April 17th: 3 Sleeps til RSD! HOTHOUSE FLOWERS Live in-store! Final lineup and stock news! Brand new FONTAINES DC, DAVID MURPHY, LANDLESS and Enjoy it!

Hi folks

Well we are nearly there…it kind of flies in the end…yes Record Store Day is this Saturday the 20th of April…we will open at 8 am and close at 5 or maybe 5.30 pm.

There are about 30/40  spot prizes donated by the record companies…so thanks to Uni, Warner, Sony and Dave and Alison from Gilded…it makes the day that bit more special. We will give out 10/15 spots to those in the queue in the morning ( hopefully the weather will be kind to us…well ye really..we will be nice and cozy…only messing …we will organise the queue somehow in the shop if it’s lashing …) and we will give out the rest of the spots throughout the day.

Speaking of making the day more special…we have big news on the live music front

Big News..

The Hothouse Flowers are going to play for us for RSD!!!

Yes Liam, Fiachna and Peter are going to play a little acoustic set for us @ 3pm on Saturday…buzzing for it we are!!

And to boot, they will have vinyl records for sale…2 records only hot of the presses will be available to buy…so the latest album “ let’s do this thing” and also “ into your heart”….these records are first timers on vinyl and only newly in the bands hands….so Music Zone heads will be some of the first people to buy these records….the lads will hang around signing records after the performance…magic it is.

Here is ‘three sisters’ from the Flowers latest album “ lets do this thing”

Three Sisters

Not sure how big a crowd we will get but advice would be to get in early…we will create as much space as possible without cutting off our faces ( we are in the business of selling records so please get to us if you want to buy a record!!!) 


Its a bloody great line up…all bands/artists will have goods to sell on the day…cash preferred as always  with the instores please Music Zoners.

Can probably leave 90 people or so in.

So there is now a change to the music line up on the day…so here tis for definite 




1PM – WHITE LLAMA ( Christy from Crow Black Chicken)

2 pm – TWO TIME POLKA …full band performance…all 6 of them!!




There will be refreshments on the aul table as with other years or feel free to bring yer own!


As regards the stock…no real changes to last week’s email….best advice is get in on the day, even better advice is get in as early as possible on the day.

Oh sorry, there is another problem…seriously cut on the Lennon one also…sorry….you will need to be up early folks.

The record companies dont inform me of cuts generally  you see…i have to check my orders against what i actually get …so its tricky…i hope ye understand.

Also just noticed Richmond Fontaine “ post to wire” was not here nor  invoiced….just chased it….it is delayed….wont be in for a week or two….ill be in touch with wishlisters when it lands….also Little Richard will now be with us and a few more Daft punk stock secured! It keeps changing!! 


Ask me on the day if you don’t see something…ask me…if i have a blank expression on my face, we could be in trouble…but some few bits are just delayed and not cut …i will know about most things but over 400 titles so you may be faced with a blank expression…what’s new says you. 

Going online on the website with RSD stock then on Monday the 22nd @ 8 pm.

I think that’s everything I need to say about it…i hope i haven’t forgotten anything…ah well if so.

Hopefully see ye on the day, i say this every year, it’s a celebration of Record Shop existence…if you don’t get a record its not the end of the world, try to think about the spirit of the day…that’s my disclaimer anyway!!
See ye Saturday ! xx


Right releases in the siopa for this Friday the 19th of April include ( and include some big ones!…record companies know its busy footfall in the record shops this Saturday….busiest day of the year by a mile so releases are very top heavy for the weekend…..busy week organizing ahead folks…anyway releases for the 19th…


 Pearl Jam – Dark Matter

Kathryn Williams & Withered Hand – Wilson Williams

And then releases for the 26th April include



And releases I need to get back to the record companies with my orders this week are for the 3rd May mainly and we will have…



This Irish duo have been making a few waves…good bit of interest on the shop floor…here is a tune




Going to hand ye over to Shane now for some down the road announcements as usual….before i do that though a really interesting one landed yesterday from David Murphy ( renowned pedal steel player) on CD and LP.  Shane will give ye a bit more info on it in a while but i played it most of yesterday afternoon and really enjoyed it….its beautiful as this tune below proves..David is playing a few tunes in Plugged for RSD Saturday @ 6 pm i think and will be in with us for an instore sometime in June.



Right sorry Shane…fire away kid…

No worries at all Ray, cheers. How’s it going everyone, nearly at RSD now!
Yeah, looking forward to Dave’s album, sounds really interesting, interpreting Irish tunes with pedal steel.
Here’s a bit more about it:
“Taking the instrument outside the confines of its traditional roots, Murphy has accumulated a growing list of recording and live credits. He can regularly be seen and heard on stage and in the studio with diverse Irish artists such as The Lost Brothers, John Blek & The Rats, Arborist, Cian Nugent, Ordnance Survey, Greenshine and The Remedy Club amongst others as well as touring or performing alongside acclaimed international artists such as Willy Vlautin, The Delines, Richmond Fontaine, M. Ward and Jolie Holland.

2024 sees Murphy take his first steps out of the shadows as a solo artist with the release of his own full-length studio album ‘Cuimhne Ghlinn: Explorations in Irish Music for Pedal Steel Guitar’ on the Rollercoaster Records label. This continues his quest to expand the vocabulary of the instrument and take it in new and exciting directions.

Murphy’s all-instrumental debut album recasts ancient Irish harp tunes and historic airs by O’Carolan, O’Riada et al into the 21st century, voiced by the mysterious, emotive and swelling sound of the pedal steel guitar. Supported by an all-star cast of musicians from across contemporary, modern-classical and folk worlds, the pedal steel ably takes its place within an ensemble featuring cello, violin, piano, harp, uilleann pipes and lush electronic textures and synths. Across 40 minutes, the album conjures a palette of sparse, dreamlike, atmospheric soundscapes and stirring, cinematic takes of these culturally significant compositions and melodies from Ireland’s great harpers, composers and song collectors.”

Like the cover and the bit of Gaeilge. It’s released this Friday on CD and vinyl:

A massive one to tell ye about that’s coming later this year is the brand new album by FONTAINES DC – Romance through XL Recordings!
These lads are going from strength to strength as we know. The frontman Grian Chatten’s solo album was one of my favourites from last year.
Here’s a teaser video for the album (love it – Stanley Kubrick fan): 

We’ll be getting a very limited amount of signed art prints too and they will go to the first 15 names who pre-order the album. So fastest fingers first on these. Probably best to order from the link above as we might not see the email for a few hours.
Here tis again: https://musiczone.ie/?s=Fontaines

Here’s what else is coming out over the next few months:

Here’s a track from them: https://youtu.be/Cu3HZEr_NAE?si=UrS6CgHG1Q6WbWu6

That’s all I think from me.
As Ray said, fantastic lineup for RSD. Will hopefully see some of ye on the day.
Up the walls at the moment with RSD stock and organising so no video but we’ll get back to them soon.

Ar ais duitse Ray!

Thanks Shane!


Right last one for this evening is Integral for the 10th of May


Excited for this one…some talent

Here is a tune from it …as good a lyric as Conor has written in my opinion… .there is an Irish record shop only exclusive vinyl available also!

Villagers – You Lucky One (Official Video)


Sin e really for this week folks

Hopefully see a good few of ye Saturday

I always tell myself enjoy it…but sher easier said than done when youre in the moment…mind do be going 100 mph…but ill try.

Thanks for listening as always and thanks to Shane and Adam as well

Slan for now

Ray, Shane and young Adam