Ticket Competition for Fleet Foxes, Radiohead ‘OKNOTOK’ Part 2, and Tickets Nearly Gone For Coughlans Live : Happy Abandon / Small Dose!


Hey Everyone,

Hope all is well with you all.

Mini Smiling Assassin here, the Bob Man for a change as Ray’s walking down beaches somewhere! Looking at his yacht out on the horizon, grinning from cheek to cheek. Very nice i’d say.

Quiet week on the release front for in-shop today, we’ve been spoiled the last few weeks but summer is officially kicking in which can be tame.


No video for ye this week. Next week I may try the first ever selfie video with the records. My ugly mug next to the LPs, would only scare ye away i’d say.

We’ll crack on to releases for next Friday July 7th.


We’ll start with PIAS, who have one of the biggest releases with RADIOHEAD’s ‘ONOTOK’. But wasn’t that last week Bobby? Have you already made a mistake? No no no. This week there’s a box set version release! A week after the release of the normal LP. Couldn’t they have released it the same day? Anything for the dollars i’d say, unfortunately. Nonetheless, it is a bit of a nice set so sit back and watch the Mini Smiling Assassin work his magic!
The boxset contains the 3LP album, with a hardcover book containing over 30 different prints (most not seen before) and lyrics for the tracks (well, the tracks that actually have lyrics), as well as a notebook with 104 pages of scrawled notes from Yorke’s library of work from the time, a 48 page sketchbook of Donwood and Tchock (the boy-os responsible for Radiohead’s artwork) pre-work for the covers, and most the selling point. Drum roll please… A C90 cassette mixtape compiled by the lads taken from the ‘Ok Computer’ archives of sessions and demos..

PIAS also have a new THIS IS THE KIT album on indies only red vinyl, called ‘Moonshine Freeze’, as well as a BLIND GUARDIAN ‘Live Beyond The Spheres’ 4LP set or 3CD set. Not gonna try to guess what type of metal band this, I may get in trouble from a few of ye. Hair metal? Oh no sorry, the hair-metal flag is being flown by DECAPITATED this week with ‘Anticult’ on CD or LP through PIAS. Sorry Luke, don’t hate me.

Another nice one through PIAS for next week is the new PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING album ‘Every Valley’ on indies only clear vinyl. Really like these guys in the shop, worth checking out, definitely a bit different. This album captures a journey down the mineshafts of the south Wales Valleys. Will be interesting for sure.


We’ll move onto Warner next for the 7th of July.. STAX Records celebrates it’s 60th Anniversary with a series of reissues this year, and first up in this is ALBERT KING’s ‘Born Under A Bad Sign’ on vinyl. 20EUR price on this, which is great. There’s also a DR. FEELGOOD 4CD Set out through Warner next week entitled ‘Lee Brilleaux : Rock N’ Roll Gentleman’, which celebrates the 20 years he was in the band.

There’s a 2CD K.D. LANG ‘Ingenue’ 25th Anniversary Edition which includes 8 unheard tracks from the MTV Unplugged Session and a few other bits, and death metalers NICKELBACK have three vinyl record reissues… Well, one reissue, two first timers on vinyl.. ‘Silver Side Up’, ‘The Long Road’, and ‘The Right Reason’. Luke, I really am sorry for that one. I swear.

Finally through Warner is OTIS REDDING ‘Great Ottis Redding Sings Soul Ballads’ and ‘The Soul Album’ reissued on vinyl.


Universal also have a few nice bits for July 7th.. First up is the return of HAIM with their second album ‘Something To Tell You’ on CD. LP pushed back to 15/08/17, so a bit of a wait i’m afraid HAIM fans. Graham Bennett has a new live CD out through Universal, and there’s also a Trevor Jone’s Original Soundtrack to LABYRINTH. Grand little guest musician on this one.. Someone by the name of BOWIE. Wasn’t going to mention it in-case Ray tell’s me i’m up-selling to the poor Bowie heads, but I wouldn’t mind my own yacht being honest.

Another great one from the land of records! Remember our rants about the PAUL WELLER’s being too expensive (nearly 40EUR on the shelf) over the last few months. Well now ‘Stanley Road’ is getting reissued again, but this time will be cheaper! Those who didn’t buy it day 1 will be delighted, those who have already bought it, we apologize. Finally from Universal for July 7th is a CHEMICAL BROTHERs reissue of the classic ‘Dig Your Own Hole’ on silver indies only vinyl.

Trying to figure out how Ray gets to his random tangents in the newsletters is proving difficult. There’s been quite a few heated rants over the last few weeks, so I’ve decided to tone it down this week (we’ll see about next week). Many of ye will know i’ve been working here with Ray for quite some time now, coming up to six years now (AND STILL NO YACHT?!!!), but Music Zone has been a big part of my life since I was about 8 i’d say. I looked the same then, just a bit more like a beardless Hozier. Besides buying my first Shaggy CD of ‘It Wasn’t Me’ off him, growing up I was constantly in with Ray asking him to play different CDs for me while I just aimlessly flicked and listened, buying about every 1 in 10. I do blame myself just a little bit for the anger in some of the rants, must have been very annoying! And i’ll never forget the day I went down for my ‘interview’ (I use the term lightly) with Ray after he told my dad that there could be Christmas work that year if I was looking. After heading down to the shop in Carrigaline twice and missing him (always dossing isn’t he?), the third time lucky he was sitting down at the computers getting his weekly orders done. Never have I been so nervous, first job interview, what if I f**ked it up?. After standing outside the shop out of sight for about 10 minutes trying to gather the courage to go in, the conversation went a bit like this :

‘Hi Ray, dad said to pop in to you as there could be Christmas work this year?’
‘Ah yeah, do you want a job?’
‘That’d be great!’
‘Cool you start Monday’’.

If the ‘interview’ lasted 30 seconds I would be surprised. 6 years on and Ray’s the exact same, safe to say the nerves are gone! Anyway that’s my tangent over for this week, a nice little anecdote of how I got to be here for ye. We’ll fly through the rest of the releases nice and quick before ye fall asleep.


Sony for the 7th have a nice few LP reissues, including ROSANNE CASH’s ‘Kings Record Shop’, FAITHLESS ‘Outrospective’ and ‘Sunday 8PM’, KING’S OF LEON’s second album ‘Aha Shake Heartbreak’, and Paul Simon’s self titled LP.

Republic of Music for the 7th of July have the new BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE album on CD and limited LP, 3000 only in Europe as a gatefold with a 28 page artbook and vinyl only bonus track. ROM also have the CD 10th Anniversary reissue of HOT CHIP’s debut.


PROPER for the 7th of July have TRUE ROMANCE for the first time on Vinyl.. Pricey unfortunately, but limited to 2000 worldwide and on ‘pillow feather’ white and ‘bloody red’ splatter vinyl. Very descriptive indeed.

Finally on the release front for next week, MOV have the LINCOLN Soundtrack on blue vinyl in the next of their series of soundtracks. This one limited to 750 copies.

Delighted to have the RECORD STORE DAY 2017 mini-documentary now up on our website / YouTube page. Thanks again to our main man / camera man Tim for doing a great job. Perfect to chill out with a bottle of beer and watch! It was a cracking day in the shop, and we’d really appreciate (for the bands most importantly) if you could give it a view, share and thumbs up for us!

You can check it here :


Final two bits for ye. First up, we’re gonna be running a competition for a pair of tickets for FLEET FOXES in Cork Opera House for Wednesday 12th of July, thanks to the kind folk who work at the Opera House. Anyone who’s in and spends over 20EUR in the shop between now and then, let us know if you want to enter and we’ll put your name into the hat! (The hat is a brown paper bag, they cost enough as you all know from previous rants, so we multi-purpose use them).

And finally. Deep breath. Another plug of our upcoming gig with COUGHLAN’s LIVE coming up on July 13th. I know we kept saying it, but honestly this time, tickets really are nearly gone. Like really nearly gone. So if you’re interested pop in and pick one up in-store for 5EUR. Only a handful left. On the night we have the mighty HAPPY ABANDON over all the way from DJT’s America. We have a private link, EXCLUSIVE FOR YE, to the band’s debut album due out in August. I’ve listened to this on repeat for the last few weeks and it just gets better and better. Once again, sit down with a bottle of beer and listen to the whole thing through, it’s a belter. And another excuse for a beer.

And support slot. Well well well. It’s ME! My own band Small Dose will perform a couple of tracks before hand, it’s our first full band gig in a good few months so we’re really looking forward to it, and it will probably be our last for a small while before we go to record. A way of testing what songs to record! I swear I won’t be nervous at all. If anyone talks they’re getting kicked out.


That’s all from me this week,
I’ll be back again next week as the Boss Man will still be away.
Thanks everybody



Smith’s Surprise Releases! Radiohead’s OKNOTOK, Transmission Club In-Store Tomorrow at 1PM, and Keep Stumm Keep Stumm

Hi Everyone,

Hope yer all doing well…

I’m a bit under pressure tonight… It’s a late start with this nearly 10:30 and i’m fairly disorganised with it this week also, so I do apologise in advance for my brevity and lack of abandon..

Starting out so with releases in the siopa for today a small few real beauts as well …spoilt for choice….the front stands look great if i say so myself!

We’ll start with the surprise of the week!! THE SMITHS release ‘The Queen is Dead’ on both 7’’ picture disc or 12’’.. Very limited, and we were under strict strict instruction to tell NO-ONE about this until release today.. A nice exciting release.. In-Store only for this one, pop us a note if interested, but no online sales at all.. On the same front with In-Store Releases only, we have the 45th Anniversary of BOWIE’s ‘Ziggy Stardust’ on gold vinyl (same as ‘Hunky Dory’ from a few weeks ago) also out today.. A nice buzz about these releases that makes you come into an independent record shop..


Right so moving on to releases for the 23rd of June…


I suppose the piece de resistance for Friday the 23rd of June is the remastered reissue of RADIOHEAD’s  ‘Ok Computer – OKNOTOK”… All newly remastered from the analogue tapes… So you will get, or can get, or want to get, or need to get, or hope you get, or couldnt give a shite whether you get the original 12 track album which i’m sure you know is fantastico, 8  B-Sides and the 3 unused or lost tracks from the sessions… All of this on limited indie only triple blue vinyl… The list started about a month ago… 9 names on it… I hope to receive a little over 20 of it… 33 bucks is the retail…. Drop us a line if you want one kept… Sin e with that I suppose…. The smiling assassin at his merry best.

PIAS also have a new ALGIERS album on indies only cream vinyl…


Warner for Friday the 23rd of June have the next blast of IRON MAIDEN reissues… This time it is ‘A Matter Of Life and Death’, ‘Brave New World’, ‘Dance Of Death’ and ‘Rock In Rio’, as well as some CARCASS and EMTOMBED vinyl record reissues.

Warner also have the new JOE BONNAMASSA album… ‘Live at Carnegie Hall – An Acoustic Evening’ across 5 formats… Bluray, 2CD, 2DVD, 3LP and indies only orange vinyl 3LP… Guitar god he is in fairness to him… It looks effortless the noise he can make the instrument make…

Warner also have 3 LCD SOUNDSYSTEM vinyl record reissues … Self titled debut, ‘45.33’ and ‘This Is Happening’, as well as the PRINCE “Purple Rain” deluxe reissue on 2CD digi, 3CD/DVD, 180 gram LP and picture disc LP, and then separately are the next batch of PRINCE 12” singles including ‘When Doves Cry’, ‘I Would Die 4 U’, ‘Lets Go Crazy’ and ‘Purple Rain’.

Lastly through Warner is a new album by JEFF TWEEDY (WILCO).. Well it is an acoustic compilation album of songs Tweedy has done with Wilco and other side projects… No promises on this one… Indies only yellow vinyl, only 500 copies pressed… I might get a few.. But don’t know… Again drop a line is the second best way… The best way is to ring the shop but no-one seems to like to talk anymore…. BOOKER T ‘Green Onions’ reissue also through Warner.


Sony for the 23rd of June have some JUDAS PRIEST LP reissues including ‘Killing Machine’ ‘Stained Glass’ ‘Sin After Sin” and ‘Unleashed On The East’… Not a whole pile else from Sony for next week really then.


Cargo for the 23rd of June have GAUDI ‘Magnetic’ on 180 gram indies only white vinyl.


Universal don’t have a whole pile for the 23rd either…. The main one been the new IMAGINE DRAGONS ‘Evolve’ on CD, CD deluxe and gatefold LP.


MUSIC ON VINYL have a few nice ones for the 23rd… The HIGHWAYMEN (Cash, Nelson, Jennings and Kristofferson) gets a LP reissue and there’s also a first timer on vinyl, the brilliant G3 ‘Live in Toyko’ and YO YO MA plays JOHN WILLIAMS also from MOV.

We have done a survey of EDDIE VEDDER goers on the Marquee last week and findings are stark.. Those in seats had a great night.. All reports more or less had Vedder as excellent.. But not all the excellent remarks had a great night… A lot (not all) of those standing did not have a great night.. The reason being it seems that there was a load of muppets at the gig… Event goers, not really Eddie Vedder goers… Loads of noise and talking when he was performing, loads of barging and general agro… A bad vibe in a lot of places among the crowd.. We spoke to about 15 people on it.. All there for the music, no muppets here… And i’d say 13 of them had negative enough feedback about the crowd.. More interested in checking in on Facebook than listening to the tunes.. It’s a bag bearer of mine at the best and worst of times.. Keep stumm a venue where people have paid to hear the band or artist perform.. Keep stumm.. I was surprised to be honest to hear it, but hear it we did all week long..

On the local front we had the brilliant TRANSMISSION CLUB live in-store on Saturday at 1PM. We really really are loving the older EP from the lads in the shop.. Great tunes, great recordings all done themselves in a bedroom in Cork City.. Old school feel all round.. They are promoting a new single right now which you can check out here

It was a class gig!

On to great nights out.. And great night it will be..

We are launching our first ever Music Zone Towers late night gig with our great friends at Coughlan’s Live, in Coughlan’s Bar on Douglas St, Cork on Thursday July 13th.. We’re delighted to have a band from the U.S of A over as the main act.. Happy Abandon are the band in question.. The lads are cracking.. We’ve heard the full album which is due out in August, and we can see why there’s hype building hugely around them in the States.. Produced by the man who produced the last Ryan Adams LP.. Fleet Foxes meets Jeff Buckley people are saying.. We have an exclusive four track sampler available here :


Also, big news.. Hozier is supporting on the night… Well, our own Hozier.. A Hozier look-a-like… Bobby’s own Small Dose will be doing a short set beforehand.. He swears he’s not nervous..

So if you’re interested it’s a fiver a ticket, and they’re currently on sale in the shop.. Flying like hot cakes though… We really hope this is a success, for the band, for Coughlans, and so hopefully we can do it again down the line…

So sin e for this week folks,

Thanks as always,



Fleet Foxes / Royal Blood / The Strypes Return, The Bolloxology of The ‘World We Created’, and Transmission Club In-Store June 17th at 1PM

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all doing ok… Navigating your way as smoothly as possible.

Stuff.. Nice stuff… But stuff all the same in the siopa today includes new vinyl records by LONDON GRAMMAR, SUFJAN STEVENS / BRYCE DESSNER, CHUCK BERRY, ALBERT HAMMOND, LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM / CHRISTINE MCVIE, MAGPIE SALUTE and SUFFOCATION, as well as reissues by SOULWAX, FATS DOMINO, DAVID BYRNE and STING.

Last one in for today is the new ARCADE FIRE 12“… 2000 copies in the world… We have some.. Orange vinyl… Produced by Daft Punk…. I was sworn to secrecy on this one but they are here now so pop us a line if you want one..

Video also is up for this week, we’re on a roll.. We’re on a roll..


Moving on so I suppose to releases for the 16th of June, and what a dinger of a day it is for releases to be fair to it… Summer is coming though…. Reverse Game Of Throne reference…. A lot of good new stuff out for the 16th starting with the return of FLEET FOXES, their third album ‘Crack Up’…. Been a while, this one should be a real cracker…. We have a nice little cardboard image with the first 15 pre-orders… Have 4 or 5 already so Bueller… Bueller…

Warner also have the new and second ROYAL BLOOD album ‘How Did We Get So Dark’ on indies only white vinyl, standard vinyl and CD… Shane was chilling in Slane when he met the boys from Royal Blood and he asked them to give a shout out to the record shop he works in… Here it is…


Eeerrr no that wasn’t what happened…. The lads from Warners sorted it for us… And it’s the job.

I was chatting to a lad a few weeks ago when he was in the shop who has a record shop in Sheffield, and we were talking about, amongst other things, how bands from a region can help the auld record shops the region…. I had mentioned to him about having the ARCTIC MONKEYS in for an in-store and he kind of laughed… He then made a really good point I thought… Even if bands or members of bands came into the shop after hours for a few photos…… No hassles with dealing with Joe Public or having to sign a load of things…. 10 minutes for the band… In and out … Few pictures taken rooting through the racks in the shop to be used by the shop on social media… The band to sign an album or even the wall of the shop… Few little things like that, without much pain for the band… Would really help a little record shops ‘profile’… It’s all bolloxology… The ‘profile’ thing, but sure as RW says ‘is this the world we created?’…. I know if I was famous i’d be allergic to Joe Public… Will ya sign this… Can I have a photo… Whereas this way is painless enough for them and would greatly benefit the shop… Anyway I thought it makes sense anyway… That’s not to say when JOHN BLEK AND THE RATS blow the world apart with their third record that they’ll get away with an after hours photo shoot… No way Jose… Their arms will be falling off from signing things in the shop…!!

Warner have a blast of BOWIE releases for the 16th (I dunno they must be taking the rest of the summer off or something… Get up early and have the dinner and you’ve the day to yourself type of thing) including the next one of the 40th anniversary picture discs… This time ‘Be My Wife’ from some album called ‘Low’…  Is it?…(thought that was a Brian Eno record..?)…. BOWIE ‘Cracked Actor’ gets its 2CD release as well as the limited (and in fairness they are… ‘Hunky Dory’ gold vinyl sold out in the UK record shops), and available only through bricks and mortars stores reissue of ‘ZIGGY’ on gold vinyl also…. Not to be sold on any online platform… Get your arse into a shop and buy it… Old school…

Warner also has some JOHN COLTRANE reissues on Mono LPs, a Three Tenors Concert from 1994 on 2 LP, ZZ TOP first five records in a vinyl boxset, DELANEY AND BONNIE (and a good girl she is) on tour with CLAPTON as a 4 CD set, and lastly but certainly not leastly is the new record by STEVE EARLE and THE DUKES ‘So You Want To Be An Outlaw” on CD, CD/DVD or 2LP… I really liked his last couple of albums…. So right thats Warner done.. No more waffle from me… On with it.

THE ORCHARD who are a merge of RED ESSENTIAL, and the aforementioned, have the new JASON ISBELL And The 400 Unit record called ‘The Nashville Sound’ on CD and LP…. If this guy hasn’t hit your radar yet… He is well worth checking out… This new one sounds great as usual… Here’s a taste

The Orchard also has a new album by ALISON MOYET, new GOLDIE album and a new ICED EARTH album on CD, deluxe CD, a boxset and 2LP.


PROPER have a new NATHAN CARTER album for the 16th of June.


Sony just have an ELO compilation really for the 16th.


UNIVERSAL for the 16th have the return of the boys from Cavan… A lot of ye would know they would be shop favourites… So really looking forward to the new record… Third record now… ‘Spitting Image’… CD is the 16th and the LP is the 23rd…. Sorry… THE STRYPES of course… Cracking young hardworking band…. Would love to have them in the shop sometime… Another job for ye lads, would ye go into Music Zone in Cork and play a few tunes…. Ah FFS…. Ahat’s a terror…. Said in my best Cavan, (the mother in law is from up them parts…. Sound folk up there….. Don’t mention Toibin though!).. Jesting and joking aside we really hope the record does really well for them… Looking forward to hearing it here.

Universal also have the new album by LORDE… Her second…. Huge in her native New Zealand and the Bowie man was a big fan also… Talented girl

In 2013, a 16-year-old LORDE quietly, yet confidently asserted herself as the voice of a generation with her full-length debut, Pure Heroine. The album would go triple-platinum, selling over 4 Million worldwide, win two GRAMMY Awards, a BRIT and spawned the seven-times platinum record-breaking international juggernaut single, “Royals,” and quadruple-platinum follow up “Team.” Her last trip to the UK was when she was personally asked by David Bowie’s family to perform her spellbinding tribute to the late artist at 2016 BRIT AWARDS. An LP format to follow later in year

BETH DITTO the vocalist from THE GOSSIP has a solo album out on the 16th as well as BIG STAR ‘Best Of’ compilation on CD and 2LP, SIMPLE MINDS ‘ACOUSTIC’ in concert CD/DVD, TAJ MAHAL and KEB MO have an LP and CD called TAJMO.. There’s reissue on vinyl of SUZANNE VEGA’s ‘Solitude Standing’ also through Uni, and a reissue of BILLY MACKENZIE’s “ Beyond the sun” on LP, and lastly from is the vinyl release of the new CHRIS STAPLETON album.


PIAS for the 16th have new albums by RIDE ‘Weather Diaries’ on CD and indies only coloured vinyl, KEVIN MORBY ‘City Music’, SONGHOY BLUES ‘Resistance’ on CD or indies only yellow colored vinyl and a nice CAN compilation ‘The Singles’ on 3LP or CD.

Right so on the local scene we are delighted to announce that we have a really talented up and coming Cork band coming in to do an instore with us on Saturday the 17th of June at 1PM….. The band are called TRANSMISSION CLUB and its alternative rock, indie folk rock with a hint of dream in it I suppose…. Check out the the latest tunes here


These tracks will be available as an EP on the day of the launch in the shop…. We also have an older EP in the shop.. A cracking three track… Really good also…. Made as it says on the cover ‘In A Bedroom in Cork City”…. Really like the sound of these lads… Try get in if you can!!

Sin e for this week folks,

Thanks for listening,



U2 / Roger Waters Steal The Week, Happy Abandon : Music Zone’s First Gig With Coughlan’s Live, and Would You Like A Cassette With That??

Hi Everyone,

Hope ye’r all well folks..

Couple of beauts in the shop for release today… The U2 box is out on both vinyl and CD, and is a gorgeous looking set… If its out of your pocket range well the Double CD is a nice listen, the Live CD from New York is a cracker.. I got a nice giggle as well during Pride when the Edge strums down in the middle of the song for the Bono man’s sermon.. (I don’t mind Bono in the slightest… Cork for : ‘Erraaa, he’s alright  Bono like’.. I know not everyone agrees… I had a love affair with the band in my early teens… Couldn’t get enough… Music, books the whole lot… Listening to the new albums over and over and over again when they were released so Bono’s alright in my book for loads of reasons really… Another day maybe).. Back to the sermon it went something like this… “Turn down all the house lights!!!.. Well what I want to say tonight”….  Pause… Still pausing… Gentle strumming while still pausing… “Well, thanks for tonight”… In the name of love… Maybe twas an inward sermon that night… I laughed my arse off when I heard it… It’s worth a listen… Bono’s mind freeze.. Sorry kid.

The second beaut, and a slight bit surprised by, is the ROGER WATERS album… It caught my attention from the get go and held… It sounds really good on two listens from the shop floor.. Will investigate further… Political out to be fair to him.. Calling it as he sees it in fairness to him… Strong record…. “Where nincompoops can become presidents”…. Great word.. Haven’t heard it for years… “Nincompoop”.

Other vinyl records and CDs for release tomorrow include ALT J (must get that on also… June is cracking for releases really)… (ALT J has been delayed… Not with us just yet but will be very soon)… I think there’s a download code with it, if so i hope it’s fairly visible!!!. And TRAINSPOTTING 2 OST, TOM PETTY, DAN AUERBACH, ALL TIME LOW’S CD, IGGY POP, MARIKA HACKMAN, NEIL DIAMOND, HALSEY..

A few others, check out the video here for all of them :

Moving on to releases for the 9th of June, we have the new LONDON GRAMMAR Record via Ministry of Sound and Sony… Could be a cracker…. It’s on CD, Deluxe CD, LP and Deluxe LP… It’s called ‘Truth is a Beautiful Thing’.

Warner have the LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM / CHRISTINE MCVIE release for the 9th of June on East West…. There must be a really cool anagram in there somewhere i’d say… Getting really decent reviews is this one…. Warner also has new albums by THE KRONOS QUARTET and PHOENIX as well as some KREATOR reissues on vinyl and CD including ‘Extreme Aggression’ and ‘Pleasure to Kill’.

If truth is a beautiful thing… Here’s a thing of beauty so I suppose… I made a bit of a balls with RSD… Bought too much… Caught with a bit… That’s the danger with it… Haven’t had an RSD graveyard for a couple of years but have one this year…. My own fault…. Trying to make sure I had stuff for the man, the moon, his dog, and his budgie…. So will be a bit of a sale on the RSD17 stock… Could be a nice sale actually… MOST OF IT 25% DISCOUNTED AT LEAST, and because of my errors and in our attempts to gain back we’re introducing a new policy of upselling within the towers… Yep they’re all at it… I was in a shop over the weekend…. I can be a critical geit of customer service, or plain manners ( ack of) at the best of times… Is it me or is it fairly brutal around the place (manners)…. But they attempted the auld upsell on 3 occasions without been anyway warm or friendly… I didn’t bite… Still dropped 88 bucks…. But as I walked out the door I kinda of said to myself I won’t be back… I know all the “retail guru” books talk of upselling (never read one.. but it’s in there)… Easy… ‘Have you sleeves for your records??.. It will keep them in better nick… Hold their value….’ That kind of shite… (granted it’s true but you can make your own mind on it i’m sure)….. But personally it gives me a bad bang… I dont like it being done to me… So NO, we will in our arse be upselling but feel free to buy a RSD17  record…. Maybe the resentment of it tracks  back to my old and first job as a 17 year old in Maccie Dsss…. When on tills you HAD to say ie, ;would you like an apple pie with that’…. ‘That’s a large fries?’ etc…. Pedalling the bullshit along with the other shite…. I would have thought I was always a good front of house man but only done about 5 shifts ever out front in Maccie Ds with poor grades (you were marked to get stars).. More suited behind the scenes they thought I suppose…. Sorry for complete tangent again… It just happens… Would you like a cassette with that??

Proper have a new ANATHEMA album on CD and 2 LP.

Cargo have the MAGPIE SALUTE on vinyl… 2LP on exclusive gold vinyl… Cargo have the vinyl, Universal have the CD… MAGPIE SALUTE  is an American rock band formed in 2016 by former Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson. The band also includes former Black Crowes members Marc Ford and Sven Pipien as well as Rich Robinson band members Matt Slocum, Joe Magistro, Adrien Reju and Katrine Ottosen.

Republic of Music have a CLUTCH 5CD/DVD set limited to 3k and signed by the band…. That’s a fair bit of signing lads… Like getting 3000 lines in school… Ah the days of lines… Really productive stuff were the auld lines… I must try harder 100 times for the next morning… ROM also have a new movie score by TINDERSTICKS to the movie “Minute Bodies” on either CD/DVD or LP/DVD … Again limited to a once off only ever pressing of 3000 units.

Universal for the 9th of June have the new KATY PERRY album, the new CHUCK BERRY CD and LP, the MAGPIE SALUTE CD and RITCHIE BLACKMOREs RAINBOW Live in Birmingham 2016 on 2CD.

Also from Universal for next week the 9th and probably the one the will do best for us is the new and 10th GOV’T MULE record… If the Mule have not been on your radar and you like a hint of blues southern rock with a few interesting twists into other genres then you should check out these guys… They are QUALITY musicians… New record from the Mule is called “Revolution Come… Revolution Go”.

Lastly from Universal are some nice vinyl reissues including the soundtracks to GLADIATOR and BRAVEHEART, as well PETER BJORN AND JOHN’S “Writer’s Block”.

PLAY IT AGAIN SAM have an interesting project by SUFJAN STEVENS, BRYCE DESSNER, NICO MAKLY and JAMES MCALISTER entitled “Planetarium”, with a string quartet and 7 trombones… Sounds like a nice listen to me anyway…. DJT couldn’t make the sessions.

PIAS also has a new album by SUFFOCATION and an album by jazz supergroup… Dejohnette, Grenadier, Medeski and Scofield.

Exciting news next from us here at Music Zone towers…. We are putting on a gig… In Coughlan’s… Well Coughlan’s are putting it on really, but we are putting our name to it… A friend of ours in the US of A sent me a link of an unreleased debut album by a band from his hometown of Chapel Hill North Carolina, who were going to be around these shores for a few days and did we want them to come into the shop and play a few tunes… I loved, absolutely loved what I heard on the record… And I said ‘yeah we’d be up for that no problem’.. The more I listened to it though the more I liked it, so I sent it over to Brian in Coughlan’s to see if he would be interested in housing the lads for a gig and he was up for it also so between the jigs and the reels we are co-hosting the night with Coughlan’s… Thursday the 13th July… Cancel the holidays!

Here’s a bit about the lads, HAPPY ABANDON

They just finished recording their debut record “Facepaint” with Producers Jamie Candiloro (Ryan Adams, Lisa Germano, REM) and Jason Merritt (Tift Merrit, Hot Hot Heat) and it will be released on August 25th, 2017 worldwide via Schoolkids Records and distribution by Redeye Worldwide (Proper in Ireland).   In the US, Big Hassle PR are to handle their publicity, the same person who broke Alt-J and The Lumineers in the States.

Here’s a four track sampler from the record, an exclusive :


Might be able to send a link to the whole record next week…. Will ask the lads… But trust me if you like what you heard you will like the rest also…

If you like it like we do….  Tickets are 5EUR from the shop… There going fast (that’s the line i’d say)…. Who knows it could be a Henry’s ‘91 moment yet…. Half Cork was there like…. It will be a night out with the good folk of the club that support us and brighten our days…. With some cracking tunes…. To entice ye even more the support on the night will be from up and coming Cork band SMALL DOSE…. One member is our own Bobby, here so another reason to get out to it… The Bob man’s band will be doing 20/25 minutes of their own material before the main event… In the interval we also have a local actor who is going to recite a piece from ‘The Man From La Mancha’… So surely there is something for everyone?!

Look all messing aside… We would love to see you there if you can make it… The record is great in our opinion.

Sin é for this week folks

Thanks for listening,

U2’s ‘Joshua Tree’ 30th Anniversary Out Next Week, The Return of Roger Waters, and A Few Thoughts on a Sick World.

Hey everyone,

Hope yer all doing ok…

Releases in the shop for today May 26th include THE BEATLES (2LP and 4CD/DVD/BLURAY BOX), DAMIEN DEMPSEY, THE CHARLATANS, KRAFTWERK (2LP or BOX SET), FLEETWOOD MAC and BAD COMPANY, as well as a limited special gold vinyl pressing of DAVID BOWIE’s ‘Hunky Dory’, which can be only bought in-store so will not be on our website… None of our friends in the sky will have it.. A nice one for indies yet again!!!

Video is back this week, a couple of weeks of reissues and new vinyl in this one so take a look..

Before I move on to releases for next Friday the 2nd of June I suppose I wanted to take a moment to mention the unspeakable, unworldly sickening act that took place in Manchester… Man like ye all, i’m sure, it rocked me to my core… I looked at twitter for 10 minutes or so on tuesday morning and I felt ill and emotional… Parents putting up pictures of their beautiful innocent children who were at the gig and were then missing… I had a sick feeling to the pit of my stomach… Two songs milled around in my head all day tuesday….  Two attacks in music venues in the last 18 months or so and I guess I feel a bit more affinity with the music going public… Horrific obviously no matter where, but at gigs… Both songs were by THE SMITHS…. ‘‘Take me out tonight where there’s music and there’s people and their young and alive”.. ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’… Because you never feel more alive than at a gig or leaving a great gig… For some of these children it was probably their very first gig… The excitement of being in an adult world for a night… Their favourite popstar… Their lives cut down by some terrible evil… Ah man it’s so bloody wrong… The second song even though it had no real lyrical correlational was ‘Suffer Little Children’ …. Written by Moz about Brady and Hindley, and their Moors murders… 5 young children, Edward, John, Keith, Pauline and Lesley Ann taken and murdered….. More little children have suffered beyond words last Monday night, and the families of Sorrell, Saffie, Nell, Olivia, Eilidh, Liam and Chloe have to try and keep going and try to pick up the pieces of their broken lives…. Shame on the world and segments of the world  for allowing such hatred, for allowing such carnage, for manipulating some psycho into doing this act… The real evil never blows himself up….. To what end? What advantage is gained? Trying to breed more hatred…? Fear is all it achieves and if you were to be forensic about it you are probably still more likely to be killed on your journey to the gig than by some hideous fuck at it…. I think and hope these acts of evil breed more love and unity in the good folk…. Fergus Farrell tried to tell these nuts… ‘‘Oh won’t you settle down, stop fighting for your gods…. They can’t hear you now, with the noise of your guns”

Right so releases for Next Friday, the 2nd of June, include the lovely Joshua Tree reissue by U2… 30th Anniversary Edition on 7LP DELUXE BOXSET, DELUXE 4CD, 2CD or 2LP…. Last week of pre-orders for the special discount pricing. Click into the links provided for a bit more info there!
Here’s a bit of info from Universal on the versions available :

LP collector’s boxset includes:• 7 pieces of original, live and unreleased recordings on 12” 180gm vinyl 3.5hrs of audio content / 49 tracks – The Joshua Tree 2007 double album (gatefold) – Live from Madison Square Garden 1987 double album (gatefold) – The Joshua Tree 2017 Remixes – The Joshua Tree Outtakes – The Joshua Tree B-Sides • The Joshua Tree – Photographs by The Edge. An 84-page hardback book of personal never-before seen photography by The Edge, taken during the original Mojave Desert Joshua Tree shoot, 1986 • A folio of 8 rare 12” Anton Corbijn colour prints.

Super Deluxe 4CD Box Set – Cover features a textured embossed gold foiled Joshua tree icon 4 CDs housed in left panel of hardback book 3.5hrs of audio content / 49 tracks: – The Joshua Tree 2007- Live from Madison Square Garden 1987 – The Joshua Tree 2017 Remixes – The Joshua Tree B-Sides & Outtakes • The Joshua Tree – Photographs by The Edge. An 84-page hardback book of personal never-before seen photography by The Edge, taken during the original Mojave Desert Joshua Tree shoot, 1986 • A folio of 8 rare 12” Anton Corbijn colour prints.

Deluxe 2CD – 28 tracks / new artwork – colour version of original album- The Joshua Tree 2007- Live from Madison Square Garden 1987.

Universal also have the second album by HALSEY called ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’… The first record went quite well.. This one is on CD, Deluxe CD and indies only coloured vinyl.

Universal also have a 40th anniversary edition of the classic ‘Exodus’ by BOB MARLEY… Time magazine ranked Exodus as the best album of the 20th century… It’s on 2CD, DELUXE 3CD or ltd 4LP with 2×7”s…

UNI also have TRAINSPOTTING 2 O.S.T on Vinyl for next Friday the 2nd as well as some TOM PETTY reissues including ‘Full Moon Fever’, ‘Damn the Torpedos’ and ‘Into The Great Wide Open’, as well as NEIL DIAMOND’s ‘Hot August Night’, and ‘The Jazz Singer’.. EVANESCENCE’s ‘Fallen’ gets a vinyl repress, and some TOP OF THE POPS compilations also get a press on Vinyl….Collectors items them ones for sure… Will there be a guy in my line of work going through second hand records in 50 years time saying ‘Same o same o loads of Top Of The Pops Records’.. Or will we be extinct?..

Last few bits from Universal include IGGY POP reissues of ‘Lust For Life’, ‘Tv Eye 1977’ and ‘The Idiot’…. These were cut from the analogue tapes… MARIKA HACKMAN has a new record, and there is a MAVIS STAPLES Concert Celebration on 2CD/DVD. and lastly THE WHO ‘Live At The Isle Of Wight’ on DVD or 2CD.

PIAS for the 2nd of June have the new ALT J album called ‘Relaxer’… Their 3rd record… Good band these folks are… Looking forward to a listen here… PIAS also have a new TANKARD album, as well as DAVID BYRNE and FATS DOMINO releases in the ‘Live from Austin, TX’ series… CD/DVD or LP with those two…

Sony have the new ROGER WATERS record ‘Is This The Life We Really Wanted” on CD and 2LP…. First rock work since ‘Amused to Death” back in ‘93 was it?.. Fairly big release day to be fair is the 2nd of June… Heard one track briefly off the Waters album that’s all… Sony also have a reissue of THE BYRDS  ‘Sweetheart Of The Rodeo’ on LP.

Warner have the second solo album by THE BLACK KEYS man DAN AUERBACH called ‘Waiting On A Song’… Great reviews on this one… Some top guests on it also including MARK KNOPFLER, JOHN PRINE and DUANE EDDY.

Warner also has a new ALL TIME LOW record and vinyl record reissues of FOREIGNER ‘40’, and RODRIGO Y GABRIELA’s debut album.

MUSIC ON VINYL have a reissue of RESERVOIR DOGS Original Soundtrack, on I hope red and white vinyl… In honour of our boys last sunday the rep told me!!… Em no he didn’t… But it was a sweet win… O’Grady introduced 5 debutants to championship fare in 2003 and they all became household names… Pop quiz… Name them??… if these 5 young fellas can grow into their roles and we keep humming as we were last sunday then we have a very good chance against Waterford… Loads of ifs there though.

I’ve got caught with a bit of RSD stock (much more on it next week but 23 years and still making fuck ups) so if anyone has their eye on something…. Chance me on it… You might get a good deal

Look sin é for this week folks,

Thanks as always for listening,




Meeting the Big Boys, U2 / Kraftwerk / Beatles Pre-Order Special, and What’s The Best Selling Debut of The Century???

Hey everyone,

How’s things??

Ok so a strange one this week…. I have been around a conference the last few days… A music conference in Cork… In fairness a very well run event… I enjoyed it…. Spent it with a great old friend and great new friends… A few refreshments were had here and there… Now and again… Now i’m fairly well down the food chain to be fair but it gave me a glimpse of the corporate world… A world I suppose I do not live in…. When i say i’m down the food chain… I, or guys like me are a fairly insignificant in the scheme of things… Now I think I run an ok shop blah blah blah… But these dudes and gals are serious players in my industry…. They can talk.. A lot of it sounds like it’s coming from a good place but it’s a business… Pure and simple… The numbers have to work… That’s cool, they have to work… The numbers…. Like me or any small business also… I am fortunate I suppose I do not have to answer to anybody really… Well Bobby maybe from time to time!!

The industry as a whole according to the whigs is a state of huge transition…. It’s the new… Age old problem of getting paid…. Everyone needs to get paid… Be it agents, promoters, managers, record companies…. Everyone… Oh sorry, the dude or gal that makes the music also… Some disappointing things I heard I suppose… The labels / record companies only really get involved when it’s a sure thing… Pure and simple… If an artist hits the criteria.. Numbers again… The labels will get involved …. And then fight amongst themselves to get the act signed….. And they kept talking about an artist being a brand themselves, and having a clear vision of where they want to go….. For christ sake, if you’re a young fella with a gift then visions of where you want to go are not high on your list id imagine…. I think i’m a good hurler… I want to play for cork…. I’m a good songwriter.. I want to play the Opera House…. You don’t map it out much further than that I suppose…. Record companies are getting writers in to work with even the top artists… Every big name it seems has a writing team or teams.. Up to 15… That’s the way it is now… It’s a commodity… What will sell??

Ok so, YouTube got a fairly hard rap….. They pay no one, or very little to no one… Spotify seem to be a good enough guy…. giving 65% or 70% back to label… Where that % goes after that was wrapped in waffle with some syrup and a smidgen of chocolate sauce…. Spotify have so far failed to make any profit..


And before we crack on to the releases for Friday May 19th, we’re gonna rattle out a couple of our special price pre-orders with links, all out over the next few weeks..

The Beatles – Sgt Peppers 50th Anniversary (May 26th)
Deluxe 4CD/BluRay/DVD Set at 120EUR (130EUR on shelf)
2LP at 37EUR (40EUR on Shelf)
2CD at 22EUR (25 on Shelf)

Kraftwerk – 3D The Catalogue (May 26th)
Vinyl Boxset at 150EUR (170EUR on Shelf)

U2 – Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary (June 2nd)
Limited Vinyl Boxset at 140EUR (150EUR on shelf)
Deluxe 4 CD at 100EUR (110EUR on shelf)
Double CD at 18EUR (20EUR on shelf)

There’s a chance we might have a surprise with the U2 pre-order’s…

These can be pre-ordered online with the links, or else pop us a mail if you have interest in any and we can write it in the book and make sure one is put away…

Right so, onto releases for the week of May 19th..


Starting with Universal for next week is a new ‘Best Of’ from THE KOOKS on CD, Deluxe and 2LP… There is also a RAMMSTEIN ‘Live in Paris’ Limited 4LP Box, 2CD and Bluray… Meant to be cracking the documentary.. Strong claims that it is one of the best concert films of all time.. DRAGONFORCE also have a new album through Uni next week, and LITTLE STEVEN has a new CD entitled ‘Soulfire’..

DEAD DAISIES new live album ‘Live and Louder’ is out on CD/DVD, 2LP/CD or boxset also through Uni…


Moving on to PIAS for the 19th… ERASURE’s new album ‘World Be Gone’ on indies only orange vinyl is out, as well as some ELIOT SMITH reissues including a 20th Anniversary DLP of the masterpiece ‘Either/Or’, remastered from analogue tapes and an extra 5 live tracks and a B-Side…



Sony for May 19th have SINGLES O.S.T on 2CD and 2LP, a LP reissue of RICK ROSS’ ‘Rather You Than Me’, and SIA’s ‘1000 Forms of Fear’ on vinyl..

Essential have SKEPTA’s ‘Konnichiwa’ on vinyl for the first time.. The grime artist’s album won the Mercury Prize this year.. There are also some AMON AMARTH reissues out on vinyl next week through Essential..

Republic of Music have the TWIN PEAKS OST on LP..


Warner for next week have probably the biggest releases, starting with LINKIN PARK’s new album ‘One More Light’.. ‘Hybrid’ was the biggest selling debut this century.. I could get slagged here, but a cracking debut… 10mil in the States alone.. So this will be a big one..

Another big one from Warner this week is the next batch of IRON MAIDEN vinyl reissues.. 12 more Maiden represses on the way with identical artwork.. The first two out May 19th ‘No Prayer for the Dying’, and ‘Fear Of The Dark’.. They’ll be available on limited boxset, which will have space for all 12 of the albums.. The set when complete will be 8 studio albums and 4 live albums..

Also from Warner are a couple of CD reissues, including FAITH EVANS + BIGGIE’s ‘King and I’ album, The Vamps new CD, and a Lyle Lovett ‘Best Of’ CD…Finally from Warner for next week is a JETHRO TULL 40th Anniversary 3CD/2DVD version of ‘Songs From The Wood’..


CARGO have a new MOUNTAIN GOAT’S album on ltd 3LP/DVD for next week if anyone’s interested pop a message..

Music On Vinyl

Music on Vinyl for next week have limited ROBERT PALMER ‘Collected’ on white vinyl, only 750 worldwide of these… The CHAMBER SCORE by J.D BRADFIELD is out on green and black swirled vinyl, WILL DE VILLE’s ‘Collected’ on red vinyl (500 only worldwide), and BETH HART ‘Live at Paradiso’ all also out through MOV…


Sin é for this week folks,

Thanks as always for listening



Days until Record Store Day 2017, A Few Subtle Digs, and Two Weeks of Vinyl Releases!

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well…

Well just a few days to go now to Record Store Day (Saturday April 22nd) and we will be open at 8AM… The shopping centre will be open, including the car park, from 6.30 am… But access is from the Marks / TKmaxx end only at 6.30… If you want to arrive earlier you will have to stand outside again at the Marks end of the centre…

Just to let ye all know… Records for RSD are landing…. We will have about 300 titles… And we got a really good fill on a lot of things… Really good…. But, there were cuts like every year… In about 30/40 titles there were cuts but some of them were only cut by 10-25%, not making a really bad impact really to be honest, but on a small few there were fairly serious cuts as in 75-80% of what I ordered…. There the couple of problems….  And a few of the really smaller distributors may well have let us down a bit but they would have been ones or twos of things…. We worked hard and done our best folks, but this is the nature of the beast i’m afraid….. So a handful of people may be disappointed… I hope you will understand if you are one of them…


To give you an idea off the kind of stuff we deal with from time to time…. Which makes it really difficult to compete with the massive online companies…. When a label will rather sell it there, than to specialist indie shops..

Here’s an email from my rep about the Fionn Regan LP a few days OK…

‘Hi All,
The label pressed 1,000 LP and once all the UK & International orders were keyed there was none for left for Ireland. Sincere apologies about this! We’re currently waiting to hear when there will be a repress and will update you asap. In the meantime you should shortly be receiving your CD orders for Friday.’

This is an example of what us minnows deal with from time to time, not to mention RSD…. and Fionn is Irish for christs sake… Imagine the lucky Fionn Regan fans in Norway getting their LPs…

Anyway… As I said the fill is good especially on the ‘biggest’ titles… So I hope most of ye will be happy and if not will be cool, which is nearly as good as being happy… Isn’t it?… Isn’t It?!


There will be no newsletter next week folks as we will be knee deep in records….  It’s the busiest day of the year for us… It is like 9 or 10 normal saturdays rolled into one… Records, music, craic and a beer if you want… What more could ya want like…  So I hope to cover releases for the 21st and 28th of April tonight… Could well bore the liathroidi off ye…


But let’s start with what is being released this week in the shop… These are TOOL, NOTORIOUS BIG, CHRISTY MOORE, ELTON JOHN, PERCOLATER, LAMBCHOP, PETE TOWNSHEND. No video this week, once again it’s all RSD focus in the shop.

Not a huge amount happening on Friday the 21st…. It’s not as terrifying obviously but the shop is caught in a bit of a tsunami RSD week…. The calm… The waters receding… Eerily quiet … Then… Ooh in case I forget, which I could easily have but obviously now haven’t…. We are closed at 7pm on next Friday night as we try and make ourselves pretty and presentable for the morning, like…!



Warner for the 21st have new albums by TEXAS, SHERYL CROW and SEAN ROWAN.. .His one on red vinyl.



Universal have the mighty 2PAC and a vinyl reissue of his debut 2PACALYPSE NOW on DLP with codes… 25th anniversary of that classic.

Uni also have some GLEN CAMBELL LP reissues including ‘Gentle On My Mind’ and Wichita Lineman’, as well as some more reissues by THE JAM including ‘All Mod Cons, ‘Setting Sons’ and ‘Sound Effects’.

Uni have the new album by INCUBUS, entitled  ‘8’  next Friday the 21st also… June for the LP i’m afraid though, and lastly Uni have a new album by STEPS and WILKINSON which is called ‘Hypotonic’ and there is as a 4LP set limited to 1000 copies only.. And also a MAX RICHTER reissue of ‘Infra’… Listening to this guy lately.. Lovely stuff.



Sony for Friday the 21st of April have the BOWIE ‘No Plan’ EP on clear vinyl….The blue pill… I mean vinyl sorry, is the day after as a limited RSD release… A bit harsh on the Bowie fans really… Loads of releases for RSD and all his fans must be planning retirement homes and funeral costs so it’s a bit harsh on them..

Sony also have the new album by RAY DAVIES (THE KINKS) out on the 21st called ‘Americana’… First solo album since 2008.

Lastly Sony have a new album by BRAD PAISLEY.


RED ESSENTIAL have new albums by RON SEXSMITH and MAXIMO PARK for the 21st of April if they’re not sold out in Uzbekistan first…


PROPER have KATATONIA ‘Live In Bulgaria’ for April 21…


Right so that’s the releases for April 21st…. Just about 300 releases then on April 22nd, like… A bit then about our local heroes, and those from slightly further afield, who come in and showcase their talents for all our entertainment needs on the day, for the price of a record and a cup of tea or a bottle of beer…. Legends one and all….Thanks lads.

First up at 11AM are RAISING JUPITER, a rock band from Leeside…. The lads are regulars with us and never fail to deliver… Quality musicians with some rocking riffs…. Two piece. Beau Hill heard a tune and looked up the guys and has now produced their latest EP.

12 Noon we are delighted to welcome JACK O ROURKE back on stage in the Towers…. Quality Jack is… On and off the stage… His star is rising all the time and we hope he gets all the success in the world… As good a songsmith as has graced this country…It’s an honour to have him with us.

1PM we have MARLENE ENRIGHT back with us not long after the release of her wonderful solo album ‘Placemats and Second Cuts’… Marlene is also a member of THE HARD GROUND.. Her debut album really is a fine listen… Quirky pop songs mixed with Marlene’s hypnotic voice and beautifully backed up by her band… You won’t go far wrong with it.

2PM we have another regular RSD contributor / legend… ANNA MITCHELL. ANNA has a new album in the pipeline so we are really looking forward to her showcasing a few new tunes as well as some classics from her debut album ‘Down To The Bone’….. Of all the in-stores we have done over the last 3 or 4 years, Anna has stopped more people in their tracks than anybody else… That tells it own story folks…. If you are around you will hear why on the day… Well worth checking out.

2.45PM we are delighted to welcome CROW BLACK CHICKEN, with their brilliant brand of dirty blues…. Christy the singer/guitarist does be in and out of the shop a bit….. Gas man i’d say…. I said it to him only a week or two back…. Back to me in a few days… ‘Yeah we’ll do it’… Sound job lads… Nice one…. I’d say their little performance will be a cracker… Cant wait!


3.30PM we are delighted to announce MILKY TEETH… Maybe Robbie Barron’s maiden solo voyage as MILKY TEETH… Robbie has some serious pedigree… Currently guitar player with JOHN BLEK AND THE RATS and THE SHAKER HYMN… He has also worked with the likes of JOAN SHELLEY among others…. MILKY TEETH is releasing a limited three track EP for RECORD STORE DAY…. Ye guys will be the first to hear it…. Well young Bobby here has heard a track and he is bloody raving about it since…. So another cracker in store.

4.15PM we are thrilled to welcome back CROJAYN… We have huge time for them…. These kids are the real deal and could well go very far…. Cracking, cracking band…. With tunes beyond their years…. Serious folks…. Watch this space…. One where you could say you were there…

Lastly at 5PM… As the sun sets on RSD… We will be really honoured to welcome WE CUT CORNERS to our stage… Quality finish to our day…. These guys are class…. The new record ‘The Cadences Of Others’ is brilliant… It is… It is brilliant…. So we are really thrilled to have the lads in… Try pencil it in.

So that’s the line up folks…. We would like to say a huge thanks to everyone in advance and hopefully you guys reading this will catch a flavour of the day by coming in to us.


Right moving quickly through releases for the 28th of April… Short and sweet folks… The one finger tapping machine is running out of battery….. The biggie biggie via Warner is the new  GORILLAZ record ‘Humanz’…. CD, DELUXE CD or LP.. LP pre-order for 24 euro special price still on offer…. Looking forward to it…

Warner also have a CRANBERRIES ‘Unplugged’ CD for the 28th of April…



PIAS have the new MARK LANEGAN album, Indie supergroup BNQT’s record on indies only orange vinyl, a DIMMU BORGIR new one, and new ones from GEOFF BARROW / BEN SALISBURY, VIOLENTS AND MONICA MARTIN… Worth a listen.


Universal have new albums by THURSTON MOORE, FEIST (BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE), GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 OST and LP reissues by REM ‘Green’, CHEMICAL BROS ‘We Are The Night’, NAT KING COLE ‘Unforgettable’ and a nice JOHN MARTYN acoustic CD.


SONY have VAN MORRISON ‘The Authorised Bang Collection’, WILLIE NELSON’s new album, and a DEPECHE MODE double 12” single.


PROPER have a reissue of PATRICK CASSIDY ‘Cruit’..



MUSIC ON VINYL have a few beauts from their collection series…. First pressings of these records should be the limited numbered coloured ones…. 3LP sets… ‘Best Ofs’ by THIN LIZZY, MARVIN GAYE, UB40 and JOE COCKER… As well as TOOTS AND THE MAYTALS ‘Unplugged’…

On the local scene, we also have the new release from Percolator on vinyl through Penske Records, for a great price of 15EUR. This is getting spun on McCloone and sounding great. Check out the full album and an interview with the lads by Thin Air here, and spread the word!


So look sin é for this and next week folks…

Hope you pop in and say hello on Record Store Day… 96FM are broadcasting from outside the shop from 10 till 2… Should be a right good celebration…

We’re still here!

Thanks for listening,



Gorillaz ‘Humanz’ Vinyl Record Special Price Pre-Order, Record Store Day Entertainment + Info Announcement, and Right Here Right Now in Cork.

Hey Everyone,

Hows the form?

I’m back to ye after our new arrival… Last wednesday night week to be exact… Bonnie joined the crew… Prince Bill, Over the Ocean, Tyler, Raitt… Nope…. Bonnie O’ Brien…. BOB… So you got in there kid…Truth is Gina loves Gone With The Wind and the little girl in it is called… We’re delighted for her to join the troops…. Anyway look, I don’t want to induce vomit with my paternal ramblings… All’s  well thankfully and that’s the main thing… She is definitely in my top 5 of best looking babies ever poll though… Right… Move on Raymond… Loads to talk about other than beautiful babies…!!


Right so, moving on to releases for 14th of April…


Sony arguably have the biggest releases of the week with some TOOL vinyl record reissues…’Opiate’, ‘Undertow’, and ‘Lateralus’…. I was chuffed a few weeks back when I saw them on the release schedule… Ah nice one… Lateralus is a great rock album… People always look for it… Greedy guts was thinking how many he’d sell…. Eyes then panned across to the price… ‘Ah shit’ was my reaction…. Some kind of a limited LP is Lateralus so it’s 80 bucks…. Pity like… The other two are normal money… I might have sold 20 of them at 25 Euro over a few months (500EUR), but only at best maybe 3 / 4 at 80 bucks… (320EUR at  very best).. That equation should work for the record companies as well…. Small numbers probably pressed… Not going to be held as a stock item going forward… Press em, sell em and move on… Stock gone… Very much for and against that for me… Way more against it if i’m to be honest… It fuels the Ebay-ers a bit and takes a great album out of the reach of a genuine punter who just wants the LP… Anyway look… No stress…

Sony also have a nice repress of CHRISTY MOORE’s ‘Live At The Point’, a new album by the supremely talented JOHN MAYER ‘The Search For Everything’, and a live album on LP by SCORPIONS entitled ‘Acoustica”.

RED ESSENTIAL have the difficult second album from SAM OUTLAW … ‘Tenderheart’ … Lovely voice on this dude…

Been awhile since we had a record from FIONN REGAN but next friday the wait is over… Cracking video of the lead single… Cracking song also… Cillian Murphy is in the video… Really well done… I could be all wrong but I doubt it… I’d say there wasn’t much money exchanged hands…… Murphy was a budding musician himself in a previous life and was offered a 5 album record deal in 1996 i think… He turned it down… I think his brother who was in the band was still in school so it got knocked on the head… I‘d say he is a good supporter of Irish music… Great cameo too on the great Franks album… So that’s what I have to say about that.

RED ESSENTIAL also have reissues by TWILIGHT SAD (the debut) and IGNITE’s ‘Our Darkest Days’.


On the local scene a very very important and unique festival is being run by the Opera House over the weekend of the 28/29/30th of April supporting and showcasing the depth and dearth of musical talent we have around the city..

I know I am always banging on to ye about the local music scene and how good it is… (If people give it more of a chance)…. Well… Guess what… Here’s a chance folks… Roll up, roll up for what will be a brilliant weekend of excellent live music in the unique settings of the Opera House’s various rooms…. There are gigs across the weekend either in the intimate green room (backstage at the opera house), or the right room (which is basically a gig on the stage itself (audience and band on stage). or the JACK O ROURKE gig in the main auditorium with the Cork Opera House 25 piece orchestra…. It is a great opportunity to sample the Opera House in a different and unique way… Be it on stage or backstage, as well as supporting and enjoying our brilliant local talent…. More details here on the Opera House Website… But on the cards you have… Mick Flannery with Marlene Enright, Interference, Jack O’ Rourke, Anna Mitchell, Strung,  John Blek and The Rats, The Shaker Hymn, Mark O’ Reilly, Friday / Saturday Night Ramble, Hank Wedel, Clare Sands, Greenshine, Sup Trio, Ian Whitty, and Shookrah… So get in and soak it up… The corporation is definitely going to wet some babies heads over that weekend… Well…  Will do well for one night… Fingers crossed… Ye know the story!


WARNER for the 14th of April have the brilliant reissue of THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G ‘Life After Death” on 3LP through Rhino… Classic hip-hop indeed… ‘Ready To Die’ is an RSD release also this year folks…. Warner have a new album from JOHN POWERS CAST and reissues by SEASICK STEVE ‘Can’t Teach A Old Dog” and TAKING BACK SUNDAY ‘New Again’.


We at the corporation are really looking forward to the new GORILLAZ album… Out on April 28th… We are teaming up with Warner to do a decent pre-order offer on the LP….. Best price offer of 24EUR (I think you will see it’s very competitive), as well as a bespoke to us Gorillaz print with all pre orders… The band’s management have given the go ahead for us to receive these prints which is great…. Artwork for print not confirmed to me yet…. This is open for in store and online pre-orders…. Need responses by next Weds the 12th of April…. If interested…. Sound as a bell…


Universal have a classic first timer on vinyl of the GIN BLOSSOMS classic ‘New Miserable Experience’ from back in 1992…. Some more limited Pete Townshend LP reissues on different coloured vinyl as well..

Uni also have reissues by ELTON JOHN on LP including ‘Captain Fantastic’ and ‘The Brown Dirt Cowboy’, ‘Elton John’, ‘Madman Across The Water’, ‘Songs From The West Coast’ ‘17-11-70’, Too Low For Zero’, and also some JOHN MARTYN LP reissues, ‘Bless The Weather’, and ‘The Tumbler’.


We’ve had another late announcement to the RSD17 List this week, and a nice one. A 7’’ replica single of THE BEATLES’ classics ‘Strawberry Fields’ / ‘Penny Lane’. A savage double A sided single to be fair.. Originally came out in February 1967..


Carrying on from there, we are having our own little mini-festival for Record Store Day…. 96FM are involved a bit on the day… Broadcasting from the empty unit across from the shop from 10 to 2… Which will give everyone involved a lovely bit of promo… Some facebook live stuff going on… Lots going on really to be honest… Munster Rugby looking to get a time switch for their cup semi final because of the clash with us…. 96FM have asked for a blurb about the day so if ye want to get a RSD Musiczone.ie Event Guide, and waffle please read on…… Actually in hindsight queueing info and band info here also so probably worth a scan…


Record Store Day is an annual event to help independently owned record shops by providing them with bespoke and limited pieces of pre-recorded music. Vinyl, CD and Cassettes. Both record labels and artists produce these bespoke pieces of vinyl or art, as Paul MCCARTNEY says, to help drive footfall and sales in Indie Record Shops around the globe.

This year we have limited vinyl releases by U2, DAVID BOWIE, THE BEATLES, THE CURE, THE SMITHS, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, PEARL JAM, NEIL YOUNG, PRINCE, MADONNA, LOU REED, VANGELIS, PINK FLOYD, LONDON GRAMMAR, THE WAR ON DRUGS,THE DOORS and THE MANIC STREET PREACHERS amongst others. These are once off pressings, limited and never to be repeated. In some cases, never released before on any format. We will have about 300 different titles in store on the day.

RSD rules state that nothing can be held or sold online until 7 days after the event. It’s purely a ‘first come, first served’ basis on RSD. Only one of any title per customer.

We will have pressies for our early queue attending people while stocks last.

QUEUING. Start when you want. But doors will open into the centre from the Marks / TK Maxx entrance at 6.30AM. Not from any other doors. So if youre before 6.30, go to those doors. We are open at 8AM. We have got a good fill of products to be honest, even The Cure ones are much better than expected. So if you’re early, you should be good for the main titles.


Music, beer and buns start at 11PM. Let’s have a parteee. Because that’s what the day IS ultimately. A celebration of record stores and their survival.


And here’s our entertainment for this party:











Some artists will be solo. Some will have bits of bands, and some full bands.. Definitely in 4 cases at least full bands….. Rock n roll!!

Also on the local front, the JOE CHESTER In-Store from recently is also now available to view on our site! Will have the AUGUST WELLS video up for next week..


Sin e for this week folks,

Thanks for listening,



Hozier Takes Over, Potential Album of the Year?, and Clare Sands In-Store

Hey Everyone,

How’s the form?

That’s ‘Ray Phrase’ number one for tonight. Like the video, i’m gonna try to fit as many ‘Ray Phrases’ in as possible. With that, the boss man is away tonight with good news, so has left me in charge to try and entertain you, and more importantly, try to flog you stuff to help Ray get his yacht. He has me trained well.

‘Anyway on to the boring stuff’.. That’s number two.


Quite a bit to be fair. The video is also back this week. There’s about 2 or 3 weeks of releases included, so some nice stuff to look at. You can check it as normal here :

Anyway, we’ll crack on to releases for next Friday, April 7th.

Probably the biggest release of the week will go to FATHER JOHN MISTY, who returns with his third solo album ‘Pure Comedy’. His remarkable, lyrical musings will be on CD, Vinyl and a lovely Deluxe Coloured Vinyl edition through Bella Union. Thelast album’s deluxe set was a thing of beauty, so hopefully they’ve done this one as well. His way with words seems to have taken even another powerful, unique step forward on this album, and wouldn’t be surprised to see it up as album of the year come December.


Another cracker through PIAS next week is the new FUTURE ISLANDS album by 4AD, entitled ‘The Far Field’. The smiling assassin has asked me to mention it’s on limited, indies only coloured vinyl (and CD of course).. ‘Yipeeeeeee’ (4).

There’s a new ARCA album out through PIAS next week, as well as a DON CHERRY ‘Music, Wisdom, Love’ LP out… KAREN ELSON has a new CD out also this week, and ‘tis a fine listen’ (5). It’s produced by one of my favourite artists,JONATHAN WILSON, who also happens to produce Father John’s albums, so he’ll be getting quite a nice paycheck this week i’d imagine. Really looking forward to hearing this full album next week, take a listen to the single here :

Finally from PIAS for next Friday is the second album from YORKSTONE, THRONE AND KHAN, once again on limited, indies only, coloured vinyl, and the album from DOOMSDAY KINGDOM, who are a metal supergroup, and it’s out through Nuclear Blast..


Moving on to Universal for the 7th of April, we have the new album from IMELDA MAY, entitled ‘Life, Love, Flesh, Blood’, which will be on CD, Deluxe CD or LP.. The album is produced by T-Bone Burnett. How bad. Musicians that feature on the album include some guy called Jeff Beck, and just some band who played on an album called ‘Raising Sand’, by a certain Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. Just a few small names in the music industry. Not too bad at all. Some serious pedigree on this record.

Also out from Universal for next week is the new COLD WAR KIDS album ‘La Divina’ on CD or LP, a new THE NEW PORRNOGRAPHER’s album ‘Whiteout Conditions’ on CD and LP, and the new DEEP PURPLE album on a couple of formats, including CD / CD+DVD / 2LP+DVD / MINI BOX [CD+DVD+LARGE SIZED T-SHIRT] / LARGE BOXSET [Numbered, LP sized, includes CD+DVD, 2LP, x3 10″ vinyl (Now What?! live tapes vol. 2), T-shirt sized Large, poster, 5 high quality photo prints, Sticker.

Finally from Universal, a Hozier-Favourite reissue of NIRVANA’s ‘Incesticide’ gets a 2LP release for the 25th Anniversary, as well as RIHANNA’s back catalogue getting the vinyl treatment for the first time, with codes included.

Trying not to use Ray’s signature ‘…..’ after sentences is proving hard, very used to it from tidying up the newsletter each week. He asked me to make this newsletter my own, and I thought what better way?.


Sony for next week have the latest in the NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL MUSIC series, which is now up to NOW 96.. They also have the new DJ Duo CHAINSMOKER’s album ‘Memories Do Not Open’, and a reissue of ‘Wolves’ byRAG N’ BONE MAN on CD or LP, one of his older albums.

QUEEN’s BRIAN MAY teams up with KERRY ELLIS for a new album entitled ‘Golden Days’, the duo’s second I believe. MIDNIGHT OIL have a ‘Complete Vinyl Boxset’ out through Sony also next week. 13LPs in this one. Surrealistic Pillow by the mighty JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, another favourite of mine, is also reissued next week, as well as ‘Combat Rock’ by THE CLASH.


Warner for next week have a couple of nice bits as well. The GIMME DANGER (Iggy and the Stooges documentary) soundtrack gets it’s long anticipated vinyl pressing release, and there is a CARO EMERALD ‘Deleted Scenes’ Acoustic Sessions limited coloured vinyl also out. I wonder how many times I can say the words ‘limited’ and ‘coloured’ in one email to try sell ye stuff. I’ll have to ask the smiling assassin to throw me a fiver every time I do from now on.

Few final bits from Warner for next week include a new MIKE AND THE MECHANICS album ‘Let Me Fly’ on CD or LP, and THE OBSESSED are back with a new album, as well as the new WOODS OF YPRES LP.

Republic of Music for the 7th have the new ERJA LYYTINEN album ‘Stolen Hearts’. Savage blues slide guitar player. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard a blues player and been blown away, but a customer ordered in a live album of hers in recent weeks and asked us to listen to it before it was collected, and it was some listen. The band that plays with her are incredible, the arrangements are incredible, and her playing is something else. Well worth checking her out, especially the live stuff.

There is also a LP reissue of the long out of print, 2002 LAMBCHOP LP ‘Is A Woman’ through Republic Of Music for next week.

And finally for next week guys, Essential have a new JOEY BADASS album on CD or LP, and Proper have a reissue of OPETH’s ‘Still Life’ as a 2LP Picture Disc, and JAMES LUTHER DICKINSON’s ‘I’m Just Dead, I’m Not Gone’ on LP.

We had another great in-store this week, the brilliant CLARE SANDS was in to promote her new solo album ‘Under The Table’. The video for the title track of the album was released last week, so check it out here :

Sin é for this week folks, (I’ve lost count at this stage of Ray quotes)

Thanks for reading,

The Boss-Man should be back next week but thanks for having me,

Hozier (IT God)


Me Me Me, Bob Dylan’s ‘Triplicate’ Vinyl Record Box Set Special Offer, and Marlene Enright In-Store

Hey Everyone,

Hope life is treating you ok..

Wish lists for RSD done…

I know some lads are old school also and just like landing in and seeing what’s there… They don’t even want to see a list…. Bigger thrill that way alright I suppose…. But life is all information now…. We have been pedaling this stuff all week long to ye… Nearly ramming it down ye’r throats… Come on what ye want, what ye want… Self serving, I suppose… It gives me a better idea I suppose so I don’t fuck up to badly with stock and hopefully have what ye want on the day also…. Thats my self serving excuse anyway…

I should be getting a fairly full fill I think… U2, SMITHS and most of the BOWIE’S should be OK… Not 11 o’clock OK’s now like…. ‘No Plan’ and the Cure stuff…. Have a plan i’d suggest and be fairly early i’d say lad…

I’ll get info on that out to ye soon enough… What time into the centre and all that..

Massive demand around the Cure… Hope I won’t let anyone down…

Thanks to all those who took the time and effort to email us and we appreciate ye’r understanding.

A couple of extra bits from Warner have made the list which weren’t on the original I don’t think.. So here they are with prices..
1) Notorious BIG, The – Born Again [2LP] 35EUR.
2) PRINCE “Little Red Corvette / 1999” – 7” Picture Disc. 18EUR
3) THE WAR ON DRUGS “Thinking Of A Place” 12” Single. 17EUR.

Anyway on to the boring stuff…. I could ramble away all night but when it comes to this record is out and that record is out and lastly that record is out… It bores the liathroidi off me to be honest…. Not the records obviously, the tediousness of typing them…. Anyway the castle at home here must take preference over the next 6 months or so… So the corporation tower’s newsletters may become a little more brief… Anyway ye must be sick shit of me this week…i’ve ye poisoned.


Image result for Jesus and mary chain damage and joy

No video again this week folks, been a hectic week with everything.. Back to normal next week


Moving on so to to releases for next week the 31st of March Sony have the newBOB DYLAN Triplicate’ vinyl record limited boxset. Still time for the 50 euro pre-order for deluxe box.. Also out are Reissue of BOWIE’S ‘Heathen’, AEROSMITHS ‘Rocks’, JOHNNY CASH’s ‘FOLSOM PRISON’, as well as new LPs from ZARA LARSSON, BODYCOUNT and ARCH ENEMY.

New Gorillaz album just announced April 28th…. Half ten on a thursday night… One of the 4 songs they released here. Will be a big album again i’d say..



Warner for the 31st March have the DOORS Debut album on a Deluxe Box Set… 3CD/LP and, and also the new album from cracking rock band MASTODON.


Cargo have the new WIRE album for next Friday the 31st.


PROPER for the 31st have the raw NICK CAVE documentary ‘One More With Feeling’… Film of the year say Mojo… Hard to disagree….

Speaking of rockumentarys, saw on youtube during the week a film about the making of the newest MALOJIAN record…. Really is a very enjoyable watch about the processes a band have in the studio recording their record…. They recorded it on analogue over in Chicago with world famous ‘sound’ man Steve Albini… Link here… Well worth a watch… Interesting and funny.


AIMEE MANN and COLIN HAY also have new albums next week.


UNIVERSAL have new ones by JAMIROQUAI and BRITISH SEA POWER…. Two nice ones id say….. A reissue of the long out of print U2 album ‘How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb’ as well as WAR on vinyl record.

Universal also have DEACON BLUE live and some nice 3CD ‘Best Ofs’ by Level 42, Joan Armatrading, Fairport and Big Country.


PIAS For next Friday have new releases from GOLDFRAPP, RODNEY CROWELL and JULIA HOLTER.

Republic of Music have the new STONE FOUNDATION record…. This could be a cracker… If you like a bit of soul…. WELLER heavily invovled on it…. Sings on three and plays on all tracks… Lovely tune here :


The FIGHT CLUB Score and HAUSCHKA LPs out also next week.


Seeing as it’s all about me lately…. Me me me…. I done an interview with a music website and magazine OVERBLOWN recently… Here’s the story if you want a read… If you are fairly bored like…



On the local front Marlene Enright was with us Saturday, and CLARE SANDS this coming Saturday at 1PM…. Try pop in if you are around…. Please…. Marlene was launching her new album with us…and truly a great listen..

Sin e for this week folks…

Thanks for listening

Could be busy next week like but talk soon




Depeche Mode Return, Dylan Special Price Limited Vinyl Boxset, and Choice Commentary

Hi Everyone,
How’s the form…. Hope not too bad.


Or the Grammy Nominated video format is back this week (Yipeeeeee I hear), check it out here :


Moving on to releases for next Friday, Paddy’s day….. 11 to 6 open in the shop that day… The biggest release next week is the new DEPECHE MODE album via Sony, their 14th entitled ‘Spirit’…. I’ts available with us as a 12 track standard CD, a limited, deluxe 17 track CD with a 28 page book….. Vinyl record version will be the standard album on a double LP with the fourth side having a special ‘Spirit’ etching on it…. Really looking to giving it a listen next week… Fine band…. Anton Corbijn once again does all the artwork and photography…

Sony also have the CD release of one of the biggest pop stars on the planet at the moment…. ZARA LARSSON….
Sony also have a new album from Pitbull, a JOHN WILLIAMS 3CD/1DVD set, a new 2CELLOS CD and a five CD set of albums by DEREK TRUCKS.
I am listening live as I write this to the Choice Irish Music Awards on 2FM… And it’s starting to look to me that JAMES VINCENT MCMORROW is the PAUL SIMON of the Irish Music Industry…. The DJs had mentioned a few times he was the only one not in attendance… Nothing about him washing his hair or anything….  Just he was not there and then one DJ told a story about how he was working on a small radio station in London when Mcmorrow’s debut came out and he was so impressed by it…. PLugged it big time on the radio station… He really connected with it… So the DJ wrote him a heartfelt genuine letter and guess what, ‘I heard nothing back’…. Nothing… Nothing at all… No reply… ASSHOLE’….. Brilliant says I… Tell it like it is…. Heard another DJ this week from a different radio station mention him also and how he was grating on him because JVM was retweeting everyone in the world who said he was brilliant…. ‘I’m brilliant’…. ‘I am brilliant’… ‘No i am brilliant’… Emperor’s new clothes (We do a bit of that actually…. Profile they call it…. But write back Paul.. I mean James)


Universal have a really interesting one for the 17th also by JARVIS COCKER and CHILLY GONZALES called ‘Room 29’…. Here’s a little info on it :
Jarvis Cocker, former frontman of the famous Brit pop band Pulp and Canadian pianist/rapper/producer/composer Chilly Gonzales have teamed up for this exciting new project. Room 29 was initially conceived as a theatre piece about the legendary room 29 of Hollywood Hotel Chateau Marmont. Cocker wrote the piece during his own stay at Room 29, inspired by one of the room’s more unusual features – a baby-grand piano – as a witness of all the countless dramas that must have taken place there. Room 29 is a studio recording of the theatre piece, consisting of catchy songs, spoken word, and piano interludes, composed by Chilly Gonzales, with lyrics by Jarvis Cocker. A deluxe vinyl version will be released in April.


Universal also have a great LLOYD COLE 6 CD boxset entitled ‘In New York..
Lloyd Cole will release a deluxe limited edition box set of his early solo years entitled ‘Lloyd Cole In New York’ on March 17th 2017 via Polydor/UMC. It features all four solo albums Lloyd released on the Polydor and Fontana labels between 1988 and 1996 [‘Lloyd Cole’ (’90), ‘Don’t Get Weird On Me Babe’ (’91), ‘Bad Vibes’ (’93) and ‘Love Story’ (’95)] plus ‘Smile If You Want To’, the ‘unreleased’ fifth album (including one previously unreleased track), and ‘Demos ‘89-‘94’, 20 recordings from home and studio made public for this release. The box will also feature a hardback book about this most erudite of artists by John O’Connell with new interviews with Lloyd and featured musicians, producers and collaborators and a wonderful selection of photos from the period plus a poster and postcards that feature Lloyd shot in New York by feted photographer Kevin Cummins.


Also from Universal is a (Susan) TEDESCHI and (Derek) TRUCKS Live from the Fox Oakland on 2CD/DVD or 2CD.

Universal have some nice vinyl record reissues including the debut from COUNTING CROWS ‘August and Everything After’… Good album…. And the follow up ‘Recovering the Satellites’ as DLP.

Image result for counting crows august and everything after

PETE TOWNSHEND LP reissues of ‘All the Best Cowboys’ on gold vinyl and ‘Empty Glass’ on clear vinyl as well through Uni, as well as some STEVE WINWOOD LP reissues…


PIAS for the 17th of March have a few nice ones…

New album by SPOON on Matador Records called ‘Hot Thoughts’, on an indies only red vinyl with codes for ye…

REAL ESTATE have a new album (4th one) entitled ‘In Mind’ on Domino records… Indies only coloured vinyl also…Limited i’m told.
Pias also have the new ANOHNI release on CD or 10” vinyl record… The vinyl includes the CD actually, and PIAS also have the latest batch of DEAD CAN DANCE represses of ‘The Serpent’s Egg’, recorded up in the hills and surrounded by the lakes of Cavan… The 5th album ‘Aion” and the 7th album ‘Spiritchaser’…. Brendan Perry had or maybe still has a gaff and a recording studio in Cavan… Quality stuff.
Lastly PIAS ( Choice Commentary : oh, Mcmorrow is in OZ the girl just said…. fair enough) have ACCEPT ‘Restless and Live’ on DVD/BLURAY..


We are doing a bit of a special on the new BOB DYLAN vinyl release on pre-orders only….There is a limited boxset coming out …. (Choice Commentary : And the winner is RUSANGANO FAMILY…. Don’t know it to be honest… Shall investigate… Sound like top lads in fairness to them) … So, it’s a limited, numbered Dylan boxset… Deluxe CD/3LP set….. So we are doing it for 50 euro, best price on pre-orders only….  Be back to us before next Thursday morning please….  For anyone that is interested…. I think you should find that it’s a really good price… Pop us a mail if interested, or pre-order directly from this link :
It was a long week last week…. The ED launch was a long but enjoyable day but I had been a buachaill dana the Monday before…. Myself and Hozier were out to a bit of a bash in a fine local establishment… Yep a monday night……. Well twas 5.05AM Tuesday morning before I put the coat and hat on… Tunes in the ears….  Abhaile raymond… Thinking I was 22 again… No bother to me… Work for half nine/ten the next day… No bother to me…. Hah…right… Hence the long week…. The rock star didn’t leave after till the sun was comfortably in the sky…. Teaching him well….
Warner for the 17th have the new CONOR OBERST album, new OBITUARY album and a new live GARY CLARKE JR album.


Cargo for the 17th have a splattered vinyl version of GOATs ‘World Music’ album.


PROPER have the BRETT ANDERSON solo albums boxset on CD and LP, PORCUPINE TREES ‘Voyage’ CD reissue, and a new PEADER O RIADA CD.


MUSIC ON VINYL have CAROLE KING ‘Welcome Home’, and SARAH MCLACHLAN “Solace’ LP reissues.


Red Essential have a few LAMB OF GOD vinyl reissues.
Local scene…
We are delighted to announce that the wonderful MARLENE ENRIGHT live in-store on Saturday March 25th at 1PM to launch her new (and truly brilliant) album ‘Placemats and Second Cuts’. The album is out the day before, and we’re really looking forward to having her in, you can hear the lead single ‘Alchemy’ here :

Also, the Smiling Assassin is back.. Talks of a U2 ‘Joshua Tree’ box set coming… More next week on this..

Sin e for this week folks,

Thanks for listening

A Great Weekend In The Shop, The Return of the Shins, and Advice For A Young Band

Hi everyone,

Hope ye are all well…

Sitting in the shop at 10:02PM, Thursday the 2nd of March.. Was here till 7:30.. Nipped home for an hour… Back since 9:30.. Strange night really.. Surreal.. Pensive at the moment.. Pissing rain out, no one at all around.. Opening in two hours for a Midnight Launch for Ed Sheeran’s new album Divide.. Very pensive… The battle is won regards this event though, loads of promo surrounded us and the event thanks to Bartosz and the shopping centre here, and all the folks in Warner.. It allowed us to wave a flag in the air and say we are here.. So thanks to all involved.. Bobby also for soldiering again with me..

Surreal though, as I sit here, this time six years ago my business was on it’s knees… Surviving on fumes.. Turnover of less than two grand a week on a bog standard week.. Death on two legs and it was tearing me apart.. Couldn’t turn the mind off at home.. New baby on the way (as now, a new baby on the way) but a business that has some life… This event is a sign of that life… Polar opposite feelings.. Nervous excitement… First midnight opening for me since Oasis’ ‘Be Here Now’ in ‘96.

I know in the great scheme of life none of this matters a shite, but you know… It’s nice when you’re self employed and you don’t have to take shite baggage home with you.. So thanks to all involved.. Lots of work goes into something like this.. I promise to give an update before this goes out as to how we got on..

Christ Raymond, you sounded like Grandad in ‘It’s Only Fools and Horses’ reminiscing about the war….

Anyway, albums out this last Friday in the shop (apologies with delay in getting this sent out, busy busy weekend in the shop) include the aforementioned Mr. ED SHEERAN, SLEAFORD MODS new vinyl record as an indie only red vinyl, ALISON KRAUSS, IMMOLATION, GRANDADDY, IGGY AND THE STOOGES Reissues, and METHYL ETHYL..


Right so, moving on to releases for the 10th of March… We have the new vinyl record release from the mighty THE SHINS… Their 5th now i think… First couple were beauts.. This one also sounds pretty good.. It’s called ‘Heartworms’ and it’s out on LP and CD.


Sony also have a MILES DAVIS QUINTET ‘Freedom Bootleg 5th Volume’, I think which comes with a bonus 12’’ as well.. Also from Sony is a JOE COCKER ‘Ultimate Collection’ on 2CD or 2LP..

Lastly from Sony is a score to the movie ‘The Chamber’ by James Dean Bradfield… Heavy stuff i’d say.. Hardcore Manics fans… Heard him interviewed recently about this score and it’s one of his first solo projects… Second I think.. But he was asked in the interview what advice he would give to aspiring bands.. He said he didn’t have a clue, as it’s a completely different industry since 1991… He is right.. What could you advise a really good young band?..

Keep at it… Every inch might get you the golden mile… He mentioned TV and Film Music is a way in maybe.. Write an unbelievably catchy tune.. No bother sure..


Anyway, Proper for the 10th of March have the new LAURA MARLING record ‘Semper Femina’… Lead single excellent.. Portishead like.. I think a few deluxe DLP available too, with live tracks and codes…

Proper also have FAIRPORT CONVENTION’s ‘50 @ 50’… 14 Tracks, half live, half studio… Plenty of guests on it.. Even Planty guests on one track, as does Jacqui McShee from PENTANGLE on another..

Lastly from Proper for next week is the album ‘Last Days of Oakland’ by FANTASTIC NEGRITO.. Winner of the recent Grammy for Best Blues Album.. Sounds like an interesting dude, and sounds bloody great… (To me)… Have a listen here


Universal for the 10th of March have quite a bit, starting the new CIRCA WAVES album, as well asELLIOT SMITH’s ‘Either/Or’ 20th Anniversary 2CD (lovely album), and a MARK ALMOND / SOFT CELL ‘Best Of’.. Also through Uni is the newest MAX RICHTER release on vinyl, a new Marti Pellow CD, the next in the series of the MARTY WHELAN compilations, a CHICKENFOOT ‘Live Best Of’ on 2CD, the new BUSH album on CD only.. They also have the new DEEP PURPLE single on 12’’ and CD, and lastly a brand new CHICKENFOOT track on 7’’..


PIAS for the 10th of March have the SOUNDGARDEN reissue of Ultramega OK, the Grammy nominated debut record on limited indies only Blue and Violet coloured vinyl with 6 bonus tracks included.. PIAS also have the Steve Earle ‘Live From Austin, TX’ on CD/DVD or 2LP..


Republic of Music have represses of their first ever three records on coloured vinyl.. Bit of a pleasure / guilty pleasure… Covers by French female singers of classic post punk / new wave classics in Bossa Nova.. The claim is the singers never heard the songs they covered on these albums?!!..


Warner have a ‘Live In San Diego’ by CLAPTON / JJ CALE on Blu Ray and DVD, and they have the deluxe versions of FLEETWOOD MAC’s ‘Tango In The Night’ on CD, 2CD, or 3CD/DVD/LP.. They also have aMAGNETIC FIELDS 5LP box set and lastly the PAUL WELLER score CD and LP of ‘Jawbone’…


It’s now 15:21 on the 3rd of March… Last night went well.. About 12LPs and 42 CDs sold… Beer, Prosecco, pizza and chocolate all consumed.. Nice laugh instore… I think people really enjoyed it… no money made (lots of little costs) but loads of promo achieved around it so I do hope there will be more in the future… Where there’s life there’s hope..


It’s now 16:25 on Sunday the 5th of March as this newsletter is being tidied up and finished. We had a great weekend in the shop, between the Ed launch and the BRILLIANT in-stores from Joe Chester and August Wells.. Thanks to both Joe and August for gracing our stage, both very very enjoyable, and thanks to all who came in over the weekend. Sorry for the delay in getting this sent out…

Friends of the shop CRY MONSTER CRY are in Couglan’s tonight (Sunday).. Well worth checking out..
Sin e for this weeks folks..


Thanks for listening,



‘÷’ Midnight Launch and Ticket Competition for Ed Sheeran’s SOLD OUT 3Arena Dublin Gig, An Incredible Auditory Experience, and More Weller Vinyl

Hey everyone,

Hope all is good with ye…

The RSD application and code of conduct forms are gone back… We are in… Our 7th year….YES we sell pre-recorded music… YES we open 48 weeks of the year for more than 25 hours a week…. YES we will sell everything on a first come first served basis … YES we will be active on social media…. NO we won’t open before 8 am on Record Shop Day… NO we will not take pre orders or reservations… NO we will not hold anything back to sell at a later date… NO we will not sell anything online until the 7 day window is open…. It’s not long now and do you know what…. WE CAN’T WAIT… WE LOVE IT.. It is a CELEBRATION of Record Shops survival (and another yacht as a by the way)…. Ye all know the challenges record shops face and have faced.. The ‘free’ thing is always close by…. Have I banged on about the free thing lately, if not then I intend to one of these weeks… Our industry was probably the first to be hit by,  A) Technology, and B) online superpowers… Now all bricks and mortar face the online threat… Our products were so easy to do the online thing with… We were first… Now everything is fair game online… So to have faced it, survived it and lived to tell the tale, well hey that deserves as Frank Gallagher might say ‘A F**king Parteeee’.. So that’s what we’re going to have… Sat April 22… Diarys open please folks.

Apologies i got a bit excited there… Em hem…. Normal service please dear chap… Vinyl records in the corporation today includes the mighty fine RYAN ADAMS record…. Thanks again to ye pre-orderers.. Sorry again about slight price mix up… Gold taps required on the starboard side….. I like the Ryan Adams to be honest.. Looking forward to hearing it again tomorrow… Always a good sign… Others in the siopa today are IGGY AND THE STOOGES,  ROXY MUSIC, NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, OVERKILL, PETE TOWNSEND, JESCA HOOP and DEPECHE MODE.

A two-week video of releases is up this week too folks, sorry for missing last week

Righty oh so…. Onto the releases for Friday the 24th  …. The excellent JOE CHESTER releases his album next Friday and will be in with us the following Friday the 3rd of March at 4pm for a few tunes and a few hellos also… Looking forward to it…. AUGUST WELLS is in with us also on Saturday the 4th of MARCH where they are launching the vinyl format of their excellent new album…


Universal have the GEORGE HARRISON LP Boxset as well as them all individually.

A major debut (I think…. Although I think they are making music a while i’d say) by four lads from Cabra, Co. Dublin called GYPSIES ON THE AUTOBAHN….. See what ye think here :

The album is called Born Brief and is available on CD for just a tenner and LP from next Friday the 24th.
Hopefully it will do well for them…

The next two WELLER solo albums get the vinyl reissue treatment (sorry not deluxe in any real way, deluxe price though)…. ‘Stanley Road’ and ‘Heavy Soul’….Stanley is probably his biggest solo album i’d say, commercially anyway…. Same sceal with the price i’m afraid… Sorry…Crazy I know…

Image result for Paul Weller Heavy Soul

UMG also have a STATUS QUO 10LP vinyl boxset, ‘81 to 96’, as well as ASIA  ‘Symfonia : Live in Bulgaria’ 2CD/DVD.


Sony for the 24th of Feb have a solo album by VAMPIRE WEEKEND drummer Chris Tomson under the guise DAMS OF THE WEST…. What i heard sounds alright to be honest… To my two ears anyway….. Sony also have a SANCTUARY reissue of 1986s ‘Inception’ .


Cargo have the new BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE LP ‘Don’t Get Lost’ on Indies only yellow vinyl… The 24th Feb also.


Proper music have a new album by reformed band MODERN ENGLISH, a new one by New York supergroup SUMMER MOON fronted by STROKES bassist Nikolai Fraiture… And lastly a new album by JOHN WESLEY HARDING or Wesley Stone as he now calls himself …. Backed on this by none other than THE JAYHAWKS.. Not too bad a backing band i suppose.

REPUBLIC OF MUSIC have a new DEAR READER album on Magneta… Indies only coloured vinyl… Recorded on Analogue tape… Class..

I must tell ye about an incredible auditory experience I had last night… ‘A fffing what?’, I hear ye say… Called to a friend of mines house who has a music room… 7 or 8 thousand records, about 5 or 6 thousand CDs… QUALITY stuff now… Very little things you’d have to excuse yourself about if you know what I mean… Not much of it the wife’s stuff there or the husband’s stuff either if that’s the case…. Man it was an overdrive to my senses… Sound and vision… Complete overkill… I couldn’t talk or process anything for a while…. Man was it sweet though when I chilled out and took it in… The clarity and warmth of sound was just unreal…. Now I think we were only using about 20 grand worth of kit like (I didn’t touch by the way, I can be clumsy at the best of times)…. Sweet stuff, sweet sweet stuff… Beatles, Floyd, Queen, Santana, Neil Young, Buddy Holly never ever sounded as good…. And introduced to the likes of Roy Buchanan and The Louvin Brothers… I could have stayed for a month… The sound was just incredible.. The clarity of each instrument unbelievable…. Truly…. Got me thinking .. Ye folks really should be buying more… Shag these yachts…



Play It Again Sam (PIAS) have a new SUN KIL MOON album…  A double album this time from MARK KOZELEK … The one true god to some people…. Not that I disagree with how talented the dude is .. It’s the one true god thing is the stumbling block for me…. Just CD for now folks… I hope they press more than 12 of it on vinyl this time when they do press it…

PIAS also have a debut by HIPPO CAMPUS … My notes tell me I liked it a lot, but I can’t remember jack of it… Trusting my notes though… Indies only yellow vinyl also…

Nuclear Blast have a new IMMOLATION album called ‘Atonement’, and a tour edition of the last AMORPHIS album ‘Under The Red Cloud’, with a live CD.

Pias also have new albums from KING GIZZARD AND THE WIZARD LIZARD (a trad folk band from Ballintotis…. Em no…. A hint of psych I think is truer) LOS CAMPESINOS and SUICIDE SQUAD.


Warner for the 24th of FEB have the new RHIANNON GIDDEONS album (CAROLINA CHOCOLATE DROPS) …. Terrible tale as a theme behind the writing of the title track of the album ‘At Purchaser’s Option’.

Rhiannon saw a picture of an old ad in a New York paper in 1797 and the item for sale was ‘a remarkably smart, healthy negro wench with also a nine old month child but the child is at purchaser’s option’….. Absolutely disgusting and mind boggling… I do wonder what will disgust people in 200 years about the crimes this generation have committed… Crimes in the name of gods maybe…. Do we not see our crimes as we live them… Is history the only judge of them…. An ad like this was reasonable behaviour 200 years ago about a woman and her child in the land of hope and freedom…..

Warner also have the CD soundtrack of THE STOOGES doc ’Gimme Danger’, as well as a DISTURBED ‘Live At Red Rocks’ 2LP, and finally an original french language version of the CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS album on blue vinyl with CD and poster…. 500 only worldwide… Just saying is all!

Massive exciting news for the shop as we team up with our pals in WARNER for an ED SHEERAN Midnight Party Album Launch….. Yes open at midnight we are on Thursday night, the 2nd of March till 1 or 1.30AM on Friday morning, the 3rd of March for the release of the new ED SHEERAN record ‘Divide’….. One of only three record shops in the whole world to be open at midnight on the date of the release…Yeah heh bring it on…. Like the old days… I wrote on these pages a year or 18 months ago would the day ever come back…. The day (or night to be more precise) of “midnight openings”…. I done three or four in the very distant past and there was truly something special about it…. Real fans waiting to hear the new album in its entirety… First to get it… Old school…. Hopefully you will have no big leaks in your house Ed my man in the next two weeks…. Part of the joy of the chase is making the effort to succeed in getting it folks… Not when it lands on your phone, Bono… ‘Cos that just makes it disposable spam my friend… unfair on your two years of slog, toil, tears, rows and revelations… The record you put your heart and soul into deserves to be treated with respect… Like midnight openings respect… Like punters showing up for midnight openings respect…. Aretha you had it baby…

Yep we will be open …Me and Bobs at 12 midnight, Thursday March 2nd…..Everyone who gets into us will get a bespoke Ed Sheeran/Music Zone signature card… With the main dudes signature on it, and me and Bobby can sign it as well if ye like.. The Big News : Everyone will also be entered into a draw on the night for a pair of tickets to see Ed at his sold out 3Arena Dublin gig…… So if 10 turn up…. Good chance…50…. Ok less of a chance…. 100…Well still a 1% chance…. Brilliant… We are delighted about it…. It allows  us to wave a flag and say we are a record shop and we are here.. Loads more could happen yet on the night in question… Who knows?… The night is dark and full of….
You can pre order the album on three formats here :
Deluxe CD https://musiczone.ie/product/ed-sheeran-%C3%B7-divide-deluxe-cd-pre-order/
Vinyl https://musiczone.ie/product/ed-sheeran-%C3%B7-divide-lp-pre-order/

Nice gig in St  Luke’s next friday night the 24th … A bit of info here… Still some tickets left I think… The corporation are heading up… Flagan in coat…. Bushing in a church with a few tunes… Sins of the future…. Well definitely a sin of the past…

Sin e for this week so i suppose,

Paul Simon was about  to get it, but I’ve ran out of energy… Time enough for that.

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Ryan Adams Results, Deluxe Feshties and More Limited Editions from the Smiling Assassin

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is good with ye…

Nice few bits hit the shop floor today with us including the debut from RAG N BONE MAN…a slide on steptoe and son i think….the beautiful BOWIE sound and vision picture disc…nearly exactly 40 years to the day…originally released on the 11th of Feb 1977…one of my own favourite Bowie tracks …the reissue of the three studio albums also out, station to station, young americans and diamond dogs as well as the live albums from the mid 70s….the studio albums are 18 euro each…we all crib about pricing but in this instance we can’t really crib…tough for us i know…..not cribbing that is….some of us anyway…like how one cannot get car insurance for one’s 98 fiieeesstiiiii deluxe….what’s that about like….one may be forced into selling one’s prized yacht….or……hats, scarves or headbands…anyone for the last few Harrison boxsets…hats, scarves or headbands….last few choc ices…

Also out today are some more PRINCE 12” singles, some more DEPECHE MODE reissues and some REPLACEMENTS reissues on LP.


Moving on to releases for next Friday the 17th of Feb...the big one really is the new RYAN ADAMS album…prisoner…the preorder price is still in place if anyone is interested….gonna do the draw for the five red ones tomorrow…which is today now….i one finger type this on a thursdaynight and my IT department tidy it up on a friday ( Bobby most weeks but Shane this week as the Bob man is away in London town for a well earned weeks holidays…) so the five names for the red vinyl are Billy Coleman, Paul customer, Matthew Cullen, Joe Flynn and Dave O Conner….there was some very good customers names not pulled out of the hat….it was a fair draw picked by an 8 year old girl and her mam in the shop at 17.20…so sorry… Flor, Frank, BOD, Keith O D, Eddie O D, Donal B, Peter L, Brendan M and Kieran  O Reilly….it was a fair draw lads….i hope i will get 5 red ones now!!



Universal have a new album by AMY MACDONALD out next week also called under stars, a new album from KID CUDI  his 6th, the Danny Elfman score to the Tim Bruton classic “ a nightmare before christmas” on 2LP , THE BRITS 2017 3 CD set and some STEVE WINWOOD LP reissues including “ arc of a diver” and “ talking back to the night” .

Lastly from UMG for next week are some really limited PETE TOWNSEND reissues…his album with Ronnie Lane bassist of THE SMALL FACES on 180g red vinyl…500 only i think UK and Eire…as is his solo album “ who came first” ….a quiet listen…. on white vinyl this one…same numbers.



Sony have a reissue of IGGY AND THE STOOGES “ raw power” on LP for next week.


Music on Vinyl have a repress of Total Madness by MADNESS,  a greatest hits as ye know….first 1000 pressed are on red vinyl…i hope to have some.


Seen as im on a roll with the limited, numbered coloured stuff Shellshock have THE BEATLES live on air 1963 on coloured or picture disc…2,000 pressed of each….THE BEATLES outtakes LP from 1963 on coloured vinyl and THE WHO “ radio sessions” on coloured or picture disc ….again limited to 2000 world wide.

The smiling assassin is back with avengence!

Did i mention the Harrison box is limited to 1000….ouch….only saying like….!!

I’m here to give info…thats all im doing…well not all im doing…a few smiles thrown in.



Warner for the 17th have some PANIC AT THE DISCO LP reissues including “ pretty odd” and “ a fever you can’t sweat out” as well as THE DAMNED reissue of “ damned, damned, damned


PIAS have a new album by BING & RUTH…..instrumental , beautiful stuff altogether…composer/pianist David Moore…piano, bass, woodwinds….have a little taste here if you think its your cup of cha


…indies only clear vinyl…i could sit in a dark room on my own no problem and listen to this….happy out….i am someway even minded i think

PIAS also have the physical release of the LONDON O CONNOR album “ circle/triangle” after its soundcloud success.

PIAS also have a new JENS LEKMAN album, reissue on Domino of MAGNETIC FIELDS “ the wayward bus” with its predecessor “ distant plastic trees” as a 2 in 1 purchase…..the tour edition of the new ANTHRAX album “ for all the kings”  is out on CD and a six by seven reissue of the closer you get.



Cargo have some Gary Numan live CD reissues.


Republic of Music have the ANGELO BADALAMENTI “ twin peaks – fire walk with me” on 2LP cherry red vinyl…its 55 euro so i didn’t buy it …i to have to draw a line also at times…if i think its too dear, not good enough value…i wont buy it…if anyone is interested, let me know….Bowie young americans record 18 euro…death waltz soundtrack 55 euro….


RED/ESSENTIAL have the new SON VOLT called “ notes of blue” …if you like our americana.



PROPER have the RAY DAVIES DVD “ return to waterloo” in which Davies wrote, directed and composed the movie…the dialogue is told through lyrics and music….pharrell for the upbeat parts and williams in a schindlers mood for the downbeat bits

Proper also have the new DEADMAU5 LP…


On the local scene we have a couple of lovely live instores coming up….

We hope to do more and more instores as the year progresses to hopefully nearly land at one a week….i know we have been slow to get on the bike this year with them…but we are off and running with two beauts…( we really do appreciate people showing up to support the artist ….really really appreciate it…take a chance on some of these…. the quality is there if you give it a chance….anyway speech over…)

Two beauts to start with…

JOE CHESTER first up on Friday the 3rd of March at 4 pm

Here’s a little bit about Joe if he is new to you…http://www.joechester.com/


Followed by AUGUST WELLS on Saturday the 4th of March at 1 pm

Two quality instores…i hope ye might consider timing your visit to us with the instore…consider is all we ask…


Sin e for this week folks..

Its been a good week…much loved additions and surviving deluxe fieesstiiieeesss

Thanks for listening,



Hello everybody,

How’s the form tonight…. hope ye are well.

Releases in the shop for today include  new albums by Divine Comedy,  Pearl Jam,  The Cure, Angel Olsen , Nirvana,  Scott Walker,  Iron and Wine, the Shins,  Freddie Mercury, James Vincent Mcmorrow And The Carpenters to name but a few.

Or for those who perfer the video, ye know the sceal!!

You’ve probably read enough madness last week but the real madness is about to commence says he hopefully….. the release schedule is really very strong for the next month…..  All killer ,  no fillers  as one might say…..i am some peddler for one peddler.

You are probably going to laugh at this but I am talking into a microphone on the laptop which is typing out the words for me on the screen….. Maiden voyage for both of us tonight…. I do have one little problem with my new friend,  it does not  seem to  understand  simple Cork  like  boy!!

So  I am talking like an earl from Downton Abbey, If you could hear me now you would definitely have a giggle ….

So moving on to releases for the  9th of  September ,  we  will start  with  NICK CAVE’s  new  record called ‘Skeleton Tree’,  his 16th studio  album. I have searched online  to try and find a couple of tracks from this release but to no avail…. this one seems fairly locked down for now which is quite refreshing to be honest.

Image result for nick cave skeleton tree

One cannot begin to even imagine the pain this man and his family have endured over the last 12 months….Terrible terrible loss… This release is on CD and vinyl record and I’m sure it will be a  powerful  listen.


Warner Music have a load of crackers for next Friday including the truly wonderfulWILCO  with his  new album Schmilco…. I have never seen Wilco live but everybody who has that I have spoken to says it is a truly incredible experience….  They are one of the best around….mindblowing live i was told….. probably very  underrated bands…. unnoticed to a lot of ears…. worth a listen..I suppose Yankee Foxtrot would be the most glorified record they had…

Warner also has some NEIL YOUNG vinyl reissues on 140 gram vinyl including Time Fades Away, On The Beach, Tonight’s The Night and Zuma. The first two here are quite reasonable  priced but the latter two  are  more  expensive this i am told is down to  differing  specifications  and manufacturing costs. Say goodbye to my little friend….. We have decided to part company….it was a short  but sweet romance  but she just didn’t understand me and she hadn’t a great personality….that’s just the way it goes.

Image result for neil young on the beach

Moving on…NEW ORDER have a singles collection out via Rhino on 2 CD or a 4LP 180 gram in a lift top box…..fairly nice one.

Warner also has some FAITH NO MORE reissues again on Rhino ….Two major titles, ‘King for a Day, Fool For A Lifetime’ and  ‘Album of the Year’ on 2 CD or 2 LP  with download codes.

The 40th anniversary of the 29 minutes of punk bliss debut by the RAMONES…this genre defining record  gets the deluxe treatment as a 3CD/LP ….. there are limited numbered copies available of this title…. I didn’t say how many! Disc two in the CD set has outtakes, demos, mixes etc etc and disc three has two  full live shows one of which was never released before and the LP in the set  is in the new mono mix….. Tempting!!  

Image result for Ramones - Ramones

Lastly from Warner is a new ZZ TOP live album on CD and double LP as well as a new DANIEL LANOIS album and  a 3 CD collection of TRIO….. Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris complete set.


Universal have the new and supposedly difficult second album by BASTILLE out for next Friday the 9th of September, on CD Jewel / Deluxe CD Digipack and Double LP.. I shall be giving this one a few listens..

Image result for bastille wild world

Universal have the BEATLES ‘Live at the Hollywood Bowl’ on CD.. The LP will follow in November, as well as ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ soundtrack starring the seldom mentioned Mr. David Jones… The 2CD/2LP and the 2LP not out until the middle of November I think!

Universal also have some vinyl reissues from THE VERVE with ‘Urban Hymns’, and SONIC YOUTH’s ‘NYC Ghosts + Flowers’, and ‘A Thousand Letters’, as well as a new MEAT LOAF album.

Not going off topic for too long… It’s just I am afraid and concerned after our break up that I bored my typing pal to distraction, and hence we parted, so just to finish on last weeks rant on EIR, I got a bill today in the post for 274Euro, and about 195 of it had to do with closing an account and opening a new account (with the same company I might add!!!).. Aren’t they bloody gas like.. Now I did think I had to ring them once or twice during the process.. What a bunch of beauties… Big corporations putting their hands in small business, or Joe Soaps pockets and taking their money.. It’s all wrong like but am I going to crib somewhere where I might get noticed?.. No because it takes too long and it’s too much hassle.. This shower know it… Getty were the same a few months back.. F**king gangsters the lot of ‘em!..


Back to the tunes… Sony has a new album by TWIN ATLANTIC.. Scottish band which has a bit of Rage Against The Machine vibe going on..

Republic of Music have the new TEENAGE FANCLUB record out on the 9th of September.. I told ye things were hotting up.. Their 10th record on CD, LP and Cassette as well as a limited indies only LP on clear vinyl with posters and codes.. Republic of Music also have the Original Sound Track to TWIN PEAKS on Perth Waltz records… Again on coffee coloured vinyl..

Image result for teenage fanclub here

New album out from D.A.R.K for next week which now includes Dolores O’ Riordan (Cranberries), as well as Andy Rourke (The Smiths) and Olé Koretsky.. On Couching Vinyl via Essential.. I think these lads have cancelled some tour dates so I hope Cork isn’t included in these cancellations..

Lastly on the tunes front tonight, CARGO have the new WEDDING PRESENTalbum called ‘Going, Going’ on 2LP / CD / DVD / 7’’.. That’s all one box!! Good value at 35EUR!.. Great if you’re a fan..

On the local scene, we are really delighted to announce that JACK O’ ROURKE will be doing an instore for us all to coincide with the launch of his new album ‘Dreamcatcher’… Jack’s EP last year was truly excellent.. A great listen and I for one can’t wait to get the new album.. So we are chuffed to have him coming in.. Saturday 24th of September at 12 noon.. Set ye’r alarms! The big gig launch is in the Everyman with the full band I think on Friday October 15th.. Jack’s debut album is released on Friday the 23rd of September.. We can’t wait!!

Also on the local instore scene, next Saturday the 10th of September we have shoe-gaze local lads THE SUNSHINE FACTORY at 1PM! Another one we’re really looking forward to so make sure to pop in if you are about! The lads debut single ‘Cruelest Animal’ is out through FIFA Records in the coming weeks so keep eyes peeled for that!

Sin é for this week,

Thanks for listening,