May15th: JOHN LENNON Ultimate Box Set, Vinyl summer sale, BRUCEY bonus, new BONNY LIGHT HORSEMAN, RICHARD THOMPSON, EELS, RIP Steve Albini and Rebels Abú!

Well folks

Hope yer all well!

Rebels abú!

We win one match in a couple of years and we are running away with ourselves!!

That atmosphere down the Pairc on Saturday night was as good as I have ever experienced  … .twas only electric…a night to live long in the memory.

Sport like music can be truly amazing, the boost that victory has given the city is palpable, it seems everyone has got a boost.

This team has now enraptured the Cork public, they are box office ( sher ask GaaGo )

Probably lose to the tipp lads now and that will be that … .but sher nice while it lasted!!

Anyways on to  the tunes…it aint a hurling blog like…

We are running a bit of a vinyl promotion for the next few months….stock landing this week , so should be up and running a bit by friday but definitely next week….2 for 50 euro or 28/29 quid each….no discounts, no stamps, no nathing…2 for 50 quid best best prices…lots of really good titles in it ….will have them updated on the website as well in the next week under big vinyl sale.


Right releases in the siopa for this friday 17th May include

Then for the 24th May we have…

Main week for this week is Friday may 31st…and we will have

Brand new album , here is a song from it …one of my favourite songs at the moment….shot down in Levis in Ballydehob…great video, great song, super sound…buy it!!

Released 7th June but need numbers asap

Here is a tune…thought provoking as always…typical Markie!

EELS – Time (official video) – from EELS TIME! – Out June 7, 2024

Here’s  a song from the record…classic Hawley

Richard Hawley – Heavy Rain (Official Lyric Video)

Richard Thompson – “Singapore Sadie” [Official Audio]

Going to hand ye over to Shane now as he takes ye down the road as usual…

Cheers, Ray! Glad the Rebels won and you’d a great day out! Love sport too, but can’t watch everything.

Sad about Steve Albini. Only 61.
I only saw that he had passed after we sent the newsletter out last week, Bobby actually had mentioned it on instagram.
One of the greats. Been listening to alot of Shellac since. And had picked up a recent album a couple months back by Fire! which he recorded. The space he got between all the instruments in a recording was class. In Utero is one of my all time favourites.
Will be missed.

A biggie to mention first from me is JOHN LENNON – Mind Games: Ultimate Collection which will be coming out on July 12th on 2 CD, 2 LP and super deluxe box set. Adam and I are big fans of Lennon’s solo stuff.


Also on the agenda, a 40th Anniversary of a classic, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – Born in the USA is getting a deluxe coloured vinyl reissue. 14th of June for that too. Should be another great day out at the Pairc.

Going to rattle off the rest as I’m behind. Sorry we missed a few links today, we were a woman down.

Here’s Adam’s latest vid (Ray makes a cameo appearance in his jersey) :

Will get those missing links done next week!

Ar ais leat so Ray. Sound.

Thanks Shane!
Sin e really for this week folks

Looking forward to the David Kitt instore on Monday 27th of May @ 6 pm

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane, young Adam and Mia.