October 27th: RSD Black Friday requests deadline and pricing, Scéal about the SULTANS agus leanbh Ray, CRAFT JAZZ reissues, new JOHN FRANCIS FLYNN, LOUIS STEWART LP and PEARL JAM Anniversary

(Hey all, Shane here, sorry about the delay in getting this out to ye this week, technical issues with Mailchimp.
Oh and Happy Halloween!)

Hi folks

Hope all is well. Bit of housekeeping to start with, because it’s a bank holiday we are closed both Sunday and Monday coming…so open  10 till 6 thursday , friday and Saturday,  then closed Sunday and Monday and back Tuesday 10 till 6 . I’m working from home over the weekend doing orders including the Black Friday orders…so if you want anything for BLACK FRIDAY,  email us or the likelihood is it won’t be here. Shane has a lot of the pricing done here now so you can have a look…and let us know if there is  anything for you…i need requests in by Sunday please…thanks!

SONY RSD BLack Friday:

NAS –   I AM… THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY    Vinyl     €  40.00
SOULS OF MISCHIEF  –  93 ‘TIL INFINITY (THE REMIXES)    Vinyl     €  40.00
JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS  –  MINDSETS    Vinyl     €  35.00 


The Black Angels    Levitation Sessions    2LP/DVD    €50.00
Blxt    Just For Clarity 2 EP    LP    €24.00
Death    Individual Thought Patterns (2023 Remaster)    LP    €33.00
The Knack    Countdown Live 1980    LP    €38.00
The Mamas & The Papas     Live At The Monterey International Pop Festival    LP    €34.00
Missing Persons     Live in New York 81′    LP    €38.00
Sparks    Live at Record Plant 74′    LP    €38.00
Steeler    Steeler    LP    €38.00
The Sweet    Level Headed (Alt. Mixes & Demos)    LP    €48.00


Ultravox    Quartet [Steven Wilson Stereo Mix]    CD    18.00
Ultravox    Quartet [Steven Wilson Stereo Mix]    LP    38.00
Bob James    Two    LP    49.00
Justin Townes Earle    YUMA    LP    40.00
Charles Mingus    Incarnations    LP    37.00
JD McPherson    The Warm Covers LP    LP    37.00
Chet Baker    Chet’s Choice    LP    50.00
Digital Underground    The Body-Hat Syndrome (30th Anniversary)    LP    37.00
Terry Callier    Speak Your Peace    LP    37.00
Oscar Peterson    Con Alma: The Oscar Peterson Trio – Live in Lugano, 1964    LP    37.00
The Waterboys    This Is The Sea [Fast Version]    10    20.00
De La Soul    3 Feet High and Rising (7 Boxset)    BXSET    145.00
Bill Evans    Tales – Live In Copenhagen (1964)    LP    45.00
Jesus Lizard    Blue    LP    50.00
Meat Puppets    Forbidden Place    LP    49.00
Buckcherry    Time Bomb    LP    49.00
Tantric    Tantric    LP    49.00
Taproot    Blue-Sky Research    LP    49.00
Andrew Scott Bell    Winnie The Pooh: Blood & Honey (Blood & Honey Split Color Vinyl)    LP    58.00
Dungen    4    LP    50.00
Gram Parsons & the Fallen Angels    The Last Roundup: Live From the Bijou Cafe in Philadelphia, March 1973    LP    66 but 60 best
The Colourfield    The Very Best of    LP    33.00
Various Artists    Punk Goes Christmas    LP    48.00
Napalm Death    From Enslavement To Obliteration    LP    37.00


Alan Silvestri – Death Becomes Her (OST) – 1LP – Grape – 39 euro

Carter Burwell – Blood Simple (OST) – 1LP – Transparent Red Smoke Marble 38 euro

Chico Hamilton – The Master – 1LP – Purple Marble – 38 euro

John Murphy – The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special (Original Soundtrack)
Splatter – LP – 34 euro

Lil Wayne – I Am Music – Translucent Ruby – 2LP – 48 euro

Olivia Rodrigo – GUTS: the secret tracks -12” single, purple vinyl with 4 tracks on Side A and a butterfly etching on Side B – 29 euro

Post Malone – The Diamond Collection – Clear – 2LP – 45 euro

U2 – Under A Blood Red Sky – 1 LP  – Red Vinyl – 45 euro

Various Artists – The Royal Tenenbaums (OST) – 2LP – Olive Green – 45 euro

Various Artists – Asteroid City – Orange – 2LP – 45 euro

Various Artists – Jazz Dispensary: At The Movies – 1LP -Marble – 39 euro

Various Artists – Written In Their Soul – The Hits: The Stax Songwriter Demos –
1LP – Orange – 40 euro


Artist Title Format price
All Time Low Live At Wembley LP €39.00
Faces Had Me A Real Good Time…With Faces Live In Session At The BBC 1971 – 1973 LP €37.00
Grateful Dead Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA 3/2/1969 5-LP with 10th side etching, 180-gram vinyl, two-piece telescope box €180.00
Jeff Beck Tribute LP €30.00
John Williams World on a String LP €33.00
Joni Mitchell Court and Spark Demos 1LP – 180gram black  €37.00
Lee Scratch Perry & Keith Richards Scratch’d 1LP Red Vinyl €24.00
Leon Russell Hank Wilson Vol. II LP €33.00
Linkin Park Lost Demos 1 LP Sea Blue Vinyl €40.00
Little Feat Live at Manchester Free Trade Hall 1977 3LP 180-gram black €58.00
Los Lobos Kiko (30th Anniversary Edition) LP €58.00
Motley Crue Too Young To Fall In Love – Shout At The Devil 40th EP 12″ Orange & Black Marble Vinyl €22.00
Prince Gett Off  12″ Black Vinyl €23.00
Ravi Shankar & Ali Akbar Kahn In Concert 1972 2xLP €40.00
Rilo Kiley  Under The Blacklight 1LP Purple Vinyl Album   €39.00
Rob Zombie The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy 1 LP Picture Disc €45.00
Sia Everyday Is Christmas (Snowman EP) 1-LP €43.00
Skid Row B-Side Ourselves EP LP €37.00
Splinter The Place I Love LP €37.00
The Beat  I Just Can’t Stop It [Expanded}  2-LP Crystal Clear Vinyl €55.00
The Doors Live from Bakersfield 2-LP / 140g €47.00
The Doors Live from Bakersfield (2CD) 2CD €23.00
The Flaming Lips  Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots – Live at the Paradise Lounge, Boston Oct. 27, 2002 1LP – Pink Vinyl €37.00
Turnstile & BADBADNOTGOOD New Heart Designs Remix EP 12″ Black Vinyl €39.00
War World Is A Ghetto (50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition) 5-LP / 140g €170.00
Willie Nelson Shotgun Willie (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) 140g 2LP €47.00


Releases in the siopa for this friday the 27th October include…



And then releases in the siopa for 3rd Nov include…


So main one for this week is for Friday 10th of November and there will be 

THE SULTANS OF PING – CASUAL SEX COLOURED AND NUMBERED VINYL…i have to say a few words…age does this to you….i went to Sullivans Quay primary school ( it’s a bit of a soulless super pub now)…walked there from what i can remember…although vague memories of Mam taking me to the “ dangerous road” ( the one by Mellas shop for those from the area) when i was small enough but from 7 or 8 walked there myself ( barefooted in the lashing rain and freezing cold…that bits for the young gang …as that’s what our oldies told us)…Bro Cusack was the gaffer there the whole time i was in school there and “ the bro”  set up an “ Irish club” for the kids in the area where at night we would all go down to the school to play soccer, basketball, snooker….it was a hive of activity for a 10 year old….I went to the Irish club from the age of 7 or 8 till i was 13 or 14 and used drop in with my friends as a young adult and the Bro would leave us the keys to the school and we would play snooker and have a few cans…”drop the keys into the taxi rank when yer done lads”

One rule in the irish club…try speak Irish…if you acted the maggot in any way, there was one word for you from the Bro…. ABHAILE….everyone heard Abhaile at some point and you would trunch up the road totally pissed off with missing the fun. I have a point here folks somewhere…as i said a bastion of activity and culture when i look back on it now…load of kids running around playing trying to talk a bit of Irish…English spoken  could well mean ABHAILE…the Cork Male Voice Choir used rehearse above the hall and up in the classrooms on the top floor  2 young Cork bands used according to the Bro be “ up there making a racket” they were off course now some of Corks favourite sons THE FRANKS and of course THE SULTANS….Morty ( drummer) is from the parish as well, (his brother was in my class growing up, a sound sound lad and the smartest guy in the room by a long shot) Not sure how they ending up jamming in the school but i say asked the bro and he said fire away lads and drop the keys into the Taxi rank when yer done….little things that grow into really important things or is it just impending old age!! The Sultans reissue is out on the 10th of November.

Other releases for the 10th include

Heres a tune from the new album

John Francis Flynn – Mole In The Ground

Its only when you look at them do you realize the volume of releases….above is only maybe 20% or 25% of what is sold into us every week….circa 200 records sold a week to us….we might get 40 to 50 uploaded onto the site…a ball of work folks, all for the mighty dollar …sher it is what it is…ill hand ye to the man who does the lions share of the work with those links…Shane youre up kid.

Sorry sidetracked…

This is aimed at no one know lads so dont be getting thick,  sulky or stroppy with us….but a theme on the shop floor is we should be doing this and we should be doing that all the while as we talk to lads…we are proud of the shop, as a business we could probably do more but as a shop we are proud of it…there’s a difference in the two…we are a shop, warts and all…in fairness to young Adam, some head on his young shoulders at times, he made me aware of the difference.

Anyways, away with ya Shane kid…

Sound, Ray. Wise words from young Adam there indeed. We’re not robots like…yet!

Hi all, hope all is good out there with ye, or as good as can be.
I won’t dawdle tonight, playing catch up.

First one to mention is a classic Seattle album, PEARL JAM – Vs. is getting the 30th Anniversary edition. It’ll be reissued on November 17th on clear vinyl and 45rpm 2 LP.
I got this on vinyl off Bobby years ago. Great album.
Here’s number 4 off that: https://youtu.be/CyPMgPa6RbE?si=lvmIROQAAqCimG7w

Santa’s buddy, Neil Young is releasing a career spanning compilation called ‘Before and After’ in December that goes right back to Buffalo Springfield. On CD and vinyl.

And Irish jazz guitar legend LOUIS STEWART is reissuing his ‘masterpiece’ album ‘Out on His Own’ at the end of November on vinyl. And it’s remastered. Enjoy the Jazz Weekend folks! But try and get to some actual jazz!

Some other biggish ones coming too, here’s the list:


Back to you Ray so, sound!
Thanks Shane!

Right last one for this week is Integral for the 17th of November

Just on the National , i thought the last album was a right return to form…v good i thought heres a tune from the upcoming record

The National – Dreaming (Official Video)

Sin e for this week folks

Thanks for listening as always and i wasnt giving out earlier…tis all good xx

Ray, Shane and young Adam