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Hey everyone,

Hope all is good…

This week we cover releases/reissues for Friday the 7th of August mainly.

Starting with Universal they have the new FRANK TURNER record, his 6th, out through Polydor on CD, CD/DVD and LP.

I like the title “positive songs for negative people” ….or do I, I think I may prefer negative songs for positive people…..i quite like dreariness and melancholy in music….i know I’m unlovable, you don’t have to tell me……that kind of thing.

Anyway, anyway…Turner gets a bit of stick cos he is a bit of a posh boy…studied at Eton alongside the future King of England and loads of readies in the clan by all accounts…..but I think that is unfair sticks and stones….there is definite talent there also…..have a listen here to a track from the new album….must have cost a few bob to get that wrestler dude in the vid I’d say…..the readies can come in handy I suppose…..bonus disc is a 10 track acoustic set….

greg all

The legendary GREGG ALLMAN has a new release out on 7th also which is a live recording from last year “ BACK TO MACON” which is packed with a load of favourites, available on 3 formats, CD, CD/DVD and LP.

Also a new album out from HEALTH which kind of caught my ear….just my ear maybe…

Sony has a new PAUL KALKBRENNER album out on the 7th also.

It is the seventh album from the German techno guru.

paul kalk

Sony has some nice reissues on vinyl record including PATTI SMITH, RATM and KOL.

These titles are in the shop already as Sony had licensed/ rented them out to Music on Vinyl to reissue them, but now Sony are releasing them, so to tell you the truth I am not sure if both reissues will be in the marketplace going forward or is it tough shite for MOV on some strong titles for them…..i will find out.

Pricing the same on the RAGE album but SONY 3 to 4 euro cheaper on the rest, so that won’t help MOV cause….could be a concern for them I would say.

Man, the hurling last Sunday was a tough watch, well if you are a native rebel anyway…like a stake through the heart….the last time I witnessed it as bad was 1996 down the Pairc against Limerick…JBM was in charge that day also, won an All Ireland then in 99!!!

Just can’t see that type of transformation…not a hope I would think….although 23 months ago Cork were 10 seconds from all Ireland, now it looks like it could be 23 years.

Brolly made a point talking about the other game… have got to win or break even in the battle first…then skill will win the day, without that battling spirit, you’re goosed, KK very seldom lose the fight.

The tone was set very early on, when Mr. Glynn was allowed waltz through untouched,( I like nice hurlers, but you got to have fellas who will give a belt also) and then hits it in from 5 yards ( also you need fella’s to take a belt) …..but I am sure none of us are feeling as dejected, disappointed, low as that whole crew after Sunday…..structures have to change….tough tough task facing everyone involved.

So many issues…


60 million on a BOWL sitting on a river……answer please

Schools hurling gone to the dogs, lay teachers don’t have the time or maybe the interest….back in the day the unchristian brothers would scare the bejesus out of you if you didn’t train…….answer please

Why aren’t the younger fresher minds in charge of any Cork teams at any level…..or club
teams for that matter?

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