Lots of JAZZ reissues, Limited STEELY DAN, new NADINE SHAH, PETER GABRIEL, FISH GO DEEP and J MASCIS, and here’s to a good Christmas

Hi folks

Hope all is well … .for the first time in a long time no little dog at my feet while i write my spiel.  sher that’s the way. First time ever really, does anyone know when I started this newsletter craic? Around 10 years ago id say….10 years of spiel…….funny 15th November was the day we opened in Togher…4 years ago…it seems to have flown…yesterday 2 customers in a row who used visit us in Douglas now and again were in the siopa in Togher for the first time. 

Anyways here are the releases for this Friday the 17th of November


An important BTW the SULTANS should be with us tomorrow or Friday latest!!
(we sent an email that it’s here now actually – in case ye missed that – Shane)

releases for the 24th of Nov aside from Black Friday include

Right main point of attack for tonight is the releases for the 1st Dec…so there is…






There are a few interesting ones above for the start of December … .I suppose I am personally really looking forward to the new PETER GABRIEL record, his first in over 20 years and the songs sound great….the songs being released with two completely different mixes is novel enough but it does make the vinyl very expensive…i think a lot of fans may go for one mix and down the road get the other mix.

The Nick Cave & Warren Ellis release of Carnage live from the Sydney Opera House should be interesting, nice Lucinda reissue on coloured vinyl of maybe her most popular record, big Sabbath boxset numbered, and the next one of the STEELY DAN and METALLICA vinyl reissues.

The industry we work in here keeps changing …folks ask me “ what’s the biggest one for Christmas?”….Those days are kind of gone…record companies were banging out best of this and best of that on CD for years and years….well changed now…its more tailored ( overpriced) reissues , good catalog and a good few descent releases ( the Stones, the National etc)….our biggest release for Christmas is probably THE SULTANS reissue and we will be completely sold out of that a month before Santa comes down the chimney. Sher tis limited to 1500 copies across the globe, a nice yellow vinyl and its numbered…it wont see December the copies i have….i think back to 30 years ago with “ carry on up the charts” by the Beautiful South…different world…i like this new world except for the cursed two lettered one number word! 

Anyway begs the question, where do the sales come from?…THE BEATLES was a bit of a mess….as regards the 6 lp set ( there are a few names in the book for this and most if not all of ye should get the box) is anyone else interested in it….i might be able to get some more….let me know if you are….

Nice bit of second hand due to land next week in the shop so that’s one place we should do a bit.

Its across the range of releases you hope to do the sales, ye see by the volume of them every week…but much more obair in that!

We do hope to do a bit of hardware ( turntables etc) so if you know anyone in the market, give us a shot ( did i mention, this is the blatant sales pitch part of the spiel) we only sell dissent stuff though, so the cheapest you get out of jail with us is 300 quid ( Audio technica turntable and good powered speakers)  and we have different little systems ( bluetooth as well) from that basic entry level up to maybe 2 and a half K in stock….a lot of systems from 500 euro to 1200 euro type thing…we do REGA, Audio technica, KEF, Acoustic Energy, Tangent,  EDIFIER amongst a few others…so if you know someone chasing a turntable etc, we be here folks. Any queries, advice, pricing etc give us a shout!

Some sad news, 

Adam is leaving us…. to start his own TIK toking channel … .oh no he’s not….but welcome to the panto that is his latest creation on Instaspam….oh and we have a fine record cleaning machine also ( before it rusts) to clean your records!


Going to hand ye to Shane now whose wonderful EP is down to the last few copies so lets get em out the door by Christmas…how ya Shane…

Hey Ray/everyone!
Four years since we moved to Togher, feck! The years fly.
It’s a pity the way it scattered some of the regulars, some don’t drive etc. so a bit awkward to get out to us. We can do online/delivery though!

Thanks for mentioning my EP again Ray, you’re very good. I’m a bit allergic to the promotion thing sometimes.

I think I hit myself with the wishful thinking jinx again this year! Said last week that things were calming down a bit, haha, I think I did that to myself last year too.
Anyway, there’s a rake of em today so here’s a list.
Some exciting new albums in here for early next year though, so pay attention! and a good few Jazz reissues.

And for any Sub Pop fans, J. MASCIS has a new album out on Feb 2nd called ‘What Do We Do Now’ on CD, black vinyl and red vinyl.

Been really getting into the latest SUFJAN STEVENS album ‘Javelin’. It’s brilliant. Took me a few goes to really get into it but well worth it. And even more powerful considering what he has gone through in the last while in his life.
We have some copies of the yellow vinyl left in the shop, it has a really cool art booklet in it too.
Here’s the title track from it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsPhQXrRUu8&list=OLAK5uy_nZqaHLv-UgYV9xwUNiNNBv8r0XSB4AA6g

I’m sure Ray likes it too.

Anyway, sin é from us this week.

Thanks for listening.

Ray, Shane and young Adam.