May 22nd: Irish Exclusive gold vinyl of new LANKUM – Live, Immediate in-stores, new S.O.N., NIAMH REGAN, WELLER, classic Ray rant, MATHMAN solo LP and a BOWIE Blu Ray

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Hope all is well

The rebels are still there … .they are growing … .if they survive next weekend and make it out of Munster, they will be fiercely dangerous.

Couple of sweet instores coming up….next Monday night the 27th of May we have DAVID KITT back with us performing songs from his second studio album “ not fade away” ….David will sing songs from the record, sign copies of the record ( i think he may have a few cds with him also, from the original batch…its not been remastered on CD) and have the aul chats…really hope to see a few of ye there!! Monday coming @ 6 bells…

Next up then the following Saturday the 1st of June @ 1 o clock, we are delighted to welcome NIAMH REGAN back to the siopa, Niamh performed for us in late summer 2020 as a socially distanced gig …remember those days!

Niamh is a special talent in my opinion and she launches her second album “come as you are” with us. The album is available on CD and LP and Niamh will be performing songs from the record , signing copies after and having the chats. Another one not to be missed, cream of Irish talent on show over the course of a week…in an uncanny little twist David has a bonus track on “ not fade away” that was not on the original album  and it’s a song called “ Love someone else” and its a song with Niamh Regan of course!! Below is Niamhs first single from the new record and then we have David and Niamh “ love someone else” from David’s “ not fade away” vinyl reissue.

Madonna – Niamh Regan

Love Someone Else


Speaking of Irish talent , Susan O Neill announced a studio album today…her debut solo album after the joint venture with Mick and then that super EP from a couple of years ago as well.  The new record is out in September on vinyl and CD, “ now in a minute” it’s called and there is a few cowrites with Mick again on the record…Susans a really big talent …here’s a tune from the album…

Drive – Susan O’Neill (official video)


Right so releases out for this Friday the 24th May include



Then releases for the 31st of May include…

We are 2 bodies down for a while, Mia is off preparing for her leaving cert and the young fella is gone to Berlin on his hols….so myself and Shane holding fort so a few things may pass us by over next 2 weeks…apologies if so…this week main one is Friday the 7th of June…also just got word the Richard thompson new one on CD will not be signed now it seems….the vinyl look as if they will be signed but not the CDs…sorry!

Right Friday 7th of June we will have


In case you are living under a bit of a rock, these lads are at it…big time!

Just a short note here…Craft have been running a very successful jazz “acoustic sounds series” for a couple of years now with folks raving about the sound quality ….looks like they are starting a blues “ acoustic sound series” now as well.

I have my moaning hat on here now folks … .but the amount of leakage and slippage of revenue with the website is a lot for a small business.  When we got government local authority support for upgrading the website  in 2020 …50% of the cost each…back then there was only 25% of all Irish businesses with a properly functioning website … Why is that? …cos it’s darn hard work….ferociously competitive with the record companies own websites, as well the massive giants who sell everything, its really labor intensive and there can be lots of slippage….i’m not trying to cut off my nose here….keep buying from the site please…we need more not less on it. 

So let me paint a picture…sell a record to someone up the country , make 7 quid profit on it after VAT, there is a problem with it at the far end, ranges just like people range, from the smallest hairline seam crease to records smashed in bits in transit…so we have to get the record back ….costs us 7.50….then have to send out a replacement  copy…another 7.50….yep we are minus 8 quid for the transaction…not the best business model im sure you would agree…need the next 3 online orders to get out ahead again….we probably have a return of some shape ( faulty record, creases, dents. Damaged in transit) about every week or 10 days….we dont sell a huge amount online ( would love to sell more as it would lessen the pain) but the website is like a necessary evil really,  and we are steeped in blood so far that  to return is as tedious as to go o’er. But life would be way easier without the website, but life may be easier without a business also and that’s the way it would head probably/maybe. Claiming back from DPD when they are the cause of the issue is now gone to amusing…well not really, i have given up….its a non runner, they do not pay out …indicative of the modern world this scenario, yes we want to help you, did you download the form to claim ( from a link that doesn’t work) , sorry try here ( 3 days later) …oh sorry that doesn’t work either…try here….6 days later….ok next? Did you download the other insurance forms, just need to set up an account, password requires 4 numbers,  27 different letters and 6 emojis, password needs to be refreshed everyday….erra to cut a long story short, they don’t pay out, more slippage….tis everywhere with the site…did you ever just want to get stuff off your chest…always feel a bit better.

Shane over to you kid for the down the roads…

Haha, good rant, Ray! I agree though, not much return for all the hassle. The big record companies competing with you then as well is a kick in the liathroidi. But in fairness, we have some great supporters of the online shop too who are further afield. And I suppose if not for them it could be worse. Thanks people! and for being patient with us, we’re a small crew and sometimes make mistakes.

A bumper week this week for Irish releases! The Irish scene is as strong as ever.
As Ray mentioned, the debut solo album from Susan O’ Neill. Hopefully we might have her back for an in-store.
And Niamh Regan.
But arguably the biggest one is a brand new live album from LANKUM – Live in Dublin. Young Adam went to see them for the Free Palestine Concert in the 3 Arena with a friend of ours, and even though he wasn’t too gone on the album, thought they were exceptional live.
As ye know, they swept the awards for their album last year, including the top spot in the famous Music Zone Album of the Year Poll.
What’s class as well is there’s an Irish exclusive limited edition gold vinyl release of it, and we’ll be getting that plus the black vinyl. And it’s not too far away, release date is June 21st.

Here’s an amhrán: Lankum – The Rocky Road To Dublin (Official Audio)
Love the harmonies.

Also on the Irish front,  MATHMAN – SK83: The Prequel which is the solo album of Irish DJ/producer Mathman is coming out on June 14th and we’ll have it on clear vinyl.
Here’s a bit more about it:
“Dublin City, 1998. Prepare to be transported back in time to the vivid streets of Dublin. A city in social, economic and artistic transition.Set against an evocative sonic backdrop of jungle, drum and bass and breakbeat, SK83 weaves an elaborate narrative that captures the essence of adolescent life in Dublin in the late 1990’s.
Delve into a captivating sonic journey that explores the bevy of emotions and events that colour a teenagers journey to adulthood – from love and loss, first-time experiences, the pitfalls of peer pressure and the unmistakable pull of the city’s intoxicating rave culture.
”My ambition for SK83 was to create an immersive musical and visual universe that brings the listener on a journey that captures the essence of adolescence. I wanted to reflect and re – live my own teenage experiences, and bring to life what is a shared universal experience for us all – but in this instance is told thru the lens of a young man in Dublin in the late 1990’s.” — MathMan”

Noelle and I went to see him and Mango in Cyprus Avenue a year or so ago, very good.

Here’s the track ‘Show Me’ from the album:

And THE SCRIPT have a new album, ‘Satellites’, coming out on August 16th – CD, deluxe CD or Vinyl

And here’s a list of the rest, some biggish ones here too:

And here are ones we missed last week:

No Adam vid this week (enjoy the hols bud!)
But here’s a little promo vid on our Instagram from DAVID KITT, see ye for his instore on Monday:

Back to the Bossman! (the other Bossman was great last week by all accounts)

Thanks Shane!

Sin e I suppose
Thanks for listening
Ray, Shane, young Adam and Mia