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Hope yer all doing ok…

Firstly on the Dylan – Budokan vinyl …our box is missing…replacement stock is due by thursday/friday…sorry for the delay folks , out of our mitts.

From Sony – “ this appears to have been lost between here and the Primeline depot. I have re-keyed an urgent replacement order and will investigate the missing order further.”

The replacement will ship on tomorrow’s Primeline collection for delivery Thursday.

Releases in the siopa for this friday the 24th of Nov include ( its also Black Friday releases which cant go on the site till over the weekend…get in touch if interested in anything…Black Friday releases by U2, Prince, the Waterboys, Olivia Rodrigo and THE DOORS to name just a few!

So releases for this friday 24th …

And then releases for the 1ST Dec …




Right so the main point of attack for this week is Dec 8th but before the list of justice…we have a nice instore announcement with Ms POLLY BARRETT ( plus one band member) launching her new album with us “ sapling be…” on Saturday the 2nd of Dec at 4 pm…PLEASE NOTE THE TIME…4PM…Polly will sing songs from the new record which is available on LP and CD , sign some copies and have the chats…the usual ( cash preferred for the instores) .
Polly really has a lovely sound and a great voice, we are very impressed here in the shop with the album, and she seems sound as a bell also….so all in all a nice one to get to folks if possible!

Heres a tune from the album 


Right so, the list of justice for the 8th of Dec includes



A few nice releases for the 8th of  Dec…the Neil Young sounds great ( have heard most of it) , loads of Jazz reissues and I want to mention Muireann Bradley from Donegal, worth a listen if you like your blues….here is a tune from it, what playing!

Great story behind her …Dad was a fanatic old blues fan, and  covid 2020 gave her the time to play a few tunes…man she is gifted



Quite a bit on the list of Justice again today…the 15th of Dec is the last day for any meaningful releases usually, so things will thin out for a few weeks until the middle of Jan again then really.

Also, the newsletter may seem to abruptly stop, then click  view the entire message to read on.


Just a note here, the students from UCC will be back in from the end of Nov for 3 weeks up till Christmas nearly doing their exams…so parking can be a little tricky at times….we have 5 spaces allocated to us so use them and if they are gone ( probably by students) …then…PARK ANYWHERE….i repeat PARK ANYWHERE…most cars belong to those in doing exams, the security lads are on our side…just say you are going to shop and there will be no drama….or ring us and we will sort it 021 4967119…it is what it is.


Here is the youngfellas latest creation on Instaspam


Was at the Murder Capital last Friday night in Cypress, they were fierce impressive, so tight, so full blooded , so intense…it was wonderful. Got the bus home after ( not as wonderful)…did i tell ye my dad was a bus driver..?

Well took the second seat from the front , never sit that close to the front but the bus was full( ish) so sat there anyway. 

I noticed an Asian man, suited up,  a bit younger than me, asleep in the first seat across from the driver.

The bus wasn’t gone a minute id say,  and the man in the  seat ahead of me was agitated and had his head in his coat …I soon realized that what had been in his stomach was no longer there ( a certain odor was a bit of a giveaway)  … the contents were now mainly in his coat and a bit on the window and  on the ground in front of him. 

Some strange solidarity kept me in my seat as i did think about standing further down the bus…it was fairly overpowering to be fair…the driver soon got a whiff of it ( no pun intended) and stopped the bus and wasn’t a happy camper…he told our friend   that he had to clean the bus before he got off it and gave him a big blue roll ( you know the ones)…this is the bit folks, this is the bit…our friend in the seat ahead  is trying to clean , there is some bit of an effort going on, he is just very fatigued….his minimal attention turns to cleaning the window next to us…and then somehow and completely accidentally he manages to confuse the big blue roll with his coat!! NO NO NO my head is screaming but i know any words are futile ….he precedes to do a banksy like creation on the window, oblivious to making the situation worse…i do toy in my head with trying to help him, but i’m not sure my stomach could have taking it….it was his stop soon enough and he was off home…erra the driver was fuming but let me go of course  ( good chance he doesn’t remember his creation) …id thought id share that with ye , wonderful gig, not so wonderful journey home…did i tell ye at all my Dad was a busdriver.


Shane over to you kid for your tea time treats….

Hey Ray, jesus, that’s a nasty one haha!
Glad ye enjoyed the Murder Capital.

How’s it going everyone? Hope yere good!
Getting Christmassy now!

I forgot to mention a big one last week. The Smile are back with album number 2.
‘Wall of Eyes’ it’s called. Their album from last year was probably my favourite of the year. We’ll have the indies blue vinyl of this!
And here’s a new tune from them/it: https://youtu.be/IsqqjOxEuAg?si=p3IMdGsp46WKvmnT

McKowski (Mark from the Lost Brothers) has a new solo album out called ‘Notes from the Boneyard, Vol. 1. Dave Murphy, pedal steel, from John Blek and the Rats among others is on the album.
Here’s a tune:

SLEAFORD MODS have a limited 12 inch single of ‘West End Girls’ out on December 15th. For homeless charity SHELTER.

Here’s what else is coming soon:

Oh and here’s the link to the new FISH GO DEEP album on our wesbite, think I might have missed it last week.

Back to you Ray so, cheers!

Thanks Shane!


Right last couple for today are Integral for the 15th of Dec


Right so sin e for this week!

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane and young Adam.