great but not shite either. Bob has sold over 125 million records now… savage like… but I do wish he was writing his own songs and not doing these covers stuff. Must have a touch of writers block… can happen to the worst of us!

Story goes (probably not true at all), when Bono met Bob for the first time, Bono questioned Bob on his apparent ease with penning songs… Bono – “they say you can write a song anywhere, at any time, at the drop of a hat??”… Dylan – “Yeah, that’s about right”… Bono – “can you write a song now?” Dylan writes some lines on a napkin and shows Bono… Bono- “wow that’s unreal, can I have it?”… Dylan – “no, write your own songs”. As I said, probably not true at all.



Sony also have the brilliant MANIC STREET PREACHERS fourth album… commercially massive album… “Everything Must Go” on a deluxe reissue boxset  as well as CD and standard LP. A cracking album in my opinion aside from the huge hits on it, some gems like “small black flowers” and the brilliant “all surface but no feeling”… in fact every track is strong on it… just like the new FRANKS album… its brilliant… not a weak song… really, really good… in case I didn’t tell ye already.

Sony also have the ADAM AND THE ANTS reissue of 1980’s “Kings of the Wild Frontier” on a fancy super dooper boxy thingy… I was a tad young for this at the time, only 6… but seems to be a lot of interest so I must have a proper listen.
Sony also have the new CHRISTY MOORE CD, his 25th solo album, “Lily”… lovely name… eh hem… same as the smallest… Christy wrote some of the songs on this one as well as songs written by Peter Gabriel, Declan O’Rourke and our own John Spillane.

Lastly from Sony is a new HIGHWAYMEN live one called “American Outlaws Live”… Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson. Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings… four fine lads lads I’d say would make Christy look like an altar boy even in his heyday… this one is a 4CD set.


Pias have a GRATEFUL DEAD tribute album created and curated by Aaron and Bryce Dessner of the National… it’s a celebration of the DEAD’s music over 6 hours and 59 tracks… CD only

Essential have the new RICHARD ASHCROFT album on CD and double vinyl record as well as the new SATYRICON CD and LP, “Nemesis Divina”.

I had to rush purchase the indies only, one press only, really, really limited RADIOHEAD vinyl on Monday last… I ordered a few… quite a few, but have been told by the rep to stop taking names at 10… that he would try and get me more than 10, but 10 was all he thought I would get… at this point 8  customers have contacted me about the record (the white version), so only 2 more kinda guaranteed to get them… if you want to throw your hat in the ring… its first come first served… if I get more than ten white ones, they will be allocated to the names in that position… sorry about this, I know it’s not ideal… if you’re not arsed about the colour, let me know also and I shall keep for you… released for Friday the 17th of June… I hoped I would get around 20/25 of the white, but looks like it will be around 10 copies… will keep ye posted next week on developments… just telling ye the sceal is all.


Warner for the 20th of May have the BOWIE “changes one Bowie” on CD digipack and 180 gram vinyl… random black or clear are the vinyl, 50% of each being pressed… like looking for willy wonkas golden ticket… you don’t know until you open the wrapper… bit of a gimmick really… the powers that be know a lot of Bowie fans are completists and the record company are not really looking after their customers… make it limited to a number so at least the early and more eager birds will get the worms… this way (50/50 way) is less fair but probably more lucrative… don’t kill the golden goose lads… vinyl is keeping the whole thing afloat… do not piss people off… treat them right…cornerstone of any relationship is honesty, trust and respect… not making people feel like they have been mugged … bigi curamach Mr. Record company man or I won’t be coming for dinner, I can hear some Bowie fans hum.
Warner also has the second album release by Tom Petty’s band MUDCRUTCH… they actually formed back in 1970 originally… took them a while to get the debut album out… 2008… Warner also have a reissue of DEATH’s debut album “scream bloody gore” on 2CD and royal blue vinyl with codes.


I did warn there was a bit tonight… is anybody awake still? Nearly there. Universal for the 20th of May have the new ERIC CLAPTON record called “I Still Do” on CD and LP… Bleeding Heart Pigeons have the CD release of their excellent debut “is” out next Friday. Ariana Grande has a new album… Bassist and a third of the JAM, Bruce Foxton has a new solo record… contributions by Weller. Sing Street gets its vinyl release and there are some nice Jazz 5CD sets by some of the greats like Miles, Coltrane and Bill Evans.

New song tonight by the Stone Roses… one of my favourite bands (who were never properly a band, if that makes sense). Probably, if there had been more productivity, would have been my numero uno, up there competing with THE DOORS, THE BEATLES, THE CURE and THE SMITHS, (note to upcoming bands, put THE at the start of your band name).

I was 15 when the debut album dropped… all the b-sides… sheer class… the tunes were class… still are… I love the second record also… it was a disappointment for a lot of people and the snobby purists will slag it off, but this snobby purist thinks it’s a fine record with some cracking tunes… so there for ya… must say though the new song… jury is out big time… lovely riff and playing all through by Squire, Mani with his northern soul influenced bass lines and Reni is driving the beat as only the beatmaster can but lyrically it is so weak… catchy, anthemic, but so weak lyrically… where are the lyrics that caught a 15 year olds imagination:

“as the miles they disappear,
see land begin to clear,
free from the filth and the scum,
this American satellite’s won”

from ‘Waterfall’ or

“kiss me where the sun don’t shine,
the past is yours but the future’s mine”

from ‘she bangs the drums’ or the adolescent awakenings from ‘going down’,

“Penny’s place, her crummy room,
her Dansette crackles to Jimi’s tune,
I don’t care I taste Ambre solaire,
her neck, her thighs, her lips, her hair”

Brownie was always a good man for lyrics, including his solo stuff like:

“fed up of excuses,
theres nothing more to say,
sands of your patience have surely drained away,
backed into a corner,
built of my design, peer into the future,
entwined is yours and mine,
I know this can’t go on if things remain the same,
drastic change is needed, its driving me insane”

…  and I’m sure there will be finely penned songs off this album…just not this one…. maybe they felt they had to open with some kind of a singalong anthem … I still love them and always will but this is no ‘I am the Ressurection’… did I say I still love them though…
Anyway, for those still awake,
sin e for this week,
Thanks for listening,

Birthdays, Breakfast Rolls and Bowie’s Glittering Stars

Hey everyone,


Hope all is well..


Music Zone will be 15 years old on Sunday (no need for champagne, or cakes, or chocolates, or anything for that matter..just glad to be alive!) It feels like only yesterday in some ways.. Bridget Jones was the big seller when the shop opened on Tuesday after the May bank holiday weekend… Nervous as a kitten I was… Standing like a rabbit caught in headlights when the first potential customer approached. Builder guy, breakfast roll wrapped up good and tight as they say.. ‘Any AC/DC CD’s?’.. Ah christ… Some of the Sony stock never landed in, including the AC/DC titles… ‘No sorry… Should be in during the week, I can hold one for you?’… ‘Nah, you’re grand, i’ll call another day…’ Note to self and others… Always have some AC/DC titles… Anyway, excuse my meanderings into past lives…

One other quick note to self and others, no really big beasts in the sky back then, or files to download to your PC either… So more important note to self and others… These days (2016), have AC/DC titles in stock!


Releases for the shop for today, May 6th, include RYAN ADAMS, GREGORY PORTER, MICHAEL JACKSON, THE RIDES, 10’000 MANIACS, MOTLEY CRUE, JEAN MICHEL JARRE, and the new BEYONCE CD.

For all who prefer the visual, check out the new release video here :

Releases for May 13th include CORINNE BAILEY RAE’s new album on Universal, the METALLICAvinyl boxsets (first two records), and the new DRAKE album also.


Warner for the 13th of May have a MORBID ANGEL LP reissue of ‘Altars of Madness’, THE BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA Deluxe CD remaster of ‘Spirit of the Century’ on Omnivore and lastly, the big one from Warner next week is the new FOY VANCE album ‘The Wild Swan’, on CD and LP… Signed to Ed Sheeran’s label where in fairness artists and bands are allowed to do as they please creatively (allegedly anyway).


PIAS for the 13th of May have new albums by EAGULLS ‘Ullages’ on CD, LP and also on initial order only coloured LP for Indies like me… EAGULLS have been mentioned by some sectors in the same sentences as THE CURE and THE COCTEAU TWINS… No pressure there lads… Just two of the greatest bands ever is all…

New metal albums on Nuclear Blast for next week by GRAND MAGUS and also by HATEBREED.


PIAS also have NEW ORDERS ‘Music Complete’ on deluxe CD, which (and please ignore me with my affection for cheap silly gags), doesn’t seem that complete at all, there having been so many versions of it already.. (Sorry, can’t help myself)…


PIAS have a debut, a hotly anticipated debut record by OSCAR, also WOLF PARADE, ‘Apologies to the Queen Mary’ on triple LP (coloured only for the indies..), or cassette tape… Appearing more and more on sell in sheets from the record companies to me… Never… Surely… Never.. I for one like the format… 18 year old Fiestie that passed the NCT last week only allows cassettes to be played in it… It only allows certain other things also, like who it lets into it and who can start her… You and I both know that next week the Fiestie could be in the bin, but like Danny Healy Rae sure we’ll keep going for as long as we can get away with it.. There’s nothing in that whole climate change crap i’d say… Or drink driving either for that matter…


Was tempted in starting a tiny cassette corner in the shop just for Sean O’ Rourke and the likes who like rewinding the tape with their biro… Therapeutic I think he said… Cassettes anyone?.. Cassettes… Bueller…. Bueller…


Sorry, lastly this time from PIAS are some Domino LP releases from the likes of THE FALL,PAVEMENT, CASS MCCOMBS and FOUR TET.


The latest catch phrase in the shop, for a while now really, which has toppled the ‘do you sell iTunes cards here?’ chart topper, is definitely, ‘jays, the records are back hah!’… ‘They are…’ ‘Crikey, i’ve loads of them up the attic, the must be worth a fortune’. Well, the follow up line can vary to a number of different roads or tangents (I do know a bit about tangents, note to self, ease off the tangents…), but the opening line is heard 40 times a week in the shop over the last few months, easily hitting Itunes off it’s perch… ‘Jays the records are back huh?’… The records are back.


Sony for the 13th of May have a new album by KYGO and a few gems of reissues on vinyl bySANTANA including ‘Abraxas’ and the self titled record.


Essential for next week have the Armin Van Buuren, ‘State of Trance 2016’ on 2CD.


Music on Vinyl upcoming releases include MILES DAVIS Double Live LP ‘Dark Magus’ and IGGY POP’s fourth solo album ‘Soldier’, IAN BROWN ‘Golden Greats’, BOB DYLAN’s ‘World Gone Wrong’, and the brilliant DANCES WITH WOLVES soundtrack by JOHN BARRY and some SOFT MACHINE reissues.


Republic of Music have the 20th anniversary of the MOBB DEEP classic ‘The Infamous’ on double coloured vinyl (one blue and one orange) for next week.


New CHILI PEPPERS album announced for June as I am sure you are aware.

I noticed a load of people holding the new BOWIE record sleeve up to the sun or the heavens today.. Is there some sort of mass cult effort like a Ouija Board type of thing to contact the great man? Or is that the star transforms into a galaxy of shining stars when sunlight hits it (no wonder it took nearly 4 months to be discovered).. Note to self….. Stop trying to tell the Bowie heads stuff they obviously already know… I am right in thinking the notes to self do come from the Bridget Jones film? Soundtrack came out in May 2001?… Note to self…. Check your research….

I’m sure you won’t be sorry to read that’s that…


Sin é for tonight..


Check out the website for all the comings and goings,


Thanks for listening,



Shadow Puppets, Shaker Hymns and more acts for RSD

Hi everyone,


Hope the form is good.


Here are a few links for new records in the shop this week, including BOB MOULD, THE REPLACEMENTS, PEARL JAM, JOE BONAMASSA, KIRAN LEONARD, AMON AMARTH, THE SCRIPT and WHITE DENIM to name but a few… Quite a bit new this week actually.


Check out all the releases in video format here, there is a nice bit! :


And it’s a bit of a bumper week next Friday the 1st of April… Biggest I suppose is the newLAST SHADOW PUPPETS record, ‘Everything You’ve Come To Except’, out on Domino Records via PIAS. Out on CD, CD/Book, LP, or Limited LP + coloured bonus 7’’. Alex and Miles return for a second offering eight years on from debut. The deluxe heavyweight gatefold LP includes a 32 page booklet, and a bonus coloured 7’’ featuring lead single ‘Bad Habits’ and an exclusive new track. Check out ‘Bad Habits’ below :



THE HEAVY also return with their fourth record… A real melting pot of influences and funkiness… Again there is a limited LP with a 7’’ and also a limited LP Boxset available on Counter Records via PIAS once again.

Another biggie out from PIAS next Friday is the new MOGWAI record on Rock Action… Again Indies only coloured vinyl… ‘Record Shop Day has arrived’ I hear you say, 15 days early…!!

I’m hearing a small bit of disappointment on the shop floor about the releases for RSD this year. I must agree that there are not as many belters as last year…. It is more varied and diverse for sure… But obviously a disappointing list (in some eyes) affects the day (naturally enough). Releases like the three above would have been belters of releases for RSD… But record companies know that customers are going to go to stores anyway maybe and get those three above.. I am a firm believer in LPs for RSD.. More LPs, less EPs and 7’’s for the day anyway. Fingers crossed anyway. Good LPs will always tip away. A collectable 7’’ you can look at for a long long time (forever) and may not be that collectable in the end, unless your a dustmite… Nice then alright.


That said, we can crib as much as we want, but there are some solid releases as always on the day! These include BOWIE, METALLICA, THE DOORS, BOB DYLAN, THE ANIMALS,NIRVANA, as well as a good focus on modern popular bands like BLOSSOMS, BIRDY,BASTILLE, and many more. So while the list may be a lot more varied this year, there are some golden nuggets of limited vinyl as always provided by the RSD day.

Overall it is still a day we are all very much looking forward to in the shop… Limited vinyl and live music always leads to a great day!

Not fully confirmed yet but a nice bit of music lined up for the day as per usual.


Confirmed are ANDERSON, CRY MONSTER CRY, RAISING JUPITER, and brilliant Cork newcomers CROJAYN…. Check out these boys! Should hopefully have one or two more confirmed for next week!


Anderson :

Cry Monster Cry :

Raising Jupiter :

Crojayn :


Anyway, enough of RSD until next week.. (The sign is up… We’re in the mode!)..


Second biggest release for this week in our opinions is the new album by THE SHAKER HYMN.. Their second record and it’s another beauty.. A bit more of a psychedelic feel than the first record.. Great tunes once again all through, and very well produced by Brendan Fennessy of O Emperor… Sax, cello, piano, organ, viola, trombone thrown in from time to time on this new CD with great effect.. I know quite a few of ye picked up the debut album from us and this new one certainly is a step forward. The Shaker Hymn really are one of the best hometown bands around at the moment… About to start a nationwide tour, and they are playing Coughlan’s on April 22nd.  Might have the lads in for a few tunes also soon..

Forgot to mention with the PIAS stuff above… There is a special 10th Anniversary 2LP on coloured of the SUFJAN STEVENS classic ‘Illinois’… I must admit his album last year was my favourite of the year.. A truly beautiful record..’The man who taught me to swim, he couldn’t quite say my first name’.. You couldn’t fault Stefan now to be fair.. Maybe not for everyone, but pour moi, a gorgeous album… Understated, soft, and dark.


Proper have a few interesting releases out for next Friday, including the new PET SHOP BOYS album, JAMES LUTHER DICKINSON and THE NORTH MISSISSIPPI ALLSTARS album ‘I’M JUST DEAD, I’M NOT GONE’, and RYAN VAIL, a young lad from Derry has an interesting record out… Classical / Electronica type of thing if that is a thing..


Fortuna Pop has the new SEPTEMBER GIRLS record out next Friday.. The Dublin 4 piece play Cyprus Avenue on April 16th, with upcoming Cork group The Sunshine Factory.. Will be a gig not to be missed!


Warner have an album by LUKAS GRAHAM (Band) out next Friday also.. Lukas (singer) had a different upbrining than most… Brought up in an autonomous artist’s enclave in the centre of Copenhagen, with no cars, street lighting or police intervention, which goes by the name of Christinia… Probably shapes you a bit different so he might have something to say..


Warner also have a new album out next week by WEEZER… Their tenth.. The White Album… Now lads… There really only is one…

Also out by Warner is the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame DLP Live, which has a loud of household names on it.


The new PANIC AT THE DISCO album gets it’s vinyl record release. Also Warner have the reissue of the 1967 classic ‘West Meets East’ by RAVI SHANKAR and YEHUDI MENUHIN.


Lastly from Warner for next week is a new BLACK STONE CHERRY album ‘Kentucky’, on CD/DVD and LIMITED 3LP on white vinyl with codes.


Universal have the soundtrack to new Irish film ‘SING STREET’ and the vinyl record release from the riveting AMY WINEHOUSE documentary ‘AMY’… The latest Bond soundtrack is out on vinyl, and lastly from Universal is the new album from BABYMETAL, ‘Metal Resistance’ on CD, LP and LP Set which includes a T-Shirt…

Very lastly, we have just had another SUPERB act confirmed for R.S.D… Anna Mitchell has agreed to do a slot with a little help from John Blek… That will be a very nice one.. All good…


Check out what’s coming and going at :


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Record Store Day Releases…Countdown Commences

hi Everyone,

How’s the form…
Going to be short and sweet this week….saw way to much of the aul armitage shanks this week and energy levels are not the mae west…
Releases for next week the 18th of March include a new NEW ORDER single, new JAMES record, new PRIMAL SCREAM record, new BONNIE PRINCE BILLY, ALL TIME LOW reissue, new IGGY POP record!!! with Josh Homme on production, new UNDERWORLD record, new GWEN STEFANI, ELLIOT SMITH soundtrack, new RICHMOND FONTAINE, ELO reissue, RAT BOY single, BATMAN V SUPERMAN OST, JOHN WILLIAMS ( guitarist ) 60 cd set.

After rattling them just there, if anyone wants more info pop me a mail…


RECORD SHOP DAY (RSD) is around the corner now just 5 weeks Saturday….
Most of ye know the drill….cant promise or hold anything…but if you want to send me requests i shall MAKE SURE they are ordered, after that its in the lap of the gods….early birds and all that then after that as well….every year confusion over the lists….this is the list for Irish and UK records shops….there are other lists ( america )  with stock Irish and UK shops wont be sold….JOHN GRANT -Queen of Denmark an example this year….if interested in anything try let me know by closing time Monday night as i need my orders in tuesday/weds next week….thanks….here’s the list

Sin e for this week,


Thanks for listening…briefly i know