Newsletter 1 of 2024: Back on the treadmill, new NEWDAD, Big VINYL SALE, New JOHN BLEK EP, STROKES red REISSUE, WATERBOYS, Opening Hours and Lots More

Hi Everyone

Happy new year and all that jazzmatazz,  hope ye all had a nice Christmas.

We are all well back on the treadmill now,  I find there is a strange comfort to the routine though.

So we are back at ye for another year of hawking folks…lucky ye!

Trade over the last few months of the year was good, oct and nov the same as the year before and December was up 10% on the previous Christmas so that was great.

We had had a ropey 5 months in the middle of the year so twas really nice to end well…not the be all and end all in life but the yacht needs to stay on course and away from choppy waters every year, we go again …like all of us in our lives, we go again and hope life will go well enough in the year ahead.


So there’s a bit to hawk today

So releases for this friday the 12th of Jan include


Then for the 19th of Jan we have


Our main week for this week is friday Jan 26th but before that a couple of bits of housekeeping stuff.

Opening hours are these going forward unless we flag differently


MONDAY 10 TO 5….NB note till 5 please!

Tuesday to Saturday inclusive 10 AM TO 6PM

Closed on bank holiday mondays


We hope to get our albums of the year charts out in the next 2 weeks….so please fill in the form….it gives us a much more diverse and interesting chart the more folk that do the form! And a 50 quid voucher up for grabs also!

Heres the form…takes about 90 seconds!! Precious i know…the 90 seconds, not the form.


Anyways, here are the releases for the 26th of Jan folks…

( these folks from Galway are on our radar a good few years….nice to see the debut album come out

Here is a new tune

NewDad – Nightmares (Official Video)


We like Sarah here in th shop…well i do anyway…so heres a tune from the new album

Sarah Jarosz – Days Can Turn Around (Official Video)

The Smile – Friend of a Friend



Im going to jump in here folks…one of our nations folk heroes has a new EP out this Friday ….savage body of work building the man has….JOHN BLEK AND STRINGS is a 6 track ep…plenty CDs in the shop for Friday as John dropped them in yesterday.

Heres a bit more about the release

“In July 2022 Blek was commissioned to write a suite of songs about the city of Dresden by the Saxony Cultural Department. The resulting compositions were then recorded at the beautiful Castle Studios in the countryside just outside Dresden with local musicians Filip Sommer and Moritz Brümmer (The Broken Strings). These recordings form John’s 6 track EP, “Digressions #3 – In Dresden”.


These songs document John’s own experiences of the city from its everyday vibrancy to the ghosts of its violent past. Dresden’s beauty sits comfortably beside its history on this record.


Digressions #3 – In Dresden will be released on CD & Digital on Friday 12th of January via John’s own label Bigger River Recording Co.”

And here is a beautiful tune from the EP also


Going to hand ye over to Shane now as he will take ye down the road as usual….how ya Shane

How ya, Ray! How ya everyone. Happy new year.
The flying V of Hawks are back on the attack.
Lots to get through today so I won’t ramble on.

Just two points of hawking to note first, THE POGUES – Rum, Sodomy and the LashIf I Should Fall From Grace… and the Best Of are back in stock now with us.

And also, we have a nice vinyl SALE on for January. You can check through everything that’s reduced here:
Some nice stuff there I think at good prices!

So, here’s the list of what’s coming down the road in the next few months with a big few first:

Oh, one that Warner are reissuing for the end of this month, THE SUBWAYS – Young For Eternity


That’s all from me folks!

Thanks a mil Shane.


I had a bit to say on a subject but i’m going to park it till next week as time kind of against me…the first newsletter of the year is tricky as bits coming at us from all angles since 2nd Jan….our bosses/colleagues/competitors/friends are back…( record companies)

Things will settle next week.

Few nice releases there for the26th isn’t there with THE SMILE ONE, the RICHARD HAWLEY live one, the NEW DAD debut, new FUTURE ISLANDS, the JACK WHITE reissues and a new SARAH JAROSZ….i probably told ye folks this before and ye might notice how the tail end of the month is top heavy with releases…the indie shops get less credit the later in the month something comes in….if we buy something on jan 2 we pay end of feb or if we buy 26th jan, still end of feb…so hence top heavy at the end of every month….better than no credit though! That was the way 23 years ago and i was way less cranky then as well, so ill stop grumbling.

Happy new year folks

Sin e for this week

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane , Young Adam and Mia