Bowie Sets Are Back In Town, Gilmour Returns to Pompeii, and a Liam Gallagher / ‘RKid’ Merch Giveaway!

Hi Everyone,

Hope ye all had a good week..

Sorry in the delay in getting this out this week. Had live music all Friday evening for another wonderful Culture Night, and our IT Man was busy being a Rock-Star-Man.. Only getting to it on this lovely Sunday morning, so apologies.

Im off staging it the weekend as one of my best friends is planning to succumb to the temptations of marriage… Will kind of believe it when it’s done!! (Brilliant for him though)… So… I could be a bit tender early next week… Just said i’d tell ye that like, no idea why.

Lots of queries in the last few days about physical formats of the new MOZalbum… So we will have the Indies only 7” single in October, and four formats of the album… CD, LP, CASSETTE and Indies Only LP… Should have a bit of merch or posters or something on pre orders… Will confirm closer to the time… Out Nov 17th

Oohh another thing in case I forget… We will have LP copies of the Mic Christopher “Skylarkin” album with us very soon… First time on vinyl… We also got stock of the excellent first three albums by Marc O’Reilly on CD, well worth checking out, brilliant albums..

Right so releases in MZ towers for this week include new albums by THE KILLERSVAN MORRISONBLACK COUNTRY COMMUNIONTRICKY, MACKLEMORE (CD Only), BRIAN WILSON (Compilation)BOWIE ‘HEROES’ 7″ Picture Disc, and THE ROLLING STONES reissue of “Their satanic…” as a deluxe boxset..


Ok so releases then for next Friday the 29th must kick off for us with theBOWIE LP and CD Boxset “New Career In A New Town”… The third in the series… Those interested know the drill with it…. Will email ye when the sets are in… The merch landed safe and sound today anyway… Should all be fine!!

Warner also for the 29th have new albums by DAVID CROSBY and CHRIS REA(haven’t heard much of these two yet but will investigate… both on CD and LP), a FEEDER Greatest Hits, an AIRBOURNE Boxset 4LP/DVD or 4CD/DVD…. “Diamond Cuts” it is called containing 4 classic Airbourne albums with bonus material…

Warner also for the 29th have a BOB MARLEY “Live in Santa Barbara” 3LP set… First timer on LP me thinks… BLACK STONE CHERRY have a new 6 track EP of cover versions and a new JAMIE LAWSON album, as well as a fairly limited PAUL WELLER 12” called “Mother Ethiopia” .

Lastly from Warner are a blast of LP Picture Disc reissues… 4 from MASTODON, 3 from MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE and 2 from GREEN DAY… “Dookie” and “Revolution Radio”…


Sony for the 29th of September have the DAVID GILMOUR “Live in Pompeii” release across 5 formats… The 2CD is 18 EURO, DVD is 20 euro, Bluray is 22 euro, 2CD/Bluray is 55 euro, Vinyl Box is 75 Euro… Here is some more info on the release…

“In 2015 David Gilmour set out to play a series of concerts in historic venues across the world. The following year he became the first performer to play the amphitheatre in Pompeii in front of a live audience since the gladiators in 79AD. It was a return to Pompeii for David, having first performed there in 1971 for Adrian Maben’s legendary concert film, Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii. In Roman times the Pompeii amphitheatre was known as a “Spectaculum” and David worked with longtime collaborator and maestro of colour and light Marc Brickman to bring the spectacle back to the Spectaculum” – Polly Samson, 2017

On July 7th & 8th 2016, David Gilmour performed two spectacular shows at the legendary Pompeii Amphitheatre in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, 45 years after he first played there for Adrian Maben’s classic film, Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii. The concerts were the first-ever rock performances played to an audience in the ancient Roman amphitheatre, which was built in 90 BC and entombed in ash when Vesuvius erupted in AD 79.  David Gilmour is the only performer to play to an audience in the arena since the time of the gladiators, almost 2,000 years ago.
Speaking about the Pompeii shows David Gilmour commented “It’s a magical place and coming back and seeing the stage and the arena was quite overwhelming. It’s a place of ghosts…”
The concert performance film, David Gilmour Live at Pompeii, was shot in 4k by director Gavin Elder and includes highlights from both shows. The concert is a spectacular audio-visual experience, featuring the famous huge circular cyclorama screen as well as lasers, pyrotechnics and stellar performances from an all-star band.
2 x CD
Standard package – 21 tracks.
CD1 – 74 mins
CD 2 – 74 mins      

1 x Blu-ray
Standard package
Pompeii concert 96/24 PCM Stereo & 96/24 DTS MAA
Pompeii Then & Now Documentary

2 x DVD
Standard package
Pompeii concert Stereo PCM, 5.1 Dolby Digital, 5.1 DTS
Pompeii Then & Now Documentary

Blu-ray + CD Deluxe Edition Boxset
2 x CDs,
2 x Blu-rays (special packaging)
South America 2015 / Wroclaw 2016 / concert footage / tour documentaries, feature length BBC documentary, photo booklet, Pompeii Guide, 4 x postcards & poster.

Pompeii concert on 4 x LPs
2 x gatefold sleeves / poly liner inner sleeves / booklet / download card / slipcase.

HD downloads via portal tbc

Sony also have a new album from MILEY CYRUS entitled “ Younger Now” as well a LP release of MUNDY’s excellent debut album “Jelly Legs” for the first time… Would be about 16 or 17 years after its CD release id say…

Sony also have a new MICHAEL JACKSON compilation called “Scream” on CD and a Glow in the Dark DLP, as well as KHALID’s debut album ,and a reissue of “Piano Solo” by the wonderful THELONIUS MONK.

We are running a nice competition / giveaway in conjunction with Warner around the the release of the new LIAM GALLAGHER solo album… As You Were… Folks…Calm down, calm down… If you preorder the album with us, CD, Standard LP or Indies only white vinyl (don’t hold me to the colour, I think the indies only is white vinyl, ‘tis a different colour to the standard anyway)… As You Were.

So we have some sweet pieces of LG merch to give away with the album…. I have 12 pieces of merch… If 12 of ye preorder there’s a piece of merch each… If more than 12 then I will have a draw and lose a few people but will give a quid or two off the album as a consolation… You win even when you lose… Huuhhh… That could be a party political election slogan… There are 8 LG ‘RKid’ Tee Shirts… Potluck on your size i’m afraid…  It might give you an excuse to eat more cake or less cake for that matter… So no promises re tee sizes… We have one LG hat… Ye know the ones…. Fits most heads i’d say… ‘RKid’ on it again.. But the real piece de-resistance of the merch and only a few of them in the whole country is a LG Branded Hip Flask… With the message ‘WHO THE F**K IS LIAM GALLAGHER’ on it… Be worth more than the record i’d say… So alright alright… As You Were, As You Were…. (I’m probably gonna borrow one for the weekend but i’ll wash it and all before I bring it back… There’s a warning label on the flask that it must only be used for alcohol etc etc… ‘Tis gas when you see it like… So that’s the story with it… ‘Guess who’s back, smileys back, back again’…
Throw your order our way if you’re interested…. Sound!!
I presume the hip flask will be most sought after or maybe the hat or the tees so will be a draw to decide you gets what kind of thing… So for the final time… As You Were.


UNIVERSAL for the 29th of September have the PEARL JAM Live Concert “Let’s Play Two” on CD/DVD or DLP… Best price on the LP IS 37 EURO… Let us know if you want… Sterling is a bit of bitch to me off late but I will always try and be as competitive as I can… The biggest dog in the sky is 34 sterling on this one so i’m on the dancefloor I think… These were recorded over two nights at Chicago’s Wrigley Stadium last year.

UNI also have the new second album by WOLF ALICE… A band moving in the right direction it sounds to me…. On CD, LP and Indies Only LP… If new to you have a quick listen here.

THE ROLLING STONES – “Sticky Fingers” Live From The Fonda Theatre from 2015 on DVD, BLURAY, DVD/CD and 3LP/DVD, as well as new albums by SHANIA TWAIN and DEMI LOVATO.

We got a nice enough response to the Facebook Group thing and a bit of activity on it in the last 7 days… The more on it the better it will be and to be fair one or two of ye know a thing or two about a thing or two in the music world so we would like ye to join… Bit like me with the IT stuff… So rather than me hogging that department young Bobby is going to show ye the easiest way to access the group….

Easiest way from what I can gather guys (hard to tell exactly as the group thing on Facebook constantly changes) is to follow the link below, and click ‘Request to Join’ (or something along those lines), and we’ll add you in!

If that doesn’t work, pop us an email at with the title ‘Facebook Group Add’, and just link your own Facebook profile, and I will add you into the group individually. (May have to send a friend request from my profile for that, but if you unfriend me after I promise I won’t be offended, my own page has a lot of Man City and soccer spam on it!).

Back to Ray talking now after this, said i’d point that out, all the changing of voices in this newsletter is making it like a T.S. Elliot poem…


PIAS for the 29th of Sept have some nice bits including new albums by KADAVAR, PRIMUS and PROTOMARTYR, Indies Only coloured on the latter… They have a new KAMASI WASHINGTON 6 Track EP… Hood value on that one, and a remix album as an indies only release of MARK LANEGAN’s “Gargoyles”, and finally ACCEPT “Restless and Alive” as a 2CD.


Proper have a career spanning ‘Best Of’ by PAUL CARRACK, and a MATT MONRO ‘Best Of’ also.

Not much more to mention from the others that I can think of…

On the local scene JOHN BLEK has a new solo album ‘Catharsis Vol. 1’, out on the 6th of October and we have had an advanced copy for a week or two now… We love it in the shop… It’s another excellent record… Constant spins getting here, barely has been out of the CD player for two weeks now… He wrote a lot, if not all of it lying in a hospital bed trying to fight off some mystery illness / virus for over a month… Fine record once again.

John will be in launching the album with us on Saturday the 7th of October… Time TBC…  Between 12 and 1 i’d say, where he will perform tracks and sign copies of the album on LP and CD… Should be a nice one.

Sin é for this week folks,
Thanks for listening as usual,
Music Zone Vinyl Records Ireland


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