Feb’ 28th, 2024: RSD Wishlist Deadlines, More Pricing, a word from KATE BUSH (Exclusive Vinyl), new C.A.S., WELLER and RICHARD HAWLEY

Hi folks

It’s all RSD for the next few weeks….a couple of nb notes to start with this week.

Some orders need to to be back to the record companies by this Friday the 1ST OF MARCH so if you are wishlisting either of these two titles from SRD then i need them by Friday am latest please…here’s the note from label about it

“  The deadline for ordering RSD LIGHT IN THE ATTIC & IRON MOUNTAIN ANALOGUE titles is THIS FRIDAY 1st March.

Latecomers will not be accommodated, I’m afraid.”

Also ROM RSD wishlists need to be back by Friday am also….

Heres the stuff from Republic Of Music ( ROM)  so again wishlist asap if you are hoping for something from this list….

Republic of Music List with Prices

Nb if you don’t send us  a wishlist there is a very good chance you will not  get the record you are hoping for…

Also re RSD as regards the Warner price list, the pricing is not confirmed to us yet, so there is a chance there could be a 10% swing either way ( up or down ) so please bear that in mind folks with Warner!…sorry same applies for Cherry Red  ( Warner do the sales on Cherry red and Proper do distro…crystal clear right)

Also, Integral and Plastichead haven’t sent us pricing yet so they will hopefully be up next week!

I think most if not all of the others are up here now … .Shane will do his thing with them now.

Here’s the full lot on the one page:

And here they are individually:

Universal – RSD 24 List with Prices

Warner and Cherry Red – RSD 24 List with Prices

Sony – RSD 24 List with Prices

Republic of Music – RSD 24 List with Prices

Little Amber Fish – RSD 24 List with Prices

SHELLSHOCK – RSD 24 List with Prices

SRD Record Store Day 2024 List with Prices

The Orchard – Record Store Day 2024 List with Prices

Cargo – Record Store Day 2024 List with Prices

Proper – RSD 2024 List with Prices

Proper (USA Imports) – RSD 2024 List with Prices

Till next week on RSD folks…

Right here’s what’s in the siopa for this Friday the 1st March…


And then for the 8th of March we have


And for the 15th of March there are releases by

More on RSD folks….Kate Bush will take on the role of 2024 Record Store Day UK Ambassador.

Kate said today:

“What a huge honour to have been asked to be Ambassador for this year’s Record Store Day. It really is a great privilege.

Isn’t it great to see how the resurgence in vinyl has taken the music industry by complete surprise? It had decided to leave vinyl far behind, but it would seem that not everyone agrees! I love that!

I know there are many, many artists who are just as excited to see the audience turning the tide.

In the same way that some people like to read a book on Kindle but also want to have a book as a physical object, a lot of people like vinyl and streaming. Both have different appeals.

The added bonus of vinyl is that it encourages people to listen to albums. An art form that I’ve always thought can be treasured in a unique way. An album on vinyl is a beautiful thing, given a strong identity by its large-scale artwork. There’s a much more personal connection with the artist and their work.

It’s been fun putting designs together for some of the previous RSDs. This year’s design echoes the cancelled release of Eat the Music as the first single from the album, The Red Shoes. The image was intended to be on the cover of the single bag and is now on the disc as a UV print.

The title, Eat the Music, is meant to be a playful nod to ‘If music be the food of love, play on,’ from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

Each year Record Store Day gathers more attention, more momentum, and attracts more people who cram into indie record stores all over the world to see what’s up. What’s new?

This year, I hope you have a fantastic time at this very important event, and that you get to celebrate music that’s been specially released for you.

Very best wishes,


As we would say in Cork…dowtcha Kate girl .

To coincide with the role there is an RSD exclusive version of Kate’s vision for “Eat The Music” that was originally intended to be the lead single from her album “The Red Shoes”

10” white 100g vinyl, with three tracks on side A and a full colour UV printed image on side B. Housed in a top-opening PVC sleeve secured with a transparent sticker and finished with a Fish People / Record Store Day sticker and barcode in the top left corner

Price looks to be about 30 euro … .hopefully i can get some…out via Kate’s own fish people label….i need my order back to them by the 12th of March … .shout if interested folks!

So nearly all pricing will be complete then ( Pias and Plastichead 2 exceptions for now)….Uni need their numbers for orders back to them by noon on the 11th March….so i suppose i better call it….NB NB NB dear patrons, customers, friends and foes of MZ towers…please please have any/all wishlists back to us by close of play Friday the 8th of March (  i thought we might have another week but no as companies looking for them back to them on 11th 12th march type of thing) so NB wishlists by 8th March please….its actually only 9 days away to wishlist deadline.

One piece of bad news for Pearl Jam fans … .from the rep…Regarding ‘Pearl Jam’ 6502613, due to limited stock, each account can only order 1 unit. This refers to the Pearl Jam RSD release….i’m sorry we can’t get more i know there are 6 or 7 of ye out there hoping for this one…as always the earliest bird shall get the worm …sorry.

A couple of thoughts about this year RSD….good list, better pricing i feel ( the cure picture disc is half the price of last years PD) but i sense/know less quantities of stuff….so that’s a good thing and a bad thing….good thing is it keeps the day and the records really fresh and sought after….bad thing is some people will be disappointed….sorry in advance, we do our best and communicate from this tool via this tool to keep ye up to speed with what we know…it is what it is im afraid. I’m sure the customers, patrons and friends of the shop get it …you don’t want to be gnomed now do you?

Wishlists by close of play friday the 8th of March.

Going to hand ye over to Shane now as he takes ye down the road as usual….lots going on kid!

Yeah, Ray. Good busy though isn’t it. Lovely piece by Kate Bush above.
Hi everyone! Hope yere flying it.

I’m going to list everything this week as playing catch up a bit.
I think the highlights this week are the new albums from CIGARETTES AFTER SEX, PAUL WELLER, RICHARD HAWLEY and the NEIL YOUNG/CRAZY HORSE – F##kin’ Up release.
Oh and the PORTISHEAD one. Have a look below.

Also, I went to the new Bob Marley movie. Very good I thought. Authentic feel to it.

Anyway, here’s the list of what’s coming along soon:

That’s all from me. Getting exciting now for RSD.

Back to you Ray so.

Thanks Shane

Right last one for this week is Integral for the 22nd March

Sin e for this week folks

Thanks for listening as always…wish lists by the 8th of March if you are listening!

Ray, Shane and young Adam