April 24th: The 2 Johnnies New Album Launch Party, TAYLOR variants, Hothouse Flowers video, new THOM YORKE, and RSD Thanks

Hi folks

Well RSD is put to bed for another 12 months … .i’m not sorry!!

It was a fantastic day though…good fun, very busy and great music all day long.

I got a little grouchy with 3 or 4 people throughout the day, im sorry, it can be fairly intense and there are a few moments where you are just under pressure and don’t react great to a situation…so there was 3 occasions i think i was a grumpy bollox so i apologize to ye…nothing bad just grumpy!! 

Have to thank the musicians Polly, Caoilan, Christy , Two time polka , the Hothouse Flowers and Irish Jack…they were all brilliant and made the day so so special. Thanks also of course to Shane, Adam and Mia who helped me no end in preparing and organizing the shop and everything else that goes with the day…right i know Adam was late but sher i forgive him for that! And thanks of course to ye folks who came and  bought some records, listened and supported the bands…and were generally just good folks. Thanks Aodhdin for keeping the place tidy and looking after everyone!! And a lovely moment was when Geraldine Barron of Two Time Polka arrived at about 8.30 am with a freshly baked apple tart … .still hot!! Touch of class that was…some of ye would want to pull yer socks up a little bit ….or  grumpy Ray will rear his head. I think I might have to change my name to “ two secs”…i think my name was called 3 or 4 hundred times last Saturday and id say half the time the reply was “ two secs” …one of  my grumpy episodes was when a lad wasn’t listening to my two secs…after i repeated my “ two secs “ and still not heard…i said “ how many times do i have to say two secs?” …sorry Brian…you know i love ya!

Anyway super super day and will live long in the memory.


We hope to have a little video of the Flowers here …did we manage it Shane…says he who is absolutely useless with most things…Irish Jack summed it up…” Rays the boss here and i really want to thank him greatly for inviting me to do this, but if you want anything done youd better ask Adam!”

Hopefully we have the video…

Yeah, Ray, got there in the end, technology can be a pain in the bottom sometimes. Here’s the video anyway on our Youtube – Shane:


Right back to the day job …releases for this friday the 26th of April….wait wait wait….3 new vinyl versions of the new Taylor album just landed ….these are hopefully on the site now ( says he who hasn’t put a thing on the site in about 10 years i’d say) …right releases for the 26th are

And then releases for the 3rd May include


Main week for this week is 10th May..so we will have…



Going to hand ye over to Shane now as he takes ye down the road as usual…

Sound, Ray. Relief I suppose now RSD is done? Fair play, a lot of work involved.
Hi everyone, hope all is well with ye.

On the new Taylor variants before I start, it’s gammy on fans I think, announcing different variants after the fact with a different bonus track on each. Pushing people to buy several copies of the same album which costs nearly 50 euro each.
I better zip it though or I’ll be taken out.

First up of note, a new album of soundtrack compositions from THOM YORKE – Confidenza! His first soundtrack work since Suspiria.
Here’s a track from it:

CD, black vinyl and cream coloured vinyl. Released on July 12th.

Am really enjoying the new album from David Murphy that we mentioned before, called ‘Cuimhne Ghlinn.’ Out last Friday. Really relaxing and interesting mixes of instruments on it.

There’s a new limited WATERBOYS reissue of ‘Dream Harder’ coming out via Music on Vinyl on the 7th of June. Nice one to get.

And there’s a brand new album coming out at the end of May by Pakistani vocalist AROOJ AFTAB called ‘Night Reign’.
I like her. Class voice. And her last album ‘Vulture Prince’ was popular in the siopa.
I believe this album will be more experimental and have jazz and electronic influences. But here’s a tune so let’s find out:

And here’s a list of what else is coming down the road:

Playing catchup a bit, so I’m gone, slán! Thanks for all the RSD support! Cheers, Ray.

Thanks Shane!

Right it’s been all RSD but a nice announcement to make here …we are teaming  up with THE 2 JOHNNIES and Cyprus Avenue for the launch show of THE 2 JOHNNIES debut album “ small town heroes”  in Cypress on Thursday the 30th of May for the official launch show….how do i go you ask?….get the CD or the LP from the links below and you will be in…should be a cracking night … .here are the lads themselves  to tell you all about it…

The 2 Johnnies

And here is the link to purchase on our website: https://musiczone.ie/?s=THE+2+JOHNNIES




Right so last one for tonight is Integral for the 17th of May


Sin e really for this week folks

Thanks for a great RSD 

Ray, Shane and young Adam